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ALEXANDER, LAWSON                       MO-94-1-314
ALEXANDER, LUCY                         MO-94-1-154
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      MO-94-A-8
ALLCORN, WILLIAM                        MO-94-3-87
ALLEE, NANCY                            MO-94-2-118
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     MO-94-3-204
ANDERSON, J. S.                         MO-94-2-65
ARCHDEACON, R.                          MO-94-1-250
ARNOLD, SARAH                           MO-94-3-484
ASBRIDGE, E. A.                         MO-94-2-21
ASBRIDGE, OBEDIAH                       MO-94-2-1
ASHBURN, R. D.                          MO-94-2-232
ASHBURN, WILLIAM C.                     MO-94-1-243
AUBUCHON, BASIL                         MO-94-2-115
AUBUCHON, FERDINAND                     MO-94-2-342
AUBUCHON, FRANCIS                       MO-94-2-131
AUBUCHON, JOSEPH                        MO-94-2-348
AUBUCHON, LOISA                         MO-94-2-312
AUBUCHON, LOUIS                         MO-94-2-216
BADER, HIRCH                            MO-94-1-147
BAKER, ISAAC                            MO-94-A-36
BAKER, JEMIMA E.                        MO-94-1-306
BALLARD, JAMES                          MO-94-1-110
BALLARD, SALLIE M.                      MO-94-3-248
BARNHOUSE, DANIEL T.                    MO-94-3-403
BARTON, JOHN                            MO-94-3-32
BEAL, IGNATIUS G                        MO-94-1-66
BEARD, EDMUND B.                        MO-94-3-246
BECK, ANDREW                            MO-94-2-29
BENNETT, FRANK                          MO-94-3-20
BENTLEY, JOHN A.                        MO-94-2-97
BENTLY, SARAH A.                        MO-94-3-213
BENTON, JOHN F.                         MO-94-3-409
BERKLEY, JOSEPHINE                      MO-94-1-257
BERKLEY, MARMADUKE                      MO-94-1-21
BERRY, POLLY ANN                        MO-94-1-57
BESCHE, CHRISTINA                       MO-94-2-355
BESHA, HENRY                            MO-94-2-338
BIRCH, MARGARET A.                      MO-94-3-155
BLACK, JAMES                            MO-94-3-200
BLACKWELL, ELIZABETH                    MO-94-2-210
BLACKWELL, HARVEY                       MO-94-1-60
BLACKWELL, LAVINA                       MO-94-3-435
BLACKWELL, MARGARE                      MO-94-3-289
BLACKWELL, WILLIAM                      MO-94-1-82
BLACKWELL,R OBERT                       MO-94-1-169
BLANKENSHIP, HAMPTON                    MO-94-2-318
BLOMEYER, HENRY                         MO-94-2-156
BOWMAN, ELIZBETH                        MO-94-1-318
BOYCE, J. W. S.                         MO-94-1-146
BOYCE, SALLIE                           MO-94-1-116
BRACKEBUSCH, HENRY                      MO-94-1-61
BRADLEY, GEORGE W.                      MO-94-3-130
BRADLEY, THOMAS B.                      MO-94-3-28
BRAN, MCARTHUR                          MO-94-1-199
BRAY, JOSEPH D.                         MO-94-3-313
BRENNER, S. T.                          MO-94-3-34
BRESSIE, IRBY                           MO-94-A-19
BRIDGERS, BRITTON                       MO-94-1-14
BRIDGES, ALVIN                          MO-94-3-166
BRIM, JAMES                             MO-94-1-10
BRIMM, MARTHA J.                        MO-94-3-261
BROWN, ZENO                             MO-94-1-124
BUCHNER, CHARLEY                        MO-94-3-505
BUCKNER, T. J. SR.                      MO-94-3-297
BURCH, LEWIS L.                         MO-94-2-8
BURNHAM, THOMAS                         MO-94-A-116
BUTTERFIELD, MAURICE                    MO-94-3-220
BYINGTON, LOUISA                        MO-94-3-151
BYINGTON, SUSANNAH                      MO-94-3-159
CABANISS, JAMES C.                      MO-94-1-178
CAIN, T. J.                             MO-94-3-347
CALDWELL, JAMES                         MO-94-A-12
CARROW, JOSEPH A.                       MO-94-3-435
CARROWS, ANTOINE J.                     MO-94-2-280
