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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | 1 = 1830-1842 | 2 = 1842-1852 | 3 = 1853-1859 | 4 = 1859-1889 | 5 = 1887-1912|
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ALLEN, JOHN                  NTL                          TN-1-5-53
ALLEY, MARY                  NTL                          TN-1-5-177
ALTUM, SPENCER               NTL                          TN-1-3-260
ARNOLD, GRANVILLE            NTL                          TN-1-5-173
ARNOLD, NACKEY H.            NTL                          TN-1-5-180
BAKER, J. A.                 CLINTON                      TN-1-5-226
BARNES, WILLIAM H.           COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-158
BEARDEN, MARY D.             NTL                          TN-1-5-50
BEARDEN, WILLIAM             NTL                          TN-1-5-51
BEETS, JOSEPH                NTL                          TN-1-5-171
BISHOP, M. W.                NTL                          TN-1-5-344
BLACK, ELIZABETH             NTL                          TN-1-4-167
BLACK, JEFFERSON MONROE      CLINTON                      TN-1-5-375
BLACK, JOHN                  NTL                          TN-1-5-105
BLACKBURN, G. H.             COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-333
BOOKOUT, MARMADUKE           NTL                          TN-1-1-48
BOREN, A. H.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-213
BOTLER, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-1-141
BRADEN, J. B.                NTL                          TN-1-5-221
BRADLEY, STEPHEN             NTL                          TN-1-4-20
BROOKS, CALVIN M.            COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-320
BROWN, MALINDA               NTL                          TN-1-4-169
BROWN, W. E.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-167
BRUMMETT, WILLIAM            NTL                          TN-1-1-278
BULKLEY, JULIA N.            , NEW YORK, NEW YORK         TN-1-4-91
BURNETT, NICY ANN            COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-61
BURRISS, SILAS W.            NTL                          TN-1-4-106
BUTLER, RHODA                NTL                          TN-1-5-346
BUTTLAR, JACOB               NTL                          TN-1-1-235
CAGLEY, ISAAC                OLIVER SPRINGS               TN-1-5-330
CAMARD, ISAAC                NTL                          TN-1-4-57
CARNS, MARY                  NTL                          TN-1-4-150
CLARKSON, DAVID              NTL                          TN-1-1-160
CLEAR, HENRY SR.             NTL                          TN-1-4-148
CLEAR, PETER                 NTL                          TN-1-3-204
CONRAD, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-5-128
COOPER, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-1-142
COWARA, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-3-80
COWARD, OBEDIENCE H.         NTL                          TN-1-5-254
COWARD, RICHARD H.           NTL                          TN-1-4-39
COX, JOHN SR.                NTL                          TN-1-4-77
CRAGE, REUBEN                NTL                          TN-1-4-17
CRAWFORD, JOHN C.            NTL                          TN-1-5-54
CROSS, JOHN E.               NTL                          TN-1-4-173
CROSS, WILLIAM               NTL                          TN-1-5-209
CULLOM, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-5-100
CUMMINGS, CHARLES C.         NTL                          TN-1-3-357
CUMMINGS, R. E.              NTL                          TN-1-4-7
DAGLEY, STAKELY A.           NTL                          TN-1-4-163
DAIL, W. R.                  NTL                          TN-1-5-248
DAVIS, FREELEY A.            NTL                          TN-1-5-258
DEMARCUS, AMOS               NTL                          TN-1-5-45
DEW, ROBERT                  NTL                          TN-1-3-400
DIGGS, RACHAEL               CLINTON                      TN-1-5-110
DOSSETT, DREW                NTL                          TN-1-5-79
DOUGHTY, SARAH               , GRAYSON, TX                TN-1-4-141
DOUGLAS, JANE C.             NTL                          TN-1-4-5
DUNCAN, E. F.                NTL                          TN-1-5-127
DUNCAN, ISAAC M.             NTL                          TN-1-4-164
DUNCAN, J. T.                NTL                          TN-1-5-246
DUNLAP, JAMES                NTL                          TN-1-4-9
DUNLAP, WILLIAM A.           NTL                          TN-1-5-260
DUNN, SAMUEL                 NTL                          TN-1-4-10
EDMONDSON, ELIZABETH         NTL                          TN-1-5-33
EDWARDS, E. C.               NTL                          TN-1-5-83
ELKINS, HARVEY GREEN         NTL                          TN-1-5-208
EZELL, BUCKNER               NTL                          TN-1-4-70
