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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1837-1860 | B = 1860-1898 | C = 1899-1912 | D = 1912-1920 |

ADAMS, AMANDA                NTL                           MO-44-C-250
ADAMS, JOHN J.               NTL                           MO-44-C-438
ADKINS, ELIZABETH            CORNING                       MO-44-D-336
AHLUS, WILLIAM               DALLAS                        MO-44-A-70
ALEXANDER, FAYETTE W.        *, CUMBERLAND, KY             MO-44-B-38
ALFORD, JAMES                FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-23
ALKIRE, DAVID S.             FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-442
ALLAN, SARAH J.              NTL                           MO-44-C-160
ALLEN, ANNA M.               NTL                           MO-44-D-43
ALLEN, ELISHA P.             NTL                           MO-44-C-45
ALMOND, SARAH                NTL                           MO-44-B-459
ALMOND, THOMAS               MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-325
AMBROSE, GEORGE C.           NTL                           MO-44-C-456
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH          NTL                           MO-44-B-30
ANDERSON, GEORGE             NTL                           MO-44-B-444
ANDERSON, REBECCA C.         OREGON                        MO-44-D-185
ANDES, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-C-167
ANDES, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-B-35
ANDES, JONATHAN              NTL                           MO-44-B-181
ANIBAL, EDMUND               CRAIG                         MO-44-C-316
ANSELMENT, JOSEPH            NTL                           MO-44-B-159
APPLEBEE, JOHN               MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-228
ARMENTROUT, REMIGIER         MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-22
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS K.         NTL                           MO-44-D-332
ARTT, ROBERT                 NTL                           MO-44-B-340
ASHWORTH, ELIZA              NTL                           MO-44-B-342
BADER, DANIEL A.             NTL                           MO-44-C-155
BAHLER, JOHN                 NTL                           MO-44-C-192
BAKER, CHRISTOPHER C.        MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-278
BAKER, PETER                 NTL                           MO-44-C-385
BALLARD, JOHN T.             NTL                           MO-44-D-339
BAMMER, GEORGE C.            NTL                           MO-44-D-315
BANKS, WILLIAM               NTL                           MO-44-B-376
BEAN, BAXTER                 NTL                           MO-44-C-30
BEAVERS, SAMUEL              NTL                           MO-44-D-357
BECKER, MARY                 *, BUCHANAN, MO               MO-44-C-205
BEEBE, HANNAH                NTL                           MO-44-B-3
BENDER, ELIAS                HICKORY                       MO-44-C-63
BERG, FREDERICK              UNION                         MO-44-B-143
BESSCKE, JOHN                UNION                         MO-44-B-161
BEVAN, MARY A.               OREGON                        MO-44-C-150
BISSETT, OLIVE B.            NTL                           MO-44-C-411
BISSETT, WILLIAM HENRY       NTL                           MO-44-B-231
BLAIR, ALFRED J.             MOUND CITY                    MO-44-C-300
BLAIR, EMELINE               MOUND CITY                    MO-44-C-458
BLAIR, REBECCA L.            BENTON                        MO-44-C-94
BLAIR, SARAH M.              NTL                           MO-44-C-92
BLANCHARD, STEPHEN           NTL                           MO-44-B-447
BOLING, ELISHA               NTL                           MO-44-A-60
BOND, STEPHEN                NTL                           MO-44-D-230
BORCHERS, JOHN               NTL                           MO-44-C-381
BORCHUS, CHARLES             NTL                           MO-44-B-41
BORING, ALBAN                NTL                           MO-44-D-130
BORING, BARZILLA             MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-51
BORING, ELEANOR              MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-355
BOTKIN, OLIVER P.            NTL                           MO-44-D-322
BOWERS, WILHELMINA           NTL                           MO-44-D-145
BOYD, HENRY                  NTL                           MO-44-C-247
BOYLE, DENNIS                NTL                           MO-44-A-57
BOYLES, NATHANIEL G.         NTL                           MO-44-C-287
BRADBURY, BUENA VISTA        NTL                           MO-44-D-47
BRADBURY, JAMES T.           NTL                           MO-44-C-11
BRAGG, THOMAS S.             NTL                           MO-44-C-121
BREEDING, ELIJAH             NTL                           MO-44-A-12
BRIDGMON, JOHN W. SR.        NTL                           MO-44-B-455
BROWN, EDWARD A.             BIGELOW                       MO-44-C-209
BROWN, JAMES S.              FOREST CITY                   MO-44-C-440
BROWN, LUCINDA C.            NTL                           MO-44-C-190
BROWNFIELD, FRANCIS S.       CRAIG                         MO-44-D-299
BROWNING, ELIAS W.           CORNING                       MO-44-C-391