CASTEEL, THOMAS                         MO-94-2-200
CAY, F. M.                              MO-94-2-95
CAYCE, ELLIS P.                         MO-94-2-184
CAYCE, M. P.                            MO-94-1-294
CAYCE, PLEASANT                         MO-94-A-44
CHADBOURNE, JOHN                        MO-94-3-77
CLALETON, HENRY                         MO-94-1-208
CLARK, C. P.                            MO-94-2-104
CLARK, FRANCIS                          MO-94-1-203
CLARK, W. E.                            MO-94-1-124
CLAY, AMANDA                            MO-94-1-78
CLAY, ELEAZOR                           MO-94-1-43
CLAY, JAMES W.                          MO-94-1-73
CLERK, LOUIS                            MO-94-3-287
COBB, ALBIN GIBSON                      MO-94-3-50
COBB, JOHN                              MO-94-1-161
COLE, AARON CALVIN                      MO-94-2-192
COLEMAN, W. H.                          MO-94-2-56
CONWAY, FOUNTAIN                        MO-94-1-210
COOK, JOHN                              MO-94-3-63
COOKSEY, ISAAC                          MO-94-3-429
COOLEY, ELLEN A.                        MO-94-1-219
COOPER, MARY                            MO-94-3-452
COTES, MARY J.                          MO-94-2-270
COVER, JOSEPH E.                        MO-94-3-480
COZZENS, MARY ANN                       MO-94-3-371
CRAIG, GEORGE W.                        MO-94-2-136
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES H.                    MO-94-2-107
DALTON, ADAM H.                         MO-94-1-89
DALTON, REUBEN                          MO-94-1-247
DALTON, THOMAS T.                       MO-94-3-103
DARLING, JAMES L.                       MO-94-3-25
DAVIS, JAMES R.                         MO-94-3-415
DAVIS, ROBERT W.                        MO-94-2-212
DAY, GEORGE W.                          MO-94-1-4
DAY, JOHN C.                            MO-94-1-238
DEHE, EDWARD A.                         MO-94-3-107
DENHAUN, NANCY                          MO-94-1-28
DENT, ADALINE S.                        MO-94-3-123
DENT, ELIZABETH                         MO-94-3-48
DENT, SALLIE A.                         MO-94-3-272
DERNEW, JAMES                           MO-94-1-26
DESLOGE, JOHN W.                        MO-94-2-262
DITCH, ELIZABETH C.                     MO-94-2-269
DONNELL, NANCY E.                       MO-94-1-114
DORR, W. P.                             MO-94-1-322
DOSS, JAMES W.                          MO-94-3-354
DOUTHIT, DORCAS                         MO-94-3-52
DUNN, MATTHEW                           MO-94-3-41
EATON, JAMES A.                         MO-94-3-115
EDMONDS, WILLIAM                        MO-94-A-78
EDWARDS, JOHN OLLIE                     MO-94-3-233
EISENBERG, ELIZABETH G.                 MO-94-3-146
ELSER, ABRAHAM                          MO-94-3-466
ELSNER, CHARLES                         MO-94-1-74
ELVINS, MOSES                           MO-94-1-80
EPPERLEY, CALVIN                        MO-94-3-189
ESTES, EZEKIEL                          MO-94-A-35
ESTES, MARY                             MO-94-A-129
ESTES, ROBERT                           MO-94-A-1
ESTES, ROBERT                           MO-94-1-292
EVANS, JOHN W.                          MO-94-2-258
FALK, FRANK                             MO-94-3-30
FAULK, PETER                            MO-94-3-427
FERGUSON, CHURCH                        MO-94-1-292
FINICAL, JOHN                           MO-94-1-141
FITZMORRIS, JAMES W.                    MO-94-3-399
FLEMING, CHARLES R.                     MO-94-3-384
FLEMING, SAMUEL P.                      MO-94-3-89
FLORENCE, OSCAR S.                      MO-94-3-393
FORSYTHE, MARTHA JANE                   MO-94-2-315
FOSTER, BRYAN                           MO-94-1-235
FRANCIS, ELIJAH                         MO-94-3-360
FRIERSON, HARRIET N.                    MO-94-2-203
FRISARD, CHARLES B.                     MO-94-2-6
FULK, TANLINN                           MO-94-1-311
FULTON, JOHN                            MO-94-1-56
