Town of Scituate, Providence County, Rhode Island
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ADAMS, HENRY                            RI-4-SCI-15-296, 310
ADAMS, ROBERT                           RI-4-SCI-15-296, 304
ALDICH, ABIGAIL                         RI-4-SCI-6-17
ALDRICH, AARON                          RI-4-SCI-2-113
ALDRICH, ASENATH                        RI-4-SCI-7-140
ALDRICH, ELIZABETH                      RI-4-SCI-4-330
ALDRICH, FREDERICK M.                   RI-4-SCI-15-107
ALDRICH, JAMES                          RI-4-SCI-5-78
ALDRICH, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-1-17
ALDRICH, MARANDA                        RI-4-SCI-15-251
ALDRICH, MARANDA                        RI-4-SCI-15-239
ALDRICH, NOAH                           RI-4-SCI-5-210
ALDRICH, OLIVER                         RI-4-SCI-6-480
ALDRICH, SILAS N.                       RI-4-SCI-10-398
ALDRICH, SUSAN F.                       RI-4-SCI-9-453
ALDRICH, WILLIAM                        RI-4-SCI-11-65
ALDRICH, ZERVIAH                        RI-4-SCI-7-195
ALLEN, REUBEN                           RI-4-SCI-9-327
ALLEN, SAMUEL G.                        RI-4-SCI-12-205
ALLEN, SARAH J.                         RI-4-SCI-11-132
ANDREW, CHLOE                           RI-4-SCI-7-391
ANDREW, MARY                            RI-4-SCI-5-366
ANDREW, SAMUEL                          RI-4-SCI-4-173
ANDREWS, JAMES                          RI-4-SCI-3-81
ANDREWS, JAMES                          RI-4-SCI-4-102
ANGELL, ABEL                            RI-4-SCI-5-352
ANGELL, ALMY                            RI-4-SCI-15-177
ANGELL, ANDREW                          RI-4-SCI-8-457
ANGELL, ANDREW (CAPT.)                  RI-4-SCI-3-92
ANGELL, ANNA                            RI-4-SCI-7-189
ANGELL, BETSEY                          RI-4-SCI-6-280
ANGELL, CHARLES                         RI-4-SCI-5-74
ANGELL, EMOR                            RI-4-SCI-9-299
ANGELL, JEREMIAH                        RI-4-SCI-11-489
ANGELL, JEREMIAH                        RI-4-SCI-2-538
ANGELL, JOB                             RI-4-SCI-8-441
ANGELL, JOSHUA                          RI-4-SCI-1-419
ANGELL, NABBY H.                        RI-4-SCI-12-104
ANGELL, NEHEMIAH                        RI-4-SCI-2-88
ANGELL, PARDON                          RI-4-SCI-6-30
ANGELL, PHEBE R.                        RI-4-SCI-15-439, 468
ANGELL, PRUDENCE                        RI-4-SCI-7-36
ANGELL, RICHARD                         RI-4-SCI-11-67
ANGELL, RICHARD                         RI-4-SCI-3-315
ANGELL, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-11-53
ANGELL, THOMAS                          RI-4-SCI-9-62
ANGELL, THOMAS (CAPT.)                  RI-4-SCI-1-109
ARNOLD, JAMES B.                        RI-4-SCI-11-426
ARNOLD, LOUISA M.                       RI-4-SCI-11-391
ARNOLD, LURANA                          RI-4-SCI-9-253
ARNOLD, MELINDA                         RI-4-SCI-12-378
ARNOLD, RUSSELL                         RI-4-SCI-8-177
ARNOLD, STEPHEN W.                      RI-4-SCI-6-242
ASHWORTH, DAVID                         RI-4-SCI-11-459
ATWOOD, GEORGE A.                       RI-4-SCI-13-328
ATWOOD, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-4-71
ATWOOD, RHODA C.                        RI-4-SCI-12-428
ATWOOD, RUBY                            RI-4-SCI-6-263
ATWOOD, SYLINDA                         RI-4-SCI-10-183
AUSTIN, ALLEN                           RI-4-SCI-11-296
AUSTIN, OLNEY H.                        RI-4-SCI-14-217
AUSTIN, SAMUEL W.                       RI-4-SCI-13-45
AUSTIN, WILLIAM O.                      RI-4-SCI-12-237
AYLESWORTH, CHADD                       RI-4-SCI-2-173
BAKER, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-SCI-6-32
BAKER, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-1-131
BALLEOU, BARBARY                        RI-4-SCI-1-54
BARBER, EZRA                            RI-4-SCI-12-333
BARDEN, ANN E.                          RI-4-SCI-12-481
BARDEN, AULDIS                          RI-4-SCI-11-57\
BARDEN, JOHN H.                         RI-4-SCI-12-480
BARDEN, MARY E.                         RI-4-SCI-15-321, 331
BARNES, ANSON W.                        RI-4-SCI-12-66
BARNES, ELISHA                          RI-4-SCI-3-345
BARNES, PARDON                          RI-4-SCI-10-152
BARTON, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-8-43
BASS, PHEBE A.                          RI-4-SCI-15-399
BATES, ISRAEL G.                        RI-4-SCI-12-195
BATES, MARGARET                         RI-4-SCI-2-543
BATES, MARY                             RI-4-SCI-2-23
BATES, NATHAN                           RI-4-SCI-4-201
BATHY, WILLIAM                          RI-4-SCI-6-180
BATTEY, CLARINDA P.                     RI-4-SCI-12-230
BATTEY, HARRIET                         RI-4-SCI-11-185
BATTEY, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-9-195
BATTEY, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-3-359
BATTEY, OWEN                            RI-4-SCI-8-236
