Allegany County, New York
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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1829-1839 | 2 = 1839-1852 | 3 = 1852-1879 | 3a = 1852-1879 | 4 = 1865-1879 | 5 = 1865-1879 | 6 = 1880-1895 | 7 = 1880-1895 | 8 = duplicate of 4-7 |
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ACKERLY, ANNIE                         NY-2-7-197
ACKERMAN, DELLA C.                     NY-2-6-30
ACKLEY, EDWIN                          NY-2-3A-100
ADAMS, ADELIA                          NY-2-6-101
ADAMS, AGNES                           NY-2-7-230
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-2-2-164
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-2-2-231
ADAMS, LEONARD                         NY-2-2-154
ALDRICH, ALONZO                        NY-2-3-29
ALDRICH, AURILLA                       NY-2-3A-8
ALEXANDER, CORALINE                    NY-2-7-93
ALEXANDER, LEA MARY                    NY-2-4-173
ALEXANDER, LEA MAY                     NY-2-4-288
ALEXANDER, VERNE W.                    NY-2-6-90
ALGER, LIBBIE MARY                     NY-2-4-206
ALLEN, ALBURN W.                       NY-2-5-249
ALLEN, ANDREW J.                       NY-2-3-44
ALLEN, ANGELINE                        NY-2-6-1
ALLEN, GEORGE M.                       NY-2-6-1
ALLEN, LUCIAN C.                       NY-2-5-249
ALLEN, LUCIAN F.                       NY-2-3-45
ALLEN, LUCIAN GLEN                     NY-2-6-123
ALLEN, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-2-4-137
ANDREWS, MARY R.                       NY-2-7-227
ANDREWS, MARY R.                       NY-2-7-226
APSEY, JOHN T.                         NY-2-7-112
APSEY, JUDSON W.                       NY-2-6-111
APSEY, MINERVA E.                      NY-2-6-111
APSEY, S. A.                           NY-2-7-112
ARNOLD, HECTOR                         NY-2-3-58
ARNOLD, JOHN                           NY-2-2-167
ARNOLD, NANCY JANE                     NY-2-3-87
AUSTIN, CATHARINE E.                   NY-2-3-101
AUSTIN, CEILANIL N. HALL               NY-2-3-101
AUSTIN, FRANKLIN                       NY-2-3-101
AUSTIN, MARY M.                        NY-2-3-101
AUSTIN, RANDALL L.                     NY-2-3-101
AUSTIN,HUNTLEY                         NY-2-3-102
AXTELL, CHARLES                        NY-2-3A-56
AXTELL, CHARLES P.                     NY-2-5-27
AXTELL, JAME SO.                       NY-2-5-28
AXTELL, JAMES O.                       NY-2-3-94
AXTELL, OSCAR A.                       NY-2-3-95
AYLOR, NORMAN G.                       NY-2-7-172
BABBETT, ELIJAH                        NY-2-1-54
BABCOCK, ARCHIBALD H.                  NY-2-5-68
BABCOCK, E. M.                         NY-2-5-71
BABCOCK, J. M.                         NY-2-5-71
BABCOCK, SAMUEL R.                     NY-2-5-68
BABCOCK, SUSAN TAYLOR                  NY-2-6-55
BACON, NELLA R.                        NY-2-4-191
BAILEY, JOHN H.                        NY-2-6-13
BAILY, CYRUS                           NY-2-5-143
BAKER, EMMA                            NY-2-6-166
BAKER, EVERETT                         NY-2-7-33
BAKER, EVERETT                         NY-2-7-6
BAKER, FLORA                           NY-2-7-52
BAKER, FLORA                           NY-2-6-15
BAKER, FRANK A.                        NY-2-4-150
BAKER, JOHN CHARLES                    NY-2-4-66
BAKER, JOHN R.                         NY-2-5-150
BAKER, LOIS                            NY-2-7-53
BAKER, LOUIS K.                        NY-2-5-87
BAKER, MAUD                            NY-2-6-165
BAKER, MAY                             NY-2-6-53
BAKER, MAY                             NY-2-6-15
BAKER, SAMUEL E.                       NY-2-5-226
BAKER, SAMUEL E.                       NY-2-5-151
BALARD, MARY F.                        NY-2-5-110
BALDWIN, IRENE S.                      NY-2-3A-70
BALDWN, GERMAIN F.                     NY-2-4-16
BALLARD, FRANK L.                      NY-2-4-184
BALLARD, FRED                          NY-2-5-109
BALLARD, WALLACE F.                    NY-2-4-184
BANNISTER, AGNES                       NY-2-7-238
BANNISTER, ANNA THERESA                NY-2-7-238
BANNISTER, HANNAH                      NY-2-7-238
BARBER, WILLIS                         NY-2-7-92
BARNES, JANE A.                        NY-2-4-177
BARNES, JANE A.                        NY-2-4-132
BARNES, LINCOLN A.                     NY-2-4-132
BARNES, LINCOLN H.                     NY-2-4-177
BARNES, PHILIP                         NY-2-4-237
BARNES, STEPHEN                        NY-2-6-137
BARNY, DANIEL                          NY-2-2-232
BARRETT, NULIN L.                      NY-2-4-175
BARRETT, SAMUEL                        NY-2-4-175
BARTHOLOMEW, EDWARD A.                 NY-2-5-234
BARTLETT, CAROLINE                     NY-2-2-70
BARTLETT, COURTLAND F.                 NY-2-5-233
BARTLETT, EBENEZER S.                  NY-2-2-68
BARTLETT, HAYNES                       NY-2-2-73
BARTLETT, JOSEPH W.                    NY-2-3-1
BARTLETT, MARIAH                       NY-2-3A-1
BARTLETT, REBECKA                      NY-2-3A-1
BASKINS, RACHAEL C.                    NY-2-3-75
BASKINS, SARAH R.                      NY-2-3-67
BASS, FRANK                            NY-2-5-117
BASS, GEORGE R.                        NY-2-4-199
BASS, MARY E.                          NY-2-4-199
BATES, ELECTA L.                       NY-2-5-89
BEACH, EMMA A.                         NY-2-5-153
BEACH, EMMETH A.                       NY-2-1-101
BEACH, NUHENA                          NY-2-4-266
BEACH, THEO M.                         NY-2-7-66
BEARDSLEY, REUBEN                      NY-2-7-34
BECKWITH, ASA                          NY-2-7-221
BECKWITH, ASA                          NY-2-6-28
BECKWITH, CARRIE O.                    NY-2-6-28
BECKWITH, ELMER E.                     NY-2-7-17
BECKWITH, FRANK H.                     NY-2-7-17
BECKWITH, GRCE                         NY-2-6-28
BEEBE, FRED B.                         NY-2-4-269
BEEBE, MARY E.                         NY-2-4-269
BEMENT, ARTHUR J.                      NY-2-4-278
BENEDICT, GEORGE D.                    NY-2-1-139
BENJAMIN, ADA                          NY-2-4-46
BENJAMIN, ADA L.                       NY-2-4-149
BENJAMIN, CLARISSA                     NY-2-2-13
BENJAMIN, EMILY J.                     NY-2-5-22
BENJAMIN, FLORENCE                     NY-2-4-46
