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JACKSON, ROBERT R.                      IA-3-B-208
JACKSON, WILLIAM B.                     IA-3-A-427
JACKSON, WILLIAM B.                     IA-3-B-16
JACOBSON, AAGOT                         IA-3-B-548
JACOBSON, ANDREW                        IA-3-B-490
JACOBSON, GEORGE                        IA-3-C-64
JACOBSON, TRON                          IA-3-B-426
JAQUIS, DANIEL                          IA-3-A-157
JEIDE, MICHAEL                          IA-3-B-561
JEMISON, DAVID                          IA-3-A-261
JENKINS, JONATHAN                       IA-3-C-47
JENKS, NANCY J.                         IA-3-B-91
JENSEN, ENGEBRET                        IA-3-B-483
JOHNOSN, JEHIEL S.                      IA-3-B-446
JOHNSON, ANDREW O.                      IA-3-B-341
JOHNSON, ANN                            IA-3-B-382
JOHNSON, ANNA                           IA-3-A-61
JOHNSON, ANNA                           IA-3-C-191
JOHNSON, ANNA                           IA-3-C-339
JOHNSON, BEN                            IA-3-B-304
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-314
JOHNSON, ESTELLA FRANCIS                IA-3-C-262
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         IA-3-B-230
JOHNSON, HANS J.                        IA-3-C-334
JOHNSON, J. E.                          IA-3-A-451
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IA-3-A-115
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IA-3-C-28
JOHNSON, JOHN C.                        IA-3-B-435
JOHNSON, JONAS                          IA-3-B-370
JOHNSON, LENA                           IA-3-C-563
JOHNSON, ROSE                           IA-3-A-518
JOHNSON, SWEN                           IA-3-A-583
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         IA-3-C-221
JOHNSON, WILLIAM O.                     IA-3-B-239
JONES, CHARLES                          IA-3-B-120
JONES, ELAM B.                          IA-3-C-11
JONES, MARY ANN                         IA-3-A-268
JONES, PETER JULIUS                     IA-3-C-44
JONES, SAMUEL                           IA-3-C-56
JONES, SARAH ANN                        IA-3-A-579
JOSLYN, GEORGE M.                       IA-3-A-48
JOYCE, EDWARD                           IA-3-B-275
JOYCE, MARY                             IA-3-A-366
JOYCE, MICHAEL                          IA-3-A-622
KAEPPLER, CHARLES R.                    IA-3-B-200
KAMPKE, MARY                            IA-3-B-428
KANT, GOTTLIEB                          IA-3-B-329
KASSER, JOHN                            IA-3-B-266
KAVANAUGH, ANN                          IA-3-B-304
KAVENY, THOMAS                          IA-3-B-551
KEAN, CHARLES                           IA-3-B-249
KEDAHL, KAREN E.                        IA-3-A-568
KEENAN, ALBERT FRANCIS                  IA-3-C-486
KEENAN, ALEBRT FRANCES                  IA-3-C-497
KEENAN, CATHERINE                       IA-3-B-406
KEENAN, PATRICK                         IA-3-A-228
KEHR, HENRY                             IA-3-C-377
KELLEHER, MICHAEL SR.                   IA-3-B-255
KELLER, CHRISTIANE                      IA-3-B-162
KELLY, CATHERINE                        IA-3-A-140
KELLY, EDWARD                           IA-3-A-73
KELLY, FRANCIS                          IA-3-B-88
KELLY, JOHN                             IA-3-A-131
KELLY, JOHN                             IA-3-A-74
KELLY, JOSEPH L.                        IA-3-C-451
KELLY, LAWRENCE                         IA-3-B-281
KELLY, MARY                             IA-3-A-607
KELLY, MARY                             IA-3-C-234
KELLY, MATTHEW                          IA-3-B-291
KELLY, MICHEAL D.                       IA-3-C-343
KELLY, MILES                            IA-3-C-459
KELLY, PATRICK                          IA-3-B-446
KELLY, PETER V.                         IA-3-C-529
KELLY, SARAH                            IA-3-C-136
KEMBLE, GEORGE                          IA-3-A-253
KENHUE, ANDREW                          IA-3-A-477
KENNEDY, BRIDGET                        IA-3-A-615
KENNEY, JAMES                           IA-3-C-383
KERNAN, MARY                            IA-3-C-220
KERNAN, MICHAEL                         IA-3-B-374
KERNAN, PATRICK                         IA-3-B-565
KERNDT, G. W.                           IA-3-C-199
KERNDT, GUSTAV                          IA-3-A-106
KERNDT, GUSTAVE HERMAN                  IA-3-C-237
KERNDT, HENRIETTE                       IA-3-B-318
KERNDT, MORITZ                          IA-3-C-29
KERNDT, THEODORE                        IA-3-C-290
KERR, C. M.                             IA-3-C-533
KERRIGAN, JANE W.                       IA-3-A-534
KERUDT, WILLIAM                         IA-3-B-119
KESTER, C. E.                           IA-3-C-419
KIBBY, WILLIAM                          IA-3-A-411
KIKPATRICK, THOMAS                      IA-3-A-287
KILGARIF, BERNARD                       IA-3-B-173
KILGARIFF, JOHN                         IA-3-B-443
KILPATRICK, JOHN                        IA-3-A-545
KILPATRICK, JOHN                        IA-3-C-397
KING, MATHEW                            IA-3-A-419
KING, MICHAEL                           IA-3-A-71
KLEES, FRANK                            IA-3-B-337
KLEESPIE, EUPHEMIA                      IA-3-C-218
KLEIN, HENRY                            IA-3-C-370
KLEIN, WILLIAM                          IA-3-B-179
KLEMME, HERMAN                          IA-3-C-361
KLINKE, WILLIAM                         IA-3-A-304
KLOCKE, HEINRICH                        IA-3-C-162
KNOPF, CHRISTINA                        IA-3-C-231
KNOPF, MICHAEL                          IA-3-B-513
KNUDSEN, OLE                            IA-3-B-521
KNUDTSON, OLE N.                        IA-3-B-512
KOBNLISKI, MATH                         IA-3-B-271
KOEHM, HENRY                            IA-3-B-470
KOENIG, HENRY                           IA-3-C-225
KOONTZ, E. C.                           IA-3-A-376
KOSBAU, HENRY F.                        IA-3-C-408
KREIGER, FREDERICK                      IA-3-B-191
