Town of Burrville, Providence County, Rhode Island
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ALDRICH, ELIZABETH                      RI-4-BUR-4-230
ALDRICH, JULIA A.                       RI-4-BUR-5-541
ALDRICH, PETER                          RI-4-BUR-1-12
ALDRICH, REBECCA                        RI-4-BUR-3-285
ALDRICH, RUFUS                          RI-4-BUR-4-445
ALDRICH, WILLIS                         RI-4-BUR-5-79
ANGELL, BROWN                           RI-4-BUR-5-244
ANGELL, ESTEN                           RI-4-BUR-5-636
ANGELL, RANDALL                         RI-4-BUR-4-1
ANGELL, SUSAN                           RI-4-BUR-5-656
ARNOLD, ABIGAIL                         RI-4-BUR-4-517
ARNOLD, JOHN                            RI-4-BUR-2-372
ARNOLD, JON                             RI-4-BUR-2-108
ARNOLD, MANNING                         RI-4-BUR-5-233
ARNOLD, MANNING                         RI-4-BUR-5-193
ATWELL, ABNER                           RI-4-BUR-5-140
BACON, LUCY M.                          RI-4-BUR-5-285
BAKER, CHARLES E.                       RI-4-BUR-4-422
BAKER, SARAH A.                         RI-4-BUR-5-672
BALLARD, ANDREW                         RI-4-BUR-1-307
BALLARD, GEORGE                         RI-4-BUR-3-23
BALLOU, DANIEL                          RI-4-BUR-2-452
BALLOU, DAVID                           RI-4-BUR-1-221
BALLOU, DAVID                           RI-4-BUR-1-290
BALLOU, GARNER                          RI-4-BUR-2-155
BALLOU, LAVINA                          RI-4-BUR-4-521
BALLOU, WELCOME                         RI-4-BUR-4-120
BARBER, ANDREW M.                       RI-4-BUR-5-696
BARNETT, ELIZA J.                       RI-4-BUR-5-372
BARTLETT, ABIGAL                        RI-4-BUR-1-86
BARTLETT, STEPHEN                       RI-4-BUR-4-424
BATES, FRANCIS L.                       RI-4-BUR-5-399
BATTEY, BENJAMIN                        RI-4-BUR-1-258
BATTEY, SARAH                           RI-4-BUR-2-541
BATTY, SMITH                            RI-4-BUR-4-70
BELLOWS, WILLIAM                        RI-4-BUR-4-40
BENOIT, MAGLORE                         RI-4-BUR-5-564
BLACK, MARY                             RI-4-BUR-5-389
BLACK, PATRICK                          RI-4-BUR-4-452
BLACKMAR, EUNICE                        RI-4-BUR-2-509
BLACKMAR, ZERVAH                        RI-4-BUR-4-42
BLIGH, OTIS W.                          RI-4-BUR-5-438
BOUTELLE, SALLY                         RI-4-BUR-3-249
BOWEN, MILLARD                          RI-4-BUR-3-463
BRADY, MICHAEL                          RI-4-BUR-5-64
BROOKE, WILLIAM TYLER                   RI-4-BUR-5-641
BROWN, ELISHA                           RI-4-BUR-1-191
BROWN, GEORGE                           RI-4-BUR-1-404
BROWN, ISRAEL                           RI-4-BUR-2-235
BROWN, JOSEPH                           RI-4-BUR-2-241
BROWN, JOSIAH                           RI-4-BUR-1-417
BROWNE, GEORGE H.                       RI-4-BUR-5-521
BRUCE, WINSOR                           RI-4-BUR-5-325
BUFFUM, ELIZABETH                       RI-4-BUR-4-308
BURLINGAME, ASA                         RI-4-BUR-2-98
BURLINGAME, HENRY WOOD                  RI-4-BUR-3-257
BURLINGAME, TIMOTHY ALLEN               RI-4-BUR-3-139
BURTON, DEBORAH                         RI-4-BUR-5-362
CALLAHAN, URSULA C.                     RI-4-BUR-5-218
CARSON, PATRICK                         RI-4-BUR-5-301
CARY, BROWN                             RI-4-BUR-5-535
CHASE, JOSEPH                           RI-4-BUR-1-224
CHURCHEL, ASA                           RI-4-BUR-2-218
CLARY, MARY                             RI-4-BUR-5-407
CLEMENCE, RICHAD R.                     RI-4-BUR-3-386
COMSTOCK, ALFRED L.                     RI-4-BUR-5-491
COMSTOCK, ESEK                          RI-4-BUR-2-58
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                        RI-4-BUR-1-149
COMSTOCK, SILAS                         RI-4-BUR-3-402