BROWNING, FRANCES C.         NTL                           MO-44-A-40
BUETZER, JOHN                NTL                           MO-44-D-225
BUMPS, EUGENE B.             FOREST CITY                   MO-44-C-6
BUNTZ, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-D-95
BUNZ, MICHAEL                NTL                           MO-44-D-192
BURGE, JAMES                 NTL                           MO-44-C-16
BURGER, JOHN M.              LIBERTY                       MO-44-C-240
BURGESS, WILLIAM             FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-328
BURK, JOHN D.                CLAY                          MO-44-C-126
BURRIER, SARAH               NTL                           MO-44-B-473
BUTRICK, CHARLES P.          NTL                           MO-44-C-434
BUTRICK, JULIA C.            NAPIER                        MO-44-D-373
BUTTS, WAYNE D.              CRAIG                         MO-44-B-425
CAHILL, THOMAS               NTL                           MO-44-B-99
CALLOW, JAMES                FOREST CITY                   MO-44-D-59
CALLOW, THOMAS               NTL                           MO-44-B-37
CAMPBELL, LORENZO D.         NTL                           MO-44-C-23
CANNON, JAMES                NTL                           MO-44-C-162
CARDER, MARGARET             NTL                           MO-44-C-253
CARPENTER, GEORGE H.         NTL                           MO-44-B-200
CARROLL, JOSIAH              NTL                           MO-44-B-423
CARROLL, SUSAN               NODAWAY                       MO-44-B-349
CARSON, ELIZABETH A.         MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-54
CARTER, WYLIE                NAPIER                        MO-44-D-93
CASE, SYLVESTER C.           MOUND CITY                    MO-44-C-354
CASON, MELVINA M.            NTL                           MO-44-B-292
CATRON, CHRIS                BIGELOW                       MO-44-C-291
CHANEY, POLLY P.             NTL                           MO-44-B-59
CHRISTEN, PETER              NTL                           MO-44-D-317
CHUNING, JOHN L.             NTL                           MO-44-C-115
CHUNING, RICHARD J.          NTL                           MO-44-B-55
CLARK, BAZALEEL W.           NTL                           MO-44-A-29
CLIFT, BENJAMIN              NTL                           MO-44-B-354
COLLINS, STEPHEN C.          NTL                           MO-44-C-1
COLLINS, SUSANNAH            NTL                           MO-44-B-53
CONZ, FREDERICK              MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-130
COOK, JACOB                  NTL                           MO-44-B-49
COOK, PERIAM B.              UNION                         MO-44-B-177
CORBY, PATRICK               FOREST CITY                   MO-44-D-303
COURIER, BETHIAH             NTL                           MO-44-C-410
COVINS, RICHARD ALEXANDER    NTL                           MO-44-B-9
COWAN, JOHN G.               OREGON                        MO-44-C-230
CRAIG, ANNA M.               NTL                           MO-44-C-141
CRAMER, DOLLIE A.            MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-162
CRANSLIN, HENRY              NTL                           MO-44-C-89
CROPP, ALBERT G.             NTL                           MO-44-B-312
CUMMINS, EMMA M.             OREGON                        MO-44-D-405
CUMMINS, GEORGE W.           NTL                           MO-44-D-334
CURRY, JOSHUA                UNION                         MO-44-B-112
CURTIS, JAMES SR.            OREGON                        MO-44-B-126
DANIEL, WIRE M.              GOWER, CLINTON, MO            MO-44-C-473
DANIS, WILLIAM               NTL                           MO-44-B-290
DANKERS, HENRY               NTL                           MO-44-C-164
DAVIS, DEBORAH D.            MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-455
DAVIS, ELLIOTT               MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-4
DAVIS, JERRY C. SR.          MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-273
DAVIS, JOHN F.               NTL                           MO-44-B-359
DAVISSON, ELIAS              NTL                           MO-44-A-3
DAWSON, DAVID                NTL                           MO-44-D-178
DAWSON, JACOB                MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-335
DEARMONT, JAMES WILALRD LEE  NTL                           MO-44-C-346
DEGGINGER, ARTINSIA          CRAIG                         MO-44-C-25
DENNY, HIRAM E.              NTL                           MO-44-D-393
DEVORSS, MARGARET A.         NTL                           MO-44-C-326
DILLEN, ANNIE MARIAH         NTL                           MO-44-B-103
DODGE, LEVI                  NTL                           MO-44-B-294
DODGE, WAYNE                 NTL                           MO-44-A-30
DOUGHERTY, HARVEY B.         PUTNAM, DEWEY, OK             MO-44-D-8
DOUGHTY, ABEL                NTL                           MO-44-B-129
DRAKE, JEFFERSON             NTL                           MO-44-C-102
DRYDEN, LYTTLETON            NTL                           MO-44-B-244
DUNCAN, HENRIETTA            OREGON                        MO-44-B-259
