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ABER, TIMOTHY                URBANA                        NY-51-3-220
ACKER, HENRY                 HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-8-265
ACKERSON, GARRET             WAYNE                         NY-51-5-25
ADAMS, ELIZA A.              ERWIN                         NY-51-9-191
ADAMS, ISAAC                 HORNBY                        NY-51-4-62
ADAMS, THEODOTIA             ADDISON                       NY-51-7-237
ADSHEAD, SAMUEL              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-129
AINSWORTH, WILLARD           PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-232
ALCOCK, BENJAMIN             URBANA                        NY-51-9-321
ALLEN, ABRAHAM               ORANGE                        NY-51-3-255
ALLEN, LEEDS                 DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-197
ALLEN, OLIVER                CANISTEO                      NY-51-9-545
ALLEN, WILLIAM               AVOCA                         NY-51-6-141
ALLISON, ANDREW              READING                       NY-51-3-237
ALLISON, JAMES               TYRONE                        NY-51-6-165
AMENT, WILLIAM               DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-417
AMIDON, SHEPARD              HARTSIVLLE                    NY-51-9-417
AMIDON, SMITH                HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-9-219
AMOS, MARY                   DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-549
ANAWALT, CONRAD              DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-55
ANDERSON, JOHN               PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-329
ANDREW, WILLIAM              BATH                          NY-51-9-513
ARMSTRONG, AARON             PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-2-93
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW            PUTLENEY                      NY-51-7-405
ARMSTRONG, NATHAN            COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-252
ATKINS, WILLIAM              GREENWOOD                     NY-51-4-240
AULLS, THOMAS                NTL                           NY-51-4-85
BABCOCK, ELIAS P.            CATON                         NY-51-9-495
BACHMAN, JACOB               PUTLENEY                      NY-51-8-93
BADEAU, CORNELIUS            PULTENEY                      NY-51-7-13
BAILEY, DAVID                BATH                          NY-51-1-423
BAILEY, JOSEPH               TYRONE                        NY-51-5-12
BAILEY, NICHOLAS             URBANA                        NY-51-5-496
BAILEY, STEPHEN              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-6-197
BAKER, BAZEY                 HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-171
BAKER, JAMES                 BRADFORD                      NY-51-7-117
BAKER, SAMUEL                CAMERON                       NY-51-5-303
BAKER, SAMUEL                URBANA                        NY-51-3-311
BAKER, SAMUEL JR.            URBANA                        NY-51-3-265
BAKER, SUSAN                 TYRONE                        NY-51-4-547
BAKER, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-51-1-8
BAKER, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-51-1-407
BAKER, WILLIAM               URBANA                        NY-51-8-349
BALDWIN, MEHETABLE           ADDISON                       NY-51-9-443
BALDWIN, WALTER H.           ADDISON                       NY-51-6-77
BALEY, CORNELIUS             WAYNE                         NY-51-7-341
BARDEEN, CALVIN              PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-466
BARNEY, JONATHAN             WHEELER                       NY-51-5-321
BARRETT, SAMUEL              WAYNE                         NY-51-3-143
BARROWS, PRENTICE            DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-129
BARTHOLOMEW, ANN E.          HOWARD                        NY-51-9-575
BARTLE, HENRY G.             TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-7-101
BARTLES, JACOB               JERSEY                        NY-51-2-106
BARTLEY, ISAIAH              CANISTEO                      NY-51-5-208
BARTON, ALMANZO              BATH                          NY-51-9-447
BARTON, PARLEY               RATHBONE                      NY-51-9-223
BAXTER, IRA C.               , TIOGA, PA                   NY-51-7-533
BEALS, JOHN                  WHEELER                       NY-51-3-388
BEARD, AARON                 BATH                          NY-51-9-353
BEEBE, JABEZ                 HOWARD                        NY-51-2-99
BENNET, JACOB                HOWARD                        NY-51-5-236
BENNETT, ABRAHAM             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-6-27
BENNETT, ABRAHAM B.          HOWARD                        NY-51-9-511
BENNETT, BENJAMIN B.         HOWARD                        NY-51-9-139
BENNETT, CARIUS              PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-8-553
BENNETT, LYDIA               CANISTEO                      NY-51-8-89
BENNETT, THOMAS              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-1
BENNETT, WILLIAM             CANISTEO                      NY-51-3-206
BERRY, SAMUEL F.             CATON                         NY-51-8-557
BESLY, SAMUEL                CAMPBELL                      NY-51-5-344
BIGGERS, ROBERT              WAYNE                         NY-51-8-406
BILES, WILLIAM A.            BATH                          NY-51-4-36
BILL, CHRISTIAN              WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-571
BILL, CHRISTIAN H.           WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-149
BISSELL, WALTER              CORNING                       NY-51-8-561
BLACK, JOHN                  WAYNE                         NY-51-3-110
BLACKBURN, JAMES             DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-158
BLAKE, ZARA                  DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-161
BLANCK, DANIEL               DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-465
BLAZER, JACOB                TYRONE                        NY-51-2-20
BLOOD, CHARLES               BATH                          NY-51-4-245
BLOOD, FREDERICK             COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-185
BODINE, JOHN C.              TYRONE                        NY-51-5-52
BOLDMAN, JOHN                WOODHULL                      NY-51-6-225
BONHAM, ROBERT T.            CAMPBELL                      NY-51-4-252
BOOROM, HENRY                TYRONE                        NY-51-3-366
BOOROM, ISAAC                BRADFORD                      NY-51-7-105
BOOTH, JOHN L.               THURSTON                      NY-51-9-213
BOUTON, RUSSEL               AVOCA                         NY-51-8-85
BOWEN, HENRY                 DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-305
BRADY, JOSEPH                BRADFORD                      NY-51-5-453
BRECK, ROXANA E.             BATH                          NY-51-7-489
BRIDGE, JESSE                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-2-17
BRIDGE, JONAS                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-305
BRIDGES, BENJAMIN            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-6
BRIDGES, ELAM                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-290
BRIGHAM, ELEANOR             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-295
BRINK, MATHEW                PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-18
BRONSON, LYDIA               HOWARD                        NY-51-9-255
BROTZMAN, JONAS              CAMPBELL                      NY-51-7-449
