Town of Foster, Providence County, Rhode Island
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ADAMS, MARY A.                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-561
ALDRICH, ELISHA                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-407
ALEXANDER, RHODA                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-482
ANTHONY, JONATHAN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-301
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-173
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-486
AUSTIN, ABIGAIL V.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-753
AUSTIN, JOHN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-538
AUSTIN, JOSEPH R.                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-752
AYLSWORTH, ASA                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-197
AYLSWORTH, ELIZA                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-301
AYLSWORTH, JOHN                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-361
BAKER, CALEB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-409
BAKER, GEORGE                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-463
BAKER, JAMES                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-592
BAKRE, GEORGE                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-485
BALDWIN, PHEBE                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-402
BENNET, BENJAMIN                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-253
BENNET, NATHAN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-114
BENNET, SUSAN                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-177
BENNETT, ARNOLD                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-157
BENNETT, ASHER                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-75
BENNETT, DANIEL                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-139
BENNETT, JEREMIAH                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-70
BENNETT, LABAN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-363
BENNETT, SOLOMON                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-264
BLANCHARD, ISAAC                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-278
BLANCHARD, REUBEN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-177
BLANCHARD, ROSANNAH                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-619
BLANCHARD, SHELDON                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-310
BOSWELL, WILLIAM                        KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-135
BOSWELL, WILLIAM S.                     KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-231
BOWEN, JABEZ                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-353
BOYCE, MARTIN                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-79
BRIGGS, ROBERT                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-724
BROWN, ABBA                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-215
BROWN, ALLEN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-11
BROWN, BENAMIN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-245
BROWN, ELISHA                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-526
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-579
BROWN, POLLEY                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-321
BROWN, THOMAS C.                        SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-11-579
BROWNELL, BENJAMIN                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-472
BUCKLIN, SQUIRE                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-461
BURGESS, ARNOLD                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-80
BURGESS, BENJAMIN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-676
BURGESS, ESTHER                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-175
BURGESS, JACOB                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-496
BURGESS, SARAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-98
BUTTON, ASA                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-638
CARPENTER, HENRY                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-613
CARPENTER, THOMAS O. H.                 FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-237
CARVER, JOSEPH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-34
CHAMPLIN, WILLIAM                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-713
CHASE, HANNAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-631
COLE, DANIEL                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-110
COLE, EDWARD                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-34
COLE, GEORGE                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-604
COLE, HUGH                              FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-544
COLE, HUGH                              SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-1-22
COLE, JAMES                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-45
COLEGROVE, CALEB                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-93
COLGROVE, STEPHEN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-420
COLLINS, THOMAS                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-377
COLWELL, ESEK                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-234
COLWELL, MARY                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-255
COLWELL, RHODA                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-213
COLWELL, RICHARD                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-115
COLWELL, WILLIAM                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-91
CORP, OTIS W.                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-302
CROSSMAN, ASAHEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-69
DAVAUL, THOMAS H.                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-556
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-48
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-162
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           FOSTE                                   RI-4-FOS-3-145
DAVIS, SIMON                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-117
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-431
DORRANCE, GEORGE                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-160
DORRANCE, MEHITABEL                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-645
DORRANCE, SALLY T.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-595
DROWN, WILLIAM                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-67
DUMON, PELEG                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-280
EDDY, PELEG                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-452
EDDY, PELEG A.                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-224
FENNER, OBADIAH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-325
FENNER, SARAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-257
FISH, ELIHU                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-303
FISKE, AMEY                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-459
FISKE, RHODA                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-630
FORD, JAMES J.                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-513
FORD, JOSEPH                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-386
FORD, OLIVE                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-193
FOSTER, ALBERT                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-133
FOSTER, JOHN C.                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-566
FOSTER, LEVI                            SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-1-1
FRY,  JEFFERY AMHERST                   FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-651
FRY, PENELOPE                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-295
FRY, RICHARD                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-50
FULLER, BEHA                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-701
FULLER, FRANCIS                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-280
FULLER, JONATHAN                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-16
FULLER, JONATHAN                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-64
GOODSPEED, RUTH B.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-143
GREENE, SAMUEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-448
GREENE, WILLIAM                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-543
GRIFFITHS, SOUTHWARD                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-105
HALEY, MARY                             COVENTRY                                RI-4-FOS-8-222