GANDER, PETER                           MO-94-1-77
GARRETT, KATHARINE E.                   MO-94-3-268
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        MO-94-1-109
GARVIN, JOHN T.                         MO-94-3-194
GASSOM, S. C.                           MO-94-2-300
GAYDOS, JOHN                            MO-94-3-324
GEER, ENOCH W.                          MO-94-3-500
GEORGE, THOMAS                          MO-94-A-33
GERASTIN, JOHN                          MO-94-2-45
GIBSON, ALBIN                           MO-94-3-50
GIBSON, THOMAS                          MO-94-3-322
GIDLEY, CHARLES                         MO-94-2-41
GIESING, CHARLES                        MO-94-1-192
GLENDY, MARY                            MO-94-1-12
GLENDY, THOMAS                          MO-94-1-30
GOELTZ, GEORGE                          MO-94-3-276
GORMAN, JANE                            MO-94-3-316
GRANDHOMME, RUDOLPH                     MO-94-2-88
GRANDS, PETER                           MO-94-1-23
GRAVES, FAYETTE P.                      MO-94-3-464
GREEN, BETTIE                           MO-94-2-173
GREEN, TABITHA                          MO-94-1-212
GREGORY, JAMES                          MO-94-1-71
GRIDER, THOMAS                          MO-94-1-99
GRIFFIN, LOTT                           MO-94-A-56
GROVER, GEORGE                          MO-94-3-274
GRUNER, PHILIP                          MO-94-2-287, 365
GUGG, D. H.                             MO-94-3-350
HAILE, SAMUEL G.                        MO-94-3-161
HALTER, ADAM                            MO-94-2-293
HAM, WILLIAM                            MO-94-1-15
HAMMES, MARYJ.                          MO-94-2-58
HAMPTON, WADE                           MO-94-3-443
HARRIS, MARTIN V.                       MO-94-A-127
HARRIS, SAMUEL P.                       MO-94-1-45
HART, MICHAEL                           MO-94-1-18
HASENPATT, WILHELMINE                   MO-94-3-447
HAVERSTIEK, RUDOLPH                     MO-94-1-32
HAW, HANNAH A.                          MO-94-2-306
HAWKINS, AUGUSTUS                       MO-94-2-4
HAWN, LABAN                             MO-94-3-186
HAWN, RUFUS J.                          MO-94-2-158
HAYS, ROBERT                            MO-94-A-57
HELBER, LAURA                           MO-94-3-462
HENN, MARY                              MO-94-3-79
HERBST, AUGUST FREDERICK                MO-94-2-190
HERBST, FREDERICK                       MO-94-1-129
HERBST, HENRY                           MO-94-3-202
HEROD, CATHERINE                        MO-94-3-229
HESSMANN, CHARLES W.                    MO-94-2-344
HEWD, SAMUEL B.                         MO-94-1-221
HIGHLEY, JAMES N.                       MO-94-3-369
HIGHLEY, MARTHA O.                      MO-94-3-140
HIGHLEY, OSCAR                          MO-94-2-163
HIGHLEY, WILLIAM M.                     MO-94-2-229
HILL, LUCRETIA A.                       MO-94-2-237
HILL, OVERTON                           MO-94-1-139
HOEHN, JOHN                             MO-94-3-73
HOFFMAN, CHARLES                        MO-94-2-329
HOLIDAY, ROBERT B.                      MO-94-2-74
HOORN, SAMUEL H.                        MO-94-2-142
HOPKINS, ELIZA                          MO-94-1-165
HOPKINS, LEWIS                          MO-94-2-17
HOPSON, THOMAS                          MO-94-1-63
HORN, CORA                              MO-94-2-63
HORN, DANSON                            MO-94-2-266
HORN, JAMES E.                          MO-94-2-278
HORN, LOIS J.                           MO-94-2-144
HORN, ROBERT J.                         MO-94-1-190
HORN, WILLIAM F.                        MO-94-2-111
HOY, U. S.                              MO-94-3-99
HUBER, MARGARET ANN                     MO-94-2-291
HUNT, GEORGE                            MO-94-1-34
HUNT, JENNIE                            MO-94-3-37
HUNT, JOHN                              MO-94-2-296
HUNT, JOHN                              MO-94-2-113