BROWN, BENJAMIN P.           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-193
BROWN, DORCAS                PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-437
BROWN, JOSEPH                CATON                         NY-51-8-193
BROWN, JOSEPH                TROUPSBURG                    NY-51-6-288
BROWN, JOSIAH                PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-37
BRUDH, ALMIRA                BATH                          NY-51-9-523
BRUNDAGE, BENJAMIN S.        GREENWOOD                     NY-51-8-69
BRUNDAGE, JAMES              URBANA                        NY-51-3-186
BRUNSON, SIMEON              HOWARD                        NY-51-7-37
BUCHANAN, JOHN               BATH                          NY-51-1-404
BUCHANNAN, MICHAEL           BATH                          NY-51-1-67
BUCK, CYRIL                  DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-181
BUCKLEY, JOHNSON             READING                       NY-51-2-37
BULL, AARON                  PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-395
BULL, ASHER                  PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-2-45
BULL, EPAPHRAS               BATH                          NY-51-7-513
BUNDY, JOHN                  CAMERON                       NY-51-7-545
BUNDY, NATHANIEL             CANISTEO                      NY-51-7-121
BURDEN, OTIS                 FREMONT                       NY-51-9-159
BURLEY, SHELDON              CORNING                       NY-51-9-453
BURROUGHS, DANIEL            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-433
BURROWS, JOHN                NTL                           NY-51-3-134
BURTON, WILLIAM              NTL                           NY-51-3-121
CALKINS, JOHN B.             AVOCA                         NY-51-6-253
CALKINS, JOHN K.             HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-124
CALKINS, RIPLEY              HOWARD                        NY-51-3-141
CALKINS, WILLIAM             WOODHULL                      NY-51-8-121
CALLYER, ALBERTUS            BATH                          NY-51-1-231
CAMERON, DUGALD              BATH                          NY-51-2-79
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER          CAMERON                       NY-51-7-45
CAMPBELL, JAMES              HOWARD                        NY-51-9-271
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-1-371
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             BATH                          NY-51-5-35
CAMPBELL, SOLOMON            PAINTED POST                  NY-51-2-42
CANFIELD, ELISHA             READING                       NY-51-5-246
CANTERMAN, ABRAHAM K.        HOWARD                        NY-51-5-102
CARR, JAMES                  WEST UNION                    NY-51-9-401
CARR, JONATHAN DAVIS         BRADFORD                      NY-51-8-361
CHAPMAN, EBENEZER            WOODHULL                      NY-51-9-209
CHATFIELD, CHARLES J.        ERWIN                         NY-51-9-47
CHILSON, GEORGE A.           WHEELER                       NY-51-7-485
CHURCH, ROBERT W.            BATH                          NY-51-6-277
CLARK, ELI                   NTL                           NY-51-2-71
CLARK, JOHN                  WHEELER                       NY-51-8-113
CLARK, JOHN                  BATH                          NY-51-2-126
CLARK, LUTHER                URBANA                        NY-51-3-202
CLARK, PATTY                 TYRONE                        NY-51-5-158
CLARK, THOMAS F.             DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-228
CLARK, WILLIAM               PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-260
CLASON, HIRAM                COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-177
CLASON, SMITH                COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-469
CLEAVELAND, JAMES            DANSVILLE                     NY-51-5-168
CLELAND, JONAS               COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-153
CLEMENTS, ALEXANDER          DANSVILLE                     NY-51-5-486
CLIGHE, JONATHAN             PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-5-121
COBB, PLYNA                  CAMPBELL                      NY-51-9-43
COLE, DERASTUS               COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-290
COLE, HIRAM                  PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-345
COLE, JUNIA                  WAYNE                         NY-51-1-340
CONDERMAN, SAMUEL            HOWARD                        NY-51-3-111
CONNER, ALEXANDER            AVOCA                         NY-51-9-405
CONRAD, ADAM                 WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-461
CONRAD, PHILIP               WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-5
COOK, JOHN                   TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-7-413
COOK, PAUL C.                BATH                          NY-51-9-463
COOK, PHILIP                 AVOCA                         NY-51-4-77
COOK, SAMUEL                 CAMPBELL                      NY-51-9-69
COON, JEREMIAH               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-51-2-76
COONS, PETER                 URBANA                        NY-51-8-105
COOPER, HANNAH R.            BATH                          NY-51-4-522
COOPER, JOHN JR.             ERWIN                         NY-51-9-17
CORBITT, ASAPH               READING                       NY-51-4-173
CORBITT, THOMAS              BATH                          NY-51-2-109
CORRINE, DAVID               BATH                          NY-51-6-238
COURTER, DAVID               BATH                          NY-51-6-92
COVELL, JOSEPH               URBANA                        NY-51-9-11
CRAMER, GODFREY              WHEELER                       NY-51-7-285
CREVELING, SAMUEL R.         THURSTON                      NY-51-8-385
CROSS, ASA                   BATH                          NY-51-5-553
CROSS, LEWIS                 PULTENEY                      NY-51-5-306
CROSS, WILLIAM               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-217
CROUCH, RICHARD              COHOCTON                      NY-51-5-558
CRUGER, DANIEL               BATH                          NY-51-3-340
CRUGER, DANIEL SR.           BATH                          NY-51-1-21
CURTIS, SOLOMON              ADDISON                       NY-51-5-67
DAILY, GEORGE                HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-65
DAVID, TRUMAN                BATH                          NY-51-5-435
DAVIS, ALPHEUS               READING                       NY-51-1-414
DAVIS, DAVID SR.             TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-2-27
DAVIS, GEORGE                FREMONT                       NY-51-7-297
DECKER, ALEXANDER            URBANA                        NY-51-4-53
DECKER, JACOB                HOWARD                        NY-51-9-229
DECKER, JOHN                 PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-421
DEGRAFF, MARCUS              HOWARD                        NY-51-6-335
DEISENOTH, JOSEPH            DANSVILLE                     NY-51-8-381
DEMEREST, CORNELIUS          BRADFORD                      NY-51-4-121
DEMORY, LORENZO              FREMONT                       NY-51-8-133
DENTON, MELCHIOR S.          URBANA                        NY-51-7-25
DEPEW, PETER                 URBANA                        NY-51-7-497
DEWITT, JOHN                 BATH                          NY-51-5-467
DEWOLF, PETER                PAINTED POST                  NY-51-3-371