BATTEY, PHEBE                           RI-4-SCI-8-409
BATTEY, PHEBE M.                        RI-4-SCI-13-104
BELLEOU, PETER                          RI-4-SCI-1-2
BENNETT, ELIZA A.                       RI-4-SCI-15-192, 199
BENNETT, JOHN A.                        RI-4-SCI-15-69
BENNETT, JOHN JR.                       RI-4-SCI-2-256
BENNETT, POLLY                          RI-4-SCI-11-468
BESS, BENJAMIN                          RI-4-SCI-6-496
BLACKMAR, ABIGAIL                       RI-4-SCI-7-31
BLACKMAR, DAVID                         RI-4-SCI-3-24
BLACKMAR, JOHN                          RI-4-SCI-3-125
BLANCHARD, JOHN                         RI-4-SCI-8-206
BLANCHARD, NATHAN                       RI-4-SCI-8-343
BOSS, SAMUEL P.                         RI-4-SCI-13-235
BOWEN, CAROLINE C.                      RI-4-SCI-9-205
BOWEN, ELIHU                            RI-4-SCI-6-344
BOWEN, ELISHA                           RI-4-SCI-4-185
BOWEN, JOSEPH                           RI-4-SCI-2-138
BOWEN, MARY E.                          RI-4-SCI-14-20
BOWEN, STEPHEN P.                       RI-4-SCI-13-18
BOWEN,LYDIA M.                          RI-4-SCI-15-255
BRAYTON, ALFRED K.                      RI-4-SCI-7-348
BRAYTON, ISRAEL                         RI-4-SCI-9-473
BRAYTON, STEPHEN                        RI-4-SCI-7-179
BROWN, ALLEN                            RI-4-SCI-13-221
BROWN, ELISHA                           RI-4-SCI-1-40
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        RI-4-SCI-13-76
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        RI-4-SCI-13-205
BROWN, HENRY                            RI-4-SCI-7-350
BROWN, JAMES                            RI-4-SCI-1-268
BROWN, JULIA A.                         RI-4-SCI-12-348
BROWN, MARCY                            RI-4-SCI-7-545
BROWN, MARY J.                          RI-4-SCI-15-415
BROWN, SAMJUEL                          RI-4-SCI-4-450
BROWN, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-4-438
BROWN, STEPHEN E.                       RI-4-SCI-10-348
BROWN, THOMAS ESQ.                      RI-4-SCI-2-232
BURLINGAME, DAVID                       RI-4-SCI-6-472
BURLINGAME, EBENEZER                    RI-4-SCI-6-212
BURLINGAME, MARY                        RI-4-SCI-7-121
BURLINGAME, MARY E.                     RI-4-SCI-12-112
BURLINGHAM, ABNER                       RI-4-SCI-3-66
BURYEAR, THOMAS A.                      RI-4-SCI-11-410
BUTTERWORTH, GEORGE                     RI-4-SCI-11-161
CAPWELL, DAVID                          RI-4-SCI-9-6
CAPWELL, HENRY N.                       RI-4-SCI-15-112
CAPWELL,D AVID                          RI-4-SCI-13-40
CARD, ELISHA B.                         RI-4-SCI-13-477
CARPENTER, BETSEY                       RI-4-SCI-6-205
CARPENTER, FRANK W.                     RI-4-SCI-12-426
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       RI-4-SCI-6-135
CHAPMAN, CLARA E.                       RI-4-SCI-11-306
CLOUGH, MARY L.                         RI-4-SCI-15-472
COBB, MANASSAH S.                       RI-4-SCI-10-175
CODDING, HENRY                          RI-4-SCI-9-221
COLE, JONATHAN                          RI-4-SCI-2-503
COLE, LYDIA                             RI-4-SCI-7-109
COLE, ORRISON                           RI-4-SCI-10-252
COLE, RUFUS                             RI-4-SCI-4-261
COLEGROVE, AMOS                         RI-4-SCI-4-382
COLGROVE, WILLIAM                       RI-4-SCI-4-227
COLLINS, ELIZA                          RI-4-SCI-2-369
COLLINS, ELIZER                         RI-4-SCI-2-534
COLLINS, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-1-229
COLLINS, MARINUS                        RI-4-SCI-6-455
COLLINS, THOMAS                         RI-4-SCI-2-196
COLVIN, BENONI                          RI-4-SCI-6-86
COLVIN, DAVID                           RI-4-SCI-5-463
COLVIN, EUGENE A.                       RI-4-SCI-15-476
COLVIN, JAMES                           RI-4-SCI-3-35
COLVIN, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-2-18
COLVIN, JOHN A.                         RI-4-SCI-15-399
COLVIN, JOSIAH                          RI-4-SCI-3-111
COLVIN, MARY E.                         RI-4-SCI-15-190, 201
COLVIN, MATHEW                          RI-4-SCI-5-188
COLVIN, PELEG                           RI-4-SCI-4-553
COLVIN, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-5-543
COLVIN, STERRY                          RI-4-SCI-13-158
COLVIN,PHEBE                            RI-4-SCI-13-55
COLWELL, DEBORAH                        RI-4-SCI-10-221
COLWELL, SARAH M. S.                    RI-4-SCI-13-242
COLWELL, ULRICH                         RI-4-SCI-8-357
COMAN, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-SCI-2-519
COMSTOCK, ARCHIBALD N.                  RI-4-SCI-8-376
COOK, JOHN W.                           RI-4-SCI-6-353
COOK, PHEBE                             RI-4-SCI-6-482
COREY, JOB                              RI-4-SCI-2-299
CORP, RICHARD                           RI-4-SCI-8-276
CORP, STEPHEN                           RI-4-SCI-7-404
