Town of Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island
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ALDRICH, EBENEZER                       RI-4-GLO-3-96
ALDRICH, ELIZABETH J.                   RI-4-GLO-7-373
ALDRICH, HANNAH                         RI-4-GLO-3-329
ALDRICH, JOHANNA                        RI-4-GLO-3-252
ALDRICH, JOHN                           RI-4-GLO-1-108
ALDRICH, ROBERT                         RI-4-GLO-3-233
ALDRICH, STEPHEN                        RI-4-GLO-3-274
ANDREW, JOHN                            RI-4-GLO-3-204
ANDREWS, JOHN                           RI-4-GLO-1-317
ANDREWS, SARAH                          RI-4-GLO-5-215
ANDREWS, SQUIRE                         RI-4-GLO-4-181
ANGELL, JESSE                           RI-4-GLO-7-389
ANGELL, JOSEPH                          RI-4-GLO-6-52
ANGELL, MARION EDITH                    RI-4-GLO-7-463
ANGELL, REBECCA                         RI-4-GLO-7-417
ARMSTRONG, LYDIA C.                     RI-4-GLO-7-404
ARNOLD, BENEDICT                        RI-4-GLO-3-105
ARNOLD, DAVID                           RI-4-GLO-5-295
ARNOLD, JAMES                           RI-4-GLO-7-271
ARNOLD, NOAH                            RI-4-GLO-3-50
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         RI-4-GLO-4-424
ARROWS, ASA                             RI-4-GLO-7-416
BABBITT, MARY                           RI-4-GLO-7-223
BAKER, ABRAHAM                          RI-4-GLO-3-145
BAKER, DANIEL                           RI-4-GLO-6-261
BAKER, JACOB                            RI-4-GLO-1-202
BAKER, LEVI                             RI-4-GLO-3-396
BAKER, NANCY                            RI-4-GLO-7-40
BAKER, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-1-221
BALLOU, JOSEPH                          RI-4-GLO-3-60
BARNES, LYDIA                           RI-4-GLO-7-250
BARNES, POLLY                           RI-4-GLO-6-41
BARNES, THOMAS                          RI-4-GLO-1-275
BARQUIST, ANNE M.                       RI-4-GLO-7-430
BARTLET, ABNER                          RI-4-GLO-2-60
BARTLETT, CALEB                         RI-4-GLO-3-52
BARTLETT, DANIEL                        RI-4-GLO-1-212
BARTLETT, MOSES                         RI-4-GLO-1-104
BATTEY, JOSEPH                          RI-4-GLO-2-314
BEATTLE, THOMAS                         RI-4-GLO-4-188
BISHOP, EDWARD                          RI-4-GLO-1-163
BISHOP, KATURAH                         RI-4-GLO-4-429
BISHOP, RUTH                            RI-4-GLO-4-449
BLACKMAR, JAMES                         RI-4-GLO-1-185
BLACKMAR, JEMIMA                        RI-4-GLO-1-292
BLACKMAR, JOHN                          RI-4-GLO-1-286
BLOSS, JAMES                            RI-4-GLO-3-69
BOWDISH, NATHANIEL                      RI-4-GLO-5-138
BOWEN, ALDEN                            RI-4-GLO-7-230
BOWEN, EDWARD K.                        RI-4-GLO-6-398
BOWEN, ELISHA                           RI-4-GLO-1-223
BOWEN, ISRAEL                           RI-4-GLO-4-102
BOWEN, JOSEPH                           RI-4-GLO-4-294
BOWEN, ROSE                             RI-4-GLO-5-346
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          RI-4-GLO-3-241
BROWN, ANDREW                           RI-4-GLO-7-235
BROWN, ANDREW                           RI-4-GLO-2-34
BROWN, ELISHA                           RI-4-GLO-4-63
BROWN, ESEK                             RI-4-GLO-5-50
BROWN, GAD                              RI-4-GLO-1-80
BROWN, ISRAEL                           RI-4-GLO-2-353
BROWN, JOSEPH                           RI-4-GLO-1-254
BROWN, LABIN                            RI-4-GLO-7-352
BROWN, MIRANDA C.                       RI-4-GLO-8-29