HARMON, THOMAS                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-135
HARRINGTON, CHARLES                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-40
HARRINGTON, NATHAN                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-219
HARRINGTON, PELEG                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-416
HARRINTON, JAMES                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-179
HARRINTON, MERCY                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-178
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-338
HERRINTON, JOSIAH                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-40
HILL, BETSEY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-448
HILL, JERAH                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-422
HILL, MARY                              FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-666
HILL, MARY                              SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-11-115
HOLDEN, PARDON                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-92
HOPKINS, ABRAHAM                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-603
HOPKINS, ALBERT H.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-156
HOPKINS, ALLEN 2ND                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-362
HOPKINS, ANTHONY                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-357
HOPKINS, ASAHEL                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-158
HOPKINS, CHARLES                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-636
HOPKINS, CHLOE                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-155
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-53
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-1-25
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-5
HOPKINS, DEBORAH                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-224
HOPKINS, DRUZILLA                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-59
HOPKINS, EZEKIEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-450
HOPKINS, JAMES                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-30
HOPKINS, JONAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-560
HOPKINS, JONATHAN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-552
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-27
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-228
HOPKINS, JOSEPH B.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-477
HOPKINS, MARTHA                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-202
HOPKINS, NATHAN 2ND                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-534
HOPKINS, NICHOLAS                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-95
HOPKINS, OLIVE                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-162
HOPKINS, PENELOPE                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-114
HOPKINS, REUBEN                         SCITUATE                                RI-4-FOS-3-420
HOPKINS, RHOBA                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-335
HOPKINS, ROYAL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-9
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-302
HOPKINS, SAMUEL 2ND                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-275
HOPKINS, SOPHIA B.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-496
HOPKINS, STUKELY                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-167
HOPKINS, THOMAS A.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-229
HOPKINS, ZEBEDEE                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-170
HORTON, NATHANIEL                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-531
HORTON, NATHANIEL                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-382
HOWARD, DANIEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-292
HOWARD, DANIEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-116
HOWARD, DORCAS                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-545
HOWARD, DOROTHY                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-467
HOWARD, GORTON                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-63
HOWARD, JAMES JR.                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-204
HOWARD, OWEN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-5
HOWARD, RICHARD                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-186
HOWARD, RUTH L.                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-400
HOWARD, SAMUEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-331
HUMISTON, AMOS JR.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-23
IDE, OLIVER H.                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-503
ILLINGWORTH, THOMAS                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-408
JENCKS, AMOS                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-54
JENCKS, SARAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-219
JENKES, WILLIAM A.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-291
JENKS, MARCY ANN                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-395
JOHNSON, BRADFORD W.                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-605
JOHNSON, FREELOVE                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-256
JOHNSON, JOB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-140
JOHNSON, JOHN                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-91
JOHNSON, REUBEN                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-466
JOHNSON, SARAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-674
KEECH, NANCY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-418
KENNEDY, ALEXANDE                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-505
KENNEDY, GEORGE                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-371
KETTLE, PATIENCE C.                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-365
KING, JOSHUA                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-665
KING, MARY E.                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-64
KING, RUFUS                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-520
KNIGHT, EZRA                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-449
KNIGHT, OLNEY                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-368
LYON, REUBEN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-443
LYON, RICHARD J.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-242
LYON, SHELDON P.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-127
MANCHESTER, CYNTHIA                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-145
MANCHESTER, NATHANIEL                   FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-177
MASON, GEORGE L.                        KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-224
MATHEWSON, BETSEY                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-313
MCGEE, ELIPHET                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-271
MCGEE, GEORGE                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-106
MORSE, BETHIAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-286
MOWRY, OLNEY                            KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-294
NICHOLAS, CHARLES                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-661
PAINE, ANDREW                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-401
PAINE, FREELOVE G.                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-620
PAINE, JOHN                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-332
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-318
PHILLIPS, ASAPH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-403
PHILLIPS, EPHRAIM                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-38
PHILLIPS, ISRAEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-642
PHILLIPS, JACOB                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-356
PHILLIPS, NATHANIEL                     (FOSTER)                                RI-4-FOS-1-126
PLACE, ABRAHAM                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-445
PLACE, CHRISTOPHER                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-27
PLACE, ENOCH                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-62
PLACE, HANNAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-271
PLACE, JANE                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-122
PLACE, JOB W.                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-277
PLACE, JOSEPH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-509
PLACE, NABBY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-516
