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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ARCHER, NATHANIEL O                     HANNIBAL, MARION, MO                    KS-25-A-13
BARBOUR, CHARLES                        LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-508
BAUGHMAN, PHILLIP                       FREDONIA, WILSON, KS                    KS-25-A-42
BEACH, LUCINDA                          MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-266
BEEM, JOHN C.                           NTL                                     KS-25-A-25
BEN, CARL                               NTL                                     KS-25-A-414
BEN, MARY                               NTL                                     KS-25-A-414
BLACKMAN, EUPHEMIA                      PLYMOUTH, CHENANGO, OH                  KS-25-A-117
BONNEY, BENJAMIN F.                     HAMILTON, MADISON, NY                   KS-25-A-529
BOYD, CAROLINE A.                       GRENOLA                                 KS-25-A-273
BRACE, WILLIAM H.                       NTL                                     KS-25-A-90
BRANCH, CHARLES W.                      NTL                                     KS-25-A-70
BRIGGS, STEPHEN E                       HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-15
BROTHERS, FRANCIS                       LIBERTY                                 KS-25-A-113
BROWN, CHARLOTTE EMERSON                NTL                                     KS-25-A-359
BROWN, W. R.                            PAINTERHOOD                             KS-25-A-52
BRYANT, DAVID L.                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-526
BUTTERFIELD, C. A.                      LIBERTY                                 KS-25-A-390
CHAMPION, JULIA                         HARTFORD, CT                            KS-25-A-467
CHILDS, THOMAS W                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-247
CHURCHMAN, GEORGE W                     NTL                                     KS-25-A-56
CONNORS, MICHAEL                        MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-139
CONNORS, MICHAEL                        MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-139
COOMBS, EDWARD                          HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-11
COOPER, BIRD M.                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-147
COOPER, CHARLES                         MT VERNON, KNOX, OH                     KS-25-A-511
COOPER, JAMES S.                        PIEDMONT, GREENWOOD, KS                 KS-25-A-449
CRUMRINE, THEODORE                      LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-280
CUMMINGS, EPHRAIM S.                    ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-59
CUMMINGS, MARY                          ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-173
CUTTER, JOHN W.                         NTL                                     KS-25-A-438
DAUGHERTY, ROBERT                       NTL, ROSS, OH                           KS-25-A-48
DODGE, HANNAH P                         LITTLETON, MIDDLESEX, MA                KS-25-A-460
DOOLITE, JUSTICE                        KIRTLAND, ONEIDA, NY                    KS-25-A-104
DUDLEY, JAMES                           ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-73
DUNLAP, JOHN D.                         MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-443
DUNLOP, ALEXANDER                       LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-63
DUNLOP, JAMES                           LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-101
DUST, JOSEPH E.                         NTL                                     KS-25-A-38
DUTCHER, JOHN R.                        LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-205
FAIN, GEORGE W.                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-166
FARRELL, THOMAS                         NTL                                     KS-25-A-234
FESSENDEN, STATIRA                      MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-270
FIELD, EDWARD G.                        NEW YORK CITY                           KS-25-A-368
FITTS, JOHN W.                          WASHINGTON, WARREN, NJ                  KS-25-A-484
FLETCHER, WILLIAM C.                    ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-46
FULLER, ROBERT M                        LANGTON                                 KS-25-A-276
GILBERT, JACOB A.                       FREEPORT, STEPHENSON, IL                KS-25-A-372
GILLMOUTH, IRA                          NTL                                     KS-25-A-34
GLENN, MARY J                           PAW PAW                                 KS-25-A-322
GOODRICH, C L                           ELK FALKS                               KS-25-A-5
GORDON, R. A.                           NTL                                     KS-25-A-347
GRAHAM, JAMES H.                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-80
GREENWOOD, HANNAH ANN                   HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-287
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NEWTON, FAIRFIELD, CT                   KS-25-A-537
HAMER, JOEL                             NTL                                     KS-25-A-121
HAMILTON, JAMES J.                      NTL                                     KS-25-A-302
HAMILTON, MARGARET                      HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-141
HANENSTEIN, JACOB                       ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-387
HANKS, LORIN P                          GRANVILLE, MILWAUKEE, WI                KS-25-A-17
HAWTHORNE, JANE                         HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-231
HAZEL, AMZI ***                         UNION CENTER (33 PAGES)                 KS-25-A-305
HOLLINGSWORTH, ASA                      NTL                                     KS-25-A-6
HOLLOWAY, HOWARD W.                     NTL                                     KS-25-A-94
HOLMAN, CAROLINE E.                     HANNIBAL, MARION, MO                    KS-25-A-403
HOWSER, P. D.                           ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-237
HUFFMAN, OBADIAH                        WILCAT                                  KS-25-A-240