DUNCAN, JAMES W.             OREGON                        MO-44-B-263
DUNCAN, JOHN BUN             NTL                           MO-44-D-442
DUNN, OLIVER S.              NTL                           MO-44-B-12
EARIXSON, JESSE L.           NTL                           MO-44-B-31
EDWARDS, ISHAM               *, NEMAHA, NE                 MO-44-A-64
EDWARDS, LUTTON H.           NTL                           MO-44-B-172
ELLIOTT, ROBERT              *, ANDREWS, MO                MO-44-B-131
ELLIOTT, ROBERT              * (CON'T)                     MO-44-B-139
ELLIOTT, THOMAS              NTL                           MO-44-C-196
ETTINGER, MARY A.            FOREST CITY                   MO-44-D-172
EVANS, ANN                   NTL                           MO-44-C-82
EVANS, DANIEL W.             NTL                           MO-44-B-375
EVANS, DORCAS R.             NTL                           MO-44-B-440
EVANS, JAMES H.              NTL                           MO-44-C-41
EVANS, SAMUEL C.             EDEN GROVE                    MO-44-C-84
EVERS, HENRY                 NTL                           MO-44-C-223
EVERS, HENRY                 NTL                           MO-44-B-167
FEUERBACKER, JOHN            NTL                           MO-44-C-51
FIELD, W. J.                 NTL                           MO-44-D-54
FIKE, JOHN                   NTL                           MO-44-D-18
FINK, HENRY                  NTL                           MO-44-C-396
FISHER, ANTHONY              UNION                         MO-44-B-199
FITZMAURICE, MARY A.         NTL                           MO-44-D-137
FITZMAURICE, PATRICK         FOREST                        MO-44-C-277
FLEMING, BENJAMIN F.         NTL                           MO-44-B-415
FORBES, ELWIN P.             BENTON                        MO-44-B-309
FOSTER, SAMUEL               NTL                           MO-44-A-66
FOSTER, SAMUEL               NTL                           MO-44-C-35
FRANCE, JOHN                 FOREST                        MO-44-D-378
FRAZER, IDA                  FOREST CITY                   MO-44-C-460
FREES, LEVI                  NTL                           MO-44-C-187
FREY, ANNA BARBARA           NTL                           MO-44-B-409
FRIES, JOHN G.               NTL                           MO-44-C-286
FRIES, LOUIS C.              NTL                           MO-44-C-261
FROELICK, FELIX              OREGON                        MO-44-B-105
FRYMAN, MARGARET             OREGON                        MO-44-B-184
FRYMAN, SAMUEL               NTL                           MO-44-B-247
FUHRMAN, CHRISTIAN           NTL                           MO-44-C-104
FUHRMAN, DANIEL              NTL                           MO-44-D-410
FUHRMAN, HENRY               NTL                           MO-44-D-434
FULLER, CHESTER C.           MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-20
GALBRAITH, CATHARINE         NTL                           MO-44-D-265
GALBRAITH, PETER             * (CON'T)                     MO-44-D-293
GALBRAITH, PETER             NTL                           MO-44-D-258
GARNER, SARAH E.             NTL                           MO-44-C-362
GEMECKER, ANDREW             OREGON                        MO-44-B-285
GEMECKER, MARY BARBARA       NTL                           MO-44-B-333
GENTRY, ALFRED               NTL                           MO-44-C-393
GERMAN, ISAAC                NTL                           MO-44-C-148
GIBSON, BENJAMIN F.          FORBES                        MO-44-B-413
GIBSON, CHARLES EDWIN        NTL                           MO-44-D-234
GILBERT, EMILY               NTL                           MO-44-B-215
GILLIS, CORDELIA             NTL                           MO-44-C-465
GILLIS, DANIEL H.            NTL                           MO-44-B-237
GILLIS, WAYNE                NTL                           MO-44-B-361
GLADDAM, HANNAH ELIZABETH    OREGON                        MO-44-D-450
GLADDEN, J. M.               NTL                           MO-44-C-398
GLASS, SILAS M.              FOREST CITY                   MO-44-C-263
GLICK, SAMUEL                NTL                           MO-44-B-404
GOLDSBERRY, AMOS             THORTOWN, BOONE, IN           MO-44-B-270
GOLDSBERRY, ELIZABETH        NTL                           MO-44-C-13
GOMEL, JOHN L.               NTL                           MO-44-D-121
GOOCH, DAVID G.              NTL                           MO-44-B-26
GOODHART, JOHN A.            NTL                           MO-44-D-276
GORDON, BENJAMIN F.          NTL                           MO-44-C-276
GOSLIN, ASHER                OREGON                        MO-44-B-346
GOULD, ABIGAIL               NTL                           MO-44-B-386
GRAHAM, HERBERT C.           BIGELOW                       MO-44-C-219
GREEN, CATHARINE ANN         NTL                           MO-44-B-467
GREEN, JACOB                 OREGON                        MO-44-C-66
GREEN, LILBURN B.            NTL                           MO-44-B-180
GREINER, ANDREW              NTL                           MO-44-C-378
GRIFFITH, JAMES F.           MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-71
GRIFFITH, REBECCA            NTL                           MO-44-B-196
GROESBECK, MARY J.           NTL                           MO-44-C-307