KROGER, JOHN                            IA-3-A-630
KROPFGANZ, JOHN G.                      IA-3-A-462
KROPFGANZ, LOUISE                       IA-3-A-462
KRUGNER, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-231
KRUGNER, WILLIAM                        IA-3-B-118
KRUMM, CHARLES H.                       IA-3-C-482
KRUMME, CHARLES                         IA-3-B-59
KRUMME, CHRISTINE                       IA-3-B-408
KRUMME, FRED SR.                        IA-3-B-202
KUGEL, AUGUST                           IA-3-C-566
KUGEL, GOTTLIEB                         IA-3-C-429
KUHN, PHILLIP J.                        IA-3-B-419
KURK, AUGUST SR.                        IA-3-C-426
KURK, CATHERINE                         IA-3-B-394
KUSBAN, HENRY                           IA-3-A-532
LAABS, HERMAN AUGUST                    IA-3-B-443
LAEGER, DORA                            IA-3-B-501
LAEGER, FREDERICK                       IA-3-B-381
LAFFAN, THOMAS                          IA-3-C-521
LAGER, FRED                             IA-3-B-447
LAIRD, MARY                             IA-3-A-472
LAMB, JOHN                              IA-3-A-88
LAMBORN, E. B.                          IA-3-C-57
LAMBORN, NATHAN                         IA-3-B-366
LARKIN, JAMES                           IA-3-A-267
LARSON, CHRISTIAN                       IA-3-B-225
LARSON, LUCY                            IA-3-B-461
LARSON, PETER                           IA-3-B-521
LAUGHLIN, J. H.                         IA-3-C-30
LAUGHLIN, JAMES R.                      IA-3-C-500
LAVELLE, ED                             IA-3-B-308
LAWLER, JOHN                            IA-3-B-170
LEHNER, ANNA MARIA                      IA-3-B-279
LEHNER, ANNA MARIA                      IA-3-B-560
LEHNER, CHRISTIAN TOBIAS                IA-3-B-279
LEHNER, CHRISTIAN TOBIAS                IA-3-B-560
LEIKVOLD, OLE SEVERSON                  IA-3-B-157
LEITHOLD, ANNA                          IA-3-B-554
LEMME, PAULA L.                         IA-3-C-554
LENTH, JOACHIM W.                       IA-3-C-558
LEPPERT, CHARLES H.                     IA-3-A-408
LEPPERT, DORA M.                        IA-3-C-276
LEPPERT, ELIZABETH                      IA-3-B-192
LEPPERT, EVA                            IA-3-C-39
LEWIS, J. C. DR.                        IA-3-B-561
LIDDY, MICHAEL                          IA-3-B-148
LIENAN, HENRY                           IA-3-B-353
LIETHOLD, FRANK                         IA-3-B-545
LIMKAMPER, CHARLES                      IA-3-A-272
LINDSTROM, JOHN                         IA-3-B-309
LIPPE, HENRY                            IA-3-B-285
LOHOEFER, FREDERICK                     IA-3-A-627
LOHOFER, ELIZABETH                      IA-3-A-626
LONG, WILLIAM M.                        IA-3-A-3]
LOWE, LAURA A.                          IA-3-B-460
LOWENS, EDWARD                          IA-3-B-3
LUCKSINGER, MARTIN                      IA-3-B-80
LUDEKING, CONRAD                        IA-3-C-140
LUDEKING, HENRY                         IA-3-B-182
LUDEKING, HENRY H.                      IA-3-C-32
LUDEKING, MINNIE                        IA-3-C-240
LUDEKING, SIMON                         IA-3-B-331
LUEHR, FREDERICK J.                     IA-3-C-9
LUEHR, JOHN HENRY                       IA-3-A-421
LULL, GEORGE                            IA-3-B-536
LUNBECK, NELS                           IA-3-A-168
LUNDT, FRED                             IA-3-C-468
LUSK, WILLIAM SR.                       IA-3-B-370
LYBRAND, HENRY J.                       IA-3-A-345
LYDON, MICHAEL                          IA-3-B-286
LYNCH, CATHERINE                        IA-3-A-593
LYNCH, MICHAEL                          IA-3-A-226
LYONS, THOMAS                           IA-3-B-236
MADSON, ANDERS A.                       IA-3-C-143
MAGNER, WILLIAM                         IA-3-B-292
MAGUIRE, JAMES                          IA-3-B-146
MAHER, ELLEN                            IA-3-B-346
MAHER, THOMAS                           IA-3-B-497
MAHER, TIMOTHY                          IA-3-B-335
MAHLOW, ALBERT                          IA-3-B-382
MANDERSCHEID, GEORGE                    IA-3-B-74
MANDERSCHEID, PETER                     IA-3-C-374
MANDERSHEIDT, CHRISTIAN                 IA-3-A-600
MANN, JOHN MOELLER                      IA-3-B-403
MANNING, MICHAEL F.                     IA-3-B-551
MANNING, PATRICK                        IA-3-B-248
MARKWARDT, FREDERICK                    IA-3-C-252
MARONEY, ELIZABETH                      IA-3-C-446
MARONEY, THOMAS                         IA-3-B-310
MAROONEY, TIMOTHY                       IA-3-B-321
MARSDEN, ELIZABETH                      IA-3-A-169
MARSH, ELIZABETH                        IA-3-A-498
MARSH, SANFORD C.                       IA-3-A-296
MARSTON, ADELBERT C.                    IA-3-C-479
MARSTON, ARTHUR F.                      IA-3-C-59
MARTE, FREDRICK                         IA-3-A-43
MARTELLE, GIDEON                        IA-3-C-178
MARTENS, MARY                           IA-3-B-486
MARTI, BARBARA                          IA-3-A-299
MARTI, JOHN                             IA-3-C-363
MARTI, SEBASTIAN                        IA-3-A-90
MARTIN, AUGUST                          IA-3-B-489
MARTIN, BARBARA SANDRY                  IA-3-C-526
MARTIN, DAVID                           IA-3-A-194
MARTIN, HERMAN                          IA-3-C-369
MARTIN, HIRAM H.                        IA-3-B-393
MARTIN, MARTHA                          IA-3-B-30
MARTIN, MARY N.                         IA-3-C-114
MARTINSON, ANNA                         IA-3-C-292
MARTINSON, PEDER                        IA-3-A-421
MATHIS, JOSEPH                          IA-3-B-124
MATTOON, J. B.                          IA-3-B-203
MAUCH, GEORGE                           IA-3-B-8
MAUCH, MARY                             IA-3-B-414
MAUSS, GEORGE                           IA-3-B-223
MAY, D. O.                              IA-3-B-60
MAY, JOHN                               IA-3-A-21
MAY, ROAN C.                            IA-3-C-438
McALLISTER, JOHN                        IA-3-A-118
