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ADAMS, JOSEPH                          MA-12-47-305
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          MA-12-12-30
AKIN, ELIZABETH                        MA-12-33-513
ALDEN, AMHERST                         MA-12-40-152
ALDEN, BRIGGS                          MA-12-36-17
ALDEN, DANIEL                          MA-12-37-131
ALDEN, DAVID                           MA-12-16-503
ALDEN, DAVID                           MA-12-45-260
ALDEN, EDITH                           MA-12-47-58
ALDEN, ELEAZER                         MA-12-21-228
ALDEN, ELEAZER                         MA-12-38-349
ALDEN, EZRA                            MA-12-20-8
ALDEN, HANNAH                          MA-12-5-279
ALDEN, HANNAH                          MA-12-5-153
ALDEN, ISAAC                           MA-12-28-214
ALDEN, ISAAC SR.                       MA-12-5-344
ALDEN, JOHN                            MA-12-15-284
ALDEN, JOHN                            MA-12-5-842
ALDEN, JOSEPH                          MA-12-38-318
ALDEN, JOSHUA                          MA-12-42-458
ALDEN, MARY                            MA-12-44-74
ALDEN, MERCY                           MA-12-44-224
ALDEN, SAMUEL                          MA-12-28-38
ALDEN, SETH                            MA-12-29-203
ALDEN, SETH JR.                        MA-12-24-18
ALDEN, SOLOMON                         MA-12-45-231
ALGER, ISRAEL JR.                      MA-12-13-500
ALGER, JAMES                           MA-12-43-230
ALLEN, DANIEL                          MA-12-49-91
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        MA-12-5-790
ALLEN, EZRA                            MA-12-35-266
ALLEN, JAMES                           MA-12-30-516
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-12-21-315
ALLEN, JOHN                            MA-12-30-552
ALLEN, JOSIAH                          MA-12-29-235
ALLEN, MARY                            MA-12-29-231
ALLEN, MATHEW                          MA-12-30-198
ALLEN, MICAH                           MA-12-9-437
ALLEN, PHEBE                           MA-12-50-34
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          MA-12-12-97
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          MA-12-2-73
ALLEN, SARAH                           MA-12-44-259
ALLEN, SIMEON                          MA-12-40-270
ALLEN, SUSANNA                         MA-12-5-90
ALLEN, WESTON                          MA-12-43-219
ALLIN, MARY                            MA-12-15-267
AMES, ABIEL                            MA-12-38-395
AMES, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-21-317
AMES, DAVID                            MA-12-35-138
AMES, DORCAS                           MA-12-48-2
AMES, HANNAH                           MA-12-38-104
AMES, JOHN                             MA-12-14-209A
AMES, JONATHAN                         MA-12-28-404
AMES, JOSEPH                           MA-12-44-516
AMES, JOSEPH                           MA-12-31-198
AMES, MARY                             MA-12-14-432
AMES, NATHAN                           MA-12-24-96
AMES, NATHAN                           MA-12-14-342
AMES, NATHANIEL                        MA-12-21-264
AMES, NATHANIEL                        MA-12-40-253
AMES, PHEBE                            MA-12-35-76
AMES, SIMEON                           MA-12-44-95
AMES, SOLOMON                          MA-12-45-322
AMES, THOMAS                           MA-12-44-345
AMES, THOMAS                           MA-12-7-298
AMES, THOMAS                           MA-12-21-636
ANDREWS, JOSEPH                        MA-12-40-477
ANGIER, JOHN                           MA-12-30-139
ANGIER, OAKES                          MA-12-30-18
ARNOLD, EDWARD                         MA-12-11-394
ARNOLD, EZRA                           MA-12-25-416
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         MA-12-1-176
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         MA-12-3-69
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         MA-12-5-510
ARNOLD, SARAH                          MA-12-4-434
ARNOLD, SETH                           MA-12-4-307
ASHLEY, JOHN                           MA-12-48-54
ASKIN, CHRISTOPHER                     MA-12-24-133
ATWOOD, BARNABAS                       MA-12-29-279
ATWOOD, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-1-70
ATWOOD, JOHN                           MA-12-13-361
AUSTIN, DAVID                          MA-12-19-290
BACKUS, ISAAC                          MA-12-42-2
BAILEY, AMASA                          MA-12-30-305
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-20-410
BAILEY, EBENEZER                       MA-12-21-88
BAILEY, ISRAEL                         MA-12-12-265
BAILEY, JOB                            MA-12-20-131
BAILEY, JOB                            MA-12-33-73
BAILEY, JOEL                           MA-12-31-536
BAILEY, JOHN                           MA-12-13-2
BAILEY, JOHN                           MA-12-25-140
BAILEY, JOHN                           MA-12-4-155
BAILEY, JOSEPH                         MA-12-10-492
BAILEY, JOSEPH                         MA-12-28-502
BAILEY, SETH                           MA-12-10-270
BAILEY, STEPHEN                        MA-12-40-507
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        MA-12-10-8
BAKER, CHARLES                         MA-12-48-355
BAKER, JOHN                            MA-12-44-463
BAKER, KENELM                          MA-12-3-236
BAKER, KENELM                          MA-12-20-496
BAKER, SAMUEL                          MA-12-33-498
BANGS, RUTH                            MA-12-40-492
BARDEN, JOHN                           MA-12-47-453
BARDEN, JOSEPH                         MA-12-29-70
BARDEN, MERCY                          MA-12-33-188
BARKER, BARNABAS                       MA-12-16-425
BARKER, DEBORAH                        MA-12-50-33
BARKER, EBENEZER                       MA-12-14-139
BARKER, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-21-650
BARKER, JAMES                          MA-12-4-139
BARKER, JOHN                           MA-12-5-604
BARKER, JOSHUA                         MA-12-40-157
BARKER, JOSIAH                         MA-12-21-363
BARKER, JOSIAH                         MA-12-4-129
BARKER, PATIENCE                       MA-12-38-100
BARKER, PRINCE                         MA-12-29-112
BARKER, ROBERT                         MA-12-15-229
BARKER, ROBERT                         MA-12-5-594
BARKER, ROBERT                         MA-12-1-123
BARKER, SAMUEL W.                      MA-12-28-413
BARKER, SARAH                          MA-12-5-765
BARKER, SARAH                          MA-12-29-471
BARKER, THOMAS                         MA-12-25-460
BARLOW, EBENEZER                       MA-12-13-309
BARLOW, GEORGE                         MA-12-21-657
BARLOW, MOSES                          MA-12-8-527
BARLOW, SHUBAEL                        MA-12-20-364
BARNES, ANNA                           MA-12-15-592
BARNES, ANNA                           MA-12-15-592
BARNES, DAVID                          MA-12-43-427
BARNES, EZEKIEL                        MA-12-50-364
BARNES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-3-325
BARNES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-11-187
BARNES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-3-325
BARNES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-11-187
BARNES, PHEBE                          MA-12-13-144
BARNES, PHEBE                          MA-12-13-144
BARNES, WILLIAM                        MA-12-12-197
BARNES, WILLIAM                        MA-12-12-197
BARREL, LIDIA                          MA-12-3-327
BARRELL, JAMES                         MA-12-43-302
BARRELL, WILLIAM                       MA-12-40-493
BARROW, ELISHA                         MA-12-20-1
BARROW, ROBERT                         MA-12-3-23