BROWN, OBADIAH                          RI-4-GLO-2-108
BROWN, OTHNIEL                          RI-4-GLO-1-151
BROWN, SAYLES                           RI-4-GLO-6-2
BROWN, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-3-19
BROWNE, RHOBE                           RI-4-GLO-6-345
BUCK, CHARLOTTE                         RI-4-GLO-6-276
BURLINGAME, BENEDICT                    RI-4-GLO-4-447
BURLINGAME, CHARLOTTE                   RI-4-GLO-7-14
BURLINGAME, DAVID                       RI-4-GLO-1-135
BURLINGAME, DAVID                       RI-4-GLO-3-404
BURLINGAME, HENRY I.                    RI-4-GLO-5-140
BURLINGAME, MARY                        RI-4-GLO-2-245
BURLINGAME, RICHARD                     RI-4-GLO-5-214
BUSSEY, WILLIAM                         RI-4-GLO-3-282
CADY, JOSEPH                            RI-4-GLO-4-137
CARTY, MAY                              RI-4-GLO-6-514
CHACE, PAMELIA                          RI-4-GLO-5-483
CHEST, ALVIA                            RI-4-GLO-7-139
CLARK, AMOS                             RI-4-GLO-6-245
CLARK, MARY                             RI-4-GLO-7-454
CLEMENCE, HARRIS                        RI-4-GLO-7-77
CLEMENCE, MARY ANN                      RI-4-GLO-5-4
CLEMENCE, REUBEN A.                     RI-4-GLO-7-468
CLEMENCE, RICHARD A.                    RI-4-GLO-6-404
COBB, LYDIA                             RI-4-GLO-4-88
COLE, JAMES                             RI-4-GLO-3-378
COLLINS, THANKFUL                       RI-4-GLO-1-167
COLWELL, JOSEPH                         RI-4-GLO-1-210
COLWELL, LUCINA E.                      RI-4-GLO-6-466
COLWELL, RAYMOND P.                     RI-4-GLO-7-385
COLWELL, STEPHEN                        RI-4-GLO-4-350
COMAN, CHLOE                            RI-4-GLO-2-264
COMAN, CORLIS                           RI-4-GLO-7-179
COMAN, DANIEL                           RI-4-GLO-7-254
COMAN, ELIZA S.                         RI-4-GLO-6-323
COMAN, MARIA                            RI-4-GLO-2-53
COMBS, PETER                            RI-4-GLO-2-142
COOK, NATHAN                            RI-4-GLO-6-74
COOKE, MICHAEL                          RI-4-GLO-4-324
COOKE, MICHAEL                          RI-4-GLO-4-264
COOKE, WILLIAM                          RI-4-GLO-5-328
COOPER, MOSES                           RI-4-GLO-3-197
CORBIN, EMILY T.                        RI-4-GLO-6-363
CORBIN, JAMES E.                        RI-4-GLO-7-351
CORNELL, AMEY                           RI-4-GLO-7-181
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                      RI-4-GLO-5-529
CORNELL, EZEKIEL                        RI-4-GLO-5-437
CORNELL, OLIVER                         RI-4-GLO-5-89
CORNELL, SARAH                          RI-4-GLO-5-132
COWEN, ABIGAIL                          RI-4-GLO-4-389
CROSSMAN, DANIEL                        RI-4-GLO-4-76
CROSSMAN, JONATHAN                      RI-4-GLO-5-259
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                       RI-4-GLO-7-177
CURTISS, HANNAH                         RI-4-GLO-2-206
DAGGETT, DANIEL                         RI-4-GLO-4-107
DAGGETT, SUSAN                          RI-4-GLO-7-361
DANIELS, ROSINA M.                      RI-4-GLO-7-158
DANIELS, SYDNEY C.                      RI-4-GLO-7-324
DARLING, ANDREW                         RI-4-GLO-2-172
DARLING, EBENEZER                       RI-4-GLO-4-29
DARLING, LYDIA                          RI-4-GLO-4-306
DAVIS, DEXTER                           RI-4-GLO-5-313
DAVIS, EDWARD                           RI-4-GLO-2-146
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           RI-4-GLO-5-36
DAVIS, URIAH                            RI-4-GLO-1-143