HUNT, PATTY                             MO-94-A-30
HUNTER, ALBINA ELIZBETH                 MO-94-2-272
HUNTER, JOHN                            MO-94-2-274
HURRY, ARTHUR S.                        MO-94-2-67
HUSS, ELIZABETH AGNES                   MO-94-3-259
HUTCHINGS, RICHARD                      MO-94-1-284
ISENBERG, AARON                         MO-94-2-50
JACKSON, ASA A.                         MO-94-3-157
JACOBI, BAER                            MO-94-2-326
JENNINGS, GOERGE W. K.                  MO-94-1-314
JINKERSON, GEORGE W.                    MO-94-3-101
JOHNSON, CLARK                          MO-94-3-378
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        MO-94-3-223
JOPLING, JAMES SR.                      MO-94-1-132
KARSCH, J. M.                           MO-94-2-289
KEITH, A. W.                            MO-94-2-169
KEITH, JOHN B.                          MO-94-3-184
KENDALL, JAMES (DR)                     MO-94-3-138
KENDALL, JANE                           MO-94-3-176
KENNEDY, JOHN                           MO-94-1-122
KINCHLOE, EZEKIEL                       MO-94-1-112
KINKEAD, SAMUEL                         MO-94-1-39
KIRKPATRICK, N. M.                      MO-94-2-369
KNOCHE, C.                              MO-94-3-482
KOLLMEYER, HENRY                        MO-94-2-90
KOLLMEYER, WILLIAM                      MO-94-3-39
KOPP, ELIZA                             MO-94-3-215
KRANCH, CATHARINA                       MO-94-1-308
KRANCH, CHARLES                         MO-94-1-320
LAHAY, AMIE                             MO-94-1-27
LAMBETH, A. F.                          MO-94-3-320
LAMBETH, SUSAN                          MO-94-3-134
LAMBETH, WILLIAM L.                     MO-94-3-16
LANDRUM, MARTHA M.                      MO-94-3-237
LANG, REINHARD                          MO-94-2-35
LANG, THOMAS                            MO-94-3-330
LARBY, MARY                             MO-94-2-227
LAYNE, JOHNJ.                           MO-94-1-266
LEAGUE, REUBEN                          MO-94-1-20
LEAVENWORTH, P.                         MO-94-2-235
LEGGETT, CHARLES H.                     MO-94-3-153
LESTER, T. H. G.                        MO-94-3-389
LIVERAN, JOSEPH                         MO-94-1-65
LLOYD, J. R.                            MO-94-2-255
LONG, PHILIP G. JR.                     MO-94-1-327
LONG, PHILIP G.                         MO-94-1-53
LOPE, GEORGE                            MO-94-2-254
LORENZ, PHILLIP                         MO-94-3-105
LORENZ, WILLIAM                         MO-94-3-173
LUCKFEHR, ANTON                         MO-94-2-122
MACKLEY, HIRAM P.                       MO-94-3-239
MALCOM, JACOB M.                        MO-94-3-266
MARKS, DAVIS                            MO-94-1-137
MARKS, DAVIS F.                         MO-94-A-98
MARKS, EVELINE                          MO-94-3-302
MARKS, GEORGE H.                        MO-94-2-362
MARKS, JESE P.                          MO-94-2-309
MARKS, W. H.                            MO-94-2-380
MARKS, WILLIAM D.                       MO-94-2-54
MATHEWS, WILLIAM L.                     MO-94-A-109
MAZE, LUCINDA                           MO-94-2-276
MCBRIEN, JOHN                           MO-94-2-109
MCCORMACK, MARY J.                      MO-94-3-46
MCCORMICK, JAMES R.                     MO-94-2-165
MCCREARY, ALICE J.                      MO-94-3-502
MCDANIEL, DAVID J.                      MO-94-3-381
MCDANIEL, H. H.                         MO-94-2-350
MCFARLAND, JACOB                        MO-94-1-47
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM A.                   MO-94-1-24
MCHENRY, ALLEN C.                       MO-94-3-148
MCHENRY, ELI A.                         MO-94-1-271
MCHENRY, SAMUEL CATHCHTON               MO-94-1-194
MCKEE, JOHN                             MO-94-1-3
MCKENZIE, DAVID                         MO-94-2-38
MCLARNEY, HENRY Q.                      MO-94-3-475
MCLAUGHLIN, JULIA ANN                   MO-94-3-252