BARROWS, ANDREW                        MA-12-42-477
BARROWS, GEORGE                        MA-12-35-187
BARROWS, ISAAC                         MA-12-42-131
BARROWS, JOHN                          MA-12-1-133
BARROWS, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-38-496
BARROWS, PELEG                         MA-12-38-344
BARSTOW, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-33-78
BARSTOW, JAMES                         MA-12-42-498
BARSTOW, JAMES                         MA-12-5-283
BARSTOW, JOSEPH                        MA-12-5-483
BARSTOW, RUTH                          MA-12-37-124
BARSTOW, SAMUEL                        MA-12-37-523
BARSTOW, THOMAS                        MA-12-36-173
BARSTOW, WILLIAM                       MA-12-4-173
BARTLETT, BENJAMIN                     MA-12-1-113
BARTLETT, BENJAMIN                     MA-12-4-440
BARTLETT, ELNATHAN                     MA-12-8-364
BARTLETT, JOHN                         MA-12-21-232
BARTLETT, JOHN                         MA-12-45-362
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                       MA-12-14-121
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                       MA-12-29-59
BARTLETT, MARY                         MA-12-43-365
BARTLETT, SAMUEL                       MA-12-25-491
BARTLETT, THANKFUL                     MA-12-28-278
BARTLETT, THOMAS                       MA-12-19-131
BARTLETT, URIAH                        MA-12-49-381
BASS, JONATHAN                         MA-12-12-143
BASSETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-7-265
BASSETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-42-237
BASSETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-48-411
BASSETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-38-327
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       MA-12-36-447
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       MA-12-13-435
BATES, AMOS JR.                        MA-12-19-409
BATES, AMOS JR.                        MA-12-19-409
BATES, BARNABAS                        MA-12-35-232
BATES, BARNABAS                        MA-12-35-232
BATES, JOHN                            MA-12-36-361
BATES, JOHN                            MA-12-36-361
BATES, JOSEPH                          MA-12-25-87
BATES, JOSEPH                          MA-12-25-87
BATES, SAMUEL JR.                      MA-12-3-257
BATES, THOMAS                          MA-12-38-533
BATES, THOMAS                          MA-12-38-533
BATTE, ELEAZER                         MA-12-12-95
BATTLES,SAMUEL                         MA-12-49-88
BAXTER, THOMPSON                       MA-12-45-113
BAYLEY, THOMAS                         MA-12-1-294
BEAL, ABRAHAM                          MA-12-12-138
BEAL, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-45-460
BEAL, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-40-281
BEAL, ISRAEL                           MA-12-45-88
BEAL, JOHN                             MA-12-47-12
BEAL, JOHNJR.                          MA-12-40-454
BEAL, JONATHAN                         MA-12-45-84
BEALL, SAMUEL                          MA-12-12-178
BEALS, ANNA                            MA-12-40-388
BEARCE, AUSTIN                         MA-12-19-60
BEARCE, SHUBAEL                        MA-12-21-368
BEARSTOW, JOSEPH SR.                   MA-12-3-148
BELCHER, MAYHEW                        MA-12-25-86
BENNET, EBENEZER                       MA-12-12-100
BENNET, JACOB                          MA-12-37-191
BENNET, JOHN                           MA-12-47-463
BENNET, JOHN                           MA-12-16-243
BENNET, PHILIP                         MA-12-43-239
BENNET, RUTH                           MA-12-33-184
BENNET, SAMUEL                         MA-12-14-452
BENNET, SILVANUS                       MA-12-42-487
BENNET, WILLIAM                        MA-12-43-84
BENNETT, PETER                         MA-12-11-382
BENSON, ALICE                          MA-12-15-35
BENSON, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-12-38
BENSON, CALEB                          MA-12-30-362
BENSON, EBENEZER                       MA-12-19-529
BENSON, JABEZ                          MA-12-38-251
BENSON, JOHN                           MA-12-20-394
BENSON, JOHN                           MA-12-38-68
BENSON, JONATHAN                       MA-12-30-494
BENSON, JOSEPH                         MA-12-24-159
BENSON, JOSHUA                         MA-12-28-211
BENSON, KEZIA                          MA-12-12-150
BENSON, MARTHA                         MA-12-37-502
BENSON, SAMUEL                         MA-12-25-85
BERLOW, ARON                           MA-12-3-363
BESBEY, ELISHA SR.                     MA-12-1-64
BESSE, ALDEN                           MA-12-38-193
BESSE, DAVID                           MA-12-5-18
BESSEE, JABEZ                          MA-12-40-133
BICKNELL, JOHN                         MA-12-25-308
BICKNELL, JOSEPH                       MA-12-28-505
BICKNELL, LUKE                         MA-12-47-15
BINNEY, JANE                           MA-12-50-431
BISBE, AARON                           MA-12-36-577
BISBEE, HOPESTILL                      MA-12-49-422
BISBEE, JOHN                           MA-12-49-145
BISBEE, MARY                           MA-12-7-309
BISHOP, HUDSON                         MA-12-15-76
BISHOP, JOHN                           MA-12-49-92
BISHOP, JOHN                           MA-12-14-38
BISHOP, MARY                           MA-12-8-217
BLACKMER, BRANCH                       MA-12-49-292
BLACKMER, JOHN                         MA-12-35-169
BLACKMER, PETER                        MA-12-4-7
BLACKMER, WILLIAM                      MA-12-1-299
BLACKMER, WILLIAM                      MA-12-31-401
BLACKMORE, JOHN                        MA-12-12-126
BLACKWELL, CALEB                       MA-12-16-430
BLAKE, JOSEPH                          MA-12-44-463
BLANCHARD, THOMAS                      MA-12-38-490
BLANKINSHIP, CHARLES                   MA-12-43-322
BOLLES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-21-238
BOLTON, JOHN                           MA-12-13-545
BONNEY, BERIAH                         MA-12-20-63
BONNEY, EBENEZER                       MA-12-44-522
BONNEY, EBENEZER                       MA-12-16-475
BONNEY, HANNAH                         MA-12-38-352
BONNEY, JAMES                          MA-12-50-492
BONNEY, JOHN                           MA-12-10-347
BONNEY, JOHN                           MA-12-19-167
BONNEY, THOMAS SR.                     MA-12-1-146
BONNEY, WILLIAM                        MA-12-21-214
BONUM, GEORGE                          MA-12-11-57
BOOTH, ABIGAIL                         MA-12-12-446
BOOTH, ABRAHAM                         MA-12-9-65
BOOTH, JOHN SR.                        MA-12-12-281
BOOTH, MARY                            MA-12-13-293
BOURN, JAMES                           MA-12-43-264
BOURN, JEDEDIAH                        MA-12-19-324
BOURN, JOHN                            MA-12-31-172
BOURN, THOMAS                          MA-12-2-51
BOURNE, ABNER                          MA-12-40-459
BOURNE, LORUHAMA                       MA-12-16-247
BOUTELLE, CALEB                        MA-12-50-372
BOWKER, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-36-392
BOWKER, JAMES                          MA-12-16-501
BOWKER, JOHN                           MA-12-42-42
BOWKER, LAZARUS                        MA-12-36-412
BOWKER,ANNA                            MA-12-48-176
BOWLAND, THOMAS                        MA-12-29-55
BOZWORTH, DAVID                        MA-12-11-396
BOZWORTH, ZADOCK                       MA-12-24-73
BRADFORD, EPHRAIM                      MA-12-10-343
BRADFORD, GAMALIEL                     MA-12-42-19
BRADFORD, GAMALIEL                     MA-12-25-17
BRADFORD, GIDEON                       MA-12-40-224
BRADFORD, GIDEON                       MA-12-33-467
BRADFORD, JAEL                         MA-12-5-753