DEXTER, HARRY R.                        RI-4-GLO-7-294
DEXTER, MARY                            RI-4-GLO-2-257
DURFEE, LAVINA C.                       RI-4-GLO-7-12
DURFEY, MARY                            RI-4-GLO-4-111
EDDY, ALEXANDER                         RI-4-GLO-8-36
EDDY, AMASA                             RI-4-GLO-6-426
EDDY, ARTHUR                            RI-4-GLO-7-440
EDDY, ELISHA                            RI-4-GLO-1-243
EDDY, ELIZABETH                         RI-4-GLO-7-406
EDDY, EMELINE                           RI-4-GLO-8-1
EDDY, ENOS                              RI-4-GLO-2-20
EDDY, HIRAM J.                          RI-4-GLO-7-193
EDDY, JOSHUA                            RI-4-GLO-1-282
EDDY, LUCY                              RI-4-GLO-7-422
EDDY, MARY B.                           RI-4-GLO-7-238
EDDY, SARAH                             RI-4-GLO-3-319
EDDY, STEPHEN                           RI-4-GLO-2-18
EDDY, ZACHARIAH                         RI-4-GLO-1-22
EDWARDS, TEMPERENCE                     RI-4-GLO-5-304
ESTEN, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-3-223
EVANS, IRA T.                           RI-4-GLO-6-120
EVANS, MARIETTA P.                      RI-4-GLO-7-375
EVANS, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-3-320
FAIRFIELD, LUELLA                       RI-4-GLO-3-64
FAIRFIELD, STEPHEN                      RI-4-GLO-2-55
FITCH, THOMAS                           RI-4-GLO-4-186
FOX, ISAAC                              RI-4-GLO-1-140
GARY, GEORGE                            RI-4-GLO-4-177
GRAVES, ISSCHAR                         RI-4-GLO-3-450
GREEN, MAHALA M.                        RI-4-GLO-6-168
GREEN, SUSAN                            RI-4-GLO-6-592
GREENE, ASA                             RI-4-GLO-6-415
GREENE, ELISHA                          RI-4-GLO-1-374
GREENE, MARY T.                         RI-4-GLO-8-406
GREENE, THOMAS M.                       RI-4-GLO-7-145
GROVER, JOHN                            RI-4-GLO-1-269
GUINAN, MARY HAYES                      RI-4-GLO-7-293
HAMILTON, JOHN                          RI-4-GLO-1-178
HAMMOND, MARY A.                        RI-4-GLO-6-114
HANDY, EBENEZER                         RI-4-GLO-5-12
HARRINGTON, ALBERT A.                   RI-4-GLO-8-64
HARRINGTON, ANGELINE                    RI-4-GLO-8-37
HARRINGTON, LYDIA                       RI-4-GLO-7-190
HARRIS, AMAZIAH                         RI-4-GLO-2-48
HARRIS, AMEY                            RI-4-GLO-1-290
HARRIS, JONATHAN                        RI-4-GLO-3-220
HARRIS, MARCY                           RI-4-GLO-5-8
HARRIS, SUSAN M.                        RI-4-GLO-6-557
HAWKINS, ELIJAH                         RI-4-GLO-2-355
HAWKINS, ELIJAH                         RI-4-GLO-1-115
HAWKINS, GEORGE                         RI-4-GLO-7-333
HAWKINS, GEORGE A.                      RI-4-GLO-6-501
HAWKINS, JAMES                          RI-4-GLO-6-568
HAWKINS, JEREMIAH                       RI-4-GLO-7-203
HAWKINS, JOHN                           RI-4-GLO-3-118
HAWKINS, MARTHA                         RI-4-GLO-4-180
HAWKINS, NANCY                          RI-4-GLO-5-354
HAWKINS, SARAH                          RI-4-GLO-3-305
HAWKINS, URIAH                          RI-4-GLO-3-287
HAYES, MARY (GUINAN)                    RI-4-GLO-7-293
HERENDEEN, PRESERVED                    RI-4-GLO-1-29
HERENDEEN, REUBEN                       RI-4-GLO-4-51
HILL, BETSEY                            RI-4-GLO-6-222
HILL, DAVID                             RI-4-GLO-3-412
HOLBROOK, JOSEPH                        RI-4-GLO-7-306
HOPKINS, AMEY                           RI-4-GLO-6-486