DICKEY, MATTHEW              CAMERON                       NY-51-6-269
DIKE, JAMES                  HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-3-391
DOANE, EDWARD                NTL                           NY-51-4-30
DONAGHE, LEVI                BATH                          NY-51-2-9
DONAHE, HORACE Y.            BATH                          NY-51-8-205
DORSEY, EDWARD               BATH                          NY-51-5-248
DOUGHTY, ZACHEUS             WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-145
DOUGLAS, ALBERT              URBANA                        NY-51-9-257
DRAKE, JOHN                  PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-5
DREW, JOHN                   URBANA                        NY-51-8-101
DREWS, SAMUEL                PULTENEY                      NY-51-5-575
DRISCOLL, CATHARINE          CORNING                       NY-51-8-253
DUNHAM, MARY                 BATH                          NY-51-8-209
DUNNING, SIMON               URBANA                        NY-51-6-15
DURFY, EBON G.               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-433
DURHAM, JOHN W.              CORNING                       NY-51-8-13
DUSENBERRY, GABRIEL          NTL                           NY-51-3-292
DYGERT, SYLVENUS P.          BATH                          NY-51-7-161
EASTLICK, ALEXANDER          READING                       NY-51-1-376
EATON, JONATHAN              URBANA                        NY-51-5-137
EDER, FRANCIS                WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-385
EDGETT, JOSEPH               HOWARD                        NY-51-5-500
EDGETT, WILLIAM              PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-223
EGBERT, JOHN                 BRADFORD                      NY-51-3-284
EGGLESTON, BENJAMIN          PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-111
ELDRED, WILLIAM              NTL                           NY-51-3-377
ELLAS, GEORGE S.             BATH                          NY-51-9-485
ELLIS, JOHN                  PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-90
EMERSON, AMOS                BATH                          NY-51-9-63
EMERSON, ANDREW P.           BATH                          NY-51-8-353
EMERSON, BENJAMIN            BATH                          NY-51-8-497
EMERSON, JOSEPH              BATH                          NY-51-4-460
ENGLISH, AMZI                CATON                         NY-51-9-501
ERWIN, ARTHUR                ERWIN                         NY-51-3-278
ERWIN, ARTHUR H.             ERWIN                         NY-51-8-317
ERWIN, FRANCIS               ERWIN                         NY-51-3-162
ERWIN, JARED                 DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-110
EVANS, JOHN E.               ERWIN                         NY-51-6-6
EVANS, JOHNE.                ERWIN                         NY-51-8-185
FAILING, PHILIP              JASPER                        NY-51-3-286
FANTON, DANIEL               GREENWOOD                     NY-51-9-437
FAULKNER, ANN                PAINTED POST                  NY-51-1-183
FAULKNER, JAMES              NTL                           NY-51-1-98
FEARSALL, JAMES              BATH                          NY-51-1-366
FELLOW, SAMUEL               READING                       NY-51-3-296
FENDERSON, GEORGE            ERWIN                         NY-51-7-345
FERENBAUGH, FIDELLUS         PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-80
FERRIS, REUBEN               HOWARD                        NY-51-7-477
FINCH, RICHARD               ADDISON                       NY-51-5-6
FINCH, SARAH                 ADDISON                       NY-51-5-543
FINCH, WILLIAM               ADDISON                       NY-51-4-279
FITZSIMMONS, JAMES           PULTENEY                      NY-51-9-411
FLEET, ABRAM                 TYRONE                        NY-51-5-375
FLETCHER, MYRON H.           BATH                          NY-51-9-175
FLICKINGER, GEORGE           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-473
FLUENT, JOHN                 CAMERON                       NY-51-3-184
FOGLE, CHRISTOPHER B.        CANISTEO                      NY-51-9-113
FORD, ADONIJAH               HOWARD                        NY-51-5-285
FORD, JAMES                  LAURENCEVILLE                 NY-51-7-353
FORRESTER, LOT               HOWARD                        NY-51-6-89
FOSTER, LYMAN                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-277
FOSTER, ROBERT W.            CORNING                       NY-51-6-115
FOX, NORMAN                  ERWIN                         NY-51-8-425
FRALEY, FREDERICK            AVOCA                         NY-51-7-397
FRANCIS, RICHARD             PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-401
FRANKLIN, CHARLES            BRADFORD                      NY-51-5-75
FREEMAN, EDWARD              CORNING                       NY-51-9-53
GANSWOORT, PETER C.          BATH                          NY-51-2-114
GARDNER, FURMAN              WHEELER                       NY-51-6-305
GASTIN, GARDNER              THURSTON                      NY-51-4-195
GAYLORD, MARCUS              HORNBY                        NY-51-8-1
GEORGE, MARY JANE            HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-479
GIBSON, JOHN                 PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-8-269
GILBERT, JOHN D.             ERWIN                         NY-51-7-85
GILLET, SELAH                PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-284
GILLETT, JOSEPH              CATON                         NY-51-4-259
GILLETT, JUSTIN              PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-59
GIPSON, JACOB                BATH                          NY-51-1-65
GLASS, ERASTUS               BATH                          NY-51-3-245
GLEASON, JOHN                WAYNE                         NY-51-2-3
GLEASON, NELSON              WAYNE                         NY-51-9-389
GLOYD, STEPHEN               RATHBONE                      NY-51-9-299
GOBLE, JONATHAN              WAYNE                         NY-51-5-380
GOFF, DAVID                  HOWARD                        NY-51-1-418
GOLETT, TIMOTHY              BRADFORD                      NY-51-4-527
GORTON, PELEG                PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-173
GORTON, SILAS                CORNING                       NY-51-7-393
GOTTSHALL, LEWIS             WAYLAND                       NY-51-4-532
GRAHAM, JOHN                 BATH                          NY-51-4-42
GRANGER, SCHUYLER            WAYLDN                        NY-51-5-111
GRAVES, CALVIN C.            HOWARD                        NY-51-7-221
GRAY, JOHN                   AVOCA                         NY-51-9-65
GRAY, LEVI                   WHEELER                       NY-51-8-469
GRAY, LEVI                   WHEELER (CON'T)               NY-51-8-474
GREELY, BENJAMIN             WEST UNION                    NY-51-9-273
GREEN, JAMES                 TROUPSBURG                    NY-51-4-475
GREEN, JASON J.              HOWARD                        NY-51-6-133
GREGG, JOHN                  URBANA                        NY-51-9-475
GRIFFITH, EASTMAN            WAYNE                         NY-51-6-150
GRIFFITH, HENRY L.           WAYNE                         NY-51-9-283
GRIFFITH, STEPHEN            WAYNE                         NY-51-8-513
GRIGGS, SAMUEL               TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-8-529
GRISWOLD, DANIEL             DANSVILLE                     NY-51-6-180
GRISWOLD, IRA                BATH                          NY-51-6-293