BRADFORD, JANE                         MA-12-48-206
BRADFORD, JOHN                         MA-12-7-260
BRADFORD, JOHN                         MA-12-42-130
BRADFORD, JOHN JR.                     MA-12-4-439
BRADFORD, MARY                         MA-12-38-461
BRADFORD, NATHAN                       MA-12-30-272
BRADFORD, NOAH                         MA-12-10-363
BRADFORD, PEREZ                        MA-12-38-96
BRADFORD, ROBERT                       MA-12-28-460
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                       MA-12-3-301
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                       MA-12-8-199
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      MA-12-2-40
BRAILEY, ROGER                         MA-12-25-22
BRALEY, ELIJAH                         MA-12-48-61
BRALEY, RUSSELL                        MA-12-47-132
BRAMHALL, JOSHUA                       MA-12-16-477
BRAMHALL, SYLVANUS                     MA-12-25-210
BRANCH, JOHN                           MA-12-3-83
BRETT, ELIHU                           MA-12-9-474
BRETT, NATHANIEL                       MA-12-8-338
BRETT, SIMEON                          MA-12-33-150
BRETT, WILLIAM                         MA-12-5-15
BREWSTER, ABIGAIL                      MA-12-25-525
BREWSTER, ELISHA                       MA-12-39-504
BREWSTER, JOHN                         MA-12-20-296
BREWSTER, JOSEPH                       MA-12-19-475
BREWSTER, NATHANIEL                    MA-12-13-443
BREWSTER, WRESTLING                    MA-12-19-417
BRIANT, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-2-6
BRIANT, JOHN                           MA-12-2-136
BRIANT, MARY                           MA-12-16-49
BRIDGHAM, JOSEPH                       MA-12-13-240
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-14-314
BRIGGS, CORNELIUS                      MA-12-1-207
BRIGGS, CORNELIUS                      MA-12-19-102
BRIGGS, EBENEZER                       MA-12-42-427
BRIGGS, EBENEZER                       MA-12-35-227
BRIGGS, ELIJAH                         MA-12-42-428
BRIGGS, EZRA                           MA-12-40-136
BRIGGS, ISAAC                          MA-12-38-179
BRIGGS, JAMES                          MA-12-40-93
BRIGGS, JAMES                          MA-12-13-233
BRIGGS, JOHN                           MA-12-42-80
BRIGGS, JOHN                           MA-12-5-384
BRIGGS, JOSEPH                         MA-12-20-368
BRIGGS, JOSEPH JR.                     MA-12-10-495
BRIGGS, NATHAN                         MA-12-36-438
BRIGGS, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-25-20
BRIGGS, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-49-345
BRIGGS, RICHARD                        MA-12-37-139
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                         MA-12-12-127
BRIGGS, SETH                           MA-12-38-90
BROOKS, GILBERT                        MA-12-20-173
BROOKS, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-19-48
BROWN, BETSEY                          MA-12-50-175
BROWN, DAVID                           MA-12-13-123
BROWN, JOSIAH                          MA-12-20-402
BROWN, SAMUEL                          MA-12-30-193
BROWN, SAMUEL                          MA-12-29-63
BROWN, WOODBRIDGE                      MA-12-29-85
BRYAN, FRANCIS                         MA-12-5-32
BRYANT, HANNAH                         MA-12-7-207
BRYANT, JAMES                          MA-12-24-377
BRYANT, JOB                            MA-12-42-263
BRYANT, JOHN 2ND                       MA-12-7-178
BRYANT, JOSEPH                         MA-12-35-520
BRYANT, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-33-522
BRYANT, PELEG                          MA-12-21-76
BRYANT, PHILIP                         MA-12-47-488
BRYANT, SAMUEL                         MA-12-12-309
BRYANT, SAMUEL                         MA-12-21-374
BRYANT, SETH                           MA-12-21-188
BRYANT, THOMAS                         MA-12-11-221
BUCK, JOHN                             MA-12-1-276
BUMP, JEREMIAH                         MA-12-20-502
BUMP, JEREMIAH                         MA-12-40-412
BUMP, JOHN                             MA-12-16-338
BUMPAS, JAMES                          MA-12-12-307
BUMPOS, JOHN                           MA-12-19-135
BUMPUS, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-48-35
BUMPUS, JOHN SR.                       MA-12-3-411
BUMPUS, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-25-88
BURGE, SAMUEL                          MA-12-21-186
BURGES, EBENEZER                       MA-12-12-28
BURGES, JOHN                           MA-12-31-15
BURGESS, JAMES                         MA-12-44-437
BURR, DAVID                            MA-12-47-14
BURR, JONATHAN                         MA-12-32-72
BURRET, JOHN                           MA-12-13-235
BURRETT, MARY                          MA-12-42-490
BURRETT, MARY                          MA-12-21-94
BURT, SILENCE                          MA-12-49-197
BUTLER, JOANNA                         MA-12-11-226
BUTTERFIELD, JONATHAN                  MA-12-20-237
BUTTERFIELD, RACHEL                    MA-12-25-282
BYRAM, JOSIAH                          MA-12-40-452
BYRAM, NICHOLAS                        MA-12-5-340
BYRAM, NICHOLAS                        MA-12-1-16
BYRAM, SUSANNA                         MA-12-1-332
CAHOON, STEPHEN                        MA-12-49-469
CANEDY, WILLIAM                        MA-12-40-43
CAREY, JAMES                           MA-12-2-96
CARVER, ABIGAIL                        MA-12-21-244
CARVER, ELEAZER                        MA-12-9-199
CARVER, JOHN                           MA-12-38-399
CARVER, JOSEPH                         MA-12-25-92
CARVER, JOSIAH                         MA-12-37-35
CARVER, WILLIAM                        MA-12-16-16
CARY, CALEB                            MA-12-48-1
CARY, ELEAZER                          MA-12-40-476
CARY, EPHRAIM                          MA-12-31-492
CARY, FRANCIS                          MA-12-5-394
CARY, JOHN                             MA-12-20-418
CARY, JONATHAN                         MA-12-44-518
CARY, MARY                             MA-12-47-209
CARY, RECOMPENCE                       MA-12-15-256
CARY, SIMEON                           MA-12-38-22
CARY, ZECHERIAH                        MA-12-30-436
CASWELL, THOMAS                        MA-12-5-276
CHACE, JOB                             MA-12-35-361
CHAMBERLIN, BENJAMIN                   MA-12-38-392
CHANDLER, CHRISTIAN                    MA-12-50-539
CHANDLER, ELIZABETH                    MA-12-5-259
CHANDLER, JOHN JR.                     MA-12-19-62
CHANDLER, JOHN SR.                     MA-12-15-238
CHANDLER, JONATHAN                     MA-12-21-645
CHANDLER, JOSEPH                       MA-12-4-309
CHANDLER, JOSHUA                       MA-12-28-395
CHANDLER, MARGARET                     MA-12-15-74
CHANDLER, NATHAN                       MA-12-35-324
CHANDLER, PERES                        MA-12-37-195
CHANDLER, PHILLIP                      MA-12-19-148
CHANDLER, SAMUEL                       MA-12-9-6
CHASE, CONSIDER                        MA-12-37-519
CHILES, JOSEPH                         MA-12-4-132
CHIPMAN, JACOB                         MA-12-8-468
CHITTEN, MARY                          MA-12-33-281
CHITTENDEN, HENRY                      MA-12-3-260
CHITTENDEN, ISAAC                      MA-12-10-55
CHITTENDEN, ISRAEL                     MA-12-20-129
CHITTENDEN, SUSANNA                    MA-12-5-212
CHITTENDEN, THOMAS                     MA-12-10-402
CHRUCHILL, JAMES                       MA-12-13-384
CHUBBUCK, NATHANIEL                    MA-12-8-155
CHURCH, HULDAH                         MA-12-38-144
CHURCH, JONATHAN                       MA-12-48-141
CHURCH, RICHARD JR.                    MA-12-24-275
CHURCHIL, WILLIAM                      MA-12-15-464
CHURCHILL, ELEAZER                     MA-12-3-408