McANDREW, MARY                          IA-3-C-291
McANDREW, PETER                         IA-3-B-330
McBAY, WILLIAM C.                       IA-3-B-209
McCAFFERTY, ROSA                        IA-3-C-88
McCARTHY, GEORGE                        IA-3-B-491
McCARTHY, JOHN HENRY                    IA-3-C-110
McCARTHY, MICHAEL                       IA-3-B-422
McCARTY, JAMES SR.                      IA-3-A-555
McCAULEY, MARGARET                      IA-3-B-492
McCLELLAN, NELLIE                       IA-3-C-216
McCLINTOCK, ARCHIBALD                   IA-3-B-250
McCLINTOCK, ELIZABETH                   IA-3-B-174
McCLINTOCK, RACHEL                      IA-3-B-250
McCORMACK, MARY                         IA-3-C-161
McCORMICK, BERNARD                      IA-3-B-286
McCORMICK, CYRUS H.                     IA-3-A-354
McCORMICK, JOHANNA                      IA-3-B-564
McCORMICK, LEANDER J.                   IA-3-B-356
McCORMICK, MARY                         IA-3-C-165
McCORMICK, MCIAHEL                      IA-3-B-311
McCORMICK, PATRICK                      IA-3-A-481
McCORMICK, PHILIP                       IA-3-B-206
MCCORMICK, CATHERINE                    IA-3-B-491
McCOY, MARGRET                          IA-3-B-49
McCREEVY, PATRICK                       IA-3-B-169
McDEVITT, JAMES                         IA-3-A-95
McDONALD, DANIEL                        IA-3-B-267
McERLANE, JOHN                          IA-3-B-320
McEWEN, JAMES                           IA-3-B-488
McFARLAND, WILLIAM                      IA-3-A-155
McGARRY, LUCINDA                        IA-3-B-494
McGEOUGH, EDWARD                        IA-3-C-15
McGOUGH, FRANCIS                        IA-3-B-412
McGOUGH, MARY                           IA-3-B-149
McGUINNESS, JOHN J.                     IA-3-B-546
McGUIRE, ALICE                          IA-3-B-353
McGUIRE, CATHERINE                      IA-3-B-376
McGUIRE, THOMAS                         IA-3-B-61
McINTOSH, JANET KERR                    IA-3-C-1
McKEE, GEORGE                           IA-3-C-16
McMASTER, MARTHA J.                     IA-3-C-505
McMORROW, PATRICK                       IA-3-C-98
McNALLY, DAVID                          IA-3-C-307
McNALLY, JAMES                          IA-3-C-492
McNALLY, MARY                           IA-3-C-307
McNANEY, PATRICK                        IA-3-B-15
McWILLIAMS, ANDREW                      IA-3-A-5
McWILLIAMS, SARAH E.                    IA-3-C-94
MEDARY, THOMAS C.                       IA-3-A-611
MEHEN, FRIEDERIKE                       IA-3-B-73
MEIER, AUGUST                           IA-3-B-399
MEIER, CHRISS                           IA-3-C-519
MEIER, CONRAD                           IA-3-C-546
MEIER, JOHN H.                          IA-3-C-184
MEIER, LUDWIG                           IA-3-A-559
MEIER, LUDWIG                           IA-3-C-150
MEIER, RIKA                             IA-3-C-475
MEIERKORD, FRED                         IA-3-C-149
MEIL, JULIA                             IA-3-C-42
MEINERS, HENRY                          IA-3-C-44
MEINERS, LAMBERT                        IA-3-A-449
MELAVEN, ELIZABETH                      IA-3-C-66
MELAVEN, JAMES                          IA-3-B-456
MELLICK, HENRY J.                       IA-3-C-420
MEYER, AUGUST D.                        IA-3-C-488
MEYER, AUGUST H.                        IA-3-C-534
MEYER, CHRISTOPHER                      IA-3-C-45
MEYER, FRED N.                          IA-3-C-450
MEYER, JACOB                            IA-3-C-271
MEYER, METTA                            IA-3-B-234
MEYER, WILLIAM                          IA-3-B-218
MICKEY, ISAAC                           IA-3-B-487
MILELR, DAVID J.                        IA-3-B-272
MILES, NATHANIEL                        IA-3-A-501
MILLER, ANN                             IA-3-C-506
MILLER, CASPER                          IA-3-A-125
MILLER, CATHERINE B.                    IA-3-B-400
MILLER, HENRY                           IA-3-C-493
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                      IA-3-B-543
MOBLEY, ELIZABETH                       IA-3-B-306
MOCKLEY, NORA                           IA-3-B-283
MOE, LARS                               IA-3-C-116
MOERI, PETER                            IA-3-B-176
MOIR, JOHN                              IA-3-C-285
MOLEBERG, ERICK GRELSON                 IA-3-B-251
MOLLOY, JOHN                            IA-3-A-28
MONK, MARY E.                           IA-3-B-498
MONSON, JULIA                           IA-3-C-475
MOODY, SAMUEL W.                        IA-3-A-30
MOONEY, JOHN                            IA-3-B-466
MOONEY, MICHAEL                         IA-3-B-293
MORARITY, CATHARINE                     IA-3-B-262
MORGAN, LEAH                            IA-3-B-220
MOTHERAL, WILLIAM B.                    IA-3-B-498
MOTT, HENRY                             IA-3-A-273
MOTT, JOHN S.                           IA-3-B-318
MOULTHROP, JONATHAN                     IA-3-B-22
MULLANEY, ROSE                          IA-3-C-508
MULLANEY, TIMOTHY                       IA-3-B-554
MULLARKEY, EDWARD                       IA-3-A-415
MULLEN, DENNIS                          IA-3-B-421
MURPHY, CATHERINE                       IA-3-C-415
MURPHY, JAMES                           IA-3-A-403
MURPHY, JOHN                            IA-3-B-420
MURPHY, JOSEPHINE                       IA-3-C-570
MURPHY, MARY A.                         IA-3-C-396
MURPHY, PATRICK                         IA-3-B-425
MURRAY, MICHAEL                         IA-3-B-97
MURRY, DAVID                            IA-3-B-511
MURRY, JOHN                             IA-3-A-407
MURRY, MICHAEL                          IA-3-A-315
MYERS, JOHN                             IA-3-B-7
NACHTWAY, THEODORE                      IA-3-B-410
NAGEL, F. P.                            IA-3-B-445
NAGEL, WILLIAM F.                       IA-3-B-496
NAGLE, MINA                             IA-3-A-100
NANGLE, BRIDGET                         IA-3-B-219
NARJORD, JOHANNES S.                    IA-3-A-503