GRISWOLD, SIMON              DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-417
GUERNSEY, WILLIAM H.         WOODHULL                      NY-51-9-97
GUILD, ZIBA B.               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-333
GUIWITZ, ELIZABETH           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-205
GUSTIN, SAMUEL               TYRONE                        NY-51-4-229
HAGADORN, STEPHEN            BATH                          NY-51-8-418
HAINES, LURY ANN             CORNING                       NY-51-9-303
HALL, JANE T.                HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-165
HALLETT, JOHN                CAMERON                       NY-51-4-187
HALLETT, NATHAN              CANISTEO                      NY-51-7-41
HALLETT, SAMUEL              CANISTEO                      NY-51-1-209
HAMMOND, SETH                CAMPBELL                      NY-51-9-469
HANKS, ELIJAH                BATH                          NY-51-5-588
HANNE, ELIZABETH             DANSVILLE                     NY-51-5-338
HARDING, CLOEY               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-5-509
HARING, GARRET               ORANGE                        NY-51-5-598
HARPENDENG, PETER            TYRONE                        NY-51-5-57
HARTMAN, HARMAN              DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-76
HASKINS, JAMES F.            TUSCORORA                     NY-51-8-329
HASTINGS, WILLIAM            URBANA                        NY-51-7-553
HATHAWAY, JOHN               PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-45
HAUG, MARY                   LANSINGTON, SOMERSET, NJ      NY-51-3-333
HAUGHEY, MARY                URBANA                        NY-51-9-289
HAUSE, EUNICE                TYRONE                        NY-51-4-74
HAUSE, JOSEPH                TYRONE                        NY-51-3-136
HAVENS, JOSEPH               COHOCTON                      NY-51-5-221
HAWKINS, JAMES               READING                       NY-51-3-242
HAYNES, CAMAS                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-395
HAYNES, DAVID                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-8-397
HAYS, EPHRAIM                READING                       NY-51-2-57
HAYT, AMELIA E.              CORNING                       NY-51-8-9
HAYTT, THOMAS                PULTENEY                      NY-51-1-125
HAZELTON, JOHN               CORNING                       NY-51-6-161
HAZLETON, SUSAN              CORNING                       NY-51-6-330
HEALY, JOSHUA                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-245
HELM, WILLIAM                BATH                          NY-51-2-68
HELMER, JOHN                 ADDISON                       NY-51-6-205
HENRY, JOHN                  , SOMERSET, NJ                NY-51-3-336
HERRICK, NATHAN              WAYNE                         NY-51-3-320
HERRINGTON, EMELINE G.       PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-154
HESS, ALEXANDER              BATH                          NY-51-8-173
HICKS, MARGARET              BATH                          NY-51-9-529
HIGGINS, JOHN D.             BATH                          NY-51-6-146
HIGHT, ANNA MARIA            BRADFORD                      NY-51-3-212
HILLS, BOHAN                 PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-125
HOAGLAND, JACOB              HOWARD                        NY-51-8-281
HOAGLAND, JOHN               COHOCTON                      NY-51-8-109
HOLDEN, ZACHARIAH            DANSVILLE                     NY-51-7-321
HOLLISTER, JOHN              DANSVILLE                     NY-51-4-131
HOLMS, SUSAN                 COHOCTON                      NY-51-8-525
HOLT, JOHN W.                TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-8-189
HOPKINS, HORATIO             PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-4
HOPKINS, MARK                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-315
HOPPER, DAVID                BATH                          NY-51-3-167
HORTON, THOMAS               PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-225
HOTCHKIN, JAMES H.           WHEELER                       NY-51-5-196
HOUK, ANDREW J.              URBANA                        NY-51-7-269
HOWELL, EDWARD JR.           BATH                          NY-51-5-472
HUBBARD, DANIEL              RATHBONE                      NY-51-9-27
HUGANIS, JAMES A.            COHOCTON                      NY-51-9-75
HUGHES, POLLY                BATH                          NY-51-8-305
HUGHES, URIAH                BATH                          NY-51-1-425
HULIN, JAMES                 ADDISON                       NY-51-6-96
HULL, RICHARD                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-2-51
HULL, SAMUEL                 PULTENEY                      NY-51-1-120
HUNT, EZEKIEL                BATH                          NY-51-4-515
HUNTER, PETER                BATH                          NY-51-7-481
HURLEY, THOMAS J.            ORAGNE                        NY-51-5-241
HUTCHES, JAMES               URBANA                        NY-51-8-17
HUTCHES, MATHEW L.           URBANA                        NY-51-3-151
HUTCHES, NATHAN              URBANA                        NY-51-4-1
INGRAHAM, ALFRED             WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-123
INGRAHAM, ELEAZAR            PULTENEY                      NY-51-6-456
IRWIN, JOHN W.               FAIRFIELD, FAIRFIELD, CT      NY-51-8-81
JACK, JOHN                   THURSTON                      NY-51-7-425
JAMISON, JOHN D.             CANISTEO                      NY-51-7-49
JESSOP, DANIEL               NTL                           NY-51-3-356
JOHNSON, JAMES C.            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-105
JOHNSON, LUCINA              PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-151
JOHNSON, SALLY               TYRONE                        NY-51-5-31
JORDAN, JESSE                WAYNE                         NY-51-4-458
JORDAN, WILLIAM              TYRONE                        NY-51-3-304
JUNE, ISRAEL                 JASPER                        NY-51-8-229
KARCHER, WILLIAM             WAYLAND                       NY-51-5-352
KEELER, EBENEZER N.          COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-178
KEELER, EZRA                 READING                       NY-51-1-410
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL           JASPER                        NY-51-4-97
KELLOGG, RUSSELL             BATH                          NY-51-8-453
KELS, GEORGE                 ORANGE                        NY-51-4-19
KENDALL, ABEL                TYRONE                        NY-51-2-33
KENNEDY, HENRY               BATH                          NY-51-2-54
KENT, JOHN                   WOODHULL                      NY-51-4-39
KESTER, CHARLES              ADDISON                       NY-51-9-225
KETCHAM, ELIAS               URBANA                        NY-51-3-171
KING, GEORGE B.              BATH                          NY-51-7-133
KINGKADE, CROWNADGE          AVOCA                         NY-51-5-566
KINGSLEY, DYER               DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-155
KINGSLEY, STEPHEN            URBANA                        NY-51-4-23
KNAPP, JACOB                 BATH                          NY-51-8-289
KNIFFIN, ANDREW              BATH                          NY-51-8-29
KNIFFIN, LEWIS F.            HORNBY                        NY-51-9-481
KNIGHT, GEORGE H.            BATH                          NY-51-9-85
KNOX, JOHN                   PAINTED POST                  NY-51-6-23