CHURCHILL, ELKANAH                     MA-12-19-41
CHURCHILL, ISAAC                       MA-12-25-31
CHURCHILL, JOSEPH                      MA-12-4-201
CHURCHILL, LYDIA                       MA-12-7-193
CHURCHILL, MARY                        MA-12-20-400
CHURCHILL, NATHANIEL                   MA-12-38-403
CHURCHILL, NATHANIEL                   MA-12-45-334
CHURCHILL, PEREZ                       MA-12-36-248
CHURCHILL, SAMUEL                      MA-12-12-304
CHURCHILL, STEPHEN                     MA-12-12-52
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM SR.                 MA-12-4-410
CLAP, ABIGAIL                          MA-12-43-390
CLAP, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-21-654
CLAP, DAVID                            MA-12-21-252
CLAP, DESIRE                           MA-12-35-264
CLAP, EBENEZER                         MA-12-33-140
CLAP, ELIJAH                           MA-12-24-63
CLAP, ELIZABETH                        MA-12-50-366
CLAP, EZRA                             MA-12-16-245
CLAP, GALEN                            MA-12-24-284
CLAP, INCREASE                         MA-12-3-449
CLAP, IWLLIAM                          MA-12-40-159
CLAP, JOB                              MA-12-28-43
CLAP, JOHN                             MA-12-13-231
CLAP, JOHN                             MA-12-43-124
CLAP, JOHN                             MA-12-19-505
CLAP, JOHN                             MA-12-5-812
CLAP, JOSEPH                           MA-12-20-390
CLAP, JOSEPH                           MA-12-11-26
CLAP, MANASSAH                         MA-12-25-29
CLAP, MICHAEL                          MA-12-16-102
CLAP, NATHANIEL                        MA-12-28-361
CLAP, SAMUEL                           MA-12-20-85
CLAP, SAMUEL                           MA-12-5-349
CLAP, STEPHEN                          MA-12-14-343
CLAP, THOMAS                           MA-12-21-380
CLARK, CORNELIUS                       MA-12-29-45
CLARK, EBENEZER                        MA-12-19-358
CLARK, EZEKIEL                         MA-12-35-398
CLARK, EZRA                            MA-12-33-446
CLARK, ISRAEL                          MA-12-30-461
CLARK, JAMES                           MA-12-50-166
CLARK, JAMES                           MA-12-12-332
CLARK, JAMES                           MA-12-47-103
CLARK, JOHN                            MA-12-5-297
CLARK, JOSEPH                          MA-12-19-22
CLARK, JOSEPH                          MA-12-21-425
CLARK, NATHANIEL                       MA-12-4-75
CLARK, ROBERT                          MA-12-49-46
CLARK, THOMAS                          MA-12-37-194
CLARK, WILLARD                         MA-12-50-394
CLARK, WILLIAM                         MA-12-13-559
CLARK, WILLIAM                         MA-12-49-41
CLARKE, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-21-130
CLARKE, THOMAS                         MA-12-10-444
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        MA-12-1-7
CLIFFTON, BENJAMIN                     MA-12-5-122
CLIFT, CHURCH                          MA-12-2-398
COB, JOHN                              MA-12-3-345
COBB, ANDREW                           MA-12-37-297
COBB, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-43-397
COBB, EBENEZER                         MA-12-38-6
COBB, EPHRAIM                          MA-12-24-44
COBB, GEORGE                           MA-12-38-315
COBB, JOHN                             MA-12-12-98
COBB, JOHN JR.                         MA-12-12-55
COBB, JOHN SR.                         MA-12-5-528
COBB, SARAH                            MA-12-40-175
COBB, STEVENS                          MA-12-40-231
COBB, SUSANNA                          MA-12-45-61
COCK, WILLIAM                          MA-12-3-150
COCKS, JOHN SR.                        MA-12-16-175
COCKS, MARY                            MA-12-36-354
COCKS, SETH                            MA-12-40-458
CODMENT, JOHN                          MA-12-8-252
CODMENT, SOLOMON (INDIAN)              MA-12-15-230
COLE, AMBROSE                          MA-12-7-443
COLE, AMBROSE                          MA-12-24-319
COLE, CONSIDER                         MA-12-24-80
COLE, DAVID                            MA-12-15-535
COLE, EPHRAIM                          MA-12-5-52
COLE, EPHRAIM                          MA-12-34-77
COLE, HEZEKIAH                         MA-12-36-197
COLE, JOHN                             MA-12-4-442
COLE, JOHN                             MA-12-25-34
COLE, JONATHAN                         MA-12-30-301
COLE, JONATHAN                         MA-12-21-166
COLE, JOSEPH                           MA-12-29-542
COLE, MEHITABEL                        MA-12-31-367
COLE, NATHANIEL                        MA-12-10-442
COLE, REBECCA                          MA-12-8-537
COLE, SAMUEL                           MA-12-14-300
COLE, SARAH                            MA-12-43-504
COLE, THOMAS                           MA-12-15-261
COLE, WILLIAM                          MA-12-7-398
COLLAMER, JOHN                         MA-12-14-24
COLLAMER, MARY                         MA-12-14-135
COLLAMER, PETER                        MA-12-10-514
COLLAMORE, BETTY                       MA-12-50-8
COLLOMORE, ISAAC                       MA-12-15-258
COLMAN, THOMAS                         MA-12-7-352
COMBS, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-31-196
COMBS, ITHAMAR                         MA-12-20-84
CONTANT, DAVID                         MA-12-33-249
CONTANT, GERSHOM                       MA-12-33-136
CONTANT, JOHN                          MA-12-48-51
CONTANT, NATHAN                        MA-12-25-90
CONTANT, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-10-19
CONTANT, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-44-99
CONTANT, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-5-217
CONTANT, PHINEAS                       MA-12-36-383
CONTANT, SYLVANUS                      MA-12-25-25
CONTANT, THOMAS                        MA-12-30-157
CONTANT, WILLIAM                       MA-12-13-279
COOK, CALEB                            MA-12-16-374
COOK, FRANCIS                          MA-12-10-328
COOK, JANE                             MA-12-7-194
COOK, JOHN SR.                         MA-12-8-402
COOKE, CALEB SR.                       MA-12-4-324
COOKE, JACOB                           MA-12-10-419
COOKE, ROBERT                          MA-12-5-186
COOMBS, CALEB                          MA-12-44-525
COOPER, EXPERIENCE                     MA-12-45-204
COOPER, THOMAS                         MA-12-42-403
COPELAND, EBENEZER                     MA-12-43-346
COPELAND, JONATHAN                     MA-12-45-259
COPELAND, JOSEPH                       MA-12-33-283
COPELAND, JOSEPH                       MA-12-43-384
CORISH, THOMAS                         MA-12-14-346
CORNISH, JOHN                          MA-12-49-341
COTTON, JOHN                           MA-12-31-150
COTTON, JOHN                           MA-12-1-327
COTTON, JOSIAH                         MA-12-14-202
COTTON, JOSIAH                         MA-12-50-174
COTTON, THEOPHILAS                     MA-12-28-285
COWING, HANNAH                         MA-12-11-230
COWING, JANE                           MA-12-33-538
COWING, LOT                            MA-12-45-511
COWING, THOMAS                         MA-12-5-285
CRAFTS, THOMAS                         MA-12-50-138
CRAPO, LOT                             MA-12-40-194
CRAPO, NICHOLAS                        MA-12-33-480
CRAPO, PETER                           MA-12-14-146
CROADE, RUTH                           MA-12-30-511
CROADE, THOMAS                         MA-12-21-427
CROMBIE, WILLIAM                       MA-12-47-56
CROOKER, DANIEL                        MA-12-21-430
CROOKER, DANIEL                        MA-12-49-220
CROOKER, DAVID                         MA-12-37-446
CROOKER, FRANCIS                       MA-12-1-340