COTTRELL, BENJAMIN B.                   RI-4-SCI-12-483
COTTRELL, MARY A.                       RI-4-SCI-12-346
COVLIN, EARLE                           RI-4-SCI-10-215
COYLE, JOHN                             RI-4-SCI-13-249
CROMPTON, ROBERT                        RI-4-SCI-13-181
DALY, DAVID                             RI-4-SCI-1-123
DARBY, ELLEN                            RI-4-SCI-12-327
DARBY, MARY                             RI-4-SCI-1-264
DARBY, TRISTRAM                         RI-4-SCI-1-152
DARLEY, BERNARD                         RI-4-SCI-12-341
DAVIS, BARNEY W.                        RI-4-SCI-9-250
DAVIS, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-7-38
DAVIS, SARAH                            RI-4-SCI-7-558
DAVIS, SMITH                            RI-4-SCI-3-271
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          RI-4-SCI-3-308
DEXTER, ABIGAIL                         RI-4-SCI-6-379
DEXTER, AMEY J.                         RI-4-SCI-12-218
DEXTER, HENRY                           RI-4-SCI-12-143
DEXTER, WILLIAM                         RI-4-SCI-10-154
DORRANCE, GEORGE                        RI-4-SCI-1-243
DORRANCE, JOHN                          RI-4-SCI-1-206
DREW, SYLVANUS                          RI-4-SCI-5-15
EDMONDS, MARTHA                         RI-4-SCI-4-84
EDWARDS, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-3-328
EDWARDS, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-2-75
EDWARDS, NICHOLAS                       RI-4-SCI-4-316
ELDER, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-5-661
ELDRED, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-7-213
ELDRIDGE, ESTHER                        RI-4-SCI-5-1
EMMONS, HENRY W.                        RI-4-SCI-12-214
FARNUM, HANNAH C.                       RI-4-SCI-10-186
FENNER, CHRISTOPHER                     RI-4-SCI-9-28
FENNER, EZEKIEL                         RI-4-SCI-6-90
FENNER, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-12-20
FIELD, DAVID                            RI-4-SCI-11-128
FIELD, THOMAS                           RI-4-SCI-5-489
FIELD, THOMAS                           RI-4-SCI-2-309
FISHER, CHARLES H.                      RI-4-SCI-12-246
FISK, BENJAMIN                          RI-4-SCI-2-39
FISK, BENJAMIN                          RI-4-SCI-2-576
FISK, HEZEKIAH                          RI-4-SCI-2-281
FISK, JOB                               RI-4-SCI-3-370
FISK, JOHN                              RI-4-SCI-3-400
FISK, NOAH                              RI-4-SCI-1-148
FISKE, CALEB                            RI-4-SCI-5-560
FISKE, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-4-268
FISKE, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-4-150
FISKE, HARDIN                           RI-4-SCI-9-274
FISKE, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-SCI-13-98
FISKE, JOHN                             RI-4-SCI-11-306
FISKE, MOSES                            RI-4-SCI-4-455
FISKE, SHELDON                          RI-4-SCI-9-356
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                       RI-4-SCI-11-484
FRANKLIN, JAMES                         RI-4-SCI-1-266
FRANKLIN, JOHN                          RI-4-SCI-4-317
FRANKLIN, SQUIRE                        RI-4-SCI-5-670
FRY, MARY E.                            RI-4-SCI-13-11
FULLER, FRANCIS                         RI-4-SCI-2-436
FULLER, PELEG                           RI-4-SCI-4-547
FULLER, PELEG                           RI-4-SCI-5-211
GAHAN, HARRIET A.                       RI-4-SCI-15-445
GATES, ELIZA J.                         RI-4-SCI-8-324
GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPHINE J.                 RI-4-SCI-14-6
GRAYSON, RICHARD M.                     RI-4-SCI-13-147, 226, 241
GRINNELL, LIZZIE M.                     RI-4-SCI-15-165
GUILE, JOSEPH                           RI-4-SCI-2-552
HALL, HANNAH                            RI-4-SCI-9-407
HALL, HONOR                             RI-4-SCI-7-209
HALL, ISRAEL B.                         RI-4-SCI-9-267
HALL, MELISSA G.                        RI-4-SCI-15-272
HALLOWELL, JAMES D.                     RI-4-SCI-10-394
HARRINGTON, JOHN                        RI-4-SCI-7-84
HARRIS, ANN E.                          RI-4-SCI-11-144
HARRIS, ASAHEL                          RI-4-SCI-7-71
HARRIS, ASAHEL                          RI-4-SCI-2-529
HARRIS, ASAHEL H.                       RI-4-SCI-13-369
HARRIS, CAROLINE F.                     RI-4-SCI-7-130
HARRIS, CHARLES A.                      RI-4-SCI-12-170
HARRIS, CYRUS                           RI-4-SCI-4-152
HARRIS, DANIEL A.                       RI-4-SCI-6-39
HARRIS, GIDEON                          RI-4-SCI-2-293
HARRIS, HARDING                         RI-4-SCI-11-286
HARRIS, JABEZ                           RI-4-SCI-5-440
HARRIS, JAMES A.                        RI-4-SCI-12-141
HARRIS, MARY                            RI-4-SCI-4-267
HARRIS, MARY                            RI-4-SCI-9-54
HATHAWAY, NANCY                         RI-4-SCI-6-2
