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ALDRICH, ABIGAIL                        RI-4-CUM-6-223
ALDRICH, AMOS                           RI-4-CUM-13-53
ALDRICH, BARUCH                         RI-4-CUM-9-147
ALDRICH, JONATHAN                       RI-4-CUM-7-241
ALDRICH, PATIENCE                       RI-4-CUM-9-110
ALDRICH, RICHARD                        RI-4-CUM-4-88
ALDRICH, ROBERT ESQ.                    RI-4-CUM-6-374
ALEXANDER, ROGER                        RI-4-CUM-1, 15
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                         RI-4-CUM-6-112
AMSBURY, JEREMIAH                       RI-4-CUM-10-186
ANGELL, ABRAHAM                         RI-4-CUM-8-220
ARNOLD, AMOS                            RI-4-CUM-6-322
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          RI-4-CUM-14-176
ARNOLD, NATHAN                          RI-4-CUM-5-391
ARNOLD, SETH                            RI-4-CUM-7-414, 429
BAKER, SYLVANUS                         RI-4-CUM-5-224
BALLOU, ABNER ELDER                     RI-4-CUM-9-58
BALLOU, ARIEL                           RI-4-CUM-6-268
BALLOU, BEULAH                          RI-4-CUM-9-336, 339
BALLOU, CYRUS                           RI-4-CUM-11-177
BALLOU, EZEKIEL                         RI-4-CUM-6-176
BALLOU, FLAVIUS                         RI-4-CUM-14-77
BALLOU, JAMES                           RI-4-CUM-4-294
BALLOU, JERUSHA                         RI-4-CUM-6-490
BALLOU, LEVI ESQ.                       RI-4-CUM-9-24
BALLOU, NOAH                            RI-4-CUM-9-173
BALLOU, OBADIAH                         RI-4-CUM-5-88, 103
BALLOU, RICHARD                         RI-4-CUM-14-124
BALLOU, STEPHEN                         RI-4-CUM-5-257, 291
BARLET, JACOB                           RI-4-CUM-5-81, 101
BARTLETT, ABEL                          RI-4-CUM-6-207
BARTLETT, ABIGAIL                       RI-4-CUM-8-230
BARTLETT, JOB ESQ.                      RI-4-CUM-4-329
BARTLETT, JOHN                          RI-4-CUM-4-1
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                        RI-4-CUM-6-282
BARTLETT, NOAH                          RI-4-CUM-3-60
BISHOP, GIDEON                          RI-4-CUM-4-230
BISHOP, JOHN                            RI-4-CUM-13-254
BISHOP, JOHN                            RI-4-CUM-8-21, 26
BLANDING, EPHRAIM                       RI-4-CUM-7-221
BLY, CATHARINE                          RI-4-CUM-10-187
BOSWORTH, STACY                         RI-4-CUM-7-348
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-CUM-5-131, 489
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                      RI-4-CUM-6-466
BROWN, ELISABETH                        RI-4-CUM-4-307
BROWN, JOHN                             RI-4-CUM-11-258
BROWN, RUTH                             RI-4-CUM-9-112
BROWN, STEPHEN                          RI-4-CUM-6-446
BROWN, WAITSTILL                        RI-4-CUM-9-365, 416
BROWN,JABEZ                             RI-4-CUM-4-279
BURLINGGAME, JOHN                       RI-4-CUM-6-53
CAPRON, BANFIELD                        RI-4-CUM-4-169
CAPRON, PHILIP                          RI-4-CUM-13-58
CARPENTER, EBENEZER                     RI-4-CUM-7-379
CARPENTER, FREELOVE                     RI-4-CUM-8-62
CARPENTER, SETH                         RI-4-CUM-5-161
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      RI-4-CUM-10-175
CHASE, ISAAC                            RI-4-CUM-6-477, 539
CHASE, JOSEPH                           RI-4-CUM-10-346
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        RI-4-CUM-9-163
CLARKE, SAMUEL                          RI-4-CUM-5-496
COLE, JOHN                              RI-4-CUM-5-402
COMMINS, JAMES                          RI-4-CUM-5-42
COMMONWHITE, RICHAD                     RI-4-CUM-12-183, 201
COOK, ABRAHAM                           RI-4-CUM-9-283