GROVES, JOSEPH               NTL                           MO-44-C-333
GUILLIAMS, CALVIN M.         UNION                         MO-44-B-406
GUNKEL, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-B-61
GWILLIAMS, MARY ANN          UNION                         MO-44-C-61
HAER, GEORGE                 NTL                           MO-44-C-80
HAHN, CATHARINE H.           NTL                           MO-44-C-324
HAHN, DANIEL                 NTL                           MO-44-B-465
HAHN, RICHARD                NTL                           MO-44-B-178
HAIGLER, JOHN                NTL                           MO-44-C-292
HALL, WILLIAM JOHN           NTL                           MO-44-B-77
HAM, ANDREW J.               NTL                           MO-44-C-174
HARDMAN, LUCETTA             OREGON                        MO-44-D-436
HARDMAN, WILLIAM HENRY       OREGON                        MO-44-D-296
HARMON, JACOB                NTL                           MO-44-B-268
HARMON, JACOB                NTL                           MO-44-B-185
HARMON, MATILDA A.           NTL                           MO-44-D-290
HARPER, JACOB                BIGELOW                       MO-44-B-371
HARTMAN, GEORGE              NTL                           MO-44-B-163
HASNESS, ABRAM               OREGON                        MO-44-B-95
HAYS, JOHN                   NTL                           MO-44-A-33
HAYS, MARY A.                OREGON                        MO-44-B-357
HEIGHLY, ANN G.              NTL                           MO-44-B-7
HEIROTT, SAMUEL              NTL                           MO-44-D-108
HELM, LINA                   NTL                           MO-44-A-35
HELTMAN, J. B.               CORNING                       MO-44-D-61
HELWIG, JOSEPH               NTL                           MO-44-C-33
HERIATT, DANIEL              NTL                           MO-44-D-202
HERIATT, JOHN                OREGON                        MO-44-B-227
HERMAN, J. JACOB             NTL                           MO-44-C-303
HERRON, MILTON               MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-389
HERSHBERGER, NANCY           NTL                           MO-44-B-338
HERSHBERGER, SAMUEL          NTL                           MO-44-B-223
HESTER, BETHANA              NTL                           MO-44-C-217
HIATT, WILLIAM T.            NTL                           MO-44-C-100
HILL, SARAH A.               NTL                           MO-44-B-417
HILSENBECK, CHARLES          OREGON                        MO-44-D-262
HILSENBECK, JACOB F.         NTL                           MO-44-B-302
HINDE, EDITH A.              OREGON                        MO-44-C-364
HINDS, THOMAS S.             OREGON                        MO-44-D-27
HINES, HENRY C.              FONTESCUE                     MO-44-D-247
HINKLE, ELI P.               NTL                           MO-44-A-53
HINKLE, JOHN                 NTL                           MO-44-A-43
HINKLE, WILLIAM A.           NTL                           MO-44-C-305
HOBLITZELL, ADRIAN           NTL                           MO-44-B-475
HOBSON, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-B-324
HOBSON, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-B-11
HOBSON, GEORGE               * (CON'T)                     MO-44-B-14
HODGIN, JOSEPH               NTL                           MO-44-D-66
HODGINS, MARY A.             MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-285
HOFFMAN, CHARLES             NTL                           MO-44-C-274
HOGAN, J. L.                 OREGON                        MO-44-D-384
HOGREFE, GEORGE W.           NTL                           MO-44-C-215
HOLTGREVE, GERHART H.        FOREST                        MO-44-D-132
HOLTGREVE, LOUISA            NTL                           MO-44-B-320
HOPPER, WILLIAM R.           NTL                           MO-44-D-213
HORNECKER, JOHN              NTL                           MO-44-B-461
HOUSTON, MORTIMER            NTL                           MO-44-B-287
HOUSWIRTH, JOHN              NTL                           MO-44-B-221
HUBA, PETER                  CRAIG                         MO-44-B-449
HUDSON, DANIEL               NTL                           MO-44-B-152
HUFFAKER, SARAH              OREGON                        MO-44-D-160
HUNT, CAVE J.                NTL                           MO-44-D-182
HUNTER, ALEXANDER M.         CRAIG                         MO-44-C-408
HUNTER, ANDREW               NTL                           MO-44-B-402
HUNTER, RICHARD C.           MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-314
HURST, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-B-197
HUTTON, WASHINGTON           NTL                           MO-44-C-360
IDEKER, CONRAD               NTL                           MO-44-D-309
IDEKER, WILLIAM              NTL                           MO-44-D-170
ILSLEY, WILLIAM              NTL                           MO-44-C-373
INTERMILL, JOHN S.           NTL                           MO-44-C-367
IRVINS, ANNE K.              NTL                           MO-44-D-301
JACKSON, JOHN K.             NTL                           MO-44-D-87
JASPER, MERRIL               NTL                           MO-44-A-4