CONLEY, THOMAS                          RI-4-BUR-5-590
COO, GERTON S.                          RI-4-BUR-5-304
COOK, MARTHA                            RI-4-BUR-4-407
COOPER, HAZAEL H.                       RI-4-BUR-5-716
COOPER, MOSES                           RI-4-BUR-2-381
COOPER, WATY                            RI-4-BUR-2-301
CROSBY, CALEB B.                        RI-4-BUR-4-211
CURREN, MARY                            RI-4-BUR-5-401
CURREN, PETER                           RI-4-BUR-5-204
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                       RI-4-BUR-5-317
CURTIS, JOHN                            RI-4-BUR-5-5
DAILY, JAMES                            RI-4-BUR-1-8
DARLING, ELISHA                         RI-4-BUR-4-86
DAVIS, ABNER                            RI-4-BUR-4-65
DEAN, TIMOTHY                           RI-4-BUR-2-465
DOAN, ELSIE M.                          RI-4-BUR-5-682
DORR, ROSAMOND                          RI-4-BUR-4-336
EAGAN, JULIA                            RI-4-BUR-4-456
EDDY, HARRIET W.                        RI-4-BUR-5-385
EDDY, JOHN S.                           RI-4-BUR-5-254
EDDY, LEVI                              RI-4-BUR-3-127
EDDY, LIPPET                            RI-4-BUR-2-398
EDDY, LOIS                              RI-4-BUR-2-395
EDDY, SEVIAH                            RI-4-BUR-3-244
EDDY, ZACHARIAH                         RI-4-BUR-1-236
EMERSON, WILLARD                        RI-4-BUR-3-270
ESTEN, GEORGE W.                        RI-4-BUR-5-408
ESTEN, JOHN                             RI-4-BUR-3-403
ESTEN, JOSEPH JR.                       RI-4-BUR-1-153
ESTEN, LOVINA                           RI-4-BUR-5-466
ESTEN, MATILDA                          RI-4-BUR-4-351
FAIRFIELD, ABRAHAM                      RI-4-BUR-1-64
FIELD, THOMAS                           RI-4-BUR-4-95
FORREST, JOSEPH                         RI-4-BUR-5-670
FOWLER, ABBIE H.                        RI-4-BUR-4-332
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         RI-4-BUR-4-322
FRANCE, JOSEPH                          RI-4-BUR-3-299
GAGE, ROSAMOND                          RI-4-BUR-5-596
GILLERAN, PATRICK                       RI-4-BUR-5-614
GREEN, PHILENA                          RI-4-BUR-3-517
GREEN, REMINGTON S.                     RI-4-BUR-3-338
GREENE, BATHSHEBA (SHERMAN)             RI-4-BUR-5-511
GREENE, JOHN                            RI-4-BUR-2-314
GRIFFIN, SAMUEL O.                      RI-4-BUR-5-106
GUILD, CHARLES E.                       RI-4-BUR-4-258
HANAWAY, JAMES                          RI-4-BUR-5-288
HANNAWAY, MARGARET                      RI-4-BUR-5-506
HARRIS, AMARZIAH                        RI-4-BUR-1-175
HARRIS, ANDREW                          RI-4-BUR-3-113
HARRIS, ELEAZER                         RI-4-BUR-5-99
HARRIS, JESSE                           RI-4-BUR-2-84
HARRIS, RACHEL                          RI-4-BUR-3-516
HERENDEEN, SIMEON                       RI-4-BUR-2-481
HICKS, LYDIA                            RI-4-BUR-3-13
HOLBROOK, ALICE M.                      RI-4-BUR-4-176, 204
HOPKINS, ABBY W.                        RI-4-BUR-5-322
HOPKINS, AUGUSTUS                       RI-4-BUR-5-509
HOPKINS, CARVER                         RI-4-BUR-4-470
HOPKINS, ELIZA                          RI-4-BUR-5-391
HOPKINS, ELLEN LOUISE                   RI-4-BUR-5-570
HOPKINS, SARAH                          RI-4-BUR-4-135
HOPKINS, STEPHEN M.                     RI-4-BUR-4-263
HOWARD, SILAS SR.                       RI-4-BUR-2-365
HUMPHREY, WILLIS H.                     RI-4-BUR-5-711
HUNT, ARNOLD                            RI-4-BUR-2-507
HUTN, ABIGAIL                           RI-4-BUR-2-530
INMAN, GEORGE                           RI-4-BUR-3-34
INMAN, GEORGE                           RI-4-BUR-5-170
INMAN, HANNAH                           RI-4-BUR-5-137
INMAN, MARTIN V.                        RI-4-BUR-5-673