NARUM, KAREN                            IA-3-B-64
NASH, ALF.                              IA-3-B-555
NAUGLE, JOHN                            IA-3-A-593
NEELAN, GREGORY                         IA-3-B-236
NEES, CHARLES                           IA-3-A-556
NELSON, JULIUS                          IA-3-B-95
NESMITH, M. W.                          IA-3-B-411
NESMITH, MARY C.                        IA-3-B-199
NEWCOMB, M. S. J.                       IA-3-A-149
NICHOLS, G. W.                          IA-3-B-478
NICHOLS, JAMES W.                       IA-3-A-82
NICHOLS, JENNIE S.                      IA-3-B-529
NICHOLSON, JOHN                         IA-3-B-141
NICLAI, LEWIS                           IA-3-C-473
NICOLSON, HENRY                         IA-3-A-78
NIELANDER, AUGUSTA                      IA-3-C-185
NIELANDER, HENRY                        IA-3-B-315
NIERLING, ANTON                         IA-3-A-480
NIERLING, CHARLES P.                    IA-3-C-112
NIMSGARN, JOHN                          IA-3-A-416
NOLTING, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-541
NOPPER, MARY                            IA-3-C-550
NOPPER, WILLIAM                         IA-3-B-530
NORTON, ELIZABETH V.                    IA-3-C-494
NORTON, HUGH                            IA-3-C-95
NORTON, M. K. REV.                      IA-3-C-185
OBRIEN, DAVID                           IA-3-C-503
OBRIEN, JOHN                            IA-3-A-443
OBRIEN, JOHN                            IA-3-A-474
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         IA-3-B-186
OBRIEN, MICHAEL S.                      IA-3-C-104
ODAY, ELLEN                             IA-3-B-319
ODONNELL, ANTHONY                       IA-3-A-292
ODONNELL, ELLEN                         IA-3-B-462
OEHRING, JOHANNA                        IA-3-C-551
OHARA, E. J.                            IA-3-C-487
OHARE, JERRY                            IA-3-C-481
OLEARY, BRIDGET                         IA-3-B-206
OLESEN, MARTHA                          IA-3-B-355
OLESON, KITTLE                          IA-3-B-153
OLESON, OLE                             IA-3-A-51
OLSEN, ANNA CHRISTINA                   IA-3-A-288
OLSEN, INGRI                            IA-3-B-389
OLSEN-AURE, BERTHA MARIE                IA-3-B-230
OLSON, A. G.                            IA-3-B-369
OLSON, ANDREW                           IA-3-B-423
OLSON, ANNA                             IA-3-B-35
OLSON, ASLE                             IA-3-B-430
OLSON, GUNIL                            IA-3-B-518
OLSON, NELS                             IA-3-A-62
OLSON, OLE T.                           IA-3-C-404
OMALEY, PATRICK                         IA-3-A-156
OMEARA, JAMES                           IA-3-B-38
ONSAGER, ANDERSON                       IA-3-B-112
ONSAGER, PETER A.                       IA-3-B-366
OPFER, H. F.                            IA-3-B-405
OPFER, SIMON                            IA-3-B-180
OPFER, SIMON HENRY                      IA-3-C-393
ORR, JAMES                              IA-3-C-226
ORR, MARGARET A.                        IA-3-C-472
ORRBEN, RACHAEL                         IA-3-C-507
OSMUNDSON, JEREMIAH F.                  IA-3-C-392
OSTENSON, NILS                          IA-3-B-390
OTIS, WILLIAM H.                        IA-3-A-548
OWEN, SARAH ANN                         IA-3-A-450
PALMER, AARON V.                        IA-3-C-318
PALMER, JAMES                           IA-3-A-223
PAPE, ELIZABETH C.                      IA-3-C-296
PAPE, LOUISA MARIE                      IA-3-B-392
PARRELL, THOMAS                         IA-3-A-113
PASSMORE, THOMAS K.                     IA-3-C-35
PATTERSON, JANNETTE                     IA-3-A-599
PAUCH, PHILIP                           IA-3-B-278
PAUL, AUGUSTA                           IA-3-A-519
PAUL, LOUIS                             IA-3-A-284
PAULK, CHARLES                          IA-3-A-375
PAULK, ELLA C.                          IA-3-B-334
PAULSON, PETER A.                       IA-3-B-211
PEACOCK, GEORGE R.                      IA-3-C-258
PEARSON, GEORGE W.                      IA-3-B-183
PEDALTY, PETER S.                       IA-3-A-144
PEDERSON, HALVOR                        IA-3-C-552
PELTON, EDWARD W.                       IA-3-A-132
PENFIELD, MAJOR GAY                     IA-3-A-613
PENNINGTON, J. W.                       IA-3-A-619
PERKINS, WILLIAM C.                     IA-3-A-52
PERRY, SOPHIE                           IA-3-B-483
PETERS, GEORGE                          IA-3-B-342
PETERSON, CAROLINE                      IA-3-B-516
PETERSON, HALVER                        IA-3-A-250
PETERSON, JOHN E.                       IA-3-A-614
PETERSON, MARTHA                        IA-3-A-361
PETERSON, MATHIAS G.                    IA-3-B-43
PETERSON, PETER                         IA-3-A-302
PETTIT, ELIAS                           IA-3-C-122
PHELPS, MARY A.                         IA-3-B-395
PHILIPPI, MICHAEL                       IA-3-A-407
PIEPER, CHARLOTTE                       IA-3-B-397
PIERCE, NATHANIEL                       IA-3-A-120
PIKE, DAVID L.                          IA-3-A-103
PIXLER, JOHN                            IA-3-C-350
PLAHT, HERMAN                           IA-3-C-414
POHLMAN, SOPHIA                         IA-3-B-322
POOR, ELIZER MELVIN                     IA-3-A-33
POPE, HENRY H.                          IA-3-B-253
POPE, JOHN H.                           IA-3-A-121
POTTER, GEORGE O.                       IA-3-A-542
PROMNITZ, J. F. TRAUGOTT                IA-3-B-368
PUTNAM, JOHN                            IA-3-A-141
QUANDAHL, JACOB N.                      IA-3-B-343
QUANDAHL, P. J.                         IA-3-C-265
QUIGLEY, MARY                           IA-3-B-98
QUIGLEY, MARY M.                        IA-3-B-34
QUILLEN, MICHAEL                        IA-3-C-132
QUINLAN, JAMES                          IA-3-A-32
QUINN, CHARLES                          IA-3-A-275
QUINN, MARY                             IA-3-A-624
QUINN, MARY                             IA-3-C-164