BENJAMIN, MARY P.                      NY-2-4-39
BENJAMIN, SAMUEL                       NY-2-2-14
BENNETT, ARTHUR J.                     NY-2-7-29
BENNETT, EDWIN                         NY-2-4-155
BENNETT, EDWIN                         NY-2-5-92
BENNETT, ELISHA                        NY-2-3-11
BENNETT, HENRY                         NY-2-3-11
BENNETT, JESSE                         NY-2-3A-7
BENNETT, MYRTIE AGNES                  NY-2-6-125
BENNETT, OLIVER P.                     NY-2-7-241
BENNETT, SAMUEL                        NY-2-3A-7
BENNETT,CLARA P.                       NY-2-6-217
BIBBINS, OZIAS                         NY-2-2-9
BINGHAM, FLORA V.                      NY-2-4-9
BINGHAM, HIRAM C.                      NY-2-1-107
BINGHAM, SARAH E.                      NY-2-1-110
BISHOP, AILEEN C.                      NY-2-6-68
BISHOP, GABRIEL C.                     NY-2-6-67
BLACK, FRANCIS M.                      NY-2-5-12
BLACK, JAMES                           NY-2-5-7
BLANCHARD, HOMER                       NY-2-4-219
BLANCHARD, IRA I.                      NY-2-4-215
BLANCHARD, LEWIS                       NY-2-3-10
BLANCHARD, MARTHA                      NY-2-4-215
BLANCHARD, NELLIE                      NY-2-5-127
BLANCHARD, NELSON                      NY-2-5-126
BLINN, HARRIET                         NY-2-3-36A
BLINN, HIRAM                           NY-2-3-35
BLINN, LOUISA                          NY-2-3-36B
BLISS, COIT                            NY-2-6-173
BLISS, E. LEE RUE                      NY-2-7-176
BLISS, FRED LESLIE                     NY-2-7-189
BOHNE, CAROLINE                        NY-2-7-26
BOHNE, HENRY                           NY-2-7-26
BOHNE, LILY                            NY-2-6-33
BOHNE, WILLIS                          NY-2-6-33
BOLSOVER, HENREIETTA                   NY-2-4-18
BOLSOVER, MINIA                        NY-2-4-18
BOOTHWICK, JAMES K.                    NY-2-1-86
BORDEN, HETTIE                         NY-2-6-158
BOTE, HATTIE A.                        NY-2-7-100
BOWER, ELIZUR D.                       NY-2-4-193
BOWER, SUSAN                           NY-2-7-77
BOWER, SUSAN M.                        NY-2-4-193
BOYLAN, CARRIE L.                      NY-2-6-155
BOYLAN, ETHEL M.                       NY-2-6-193
BOYLAN, FAY W.                         NY-2-6-154
BOYLAN, LOTT L.                        NY-2-7-155
BRADFIELD, ELIZABETH B.                NY-2-5-208
BRADFIELD, JAMES H.                    NY-2-5-207
BRADFORD, ARABELLA ALDEN               NY-2-1-154
BRADFORD, ELIZABETH                    NY-2-1-154
BRADFORD, ELLEN A.                     NY-2-6-160
BRADFORD, EMELY                        NY-2-1-154
BRADFORD, NANCY ANN                    NY-2-1-154
BRADFORD, RILEY H.                     NY-2-7-161
BRADLEY, GRACE GENEVIEVE               NY-2-6-203
BRADLEY, REGINA BLANCHE                NY-2-7-217
BRAMHALL, LEAPHA ANN                   NY-2-1-121
BRAMHALL, MARY ELIZA                   NY-2-1-118
BRANDON, LORA                          NY-2-4-88
BRANDON, OLIVE A.                      NY-2-4-88
BRANDON, ORILLA                        NY-2-4-88
BREWER, WILLIAM                        NY-2-2-249
BRIDGMAN, LYDIA A.                     NY-2-2-194
BRIDGMAN, SALLY E.                     NY-2-2-192
BRIGGS, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-1-64
BRIGGS, JAMES H.                       NY-2-1-64
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NY-2-1-64
BRIGGS, LEWIS                          NY-2-1-64
BRIGGS, LUCINDA                        NY-2-1-59
BRIGGS, MARIAH                         NY-2-1-64
BRISTOL, ADDIE E.                      NY-2-4-209
BRISTOL, CLARA F.                      NY-2-4-209
BROCKWAY, EZRA M.                      NY-2-3A-33
BROCKWAY, TACY ANN                     NY-2-3A-33
BROKAW, CARRIE E.                      NY-2-6-131
BROKAW, MAMIE A.                       NY-2-6-131
BROWER, ELIZUR                         NY-2-7-76
BROWN, ALBERT                          NY-2-4-114
BROWN, ARTHUR E.                       NY-2-5-69
BROWN, ATER H.                         NY-2-5-218
BROWN, CHARLES E.                      NY-2-7-160
BROWN, FRANK R.                        NY-2-6-119
BROWN, HUDSON J.                       NY-2-3A-94
BROWN, JOANNA J.                       NY-2-5-69
BROWN, MARY                            NY-2-3A-36
BROWN, OLIVE A.                        NY-2-5-206
BROWN, ROTA MAE                        NY-2-6-119
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-2-4-76
BROWN, SUSAN                           NY-2-4-114
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-2-3A-36
BROWNING, CHARLES S.                   NY-2-4-65
BROWS, GEORGE W.                       NY-2-4-5
BRUCE, MARY                            NY-2-4-75
BRUCE, NELLIE                          NY-2-4-75
BRUDICK, CLARISSA ANN                  NY-2-1-67
BRUNDAGE, CAROLINE                     NY-2-4-38
BRUNDAGE, GEORGE                       NY-2-4-38
BRUNDAGE, GEORGE H.                    NY-2-5-172
BRUNDAGE, GRACE                        NY-2-6-91
BRUNDAGE, LILLY L.                     NY-2-5-21
BRUNDAN, WESLEY                        NY-2-5-47
BRUNDGAGE, IDA                         NY-2-7-95
BULLOCK, ADALINE                       NY-2-5-17
BULLOCK, ANNA                          NY-2-4-29
BULLOCK, CHARLES E.                    NY-2-3-119
BULLOCK, ELLEN                         NY-2-4-29
BULLOCK, HANNAH                        NY-2-5-18
BUNDY, FLORA                           NY-2-5-98
BUNDY, FLORENCE                        NY-2-5-98
BUNDY, FREDERICK                       NY-2-4-164
BURCH, LENA                            NY-2-6-161
BURCH, LEONA M.                        NY-2-7-180
BURDGE, AGGIE                          NY-2-6-168
BURDGE, ETTA                           NY-2-6-168
BURDGE, FORREST                        NY-2-6-168
BURDICK, ANNA                          NY-2-6-41
BURDICK, CHARLES                       NY-2-6-6
BURDICK, CLAYTON E.                    NY-2-7-69
BURDICK, ELLA                          NY-2-7-69
BURDICK, ESTHER EMELINE                NY-2-1-72
BURDICK, FRANCIS                       NY-2-6-41
BURDICK, JENNIE                        NY-2-5-217
BURDICK, JESSE W.                      NY-2-7-205
BURDICK, LEO W.                        NY-2-7-206
BURDICK, MERCY                         NY-2-1-69
BURDICK, NELLIE M.                     NY-2-7-69