JIMISON, ANDREW J.           OREGON                        MO-44-D-252
JOHNS, MARY                  NTL                           MO-44-B-298
JOHNSON, MARY                NTL                           MO-44-A-10
JOHNSTUN, JOHN L.            CRAIG                         MO-44-C-351
JONES, HENRY                 NTL                           MO-44-D-217
JONES, SARAH A.              OREGON                        MO-44-B-453
JUDY, ANDREW J.              NTL                           MO-44-C-469
KALTENBACH, JOHN             NTL                           MO-44-C-328
KAUFMAN, LEVI                NTL                           MO-44-C-269
KAY, CHARLES S.              MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-119
KEE, WILLIAM                 NTL                           MO-44-D-283
KEENEY, ANNA                 NTL                           MO-44-C-19
KEENEY, ANNA A.              NTL                           MO-44-D-180
KELLER, CHARLES              NTL                           MO-44-B-366
KELLEY, CASSANDRA            NTL                           MO-44-D-207
KELLY, JAMES                 NTL                           MO-44-A-49
KENNEDY, SUSANNAH            NTL                           MO-44-B-388
KENNISH, WILLIAM             NTL                           MO-44-B-469
KENSLEY, JACOB               OREGON                        MO-44-C-265
KERNES, GRANVILLE            NTL                           MO-44-C-71
KEYSER, C. C.                NTL                           MO-44-D-233
KIMBALL, JANE                NTL                           MO-44-B-207
KINDER, E. M.                NTL                           MO-44-B-79
KING, JOHN                   NTL                           MO-44-B-233
KINNEY, JOHN                 NTL                           MO-44-A-7
KINNEY, JOHN H.              NTL                           MO-44-C-113
KINNEY, WILLIAM A.           MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-223
KINSLEY, ANNA MAGDALENA      NTL                           MO-44-B-67
KLINE, WILLIAM               NTL                           MO-44-C-302
KNEALE, JAMES                NTL                           MO-44-C-242
KNOWLES, LUKE R.             NTL                           MO-44-B-436
KOLLMER, PHILIP              NTL                           MO-44-D-343
KRAEMER, JACOB FRED          NTL                           MO-44-B-369
KUHLER, WILLIAM              OREGON                        MO-44-D-270
KUNEZMAN, FERDINAND          NTL                           MO-44-B-115
KURTZ, ISAAC                 NTL                           MO-44-B-393
LACEY, GEORGE W.             MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-134
LAMB, MARY A. J.             OREGON                        MO-44-B-351
LARKAM, HORACE               NTL                           MO-44-D-381
LASH, SUSAN                  GLENKADE, NEMAHA, NE          MO-44-B-70
LAUKEMPER, HENRY             NTL                           M0-44-B-?
WAMPLER, ISAAC               NTL                           MO-44-B-123
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM H.         UNION                         MO-44-B-192
LEHMER, JACOB                OREGON                        MO-44-C-297
LENTZSCH, CHARLES H.         CRAIG                         MO-44-D-63
LEWIS, DANIEL P.             MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-344
LEWIS, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-C-427
LIPPS, WILLIAM               UNION                         MO-44-D-424
LITTLES, MARY E.             NTL                           MO-44-D-111
LLOYD, ABSALOM               NTL                           MO-44-B-21
LOCKHART, MARY S.            MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-234
LONG, ANNIE E.               NTL                           MO-44-D-391
LONG, PETER                  NTL                           MO-44-A-14
LONG, W. A.                  NTL                           MO-44-D-152
LOUCKS, ANNA                 NTL                           MO-44-B-373
LOVELL, JACOB                NTL                           MO-44-C-375
LOWER, PETER L.              NTL                           MO-44-D-305
LUCAS, STEPHEN T.            NTL                           MO-44-C-322
LUENEN, CHARLES VON          FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-109
LUNSFORD, R. H.              FOREST                        MO-44-D-91
MACKEY, ANN                  NTL                           MO-44-B-1
MADIE, REBECCA ANN           DENVER, DENVER, CO            MO-44-B-86
MAGERS, JUSTUS               NTL                           MO-44-A-62
MANN, EPPY                   NTL                           MO-44-A-37
MANN, GRANVILLE P.           NTL                           MO-44-C-342
MARTIN, JOHN F.              FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-34
MASSIE, JOHN COLLINS         NTL                           MO-44-B-81
MAY, MICHAEL                 NTL                           MO-44-C-348
MCCOY, BENJAMIN              NTL                           MO-44-B-120
MCCOY, THOMAS W.             MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-386
MCINTYRE, FRANCIS            NTL                           MO-44-D-78
MCINTYRE, MARIA B.           NTL                           MO-44-C-442
