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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1757-1771 | B-3C = ? |
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ADAMS, GABRIEL               NTL                           VA-54-A-35
ANDREWS, JOHN                CAMERON                       VA-54-A-252
ARNET, ALEXANDER             CAMERON                       VA-54-A-239
BEAVER, THOMAS SR.           NTL                           VA-54-A-269
BEST, JOHN                   CAMERON                       VA-54-A-264
BOOTH, ROBERT                NTL                           VA-54-A-24
BURSON, BENJAMIN             CAMERON                       VA-54-A-222
CHAMPE, JOHN                 TRURO                         VA-54-A-96
CHILTON, GEORGE              SHOLBURNS                     VA-54-A-306
CHINN, CHRISTOPHER           NTL                           VA-54-A-234
CHINN, ELIJAH                SHOLBURNS                     VA-54-A-290
COLEMAN, RICHARD             CAMERON                       VA-54-A-98
DAVIS, NATHAN                NTL                           VA-54-A-259
DAVIS, SARAH                 NTL                           VA-54-A-14
DAVIS, THOMAS                NTL                           VA-54-A-3
DEHAVEN, ABRAHAM             NTL                           VA-54-A-298
DYEL, WILLIAM                CAMERON                       VA-54-A-138
ELLIS, ROBERT                NTL                           VA-54-A-152
ETHEL, JOHN                  NTL                           VA-54-A-137
EVANS, JOHN                  CAMERON                       VA-54-A-180
EVANS, JOHN                  NTL                           VA-54-A-260
EVERHARD, JACOB              NTL                           VA-54-A-300
GOODIN, JOHN                 NTL                           VA-54-A-256
GRIMES, NICHOLAS             CAMERON                       VA-54-A-144
HAGUE, JOHN                  NTL                           VA-54-A-167
HARRISS, SAMUELL             NTL, FAIRFAX, VA              VA-54-A-103
HOLLINGSWORTH, ISAAC         NTL (QUAKER)                  VA-54-A-21
HOPEWELL, JOHN               CAMERON                       VA-54-A-146
INSLE, HENRY                 NTL                           VA-54-A-37
JACKSON, LOVELL              NTL, FAIFAX, VA               VA-54-A-174
JANNEY, MARY                 NTL                           VA-54-A-169
JENNEY, MARY                 NTL                           VA-54-A-25
JOHN, JAMES                  CAMERON                       VA-54-A-178
JOHN, MARY                   CAMERON                       VA-54-A-182
JOHN, THOMAS                 NTL                           VA-54-A-220
JOHN, THOMAS                 CAMERON                       VA-54-A-289
JOHNSON, JOHN                NTL                           VA-54-A-253
JONES, WILLIAM               NTL                           VA-54-A-310
KROND, SAMUEL                NTL                           VA-54-A-124
LANE, WILLIAM CARR           NTL                           VA-54-A-284
LONG, THOMAS                 NTL, HARTFORD, CT             VA-54-A-122
MARCY, CHARLES               CAMRON, FAIRFAX, VA           VA-54-A-10
MARTIAL, JOSEPH              NTL                           VA-54-A-304
MCGEACH, THOMAS              CAMERON                       VA-54-A-208
MCGREW, CHARLES              NTL                           VA-54-A-134
MEGEAGH, JOSEPH              NTL                           VA-54-A-36
MEYRICK, GRIFFITH            NTL                           VA-54-A-294
MIDDLETON, JANE              CAMERON                       VA-54-A-175
MILLER, JOHN                 NTL                           VA-54-A-213
MOBLEY, SAMUEL               NTL                           VA-54-A-224
MOREN, JOSEPH                NTL                           VA-54-A-237
MOSS, JOHN                   NTL                           VA-54-A-190
MUNROW, GEORGE               NTL                           VA-54-A-218
OMEHANDRA, ANN               NTL                           VA-54-A-95
PHILLIPS, THOMAS SR.         NTL                           VA-54-A-155
PORTER, EDAWRD               NTL                           VA-54-A-295
POTTS, DAVID                 NTL                           VA-54-A-194
POTTS, JONAS                 CAMERON                       VA-54-A-202
POULTNEY, JOHN               NTL                           VA-54-A-12
PRICE, EVAN                  NTL                           VA-54-A-272
READ, JOSEPH                 CAMERON                       VA-54-A-57
REDMOND, ANDREW              NTL                           VA-54-A-111
REEDER, JOSEPH               NTL                           VA-54-A-271
RHODES, MOSES                NTL                           VA-54-A-229
ROBERTS, RICHARD             NTL                           VA-54-A-56
ROBERTSON, HENRY             NTL                           VA-54-A-236
SANDERS, PHILLIP             NTL                           VA-54-A-225
SANTECLARE, MARGARET         NTL                           VA-54-A-115
SCATTERDAY, GEORGE           NTL                           VA-54-A-206
SEWARD, NICHOLAS             NTL                           VA-54-A-78
SHREEVE, WILLIAM             NTL                           VA-54-A-76
SINCKLER, WAYMAN             CAMERON                       VA-54-A-59
SPARR, JAMES                 NTL                           VA-54-A-29
TAYLOR, HENRY SR.            CAMERON                       VA-54-A-318
THOMAS, EVAN                 NTL                           VA-54-A-1
TODHUNTER, JOHN              NTL                           VA-54-A-303
TRIER, JAMES                 NTL                           VA-54-A-340
TYLER, ANN                   CAMERON                       VA-54-A-215
VANDEURE, GEORGE             NTL                           VA-54-A-120
WEST, WILLIAM                NTL                           VA-54-A-226
WEST, WILLIAM                NTL                           VA-54-A-73
WIGGINTON, JAMES             NTL                           VA-54-A-148
WILLCOXON, JOHN              NTL                           VA-54-A-125
YATES, JOSEPH                NTL (QUAKER)                  VA-54-A-43

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