BURDICK, OLIVE J.                      NY-2-1-61
BURDICK, SUSAN M.                      NY-2-5-246
BURDICK, WARD R.                       NY-2-7-207
BURDIN, CORABEL                        NY-2-7-214
BURKE, KITTIE                          NY-2-7-20
BURKE, KITTIE                          NY-2-7-22
BURKE, MAGGIE                          NY-2-6-31
BURKE, MARY                            NY-2-6-31
BURKE, THOMAS                          NY-2-7-20
BURKE, THOMAS                          NY-2-7-21
BURLINGAME, ROY                        NY-2-6-162
BURLINGAME, SILAS W.                   NY-2-6-163
BURNS, MICHAEL                         NY-2-7-141
BURR, ALANSON J.                       NY-2-2-188
BURR, ALVA C.                          NY-2-2-188
BURROS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-2-3-72
BURROWS, AUGUSTUS                      NY-2-3A-47
BURROWS, LOWELL A.                     NY-2-7-101
BURROWS, PHEBE E.                      NY-2-3-73
BURTON, ALICE A.                       NY-2-4-55
BURTON, DARRIE S.                      NY-2-4-55
BURTON, FRANCIS A.                     NY-2-4-55
BURTON, HOWARD                         NY-2-4-55
BUTLER, HARVY N.                       NY-2-3-42
BUTLER, JOHN M.                        NY-2-3-42
BUTLER, MARY E.                        NY-2-3-77
BUTLER, MARY E.                        NY-2-3A-27
BUTLER, MYRON D.                       NY-2-4-189
CADY, AARON C.                         NY-2-2-224
CADY, EMILY                            NY-2-2-224
CADY, EMILY                            NY-2-3A-23
CADY, HENRY R.                         NY-2-2-224
CADY, MARY                             NY-2-3A-23
CADY, MARY SOPHIA                      NY-2-2-224
CADY, SARAH                            NY-2-2-224
CAEMLIUS, ELMER E.                     NY-2-5-239
CAMPBELL, ARMIN R.                     NY-2-4-281
CANFIELD, CHARLES                      NY-2-7-111
CANFIELD, FRANK L.                     NY-2-4-96
CANFIELD, MARY A.                      NY-2-4-96
CARPENTER, ARIS F.                     NY-2-4-211
CARPENTER, DEXTER                      NY-2-2-102
CARPENTER, LOUISA E.                   NY-2-2-94
CARPENTER, MARTI                       NY-2-2-92
CARSICK, JOHN                          NY-2-7-64
CARSICK, MICHAEL                       NY-2-7-64
CARTER, C. B.                          NY-2-3-108
CARTER, G. W. P.                       NY-2-3-108
CARTER, S. A.                          NY-2-3-108
CARTRIGHT, LILLIAN E.                  NY-2-4-265
CARTRIGHT, OTHO G.                     NY-2-4-265
CARTWRIGHT, CLARENCE H.                NY-2-6-12
CARTWRIGHT, HARRY                      NY-2-6-12
CARTWRIGHT, HATTIE                     NY-2-6-52
CARTWRIGHT, MARTHA                     NY-2-5-146
CARTWRIGHT, MARTHA                     NY-2-6-52
CARTWRIGHT, STEPHEN                    NY-2-6-52
CASEY, MARY ANN                        NY-2-3A-36
CASTERLINE, HARRIET N.                 NY-2-2-197
CASTERLINE, SSAMUEL P.                 NY-2-2-197
CHAFFEE, FRANCIS M.                    NY-2-5-19
CHAMBERLAIN, LUA ANN                   NY-2-2-206
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY W.                   NY-2-3-40
CHAMBERLAIN, ORSON T.                  NY-2-6-64
CHAMBERLIN, FREDRICK                   NY-2-5-211
CHAMPLIN, ADELBERT L.                  NY-2-4-143
CHAMPLIN, ELEN A.                      NY-2-4-152
CHAMPLIN, EVI J.                       NY-2-4-152
CHAMPLIN, MARTHA L.                    NY-2-4-143
CHAMPLIN, MORTY B.                     NY-2-4-152
CHAMPLIN, WILLIAM H.                   NY-2-4-143
CHANDLER, DAVID G.                     NY-2-3-52
CHANDLER, SARAH E.                     NY-2-4-256
CHAPIL, ASA                            NY-2-5-155
CHAPIL, NATHAN D.                      NY-2-5-156
CHARLES, CORNELIA                      NY-2-3A-88
CHARLES, HERBERT R.                    NY-2-4-14
CHARLES, HUBERT R.                     NY-2-5-141
CHENEY, AHRVEY                         NY-2-3A-57
CHURCH, SARAH E.                       NY-2-3A-31
CLAIR, ALICE E.                        NY-2-7-82
CLAIR, BURRLETTE                       NY-2-4-279
CLARE, HENRY                           NY-2-1-22
CLARE, HULDA                           NY-2-1-33
CLARE, JOSEPH                          NY-2-1-31
CLARE, LEE A.                          NY-2-1-28
CLARE, PARIS                           NY-2-1-16
CLARE, SALLY ANN                       NY-2-1-25
CLARE, THOMAS                          NY-2-1-19
CLARK, ANNIE A. BELL                   NY-2-6-105
CLARK, ARCHER J.                       NY-2-4-236
CLARK, BERT                            NY-2-4-236
CLARK, DAISY MAY                       NY-2-6-105
CLARK, DOM HEALY                       NY-2-5-209
CLARK, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-2-5-99
CLARK, FLORA                           NY-2-4-277
CLARK, GEORGE E.                       NY-2-7-255
CLARK, HATTIE                          NY-2-4-277
CLARK, JAMES E.                        NY-2-6-152
CLARK, LOTTIE EFFIE                    NY-2-6-105
CLARK, MINNIE A. DELL                  NY-2-6-105
CLARK, NELLIE A.                       NY-2-4-236
CLARK, ROBERT                          NY-2-6-213
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-2-2-65
CLAUS, IRVIN W.                        NY-2-4-133
CLAUS, MYRON                           NY-2-5-51
CLAUSE, GERTRUDE                       NY-2-3-96
CLAUSE, LUCINDA                        NY-2-3-96
CLAXTON, EMILY                         NY-2-7-46
CLAYSON, GRACE                         NY-2-7-220
CLEAVELAND, JOSEPH H.                  NY-2-3A-46
CLEAVELAND, MARY E.                    NY-2-3-68
CLEMS, HARVEY                          NY-2-5-4
CLEMS, MYRON                           NY-2-5-5
CLINE, AHTTIE L.                       NY-2-4-47
CLINE, HATTIE L.                       NY-2-4-151
CLINE, ROSE E.                         NY-2-5-38
CLOSSER, GERTRUDE                      NY-2-7-143
COBB, DORA R.                          NY-2-4-192
COBB, HORACE L.                        NY-2-4-192
COLE, ANNA JANE                        NY-2-4-2
COLE, HIRAM A.                         NY-2-4-239
COLE, JOSEPH A.                        NY-2-3A-51
COLE, LANDFORD S.                      NY-2-3-80
COLE, LEONORA A.                       NY-2-4-111
COLE, LYNN                             NY-2-7-164
COLE, MINIE A.                         NY-2-4-198