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     MO-94-3-136
MCMAHON, CATHERINE                      MO-94-3-132
MCMULLINS, J. H.                        MO-94-2-129
MCQUILLEN, JAMES                        MO-94-2-244
MEDLEY, ANN L.                          MO-94-3-22
MELOY, DAVI DS.                         MO-94-1-181
MELOY, HENRY H.                         MO-94-3-142
MELOY, MARY E.                          MO-94-3-59
MEYER, CONRAD                           MO-94-2-172
MEYER, F. W.                            MO-94-3-318
MEYER, PETER A.                         MO-94-3-285
MEYERS, WILLIAM HENRY                   MO-94-3-13
MILL, PETER                             MO-94-2-220
MILLER, DANIEL                          MO-94-1-104
MILLER, DNAIEL C.                       MO-94-1-289
MILLERSMAN,F RANK                       MO-94-1-241
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         MO-94-A-23
MITCHELL, JOHN Q.                       MO-94-3-357
MITCHELL, JOHN W.                       MO-94-2-360
MOON, SALLIE                            MO-94-3-180
MOORE, JAMES                            MO-94-1-102
MOORE, WILLIAM B.                       MO-94-3-231
MORGAN, ISAIAH                          MO-94-2-47
MORGAN, JOHN                            MO-94-2-197
MOSTILLER, T. J.                        MO-94-3-96
MOTSCH, ADAM                            MO-94-3-507
MOWREY, A. H.                           MO-94-3-460
MUND, FRITZ                             MO-94-3-314
MURPHY, A. J.                           MO-94-1-16
MURPHY, DAVID                           MO-94-A-62
MURPHY, JOHN R.                         MO-94-3-210
MURPHY, JOSHUA B.                       MO-94-3-362
MURPHY, PATSEY                          MO-94-2-33
MURPHY, RICHARD                         MO-94-1-1
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         MO-94-A-10
MURRILL, THOMAS                         MO-94-3-10
NAIR, S. H. (MRS)                       MO-94-3-365
NEIDERT, ERNST                          MO-94-2-25
NEWBY, W. C.                            MO-94-2-242
NEWMAW, ROBERT                          MO-94-3-478
NORWINE, WILLIAM HENRY                  MO-94-3-270
OCONNOR, BRIDGET D.                     MO-94-3-328
OLEARY, J. C.                           MO-94-3-280
OSULLIVAN, DANIEL                       MO-94-2-322
OWENS, WILLIAMM.                        MO-94-1-130
PARKHURST, ARANVAH                      MO-94-2-70
PARKS, AMBROSE                          MO-94-A-29
PARKS, GEORGE M.                        MO-94-3-432
PARSONS, ROSIOR R. S.                   MO-94-3-471
PATTERSON, ANDREW                       MO-94-1-5
PEERS, JOHN D.                          MO-94-A-88
PELTY, HELENA                           MO-94-3-168
PERET, L. P.                            MO-94-3-295
PERNOND, EMILE                          MO-94-1-151
PETET, LOUIS                            MO-94-2-222
PEYTON, GILBERT W.                      MO-94-1-50
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM N.                    MO-94-3-344
PIGG, B. J.                             MO-94-3-311
PIGG, JOHN A.                           MO-94-2-152
PIPKIN, PHILIP                          MO-94-1-229
PIPKIN, SOPHIA B.                       MO-94-2-61
PIPKIN, SOPHIA B.                       MO-94-2-61
PIRTLE, A. J.                           MO-94-3-93
POLITTE, LEON                           MO-94-2-324
POPLIN, BENNETT                         MO-94-1-188
PORTER, JOHN M.                         MO-94-1-55
POSTON, ANN E.                          MO-94-1-118
POSTON, MILTON                          MO-94-1-74
POTILE, NARCIS P.                       MO-94-1-205
POTTS, HENRY                            MO-94-A-124
PRATTE, B. A.                           MO-94-3-487
PRATTE, ISAAC ROSAMOND                  MO-94-1-93
PRATTE, P. A. B.                        MO-94-1-96
PRATTE, PETER B.                        MO-94-3-178
PUETSCHER, CHRISTIAN                    MO-94-1-319
RABADEUX, JULIAN                        MO-94-3-43