HOPKINS, DORCAS                         FRI-4-GLO-3-422
HOPKINS, HULDAH                         RI-4-GLO-3-97
HOPKINS, MARY                           RI-4-GLO-5-127
HOPKINS, RUTH                           RI-4-GLO-2-123
HOPKINS, SPRAGUE                        RI-4-GLO-6-490
HOPKINS, VIOLETTE W.                    RI-4-GLO-7-291
HOPP, PHILIPENA                         RI-4-GLO-7-1
HORTON, DARIUS                          RI-4-GLO-6-224
HORTON, JOHN                            RI-4-GLO-2-324
HUBBARD, GAIUS W.                       RI-4-GLO-6-526
HUNT, ALICE W.                          RI-4-GLO-6-313
HUNT, JOHN                              RI-4-GLO-2-219
INMAN, DANIEL                           RI-4-GLO-1-193
INMAN, ISAIAH                           RI-4-GLO-1-131
INMAN, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-1-32
INMAN, VALENTINE                        RI-4-GLO-1-300
IRON, STEPHEN                           RI-4-GLO-4-132
IRONS, AUGUSTUS                         RI-4-GLO-6-384
IRONS, HULDAH                           RI-4-GLO-4-85
IRONS, PARIS                            RI-4-GLO-6-595
IRONS, RESOLVED                         RI-4-GLO-4-229
IRONS, SAMUEL                           RI-4-GLO-2-237
IRONS, SARAH                            RI-4-GLO-4-231
JENCKES, OBADIAH                        RI-4-GLO-1-88
JENCKES, ZACHARIAH                      RI-4-GLO-1-170
JOHNSON, SALLY                          RI-4-GLO-5-142
JORDAN, BENJAMIN A.                     RI-4-GLO-6-518
KEACH, LUCY                             RI-4-GLO-6-23
KEACH, NELSON M.                        RI-4-GLO-7-216
KEECH, AMEY                             RI-4-GLO-3-454
KEECH, DORCAS                           RI-4-GLO-3-312
KEECH, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-GLO-3-89
KEECH, NICHOLAS                         RI-4-GLO-3-455
KEECH, RHODA                            RI-4-GLO-4-281
KEECH, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-2-224
KILLEY, MANARIAH                        RI-4-GLO-1-375
KIMBALL, AMHERST                        RI-4-GLO-4-278
KIMBALL, ANN P.                         RI-4-GLO-7-112
KING, CLEMENT                           RI-4-GLO-1-127
KING, JAMES                             RI-4-GLO-1-232
KINYON, NATHAN                          RI-4-GLO-3-267
KNIGHT, CELIA F.                        RI-4-GLO-7-102
LAPHAM, RHODA B.                        RI-4-GLO-6-572
LAPHAM, SOLOMON                         RI-4-GLO-3-44
LAW, NELSON A.                          RI-4-GLO-7-277
LAWRENCE, CARRIE M.                     RI-4-GLO-8-149
LEWIS, BENONI                           RI-4-GLO-7-240
LEWIS, LYDIA M.                         RI-4-GLO-8-299
LINCOLN, JOHN B.                        RI-4-GLO-7-195
LUTHER, WILLIAM                         RI-4-GLO-6-564
MANN, ABEL                              RI-4-GLO-4-342
MANN, ASAHEL                            RI-4-GLO-4-414
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         RI-4-GLO-2-164
MASON, DAVID                            RI-4-GLO-7-171
MASON, LUCY                             RI-4-GLO-7-222
MATHEWSON, ARTHUR                       RI-4-GLO-5-122
MATHEWSON, DANIEL                       RI-4-GLO-1-95
MATHEWSON, THOMAS                       RI-4-GLO-4-212
MCINTYRE, CAROLINE M.                   RI-4-GLO-7-43
MCKENNA, MARY JANE                      RI-4-GLO-7-159
MCNINCH, JANE                           RI-4-GLO-6-252
MEDBERY, JOSEPH C.                      RI-4-GLO-7-119
MEDBURY, BENJAMIN                       RI-4-GLO-4-426
MEDBURY, MARTHA                         RI-4-GLO-5-120
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     RI-4-GLO-5-216
MITCHELL, JOSEPH C.                     RI-4-GLO-6-40