COLE, SAMANTHA A.                      NY-2-4-111
COLE, SOPHIA J.                        NY-2-3-81
COLE, STELLA                           NY-2-5-144
COLEGROVE, FRANCIS H.                  NY-2-4-252
COLEMAN, ERNEST                        NY-2-6-204
COLEMAN, FRED H.                       NY-2-6-69
COLEMAN, V. BEMUS                      NY-2-7-218
COLLINS, ANN                           NY-2-3A-22
COMMON, WILLIAM T.                     NY-2-6-99
COMSTOCK, ETTIE                        NY-2-7-28
COMSTOCK, FLORA E.                     NY-2-7-109
COMSTOCK, JENNIE L.                    NY-2-7-109
COMSTOCK, LILLIAN                      NY-2-7-28
COMSTOCK, WESLEY                       NY-2-7-63
CONKLIN, ALBERT                        NY-2-4-42
CONKLIN, CAROLINE                      NY-2-4-42
CONKLIN, HANNAH M.                     NY-2-4-42
CONKLIN, ROSALIA                       NY-2-4-42
CONKLIN, ROSALIA                       NY-2-5-145
CONKLIN, SARAH R.                      NY-2-5-26
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-2-4-42
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-2-3A-93
COOK, CARRIE                           NY-2-4-248
COOK, CHARLES C.                       NY-2-5-83
COOK, CYNTHIA                          NY-2-5-170
COOK, FRANK                            NY-2-4-248
COOK, GEORGE                           NY-2-4-248
COOK, JESSIE A.                        NY-2-5-255
COOK, JUL                              NY-2-4-248
COOK, KATIE MAY                        NY-2-7-65
COOK, LEWIS                            NY-2-4-248
COOK, LUTHER L.                        NY-2-5-83
COOK, RUSSELL                          NY-2-5-169
COON, CHARLES                          NY-2-4-240
COON, DAISY L.                         NY-2-7-219
COON, EUGENE N.                        NY-2-5-100
COON, GEORGE A.                        NY-2-6-177
COON, MARIA                            NY-2-4-240
COON, MARIE                            NY-2-7-70
COON, MARY                             NY-2-4-240
COON, MARY                             NY-2-7-70
COON,MARK S.                           NY-2-7-209
COON,R OBERT L.                        NY-2-7-208
COSS, LOUELLA M.                       NY-2-6-153
COSTELO, CATHARINE                     NY-2-5-85
COSTELO, ELIZABETH                     NY-2-4-142
COSTELO, MARY                          NY-2-5-85
COSTELO, SARAH JANE                    NY-2-4-142
COSTELO, TIMOTHY                       NY-2-4-142
COSTELO, WINEFRED                      NY-2-4-142
COTTRELL, BENJAMIN F.                  NY-2-2-253
COTTRELL, MILTON                       NY-2-7-128
COURTNEY, THOMAS                       NY-2-7-1
COVELL, LAURA MAY                      NY-2-6-169
COVELL, NELLIE E.                      NY-2-7-168
COVELL, NORA E.                        NY-2-7-167
COVILL, ELLA MAY                       NY-2-4-246
COVILL, LIZZIE BELL                    NY-2-4-246
COWLES, OLLIE                          NY-2-7-224
CRANDALL, CHARLES O.                   NY-2-5-23
CRANDALL, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-2-1-162
CRANDALL, EDWIN M.                     NY-2-4-214
CRANDALL, EISHA D.                     NY-2-4-40
CRANDALL, ELIZABETH                    NY-2-3-23
CRANDALL, HARLIE B.                    NY-2-7-3
CRANDALL, MARTHA                       NY-2-1-160
CRANDALL, WALTER                       NY-2-3A-60
CRANDALL, WILLIAM S.                   NY-2-4-4
CRANSON, MARCIA L.                     NY-2-4-158
CRITTENDEN, EDMOND A.                  NY-2-2-233
CROFOOT, MILTON H.                     NY-2-5-48
CROSBY, FLORENCE S.                    NY-2-7-253
CROWELL, ALFRED                        NY-2-5-79
CROWELL, ALFRED G.                     NY-2-5-29
CROWELL, BETSEY                        NY-2-5-79
CROWELL, BETSY L.                      NY-2-4-45
CROWELL, ELLEN M.                      NY-2-5-243
CROWELL, SYLVESTER M.                  NY-2-5-29
CRUSER, JANE A.                        NY-2-4-60
CRUSER, VANDIKE                        NY-2-4-60
CULP, CATHARINE                        NY-2-1-130
CULP, GEORGE                           NY-2-1-130
CULP, JOSHUA                           NY-2-1-128
CUSICK, ABRAHAM                        NY-2-6-65
CUSICK, JAMES                          NY-2-6-65
CUSICK, MARY                           NY-2-6-65
CUSICK, PAUL                           NY-2-6-65
CUSICK, PETER                          NY-2-6-65
CUSICK, THOMAS                         NY-2-6-65
DALLAS, FRANKLIN                       NY-2-4-92
DALLAS, FRANKLIN                       NY-2-4-44
DALLAS, FRANKLIN                       NY-2-4-44
DALLAS, GEORGE M.                      NY-2-4-44
DALLAS, GEORGE M.                      NY-2-4-92
DALLAS, MARY J.                        NY-2-4-92
DALLAS, MARY JANE                      NY-2-4-44
DALLAS, OTHA B.                        NY-2-4-92
DALLAS, OTHER B.                       NY-2-4-44
DALLAS, UROMIS H.                      NY-2-4-92
DALLAS, UROMS HENRY                    NY-2-4-44
DANAHER, NORA                          NY-2-7-256
DANIELS, AGNES                         NY-2-7-165
DANIELS, LUCIUS                        NY-2-1-142
DARLING, ANNA H.                       NY-2-6-135
DARROW, MARGUERITE                     NY-2-6-199
DAVID, CHARLES M.                      NY-2-5-135
DAVID, HATTIE E.                       NY-2-5-137
DAVID, WILLIS E.                       NY-2-5-136
DAVIDSON, ANNA C.                      NY-2-4-236
DAVIDSON, BLANCH CLARA                 NY-2-6-32
DAVIDSON, CHARLES DAVIS                NY-2-7-32
DAVIDSON, FRANK EUGENE                 NY-2-6-32
DAVIDSON, GLENARD V.                   NY-2-6-32
DAVIDSON, WALLACE G.                   NY-2-5-149
DAVIS, ADALINE F.                      NY-2-2-203
DAVIS, CHARLES C.                      NY-2-3-41
DAVIS, CYNTHIA                         NY-2-3-69
DAVIS, DAIVD J.                        NY-2-7-122
DAVIS, ESTHER                          NY-2-3-115
DAVIS, IDA                             NY-2-4-118
DAVIS, JAMES M.                        NY-2-2-203
DAVIS, LOREN                           NY-2-3A-98
DAVIS, MARTHA J.                       NY-2-4-120
DAVIS, MARY B.                         NY-2-2-203
DAVIS, PRESTON J.                      NY-2-3A-26B
DAVIS, SARAH                           NY-2-3A-97
DAVIS, THOMAS J.                       NY-2-7-122
DAY, EMILY G.                          NY-2-4-250