FARMER, ABNER                NTL                          TN-1-4-15
FARMER, F. J.                NTL                          TN-1-5-89
FARMER, HENRY                NTL                          TN-1-4-16
FARMER, NATHAN A.            NTL                          TN-1-4-72
FIELDEN, WILLIAM S.          NTL                          TN-1-5-192
FOSTER, SAMUEL               NTL                          TN-1-4-68
FREELS, W. S.                NTL                          TN-1-4-135
FROST, JOSHUA                NTL                          TN-1-4-23
FROST, SAMUEL                NTL                          TN-1-1-166
GADSON, ISAAC                NTL                          TN-1-5-56
GALBRAITH, JOHN T.           NTL                          TN-1-5-323
GALBRAITH, SAMUEL            NTL                          TN-1-2-234
GALBRAITH, WILLIAM           NTL                          TN-1-4-47
GALBREATH, ALEXANDER         NTL                          TN-1-4-40
GALBREATH, ROBERT            NTL                          TN-1-1-347
GAMBLE, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-3-100
GARNER, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-3-313
GARNER, P. H.                NTL                          TN-1-5-336
GARRISON, JAMES              COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-200
GIBBS, ANNA E.               NTL                          TN-1-2-210
GIBBS, WILLIAM H. SR.        NTL                          TN-1-4-50
GLOVER, WILLIAM B.           NTL                          TN-1-1-314
GOLDSTON, R. D.              NTL                          TN-1-4-74
GOLDSTON, WILLIAM A.         NTL                          TN-1-5-374
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM            NTL                          TN-1-1-92
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM C.         NTL                          TN-1-4-117
GRILLS, GEORGE               NTL                          TN-1-5-338
HACKWORTH, LEWIS             9TH DISTRICT                 TN-1-5-222
HACKWORTH, M. F.             NTL                          TN-1-4-149
HAGSHEAD, WILLIAM            NTL                          TN-1-1-1
HALL, JAMES                  NTL                          TN-1-5-197
HALL, JOHN                   NTL                          TN-1-4-22
HALL, SOLOMON                NTL                          TN-1-4-19
HANNAH, JOHN H.              NTL                          TN-1-4-75
HARTSELL, ABRAHAM            NTL                          TN-1-4-3
HASKINS, JESSE               NTL                          TN-1-4-27
HENDERSON, JESSE             NTL                          TN-1-4-45
HENDERSON, MARY J.           VILY                         TN-1-5-125
HENDREN, BARBARA C.          NTL                          TN-1-5-228
HENDREN, ELI                 NTL                          TN-1-5-108
HICKS, JOHN H.               NTL                          TN-1-5-205
HIGGINS, JOHN                , KNOX, TN                   TN-1-5-32
HILL, JOHN G.                NTL                          TN-1-5-194
HOGSETT, ALEXANDER           NTL                          TN-1-4-31
HOLLINGSWORTH, H. M.         NTL                          TN-1-5-34
HOSKINS, B. C.               NTL                          TN-1-5-169
HOSKINS, GEORGE              NTL                          TN-1-2-142
HOSKINS, JOHN                NTL                          TN-1-4-1
HOSKINS, NANCY               NTL                          TN-1-5-139
HOSKINS, OLIVER              NTL                          TN-1-5-68
HOSKINS, P. M.               NTL                          TN-1-5-57
HOSKINS, W. J.               NTL                          TN-1-5-131
HOUSER, JONATHAN             NTL                          TN-1-4-130
HUDSON, THOMAS               NTL                          TN-1-2-172
HUMPHREYS, ANNY              NTL                          TN-1-5-52
IRISH, JONAS                 , KNOX, TN                   TN-1-5-29
IRWIN, JOHN                  NTL                          TN-1-5-59
JACKSON, CLAIBORNE           NTL                          TN-1-4-46
JACKSON, MARTHA              NTL                          TN-1-5-238
JAMES, JOHN                  NTL                          TN-1-1-285
JARNAGIN, EMMA               NTL                          TN-1-5-216
JARNAGIN, HUGH L. A.         NTL                          TN-1-5-92
JEFFRIES, W. T.              NTL                          TN-1-5-355
JENNINGS, MARY               NTL                          TN-1-4-33
JETT, STEPHEN                NTL                          TN-1-5-149
JINGS, DANIEL                NTL                          TN-1-1-143
JOHNSON, GILBERT             NTL                          TN-1-2-300
JONES, JOHN                  NTL                          TN-1-5-36
JONES, R. G.                 COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-77