MOFFITT, ELIHU W.                       RI-4-GLO-8-5
MOFFITT, WILLIAM                        RI-4-GLO-1-305
MOWRY, DAVID                            RI-4-GLO-2-271
MOWRY, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-5-326
MOWRY, NANCY                            RI-4-GLO-6-387
MOWRY, RANDALL                          RI-4-GLO-7-144
MOWRY, SAMUEL O.                        RI-4-GLO-7-346
NEFF, ALZADA                            RI-4-GLO-7-493
OBRIAN, ANN M.                          RI-4-GLO-7-45
OBRIANT, PATRICK                        RI-4-GLO-4-46
OLNEY, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-2-347
OWEN, DANIEL                            RI-4-GLO-6-146
OWEN, DANIEL JR.                        RI-4-GLO-3-336
OWEN, JAMES M.                          RI-4-GLO-7-225
OWEN, JOB                               RI-4-GLO-8-123
OWEN, LAURA A.                          RI-4-GLO-7-432
OWEN, LAWTON                            RI-4-GLO-6-349
OWEN, MARCY                             RI-4-GLO-7-72
OWEN, RUTH                              RI-4-GLO-3-165
OWEN, SOLOMON A.                        RI-4-GLO-6-292
OWEN, SUSAN                             RI-4-GLO-7-259
PAGE, ALBA S.                           RI-4-GLO-7-393
PAGE, AMEY                              RI-4-GLO-6-201
PAGE, EUNICE                            RI-4-GLO-5-309
PAGE, JOHN JR.                          RI-4-GLO-1-309
PAGE, JOSEPH                            RI-4-GLO-3-296
PAGE, JOSEPH                            RI-4-GLO-2-307
PAGE, MARIA                             RI-4-GLO-7-131
PAGE, MARTHA                            RI-4-GLO-3-73
PAGE, MARTHA                            RI-4-GLO-6-123
PAGE, NATHAN                            RI-4-GLO-6-302
PAIN, ABDON                             RI-4-GLO-2-268
PAIN, MARTHA                            RI-4-GLO-1-146
PAIN, NATHAN                            RI-4-GLO-3-181
PAIN, NATHAN JR.                        RI-4-GLO-2-290
PAIN, STEPHEN                           RI-4-GLO-1-74
PAINE, ALMOND M.                        RI-4-GLO-7-529
PAINE, DENNIS                           RI-4-GLO-7-321
PAINE, MATHEWSON W.                     RI-4-GLO-6-197
PAINE, RANSOM                           RI-4-GLO-5-385
PAINE, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-3-7
PAINE, TABATHA                          RI-4-GLO-7-13
PARKHURST, ALICE LUELLA                 RI-4-GLO-7-516
PEARCE, EPHRAIM                         RI-4-GLO-1-363
PEARCE, EPHRAIM                         RI-4-GLO-2-161
PECK, LUCY                              RI-4-GLO-5-502
PECKHAM, ALBERT S.                      RI-4-GLO-7-214
PECKHAM, ELIAS                          RI-4-GLO-7-510
PECKHAM, HANNAH                         RI-4-GLO-6-180
PECKHAM, JAMES                          RI-4-GLO-7-276
PECKHAM, SETH                           RI-4-GLO-4-129
PECKHAM, SMITH                          RI-4-GLO-7-115
PHETTEPLACE, BENJAMIN                   RI-4-GLO-2-103
PHETTEPLACE, JOB JR.                    RI-4-GLO-2-12
PHETTEPLACE, MARTHA                     RI-4-GLO-6-429
PHETTEPLACE, MIRANDA                    RI-4-GLO-6-109
PHETTEPLACE, SARAH                      RI-4-GLO-7-193
PHETTEPLACE, SIBELAH                    RI-4-GLO-2-297
PHETTEPLACE, WALTER                     RI-4-GLO-1-111
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         RI-4-GLO-2-362
PHILLIPS, EDWIN                         RI-4-GLO-6-393
PHILLIPS, HENRY                         RI-4-GLO-7-310
PHILLIPS, JOANNA E.                     RI-4-GLO-8-197
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                        RI-4-GLO-3-432
PHILLIPS, MOWRY                         RI-4-GLO-7-33