DAY, ROSETTA                           NY-2-5-49
DEAN, CAHTARINE                        NY-2-3-4
DEAN, DANIEL O.                        NY-2-4-104
DEAN, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-4-104
DEAN, GEORGE P.                        NY-2-4-104
DEKAY, CLAUD L.                        NY-2-7-235
DEKAY, FLOYD                           NY-2-6-212
DEMING, DUDLEY                         NY-2-7-79
DEMING, IDA E.                         NY-2-5-252
DEMING, LENA                           NY-2-6-75
DENTON, LOTT H.                        NY-2-6-29
DEXTER, NEWTON R.                      NY-2-7-177
DEXTER, WILLIAM                        NY-2-4-294
DEY, JOHNSON                           NY-2-4-84
DEY, LYDIA                             NY-2-4-84
DEY, MARY H.                           NY-2-5-196
DEY, RICHARD A.                        NY-2-4-84
DIMICK, FRED A.                        NY-2-5-254
DODD, EDWARD                           NY-2-2-10
DODD, JOHN                             NY-2-2-25
DODD, WILLIAM                          NY-2-2-11
DODD, WILLIAM                          NY-2-2-169
DODGE, MATILDA ADELLA                  NY-2-4-195
DOLE, HARRIET                          NY-2-2-123
DOLE, JANNETT                          NY-2-2-121
DOLE, KIRK                             NY-2-2-96
DOLE, MERCY                            NY-2-2-96
DOLE, THOMAS                           NY-2-2-96
DOOLITTLE, WILLIAM                     NY-2-3-46
DORAN, CATHARINE                       NY-2-6-83
DORAN, MARY                            NY-2-6-83
DORAN, ROSE                            NY-2-6-83
DOWD, ADDIE M.                         NY-2-6-57
DOWD, IDA N.                           NY-2-6-57
DOWD, NAAMAN                           NY-2-7-53
DRAKE, JOHN H.                         NY-2-6-189
DRAKE, JOSEPH M.                       NY-2-6-189
DREW, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-2-4-10
DRUMOND, CANDACE                       NY-2-5-147
DRUMOND, HATTIE                        NY-2-5-148
DUDLEY, HORACE E.                      NY-2-7-126
DUNHA, CHARLES H.                      NY-2-5-62
DUNHAM, CALVIN H.                      NY-2-5-61
DUNHAM, HELEN                          NY-2-5-30
DUNHAM, MARY                           NY-2-4-107
DUNN, AMAND                            NY-2-3-28
DUNNING, HOMER H.                      NY-2-6-180
DURAND, ALBERT E. V.                   NY-2-4-235
DURAND, CLARENCE N.                    NY-2-4-233
DURNAD, THOMAS E.                      NY-2-4-234
DUTTON, SALLY ANN                      NY-2-2-185
DWIGHT, JOSEPH A.                      NY-2-6-136
DYER, CARRIE L.                        NY-2-4-212
EAGLE, ALBERTUS                        NY-2-3A-20
EAGLE, ALBERTUS                        NY-2-2-261
EAGLE, ARA MARIDA                      NY-2-2-261
EAGLE, ARMINDA                         NY-2-3A-20
EAGLE, FRANK                           NY-2-3A-20
EASTMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-2-4-68
EASTMAN, DAISY                         NY-2-6-149
EASTMAN, HENRY N.                      NY-2-4-70
EASTMAN, HENRY N.                      NY-2-3A-71
EASTMAN, MARGARET E.                   NY-2-3A-71
EASTMAN, MARGARETT J.                  NY-2-4-70
EASTMAN, MARY L.                       NY-2-4-68
EASTMAN, NATHANIEL                     NY-2-4-70
EASTMAN, NATHANIEL                     NY-2-3A-71
EASTMAN, ORVILLE A.                    NY-2-6-149
EBNER, WILSON                          NY-2-5-132
EDMESTER, JENNIE                       NY-2-5-162
EDMONDS, BERTHA                        NY-2-6-77
ELDREDGE, EDWARD E.                    NY-2-7-67
ELDREDGE, ELSIE L.                     NY-2-7-67
ELDRIDGE, ALICE C.                     NY-2-7-145
ELDRIDGE, FRANCES C.                   NY-2-6-146
ELDRIDGE, GEORGE C.                    NY-2-7-145
ELLIOTT, HOMER                         NY-2-5-182
ELLIOTT, HOMER E.                      NY-2-4-160
ELLIOTT, TRUMAN                        NY-2-5-94
ELLIOTT, WARREN J.                     NY-2-5-183
ELLIOTT, WARREN J.                     NY-2-5-93
ELLIOTT, WARREN J.                     NY-2-5-181
ELLIS, SUSAN                           NY-2-3-98
ELLSTER, ELIZUR E.                     NY-2-5-220
ELMER, BETSEY                          NY-2-2-15
ELMER, MARTIN                          NY-2-2-15
ELSTER, ELIZA E.                       NY-2-3A-85
ELSTER, EMILY JANE                     NY-2-3A-85
ELWOOD, CHAUNCEY                       NY-2-3-2
EMERY, MAMIE                           NY-2-6-183
EMERY,ROWLAND                          NY-2-6-182
ENGLAND, LEWIS C.                      NY-2-4-251
ENNIS, STILLMAN F.                     NY-2-5-175
ENSIGN, ELLEN L.                       NY-2-3A-42
ENSIGN, ELLEN S.                       NY-2-3-107
ENSIGN, MARY E.                        NY-2-3-57
EVANS, WILLIAM                         NY-2-4-62
EYMER, FLORETTA                        NY-2-4-112
EYMER, MARY                            NY-2-4-112
FAIRCHILDS, ELMER                      NY-2-4-286
FAIRCHILDS, MARY                       NY-2-4-286
FALLEN, JOHN                           NY-2-7-170
FANRSWORTH, MARY                       NY-2-6-45
FARGO, FLORINE L.                      NY-2-7-157
FARNSWORTH, CHARLES                    NY-2-6-45
FARWELL, LOTTIE                        NY-2-6-7
FAY, CARL                              NY-2-6-43
FAY, FLOYD C.                          NY-2-4-183
FAY, INEZ                              NY-2-6-43
FENTON, LYDIA A. C.                    NY-2-2-81
FERGUSON, NETTIE P.                    NY-2-4-262
FERRIN, EUGENE N.                      NY-2-7-110
FERRIN, FAY                            NY-2-6-109
FERRIN, JENNIE                         NY-2-7-110
FERRIN, ROY                            NY-2-6-109
FERRY, ANDREW J.                       NY-2-3-63
FERRY, MARIAH ANN                      NY-2-3-63
FINCH, FRANCIS M.                      NY-2-4-8
FINCH, MARCUS E.                       NY-2-4-8
FISHER, ALVIN M.                       NY-2-4-205
FITSSIMMONS, HARVEY                    NY-2-2-21
FITSSIMMONS, LEMUEL                    NY-2-2-21
FITSSIMMONS, PHILIP                    NY-2-2-21
FITSSIMMONS, SAMUEL                    NY-2-2-21
FITSSIMMONS, WILSON                    NY-2-2-21
FITZGEALD, RICHARD                     NY-2-7-12
FITZGERALD, RICHARD JR.                NY-2-7-15
FLINT, POLLY                           NY-2-3-13