INMAN, RUTH                             RI-4-BUR-4-30
INMAN, SUSANNA                          RI-4-BUR-3-262
IRONS, JAMES                            RI-4-BUR-4-489
JACOBS, SERRIE                          RI-4-BUR-4-460
JACOBS, WHITMAN                         RI-4-BUR-5-141
JOHNSON, MARY A.                        RI-4-BUR-5-613
JOSLIN, BENJAMIN                        RI-4-BUR-5-493
JOSLIN, CAROLINE                        RI-4-BUR-5-378
KEACH, EDDY                             RI-4-BUR-5-359
KEACH, EMILY A.                         RI-4-BUR-5-211
KELLY, AMELIA                           RI-4-BUR-5-562
KENNEDY, ALMIRA E.                      RI-4-BUR-5-561
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        RI-4-BUR-5-542
KIMBALL, NEHEMIAH                       RI-4-BUR-3-283
KING, JAMES                             RI-4-BUR-1-222
LAPHAM, ALFRED                          RI-4-BUR-4-417
LAPHAM, LEVI                            RI-4-BUR-3-229
LAPHAM, LUCINDA                         RI-4-BUR-5-544
LAPHAM, RACHEL                          RI-4-BUR-5-620
LAPHAM, SARAH                           RI-4-BUR-1-110
LEWIS, PRINCE                           RI-4-BUR-4-364
LINEHAN, PATRICK                        RI-4-BUR-5-390
LOGEE, AARON                            RI-4-BUR-1-241
LOGEE, CALEB                            RI-4-BUR-1-427
LOGEE, CYRUS                            RI-4-BUR-5-578
LOGEE, DARLING                          RI-4-BUR-5-139
LOGEE, DORPHIN                          RI-4-BUR-3-448
LOGEE, DUTY                             RI-4-BUR-5-116
LOGEE, ELISHA                           RI-4-BUR-2-448
LOGEE, HANNAH                           RI-4-BUR-5-671
LOGEE, MARTHA                           RI-4-BUR-5-259
LOGEE, WASHINGTON                       RI-4-BUR-4-365
LUTHER, JAMES                           RI-4-BUR-3-546
MALONE, ELLEN                           RI-4-BUR-5-472
MATHEWSON, AZUBA                        RI-4-BUR-2-422
MATHEWSON, JOSEPH                       RI-4-BUR-2-396
MATHEWSON, WELCOME                      RI-4-BUR-5-50
MCDERMOT, BERNARD                       RI-4-BUR-5-386
MCKENZIE, FRANCES                       RI-4-BUR-5-665
MCMANUS, OWEN                           RI-4-BUR-4-465
MOORE, JOHN                             RI-4-BUR-5-691
MOWRY, AMASA                            RI-4-BUR-3-340
MOWRY, DANIEL S.                        RI-4-BUR-5-184
MOWRY, EMOR                             RI-4-BUR-5-418
MOWRY, ESEK                             RI-4-BUR-4-317
MOWRY, EZEKIEL                          RI-4-BUR-5-15
MOWRY, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-BUR-5-48
MOWRY, JOANNA                           RI-4-BUR-3-522
MOWRY, LUCY A.                          RI-4-BUR-5-598
MOWRY, MERCY                            RI-4-BUR-3-376
MOWRY, PHEBE                            RI-4-BUR-5-131
MOWRY, RACHEL                           RI-4-BUR-5-258
MOWRY, RUTH                             RI-4-BUR-3-179
MOWRY, WELCOME                          RI-4-BUR-3-544
MOWRY, ZEBODEE                          RI-4-BUR-2-244
MUNGAN, CHARLES                         RI-4-BUR-4-467
MUNYAN, HOSEA                           RI-4-BUR-5-59
MURPHY, PATRICK                         RI-4-BUR-5-710
NASON, LUCY                             RI-4-BUR-5-467
ODONNELL, JOHN                          RI-4-BUR-5-543
OLNEY, ABIGAIL                          RI-4-BUR-4-16
OLNEY, GEORGE                           RI-4-BUR-1-54
OLNEY, JAMES                            RI-4-BUR-1-276
OLNEY, MERCY                            RI-4-BUR-2-222
OLNEY, RICHARD                          RI-4-BUR-2-526
OWEN, PARIS                             RI-4-BUR-4-107
PAINE, ANNA                             RI-4-BUR-4-258
PAINE, BENJAMIN M.                      RI-4-BUR-5-364
PAINE, BEZALEEL                         RI-4-BUR-2-150
PAINE, CYRIL                            RI-4-BUR-3-394
PAINE, DUTY                             RI-4-BUR-1-200