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH                      RI-4-SCI-6-46
HAWKINS, JAMES E.                       RI-4-SCI-11-103
HAWKINS, NANCY                          RI-4-SCI-10-245
HAWKINS, ROXANA                         RI-4-SCI-11-368
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        RI-4-SCI-5-552
HAYES, SAMUEL W.                        RI-4-SCI-4-387
HEALEY, MARCY                           RI-4-SCI-8-482
HENRY, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-6-126, 177
HENRY, SARAH M.                         RI-4-SCI-14-23
HERENDEN, JOHN (CAPT.)                  RI-4-SCI-1-113
HILL, ANN                               RI-4-SCI-6-178
HILL, CALEB                             RI-4-SCI-11-311
HILL, ELIZABETH                         RI-4-SCI-15-448
HILL, EMERSON W.                        RI-4-SCI-15-81
HILL, JOHN                              RI-4-SCI-9-45
HILL, JONATHAN                          RI-4-SCI-12-283
HILL, KNIGHT                            RI-4-SCI-8-102
HILL, MARY                              RI-4-SCI-8-247
HILL, MATHEW                            RI-4-SCI-5-610
HILL, MATHEW                            RI-4-SCI-3-39
HILL, POLLY                             RI-4-SCI-9-309
HILL, ROZILLA A.                        RI-4-SCI-12-297
HILL, THOMAS                            RI-4-SCI-7-114
HILL, THOMAS                            RI-4-SCI-2-485
HILL, ZILPHA                            RI-4-SCI-11-238
HOPKINS, ABEL                           RI-4-SCI-3-7
HOPKINS, CELENDA                        RI-4-SCI-8-257
HOPKINS, ELISABETH                      RI-4-SCI-2-81
HOPKINS, EZEKIEL                        RI-4-SCI-1-461
HOPKINS, HANAN                          RI-4-SCI-1-94
HOPKINS, ISAAC                          RI-4-SCI-5-532
HOPKINS, JOEL                           RI-4-SCI-1-239
HOPKINS, JONATHAN                       RI-4-SCI-1-138
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         RI-4-SCI-1-62
HOPKINS, OTIS A.                        RI-4-SCI-15-153
HOPKINS, REUBEN                         RI-4-SCI-3-153
HOPKINS, ROBERT S. W.                   RI-4-SCI-11-437
HOPKINS, SAMUEL H.                      RI-4-SCI-9-522
HOPKINS, SUSAN R.                       RI-4-SCI-15-95
HOPKINS, TIMOTHY                        RI-4-SCI-4-411
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        RI-4-SCI-1-42
HOPKINS,PATIENCE                        RI-4-SCI-11-203
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        RI-4-SCI-3-120
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        RI-4-SCI-2-207
HOUGHTON, FRED E.                       RI-4-SCI-11-140
HOWARD, ISAAC                           RI-4-SCI-2-305
HOWARD, JOANNA                          RI-4-SCI-13-231
HOWLAND, ISABELLA J.                    RI-4-SCI-11-162
HOYT, FANNY                             RI-4-SCI-8-316
HOYT, SAMUEL                            RI-4-SCI-8-412
INGRAHAM, FREEBORN                      RI-4-SCI-12-84
JENKINS, ELLEN E.                       RI-4-SCI-15-270
JENKS, ABIGAIL                          RI-4-SCI-7-60
JENKS, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-4-335
JOHNSON, CALEB W.                       RI-4-SCI-12-253
JONES, HENRY                            RI-4-SCI-1-394
JORDAN, ADELAIDE M.                     RI-4-SCI-15-470
JORDAN, LINDSEY                         RI-4-SCI-8-394
KELLY, PATRICK                          RI-4-SCI-7-290
KENT, SALLY                             RI-4-SCI-6-33
KENT, SAMUEL                            RI-4-SCI-4-396
KILLDUFF, EDWARD                        RI-4-SCI-9-26
KIMBALL, DEAN                           RI-4-SCI-4-351
KIMBALL, JOSEPH                         RI-4-SCI-2-266
KIMBALL, NOAH                           RI-4-SCI-11-390
KIMBALL, STEPHEN                        RI-4-SCI-3-96
KIMBALL, THANKFULL                      RI-4-SCI-5-67
KING, CATHARINE                         RI-4-SCI-7-327
KING, GEORGE                            RI-4-SCI-6-183
KING, ISAAC                             RI-4-SCI-1-382
KING, LYDIA                             RI-4-SCI-9-432
KINGMAN, ELMER C.                       RI-4-SCI-15-77
KINGMAN, JOSIAH                         RI-4-SCI-11-355
KINGSBURY, MARCY A.                     RI-4-SCI-10-297
KNIGHT, ABBIE E.                        RI-4-SCI-11-51
KNIGHT, ANGELL                          RI-4-SCI-5-678
KNIGHT, ENOS                            RI-4-SCI-6-209
KNIGHT, GEORGE                          RI-4-SCI-6-87
KNIGHT, ISAIAH                          RI-4-SCI-6-275
KNIGHT, JAMES                           RI-4-SCI-6-122
KNIGHT, JAMES                           RI-4-SCI-6-84
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                          RI-4-SCI-5-206
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                          RI-4-SCI-1-191
KNIGHT, WILLIAM W.                      RI-4-SCI-10-199
KNIGTH, LEVI                            RI-4-SCI-5-673
KNOWLTON, LYDIA                         RI-4-SCI-5-11
KNOWLTON, THOMAS                        RI-4-SCI-1-400