QUINN, MICHAEL                          IA-3-A-276
RACHOR, PETER                           IA-3-C-447
RALSTON, JOHN                           IA-3-B-444
RANDALL, JASON                          IA-3-A-12
RATCH, BENJAMIN T.                      IA-3-A-391
RATCLIFF, BENJAMIN                      IA-3-B-184
RATCLIFFE, JOHN G.                      IA-3-B-476
RAYMOND, JOHN                           IA-3-A-224
RAYMOND, W. J.                          IA-3-C-1
REA, PATRICK                            IA-3-B-474
REA, WILLIAM                            IA-3-A-365
REBURN, JANE ALLEN                      IA-3-B-413
REBURN, THOMAS                          IA-3-B-44
REDDY, EDWARD                           IA-3-B-313
REDDY, JOHANNA                          IA-3-C-54
REDDY, RICHARD                          IA-3-B-516
REDHEAD, GEORGE                         IA-3-B-507
REDHEAD, SARAH                          IA-3-C-465
REDMAN, DAVID C.                        IA-3-B-355
REHRBERG, HERMAN J.                     IA-3-A-417
REID, NICHOLAS                          IA-3-B-213
REIF, JOHN                              IA-3-B-508
REISER, JOHN                            IA-3-A-92
RENNE, WILLIAM                          IA-3-C-133
RENZMANN, FRITZ                         IA-3-C-464
RETTER, ERNEST                          IA-3-B-69
RETTINGER, CHRISTIAN                    IA-3-B-321
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          IA-3-C-180
RICE, JOHN                              IA-3-B-122
RICE, JOHN O.                           IA-3-B-329
RICHIE, WILLIAM H.                      IA-3-C-160
RICKER, LAURA                           IA-3-B-152
RIETH, JULIUS                           IA-3-C-358
RILEY, ANN                              IA-3-B-146
RIME, GURIE OLSON                       IA-3-A-570
RINGENBACK, HENRY                       IA-3-A-248
RINGENBACK, WILBURGA                    IA-3-B-432
RISER, CHARLES C.                       IA-3-C-547
RISER, FRED                             IA-3-C-125
RISER, JOHN                             IA-3-B-350
RISSMANN, JULIUS                        IA-3-C-302
RIXLER, HANNAH                          IA-3-B-36
ROBBINS, FRANCIS HUGER                  IA-3-B-393
ROBBINS, NAOME M.                       IA-3-B-294
ROBERTS, HALL                           IA-3-C-18
ROBERTS, MARIA O.                       IA-3-C-259
ROBEY, C. A.                            IA-3-C-297
ROBEY, CAROLINE                         IA-3-B-301
ROBINSON, JOHN T.                       IA-3-C-489
ROCHE, THOMAS                           IA-3-C-21
ROCHFORD, MICHAEL                       IA-3-A-26
ROERKOHL, THEODORE                      IA-3-B-256
ROESE, HERMAN                           IA-3-A-209
ROESE, LAURA                            IA-3-C-7
ROGERS, ELRA E.                         IA-3-B-28
ROGGENSACK, JOSEPH                      IA-3-B-204
ROGGENSACK, LENA                        IA-3-B-195
RONAN, DENNIS D.                        IA-3-C-514
RONAYNE, HANORA                         IA-3-B-522
RONGSTAD, PHOEBE                        IA-3-B-303
ROOD, PETER                             IA-3-A-546
ROSE, HERMAN                            IA-3-C-154
ROSS, A. S.                             IA-3-A-76
ROSS, HUGH G.                           IA-3-B-87
ROSS, ROBERT                            IA-3-A-383
ROTHERMEL, JULIA                        IA-3-C-317
ROW, JAMES                              IA-3-A-633
ROWE, JAMES                             IA-3-B-137
ROWE, JOHN                              IA-3-A-303
ROWE, MARY                              IA-3-A-607
ROWE, SUSAN A.                          IA-3-B-168
RUCKTASCHEL, JOHN ERNST                 IA-3-B-198
RUD, L. O.                              IA-3-C-181
RUDNICK, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-511
RUDNICK, FRANK                          IA-3-C-187
RUGGENMEIER, ADOLPH                     IA-3-B-135
RUGGENMIER, HENRY                       IA-3-B-268
RUPP, JACOB                             IA-3-B-509
RUPRECHT, PAUL                          IA-3-B-288
RUSH, PETER                             IA-3-A-286
RUSHMAN, ROSETTA                        IA-3-C-387
RUSSELL, HENRY T.                       IA-3-B-116
RUSSELL, PETER                          IA-3-A-618
RUSSELL, TIMOTHY                        IA-3-A-322
RUTH, EDWARD                            IA-3-A-153
RUTH, JOHN                              IA-3-A-64
RUTKEMEIER, FREDERICK                   IA-3-A-259
RUTKEMEIER, HERMAN FRED                 IA-3-B-389
RYAN, EDMUND                            IA-3-C-212
RYAN, ELLEN                             IA-3-C-79
RYAN, JAMES SR.                         IA-3-A-460
RYAN, JEREMIAH                          IA-3-C-145
RYAN, JULIA                             IA-3-B-372
RYAN, MARTIN                            IA-3-C-490
RYAN, NANCY ANN                         IA-3-B-263
RYAN, NICHOLAS F.                       IA-3-C-295
RYAN, RICHARD                           IA-3-A-484
SAAK, FREDERICKA                        IA-3-C-34
SAAK, HENRY SR.                         IA-3-A-517
SAAM, ANNA E.                           IA-3-C-501
SACKETT, D. A.                          IA-3-A-164
SADKE, WILLIAM                          IA-3-A-538
SAEWAERT, FRED                          IA-3-B-161
SAEWEART, JULIAN                        IA-3-C-8
SALLACK, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-555
SALVESON, SANDER                        IA-3-B-376
SAMS, JAMES                             IA-3-B-535
SANDER, HERMAN                          IA-3-B-520
SANDERMAN, CONRAD                       IA-3-B-381
SANDERMAN, WILLIAM                      IA-3-B-457
SANDERS, J. H.                          IA-3-B-77
SANDERSON, ELING                        IA-3-A-625
SANDO, ERIK H.                          IA-3-C-158
SANDO, ISABEL ERICKSON                  IA-3-B-396
SANDO, TORKEL ERICKSON                  IA-3-B-396
SATRANG, BERGITH                        IA-3-B-354
SATRANG, GULBRAND                       IA-3-B-354
SAVOIE, JOSEPH                          IA-3-B-274