CROOKER, JEREMIAH                      MA-12-15-61
CROOKER, JOANNA                        MA-12-21-32
CROOKER, LEMUEL                        MA-12-3-334
CUDWORTH, ISRAEL                       MA-12-16-309
CUDWORTH, ISRAELL                      MA-12-5-304
CUDWORTH, JOHN                         MA-12-24-78
CUDWORTH, MARY                         MA-12-31-538
CUDWORTH, MARY                         MA-12-1-319
CUDWORTH, SARAH                        MA-12-20-157
CUFFS, HANNAH                          MA-12-47-355
CURTICE, RICHARD                       MA-12-1-184
CURTIS, ABNER                          MA-12-37-129
CURTIS, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-21-14
CURTIS, BEZALEEL                       MA-12-33-79
CURTIS, EBENEZER                       MA-12-42-166
CURTIS, ELI                            MA-12-49-218
CURTIS, ELIJAH                         MA-12-35-24
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-13-347
CURTIS, JAMES                          MA-12-19-439
CURTIS, JOB                            MA-12-40-30
CURTIS, JOEL                           MA-12-29-102
CURTIS, JOHN                           MA-12-11-518
CURTIS, JOHN                           MA-12-37-170
CURTIS, JOHN                           MA-12-5-768
CURTIS, METZAR                         MA-12-37-539
CURTIS, MIRIAM                         MA-12-13-422
CURTIS, PELEG                          MA-12-36-69
CURTIS, PRINCE                         MA-12-47-373
CURTIS, RICHARD                        MA-12-19-365
CURTIS, SAMUEL                         MA-12-33-551
CURTIS, SARAH                          MA-12-38-258
CURTIS, SETH                           MA-12-44-223
CURTIS, SIMEON                         MA-12-37-214
CURTIS, THOMAS                         MA-12-37-351
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        MA-12-33-420
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        MA-12-12-35
CURTISS, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-14-338
CURTISS, JOSEPH                        MA-12-15-298
CURTISS, JOSEPH                        MA-12-13-198
CURTISS, SAMUELL                       MA-12-12-43
CUSHING, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-43-263
CUSHING, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-44-324
CUSHING, BETTY                         MA-12-50-365
CUSHING, CHRISTOPHER                   MA-12-50-468
CUSHING, EBED                          MA-12-42-397
CUSHING, ELIJAH                        MA-12-42-189
CUSHING, ELIJAH                        MA-12-16-336
CUSHING, ELISHA                        MA-12-35-427
CUSHING, GEORGE                        MA-12-45-509
CUSHING, ISAIAH                        MA-12-47-491
CUSHING, JAMES                         MA-12-16-479
CUSHING, JAMES JR.                     MA-12-44-219
CUSHING, JEREMIAH                      MA-12-2-144
CUSHING, JOHN                          MA-12-25-40
CUSHING, JOHN SR.                      MA-12-7-283
CUSHING, JOHN SR.                      MA-12-2-128
CUSHING, JOSEPH                        MA-12-31-476
CUSHING, JOSEPH                        MA-12-43-123
CUSHING, JOSIAH                        MA-12-33-520
CUSHING, JOSIAH                        MA-12-50-253
CUSHING, LUCY T.                       MA-12-45-267
CUSHING, LYDIA                         MA-12-31-390
CUSHING, NATHAN                        MA-12-44-406
CUSHING, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-30-555
CUSHING, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-31-327
CUSHING, NEHEMIAH                      MA-12-24-19
CUSHING, SETH                          MA-12-16-150
CUSHING, SETH                          MA-12-43-236
CUSHING, STEPHEN                       MA-12-38-466
CUSHING, WILLIAM                       MA-12-43-318
CUSHMAN, ALLERTON                      MA-12-5-2
CUSHMAN, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-44-523
CUSHMAN, ELEAZER                       MA-12-14-509
CUSHMAN, ELKENAH                       MA-12-5-330
CUSHMAN, GARDNER                       MA-12-48-278
CUSHMAN, ISAAC SR.                     MA-12-5-248
CUSHMAN, JOANNA                        MA-12-45-554
CUSHMAN, JOANNA                        MA-12-48-274
CUSHMAN, JONATHAN                      MA-12-24-61
CUSHMAN, JOSHUA                        MA-12-12-276
CUSHMAN, JOSHUA                        MA-12-19-194
CUSHMAN, JOSIAH                        MA-12-29-207
CUSHMAN, LYDIA                         MA-12-11-216
CUSHMAN, NOAH                          MA-12-49-277
CUSHMAN, PRISCILLA                     MA-12-20-235
CUSHMAN, ROBERT                        MA-12-14-410
CUSHMAN, ROBERT JR.                    MA-12-12-387
CUSHMAN, THOMAS                        MA-12-20-91
DAMAN, ABIGAIL                         MA-12-37-34
DAMAN, ANNA L.                         MA-12-28-249
DAMAN, EBENEZER                        MA-12-25-475
DAMAN, JOHN                            MA-12-47-371
DAMAN, JOSEPH                          MA-12-42-113
DAMAN, ZACHARIAH                       MA-12-2-1257
DAMAN, ZACHARIAH                       MA-12-19-19
DAMMON, ICHABOD                        MA-12-6-47
DAMON, DANIEL                          MA-12-1-229
DAMON, DANIEL                          MA-12-30-377
DAMON, MEHITABLE                       MA-12-20-162
DARLING, DAVID                         MA-12-29-326
DARLING, JOSEPH                        MA-12-33--367
DARLING, POLLY                         MA-12-45-458
DARLING, THOMAS                        MA-12-3-431
DAVENPORT, RICHARD                     MA-12-29-522
DAVIS, NICHOLAS                        MA-12-14-17
DAVIS, NICHOLAS JR.                    MA-12-36-497
DAWS, ROBERT                           MA-12-13-459
DEEN, FANNY                            MA-12-50-398
DELANO, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-42-349
DELANO, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-48-113
DELANO, DAVID                          MA-12-13-541
DELANO, ICHABOD                        MA-12-30-82
DELANO, JONATHAN                       MA-12-19-164
DELANO, JONATHAN                       MA-12-9-456
DELANO, JOSEPH                         MA-12-20-406
DELANO, JOSHUA                         MA-12-12-167
DELANO, JOSHUA JR.                     MA-12-37-440
DELANO, PHILIP                         MA-12-2-168
DELANO, SAMUEL                         MA-12-30-82
DELANO, SAMUEL                         MA-12-8-93
DELANO, SILVANUS                       MA-12-49-224
DELANO, THOMAS                         MA-12-4-358
DELINO, PHILIP                         MA-12-16-154
DELIS, SIMON                           MA-12-11-12
DESPARD, JOHN                          MA-12-4-377
DEXTER, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-7-73
DEXTER, CONSTANT                       MA-12-14-340
DEXTER, EDWARD                         MA-12-36-446
DEXTER, EPHRAIM                        MA-12-21-648
DEXTER, JABEZ                          MA-12-21-575
DEXTER, JAMES                          MA-12-24-48
DEXTER, JOHN                           MA-12-9-357
DEXTER, MARY                           MA-12-16-185
DEXTER, THOMAS                         MA-12-12-539
DICKERMAN, MANASSAH                    MA-12-49-222
DILLINGHAM, JOHN                       MA-12-20-241
DILLINO, JOHN                          MA-12-24-171
DIMAN, DANIEL                          MA-12-36-285
DIMAN, ELIZABETH                       MA-12-42-62
DIMAN, JONATHAN                        MA-12-36-65
DINGLEY, ELIZABETH                     MA-12-4-61
DINGLEY, JABEZ                         MA-12-43-17
DINGLEY, JACOB                         MA-12-21-260
DINGLEY, JOHN                          MA-12-25-146
DINGLEY, REBECCA                       MA-12-49-445
DINGLEY, THOMAS                        MA-12-40-512
DODSON, MARY                           MA-12-1-233
DODSON, MARY                           MA-12-1-233
DOGGET, SAMUEL                         MA-12-5-97