FORSAITH, MARY JANE                    NY-2-3-120
FORSYTH, CHESTER J.                    NY-2-4-230
FORSYTH, CORA                          NY-2-5-142
FORSYTH, LOUISA                        NY-2-4-230
FORSYTH, MARY                          NY-2-4-230
FOSTER, BERTHA A.                      NY-2-7-121
FOSTER, CARRIE M.                      NY-2-6-126
FOSTER, EMMA A.                        NY-2-4-161
FOSTER, FLORENCE E.                    NY-2-6-126
FOSTER, LULU E.                        NY-2-6-126
FOSTER, SUSAN M.                       NY-2-4-161
FOWLER, DANIEL                         NY-2-6-130
FOX, LEWIS WILLIS                      NY-2-5-56
FRANKLIN, CHARLES                      NY-2-3A-38
FRANKLIN, SPENCER                      NY-2-2-37
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM                      NY-2-3A-38
FRENCH, ANNIE M.                       NY-2-5-210
FRISBEY, FREDELL B.                    NY-2-6-72
FROST, AMON                            NY-2-3-33
FROST, EMELINE                         NY-2-3-34
FROST, HIRAM                           NY-2-3A-24
FROST, MILVINA                         NY-2-3A-24
FULLER, ALVIN A.                       NY-2-7-30
FULLER, CORA PICKARD                   NY-2-7-94
FULLER, DENNIS B.                      NY-2-7-135
FULLER, JAMES O.                       NY-2-7-30
FULLER, MARY L.                        NY-2-7-242
FULLER, ROSA L.                        NY-2-7-134
GALE, HATTIE A.                        NY-2-5-102
GALE, JENNIE                           NY-2-4-169
GARDNER, FRANK                         NY-2-3-32
GARWOOD, CAROLINE E.                   NY-2-5-200
GARWOOD, ELIZABETH S.                  NY-2-4-268
GARWOOD, GEORGE E.                     NY-2-4-268
GARWOOD, JAMES H.                      NY-2-5-200
GARWOOD, JOHN B.                       NY-2-5-200
GARWOOD, NELSON B.                     NY-2-4-268
GARWOOD, WILLIAM J.                    NY-2-5-200
GEE, E. FARMAN                         NY-2-6-84
GENTER, BRIDGET                        NY-2-6-210
GENTER, EMMA                           NY-2-7-184
GENTER, JOSEPH                         NY-2-6-210
GENTER, JOSEPHINE                      NY-2-7-184
GENTER, MARY                           NY-2-7-184
GERE, JAMES H.                         NY-2-1-38
GERMAN, ELLA R.                        NY-2-5-74
GERMAN, EVA L.                         NY-2-4-123
GERMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-2-4-123
GERMAN, MATTIE A.                      NY-2-6-107
GERMAN, MINNIE N.                      NY-2-6-107
GIBSON, MAY FLOWER                     NY-2-4-299
GIBSON, WINSLOW M.                     NY-2-5-244
GILBOY, LUCY                           NY-2-6-192
GILBOY, STEPHEN T.                     NY-2-6-191
GILMAN, ARTHUR                         NY-2-3A-82
GILMAN, SEVALLAH                       NY-2-3A-82
GILMORE, KATIE                         NY-2-6-37
GILMORE, THOMAS                        NY-2-6-37
GLEAOSN, LEVI A.                       NY-2-4-72
GLEASON, HAMILTON                      NY-2-4-99
GLEASON, MYRTA                         NY-2-7-85
GOODNOUGH, J. C.                       NY-2-7-16
GOODRICH, ELLEN A.                     NY-2-2-211
GOODRICH, EWILLA                       NY-2-2-213
GOODRICH, LAURA                        NY-2-5-13
GORDON, ALFRED S.                      NY-2-3A-104
GORDON, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-3A-104
GORDON, GEORGE A.                      NY-2-3A-16
GORDON, GORDON A.                      NY-2-3-99
GORDON, WILLIS G.                      NY-2-3-118
GORTON, GILBERT                        NY-2-5-231
GRAHAM, BESSIE A.                      NY-2-7-243
GRAHAM, NANCY S.                       NY-2-7-188
GRANBY, ALICE                          NY-2-5-241
GRANBY, GRACE                          NY-2-4-296
GRASHOF, ARTHUR                        NY-2-6-197
GRASHOF, GEORGE                        NY-2-6-197
GRASTORF, JOHN                         NY-2-7-203
GRAVES, DELWIN L.                      NY-2-3A-52
GRAVES, MARY C.                        NY-2-3-83
GRAY, FRANK E.                         NY-2-5-178
GREEM, ALMA A.                         NY-2-4-106
GREEN, ALIDA M.                        NY-2-6-219
GREEN, ALMANCE L.                      NY-2-5-157
GREEN, CALLA E.                        NY-2-6-216
GREEN, CLARENCE E.                     NY-2-6-102
GREEN, EMMA                            NY-2-4-85
GREEN, FRED                            NY-2-7-107
GREEN, HENRIETTA                       NY-2-5-140
GREEN, JESSE                           NY-2-6-106
GREEN, JOSIAH                          NY-2-6-117
GREEN, LEE                             NY-2-6-103
GREEN, NELLIE L.                       NY-2-3A-101
GREEN, NILES                           NY-2-6-115
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NY-2-5-188
GREENMAN, BERTHA                       NY-2-7-174
GREGORY, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-2-2-29
GROGAN, JAMES M.                       NY-2-6-184
GROGAN, MARY A.                        NY-2-6-185
GROGAN, WILLIAM E.                     NY-2-6-186
GROVER, ANTHONY                        NY-2-3-21
GROVER, CLARK J.                       NY-2-3-20
GROWER, DELVIN                         NY-2-3A-15
GROWER, MARY C.                        NY-2-3A-15
GRUBER, CHARLES                        NY-2-6-63
GUGGLER, AGUSTA                        NY-2-6-93
GUGGLER, GEORGE                        NY-2-6-95
GUGGLER, LILLIE                        NY-2-6-94
GUGLE, AUGUSTA                         NY-2-6-114
GUGLE, GEORGIE                         NY-2-6-112
GUGLE, LILLIE                          NY-2-6-113
HALBERT, J. LEON                       NY-2-4-297
HALBERT, JENNIE G.                     NY-2-4-297
HALBERT, JENNIE G.                     NY-2-6-58
HALBERT, JEWITT L.                     NY-2-6-58
HALBERT, LEONARD                       NY-2-4-213
HALBERT, LEONARD A.                    NY-2-4-154
HALL, ALICE                            NY-2-6-170
HALL, ELNORA A.                        NY-2-4-165
HALL, FRANKLIN                         NY-2-3A-61
HALL, LILLIAN                          NY-2-6-170
HALL, MINNIE                           NY-2-7-169
HALL, ZORA D.                          NY-2-4-165
HALSEY, ALLEN J.                       NY-2-7-182
HALSEY, IDA                            NY-2-3A-65
HALSTEAD, NINA MAY                     NY-2-6-86