KOUSH, REUBEN                WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-341
KRIDLER, FREDERICK           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-347
KRUSEN, RICHARD              GREENWOOD                     NY-51-4-102
LAKE, TIMOTHY                URBANA                        NY-51-9-363
LAKINS, GABRIEL              CAMPBELL SETTLEMENT           NY-51-1-82
LAMB, AMOS                   WAYNE                         NY-51-2-73
LAMSON, CHARLES              JASPER                        NY-51-7-93
LARROWE, FRANKLIN            COHOCTON                      NY-51-8-237
LAWRENCE, LEMUEL             HORNELVILLE                   NY-51-3-122
LAYTON, ABIGAIL              BATH                          NY-51-7-361
LAYTON, ANDREW               URBANA                        NY-51-8-301
LAYTON, THOMAS               PULTENEY                      NY-51-2-24
LEAK, ROBERT                 HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-541
LEE, DAVID                   READING                       NY-51-4-8
LEMM, HENRY LAFAYETTE        THURSTON                      NY-51-6-39
LENNON, BERNARD              PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-521
LEWIS, FRANCIS               PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-51
LEWIS, JOSEPH                WAYNE                         NY-51-2-48
LINSLEY, HENRY G.            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-201
LITTLE, CYRUS B.             URBANA                        NY-51-8-493
LITTLE, JAMES                BATH                          NY-51-3-230
LOCKWOOD, JOSEPH             URBANA                        NY-51-4-3
LOCKWOOD, SEYMOUR            NTL                           NY-51-4-44
LODER, JOHN                  URBANA                        NY-51-3-258
LOGHRY, JOSEPH               CANISTEO                      NY-51-3-358
LOSEY, JULIA ANN             DANSVILLE                     NY-51-8-477
LOUNSBURY, CORNELIUS         URBANA                        NY-51-7-89
LOUNSBURY, JAMES             PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-274
LOUNSBURY, THOMAS            PULTENEY                      NY-51-7-129
LOUNSBURY, WILLIAM           PULTENEY                      NY-51-9-59
LYKE, CATHARINE              AVOCA                         NY-51-8-517
MACK, ORLANDO                CAMPBELL                      NY-51-6-156
MALLORY, ISAIAH              GREENWOOD                     NY-51-4-234
MALLORY, LAURIN              CORNING                       NY-51-8-73
MALLORY, NATHANIEL           TROUPSBURG                    NY-51-4-213
MALTBY, ERASTUS              ORANGE                        NY-51-5-63
MARGESON, CHARLES G.         BATH                          NY-51-7-229
MARGESON, THOMAS             URBANA                        NY-51-9-95
MARGISON, JOHN               URBANA                        NY-51-8-21
MARKHAM, NORRIS A.           FREMONT                       NY-51-7-125
MARSHALL, DANIEL             BATH                          NY-51-1-88
MARTIN, EDWARD W.            BATH                          NY-51-5-88
MASON, ELIAS S.              HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-6-129
MASON, ENOCH                 HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-35
MASTERS, NEHEMIAH            HORNBY                        NY-51-8-429
MATTHEWSON, JOSEPH           AVOCA                         NY-51-9-533
MATTHEWSON, SARAH            HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-15
MAUCH, MICHAEL               WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-241
MAYDOLE, JOHN                HOWARD                        NY-51-4-269
MCADAM, JAMES                HOWARD                        NY-51-7-421
MCBURNEY, JANE               PAINTED POST                  NY-51-5-191
MCBURNEY, THOMAS             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-2-85
MCCAY, WILLIAM W.            BATH                          NY-51-5-386
MCCONNELL, ASA               TYRONE                        NY-51-6-100
MCCOY, NEAL                  DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-58
MCCULLOCK, PARTHENA          PAINTED POST                  NY-51-3-217
MCDOWEL, MARY                PAINTED POST                  NY-51-1-369
MCDOWELL, ANDREW             READING                       NY-51-5-358
MCELWEE, HENRY               BATH                          NY-51-6-398
MCFEARSON, WILLIAM           FREDERICK                     NY-51-1-15
MCGIVNEY, MARY               PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-384
MCKEAN, HARRISON W.          ERWIN                         NY-51-7-461
MCKELL, JAMES                BATH                          NY-51-1-10
MCMICHAEL, GEORGE            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-117
MCWHORTER, JAMES             AVOCA                         NY-51-6-257
MELEBACHER, CHARLES          WAYLAND                       NY-51-7-369
MERRELL, ISAAC               CAMERON                       NY-51-7-73
MERRELL, ISAAC               RATHBONE                      NY-51-8-165
MERRELL, TRUMAN              HOWARD                        NY-51-7-157
MERRIAM, URI                 JASPER                        NY-51-7-113
METCALFE, JOHN               BATH                          NY-51-1-4
METCALFE, JOHN               BATH                          NY-51-2-123
MILLARD, JUDSON              STARKEY, YATES, NY            NY-51-6-319
MILLER, CHARLES              LINDLEY                       NY-51-8-489
MILLER, HENRY                FREMONT                       NY-51-8-169
MILLER, JEDIDIAH             ORANGE                        NY-51-6-19
MILLER, OLIVER               BATH                          NY-51-7-541
MILLER, PETER L.             HOWARD                        NY-51-3-113
MILLER, THOMAS               CATON                         NY-51-3-300
MITCHELL, JOHN B.            WAYNE                         NY-51-3-380
MOMHES, SAMUEL               ADDISON                       NY-51-5-162
MOORE, CHARLES               CANISTEO                      NY-51-3-139
MOORE, ELVIRA                WAYLAND                       NY-51-6-469
MOORE, JAMES                 CANISTEO                      NY-51-1-138
MORGAN, WILLIAM              BATH                          NY-51-9-1
MORRELL, GEORGE              BATH                          NY-51-8-57
MORRIS, AARON                HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-529
MORRIS, JOHN R.              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-141
MORRISON, ALEXANDER          COHOCTON                      NY-51-8-409
MULFORD, JEREMIAH            LINDLEY                       NY-51-7-437
MULHOLLON, SARAH             CANISTEO                      NY-51-3-196
MULLIKEN, ASA W.             NTL                           NY-51-1-412
MYERS, WILLIAM H.            BATH                          NY-51-8-309
MYRTLE, PHILIP               WHEELER                       NY-51-5-93
NEAL, JOHN                   AVOCA                         NY-51-9-527
NEALLY, POLLY                BATH                          NY-51-9-555
NEALLY, WILLIAM J.           BATH                          NY-51-7-169
NETTLETON, CHARLES           ADDISON                       NY-51-9-561
NEVGUS, JANE                 PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-565
NEWCOMB, GEORGE              BATH                          NY-51-3-375
NEWMAN, ASA E.               WOODHULL                      NY-51-9-251
NOBLE, LYMAN                 WAYNE                         NY-51-5-491
NUTE, RHODA                  CAMPBELL                      NY-51-8-153
OGDEN, DANIEL                ERWIN                         NY-51-7-81