LAWTON, HENRY A.                        RI-4-SCI-10-359
LEDDY, MARGARET                         RI-4-SCI-13-189
LEMERIE, MARGUERETTE                    RI-4-SCI-15-265
LITTLE, JESSE                           RI-4-SCI-5-75
LITTLE, JUDITH                          RI-4-SCI-5-523
LOVE, WILLIAM                           RI-4-SCI-10-256
LOVELL, ALEXANDER                       RI-4-SCI-2-97
LUTHER, ELLA L.                         RI-4-SCI-12-158
MANCHESTER, BAYS                        RI-4-SCI-4-11
MANCHESTER, JOHN                        RI-4-SCI-3-194
MANCHESTER, JOSEPH S.                   RI-4-SCI-6-427
MANCHESTER, MEHITABLE                   RI-4-SCI-4-222
MANCHESTER, SARAH                       RI-4-SCI-12-129
MATHENSON, THOMAS                       RI-4-SCI-4-489
MATHEWSON, ASA                          RI-4-SCI-7-102
MATHEWSON, CHARLES H.                   RI-4-SCI-12-373
MATHEWSON, ELISHA                       RI-4-SCI-7-286
MATHEWSON, PHILLIP                      RI-4-SCI-1-30
MATHEWSON, THOMAS                       RI-4-SCI-2-302
MATHEWSON, WILBUR                       RI-4-SCI-6-289
MATTESON, DANIEL                        RI-4-SCI-7-381
MCCARTIN, JAMES                         RI-4-SCI-10-108
MCGEEN, THOMAS                          RI-4-SCI-8-165
MCGONAGLE, HUGH                         RI-4-SCI-13-207
MCGUIGAN, RHODA                         RI-4-SCI-12-260
MEDBURY, ISAAC                          RI-4-SCI-3-133
MILES, TIMOTHY                          RI-4-SCI-2-476
MILLER, LUCY A.                         RI-4-SCI-12-362
MILLER, PRESCOTT                        RI-4-SCI-13-204
MITCHELL, MARTHA A.                     RI-4-SCI-11-75
MOTT, OLIVER O.                         RI-4-SCI-9-377
MOWRY, CHARLES H.                       RI-4-SCI-12-118
MOWRY, NATHAN                           RI-4-SCI-6-371
MOWRY, PROSPER                          RI-4-SCI-2-506
MUMFORD, ELIZA                          RI-4-SCI-10-291
NEEDHAM, THOMAS                         RI-4-SCI-13-35
OLNEY, CYNTHIA P.                       RI-4-SCI-15-66
OLNEY, DELIA                            RI-4-SCI-15-146
OLNEY, JAMES A.                         RI-4-SCI-15-294
OLNEY, JULIA A.                         RI-4-SCI-9-242
OLNEY, PARIS                            RI-4-SCI-7-129
PAGE, ABBY P.                           RI-4-SCI-14-28
PAINE, ALMA M.                          RI-4-SCI-15-487
PAINE, ROSINA R.                        RI-4-SCI-15-197
PARKER, FRANCIS                         RI-4-SCI-5-650
PARKER, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-11-189
PARKER, THOMAS                          RI-4-SCI-6-60
PATHE, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-SCI-5-516
PATT, BARBARA S.                        RI-4-SCI-9-31
PATT, WILLIAM N.                        RI-4-SCI-12-110
PATTERSON, GODOLPHIN                    RI-4-SCI-8-48
PEARCE, ANNA                            RI-4-SCI-3-222
PEARCE, WILLIAM                         RI-4-SCI-2-325
PECK, ELENNIN                           RI-4-SCI-6-80
PECK, PELEG                             RI-4-SCI-3-258
PECK, WILSON                            RI-4-SCI-5-322
PECKHAM, ELIAS                          RI-4-SCI-13-188
PECKHAM, ELMIRA LOUISA                  RI-4-SCI-12-435
PECKHAM, SUSAN E.                       RI-4-SCI-15-329
PECKHAM, ZERVIAH                        RI-4-SCI-6-329
PERKINS, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-7-516
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         RI-4-SCI-6-436
PHILLIPS, EBER                          RI-4-SCI-8-381
PHILLIPS, ELISHA                        RI-4-SCI-5-52
PHILLIPS, EMERY                         RI-4-SCI-9-263
PHILLIPS, ESTHER                        RI-4-SCI-9-138
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          RI-4-SCI-2-550
PHILLIPS, REBECCA                       RI-4-SCI-8-203
PHILLIPS, WAITE                         RI-4-SCI-6-63
PIERCE, ALEXANDER C.                    RI-4-SCI-11-261
PINKHAM, STEPHEN                        RI-4-SCI-5-80
PLACE, AMEY D.                          RI-4-SCI-10-340
POOLER, RANSOM                          RI-4-SCI-13-57
POTTER, ANTHONY R.                      RI-4-SCI-12-252
POTTER, CALEB                           RI-4-SCI-4-519
POTTER, DANIEL W.                       RI-4-SCI-9-515
POTTER, ELIZABETH                       RI-4-SCI-9-1
POTTER, ELLEN FRANCES                   RI-4-SCI-15-491
POTTER, EMRA A.                         RI-4-SCI-12-342
POTTER, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-5-208
POTTER, JOHN                            RI-4-SCI-2-148
POTTER, JOHN B.                         RI-4-SCI-12-453
POTTER, MOSES                           RI-4-SCI-4-385
POTTER, NANCY E.                        RI-4-SCI-12-8
POTTER, NEHEMIAH                        RI-4-SCI-4-276
POTTER, PETER                           RI-4-SCI-12-213
POTTER, ROBERT                          RI-4-SCI-2-512
POTTER, RUFUS                           RI-4-SCI-5-480
POTTER, SAMUEL P.                       RI-4-SCI-12-88