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         RI-4-GLO-3-448
PHILLIPS, SIMON                         RI-4-GLO-5-260
PHILLIPS, SUSANNAH                      RI-4-GLO-3-48
PHILLIPS, ZEBEDEE                       RI-4-GLO-1-205
PIERCE, OLIVE                           RI-4-GLO-5-107
PLACE, ALLEN S.                         RI-4-GLO-8-241
PLACE, ALZADA N.                        RI-4-GLO-7-428
PLACE, ANNA                             RI-4-GLO-1-379
PLACE, EDWARD                           RI-4-GLO-8-234
PLACE, ELIZABETH                        RI-4-GLO-5-479
PLACE, ELIZABETH                        RI-4-GLO-6-295
PLACE, FREELOVE                         RI-4-GLO-4-427
PLACE, GEORGE                           RI-4-GLO-1-192
PLACE, PETER                            RI-4-GLO-1-6
PLACE, REUBEN                           RI-4-GLO-5-293
POTTER, ISABELLA J.                     RI-4-GLO-7-398
POTTER, OLNEY                           RI-4-GLO-5-124
POTTER, SAMUEL                          RI-4-GLO-2-97
POTTER, URANA                           RI-4-GLO-7-53
PRAY, AMY A.                            RI-4-GLO-8-280
PRAY, ESTHER                            RI-4-GLO-5-258
PRAY, RICHARD                           RI-4-GLO-7-266
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         RI-4-GLO-4-388
RICHARDSON, JONATHAN                    RI-4-GLO-1-312
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                      RI-4-GLO-2-287
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.                  RI-4-GLO-7-150
RICHOND, SETH                           RI-4-GLO-2-127
ROSS, AUGUSTUS                          RI-4-GLO-2-288
ROSS, WILLIAM                           RI-4-GLO-3-167
ROUNDS, EZRA                            RI-4-GLO-7-453
ROUNDS, SAMUEL P.                       RI-4-GLO-7-34
SALISBURY, RUTH                         RI-4-GLO-1-119
SANDERS, MOSES                          RI-4-GLO-5-129
SANDERS, ROBERT                         RI-4-GLO-3-27
SAYLES, ARNOLD                          RI-4-GLO-5-531
SAYLES, ESECK                           RI-4-GLO-4-95
SAYLES, EZEKIEL                         RI-4-GLO-2-71
SAYLES, MARY                            RI-4-GLO-5-264
SAYLES, OTIS                            RI-4-GLO-6-159
SAYLES, WELCOME                         RI-4-GLO-6-576
SHELDON, HANNAH E.                      RI-4-GLO-7-204
SHELDON, JEREMIAH                       RI-4-GLO-6-247
SHELDON, JEREMIAH                       RI-4-GLO-7-300
SHIPPEE, JOSEPH                         RI-4-GLO-3-148
SHIPPEE, NATHAN B.                      RI-4-GLO-7-136
SHIPPEE, ORRIN A.                       RI-4-GLO-7-198
SIMMONS, ALMEDA                         RI-4-GLO-7-332
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          RI-4-GLO-8-486
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          RI-4-GLO-2-74
SMITH, AMASA                            RI-4-GLO-6-372
SMITH, ANNA                             RI-4-GLO-5-123
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-GLO-2-8
SMITH, DAVID                            RI-4-GLO-1-71
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        RI-4-GLO-1-173
SMITH, GIDEON                           RI-4-GLO-7-81
SMITH, JERVIS J.                        RI-4-GLO-6-117
SMITH, JESSE                            RI-4-GLO-3-226
SMITH, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-1-366
SMITH, JOHN SON OF B.                   RI-4-GLO-3-10
SMITH, JOSEPH B.                        RI-4-GLO-7-23
SMITH, LOUDON                           RI-4-GLO-4-195
SMITH, MARY                             RI-4-GLO-3-151
SMITH, NANCY                            RI-4-GLO-6-462
SMITH, OLIVER                           RI-4-GLO-4-157