OGDEN, HENRY A.              CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      NY-51-5-549
OLDIS, ISAAC J.              WHEELER                       NY-51-7-189
OLIVER, CHARLES              DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-277
OLNEY, DAVID B.              BATH                          NY-51-7-493
ORTON, WILLIAM               WOODHULL                      NY-51-7-445
OSTRANDER, JOHN              BATH                          NY-51-9-309
OVERHIZER, ELIAS             ORANGE                        NY-51-5-187
OVERHIZER, JAMES             ORANGE                        NY-51-5-211
OWEN, GEORGE                 CORNING                       NY-51-8-413
OWEN, JOEL                   CORNING                       NY-51-7-141
PALMENTEER, ISAAC            PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-5-518
PALMER, ABEL R.              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-6-12
PALMER, HIRAM                HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-29
PALMER, RUTH                 HOWARD                        NY-51-6-218
PARCEL, SAMUEL               CORNING                       NY-51-5-326
PARCELL, ASHBELL             CORNING                       NY-51-9-459
PARKHILL, TIMOTHY            *                             NY-51-2-62
PARKS, IRA                   COHOCTON                      NY-51-9-549
PATTEN, ALEXANDER            WAYNE                         NY-51-4-140
PATTEN, DAVID                URBANA                        NY-51-8-485
PATTERSON, JAMES             ADDISON                       NY-51-9-287
PATTERSON, MATTHEW           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-383
PAWLING, CATHARINE           AVOCA                         NY-51-5-184
PEASE, ALBERT                GREENWOOD                     NY-51-7-9
PECK, ERASTUS                READING                       NY-51-3-210
PELTON, PHINEHAS             PULTENEY                      NY-51-5-505
PERRY, LOUIZA M.             ORANGE                        NY-51-5-570
PERSONS, DAVID               HOWARD                        NY-51-9-415
PERSONS, HENRY               HORNBY                        NY-51-7-389
PETERSON, JOSEPH H.          URBANA                        NY-51-8-373
PEW, ANDREW J.               CATON                         NY-51-8-293
PHELPS, CHAUNCEY             PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-8-541
PHELPS, JOHN                 BRADFORD                      NY-51-6-309
PHELPS, JOSEPH               DANSVILLE                     NY-51-8-313
PHILIPS, ASA                 HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-3-398
PIERCE, GARDNER              WAYLAND                       NY-51-7-429
PIERCE, STEPHEN              HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-79
PINNEO, MELISSA E.           PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-7-209
PITTMAN, WILLIAM L.          PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-8-257
PITTS, JOHN                  HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-158
PIXLEY, SQUARE               HOWARD                        NY-51-5-333
PLATT, BENJAMIN              BRADFORD                      NY-51-7-149
PLATT, CHARLES               CORNING                       NY-51-6-424
POMEROY, CATHARINE           WOODHULL                      NY-51-9-111
PORTER, ROBERT               PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-167
POTTER, JEREMIAH             NTL                           NY-51-3-322
POWERS, JOHN                 AVOCA                         NY-51-8-337
PRATT, ELISHA                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-508
PRATT, JARED                 PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-238
PRENTICE, SAMUEL G.          HOWARD                        NY-51-9-177
PRESTON, MARY                DANSVILLE                     NY-51-6-137
PRICE, HELEN C.              TYRONE                        NY-51-4-205
PRICE, WILLIAM               ADDISON                       NY-51-6-69
QUACKENBUSH,ABRAHAM G.       WAYNE                         NY-51-9-161
RAPLEE, DANIEL               BATH                          NY-51-6-56
RATHBONE, HUBBARD S.         COHOCTON                      NY-51-8-77
RATHBONE, RANSOM             RATHBONE                      NY-51-8-61
RATHBUN, HUBBARD W.          HOWARD                        NY-51-9-5
RATHBUN, JOB B.              HOWARD                        NY-51-6-243
RATHBUN, WILLIAM             NTL                           NY-51-2-67
RAYMOND, ROSWELL             COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-293
READ, IRA                    URBANA                        NY-51-6-53
READ, JAMES H.               BATH                          NY-51-5-100
READ, STEPHEN S.             BATH                          NY-51-9-187
RECTOR, NICHOLAS D.          DANSVILLE                     NY-51-9-373
REDDOUT, HANNAH A.           BATH                          NY-51-7-517
REDDOUT, PETER               BATH                          NY-51-7-137
REED, GILBERT                AVOCA                         NY-51-9-101
REED, ROMEO                  CATON                         NY-51-8-285
RENCHIN, GEORGE              PULTENEY                      NY-51-1-109
RETAN, BARNET D.             URBANA                        NY-51-5-282
REYNOLDS, CHARLES H.         RATHBONE                      NY-51-9-81
REYNOLDS, JOHNSON N.         PULTENEY                      NY-51-7-281
RIAL, SIMON S.               ADDISON                       NY-51-7-465
RICE, BURRAGE                PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-3-234
RICE, JONAS                  HOWARD                        NY-51-8-445
RICHARDSON, CATHARINE        BATH                          NY-51-7-257
RICHARDSON, JOHN             BATH                          NY-51-6-234
RILEY, PETER                 PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-178
RISING, HENRY                THURSTON                      NY-51-9-379
ROBBINS, JOHN **NTL          CAMPBELL (61)                 NY-51-6-340
ROBINSON, SPENCER F.         JASPER                        NY-51-8-117
ROGERS, JONATHAN M.          TROUPSBURG                    NY-51-3-369
ROGERS, WILLIAM C.           DANSVILLE                     NY-51-6-229
ROLFE, ELIZA                 AVOCA                         NY-51-9-497
ROOT, THOMAS                 DANSVILLE                     NY-51-8-449
ROSE, HORACE                 HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-177
ROSENKRANS, ELIJAH           URBANA                        NY-51-6-324
ROSENKRANS, LEVI             WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-45
ROSENKRANS, SIMEON           NTL                           NY-51-3-262
ROWLEY, DIMIS                CORNING                       NY-51-8-509
ROWLEY, JESSE                ADDISON                       NY-51-4-82
ROWLEY, LEVI                 CORNING                       NY-51-6-222
RUMSEY, WILLIAM S.           PAINTED POST                  NY-51-7-225
RUTHERFORD, ANDREW           BATH                          NY-51-5-126
RUTHERFORD, THOMAS           BATH                          NY-51-3-274
RUTHERFORD, THOMAS           BATH                          NY-51-5-431
SABIN, LYDIA                 HOWARD                        NY-51-5-18
SACKETT, SARAH               COHOCTON                      NY-51-9-559
SADLER, GEORGE B.            ERWIN                         NY-51-3-318
SADLER, LOUISA ANN           ERWIN                         NY-51-3-306
SAGGS, ANNANIAS R.           HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-17
SANDERS, ROWLAND             RATHBONE                      NY-51-9-107
SANDFORD, EPHRAIM            WAYNE                         NY-51-4-24