PAINE, MOAB                             RI-4-BUR-4-8
PAINE, NANCY                            RI-4-BUR-5-146
PAINE, NELSON                           RI-4-BUR-4-421
PAINE, SMITH                            RI-4-BUR-4-76
PECKHAM, MARY ANN                       RI-4-BUR-5-610
PECKHAM, MARY ANN                       RI-4-BUR-5-615
PHELPS, ABGAIL D.                       RI-4-BUR-5-35
PHETTEPLACE, JOHN                       RI-4-BUR-1-199
PHETTEPLACE, SMITH P.                   RI-4-BUR-4-136
PHETTEPLACE, WALTER                     RI-4-BUR-3-326
PHILLIPS, AARON                         RI-4-BUR-5-569
PHILLIPS, AZARIAH                       RI-4-BUR-2-351
PHILLIPS, GEORGE W.                     RI-4-BUR-5-451
PHILLIPS, MARTHA                        RI-4-BUR-5-49
PHILLIPS, THADDEUS                      RI-4-BUR-4-382
PICKERING, VAN RENSALAER                RI-4-BUR-5-559
POTTER, JEREMY                          RI-4-BUR-5-281
PRENTICE, WILLIAM                       RI-4-BUR-3-147
QUIRK, MARY                             RI-4-BUR-5-371
RICHARDSON, DEXTER                      RI-4-BUR-4-505
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                      RI-4-BUR-2-288
RICHARDSON, MATILDA                     RI-4-BUR-4-435
RILEY, SIMON                            RI-4-BUR-5-663
ROBBINS, CHLOE                          RI-4-BUR-4-523
ROBBINS, DANIEL                         RI-4-BUR-4-15
ROBINSON, CHLOE S.                      RI-4-BUR-5-110
ROBINSON, JOHN                          RI-4-BUR-1-142
ROSS, HIRAM                             RI-4-BUR-5-702
ROSS, SAMUEL                            RI-4-BUR-5-19
ROSS, SETH                              RI-4-BUR-2-345
SALISBURY, AUGUSTUS S.                  RI-4-BUR-5-685
SALISBURY, CAROLINE M.                  RI-4-BUR-5-641
SALISBURY, FREDERICK E.                 RI-4-BUR-5-271
SALISBURY, ISABELLA                     RI-4-BUR-4-500
SALISBURY, MARTHA                       RI-4-BUR-5-27
SALSBURY, JOHN                          RI-4-BUR-3-393
SAYLES, ANGELL                          RI-4-BUR-5-295
SAYLES, ELISHA                          RI-4-BUR-3-150
SAYLES, LILLIS                          RI-4-BUR-3-487
SAYLES, MARIA                           RI-4-BUR-4-352
SAYLES, NICHOLAS                        RI-4-BUR-4-377
SAYLES, PITTS                           RI-4-BUR-4-299
SAYLES, WELCOME                         RI-4-BUR-5-209
SAYLES, WHIPPLE                         RI-4-BUR-4-442
SCANLON, ELLEN                          RI-4-BUR-5-591
SHEARMAN, ELKANAH                       RI-4-BUR-1-1
SHERMAN, ZADOC                          RI-4-BUR-4-526
SHUMWAY, LORENS                         RI-4-BUR-4-89
SMITH, ANN F.                           RI-4-BUR-4-539
SMITH, DANIEL                           RI-4-BUR-2-285
SMITH, DANIEL                           RI-4-BUR-3-478
SMITH, DANIEL                           RI-4-BUR-5-148
SMITH, EBER                             RI-4-BUR-3-108
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-BUR-5-425
SMITH, JESSE M.                         RI-4-BUR-5-634
SMITH, JOHN                             RI-4-BUR-2-73
SMITH, JOHN A.                          RI-4-BUR-5-175
SMITH, LYDIA                            RI-4-BUR-3-94
SMITH, MARTIN                           RI-4-BUR-1-69
SMITH, MARTIN A.                        RI-4-BUR-4-404
SMITH, MARY                             RI-4-BUR-4-326
SMITH, MERCY                            RI-4-BUR-1-75
SMITH, NELSON                           RI-4-BUR-3-308
SMITH, OWEN B.                          RI-4-BUR-5-664
SMITH, PATRICK                          RI-4-BUR-5-558
SMITH, PITTS                            RI-4-BUR-1-129
SMITH, REUBIN                           RI-4-BUR-2-299
SMITH, SAMUEL                           RI-4-BUR-1-112
SMITH, SIMEON                           RI-4-BUR-2-313
SMITH, WILLIAM                          RI-4-BUR-2-60
STANDFIELD, WILLIAM R.                  RI-4-BUR-3-271