KEENEY, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-1-319
KESLING, DAVID               NTL                          TN-1-1-187
KEY, J. W.                   NTL                          TN-1-5-134
KINCAID, H. M.               NTL                          TN-1-5-38
KINCAID, RITCHEY             CLINTON                      TN-1-4-87
KIRBY, MARY                  NTL                          TN-1-4-166
KIRK, ELIJAH                 NTL                          TN-1-1-169
LAMAR, J. B.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-160
LAMAR, W. D.                 CLINTON                      TN-1-4-153
LANE, LEWIS                  NTL                          TN-1-3-446
LARGE, ANDREW V.             BUD                          TN-1-5-87
LEA, B. R.                   NTL                          TN-1-5-245
LEA, JOHN W.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-235
LEADBETTERS, D.              NTL                          TN-1-5-91
LEATH, G. F. M.              NTL                          TN-1-5-204
LEATH, WILLIS                NTL                          TN-1-4-25
LEINART, JACOB               NTL                          TN-1-2-106
LEINART, JACOB               NTL                          TN-1-4-161
LOCKET, BENJAMIN             NTL                          TN-1-1-94
LONGMIRE, R.                 NTL                          TN-1-4-124
LONGMIRE, REUBEN M.          NTL                          TN-1-3-371
LOWE, J. L.                  NTL                          TN-1-5-65
LOY, JOHN                    NTL                          TN-1-1-284
LUALLEN, R. L.               COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-230
MANLEY, ANCEL                NTL                          TN-1-3-81
MARSHALL, W. S.              CLINTON                      TN-1-5-191
McADOO, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-3-191
McADOO, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-1-39
McMUNN, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-1-164
McWAM, WILLIAM               NTL                          TN-1-5-183
MEDANIS, R. K.               CLINTON                      TN-1-5-219
MELSON, IDA BELLE            , KNOX, TN                   TN-1-5-164
MILLER, ARMSTEAD             NTL                          TN-1-5-146
MILLER, P. E.                NTL                          TN-1-5-174
MOORE, A. L.                 NTL                          TN-1-4-11
MOORE, ELIZA                 NTL                          TN-1-5-76
MOORE, MARY A.               NTL                          TN-1-5-69
MORTON, DAVID                NTL                          TN-1-1-203
MOUNGER, ELIZABETH H.        NTL                          TN-1-4-97
MOUNGER, JETHRO W.           NTL                          TN-1-4-61
MOUNGER, W. C.               NTL                          TN-1-5-75
OLIVER, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-4-113
OVERTON, JOHN                NTL                          TN-1-4-104
OVERTON, JOSEPH              NTL                          TN-1-1-279
OWENS, R. G. W.              NTL                          TN-1-3-443
PAEPER, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-5-188
PATTERSON, FINLEY            NTL                          TN-1-5-162
PEAK, JACOB                  NTL                          TN-1-5-112
PEAK, JACOB                  NTL                          TN-1-3-103
PECK, NORMON O.              NTL                          TN-1-5-49
PEMBERTON, DAVID             NTL                          TN-1-5-123
PEMBERTON, WILLIAM           NTL                          TN-1-4-158
PETERS, TOBIAS               NTL                          TN-1-1-21
PETREE, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-5-62
PILE, WILLIAM SR.            NTL                          TN-1-5-181
PORTWOOD, M. C.              NTL                          TN-1-5-184
PRIOR, SY                    NTL                          TN-1-4-2
RAINES, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-4-170
RECTOR, LANDON               NTL                          TN-1-1-237
REES, DANIEL                 NTL                          TN-1-5-224
REEVES, MARY ANN             NTL                          TN-1-4-115
RICHARDS, JOSEPH             POPLAR CREEK                 TN-1-4-174
ROBA, NANNETTE               OLIVER SPRINGS               TN-1-5-140
ROBBINS, ISAAC               NTL                          TN-1-1-57
ROBERTS, ANN                 NTL                          TN-1-5-44
ROBERTS, JAMES C.            NTL                          TN-1-4-24
ROSS, JAMES                  NTL                          TN-1-4-35
ROSS, JOHN S.                CLINTON                      TN-1-5-71
SARTIN, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-5-187
SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM SR.     NTL                          TN-1-1-19
SCARBROUGH, EPPY C.          NTL                          TN-1-4-139