DOGGET, SETH                           MA-12-48-230
DOGGET, THOMAS                         MA-12-30-456
DOGGET, THOMAS                         MA-12-1-154
DOGGET, THOMAS                         MA-12-7-252
DONHAM, JOSEPH SR.                     MA-12-2-21
DOTEN, ELISHA                          MA-12-13-312
DOTEN, HANNAH                          MA-12-13-292
DOTEN, ISAAC                           MA-12-20-367
DOTEN, JAMES                           MA-12-49-25
DOTEN, JOHN                            MA-12-10-452
DOTEN, JOHN                            MA-12-12-102
DOTEN, NERIAH                          MA-12-7-455
DOTEN, WILLIAM                         MA-12-45-125
DOTEY, JOHN SR.                        MA-12-1-341
DREW, CORNELIUS                        MA-12-47-123
DREW, JOHN JR                          MA-12-9-506
DREW, MERCY                            MA-12-42-394
DREW, WILLIAM                          MA-12-35-289
DUGLASS, JOHN                          MA-12-24-85
DUNBAR, AZUBA                          MA-12-48-533
DUNBAR, BARNABAS                       MA-12-48-316
DUNBAR, ELISHA                         MA-12-21-588
DUNBAR, JOSEPH                         MA-12-28-264
DUNBAR, SAMUEL                         MA-12-29-519
DUNBAR, SIMEON                         MA-12-43-307
DUNHAM, EPHRAIM                        MA-12-14-40
DUNHAM, JOHN                           MA-12-1-135
DUNHAM, WILLIAM                        MA-12-16-50
DUNHAM, WILLIAM                        MA-12-10-526
DURFEY, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-19-192
DWELLY, ABNER                          MA-12-6-227
DWELLY, AMEY                           MA-12-11-150
DWELLY, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-4-33
DWELLY, JOHN                           MA-12-4-117
DWELLY, SIMEON                         MA-12-5-37
DYER, CHRISTOPHER                      MA-12-30-90
DYER, HANNAH                           MA-12-33--269
DYER, JOHN                             MA-12-8-438
DYER, SARAH                            MA-12-40-396
EAMES, ANTHONY                         MA-12-8-60
EAMES, ANTHONY                         MA-12-5-624
EAMES, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-30-500
EAMES, JONATHAN                        MA-12-4-436
EAMES, LEMUEL                          MA-12-21-591
EAMES, MARKE                           MA-12-1-172
EAMES, NATHANIEL SR.                   MA-12-21-264
EATON, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-10-70
EATON, SAMUEL                          MA-12-50-501
EATON, WILLIAM                         MA-12-1-82
EDDY, MOSES                            MA-12-35-199
EDSON, ANNA                            MA-12-44-58
EDSON, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-15-25
EDSON, DAVID                           MA-12-35-461
EDSON, JAMES                           MA-12-42-406
EDSON, JOSIAH                          MA-12-50-480
EDSON, JOSIAH                          MA-12-16-302
EDSON, JOSIAH                          MA-12-7-71
EDSON, PETER                           MA-12-12-109
EDSON, SAMUEL SR.                      MA-12-1-143
EDSON, SUSANNA                         MA-12-8-524
EELLES, JOHN (INDIAN)                  MA-12-6-50
EELLS, HANNAH                          MA-12-13-284
EELLS, ROBERT L.                       MA-12-37-272
ELLIS, ABNER                           MA-12-6-175
ELLIS, FREEMAN                         MA-12-5-471
ELLIS, JOEL                            MA-12-42-423
ELLIS, JOEL                            MA-12-38-354
ELLIS, MORDECAI                        MA-12-43-261
ELLIS, SAMUEL                          MA-12-48-534
ELLIS, SAMUEL SR.                      MA-12-10-109
ELLIS, THOMAS                          MA-12-37-255
ELLIS, THOMAS                          MA-12-44-456
ELLIS, WILLIAM                         MA-12-35-207
ELLIS, WILLIAM                         MA-12-25-101
ELMES, IGNATIOUS                       MA-12-16-409
ELMES, JOHN                            MA-12-29-464
ELMES, JONATHAN                        MA-12-9-79
ELMES, RODULPHAS                       MA-12-12-318
ESTES, MATHEW                          MA-12-21-639
ESTES, WILLIAM                         MA-12-33-548
ETTIS, WILLIAM                         MA-12-3-422
EVERETT, NOBLE                         MA-12-50-490
EVERSON, ABIGAIL                       MA-12-28-19
EVERSON, EPHRAIM                       MA-12-14-296
EVESON, LYDIA                          MA-12-45-32
EWELL, GERSHOM                         MA-12-5-282
EWELL, GERSHOM                         MA-12-4-40
EWELL, HENRY                           MA-12-1-273
EWELL, ICHABOD                         MA-12-4-57
EWELL, JEDEDIAH                        MA-12-45-412
EWELL, JOHN                            MA-12-15-95
EWELL, SARAH                           MA-12-2-174
EWELL, SETH                            MA-12-38-541
FARROW, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-20-97
FARROW, THOMAS                         MA-12-40-545
FAUNCE, ELEANOR                        MA-12-48-340
FAUNCE, JOHN                           MA-12-12-415
FAUNCE, JOHN                           MA-12-20-165
FAUNCE, JOSEPH                         MA-12-5-53
FAUNCE, THOMAS                         MA-12-10-101
FAXON, ELIJAH                          MA-12-16-505
FEARING, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-21-632
FEARING, ELIJAH                        MA-12-44-131
FEARING, ISRAEL                        MA-12-13-298
FEARING, JOHN                          MA-12-30-458
FEARING, THOMAS                        MA-12-50-554
FIELD, ABIGAIL                         MA-12-12-92
FIELD, DANIEL                          MA-12-10-370
FIELD, DANIEL                          MA-12-14-374
FIELD, JABEZ                           MA-12-40-156
FIELD, JOB                             MA-12-11-525
FIELD, JOSEPH                          MA-12-13-289
FINNEY, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-35-293
FINNEY, JOHN SR.                       MA-12-30-262
FINNEY, JOSIAH                         MA-12-5-219
FINNEY, ROBET                          MA-12-1-81
FISH, CHARLES                          MA-12-48-413
FISH, ZACHEUS                          MA-12-24-389
FISHER, MARY                           MA-12-1-358
FITZGERALD, MARGARET                   MA-12-16-443
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                    MA-12-10-395
FOBES, EPHRAIM                         MA-12-13-381
FOBES, FREELOVE                        MA-12-43-498
FOBES, JOHN                            MA-12-28-535
FOBES, JOHN                            MA-12-35-151
FOBES, JOSHUA                          MA-12-30-254
FOBES, MARTHA                          MA-12-35-246
FOBES, TIMOTHY                         MA-12-38-454
FOBES, WILLIAM                         MA-12-36-188
FOBES, WILLIAM                         MA-12-19-112
FOORD, ANDREW SR.                      MA-12-5-115
FOORD, BARNABAS                        MA-12-21-566
FOORD, ELISHA                          MA-12-15-84
FOORD, HEZEKIAH                        MA-12-4-352
FOORD, JAMES                           MA-12-7-146
FOORD, JOHN                            MA-12-24-169
FOORD, MICAEL                          MA-12-5-498
FOORD, MICHAEL                         MA-12-19-64
FOORD, PELEG                           MA-12-20-181
FOORD, SAMUEL                          MA-12-28-141
FOORD, SARAH                           MA-12-12-351
FOORD, THOMAS                          MA-12-30-358
FORD, ANDREW                           MA-12-12-146
FORD, ELIJAH                           MA-12-33-234
FORD, ELISHA                           MA-12-38-470
FORD, LEMUEL                           MA-12-44-408
FORD, PELEG                            MA-12-45-310
FORD, SAMUEL                           MA-12-42-491
FORD, WILLIAM                          MA-12-4-511
FORSTER, ELIZABETH                     MA-12-38-109
FOSTER, CHARLES                        MA-12-40-227