HAMILTON, CHARLOTTE E.                 NY-2-4-254
HAMILTON, JOHN R.                      NY-2-3A-40
HAMILTON, JOSEPH A.                    NY-2-4-254
HAMILTON, MALVINA                      NY-2-3A-40
HAMILTON, MARY E.                      NY-2-3A-40
HAMILTON, NAN G.                       NY-2-4-254
HAMILTON, PHILIP                       NY-2-3-56
HAMMOND, CLARE W.                      NY-2-7-162
HAMMOND, NAOLLA E.                     NY-2-7-163
HANCHETT, FRANK                        NY-2-6-60
HANCHETT, INA                          NY-2-6-60
HANN, ADELBERT                         NY-2-7-23
HANN, CLARA                            NY-2-6-10
HANN, CLARA                            NY-2-7-132
HANN, CLARA A.                         NY-2-7-149
HANN, FREDERICK                        NY-2-7-24
HARDER, ARCHIE L.                      NY-2-6-159
HARDER, CHARLES F.                     NY-2-7-156
HARDY, BURTON F.                       NY-2-7-108
HARDY, ELBERT                          NY-2-3A-10
HARDY, MARY O.                         NY-2-5-96
HARK, WALTER PASSAGE                   NY-2-6-36
HARMON, EUNICE A.                      NY-2-2-77
HARMON, JOEL                           NY-2-2-77
HARRIS, EARL                           NY-2-6-207
HARRIS, ELLA M.                        NY-2-5-204
HARRIS, HATTIE M.                      NY-2-5-203
HARRIS, MYRTIE                         NY-2-6-207
HARRISON, DEUCY                        NY-2-2-175
HARRISON, GEORGE S.                    NY-2-5-154
HARRISON, ROSALTHA                     NY-2-2-175
HARRISON, SALLY                        NY-2-2-175
HARTSHORN, SOPHIA J.                   NY-2-5-104
HASARD, ESTELLA M.                     NY-2-4-190
HASARD, NELLIE E.                      NY-2-5-112
HATCH, ADELBERT C.                     NY-2-4-93
HATCH, MERTON L.                       NY-2-4-93
HATHAWAY, ALLEN J.                     NY-2-5-177
HATHAWAY, EDWARD                       NY-2-4-253
HATHAWAY, EVANGELINE                   NY-2-4-253
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM                      NY-2-4-253
HAWLEY, SAMUEL E.                      NY-2-4-217
HELM, ALPHA G.                         NY-2-4-232
HELM, ANNIE                            NY-2-6-142
HELM, BINTY E.                         NY-2-4-232
HELM, FRANK                            NY-2-7-139
HELM, ROLLAND                          NY-2-6-142
HENDERSON, GRACE M.                    NY-2-5-247
HENDERSON, WSLEY J.                    NY-2-5-237
HENDRIX, FRED H.                       NY-2-5-161
HENDRYX, CLAYTON                       NY-2-4-267
HENDRYX, DAYTON E.                     NY-2-4-242
HENDRYX, JOY G.                        NY-2-4-242
HENDRYX, KRISTOPHER                    NY-2-5-160
HENION, IDA A.                         NY-2-5-192
HENION, JOHN E.                        NY-2-4-259
HENION, WILLIAM                        NY-2-4-259
HENYON, EUGENE                         NY-2-5-76
HENYON, FRANK                          NY-2-5-75
HENYON, MARSHALL                       NY-2-5-77
HERRICK, FLETCHER H.                   NY-2-1-36
HESELTON, BURT                         NY-2-6-88
HESELTON, FREDDIE L.                   NY-2-4-69
HESELTON, LELAH                        NY-2-6-89
HIBBARD, IDA A.                        NY-2-4-181
HIBBARD, JOEL C.                       NY-2-4-181
HIBBARD, NETTA R.                      NY-2-4-181
HIGGINS, FRANK                         NY-2-7-196
HIGGINS, JAMES                         NY-2-4-180
HIGGINS, JAMES                         NY-2-6-5
HIGGINS, LESTER                        NY-2-4-153
HIGGINS, LESTER P.                     NY-2-5-179
HIGGINS, MARY                          NY-2-4-180
HIGGINS, MARY                          NY-2-5-251
HIGGINS, MARY                          NY-2-5-250
HIGGINS, TERRANCE                      NY-2-4-180
HIGGINS, TERRENCE                      NY-2-5-251
HIGGINS, TERRENCE                      NY-2-5-250
HILE, CHARLES                          NY-2-6-96
HILE, CORA                             NY-2-6-96
HILE, MABEL                            NY-2-6-96
HILL, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-4-218
HILL, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-7-5
HILL, JOHN R.                          NY-2-4-87
HILLS, EMMA E.                         NY-2-4-156
HILLS, HERBERT D.                      NY-2-6-79
HILLS, VINA B.                         NY-2-7-80
HILLS, WILLIS H.                       NY-2-4-167
HINDS, SYLVESTER                       NY-2-5-219
HINMAN, AUGUSTA A.                     NY-2-1-96
HINMAN, HELLEN A.                      NY-2-1-93
HINMAN, LEWIS S.                       NY-2-1-91
HINMAN, PORTER G.                      NY-2-1-99
HITZMAN, MELVIN D.                     NY-2-6-127
HOFFMAN, MYRTA C.                      NY-2-4-210
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM S.                    NY-2-4-168
HOLDEN, FRANK T.                       NY-2-6-23
HOLIDAY, CHARLES                       NY-2-2-40
HOLIDAY, CHARLES                       NY-2-2-126
HOLIDAY, DANIEL                        NY-2-2-40
HOLIDAY, DANIEL                        NY-2-2-126
HOLIDAY, HOMER                         NY-2-2-40
HOLIDAY, JONAS P.                      NY-2-2-126
HOLIDAY, JONAS PLATT                   NY-2-2-40
HOLIDAY, LORTON                        NY-2-2-126
HOLIDAY, LORTON                        NY-2-2-40
HOLLIDAY, HOMER                        NY-2-2-273
HOLMES, FRANK                          NY-2-5-230
HOPPER, ALBERT                         NY-2-3-55
HOPPER, CHARLES A.                     NY-2-3A-41
HOPPER, CHARLES A.                     NY-2-3-79
HOPPER, CHESTER R.                     NY-2-3A-41
HOPPER, CHESTER R.                     NY-2-5-37
HOPPER, EMMA O.                        NY-2-3A-41
HOPPER, FRANCES E.                     NY-2-3-54
HOPPER, FRANCIS E.                     NY-2-3-79
HOPPER, GEORGE S.                      NY-2-3A-50
HOPPER, GEORGE S.                      NY-2-3A-41
HOPPER, GEORGE S.                      NY-2-5-36
HOPPER, MARY A.                        NY-2-3-79
HOPPER, MARY A.                        NY-2-3A-41
HORNER, CHARLES W.                     NY-2-7-251
HOSLEY, BERTHA A.                      NY-2-4-285
HOSLEY, HANNAH L.                      NY-2-5-229
HOUGHTALING, CAROLINE P.               NY-2-4-20
HOUGHTALING, CLARRISSA M.              NY-2-4-20