MCINTYRE, SMITH              NTL                           MO-44-B-147
MCKINNEY, GEORGE M.          NTL                           MO-44-B-202
MCNULTY, JAMES               NTL                           MO-44-C-68
MCQUISTON, SARAH             NTL                           MO-44-C-207
MEADOWS, ELIZABETH ANN       NTL                           MO-44-C-416
MENDENHALL, ISAAC J.         NTL                           MO-44-B-427
MERKT, JACOB                 OREGON                        MO-44-D-369
MEYER, ANDREW                NTL                           MO-44-C-400
MEYER, CATHARINE             NTL                           MO-44-B-390
MEYER, GEORGE                NTL                           MO-44-D-80
MEYER, GEORGE JR.            CRAIG                         MO-44-D-419
MILLER, ELLEN                NTL                           MO-44-B-225
MILLER, HENRY C.             NEW LIBERTY                   MO-44-B-318
MILLER, JOHN A. SR.          NTL                           MO-44-C-453
MILLER, JOHN R.              NTL                           MO-44-B-97
MILLER, JOHN R.              NTL                           MO-44-B-85
MILLER, MARGARET REBECCA     NTL                           MO-44-B-419
MILLER, MARY                 NTL                           MO-44-B-203
MONTGOMERY, HUGH             NTL                           MO-44-D-360
MOORE, LEWIS I.              OREGON                        MO-44-D-327
MORRISS, GEORGE              BIGELOW                       MO-44-C-337
MURPHY, GEORGE W.            NTL                           MO-44-C-356
MURRAY, HANSON               NTL                           MO-44-B-68
MURRAY, LINVILLE             NTL                           MO-44-C-39
MURRAY, NICHOLAS F.          NTL                           MO-44-C-311
MYERS, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-C-74
MYERS, LOVINA                NTL                           MO-44-C-194
NAPIER, JOHN                 NTL                           MO-44-B-261
NAUMAN, JACOB B.             NTL                           MO-44-C-462
NEIDERHOUSER, CHRIS          NTL                           MO-44-D-147
NICKELL, JOHN                NTL                           MO-44-A-21
NICKELL, ROBERT              NTL                           MO-44-A-16
NOELLSCH, JOHN               NTL                           MO-44-C-279
NOLAND, AUBERRY              NTL                           MO-44-D-256
NOLAND, AUBRY                NTL                           MO-44-D-164
NORRIS, EDWARD M.            OREGON                        MO-44-D-249
OCKER, JAMES                 NTL                           MO-44-C-152
OLIVER, JULIA E.             OREGON                        MO-44-B-141
OPEL, WILLIAM C.             OREGON                        MO-44-D-176
OWENS, ELIZABETH J.          NTL                           MO-44-B-170
OWENS, MARY E.               NTL                           MO-44-D-150
OYERLY, REBECCA              NTL                           MO-44-C-436
PARKER, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-A-69
PASCHAL, PLEASANT M.         *, NODAWAY, MO                MO-44-C-236
PATON, MARY A.               NTL                           MO-44-B-189
PATRICK, THOMAS              NTL                           MO-44-B-64
PATTERSON, JOHN              NTL                           MO-44-B-382
PATTERSON, ROBERT            NTL                           MO-44-C-226
PATTON, JULIA A.             UNION                         MO-44-B-137
PAYNE, BALLENGER             NTL                           MO-44-A-23
PAYNE, JAMES B.              NTL                           MO-44-D-124
PEACHER, VIRGINIA W.         OREGON                        MO-44-D-11
PEIROE, CLOE                 NTL                           MO-44-B-20
PEW, JOHN S.                 NTL                           MO-44-B-18
PFLOUT, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-A-2
PIERCE, CHARLES WESLEY       NTL                           MO-44-C-184
PIERCE, ELIZABETH J.         NTL                           MO-44-C-369
PIKE, MARY                   NTL                           MO-44-B-308
PINKSTON, HENDERSON          OREGON                        MO-44-B-186
PITCHER, MARGRET W.          NTL                           MO-44-B-256
POLLOCK, FRANCIS A.          NTL                           MO-44-A-20
POPE, THOMAS                 NTL                           MO-44-A-50
PORTER, SARAH                NTL                           MO-44-C-136
POTTEN, WILLIAM              NTL                           MO-44-B-289
POYNTER, WILLIAM H.          NTL                           MO-44-C-340
PRICE, MATILDA               NTL                           MO-44-C-199
PRICE, PETER                 NTL                           MO-44-B-195
PROUD, CLARK O.              NTL                           MO-44-C-451
PROUD, JOHN                  NTL                           MO-44-B-190
PRUSSMAN, JOSEPH H.          NTL                           MO-44-B-165
RAISER, FRANZ X.             NTL                           MO-44-C-221
RAMSAY, JAMES W.             OREGON                        MO-44-C-257
RAMSEY, THOMAS               NTL                           MO-44-B-90
REDMAN, ROSE ANN             NTL                           MO-44-C-96
REELY, JAMES J.              NTL                           MO-44-B-4