FOSTER, DANIEL                         MA-12-42-78
FOSTER, DEBORAH                        MA-12-6-286
FOSTER, HATHERLY                       MA-12-12-402
FOSTER, JOHN                           MA-12-8-466
FOSTER, JOHN                           MA-12-47-443
FOSTER, JOSIAH                         MA-12-25-430
FOSTER, LYDIA                          MA-12-35-327
FOSTER, MARY                           MA-12-28-239
FOSTER, MERCY                          MA-12-35-573
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-33-482
FOSTER, SARAH                          MA-12-6-86
FREEMAN, ISAAC                         MA-12-19-402
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                        MA-12-33-266
FREEMAN, JOSIAH                        MA-12-20-233
FREMAN, JONATHAN                       MA-12-11-52
FRENCH, SAMUEL                         MA-12-7-163
FULGHAM, JOSEPH                        MA-12-19-110
FULLER, EBENEZER                       MA-12-21-192
FULLER, EBENEZER                       MA-12-30-45
FULLER, EZRA                           MA-12-21-20
FULLER, JOHN                           MA-12-25-96
FULLER, LYDIA                          MA-12-44-260
FULLER, NATHAN                         MA-12-16-60
FULLER, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-12-107
FULLER, SUSANNAH                       MA-12-29-27
GALLT, JOHN                            MA-12-45-111
GANETT, JOHN                           MA-12-28-33
GANNET, HANNAH                         MA-12-1-348
GANNET, MATTHEW                        MA-12-1-212
GANNET, MATTHEW                        MA-12-19-137
GANNET, SUBMIT                         MA-12-38-499
GANNETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-31-10
GANNETT, MATHEW                        MA-12-30-72
GANNETT, MATTHEW                       MA-12-7-228
GARDNER, JAMES                         MA-12-8-105
GARRET, RICHARD                        MA-12-9-15
GARRETT, JOSEPH                        MA-12-3-372
GAY, ABIGAIL                           MA-12-40-71
GIBBS, ESTHER                          MA-12-7-270
GIBBS, JOHN                            MA-12-37-443
GIFFORD, JOHN                          MA-12-12-340
GILL, MARY                             MA-12-49-340
GILL, THOMAS                           MA-12-44-358
GLASS, ELIZABETH                       MA-12-4-66
GLASS, JAMES                           MA-12-15-462
GLASS, JAMES                           MA-12-1-100
GLASS, ROGER                           MA-12-1-149
GLOVER, ROBERT                         MA-12-30-256
GOOCH, JOHN                            MA-12-21-176
GOOCH, MARY                            MA-12-25-320
GOODIN, ROWLAND                        MA-12-19-373
GOODWIN, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-50-160
GOULD, MARY JR.                        MA-12-43-282
GRAY, JOHN                             MA-12-6-191
GREEN, JOSEPH                          MA-12-44-464
GREEN, PAUL                            MA-12-29-57
GROSE, THOMAS                          MA-12-36-364
GULLIFER, THOMAS                       MA-12-19-246
GURNEY, BENJAMIN SR.                   MA-12-8-98
GURNEY, DAVID                          MA-12-47-286
GURNEY, PERKINS                        MA-12-31-499
GURNEY, SAMUEL                         MA-12-4-36
GURNEY, ZACHARIAH                      MA-12-19-162
GURNEY, ZECHERIAH                      MA-12-45-32
HACKET, JOHN                           MA-12-20-4
HALL, ADAM                             MA-12-42-256
HALL, JEREMIAH                         MA-12-42-314
HALL, KEZIA                            MA-12-43-29
HALL, SILVANUS                         MA-12-47-277
HALL, TIMOTHY                          MA-12-13-148
HAMMETT, JOHN                          MA-12-42-289
HAMMOND, ABIGAIL                       MA-12-38-305
HAMMOND, ANTIPAS                       MA-12-21-266
HAMMOND, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-15-233
HAMMOND, HUNNEWILL                     MA-12-42-347
HAMMOND, JAMES                         MA-12-25-530
HAMMOND, JOHN                          MA-12-30-232
HAMMOND, JOSEPHUS                      MA-12-25-237
HAMMOND, MOSES                         MA-12-37-257
HAMMOND, NATHAN                        MA-12-38-434
HAMMOND, ROGER                         MA-12-15-113, 288
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                        MA-12-5-475
HAMMOND, STAFFORD                      MA-12-43-39
HANDY, ZACHEUS                         MA-12-30-237
HANKS, JOHN                            MA-12-40-24
HARDEN, AMOS                           MA-12-28-468
HARDEN, JOHN                           MA-12-12-383
HARDEN, JOHN                           MA-12-29-170
HARDEN, JOHN                           MA-12-4-191
HARLOW, BARNABAS                       MA-12-35-538
HARLOW, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-25-386
HARLOW, ISAAC 2ND                      MA-12-40-394
HARLOW, JAMES                          MA-12-15-282
HARLOW, JESSE                          MA-12-43-26
HARLOW, JOHN                           MA-12-45-436
HARLOW, JONATHAN                       MA-12-30-26
HARLOW, JOSIAH                         MA-12-36-482
HARLOW, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-35-331
HARLOW, SAMUEL                         MA-12-19-511
HARLOW, SAMUEL                         MA-12-5-512
HARLOW, SETH                           MA-12-38-169
HARLOW, WILLIAM                        MA-12-33-254
HARRIS, ARTHER                         MA-12-12-141
HARRIS, ARTHRU                         MA-12-44-514
HARRIS, MARY                           MA-12-48-227
HARRIS, SETH JR.                       MA-12-31-540
HARTWELL, SAMUEL                       MA-12-16-68
HARVEY, NATHAN                         MA-12-47-276
HASKALL, MARK                          MA-12-19-146
HASKEL, EPHRAIM                        MA-12-21-576
HASKELL, ABIAH                         MA-12-38-324
HASKELL, DAVID 2ND                     MA-12-47-326
HASKELL, JOANNA                        MA-12-38-66
HASKELL, JOHN                          MA-12-33-21
HASKELL, MARK                          MA-12-29-376
HASKELL, MICAH                         MA-12-42-150
HASKELL, SETH                          MA-12-20-306
HASKELL, SETH                          MA-12-33-345
HASKINS, WILLIAM                       MA-12-42-108
HATCH, AMOS                            MA-12-43-197
HATCH, EBENEZER                        MA-12-4-418
HATCH, EDMUND                          MA-12-16-27
HATCH, EZEKIEL                         MA-12-20-103
HATCH, HEZEKIAH                        MA-12-25-191
HATCH, ISAAC                           MA-12-15-446
HATCH, ISAAC                           MA-12-37-188
HATCH, ISRAEL                          MA-12-42-479
HATCH, ISRAEL                          MA-12-8-248
HATCH, JAMES                           MA-12-8-370
HATCH, JEMIMA                          MA-12-29-539
HATCH, JEREMIAH                        MA-12-3-212
HATCH, JEREMIAH                        MA-12-5-334
HATCH, JOHN                            MA-12-42-483
HATCH, JOHN                            MA-12-7-348
HATCH, JOHN                            MA-12-40-122
HATCH, JOSEPH                          MA-12-12-58
HATCH, LUCY                            MA-12-37-513
HATCH, MARY                            MA-12-3-433
HATCH, NOAH                            MA-12-42-257
HATCH, SAMUEL                          MA-12-19-425
HATCH, SAMUEL SR.                      MA-12-7-143
HATCH, SETH                            MA-12-37-118
HATCH, THOMAS                          MA-12-42-110
HATCH, THOMAS                          MA-12-12-398
HATCH, WALTER                          MA-12-1-335
HATHAWAY, HANNAH                       MA-12-42-305
HATHAWAY, JOSIAH                       MA-12-25-103
HATHAWAY, SAVORY                       MA-12-44-20
HATHAWAY, SELATHIEL                    MA-12-33-12
HAWARD, EBENEZER                       MA-12-29-526