SCARBROUGH, J. L. SR.        NTL                          TN-1-4-29
SCRUGGS, JOHN                NTL                          TN-1-4-6
SCRUGGS, JOHN                NTL                          TN-1-1-46
SCRUGGS, THOMAS J.           NTL                          TN-1-5-233
SHANNON, P. R.               NTL                          TN-1-5-94
SHARP, JOHN SR.              NTL                          TN-1-1-3
SIEBER, PHILIP               NTL                          TN-1-2-59
SMITH, ELIZA P.              NTL                          TN-1-4-155
SMITH, JACK                  NTL                          TN-1-4-52
SMITH, JAMES                 NTL                          TN-1-5-218
SMITH, SIDNEY                NTL                          TN-1-4-107
SMITH, W. T.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-348
SMITH, WILEY                 NTL                          TN-1-5-185
SMITHERS, MARY               NTL                          TN-1-5-136
SNOTTISH, HENRY              NTL                          TN-1-1-171
STOOKSBERY, ROBERT           NTL                          TN-1-3-366
STOOKSBURY, ALFRED           NTL                          TN-1-4-109
STOUT, G. M.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-243
TADLOCK, J. B.               ROBERTSVILLE                 TN-1-5-201
TATE, MILTON DR.             NTL                          TN-1-3-305
TAYLOR, A.                   NTL                          TN-1-4-65
TAYLOR, DAVID                NTL                          TN-1-5-240
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            NTL                          TN-1-5-81
TAYLOR, SALENA               NTL                          TN-1-5-130
TAYLOR, SAMUEL               NTL                          TN-1-4-151
TEAG, ELIZABETH              NTL                          TN-1-2-13
TELLER, DANIEL               NTL                          TN-1-1-38
THARP, GEORGE                NTL                          TN-1-5-64
THOMAS, REES R.              NTL                          TN-1-5-47
THOMPSON, MARY               NTL                          TN-1-5-80
THOMPSON, SARAH J.           NTL                          TN-1-5-223
THORNTON, SARAH C.           COAL CREEK                   TN-1-5-257
TOVERA, JOHN                 NTL                          TN-1-1-41
TUNNELL, WILLIAM             NTL                          TN-1-4-7
VARNER, GEORGE T.            NTL                          TN-1-5-199
VAUN, G. W.                  NTL                          TN-1-5-145
WALLACE, A. M.               NTL                          TN-1-4-101
WALLACE, JAMES               NTL                          TN-1-4-69
WALLACE, WILLIAM W.          NTL                          TN-1-4-83
WARWICK, LEWIS               NTL                          TN-1-4-121
WARWICK, WILLIAM             HEISKELL                     TN-1-5-326
WATTS, THOMAS JR.            NTL                          TN-1-5-341
WEAVER, C. M.                NTL                          TN-1-5-212
WEAVER, HANNAH               NTL                          TN-1-2-315
WEAVER, JACOB ESQ            NTL                          TN-1-1-351
WEAVER, WILLIAM              NTL                          TN-1-5-104
WEAVER, WILLIAM COL.         NTL                          TN-1-4-102
WEBSTER, W. R.               NTL                          TN-1-4-132
WEST, JOHN A.                NTL                          TN-1-5-178
WHELAN, RICHARD              NTL                          TN-1-1-143
WHITABERRY, EPHRAIM          NTL                          TN-1-4-4
WHITEBERY, GEORGE            NTL                          TN-1-3-387
WHITSON, JACK                CLINTON                      TN-1-4-120
WHITSON, V. A.               CLINTON                      TN-1-4-71
WILEY, HENRY H.              COAL CREEK                   TN-1-4-98
WILKINS, MATILDA C.          NTL                          TN-1-5-67
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER T.       NTL                          TN-1-4-53
WILSON, THOMAS               NTL                          TN-1-1-248
WOLOVER, ELMIRA              NTL                          TN-1-5-43
WOOD, HENRY                  NTL                          TN-1-5-261
WORTHINGTON, MARTHA J.       NTL                          TN-1-5-190
WORTHINGTON, MARY R.         NTL                          TN-1-5-242
YARNELL, DANIEL              NTL                          TN-1-4-80
YARNELL, NANCY               NTL                          TN-1-4-156
YARNELL, THOMAS              NTL                          TN-1-5-372
YERKES, STEPHEN              DANVILLE, BOYLE, KY          TN-1-5-114
YOUNG, D. K.                 NTL                          TN-1-5-358
YOUNG, ELIZABETH H. C.       NTL                          TN-1-4-86
YOUNG, JAMES H.              NTL                          TN-1-5-155

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