SAWYER, CORNELIUS C.                    IA-3-A-329
SAWYER, DELORMA F.                      IA-3-C-278
SAWYER, HELEN                           IA-3-C-435
SAWYER, WILLIAM B.                      IA-3-A-189
SCANLAN, THOMAS                         IA-3-A-268
SCHACH, JACOB                           IA-3-A-328
SCHACH, JENNIE                          IA-3-C-289
SCHAFER, ANNA DORTHEA                   IA-3-B-440
SCHARF, GEORGE                          IA-3-A-589
SCHEEFFELBINE, JOHN                     IA-3-B-37
SCHEEFFELBINE, PAULINA                  IA-3-B-78
SCHIERHOLZ, HERMAN                      IA-3-B-502
SCHINGEL, JOHN                          IA-3-A-575
SCHLIE, WILLIAM                         IA-3-C-453
SCHLITTER, ADOLPH                       IA-3-B-559
SCHLITTER, AUGUST                       IA-3-C-523
SCHMIEDEN, FRANK                        IA-3-B-322
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                        IA-3-C-425
SCHNEIDER, MATT                         IA-3-C-194
SCHNITKER, WILLIAM                      IA-3-A-547
SCHOBERT, HENRIETTA                     IA-3-C-342
SCHOLTES, MARY                          IA-3-C-434
SCHOLTES, PETER                         IA-3-B-454
SCHOTT, MICHAEL                         IA-3-A-513
SCHRIEBER, JOSEPH                       IA-3-C-17
SCHRODER, MARY                          IA-3-A-554
SCHRODY, GEORGE                         IA-3-A-594
SCHROEDER, CARL C.                      IA-3-C-422
SCHROEDER, JOHN H.                      IA-3-C-490
SCHROEDER, L. H.                        IA-3-C-461
SCHROEDER, MARY                         IA-3-C-239
SCHUETTE, FRITZ                         IA-3-B-504
SCHUETTE, HENRY SR.                     IA-3-C-474
SCHULTY, MINNIE                         IA-3-C-545
SCHULTZ, BERNARD                        IA-3-C-375
SCHULTZ, CARL JOHN                      IA-3-C-23
SCHULTZ, JOHN                           IA-3-C-174
SCHULZ, JULIUS                          IA-3-C-96
SCHULZE, CATHRINE                       IA-3-C-480
SCHULZE, JOHN A.                        IA-3-B-187
SCHUSTER, SOPHIA M.                     IA-3-A-127
SCHUTTE, HELMUTH                        IA-3-C-391
SCHWARTZ, ROSALIE                       IA-3-B-101
SCHWARTZHOFF, HELEN                     IA-3-B-500
SCHWARTZHOFF, THEODORE                  IA-3-A-580
SCOTT, ALLEN                            IA-3-A-44
SEBASTIAN, FRANK                        IA-3-C-518
SEBASTIAN, MATHIAS                      IA-3-B-312
SEGLAR, MATHIAS                         IA-3-C-72
SELL, CHRISTIAN                         IA-3-A-284
SELL, JOSEPH SR.                        IA-3-B-278
SELLEG, MATILDA                         IA-3-A-598
SENCEBAUGH, REUBEN                      IA-3-A-412
SENHOLZ, CARL                           IA-3-C-142
SESOW, THEODORE                         IA-3-C-457
SEVATSON, SEVAT                         IA-3-A-635
SEVERSON, OLE                           IA-3-B-496
SHAFF, ADDIE                            IA-3-B-371
SHAGER, CHRISTOPHER O.                  IA-3-C-326
SHARROW, MARY M.                        IA-3-C-27
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL REV.                   IA-3-C-151
SHEEHY, JAMES W.                        IA-3-B-154
SHEPERD, MARGERET                       IA-3-B-41
SHEPHERD, ANN                           IA-3-B-492
SHEPHERD, JOHN                          IA-3-B-256
SHEPHERS, ELIZABETH S.                  IA-3-C-516
SHERBONDA, ANDREW                       IA-3-A-305
SHERMAN, G. W.                          IA-3-C-177
SHERMAN, HERMAN SR.                     IA-3-B-481
SHIELDS, MICHAEL                        IA-3-A-478
SHINING, CHRISTIAN                      IA-3-B-252
SHORT, ANN                              IA-3-C-179
SHORT, PATRICK                          IA-3-A-231
SIEKEMEYER, FERDINAND                   IA-3-A-550
SIEKMEIER, ADOLPH                       IA-3-B-193
SIEKMEIER, FREDERICK                    IA-3-B-374
SIGURSON, REIER                         IA-3-C-85
SIMENSON, HANS                          IA-3-B-379
SIMMON, CATHARINE                       IA-3-A-541
SIMMONS, AUGUST                         IA-3-B-103
SIMMONS, J. H.                          IA-3-C-275
SIMMONS, WILHELMINE                     IA-3-B-533
SIMPSON, SARAH                          IA-3-C-541
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        IA-3-B-305
SINGLETON, ELISABETH                    IA-3-A-455
SIRES, JOHN                             IA-3-C-89
SJODIN, SEM                             IA-3-C-372
SJODIN, WILLIAM GRANT                   IA-3-C-378
SKJONESON, GUNDER                       IA-3-A-374
SLATTERY, D. J. REV.                    IA-3-C-229
SLATTERY, JOHN                          IA-3-C-68
SMEDSRUD, PEDER N.                      IA-3-C-294
SMETHURST, DANIEL L.                    IA-3-A-112
SMITH, CATHARINE                        IA-3-C-243
SMITH, CHARLES                          IA-3-B-70
SMITH, JOHN N.                          IA-3-B-25
SMITH, LATHROP E.                       IA-3-C-463
SMITH, SUSAN C.                         IA-3-C-188
SMITH, THOMAS                           IA-3-B-395
SMITH, THOMAS C.                        IA-3-B-332
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                       IA-3-B-563
SNELL, CHARLES                          IA-3-B-58
SNIDGER, FREDERICK                      IA-3-A-558
SNITKER, LOUSIA                         IA-3-C-567
SOLLBERG, HENRY                         IA-3-A-461
SOLVERSON, SANDER S.                    IA-3-C-345
SOLVERSON, SEVER                        IA-3-B-404
SOLVESON, ASLAGE                        IA-3-A-166
SORM, HANS JOHNSON                      IA-3-B-349
SPAFFORD, MARY L.                       IA-3-B-422
SPAULDING, ASHER                        IA-3-A-206
SPEIGLER, BARNEY SR.                    IA-3-C-281
SPENCE, GEORGE W.                       IA-3-B-212
SPENCER, LAURA C.                       IA-3-B-527
SPENCER, PETER                          IA-3-A-539
SPENCER, R. P.                          IA-3-A-578