POTTER, SUSAN                           RI-4-SCI-10-158
POTTER, TAMAR                           RI-4-SCI-7-80
POTTER, WILLIAM                         RI-4-SCI-3-394
PRATT, ARNOLD                           RI-4-SCI-9-261
PRATT, CALVIN D.                        RI-4-SCI-11-113
PRAY, MILES O.                          RI-4-SCI-12-467
PRESTON, SARAH                          RI-4-SCI-2-409
PROFIT, WILLIAM                         RI-4-SCI-5-333
QUINN, ROBY                             RI-4-SCI-11-383
RALPH, JABEZ                            RI-4-SCI-4-198
RAMSDELL, JOHN                          RI-4-SCI-11-379
RAMSDELL, LUCY                          RI-4-SCI-9-474
RAMSDELL, WILLIAM                       RI-4-SCI-6-293
RANDALL, ALCEY W.                       RI-4-SCI-11-493
RANDALL, ARTHUR F.                      RI-4-SCI-7-589
RANDALL, DELIA                          RI-4-SCI-9-50
RANDALL, EDMUND V.                      RI-4-SCI-6-461
RANDALL, ENOS                           RI-4-SCI-3-409
RANDALL, HENRY                          RI-4-SCI-1-261
RANDALL, HORACE                         RI-4-SCI-8-405
RANDALL, ISRAEL A.                      RI-4-SCI-12-96
RANDALL, JEREMIAH                       RI-4-SCI-8-498
RANDALL, JOB                            RI-4-SCI-5-59
RANDALL, JOB                            RI-4-SCI-12-335
RANDALL, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-2-428
RANDALL, JOHN T.                        RI-4-SCI-11-313
RANDALL, MARTHA                         RI-4-SCI-11-60
RANDALL, MARY                           RI-4-SCI-3-30
RANDALL, PELEG                          RI-4-SCI-11-360
RANDALL, SOPHIA                         RI-4-SCI-9-76
RANDALL, STEPHEN                        RI-4-SCI-5-111
RANDALL, STEPHEN B.                     RI-4-SCI-12-322
RANDALL, WILLIAM                        RI-4-SCI-7-413
RATHBUN, LUCINDA                        RI-4-SCI-12-366
RATHBUN, OLNEY                          RI-4-SCI-10-376
RATHBUN, RAYMOND A.                     RI-4-SCI-13-238
RAY, RICHARD                            RI-4-SCI-1-250
REALPH, THOMAS                          RI-4-SCI-2-417
RELPH, CHRISTOPHER                      RI-4-SCI-2-359
RELPH, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-6-116
RELPH, DAVID                            RI-4-SCI-2-161
RELPH, DAVID                            RI-4-SCI-7-254
RELPH, HUGH                             RI-4-SCI-3-62
RELPH, MARY                             RI-4-SCI-6-229
RELPH, NATHAN                           RI-4-SCI-3-375
RELPH, RUTH                             RI-4-SCI-4-81
RELPH, SARAH                            RI-4-SCI-7-137
RELPH, STEPHEN                          RI-4-SCI-3-130
RELPH, THOMAS                           RI-4-SCI-7-198
REMINGTON, JOSEPH                       RI-4-SCI-4-241
RICHARD, CALVIN W.                      RI-4-SCI-9-345
RICHARDSON, CLARA E.                    RI-4-SCI-10-404
RICKETTS, ALFRED H.                     RI-4-SCI-15-356, 367
ROBBINS, SAMUEL                         RI-4-SCI-2-130
ROBERTS, MARIA S.                       RI-4-SCI-11-235
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         RI-4-SCI-4-436
ROE, GEORGE                             RI-4-SCI-11-138
ROGERS, FRANK                           RI-4-SCI-15-98
ROGERS, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-15-224
ROUND, JOHN                             RI-4-SCI-1-212
ROUND, POLLY                            RI-4-SCI-11-206
ROUND, SUSANNAH                         RI-4-SCI-5-12
SALESBURY, JONATHAN                     RI-4-SCI-1-271
SALESBURY, RICHARD                      RI-4-SCI-1-78
SALISBURY                               RI-4-SCI-6-389
SALISBURY, ALBERT H.                    RI-4-SCI-12-484
SALISBURY, GARNER                       RI-4-SCI-9-36
SALISBURY, IVES                         RI-4-SCI-9-236
SALISBURY, LEWIS R.                     RI-4-SCI-15-223
SALISBURY, MARIA L.                     RI-4-SCI-12-389
SALISBURY, PHILIP                       RI-4-SCI-8-329
SALISBURY, SAMUEL                       RI-4-SCI-2-393
SALISBURY, WILLIAM                      RI-4-SCI-5-633
SALSBURY, JONATHAN                      RI-4-SCI-4-414
SANFORD, CHARLES H.                     RI-4-SCI-13-19
SARLE, BETSEY                           RI-4-SCI-7-498
SARLE, EDWARD                           RI-4-SCI-5-237
SARLE, ORRIS                            RI-4-SCI-8-188
SAUNDERS, ISAAC                         RI-4-SCI-11-438
SAUNDERS, MARY                          RI-4-SCI-9-333
SCOTT, SARAH A.                         RI-4-SCI-11-72
SCRANTON, JAMES A.                      RI-4-SCI-10-401
SEAMANS, ANNE                           RI-4-SCI-4-128
SEAMANS, DANIEL                         RI-4-SCI-4-49
SEAMANS, JAMES                          RI-4-SCI-1-379
SEAMANS, SOPHIA A.                      RI-4-SCI-15-204
SEAMANS, WILLIAM (ELDER)                RI-4-SCI-3-173
SHEA, CATHERINE                         RI-4-SCI-12-461
SHELDON, PEHRAIM                        RI-4-SCI-1-37
SHIPPEE, SEAMAN                         RI-4-SCI-9-400