HOUGHTALING, DEDAMA M.                 NY-2-4-20
HOUGHTON, OLAN J.                      NY-2-4-31
HOWARD, HENRY B.                       NY-2-3A-81
HOWARD, SARAH M.                       NY-2-3A-80
HOWAT, AGNES W.                        NY-2-4-188
HOWEL, JOHN M.                         NY-2-4-90
HOWELLS, ADELIA                        NY-2-4-127
HOWELLS, HENRY                         NY-2-4-127
HOWELLS, JULIA                         NY-2-4-127
HOWLAND, ELIZABETH                     NY-2-5-195
HOYT, MARTHA (PITT)                    NY-2-3-84
HUBBARD, GEORGE F.                     NY-2-7-185
HUBBARD, GEORGE F.                     NY-2-6-73
HUBBARD, JOHN J.                       NY-2-6-73
HUBBARD, JOHN J.                       NY-2-7-186
HUBBELL, GEORGE                        NY-2-7-154
HUBBELL, MARY                          NY-2-5-163
HUFF, ADDIE                            NY-2-7-175
HUFMAN, PHILLIP                        NY-2-1-148
HULL, ISAAC T.                         NY-2-5-15
HULL, JOSEPH L.                        NY-2-5-14
HULL, LOIS M.                          NY-2-5-16
HUNGERFORD, ELMER W.                   NY-2-4-61
HUNT, FLORA GARDNER                    NY-2-7-84
HURD, JOHN                             NY-2-3-114
HURD, LYMAN H.                         NY-2-4-187
HURLBUT, FRANKLIN M.                   NY-2-4-122
HUTCHINGS, RUFUS E.                    NY-2-7-9
HUTCHINS, IDA M.                       NY-2-4-19
HUTCHINS, IDA M.                       NY-2-3A-89
HUYANER, ADELIA                        NY-2-4-3
HYDE, CHARLES                          NY-2-3A-25
HYDE, CHARLES T.                       NY-2-3-62
HYDE, CHARLES T.                       NY-2-3-53
HYDE, JOHN                             NY-2-4-171
HYDE, WILLIAM                          NY-2-5-60
ISHAM, AGNES MAY                       NY-2-7-250
IVES, CYNTHA E.                        NY-2-5-107
IVES, LLEWELLYN                        NY-2-4-178
IVES, MARY E.                          NY-2-4-59
IVES, RITTIS L.                        NY-2-5-106
IVES, VIOLA E.                         NY-2-4-59
JACKSON, ALVIN C.                      NY-2-5-228
JACKSON, HARRY A.                      NY-2-5-227
JACOBS, DALLA C.                       NY-2-6-215
JACOBS, DELLA C.                       NY-2-7-240
JACOBS, ISRAEL                         NY-2-7-240
JACOBS, ISRAEL                         NY-2-6-215
JACOBS, LINA                           NY-2-7-240
JACOBS, LINA                           NY-2-6-215
JAMES, EDWARD                          NY-2-7-210
JENES, JOSEPH P.                       NY-2-4-182
JENES, ROSILLA A.                      NY-2-4-182
JENKINS, CARRIE E.                     NY-2-5-245
JENKS, ADELIA M.                       NY-2-7-116
JENNING, AMY A.                        NY-2-4-263
JENNINGS, EDDIE L.                     NY-2-4-35
JENNINGS, FLOYD S.                     NY-2-4-35
JOHNSON, AMASA B.                      NY-2-4-100
JOHNSON, CLAYTON                       NY-2-7-199
JOHNSON, CLAYTON                       NY-2-6-138
JOHNSON, EUGENIA S.                    NY-2-4-100
JOHNSON, GEORGE H.                     NY-2-5-88
JOHNSON, JACOB T.                      NY-2-5-58
JOHNSON, JOHN L.                       NY-2-5-88
JOHNSON, LOVINA S.                     NY-2-5-59
JOHNSON, LUCY                          NY-2-7-136
JOHNSON, LUCY                          NY-2-7-199
JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY                 NY-2-5-130
JONES, ANDREW J.                       NY-2-3A-77
JONES, ELIZA V.                        NY-2-3A-77
JONES, EMMA E.                         NY-2-3A-77
JORDAN, ARCHIE                         NY-2-6-40
JORDAN, BURDETTE L.                    NY-2-7-44
JORDAN, CARRIE I.                      NY-2-7-43
JORDAN, CASSEY M.                      NY-2-5-202
JORDAN, ERWIN                          NY-2-6-40
JORDAN, INA M.                         NY-2-6-40
JORDAN, LOTTIE R.                      NY-2-7-45
JORDAN, MAUD M.                        NY-2-6-200
JOULON, EUGENE                         NY-2-4-270
KANE, CARRIE HAMILTON                  NY-2-7-60
KARR, A. NEWTON                        NY-2-5-39
KARR, H. DELLA                         NY-2-4-71
KARR, HIRAM                            NY-2-6-38
KARR, RUTH R.                          NY-2-5-40
KEEFE, ESTHER E.                       NY-2-7-19
KELLER, EVA G.                         NY-2-6-3
KELLER, HARRY                          NY-2-6-100
KELLER, LENA                           NY-2-6-100
KELLER, MARTHA                         NY-2-6-100
KELLOGG, HEPZIBAH                      NY-2-4-1
KELLOGG, JASPER                        NY-2-5-1
KEMP, ANNA MAE                         NY-2-6-150
KEMP, EMMA L.                          NY-2-7-151
KEMP, ISA BRECE                        NY-2-7-150
KEMP, SAMUEL C.                        NY-2-6-151
KENDALL, CHARLES M.                    NY-2-5-185
KENDALL, CLARA E.                      NY-2-5-191
KENDALL, ELBERT                        NY-2-3A-55
KENDALL, EMMA A. D.                    NY-2-3A-55
KENT, MARY A.                          NY-2-6-61
KENYON, OSCAR A.                       NY-2-4-141
KETCHAM, ELIAS                         NY-2-3-38
KETCHAM, SELINA                        NY-2-3-37
KETCHUM, ELINOR                        NY-2-3A-26
KETCHUM, ELIZABETH                     NY-2-3A-26
KETCHUM, HARRIET                       NY-2-3A-26
KETCHUM, SARAH                         NY-2-3A-26
KIMBALL, S. JANE                       NY-2-3-3
KINGHORN, ALICE M.                     NY-2-4-32
KINGHORN, FRANK                        NY-2-4-32
KINGHORN, JOHN                         NY-2-4-32
KINGHORN, WALTER H.                    NY-2-4-32
KINGSBURY, CHARLES J.                  NY-2-7-90
KINNEY, ANGELINA                       NY-2-3A-19
KINNEY, MARY                           NY-2-3A-19
KINNEY, PHEBA                          NY-2-3A-19
KINNY, ADELO M.                        NY-2-4-103
KINNY, CHARLES M.                      NY-2-4-103
KNAPP, BILSCUT                         NY-2-4-13
KNAPP, FRANK                           NY-2-4-13
KNAPP, GEORGE MALVIN                   NY-2-3-78
KNIGHT, JULIETTE                       NY-2-4-94
KNIGHT, WILIAM COLEMAN                 NY-2-4-300
KNIGHT, WILLIAM COLMAN                 NY-2-4-94
KORTS, EDITH                           NY-2-7-178

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