SANFORD, DAVID               WAYNE                         NY-51-4-152
SANFORD, DAVID D.            THURSTON                      NY-51-9-367
SANFORD, JOHN H.             WAYNE                         NY-51-3-327
SANFORD, JOHN JR.            URBANA                        NY-51-3-350
SANFORD, MONROE              URBANA                        NY-51-9-449
SANFORD, WILLIAM             WAYNE                         NY-51-4-504
SARLES, ANGWINE              PULTENEY                      NY-51-5-41
SARLES, WILLIAM              PULTENEY                      NY-51-5-107
SAXTON, GERSHUM              COSHOCTON                     NY-51-2-112
SAYRE, JOHN                  HORNLEY                       NY-51-7-261
SCHERMERHORN, MATHEW         BATH                          NY-51-3-159
SEARLS, LEMUEL               ADDISON                       NY-51-3-148
SECOR, WILLIAM H.            HORNBY                        NY-51-9-267
SEXTON, MILO                 BATH                          NY-51-5-372
SHAFFER, FERDINAND           WAYLAND                       NY-51-7-213
SHAPLEY, JOHN P.             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-4-536
SHARP, GEORGE W.             PAINTED POST                  NY-51-1-375
SHARP, MARY                  PAINTED POST                  NY-51-2-121
SHARP, MARY B.               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-401
SHAVER, HENRY                BATH                          NY-51-8-261
SHAW, LEVI                   TROUPSBURG                    NY-51-3-189
SHEHAN, JOHN                 WEST UNION                    NY-51-8-225
SHEPARD, EZRA S.             COHOCTON                      NY-51-4-183
SHERMAN, FRANCIS             URBAN                         NY-51-4-71
SHOEMAKER, JOHN              CORNING                       NY-51-8-241
SHOWERS, WILLIAM             WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-315
SHULTS, LARRY                AVOCA                         NY-51-7-501
SHULTS, MICHAEL              AVOCA                         NY-51-5-457
SHUMWAY, LOREN               TUSCARORA                     NY-51-9-239
SILSBY, JOHN                 CORNING                       NY-51-7-65
SIMMONS, CALVIN              URBANA                        NY-51-5-143
SIMS, JAMES                  PULTENEY                      NY-51-7-385
SINCLAIR, JOHN               BATHA                         NY-51-5-203
SLID, FREDERICK              ADDISON                       NY-51-6-192
SMITH, ANDREW                BATH                          NY-51-3-118
SMITH, ANDY L.               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-6-63
SMITH, CHARLES A.            BATH                          NY-51-9-325
SMITH, CHARLES A.            BATH                          NY-51-9-337
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER C.        BATH                          NY-51-8-365
SMITH, DAVID                 HOWARD                        NY-51-3-353
SMITH, JAMES J.              HOWARD                        NY-51-3-324
SMITH, JEFFERSON             PRATTSBURG                    NY-51-9-421
SMITH, JOSEPH                JASPER                        NY-51-4-11
SMITH, JOSEPH                CORNING                       NY-51-9-335
SMITH, LEWIS                 FREMONT                       NY-51-7-457
SMITH, MARGARET F.           ADDISON                       NY-51-9-539
SMITH, ROBERT                BATH                          NY-51-9-507
SMITH, STEPHEN               BATH                          NY-51-3-361
SMITH, SYLVESTER             ERWIN                         NY-51-6-201
SMOCK, JOHN                  TYRONE                        NY-51-4-56
SNELL, WILLIAM               BATH                          NY-51-9-341
SNYDER, ANTHONY              URBANA                        NY-51-4-16
SOLES, JOHN                  BATH                          NY-51-9-399
SOMERS, JAMES                CORNING                       NY-51-9-193
SORTER, JESSE                NTL                           NY-51-1-141
SPALDING, GEORGE             HOWARD                        NY-51-8-545
SPALDING, JARED              BATH                          NY-51-8-441
SPENCER, CHRISTOPHER         CATON                         NY-51-5-84
SPIKE, DANIEL                COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-386
SPRAGUE, JAMES               URBANA                        NY-51-8-161
STEERE, NAEOMA               HARTWICK, OTSEGO, NY          NY-51-6-122
STEINHARD, HENRY             WAYLAND                       NY-51-9-91
STEPHENS, ELIAS              CANISTEO                      NY-51-1-170
STEPHENS, ELIJAH             HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-4-115
STEPHENS, GEORGE W.          GREENWOOD                     NY-51-8-97
STEPHENS, JOHN               GREENWOOD                     NY-51-3-132
STEPHENS, JOHN R.            HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-49
STEPHENS, NATHAN             CANISTEO                      NY-51-8-181
STEPHENS, PELEG              JASPER                        NY-51-3-126
STEPHENS, URIAH              CANISTEO                      NY-51-5-1
STEPHENS, URIAH              CANISTEO                      NY-51-1-1
STEPHENS, VINCENT            HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-37
STEPHENSON, JOHN             HOWARD                        NY-51-8-357
STERRETT, HENRY              BATH                          NY-51-2-13
STEVENS, HENRY               PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-26
STEWART, JOSEPH              PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-302
STEWART, LYMAN               PULTENEY                      NY-51-4-208
STILES, ASHEL SR.            NTL                           NY-51-1-162
STILTS, JOHN R.              BRADFORD                      NY-51-7-441
STINSON, JOHN                BATH                          NY-51-9-181
STJOHN, HANNAH B.            PULTENEY                      NY-51-7-53
STJOHN, JOSEPH               PULTENEY                      NY-51-6-34
STONE, AMOS                  URBANA                        NY-51-3-294
STOUT, JOHN W.               PLATO, IL                     NY-51-7-373
STRONG, NEHEMIAH             NTL                           NY-51-3-180
STUART, JOHN                 CAMERON                       NY-51-8-249
STURDEVANT, JAMES            PRATTSBURG                    NY-51-4-33
SUTHER, DANIEL               HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-7-145
SWART, ELIZABETH             FREMONT                       NY-51-8-213
SWARTHOUT, EZEKIEL           WAYNE                         NY-51-5-288
SWAZY, JOEL                  HOWARD                        NY-51-3-363
SWINZEL, JOHN GEORGE         WAYLAND                       NY-51-6-213
SWITZER, HENRY               WAYNE                         NY-51-1-91
TAGGART, JAMES               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-6-284
TAILOR, FRANCIS              WAYNE                         NY-51-3-309
TAMER, JOHN                  PULTENEY                      NY-51-1-86
TAPPING, CLARK H.            GREENWOOD                     NY-51-5-215
TAYLOR, DANIEL               BATH                          NY-51-5-593
TAYLOR, RUSSELL B.           CANISTEO                      NY-51-9-145
TEEPLE, JOHN                 WAYNE                         NY-51-2-117
TERRY, ABRAHAM               COHOCTON                      NY-51-5-538
THOMAS, MOSES                PULTENEY                      NY-51-8-549
THOMPSON, PHINEAS            READING                       NY-51-1-421
THOMSON, DAVID               READING                       NY-51-1-130
THURBER, HEZEKIAH            CORNING                       NY-51-9-369