SIMMONS, PATIENCE                       RI-4-SCI-9-114
SLACK, LEMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-3-53
SLATTER, JOSEPH                         RI-4-SCI-2-244
SMITH, AMEY A.                          RI-4-SCI-15-290
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                      RI-4-SCI-2-442
SMITH, CLEMON                           RI-4-SCI-6-308
SMITH, COMER                            RI-4-SCI-3-191
SMITH, COREA                            RI-4-SCI-7-274
SMITH, FREELOVE                         RI-4-SCI-6-262
SMITH, GEORGE B.                        RI-4-SCI-10-375
SMITH, GIDEON                           RI-4-SCI-4-251
SMITH, JACOB                            RI-4-SCI-6-42
SMITH, JONATHAN                         RI-4-SCI-6-152
SMITH, MARGARET                         RI-4-SCI-2-64
SMITH, MARY                             RI-4-SCI-7-426
SMITH, MARY JANE                        RI-4-SCI-13-70
SMITH, NIAL                             RI-4-SCI-9-105
SMITH, PENELOPE                         RI-4-SCI-5-541
SMITH, RICHARD                          RI-4-SCI-4-289
SMITH, RUFUS                            RI-4-SCI-7-67
SMITH, RUSSELL                          RI-4-SCI-10-256
SMITH, STEPHEN                          RI-4-SCI-4-60
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         RI-4-SCI-8-119
SMITH, THOMAS                           RI-4-SCI-2-467
SPRAGUE, ANTHONY                        RI-4-SCI-1-135
SPRAGUE, DAVID                          RI-4-SCI-2-217
SPRAGUE, PETER                          RI-4-SCI-5-511
SRANT, JOSEPH                           RI-4-SCI-6-268
STAPLES, SIMEON                         RI-4-SCI-9-343
STEERE, ABBIE A.                        RI-4-SCI-12-261
STEERE, JULIA A.                        RI-4-SCI-9-232
STEERE, LAURA A.                        RI-4-SCI-10-142
STEERE, MARY                            RI-4-SCI-13-161
STEERE, OLNEY B.                        RI-4-SCI-8-254
STEERE, TRIPHENA                        RI-4-SCI-3-253
STEERE, WHITMAN                         RI-4-SCI-6-485
STEEREL, ASAHEL D.                      RI-4-SCI-11-28
STODDARD, ARCHIE                        RI-4-SCI-14-1
STONE, ASAHEL                           RI-4-SCI-11-107
STONE, JEREMIAH                         RI-4-SCI-5-255
STONE, SAMUEL R.                        RI-4-SCI-12-384
STONE, STEPHEN D.                       RI-4-SCI-15-350
STOUT, DENNIS                           RI-4-SCI-5-358
SWEET, DORCAS                           RI-4-SCI-7-244
SWEET, HENRY E.                         RI-4-SCI-10-342
SWEET, MARTHA M.                        RI-4-SCI-11-448
TAFT, MARY                              RI-4-SCI-8-321
TANNER, ARNOLD                          RI-4-SCI-11-358
TAYLOR, ESTHER                          RI-4-SCI-5-626
TAYLOR, KNIGHT                          RI-4-SCI-4-367
TAYLOR, RUTH                            RI-4-SCI-7-213
TEFFT, PETER                            RI-4-SCI-2-387
TEFFT, WILLIAM                          RI-4-SCI-2-236
THAYER, AMEY                            RI-4-SCI-9-347
THOMAS, JAMES                           RI-4-SCI-2-312
THOMAS, NICHOLAS                        RI-4-SCI-6-296
THORNTON, JAMES                         RI-4-SCI-2-92
THRBER, DANIEL                          RI-4-SCI-11-424
TINGLEY, ELIZA                          RI-4-SCI-9-186
TITUS, NANCY                            RI-4-SCI-12-466
TOURTELLOT, ARNOLD H.                   RI-4-SCI-10-305
TOURTELLOT, ROGER                       RI-4-SCI-5-172
TOURTELLOT, STEPHEN                     RI-4-SCI-5-546
TUCKER, R. JANE                         RI-4-SCI-11-447
TYLER, JOHN                             RI-4-SCI-2-355
UNDERWOOD, LYDIA W.                     RI-4-SCI-12-278
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-3-139
VAUGHN, BARBARA                         RI-4-SCI-4-482
VAUGHN, CATHARINE                       RI-4-SCI-9-230
WADE, NATHANIEL                         RI-4-SCI-1-231
WADE, NOYES                             RI-4-SCI-9-241
WALES, THOMAS                           RI-4-SCI-2-163
WALKER, JEREMIAH                        RI-4-SCI-8-260
WALKER, PARDON                          RI-4-SCI-8-370
WALKER, PHILIP                          RI-4-SCI-5-137
WALKER, ROBERT                          RI-4-SCI-6-51
WALKER, ROBERT H.                       RI-4-SCI-14-134
WALKER, WILLIAM H.                      RI-4-SCI-10-177
WALL, CATHERINE                         RI-4-SCI-15-184, 203
WALTON, JANE E.                         RI-4-SCI-15-420
WALTON,PELEG A.                         RI-4-SCI-13-116
WATERMAN, BENJAMIN                      RI-4-SCI-4-416
WATERMAN, CALEB N.                      RI-4-SCI-5-334
WATERMAN, COMER                         RI-4-SCI-8-435
WATERMAN, DANIEL                        RI-4-SCI-3-161
WATERMAN, RESOLVED                      RI-4-SCI-12-388
WATERMAN, STEPHEN                       RI-4-SCI-4-126
WEAVER, CONSTANT                        RI-4-SCI-2-204
WEAVER, LYDIA V.                        RI-4-SCI-11-158