SMITH, PHEBE                            RI-4-GLO-5-314
SMITH, SARAH A.                         RI-4-GLO-6-430
SMITH, SIMEON JR.                       RI-4-GLO-4-150
SMITH, SIMON                            RI-4-GLO-6-25
SMITH, SOLOMON                          RI-4-GLO-1-311
SMITH, STEPHEN                          RI-4-GLO-6-328
SMITH, THOMAS                           RI-4-GLO-5-215A
SMITH, WAIT                             RI-4-GLO-2-250
SOUTHWICK, NANCY                        RI-4-GLO-6-53
SPINK, SAMUEL                           RI-4-GLO-1-234
SPRAGUE, ANNA                           RI-4-GLO-1-121
SPRAGUE, FREELOVE                       RI-4-GLO-4-166
SPRAGUE, JAMES                          RI-4-GLO-5-135
SPRAGUE, JEDEDIAH                       RI-4-GLO-3-341
SPRAGUE, JOHN                           RI-4-GLO-6-191
SPRAGUE, LUCINDA                        RI-4-GLO-6-80
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL                         RI-4-GLO-2-14
SPRAGUE, SARAH                          RI-4-GLO-3-393
SPRAGUE, SMITH                          RI-4-GLO-6-381
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM R.                     RI-4-GLO-6-339
STAPLES MARY E.                         RI-4-GLO-8-385
STAPLES, SARAH                          RI-4-GLO-2-6
STEEE, MEHETABLE A.                     RI-4-GLO-6-548
STEERE, AMY A.                          RI-4-GLO-6-485
STEERE, ANTHONY                         RI-4-GLO-5-400
STEERE, ASA                             RI-4-GLO-4-380
STEERE, ENOCH                           RI-4-GLO-4-143
STEERE, ENOCH                           RI-4-GLO-5-393
STEERE, ESTHER                          RI-4-GLO-6-32
STEERE, FREDERIC                        RI-4-GLO-6-195
STEERE, JEREMIAH                        RI-4-GLO-3-158
STEERE, JOHN                            RI-4-GLO-3-86
STEERE, JONAH                           RI-4-GLO-3-24
STEERE, JOSEPH                          RI-4-GLO-4-199
STEERE, LOVINA G.                       RI-4-GLO-6-118
STEERE, MARIETTA                        RI-4-GLO-8-390
STEERE, MEHITABLE                       RI-4-GLO-1-50
STEERE, RICHARD                         RI-4-GLO-3-1
STEERE, ROBERT                          RI-4-GLO-5-341
STEERE, SAMUEL 2ND                      RI-4-GLO-7-10
STEERE, SARAH L.                        RI-4-GLO-7-120
STEERE, SILAS                           RI-4-GLO-7-255
STEERE, WHIPPLE                         RI-4-GLO-6-360
STEERE, WILLIAM                         RI-4-GLO-1-16
SWEET, ANNA                             RI-4-GLO-3-102
SWEET, ESTHER                           RI-4-GLO-4-97
SWEET, ETHALANAH                        RI-4-GLO-1-325
SWEET, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-GLO-2-153
SWEET, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-GLO-5-212
SWEET, NATHAN                           RI-4-GLO-4-121
SWEET, TIMOTHY                          RI-4-GLO-1-355
SWEET, TIMOTHY                          RI-4-GLO-5-217
TABER, LAWTON                           RI-4-GLO-6-10
TAFT, PETER                             RI-4-GLO-3-117
TAYLOR, HENRY S.                        RI-4-GLO-7-323
THORNTON, ALICE                         RI-4-GLO-4-35
THORNTON, ANNA                          RI-4-GLO-4-221
THORNTON, BENJAMIN                      RI-4-GLO-1-207
THORNTON, DAVID                         RI-4-GLO-1-320
THORNTON, JOHN                          RI-4-GLO-1-372
THORNTON, JOSEPH                        RI-4-GLO-1-46
THORNTON, NEHEMIAH                      RI-4-GLO-1-215
THORNTON, TITUS                         RI-4-GLO-1-164
TOURLELLOT, ANNE                        RI-4-GLO-5-483
TOURTELLOT, ABRAHAM                     RI-4-GLO-1-227