STEERE, ALICE                           RI-4-BUR-4-294
STEERE, LILLIS                          RI-4-BUR-4-471
STEERE, SARAH                           RI-4-BUR-4-312
STEERE, SIMEON                          RI-4-BUR-1-182
STEERE, SYRIA                           RI-4-BUR-2-501
STEERE, WILLIS                          RI-4-BUR-2-204
STEERE, WRIGHT CLEMONS                  RI-4-BUR-2-153
STONE, ABEL                             RI-4-BUR-1-26
STONE, EZRA                             RI-4-BUR-1-163
STONE, HARRIET                          RI-4-BUR-5-660
STOTT, SARAH                            RI-4-BUR-5-168
STREETER, ELMIRA M.                     RI-4-BUR-5-205
TAFT, JESSE                             RI-4-BUR-3-272
TAFT, MARY D.                           RI-4-BUR-4-419
TAFT, WILLIAM H.                        RI-4-BUR-5-416
THAYER, EPHRAIM                         RI-4-BUR-3-50
THAYER, GEORGE                          RI-4-BUR-2-327
THOMPSON, JOEL                          RI-4-BUR-5-260
TOURTELOTT, PARSON C.                   RI-4-BUR-5-231
TOURTELOTTE, DIANA                      RI-4-BUR-5-675
TRASK, SALLY                            RI-4-BUR-3-30
TUCKER, TERTULLUS                       RI-4-BUR-1-107
VALLETT, LAURA                          RI-4-BUR-5-560
VALLETT, MARCELLA                       RI-4-BUR-5-57
WADE, CARRIE M.                         RI-4-BUR-5-519
WADE, FRANK C.                          RI-4-BUR-5-569
WALLACE, AMASA                          RI-4-BUR-5-229
WALLIN, WARREN                          RI-4-BUR-5-661
WALLING, AMEY S.                        RI-4-BUR-4-217
WALLING, AREA                           RI-4-BUR-4-429
WALLING, CLARK                          RI-4-BUR-5-342
WALLING, CLEMENTINA                     RI-4-BUR-4-353
WALLING, ISAAC                          RI-4-BUR-5-593
WALLING, ISHMAEL                        RI-4-BUR-3-170
WALLING, JACOB                          RI-4-BUR-1-20
WALLING, JOHN                           RI-4-BUR-3-494
WALLING, JOHN                           RI-4-BUR-5-361
WALLING, NANCY                          RI-4-BUR-3-485
WALLING, REBECKAH                       RI-4-BUR-1-22
WALLING, REUBEN                         RI-4-BUR-2-329
WALLING, SARAH                          RI-4-BUR-4-450
WALLING, SMITH BARNES                   RI-4-BUR-5-183
WARDLE, JOHN                            RI-4-BUR-5-695
WARNER, DAVID E.                        RI-4-BUR-5-400
WATERHOUSE, JOHN                        RI-4-BUR-5-707
WEBB, JAMES                             RI-4-BUR-5-169
WHEATON, MARY                           RI-4-BUR-3-486
WHEELOCK, SETH                          RI-4-BUR-2-508
WHIPPLE, JOHN                           RI-4-BUR-4-72
WHIPPLE, MARY                           RI-4-BUR-2-206
WHIPPLE, SMITH                          RI-4-BUR-2-144
WHIPPLE, ZIBA                           RI-4-BUR-4-403
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        RI-4-BUR-4-279
WHITE, OLIVE                            RI-4-BUR-4-315
WHITE, SAMUEL                           RI-4-BUR-4-255
WILCOX, SOPHRONIA A.                    RI-4-BUR-5-708
WILLCOX, ASENITH                        RI-4-BUR-1-324
WILLCOX, JIRAH                          RI-4-BUR-1-208
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          RI-4-BUR-3-424
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                        RI-4-BUR-1-39
WILSON, JAMES                           RI-4-BUR-4-330
WINSLOW, MARY W.                        RI-4-BUR-5-603
WOOD, FANNY J.                          RI-4-BUR-4-214
WOOD, FENNER                            RI-4-BUR-5-151
WOOD, JOHN ESQ.                         RI-4-BUR-2-48
WOOD, OTIS                              RI-4-BUR-3-287
WOODMANCY, JEREMIAH                     RI-4-BUR-4-342
YOUNG, JOSEPH SMITH                     RI-4-BUR-5-555
YOUNG, LOUISA                           RI-4-BUR-5-268

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