PLACE, PELEG                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-269
PLACE, RUFUS                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-200
PLACE, STEPHEN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-324
PLACE, STEPHEN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-324
POTTER, CHARLES                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-12
POTTER, DANIEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-237
POTTER, ICHABOD                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-466
POTTER, LYDIA                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-345
POTTER, NEHEMIAH                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-614
POTTER, SARAH                           NEWPORT, HERKIMER, NY                   RI-4-FOS-9-300
POTTER, WILLIAM                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-372
PRAY, ISRAEL                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-507
PRAY, JEREMIAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-35
PRAY, JONATHAN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-71
PRAY, JONATHAN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-144
RANDALL, JOHN                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-196
RANDALL, MARY A.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-248
REYNOLDS, MAHALA                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-494
RICE, JAMES                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-85
RIDER, FREEBORN                         COVENTRY, KENT, RI                      RI-4-FOS-11-49
ROUND, CALEB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-36
ROUND, JAMES                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-53
ROUND, JOHN                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-515
ROUND, NANCY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-412
ROUND, PELEG                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-92
ROUND, PELEG                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-140
ROUND, SIMEON                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-272
ROUND, SUSANNA                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-58
ROUND, SUSANNAH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-206
SALISBURY, JOSEPH                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-372
SALSBURY, WILLIAM JR.                   FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-99
SAUNDERS, FREELOVE                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-249
SAUNDERS, OTHANIAL                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-530
SCOTT, SIMON                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-422
SEAMANS, HALSEY                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-178
SEAMANS, JOB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-235
SEAMANS, JONATHAN                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-718
SEAMANS, MARY                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-396
SEAMANS, THOMAS                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-406
SHIPPEE, JOB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-75
SHIPPEE, JOB                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-153
SHIPPEE, SIBEL                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-439
SLATER, ANNAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-345
SLATER, SILAS                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-422
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-344
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-202
SMITH, JOHN                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-106
SMITH, JOSEPH WILKINSON                 FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-225
SMITH, LYDIA                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-57
SMITH, SUSAN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-308
STATES, JOHN                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-10
STONE, CLARISSA                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-678
STONE, ELECTA A.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-714
STONE, JAMES                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-136
STONE, MERCY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-81
STONE, NATHANIEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-490
STONE, NATHANIEL                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-212
STRANNAHAN, JAMES                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-82
SWEET, ANGELL                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-596
SWEET, ARNOLD W.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-254
SWEET, ELISHA                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-687
SWEET, MATTHEW                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-382
SWEET, SOLOMON                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-131
TERNEY, JAMES                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-380
TILLINGHAST, PURDON                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-117
TILLINGHAST, STEPHEN                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-116
TILLINGHAST, WELTHAM                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-694
TILLINGHAST, WILLIAM                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-1
TRIPP, ABIAL                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-244
TUCKER, ELISHA                          KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-8-328
TUCKER, JOSEPH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-94
TYLER, JAMES                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-2-573
TYLER, JAMES E.                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-283
TYLER, JOHN                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-375
WADE, JOHN                              FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-565
WALKER, EDDY                            FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-398
WALKER, GEORGE                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-426
WALKER, HEZEKIAH                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-197
WALKER, JACOB                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-137
WALKER, RHODA                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-46
WALKER, STEPHEN                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-605
WALKER, SUSANNAH                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-4-20
WALKER, WILLIAM                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-65
WALKER, ZERVIAH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-10-313
WEATHERHEAD, JOSEPH                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-304
WEAVER, REUBEN                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-181
WELLS, ELIZABETH S.                     KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-176
WELLS, JOSEPH M.                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-685
WHIPPLE, JAMES                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-6-420
WHITFORD, SAAH                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-360
WHITMAN, HANNAH                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-266
WHITMAN, LUCINDA                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-749
WILBUR, SARAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-9-172
WILLCOX, ABRAHAM                        FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-1-674
WILLCOX, JEREMIAH                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-89
WILLCOX, MARTHA                         FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-5-339
WILLIAMS, AMEY                          FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-257
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        KILLINGLY, WINDHAM, CT                  RI-4-FOS-11-20
WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM                       FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-502
WILLIAMS, PATIENCE                      FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-467
WILMARTH, CHARLES N.                    FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-7-222
WINSOR, CHRISTOPHER                     FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-11-660
WOO, DANIEL                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-3-621
YOUNG, LEVI                             FOSTER                                  RI-4-FOS-8-278
YOUNG, SEARLES                          GLOCESTER                               RI-4-FOS-10-522

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