HUTTON, JOSEPH                          LIBERTY                                 KS-25-A-118
JACOBY, GEORGE G.                       NTL                                     KS-25-A-295
JENKINS, THOMAS                         LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-228
JEWITT, MASON                           TALL RIVER, GREENWOOD, KS               KS-25-A-257
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     KS-25-A-153
JONES, W H                              ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-67
KEITH, ADAM                             LIBERTY                                 KS-25-A-132
KEMMERER, PETER                         NTL                                     KS-25-A-215
KENNEY, JOHN                            ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-199
KING, CHARLES SPEER                     ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-133
KINGSLEY, JOHN M.                       HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-328
KIRBY, ZACHARIAH W.                     NTL                                     KS-25-A-134
LAVERTY, JAMES A.                       HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-179
LEWIS, HARRIET M.                       CAVE SPRINGS                            KS-25-A-162
LEWIS, THOMAS                           HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-3
LUSE, MORGAN J.                         MOLINE                                  KS-25-A-169
MANN, ELEAZER                           ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-196
MCBEE, JOHN                             HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-202
MCBRIDE, JOHANNA                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-355
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-182
MCKEAND, JOHN                           GRENOLA                                 KS-25-A-253
MCLIN, JOHN H.                          HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-545
METCALF, E. W.                          ELYRIA, LORAIN, OH                      KS-25-A-377
MILLER, DAN A.                          HARTFORD, CT                            KS-25-A-333
MILLER, HANNAH                          LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-24
NICHOLS, J. J.                          NTL                                     KS-25-A-312
NOWELS, STEPHEN                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-223
OHLENSCHLAGER, GERHART                  OAK VALLEY                              KS-25-A-418
OLNEY, F. S.                            NTL                                     KS-25-A-290
PARKINSON, CYNTHIA                      LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-225
PHILLEO, PRUDENCE C.                    ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-193
PICKFORD, CHARLES J.                    LYNN                                    KS-25-A-319
PINNY, MARY E.                          NTL                                     KS-25-A-431
PLYMIRE, JOHN W.                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-159
PROST, ELMIRA                           BOSTON, MA                              KS-25-A-364
REID, DUNCAN M.                         GRENOLA                                 KS-25-A-428
RICHOLSON, OLEY                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-262
RODGERS, WILLIAM A                      HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-1
RUGGLES, MERCHANT E.                    NTL                                     KS-25-A-298
RUST, MARY R.                           CONCORD, MIDDLESEX, MA                  KS-25-A-340
RUTHERFORD, LYDIA ANN                   NTL                                     KS-25-A-446
SHARP, JACOB                            NTL                                     KS-25-A-110
SIMONS, HENRY                           PAW PAW                                 KS-25-A-149
SMITH, MARCELLUS                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-76
SPALDING, EMMA                          LONGTON                                 KS-25-A-208
STARWATER, LOUISA L.                    NTL, LABETTE, KS                        KS-25-A-21
STARWATER, LOUISE L.                    NTL, LABETTE, KS                        KS-25-A-40
STEWART, JAMES                          NTL                                     KS-25-A-309
STILLMAN, JAMES A.                      HOWARD                                  KS-25-A-316
STRACHAN, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     KS-25-A-249
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                        WEST CHESTER, PA                        KS-25-A-434
TESH, CORNELIA E.                       NTL                                     KS-25-A-128
TESH, F. H.                             NTL                                     KS-25-A-351
TINNEY, SYLVANUS                        ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-156
TURNER, G. T.                           NTL                                     KS-25-A-260
TURNER, J. H.                           NTL                                     KS-25-A-384
VANDEREN, BARNARD                       NTL, COLES, IL                          KS-25-A-282
WAIT, HARRY N.                          ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-409
WALKER, GEORGE LEON                     HARTFORD, CT                            KS-25-A-493
WALKER, MARY J.                         ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-98
WALTERS, GODFREY                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-84
WHEELER, GEORGE HENRY                   CHICAGO, IL                             KS-25-A-421
WHITSON, SUMNER                         WELLINGTON, SUMNER, KS                  KS-25-A-503
WICKER, ALSON GREY                      ELK FALLS                               KS-25-A-456
WILSON, AMANDA                          GRENOLA                                 KS-25-A-325
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                        NTL                                     KS-25-A-124
WRIGHT, NATHAN M.                       LOWELL, MA                              KS-25-A-393
YOUNG, I. N.                            NTL                                     KS-25-A-293

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