COOKE, ASENETH                          RI-4-CUM-13-139
COOKE, ELEAZER                          RI-4-CUM-13-66
COSWELL, ABIGAIL                        RI-4-CUM-6-440
DARLING, LUKE                           RI-4-CUM-8-56, 77
DARLING, PETER JR.                      RI-4-CUM-6-510
DEXTER, ALLETHEIA                       RI-4-CUM-9-332
DEXTER, DAVID                           RI-4-CUM-6-127
DEXTER, JAMES                           RI-4-CUM-7-368, 374
DEXTER, JAMES                           RI-4-CUM-7-368, 391
DEXTER, JOHN ESQ.                       RI-4-CUM-6-33
EMERSON, WILLIAM                        RI-4-CUM-10-256, 259
ESTES, RICHARD                          RI-4-CUM-6-198
FISHER, JONATHAN                        RI-4-CUM-7-66
FISK, JOHN                              RI-4-CUM-5-529
FOLLETT, JOSEPH                         RI-4-CUM-10-32
FULLER, PELEG                           RI-4-CUM-5-471, 481
GASKILL, JAMES                          RI-4-CUM-9-71
GASKILL, SAMUEL                         RI-4-CUM-5-331
GASKILL, WILLIAM ESQ.                   RI-4-CUM-7-247
GOULD, JOHN                             RI-4-CUM-6-168
GRANT, JOHN                             RI-4-CUM-13-83
GRANT, JOHN                             RI-4-CUM-7-183
GRANT, SAMUEL                           RI-4-CUM-11-100
HASKILL, ABNER                          RI-4-CUM-7-81
HATHAWAY, JOB                           RI-4-CUM-12-305
HATHAWAY, RACHAEL                       RI-4-CUM-12-44, 190, 192
HATHWAY, SILVANUS                       RI-4-CUM-7-226
HILL, THOMAS                            RI-4-CUM-4-324
HOGG, DAVID                             RI-4-CUM-4-132
HOWARD, NANCY                           RI-4-CUM-9-419
HOWARD,JAMES                            RI-4-CUM-5-237, 284
INMAN, FRANCIS                          RI-4-CUM-8-258
INMAN, FRANCIS                          RI-4-CUM-6-151
INMAN, MARTHA                           RI-4-CUM-13-28
INMAN, SARAH                            RI-4-CUM-11-281, 289
JENCKES, GIDEON                         RI-4-CUM-13-234
JENCKES, JOSEPH                         RI-4-CUM-11-263, 273
JENCKES, RHODA                          RI-4-CUM-12-179
JENCKES, WILLIAM                        RI-4-CUM-13-97
JENCKES,LUKE                            RI-4-CUM-13-276
JENCKS, JONATHAN                        RI-4-CUM-4-75
JENKS, DANIEL                           RI-4-CUM-6-188
JENKS, MARY                             RI-4-CUM-7-164
JENKS, MERCY                            RI-4-CUM-6-523
JILLSON, NATHANIEL                      RI-4-CUM-14-32, 53, 63
JILLSON, NATHANIEL                      RI-4-CUM-5-448
JILLSON, SARAH                          RI-4-CUM-5-507
JILLSON, WELCOME                        RI-4-CUM-9-209
JOSLEN, HENRY                           RI-4-CUM-5-264, 270
KNOWLTON, TIMOTHY                       RI-4-CUM-5-144, 172
LAPHAM, JOSEPH                          RI-4-CUM-6-528
LARRY, JOHN                             RI-4-CUM-4-225
LEE, JOSEPH                             RI-4-CUM-7-381
LEE, RUTH                               RI-4-CUM-9-287, 323
LOVETT, ELIPHALET                       RI-4-CUM-8-103
LOVETT, JOHN                            RI-4-CUM-5-366
MASON, ABRAHAM                          RI-4-CUM-11-377, 381
MASON, JONATHAN                         RI-4-CUM-7-52
MASON, PELATIAH                         RI-4-CUM-5-422
MILLER, DANIEL ELDER                    RI-4-CUM-7-16
MILLER, HULDAH                          RI-4-CUM-12-34, 60
NEWELL, ELISHA                          RI-4-CUM-4-260
NEWELL, JASON                           RI-4-CUM-10-21, 31
PECK, BENJAMIN                          RI-4-CUM-2-32
PECK, DANIEL                            RI-4-CUM-3-48
PECK, DANIEL                            RI-4-CUM-2-66
PECK, DANIEL JR.                        RI-4-CUM-2-62
PECK, DANIEL JR.                        RI-4-CUM-3-44
PHILBROOCK, ELIPHALET                   RI-4-CUM-4-353
PHILLBROOK, ELIAS                       RI-4-CUM-5-306