REESE, GREEN                 NTL                           MO-44-B-58
REEVES, SARAH                NTL                           MO-44-B-28
REINHART, EUNICE             NTL                           MO-44-B-246
REYNOLDS, JAMES L.           NTL                           MO-44-B-6
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH B.          CRAIG                         MO-44-C-358
RICKER, JOHN                 NTL                           MO-44-B-306
RIFFE, MARY A.               * (CON'T)                     MO-44-D-430
RIFFE, MARY A.               MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-286
RIGGLE, JANE                 NTL                           MO-44-B-135
RILEY, PETER                 NTL                           MO-44-C-213
RILEY, W. T.                 MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-307
ROBERTS, EPHRAIM             NTL                           MO-44-C-9
ROBERTS, MARTHA A.           MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-69
ROBERTS, N. H.               MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-49
ROECKER, ALBERT              OREGON                        MO-44-C-444
ROECKER, LIZZIE M.           OREGON (CON'T)                MO-44-D-237
ROECKER, LIZZIE M.           OREGON                        MO-44-D-154
ROMINE, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-C-144
ROSS, GEORGE                 HICKORY                       MO-44-B-336
ROTE, JESSIE                 NTL                           MO-44-B-451
RUGH, JACOB                  NTL                           MO-44-B-62
RULEY, HUGH F.               OREGON                        MO-44-D-115
RUNG, ADAM                   NTL                           MO-44-B-301
RUSSEL, ROBERT H.            OREGON                        MO-44-B-208
RUSSEL, SUSANNAH             OREGON                        MO-44-D-350
SANDERS, AARON               MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-406
SCHARTZ, GEORGE              NTL                           MO-44-B-47
SCHLOTZHAUER, CHRISTOPHER    NTL                           MO-44-B-397
SCHNEEWEIS, FANNY            LINCOLN                       MO-44-C-118
SCHOOLER, CHARLES H.         NTL                           MO-44-A-72
SCHOONOVER, HENRY F.         NTL                           MO-44-D-417
SCHULTZ, HERMAN              NTL                           MO-44-B-205
SCHWEICKERD, VERONICA        NTL                           MO-44-B-32
SCOTT, JAMES                 OREGON                        MO-44-C-178
SEARS, WILLIAM               NTL                           MO-44-B-16
SECRIST, JOHN                NTL                           MO-44-B-434
SECRIST, SAMUEL              NTL                           MO-44-C-283
SEIGLEY, GEORGE              NTL                           MO-44-A-55
SEIP, SARAH                  NTL                           MO-44-D-104
SEIP, SARAH                  NTL                           MO-44-D-97
SEYFER, JOHN F.              NTL                           MO-44-D-140
SHAEFFER, JOHN               NTL                           MO-44-C-383
SHARP, ABRAHAM               NTL                           MO-44-B-219
SHARP, EMELINE               NTL                           MO-44-D-365
SHEETS, ELIZABETH            NTL                           MO-44-B-44
SHEPARD, RICHARD             NTL                           MO-44-D-167
SHEPHERD, AMANDA A.          NTL                           MO-44-D-85
SHIELDS, PHOEBE              MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-346
SHULBY, JOHN G.              NTL                           MO-44-A-45
SHULL, PHILLIP A.            NTL                           MO-44-D-200
SHULTS, ELMINA               NTL                           MO-44-B-304
SHULTS, HENRY                OREGON                        MO-44-C-139
SHULTS, MATILDA (COLLINS)    OREGON                        MO-44-C-107
SHULTS, SAMUEL               NTL                           MO-44-C-109
SIMMONS, WILLIAM ERY         OREGON                        MO-44-D-452
SIMMS, JOHH H.               NTL                           MO-44-B-83
SIMPSON, HUGH H.             BIGELOW                       MO-44-B-149
SIPES, LOSSEN                NTL                           MO-44-C-294
SIPES, PETER J.              NTL                           MO-44-C-389
SMITH, ADAM                  NTL                           MO-44-B-411
SNEIDER, SEIBERT             NTL                           MO-44-B-45
SNIDER, JOHN P.              OREGON                        MO-44-B-326
SPOURLE, THERESA             NTL                           MO-44-D-24
SPRERLE, MICHAEL             NTL                           MO-44-B-169
SPRING, SAMUEL SR.           NTL                           MO-44-B-234
STACEY, JAMES                MAITLAND                      MO-44-C-48
STEELE, EDMUND J.            MOUND CITY                    MO-44-B-117
STEFFEY, OCTAVIA             NTL                           MO-44-D-348
STEPHENSON, JOHN F.          NTL                           MO-44-C-56
STERRETT, ELIZA ANN          OREGON                        MO-44-C-419
STEWART, CHARLES A.          BIGELOW                       MO-44-C-467
STEWART, GEORGE              NTL                           MO-44-A-5
STOCKEY, SAMUEL              OREGON                        MO-44-B-289