TOURTELLOT, ABRAHAM                     RI-4-GLO-7-243
TOURTELLOT, DANIEL                      RI-4-GLO-4-135
TOURTELLOT, WILLIAM                     RI-4-GLO-4-322
TUCKER, ANTHONY                         RI-4-GLO-6-566
TUCKER, JOHN                            RI-4-GLO-1-84
TUCKER, TIMOTHY                         RI-4-GLO-4-98
TURNER, GEORGE N.                       RI-4-GLO-7-244
TURNER, STUKELY                         RI-4-GLO-4-353
WADE, ABIGAIL                           RI-4-GLO-7-116
WADE, CHARLES                           RI-4-GLO-7-74
WADE, DEBORAH                           RI-4-GLO-3-143
WADE, JONATHAN                          RI-4-GLO-2-26
WADE, NATHAN                            RI-4-GLO-1-360
WADE, OLIVER                            RI-4-GLO-5-343
WADE, WILLIAM                           RI-4-GLO-4-200
WALDEN, PHILIP                          RI-4-GLO-5-397
WALLING, ISAAC                          RI-4-GLO-3-177
WALLING, JOHN                           RI-4-GLO-1-303
WARNER, JEMIMA                          RI-4-GLO-5-388
WELBORN, GEORGE                         RI-4-GLO-6-441
WELLS, JOHN                             RI-4-GLO-1-296
WELLS, NATHANIEL                        RI-4-GLO-1-248
WENDELL, KATHARINE                      RI-4-GLO-4-190
WEST, MARY                              RI-4-GLO-5-355
WHEELER, HENRY                          RI-4-GLO-3-39
WHEELER, WILLIAM                        RI-4-GLO-4-452
WHEELOCK, DANIEL                        RI-4-GLO-2-209
WHEELOCK, DANIEL JR.                    RI-4-GLO-2-1
WHIPPLE, DANIEL                         RI-4-GLO-2-130
WHIPPLE, JONATHAN                       RI-4-GLO-3-192
WHITAKER, ABEL                          RI-4-GLO-6-107
WHITE, DRUSILLA R.                      RI-4-GLO-6-464
WHITE, GEORGE N.                        RI-4-GLO-7-279
WHITE, NOAH                             RI-4-GLO-2-176
WILDER, OLIVE                           RI-4-GLO-3-254
WILKINSON, BENJAMIN                     RI-4-GLO-3-163
WILKINSON, ESTHER                       RI-4-GLO-2-233
WILKINSON, WILLIAM                      RI-4-GLO-4-5
WILLIAMS, ABRAHAM                       RI-4-GLO-6-289
WILLIAMS, AMOS                          RI-4-GLO-4-409
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        RI-4-GLO-7-24
WILLIAMS, SILAS                         RI-4-GLO-3-133
WILLIAMS, SQUIRE                        RI-4-GLO-5-91
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        RI-4-GLO-2-63
WILLMARTH, TIMOTHY                      RI-4-GLO-1-380
WILMARTH, MARANDA                       RI-4-GLO-4-55
WILMARTH, THANKFUL                      RI-4-GLO-4-210
WINSOR, ABRAHAM                         RI-4-GLO-3-353
WINSOR, CHARLES                         RI-4-GLO-1-339
WINSOR, DARIUS                          RI-4-GLO-2-38
WINSOR, ELISHA                          RI-4-GLO-4-25
WINSOR, JOSEPH                          RI-4-GLO-3-115
WINSOR, JOSHUA                          RI-4-GLO-2-341
WINSOR, RHOBY                           RI-4-GLO-4-367
WINSOR, SAMUEL                          RI-4-GLO-5-104
WOOD, SIMEON                            RI-4-GLO-4-319
WOOD, THOMAS                            RI-4-GLO-3-269
WOOD, WILLIAM                           RI-4-GLO-1-239
WOOD, WILLIAM                           RI-4-GLO-4-415
WRIGHT, SUSANNAH                        RI-4-GLO-2-230
YOUNG, ALMIRA                           RI-4-GLO-7-312
YOUNG, AMEY A.                          RI-4-GLO-7-340
YOUNG, DAVID                            RI-4-GLO-7-209
YOUNG, NATHAN                           RI-4-GLO-7-189
YOUNG, TRYPHENA                         RI-4-GLO-7-361

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