SPILLER, JACOB                          IA-3-C-84
SPINNER, CARL A.                        IA-3-C-424
STAADT, EDWARD                          IA-3-A-590
STAADT, GODFREY                         IA-3-C-175
STACK, MICHAEL                          IA-3-A-219
STAFFORD, CATHERINE                     IA-3-B-251
STAFFORD, ELIZA A.                      IA-3-A-457
STAFFORD, SETH N.                       IA-3-A-602
STARK, GOTTLEIB                         IA-3-A-536
STARLA, OLE O.                          IA-3-A-408
STARLA, TARA                            IA-3-A-408
STAUFFACHER, PETER                      IA-3-B-45
STEEL, JOSEPH                           IA-3-C-537
STEELE, CHRISTINA                       IA-3-C-2
STEELE, FRANK                           IA-3-B-84
STEELE, MAGGIE M.                       IA-3-C-303
STEFFEN, SIMON H.                       IA-3-B-323
STEGER, FREDERICK                       IA-3-C-513
STEHR, JOHN                             IA-3-B-433
STEIBER, CONRAD                         IA-3-B-543
STEVENS, E. E. MRS.                     IA-3-B-499
STEVENS, SAMUEL                         IA-3-A-67
STEZAG, WILHELMINA                      IA-3-A-458
STILES, TIMOTHY                         IA-3-A-258
STILES, WARREN                          IA-3-C-135
STILMAN, JOHN                           IA-3-A-602
STILWELL, ARD BOWEN                     IA-3-C-477
STILWELL, C. S.                         IA-3-C-195
STILWELL, CALVIN S.                     IA-3-C-232
STIRN, ANNA                             IA-3-C-83
STOCK, FREDERICK                        IA-3-B-473
STODDARD, GEORGE W.                     IA-3-B-82
STODDARD, JUDITH S.                     IA-3-B-534
STOPPERAN, CARL                         IA-3-B-276
STOW, HORACE                            IA-3-A-147
STRAATE, HENRY                          IA-3-C-100
STROHM, JOHN                            IA-3-B-487
STRONG, HORACE                          IA-3-A-47
STRUB, ELIZABETH                        IA-3-C-42
STRUB, JOSEPH                           IA-3-B-177
STUART, GEORGE H.                       IA-3-A-562
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        IA-3-A-161
SULLIVAN, EUGENE                        IA-3-A-302
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       IA-3-B-14
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                        IA-3-B-284
SUND, JOHN                              IA-3-A-572
SUNDERMAN, AUGUST                       IA-3-B-495
SUNDERMAN, FREDERICK                    IA-3-B-258
SUNDERMAN, FREDERIKE                    IA-3-B-155
SUNDERMAN, HENRY A.                     IA-3-C-470
SUROM, BERTHA M.                        IA-3-C-483
SUTER, JOHN RUDOLF                      IA-3-B-388
SVENSON, PETER J.                       IA-3-A-244
SWEDBERG, ANDREW J.                     IA-3-C-92
SWEN, JOHANNA                           IA-3-B-352
SWENSON, ANDREW B.                      IA-3-C-293
SWENSON, SIGVART                        IA-3-C-256
SYKES, MARTIN                           IA-3-B-62
SYKES, MARY                             IA-3-B-384
TAGGART, JOHN A.                        IA-3-B-101
TANGEMAN, BERTHA B.                     IA-3-B-414
TANGEMAN, F. W.                         IA-3-B-175
TANGEN, KAREN                           IA-3-C-455
TARTT, JAMES M.                         IA-3-B-208
TAVILLE, ABIGAIL                        IA-3-A-293
TEEPLE, GEORGE                          IA-3-A-260
TEFF, CATHERINE                         IA-3-C-409
TEFF, HILLER                            IA-3-B-501
TESSIN, FRED H.                         IA-3-A-441
THIES, CHARLES                          IA-3-C-255
THIESS, FRED                            IA-3-C-416
THOMA, CONRAD                           IA-3-B-24
THOMA, WILLIAM                          IA-3-B-269
THOMAS, ANNIE M.                        IA-3-B-506
THOMAS, BELINDA                         IA-3-B-542
THOMAS, FRANK                           IA-3-C-389
THOMAS, JAMES W.                        IA-3-B-254
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     IA-3-C-155
THOMPSON, ERIC                          IA-3-C-445
THORNTON, MARY E.                       IA-3-C-62
THORNTON, PATRICK                       IA-3-B-122
THORSEN, IVER                           IA-3-C-406
THRONSON, KNADT                         IA-3-A-29
TIERNEY, CHARLES                        IA-3-B-231
TISDALE, E. D.                          IA-3-B-336
TOLLEFSON, OLE                          IA-3-B-29
TOLLEFSON, OLE                          IA-3-A-311
TOOLE, ROSE                             IA-3-B-488
TOWER, RICHARD                          IA-3-A-191
TOWNSEND, JOHN A.                       IA-3-A-524
TRACY, DANIEL                           IA-3-A-377
TRACY, HANNAH M.                        IA-3-A-525
TRACY, MICHAEL                          IA-3-B-199
TRAYER, JOHN                            IA-3-B-292
TREENDLE, BENEDICT                      IA-3-C-49
TROENDLE, ANNA MARY                     IA-3-B-540
TROENDLE, FRANZ S.                      IA-3-B-196
TULLY, BRYAN                            IA-3-B-178
TULLY, JAMES                            IA-3-B-319
TULLY, JOHN                             IA-3-B-129
TULLY, MARGARET                         IA-3-C-244
TURNER, J. M.                           IA-3-C-439
TWOHY, CORNELIUS                        IA-3-A-527
UGLUM, JOHN TOSTENSON                   IA-3-B-117
URELL, MARY                             IA-3-B-445
URMERSBACH, JOSEPH                      IA-3-A-609
VAUGHN, CHARLES R.                      IA-3-B-240
VAUGHN, DIANTHA M.                      IA-3-B-253
VAUGHN, JOHN                            IA-3-A-600
VAUGHN, SUSAN                           IA-3-B-337
VAUGHN, W. H.                           IA-3-A-535
VERDON, BATISE                          IA-3-A-129
VETHEIN, JOHN                           IA-3-B-309
VIKEN, LEWIS S.                         IA-3-B-325
VILE, JAMES                             IA-3-B-401
VILE, JOHN                              IA-3-B-9
VILE, MARTHA L.                         IA-3-B-28