STONE, JEREBA                NTL                           MO-44-B-33
STORY, ZEDEKIAH              NTL                           MO-44-B-17
STRICKLER, VALENTINE         MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-312
STURGIS, ANTHONY K.          *, ANDREW, MO                 MO-44-D-427
SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER        NTL                           MO-44-B-145
TAYLO, MARGARET              OREGON                        MO-44-B-457
TAYLOR, ALFORD C.            NTL                           MO-44-B-471
THOMAS, GEORGE W.            NTL                           MO-44-C-289
THOMPSON, JOHN               NTL                           MO-44-A-26
TOCHTERMAN, JACOB            NTL                           MO-44-B-314
TOTTEN, SAMUEL H.            NTL                           MO-44-C-182
TRITT, GEORGE                OREGON                        MO-44-B-429
TURNEY, ELIZABETH            NTL                           MO-44-B-51
TYLER, CHANCY                NTL                           MO-44-B-42
VANBUSKIRK, ELLZEY           OREGON                        MO-44-B-400
VANGUNDY, JAMES              NTL                           MO-44-C-272
VANVICKEL, ANDREW J.         NTL                           MO-44-D-440
VANVICKLE, BENJAMIN          NTL                           MO-44-A-8
VANVICKLE, EVERET            NTL                           MO-44-A-27
VAUGHAN, JAMES A.            OREGON                        MO-44-C-413
VAUGHAN, JONES               NTL                           MO-44-B-154
VIETS, HENRY                 NTL                           MO-44-D-221
VOLTMER, CHRISTOPHER         UNION                         MO-44-B-101
VONLUEN, CHARLES             FOREST CITY                   MO-44-B-109
WAEGELI, CHRISTIAN           NTL                           MO-44-B-477
WAGNER, GEORGE               NTL                           MO-44-D-395
WAGNER, WILLIAM              NTL                           MO-44-C-133
WAKEMAN, WRIGHT              BORDEN                        MO-44-B-5
WALKER, MARCELLUS D.         NTL                           MO-44-C-424
WALLER, E. F.                MAITLAND                      MO-44-D-461
WAMPLER, ISAAC               NTL                           MO-44-B-156
WARD, HENDERSON L.           NTL                           MO-44-C-330
WARNER, MARGARET             OREGON                        MO-44-C-309
WASHAM, DAVID                NTL                           MO-44-B-173
WATSON, SAMUEL               NTL                           MO-44-C-86
WATSON, WILLIAM M.           NTL                           MO-44-D-1
WATT, WILLIAM HARRISON       NTL                           MO-44-D-117
WEAVER, SIDNEY A.            MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-421
WEBER, GEORGE                FOREST CITY                   MO-44-D-98
WEBSTER, L. W.               NTL                           MO-44-C-28
WEBSTER, WILLIAM H.          NEW POINT                     MO-44-B-362
WEHRLI, PETER                NTL                           MO-44-D-403
WEIGEL, AUGUST               NTL                           MO-44-D-219
WEIGHTMAN, WILLIAM           MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-281
WELCH, ALANSON               NTL                           MO-44-A-17
WELLER, JACOB                NTL                           MO-44-B-241
WELLMAN, CARL                UNION                         MO-44-C-171
WELTON, ALBERT B.            NTL                           MO-44-C-202
WETZEL, FRED                 NTL                           MO-44-D-446
WHIPPLE, SUSANNAH R.         FORTESCUE                     MO-44-C-449
WHITMER, JACOB B.            NTL                           MO-44-B-479
WHITMER, JAMES               NTL                           MO-44-D-89
WHOBREY, JESSE B.            NTL                           MO-44-B-364
WHOBREY, VIRGINIA            NTL                           MO-44-D-376
WILLIAMS, ARTHUR E.          NTL                           MO-44-B-250
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER           NTL                           MO-44-B-331
WILLIAMS, JACOB W.           NTL                           MO-44-C-319
WILLIAMS, JOHN H.            NTL                           MO-44-C-387
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             NTL                           MO-44-B-24
WILSON, MARIONC .            FORBES                        MO-44-D-438
WILSON, MARY T.              NTL                           MO-44-D-210
WING, AARON J.               NTL                           MO-44-C-404
WISE, PRESTON                CRAIG                         MO-44-D-458
WOOD, GEORGE THOMAS          MOUND CITY                    MO-44-D-113
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER            NTL                           MO-44-B-56
YOUNG, ROBERT                CORNING                       MO-44-D-400
YOUNG, SAMUEL R.             NTL                           MO-44-C-77
ZACHMAN, SUSAN BENDER        OREGON                        MO-44-C-471
ZOOK, DANIEL                 *, PUTNAM, OH                 MO-44-A-1
ZOOK, DANIEL                 NTL                           MO-44-C-43
ZOOK, LEVI                   OREGON                        MO-44-B-379

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