RANAR, ISAAC A.                         MO-94-2-287
REED, JOSEPH                            MO-94-1-35
REED, MILLA                             MO-94-1-52
REED, WILLIAM                           MO-94-1-38
RENZ, WILLIAM F.                        MO-94-3-173
RESINGER, ELIZABETH A.                  MO-94-1-254
REYBURN, JAMES M.                       MO-94-A-17
RICHARDSON, JAMES D.                    MO-94-A-119
RICKUS, FRIEDERICK                      MO-94-2-81
RINGER, J. B.                           MO-94-3-18
RITTER, JAMES                           MO-94-1-41
RIVERS, D. L.                           MO-94-3-306
ROBART, LOUIS                           MO-94-1-159
ROBART, PAUL                            MO-94-1-263
ROBINSON, ELLEN                         MO-94-3-264
RONGEY, MARSHALL                        MO-94-2-23
ROSENER, VALENTINE                      MO-94-3-144
ROSENSTENGEL, ADAM                      MO-94-2-298
ROSENTENGEL, ERNEST                     MO-94-3-293
ROTTGER, CHRISTINE                      MO-94-3-424
RUCKER, ALVIN                           MO-94-2-333
RUDNEY, H. C.                           MO-94-1-308
RUDY, LUCY E.                           MO-94-3-422
RUDY, S.A.                              MO-94-3-55
RUH, PHILLIP                            MO-94-2-134
SACKMAN, WILHELMINA                     MO-94-3-196
SALING, ANDREW                          MO-94-3-61
SANDBERG, CHARLES J.                    MO-94-3-458
SANTEE, JOSEPH                          MO-94-A-52
SAUNDERS, WILEY                         MO-94-1-324
SCHAEFER, JOHN                          MO-94-2-160
SCHAFER, JOHN                           MO-94-2-102
SCHAFFER, PHIIP                         MO-94-1-201
SCHEK, AUGUST                           MO-94-2-357
SCHMITT, ADAM                           MO-94-3-489
SCHNITT, PETER SR.                      MO-94-2-384
SCHOCK, BENJAMIN                        MO-94-2-138
SCHUERMAN, ERNEST                       MO-94-2-353
SCOTT, GEORGE W.                        MO-94-1-228
SCOTT, W. W.                            MO-94-3-352
SEBASTIAN, GEORGE                       MO-94-A-72
SEIDEL, LOUSISA HARTMAN                 MO-94-3-494
SEPLIE, ANDREW                          MO-94-1-321
SETTLE, B. F.                           MO-94-3-126
SHANNON, CAROLINE                       MO-94-2-284
SHAW, WILLIAM                           MO-94-1-149
SHEPARD, ALBERT                         MO-94-2-182
SHERRILL, D. G.                         MO-94-2-248
SHERRILL, DAVID                         MO-94-1-8
SHERRILL, MARY                          MO-94-3-250
SHETLER, CHRISTIAN                      MO-94-1-303
SHULTS, JAMES A.                        MO-94-3-117
SIGMAN, J. F.                           MO-94-3-206
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        MO-94-2-12
SLEETH, HEZEKIAH                        MO-94-3-441
SLOAN, SARAH E.                         MO-94-3-326
SMITH, ARTHUR M.                        MO-94-3-121
SMITH, HARRIETT                         MO-94-3-192
SMITH, JOSEPH                           MO-94-3-304
SMITH, OTTO                             MO-94-1-83
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MO-94-A-16
SNEAD, P. H.                            MO-94-1-214
SOUDAN, LUCINDA                         MO-94-2-120
SOUTHERLAND, RICHARD L.                 MO-94-A-83
SPARKS, SUSAN A.                        MO-94-3-450
SPAUGH, JOHN N.                         MO-94-2-282
SPAUGH, SARAH                           MO-94-3-341
STAM, JOHN H.                           MO-94-1-49
STEWART, JAMES F.                       MO-94-3-338
STIER, HENRY                            MO-94-1-317
STUTZ, THERESA                          MO-94-3-387
SUTHERLAND, OBEDIAH                     MO-94-2-175
SUTTON, DANIEL M.                       MO-94-1-232
TAAFFE, PETER                           MO-94-1-279
TAYLOR, ELIJAH H.                       MO-94-1-144
TAYLOR, JAMES L.                        MO-94-1-197