VOLD, LORENTS H.                        IA-3-C-272
WAAGE, KAREN O.                         IA-3-A-527
WABAR, LOUISE                           IA-3-B-83
WACKER, CARL FREDERICK                  IA-3-B-541
WAGNER, ANNA M.                         IA-3-B-27
WAGNER, C. J.                           IA-3-B-522
WAGNER, FREDERICK                       IA-3-A-218
WAGNER, FREDERICK W.                    IA-3-B-518
WAGNER, HENRY                           IA-3-B-145
WAGNER, HENRY                           IA-3-C-385
WAGNER, JOHN L.                         IA-3-B-556
WAGNER, NICHOLAS                        IA-3-C-549
WALDRON, MARY                           IA-3-B-552
WALDRON, PETER                          IA-3-B-484
WALKER, GEORGE                          IA-3-B-436
WALKER, THANKFUL J.                     IA-3-A-287
WALKER, WASHINGTON                      IA-3-A-198
WALRATH, HIRAM                          IA-3-A-152
WALSH, JOHN                             IA-3-A-306
WALSH, JOHN                             IA-3-A-245
WALSH, JOHN P.                          IA-3-A-420
WALSH, KATE                             IA-3-B-471
WALSH, MARTIN                           IA-3-A-364
WALSH, MICHAEL MARTIN                   IA-3-C-495
WALTERS, DANIEL                         IA-3-A-80
WAMPLER, HILY ROSS                      IA-3-B-340
WAMPLER, ROBERT                         IA-3-C-280
WAMPLER, WESLEY                         IA-3-A-199
WAMPLER, WILLIAM                        IA-3-C-299
WARD, CORNELIUS                         IA-3-B-544
WARD, JOHN                              IA-3-A-625
WARD, MARY                              IA-3-B-216
WARD, PATRICK                           IA-3-A-571
WARD, PATRICK                           IA-3-A-187
WARD, WILLIAM                           IA-3-B-214
WARD, WILLIAM                           IA-3-B-214
WATERS, GEORGE                          IA-3-A-439
WATERS, MARY C.                         IA-3-C-412
WATERS, MICHAEL                         IA-3-A-634
WATERS, PATRICK                         IA-3-B-462
WATERS, THOMAS                          IA-3-C-314
WATKINS, I. W.                          IA-3-C-341
WATTS, CYRUS                            IA-3-A-279
WAYNE, JASPER                           IA-3-C-144
WEBB, HENRY                             IA-3-B-307
WEBER, CHARLES                          IA-3-A-544
WEBER, FRED                             IA-3-C-306
WEBER, HERMAN                           IA-3-C-147
WEBER, JOSEPH                           IA-3-B-277
WEDGEWOOD, JOHN M.                      IA-3-A-543
WEIDA, CHARLES                          IA-3-A-360
WEINGART, JACOB                         IA-3-A-423
WEIPERT, FERDINAND                      IA-3-B-385
WEIPERT, FERDINAND                      IA-3-B-388
WEIPERT, MAGDALENA                      IA-3-C-284
WELCH, WILLIAM                          IA-3-B-448
WELCK, EDWARD                           IA-3-B-380
WELLS, ANTHONY                          IA-3-B-419
WELLS, H. R.                            IA-3-C-127
WELZEL, CONRAD                          IA-3-C-407
WELZEL, FRED H.                         IA-3-C-183
WENDLER, ROSS                           IA-3-C-322
WERHAN, HENRY                           IA-3-B-386
WERHAN, WILLIAM                         IA-3-B-248
WEST, DE WITT C.                        IA-3-A-331
WETTLAUFER, JOHN                        IA-3-B-5
WEYMILLER, FREDERICK                    IA-3-B-345
WEYMILLER, L. P.                        IA-3-C-315
WHALEN, MATHIAS F.                      IA-3-C-213
WHALEY, ELIZABETH JANE                  IA-3-B-515
WHALEY, JANE E.                         IA-3-A-323
WHALEY, PROSSER                         IA-3-A-56
WHEELER, ELIAKIN R.                     IA-3-A-89
WHELAN, KERN                            IA-3-B-531
WHITE, CATHERINE                        IA-3-B-471
WICHMAN, FREDERICK                      IA-3-B-433
WICHMAN, MINNE                          IA-3-C-376
WIEHE, LOUISA                           IA-3-B-427
WIEMERSLAGE, GEORGE W.                  IA-3-C-544
WIEMERSLAGE, GERHARD SR.                IA-3-C-223
WILBUR, MARGRET                         IA-3-B-139
WILD, GEORGE                            IA-3-C-338
WILD, GOTTFRIED                         IA-3-C-300
WILEY, THOMAS B.                        IA-3-B-501
WILKENS, NANCY S.                       IA-3-B-380
WILLIAMS, JAMES H.                      IA-3-C-418
WILLIAMSON, ELSPIT                      IA-3-A-264
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       IA-3-A-257
WILLICH, CHR. J.                        IA-3-A-101
WILSON, SUSAN L.                        IA-3-A-340
WIMERSLAGER, GEORGE HENRY               IA-3-A-410
WIMMER, E.                              IA-3-A-636
WINKE, HENRY                            IA-3-B-339
WINKLEY, ALONZO                         IA-3-B-326
WINTER, ALBERT G.                       IA-3-C-441
WINTER, MARY AMELIA                     IA-3-C-530
WIRTH, GEORGE MICHAEL                   IA-3-C-74
WIRTH, LOUISE AUGUSTA                   IA-3-C-41
WOLTERS, FREDERICK                      IA-3-B-328
WOLTERS, LOUIS F.                       IA-3-B-234
WOLTERS, LOUISE                         IA-3-B-480
WOODMANSEE, S. H.                       IA-3-A-34
WOODRUFF, A. H.                         IA-3-B-226
WOODWARD, BENJAMIN                      IA-3-A-41
WOODWORTH, LUCY                         IA-3-A-285
WORTH, JOHN                             IA-3-A-68
WURTZEL, W.                             IA-3-C-520
YOOS, HENRY                             IA-3-C-273
YOUNG, FRANK F.                         IA-3-A-102
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          IA-3-C-75
ZABOLITZKY, PETER                       IA-3-B-242
ZEIMET, MICHAEL                         IA-3-B-260
ZEITTER, HENRY                          IA-3-A-464
ZELL, JOHN                              IA-3-C-65
ZIEMAN, LOUISA                          IA-3-B-447
ZIEMAN, STEPHEN                         IA-3-B-447
ZOLL, MARY                              IA-3-B-468

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