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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1902 - 1933 |
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ADER, BENJAMIN                          MO-65-B-169
ADER, JOHN                              MO-65-B-26
ALLEY, WILLIAM                          MO-65-B-66
APPLEGATE, WILLIAM                      MO-65-B-137
BARNES, V. JOHN                         MO-65-B-258
BEADLE, RICDE                           MO-65-B-140
BELL, MARTHA J.                         MO-65-B-183
BOICE, DAVID                            MO-65-B-2
BOICE, DAVID                            MO-65-B-146
BOSELY, GIDEON                          MO-65-B-1
BRANARMAN, ABRAM                        MO-65-B-180
BRUSH, LEWIS                            MO-65-B-197
BRYAN, JOHN W.                          MO-65-B-11
BUREN, COSBY                            MO-65-B-241
BURK, GIBSON                            MO-65-B-107
BYERS, JAMES W.                         MO-65-B-41
BYERS, JONATHAN                         MO-65-B-64
CARTER, EDWARD                          MO-65-B-100
CAVANAUGH, PATRICK                      MO-65-B-149
CHESNUT, SAMUEL                         MO-65-B-29
CHESTNUT, SAMUEL                        MO-65-B-129
CLAMENS, ROBERT                         MO-65-B-247
CLEMENS, JOSEPH                         MO-65-B-188
COLLINGS, AMACY J.                      MO-65-B-46
COLLINGS, AMACY J.                      MO-65-B-133
COMBS, WILLIAM                          MO-65-B-8
CRAWLEY, SAMUEL                         MO-65-B-233
DAVIS, LEVI P.                          MO-65-B-252
DAY, VALENTINE                          MO-65-B-155
DEAN, ENOCH                             MO-65-B-16
DECKARD, MALINDA                        MO-65-B-178
DODGE, JOHN                             MO-65-B-328
DORAN, PATRICK                          MO-65-B-57
DUALLS, NICHOLAS                        MO-65-B-45
EKISS, MICHAEL                          MO-65-B-200
EVERETT, PHILLIP                        MO-65-B-264
FLETCHER, HIRAM                         MO-65-B-285
FLOOD, HENRY                            MO-65-B-125
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        MO-65-B-112
GAY, LEWIS                              MO-65-B-114
GIBLER, DAVID                           MO-65-B-280
GIBSON, GEORGE W.                       MO-65-B-222
GINTNER, JAMES                          MO-65-B-215
HAMMONDS, JAMES                         MO-65-B-55
HART, JOHN                              MO-65-B-60
HENDERSON, JAMES R.                     MO-65-B-185
HICKS, WILLIAM H.                       MO-65-B-210
HORTON, JOHN D.                         MO-65-B-175
HULSE, WILLIAM H.                       MO-65-B-109
JOHNSON, LEWIS                          MO-65-B-167
JONES, TOBIAS                           MO-65-B-255
KAYTON, HENRY                           MO-65-B-135
KEITH, ARKELSON                         MO-65-B-290
KILLGORE, JAMES                         MO-65-B-98
KNOWLES, LOGAN                          MO-65-B-119
LARISON, MAHLON                         MO-65-B-96
LAUGHLIN, ALEX                          MO-65-B-122
LAWRANCE, PRESLEY N. O.                 MO-65-B-205
LIDNSEY, A. M.                          MO-65-B-78
LOE, JOHN                               MO-65-B-34
LOWRY, ANDREW                           MO-65-B-42
LUNDY, JESE                             MO-65-B-208
LUTES, WILLIAM                          MO-65-B-48
LYON, ELIZA ANN                         MO-65-B-192
MAY, AARON E.                           MO-65-B-235
MCCLELAND, JOSIAH                       MO-65-B-3
MCREYNOLS, ISAAC                        MO-65-B-282
METTON, ELI                             MO-65-B-74
MITCHELL, JOHN C.                       MO-65-B-317
MOORE, DAVID A.                         MO-65-B-163
MOORE, LUCETTA                          MO-65-B-294
MOORE, THOMAS W.                        MO-65-B-230
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        MO-65-B-39
NICKELL, JAMES                          MO-65-B-13
NORCROSS, ABRAHAM                       MO-65-B-172
NORTON, JOHN B.                         MO-65-B-267
ODNEAL, GEORGE M.                       MO-65-B-44
PARSONS, JAMES                          MO-65-B-276
PETERS, REUBEN                          MO-65-B-72
PHELPS, JOHN J.                         MO-65-B-83
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL D.                     MO-65-B-212
PIERCE, AZABAH                          MO-65-B-261
PIERCE, RUTH                            MO-65-B-80
POWERS, HIRAM                           MO-65-B-62
PRICHARD, JOSEPH                        MO-65-B-36
PROCTOR, WILLIAM                        MO-65-B-307
RHEA, SEARBEARD                         MO-65-B-131
ROGERS, HESTER E.                       MO-65-B-310
RUSHTON, SOLOMAN                        MO-65-B-314
SCHOOLMAN, WILLIAM                      MO-65-B-105
SCOTT, ALEX                             MO-65-B-225
SCOTT, ROBERT                           MO-65-B-152
SELBY, JAMES B.                         MO-65-B-69
SHANNON, REES                           MO-65-B-288
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                        MO-65-B-7
SMITH, JOSEPH                           MO-65-B-244
SMITH, JULIA A.                         MO-65-B-315
SNOW, JOHN                              MO-65-B-20
SNYDER, PETER                           MO-65-B-52
SORETHERS, ROBERT                       MO-65-B-272
STANLEY, JOHN                           MO-65-B-322
STANTURF, AARON B.                      MO-65-B-50
STEWART, HARRET B.                      MO-65-B-160
STOCKMAN, FRANCIS                       MO-65-B-9
TEDDER, ELIJAH                          MO-65-B-22
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       MO-65-B-102
TILLOTSON, ISAAC                        MO-65-B-325
VOILS, JAMES S.                         MO-65-B-93
YATES, C. W.                            MO-65-B-300
YINGLING, JOHN                          MO-65-B-297

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