WEAVER, THOMAS                          RI-4-SCI-5-457
WEAVER, WILLIAM T.                      RI-4-SCI-7-444
WELLS, ELIZA                            RI-4-SCI-9-152
WELLS, MARY S.                          RI-4-SCI-11-350
WEST, MARY                              RI-4-SCI-6-405
WEST, MERCY                             RI-4-SCI-5-579
WESTCOT, OLIVER                         RI-4-SCI-3-237
WESTCOTT, CALEB                         RI-4-SCI-5-253
WESTCOTT, PELEG                         RI-4-SCI-4-44
WHEELER, PASCHAL                        RI-4-SCI-7-119
WHEELOCK, CHARLES S.                    RI-4-SCI-11-130
WHIDDEN, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-5-630
WHIPPLE, BENEDICT                       RI-4-SCI-4-545
WHIPPLE, JAMES                          RI-4-SCI-6-67
WHIPPLE, JOHN                           RI-4-SCI-15-103
WHITAKER, CYRUS                         RI-4-SCI-6-238
WHITAKER, ELISHA                        RI-4-SCI-15-437, 450
WHITE, ELEAZER                          RI-4-SCI-5-118
WHITMAN, OLIVE                          RI-4-SCI-13-75
WHITMARSH, THOMAS B.                    RI-4-SCI-12-26
WIGHE, OLNEY P.                         RI-4-SCI-8-129
WIGHT, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-SCI-1-247
WIGHT, BENJAMIN                         RI-4-SCI-4-58
WIGHT, JABEZ                            RI-4-SCI-3-76
WIGHT, JOHN                             RI-4-SCI-4-238
WIGHT, JOSEPH                           RI-4-SCI-5-536
WIGHT, SAMUEL                           RI-4-SCI-5-526
WIGHT, WESCOTT                          RI-4-SCI-6-510
WIGHT, WILLIAM                          RI-4-SCI-4-209
WIGHT, WILLIAM H.                       RI-4-SCI-13-160
WILBOUR, GEORGE                         RI-4-SCI-2-445
WILBUR, BENJAMIN                        RI-4-SCI-6-450
WILBUR, CHARLES                         RI-4-SCI-13-136
WILBUR, IRA                             RI-4-SCI-8-340
WILBUR, KNIGHT                          RI-4-SCI-8-347
WILBUR, MATHEWSON                       RI-4-SCI-6-289
WILBUR, SAMUEL                          RI-4-SCI-5-623
WILBUR, SARAH                           RI-4-SCI-10-329
WILBUR, STEPHEN                         RI-4-SCI-4-431
WILBUR, STEPHEN                         RI-4-SCI-1-429
WILBUR, STEPHEN H.                      RI-4-SCI-12-485
WILBUR, SUSAN                           RI-4-SCI-8-333
WILCOX, LUCINDA                         RI-4-SCI-11-149
WILKINSON, CHRISTOPHER                  RI-4-SCI-1-52
WILKINSON, ELIZABETH                    RI-4-SCI-6-166
WILKINSON, JOHN                         RI-4-SCI-1-97
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       RI-4-SCI-1-253
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       RI-4-SCI-2-479
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       RI-4-SCI-4-368
WILKINSON, MARTHA                       RI-4-SCI-2-517
WILKINSON, SAMUEL                       RI-4-SCI-1-171
WILLIAMS, AMASA                         RI-4-SCI-8-445
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      RI-4-SCI-5-410
WILLIAMS, BENONI                        RI-4-SCI-2-459
WILLIAMS, CRAWFORD R.                   RI-4-SCI-15-356
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                        RI-4-SCI-5-429
WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM                       RI-4-SCI-3-351
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        RI-4-SCI-1-44
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        RI-4-SCI-1-407
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         RI-4-SCI-1-182
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                      RI-4-SCI-1-55
WILMOT, THANKFULL                       RI-4-SCI-5-133
WINSOR, ALPHEUS                         RI-4-SCI-9-101
WINSOR, HANNAH                          RI-4-SCI-9-176
WINSOR, HARRIET                         RI-4-SCI-11-284
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           RI-4-SCI-5-422
WOOD, AMOS                              RI-4-SCI-4-481
WOOD, ANDREW                            RI-4-SCI-9-142
WOOD, BARNARD                           RI-4-SCI-4-243
WOOD, LUCY                              RI-4-SCI-4-183
WOOD, NEHEMIAH                          RI-4-SCI-9-302
WOOD, SUSANNAH                          RI-4-SCI-7-264
WOOD, THOMAS                            RI-4-SCI-3-233
WOOD, WILLIAM                           RI-4-SCI-2-54
WOONAN, AUGUSTUS                        RI-4-SCI-5-460
YEAW, ALMY                              RI-4-SCI-8-185
YEAW, DAVID                             RI-4-SCI-2-21
YEAW, GEORGE                            RI-4-SCI-8-485
YEAW, JAMES                             RI-4-SCI-9-228
YEAW, JOSEPH                            RI-4-SCI-2-33
YOUNG, ALMY                             RI-4-SCI-11-225
YOUNG, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-7-8
YOUNG, DANIEL                           RI-4-SCI-6-196
YOUNG, JENICA                           RI-4-SCI-12-38
YOUNG, RUSSELL                          RI-4-SCI-9-113

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