TAYLOR, LUCY                            MO-94-3-309
TAYLOR, WILLIAM R. (JUDGE)              MO-94-3-1
TETLEY, ROBERT                          MO-94-3-110
THOMAS, RICHARD                         MO-94-3-405
THOMASON, JOHN                          MO-94-A-111
THOMASSON, MARY E.                      MO-94-3-438
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     MO-94-A-3
THOMSEN, AUGUST                         MO-94-3-375
THOMURE, LOUIS S.                       MO-94-3-498
THOMURE, MARY E.                        MO-94-3-407
TRAUERNICHT, AUGUST                     MO-94-1-225
TULLOCK, CHRISTOPHER                    MO-94-3-91
TULLOCK, ELIZABETH                      MO-94-1-217
TULLOCK, HENRY L.                       MO-94-1-86
TULLOCK, JOHN                           MO-94-1-69
TULLOCK, REBECCA                        MO-94-1-176
TULLOCK, THOMAS T.                      MO-94-3-241
TURLEY, JASPER                          MO-94-3-254
TYLER, JOHN V.                          MO-94-1-91
VANCE, SAMUEL                           MO-94-A-68
VANDIVER, J. W.                         MO-94-3-57
VANLINDEN, MARY A.                      MO-94-1-127
VOEHL, ANNIE                            MO-94-2-286
WALK, ALEXANDER                         MO-94-1-312
WALKER, FINIS E.                        MO-94-3-6
WALKER, JOHN M.                         MO-94-3-226
WALKER, L. D.                           MO-94-1-294
WALKER, MARY E.                         MO-94-2-335
WALTERS, S. A. D.                       MO-94-2-340
WARD, NANCY                             MO-94-3-198
WARNER, HERMAN                          MO-94-2-257
WATTS, H. S.                            MO-94-1-299
WATTS, WILLIAM C.                       MO-94-3-492
WEBER, JOHN A. W.                       MO-94-1-223
WELBORN, ISAAC                          MO-94-A-16
WELBORN, JAMES                          MO-94-A-49
WELBORN, WILLIAM F.                     MO-94-2-303
WESCOAT, MARY J.                        MO-94-3-469
WEST, PETER                             MO-94-3-412
WESTOVER, THOMAS C.                     MO-94-3-75
WHEELEHON, JOHN                         MO-94-3-183
WHITE, E. T.                            MO-94-1-259
WHITE, LUCINDA J.                       MO-94-3-84
WHITTENBURGH, WILLIAM M.                MO-94-A-59
WICHMAN, FREDERICK                      MO-94-1-107
WICHMANN,F REDERICK                     MO-94-1-107
WIELD, JOHN                             MO-94-3-82
WIGGINS, HARDY                          MO-94-1-172
WIGGINS, HARDY                          MO-94-1-98
WILKENSON, LIDIA                        MO-94-A-39
WILKSON, LEWIS                          MO-94-3-119
WILLIAMS, GEORGE W. (DR)                MO-94-3-66
WILLIAMS, MARY H.                       MO-94-2-146
WILLIAMS, PERRY                         MO-94-3-190
WILLIAMS, THOMS F.                      MO-94-3-300
WILLIAMS, W. B.                         MO-94-2-78
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C.                    MO-94-1-275
WILLIS, RICHARD KNOTT                   MO-94-3-235
WILSON, E. J.                           MO-94-1-157
WOOD, ELIJAH                            MO-94-1-58
WOOD, JOHN W.                           MO-94-3-473
WOOD, JOSHUA                            MO-94-1-185
WOOD, SARAH                             MO-94-3-282
WUILLE, ANN AMAND                       MO-94-1-183
WYANT, ELIAS M.                         MO-94-1-135
YEARGAIN, ANDREW P.                     MO-94-2-180
ZIMMER, JOSEPH                          MO-94-2-85
ZIMMER, MARTIN J.                       MO-94-3-397
ZOLMAN, ADAM                            MO-94-A-75
ZOLMAN, BAZIL                           MO-94-1-126
ZOLMAN, ELIZABETH                       MO-94-A-97
ZOLMAN, JOEL                            MO-94-2-246
ZOLMAN, JOHN                            MO-94-3-278
ZOLMAN, THOMAS J.                       MO-94-3-256
ZWART, CLARA P.                         MO-94-3-391

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