TIFFANY, WILLIS N.           BATH                          NY-51-8-393
TILLMAN, JOHN                LINDLEY                       NY-51-7-273
TOBEY, PASCHAL               CATON                         NY-51-9-319
TODD, EMALINE                HARTWICK, OTSEGO, NY          NY-51-5-362
TOLBERT, SETH                BRADFORD                      NY-51-5-532
TOMER, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-51-1-373
TOMPKINS, DANIEL D.          WAYNE                         NY-51-3-168
TOMPKINS, DAVID              WAYLAND                       NY-51-7-313
TOWLE, RICHARD               HOWARD                        NY-51-8-401
TOWNER, GERSHOM              BATH                          NY-51-2-103
TOWNER, JOEL                 AVOCA                         NY-51-8-25
TOWNSEND, HENRY A.           NTL                           NY-51-3-145
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN           TYRONE                        NY-51-5-478
TOWNSEND, LUTHER             BATH                          NY-51-8-505
TUCKER, HANNAH               AVOCA                         NY-51-7-409
TUCKER, RICHARD              WAYLAND                       NY-51-8-125
TUNISON, PHILIP              CORNING                       NY-51-9-543
TURMBULL, ALONZO             HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-9-261
TURNER, EMILY K.             CORNING                       NY-51-7-21
TURNER, SAMUEL               WAYNE                         NY-51-5-299
TWOGOOD, RICHARD C.          ADDISON                       NY-51-8-157
UNDERWOOD, JESSE             HORNBY                        NY-51-8-501
UPSON, ASA                   FREMTON                       NY-51-8-41
VANAUKER, LEVI               AVOCA                         NY-51-4-47
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN             HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-6-83
VANBUSKIRK, RICHARD          AVOCA                         NY-51-5-132
VANDERLINDER, DANIEL         HOWARD                        NY-51-8-137
VANDEVENTER, CHRISTOPHER     DANSVILLE                     NY-51-1-406
VANDEWARKER, HENRY           PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-146
VANDUZER, MILTON             TYRONE                        NY-51-4-29
VANHORN, JOHN L.             HOWARD                        NY-51-6-1
VANHOUTEN, RALPH             WAYNE                         NY-51-7-349
VANNESS, JOHN                URBANA                        NY-51-8-273
VANSCOTER, CORNELIUS         DANSVILLE                     NY-51-3-150
VANWIE, JOHN A.              AVOCA                         NY-51-5-292
VIBBERT, ANN                 BATH                          NY-51-8-297
VICKERS, JACOB               HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-8-33
VOORHEES, ISAAC              PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-390
WAGENER, MELCHIOR            PULTENEY                      NY-51-6-81
WAGGONER, INGLEHART          WHEELER                       NY-51-9-235
WAGSTAFF, THOMAS             PULTENEY                      NY-51-9-207
WALDO, ERASTUS               PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-9-33
WALDO, JESSE                 PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-2-65
WALKER, JAMES                CANISTEO                      NY-51-1-128
WALKER, JOHN                 BATH                          NY-51-8-197
WALLACE, JAMES               COHOCTON                      NY-51-7-505
WALTERS, CHARLES T.          PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-4-226
WAMPOLE, GEORGE              CANISTEO                      NY-51-4-13
WARD, ASA                    TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-7-217
WATKINS, AARON               COHOCTON                      NY-51-9-351
WAY, FANNY                   BATH                          NY-51-5-251
WEATHERBY, MARY M.           ADDISON                       NY-51-7-197
WEBSTER, ISAAC               TYRONE                        NY-51-4-470
WEBSTER, JOSIAH              URBANA                        NY-51-5-367
WELCH, BENJAMIN S.           WHEELER                       NY-51-9-129
WELD, DAVID                  PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-5-463
WELLES, ELIHU S.             WAYNE                         NY-51-9-565
WESTBROOK, LEWIS M.          BRADFORD                      NY-51-7-77
WETHERGROVE, JAMES           PRATTSBURGH                   NY-51-6-43
WHEATON, CHARITY WYCKOFF     PULTENEY                      NY-51-3-153
WHEATON, GEORGE              WHEELER                       NY-51-4-32
WHEELER, ADELIA              URBANA                        NY-51-8-433
WHEELER, GRATTAN H. *NTL     WHEELER (MAPS)                NY-51-5-255
WHEELER, JEREMIAH            BATH                          NY-51-5-148
WHEELER, JOSEPH              BATH                          NY-51-7-509
WHEELER, OSCELO              WHEELER                       NY-51-9-357
WHEELER, RICHARD             ERWIN                         NY-51-9-427
WHEELER, SILAS               WHEELER                       NY-51-2-96
WHEELER, SILAS               WHEELER                       NY-51-6-187
WHITAKER, LANAH              AVONA                         NY-51-7-525
WHITCOMB, MARTIN C.          HOWARD                        NY-51-6-111
WHITE, ABEL                  CANISTEO                      NY-51-8-377
WHITE, JAMES P.              GREENWOOD                     NY-51-7-557
WHITE, JOHN                  BATH                          NY-51-3-181
WHITFORD, ASA                HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-6-264
WHITING, DAVID S.            HARTSVILLE                    NY-51-8-277
WHITING, JOHN                BATH                          NY-51-5-444
WHITWOOD, DAVID              HOWARD                        NY-51-7-33
WHITWOOD, FANNY              HOWARD                        NY-51-7-301
WHITWOOD, MARTHA A.          CANISTEO                      NY-51-7-233
WILBUR, ELISHA               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-7-333
WILLIAMS, HENRY S.           TYRONE                        NY-51-3-269
WILLIAMS, REUBEN             WOODHULL                      NY-51-5-336
WILLIAMS, THOMAS O.          WHEELER                       NY-51-7-537
WILLIAMSON, ALVAH            WAYNE                         NY-51-9-293
WING, ELIJAH                 COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-288
WINSHIP, NEHEMIAH            TROUPSBURGH                   NY-51-2-83
WIXSON, SOLOMON              WAYNE                         NY-51-1-151
WOHLGEMUTH, MARY ANN         CAMERON                       NY-51-9-31
WOLEVER, JACOB               HORNELLVILLE                  NY-51-8-233
WOLVERTON, SAMUEL U.         BRADFORD                      NY-51-4-248
WOMBOUGH, WILLIAM            ADDISON                       NY-51-5-522
WOOD, HENRY S.               WAYNE                         NY-51-9-49
WOOD, WILLIAM B.             WAYNE                         NY-51-8-245
WOODFIELD, JAMES             ADDISON                       NY-51-5-441
WOODRUFF, JAMES C.           URBANA                        NY-51-4-49
WOODWORTH, DYER              ADDISON                       NY-51-7-265
WOODWORTH, ISRAEL            CATON                         NY-51-7-69
WRAIGHT, THOMAS              WHEELER                       NY-51-7-325
WYGANT, BENJAMIN             WHEELER                       NY-51-5-341
YOUNGLOVE, AARON             COHOCTON                      NY-51-3-131
YOUNGLOVE, CORNELIUS         URBANA                        NY-51-7-61
ZIELLEY, JACOB               AVOCA                         NY-51-6-106

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