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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1713-1728 | 2 = 1713-1722 | 3 = 1722-1728 | 4 = 1759-1760 | 5 = 1787-1792 |
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ALLEY, HENRY                 NTL                           VA-75-5-371
ANDERSON, MATHEW JR.         BRISTOL                       VA-75-1-232
ANDERSON, PETER              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-888
ARMISTEAD, MARGARET          BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-629
ATKINS, RICHARD              NTL                           VA-75-1-230
AVERY, EDWARD                NTL                           VA-75-5-265
AVERY, EDWARD (CREEK)        MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-385
BARTON, SUANNA               MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-1-62
BATTE, HENRY                 NTL                           VA-75-3-1042
BAXTER, JOSEPH               WESTOPHER (TAPED)             VA-75-1-6
BILBRO, THOMAS               NTL                           VA-75-1-251
BIRCHETT, ROBERT             BRISTOL                       VA-75-4-179
BLAND, THEODORICK            NTL                           VA-75-5-404
BONNER, SILVIA               NTL                           VA-75-5-225
BROCKWELL, JAMES             NTL                           VA-75-5-19
BROWN, THOMAS                MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-432
BROWN, WILLIAM               MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-325
BURGE, JAMES                 BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-624
BUTLER, JOHN                 NTL                           VA-75-1-321
CARTER, JOSEPH               NTL                           VA-75-4-150
CHAMBLISS, WILLIAM           BRISTOL                       VA-75-4-100
CLAY, THOMAS                 BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-935
CLOVER, JOHN                 * (POOR COPY)                 VA-75-4-196
CROWLEY, DAVID               NTL                           VA-75-3-926
CURATON, JAMES               WESTOPHER                     VA-75-1-117
DANIEL, LENORESE             NTL                           VA-75-5-97
DENHART, REBECCA             NTL                           VA-75-5-318
FARRELL, WILLIAM             NTL                           VA-75-1-249
GARY, BOYCE                  NTL                           VA-75-5-521
GEE, MARY                    MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-201
GILLIAM, JOHN THE YOUNGER    BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-388
GILLIAM, LUCY                *, HANOVER, VA                VA-75-5-311
GOODGAME, DAVID              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-520
GOODRICH, CHARLES            NTL                           VA-75-3-897
GORDON, ANN ISHAM            NTL                           VA-75-5-359
GRAMMER, GRIEF               BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-87
GRAMMER, JOHN                NTL                           VA-75-5-334
GRAMMER, TIMOTHY             MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-63
GREEN, WILLIAM               MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-349
GRIFFITH, ELIZABETH          NTL                           VA-75-3-1110
GRIFFITH, THOMAS             BRANDON                       VA-75-3-1090
GRIGG, WILLIAM               NTL                           VA-75-3-924
HAMBLIN, LUCY                BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-49
HARRISON, BENJAMIN           MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-437
HARRISON, NATHANIEL          BRANSON                       VA-75-5-635
HARRISON, RICHARD            NTL                           VA-75-5-620
HARRISON, ROBERT             MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-211
HILL, JOHN                   NTL                           VA-75-1-262
HOBBS, EDWARD                NTL                           VA-75-5-634
IMRAY, JOHN                  NTL                           VA-75-5-177
JACKSON, WILLIAM             MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-989
JOHNSON, EDWARD              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-862
JONES, MARY                  MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-862
JONES, PETER SR.             BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-943
JONES, ROBERT JR.            BARTLE PCT, *, NC             VA-75-3-1029
LEE, SAMUEL                  NTL                           VA-75-4-96
LEWIS, JAQUESS               NTL                           VA-75-5-273
LEWIS, THOMAS                NTL                           VA-75-3-855
LOYD, THOMAS                 NTL                           VA-75-1-217
MARKAM, HUGH                 MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-1-218
MARKS, MATHEW                NTL                           VA-75-2-358
MARTAIN, JAMES               NTL                           VA-75-5-402
MOBBERLY, EDWARD             BRANDON                       VA-75-3-1057
MONSON, JOHN                 NTL                           VA-75-5-403
MOORE, RICHARD               BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-1030
MOSBY, JOSEPH                NTL                           VA-75-3-1014
NEWELL, EDWARD               NTL                           VA-75-5-616
NEWMAN, RICHARD              NTL                           VA-75-3-863
PARKER, DAVID                NTL                           VA-75-1-204
PARRAM, THOMAS               NTL                           VA-75-1-168
PETERSON, THOMAS             NTL                           VA-75-5-304
PETTYPOOL, WILLIAM           NTL                           VA-75-3-972
PLATT, RANDLE                WSTOVER                       VA-75-1-322
POYTHRESS, MARY              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-112
RAINES, ELIZABETH            BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-637
RAINES, NATHANIEL            BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-277
RICHARD NOWLING              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-1-86
ROSSER, THOMAS RIVES         NTL                           VA-75-5-227
RUFFIN, EDMUND               MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-530
SCOTT, EDWARD                MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-38
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH           NTL                           VA-75-5-43
SIMMONS, WILLIAM             NTL                           VA-75-5-417
SMITH, RICHARD               BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-886
SMITH, SARAH                 NTL                           VA-75-4-127
STEWART, RICHARD SR.         BRISTOL                       VA-75-5-525
TABOTT, MICHAEL              MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-1-276
TATUM, ROBERT                NTL                           VA-75-4-116
THOMAS, ISHAM                MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-329
THWEATH, JOHN                NTL                           VA-75-4-79
TIDMARSH, JOHN               NTL                           VA-75-1-262
TUCKER, JOHN                 MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-1-133
VANDIVAN, JOHN               BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-946
VINSON, JOHN                 *, BRUNSWICK, VA              VA-75-3-1068
WARTHEN, ELIZABETH           NTL                           VA-75-5-196
WARTHEN, ELIZABETH           BRANDON                       VA-75-5-470
WHEATLEY, THOMAS             *, *, BARBADOES               VA-75-1-192
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             NTL                           VA-75-5-258
WILLIAMS, LESSENBURY         NTL                           VA-75-5-519
WOMACK, JOHN                 MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-856
WOMACK, JOHN                 MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-5-83
WOODLIEF, EDWARD             BRISTOL                       VA-75-4-94
WOODLIEF, PATTY              NTL                           VA-75-5-368
WOODLIEFE, EDWARD            NTL                           VA-75-1-278
WYATT, EDWARD SR.            MARTINS BRANDON               VA-75-3-887
WYNNE, FRANCES               BRISTOL                       VA-75-3-973

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