PRESTON, EBENEZER                       RI-4-CUM-3-71
RAZE, ISAAC ESQ.                        RI-4-CUM-14-318, 325
RAZE, JOSEPH                            RI-4-CUM-5-514
RAZE, JOSEPH                            RI-4-CUM-14-353
RAZE, JOSEPH                            RI-4-CUM-11-294
RAZE, WILLIAM                           RI-4-CUM-4-44
SAYLES, ANNA W.                         RI-4-CUM-13-77
SAYLES, MARTHA                          RI-4-CUM-9-122
SAYLES, MARTHA                          RI-4-CUM-8-260
SCOTT, ISHMEAD                          RI-4-CUM-6-535
SCOTT, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-CUM-6-444
SCOTT, SILVANUS                         RI-4-CUM-4-182
SHELDON, ROGER                          RI-4-CUM-11-286, 315
SHELDON, WILLIAM                        RI-4-CUM-9-376
SHEPERDSON, NATHANIEL                   RI-4-CUM-11-400
SMITH, DAVID                            RI-4-CUM-13-45, 48
SMITH, EDWARD                           RI-4-CUM-4-175
SMITH, JACOB                            RI-4-CUM-10-88, 101, 129
SMITH, JONATHAN                         RI-4-CUM-6-500
SPRAGUE, AMEY                           RI-4-CUM-5-286, 358
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                       RI-4-CUM-5-375
SPRAGUE, RUTH                           RI-4-CUM-14-129, 132
STAPLES, EZEKIEL                        RI-4-CUM-4-196
STAPLES, JOSEPH                         RI-4-CUM-3-65
STAPLES, JOSEPH                         RI-4-CUM-7-440
STAPLES, SARAH                          RI-4-CUM-10-116
STAPLES, SEPHEN                         RI-4-CUM-11-37
STREETER, ELIZABETH                     RI-4-CUM-5-355
STREETER, ISAIAH                        RI-4-CUM-4-160
STREETER, JONATHAN                      RI-4-CUM-4-235
STREETER, JOSEPH                        RI-4-CUM-5-321
THAYER, SIMEON ESQ.                     RI-4-CUM-7-269, 277, 292
THROOP, AMOS                            RI-4-CUM-12-287
THROOP, MARY                            RI-4-CUM-12-289
TOWER, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-CUM-6-294
TOWER, DEBORAH                          RI-4-CUM-4-27
TOWER, RUTH                             RI-4-CUM-13-23
WALLCOTT, WILLIAM                       RI-4-CUM-5-382
WATERMAN, AMASA                         RI-4-CUM-10-232, 274
WATERMAN, AMAZIAH                       RI-4-CUM-6-399
WEATHERHEAD, COMFORT                    RI-4-CUM-6-97
WEATHERHEAD, DANIEL                     RI-4-CUM-6-352
WEATHERHEAD, ENOCH                      RI-4-CUM-6-389, 392
WEATHERHEAD, JOHN                       RI-4-CUM-11-319
WHIPPLE, AMOS                           RI-4-CUM-9-237
WHIPPLE, DANIEL                         RI-4-CUM-5-94
WHIPPLE, DAVID                          RI-4-CUM-5-1
WHIPPLE, ELEAZER                        RI-4-CUM-5-412
WHIPPLE, ELIZABETH                      RI-4-CUM-8-93, 99
WHIPPLE, HANNAH                         RI-4-CUM-9-68, 81
WHIPPLE, IBROOK                         RI-4-CUM-6-231
WHIPPLE, JEEMIAH                        RI-4-CUM-12-168
WHIPPLE, JEREMIAH ESQ.                  RI-4-CUM-7-315, 320, 331
WHIPPLE, JOEL                           RI-4-CUM-13-184
WHIPPLE, LEWIS                          RI-4-CUM-10-319
WHIPPLE, MOSES                          RI-4-CUM-9-216
WHIPPLE, PETER                          RI-4-CUM-5-125
WHIPPLE, PHEBE                          RI-4-CUM-5-338
WHIPPLE, SAMUEL                         RI-4-CUM-5-385
WHIPPLE, SIMON (COL.)                   RI-4-CUM-14-116, 128
WHIPPLE, STEPHEN                        RI-4-CUM-13-166
WILKINSON, DANIEL                       RI-4-CUM-5-467
WILKINSON, SIMON ESQ.                   RI-4-CUM-12-212, 235, 238
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      RI-4-CUM-10-324
WOOD, THOMAS                            RI-4-CUM-9-354
YOUNG, HUGH                             RI-4-CUM-6-17

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