HAWARD, EDWARD                         MA-12-21-1
HAWARD, ELISHA                         MA-12-12-40
HAYDON, GEORGE                         MA-12-19-477
HAYFORD, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-16-148
HAYWARD, ABNER                         MA-12-35-525
HAYWARD, AZARIAH                       MA-12-38-24
HAYWARD, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-7-1
HAYWARD, CORNELIUS                     MA-12-44-515
HAYWARD, EDWARD                        MA-12-49-480
HAYWARD, ELISHA                        MA-12-2-165
HAYWARD, GRACE                         MA-12-38-131
HAYWARD, HANNAH                        MA-12-29-241
HAYWARD, HEZEKEIHA                     MA-12-31-261
HAYWARD, JACOB                         MA-12-25-48
HAYWARD, JOHN                          MA-12-31-204
HAYWARD, JOSEPH                        MA-12-14-498
HAYWARD, JOSEPH                        MA-12-4-136
HAYWARD, JOSIAH                        MA-12-19-65
HAYWARD, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-7-53
HAYWARD, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-28-29
HAYWARD, PETER                         MA-12-19-277
HAYWARD, ROBERT                        MA-12-45-33
HAYWARD, SARAH                         MA-12-33-518
HAYWARD, SETH                          MA-12-25-105
HAYWARD, THOMAS                        MA-12-8-367
HAYWARD, TIMOTHY                       MA-12-12-50
HEARSEY, ABIGAIL                       MA-12-47-462
HEARSEY, GIDEON                        MA-12-15-400
HEARSEY, HANNAH                        MA-12-38-387
HEARSEY, JOSEPH                        MA-12-42-187
HEARSEY, JOSHUA                        MA-12-42-207
HEARSEY, SUSANNA                       MA-12-40-63
HEARSEY, THOMAS                        MA-12-43-97
HEDLY, HENRY                           MA-12-33-451
HEWET, MARTHA                          MA-12-1-112
HEWTT, SOLOMON                         MA-12-3-416
HILAND, JOHN                           MA-12-13-238
HILL, ELEAZER                          MA-12-31-432
HILL, JOSIAH                           MA-12-40-282
HILL, THOMAS                           MA-12-42-211
HILLER, DORCAS                         MA-12-25-99
HILLER, JABEZ                          MA-12-13-446
HILLER, PRISCILLA                      MA-12-30-470
HILLER, SARAH                          MA-12-44-375
HILLER, SETH                           MA-12-35-532
HITCHBORN, BENJAMIN 2ND                MA-12-42-430
HOAR, PETER                            MA-12-47-112
HOBART, AARON                          MA-12-42-251
HOBART, AARON                          MA-12-49-189
HOBART, ISRAEL                         MA-12-6-11
HOBART, JONATHAN                       MA-12-50-389
HOBART, PETER                          MA-12-33-494
HOBART, THOMAS                         MA-12-35-1
HOBBART, MARY                          MA-12-25-104
HOLBROOK, ABIGALL                      MA-12-2-152
HOLBROOK, ELIPHALET                    MA-12-47-81
HOLBROOK, NAUMAN                       MA-12-35-511
HOLBROOK, SAMUEL                       MA-12-15-444
HOLBROOK, SAMUEL                       MA-12-2-50
HOLBROOK, SAMUEL SR.                   MA-12-4-192
HOLBROOKE, WILLIAM                     MA-12-1-309
HOLMAN, JOHN                           MA-12-15-271
HOLMAN, JOHN JR.                       MA-12-13-527
HOLMES, ABIGAIL                        MA-12-42-450
HOLMES, ABNER                          MA-12-45-315
HOLMES, BARSHABA                       MA-12-16-436
HOLMES, ELEAZER                        MA-12-36-296
HOLMES, ELEAZER                        MA-12-40-139
HOLMES, ELISHA                         MA-12-25-314
HOLMES, ELISHA                         MA-12-13-183
HOLMES, EPHRAIM                        MA-12-28-25
HOLMES, FRANCIS                        MA-12-44-155
HOLMES, GEORGE                         MA-12-10-361
HOLMES, ICHABOD                        MA-12-48-429
HOLMES, ISAAC                          MA-12-4-415
HOLMES, ISAAC                          MA-12-10-210
HOLMES, ISAAC                          MA-12-14-182
HOLMES, ISAAC                          MA-12-7-404
HOLMES, JAMES                          MA-12-42-383
HOLMES, JEREMIAH JR.                   MA-12-37-135
HOLMES, JOHN                           MA-12-5-700
HOLMES, JOHN                           MA-12-11-141
HOLMES, JOHN                           MA-12-40-104
HOLMES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-30-202
HOLMES, JONATHAN                       MA-12-42-384
HOLMES, JOSEPH                         MA-12-14-132
HOLMES, JOSEPH SR.                     MA-12-6-382
HOLMES, LEVI                           MA-12-35-258
HOLMES, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-38-21
HOLMES, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-10-339
HOLMES, NATHANIEL                      MA-12-7-305
HOLMES, NATHANIEL SR.                  MA-12-5-522
HOLMES, PHOEBE                         MA-12-21-194
HOLMES, ROBERT                         MA-12-49-153
HOLMES, SETH                           MA-12-38-514
HOLMES, THOMAS                         MA-12-6-425
HOLT, RICHARD                          MA-12-4-162
HOOPER, ELIZABETH                      MA-12-9-257
HOOPER, HEZEKIAH                       MA-12-44-513
HOOPER, JAMES                          MA-12-29-192
HOOPER, JOHN                           MA-12-42-83
HOOPER, JOHN                           MA-12-12-148
HOOPER, JOHN                           MA-12-8-476
HOOPER, THOMAS                         MA-12-15-268
HOOPER, THOMAS                         MA-12-31-7
HOSKINS, HANNAH                        MA-12-37-421
HOSKINS, NATHAN                        MA-12-25-51
HOUSE, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-25-53
HOUSE, JOSEPH                          MA-12-6-238
HOUSE, SAMUEL                          MA-12-4-143
HOUSE, SAMUEL                          MA-12-20-470
HOUSE, SETH                            MA-12-24-287
HOVEY, DONINICUS                       MA-12-49-543
HOVEY, JAMES                           MA-12-28-201
HOVEY, OLIVE                           MA-12-40-232
HOWARD, AMASA                          MA-12-36-212
HOWARD, BARNABAS                       MA-12-45-168
HOWARD, DAMARIS                        MA-12-35-337
HOWARD, DANIEL                         MA-12-28-289
HOWARD, DANIEL                         MA-12-25-273
HOWARD, DAVID                          MA-12-12-287
HOWARD, EDWARD                         MA-12-42-493
HOWARD, GEORGE                         MA-12-47-191
HOWARD, JAMES JR.                      MA-12-11-307
HOWARD, JAMES JR.                      MA-12-42-471
HOWARD, JERUSHA                        MA-12-44-119
HOWARD, JOHN                           MA-12-33-247
HOWARD, JONATHAN                       MA-12-42-538
HOWARD, JONATHAN 2ND                   MA-12-40-298
HOWARD, NATHAN                         MA-12-37-335
HOWARD, PARNEL                         MA-12-50-279
HOWARD, ROBERT                         MA-12-25-350
HOWARD, ROBERT                         MA-12-42-258
HOWDEE, JOHN (INDIAN)                  MA-12-3-119
HOWE, NATHAN                           MA-12-45-435
HOWLAND, ABRAHAM                       MA-12-10-468
HOWLAND, ARTHUR                        MA-12-11-369
HOWLAND, ARTHUR SR.                    MA-12-5-389
HOWLAND, ELIZABETH                     MA-12-5-391
HOWLAND, ISAAC SR.                     MA-12-4-408
HOWLAND, JOHN                          MA-12-40-134
HOWLAND, JOSEPH                        MA-12-2-43
HOWLAND, THOMAS                        MA-12-8-135
HOWLAND, WILLIAM                       MA-12-29-115
HUDSON, DANIEL                         MA-12-12-299
HUDSON, DANIEL                         MA-12-24-25
HUDSON, EZRA                           MA-12-45-266
HUDSON, JOHN                           MA-12-5-479
HUDSON, JOHN                           MA-12-1-24
HUDSON, WILLIAM                        MA-12-36-23
HUDSON, WILLIAM                        MA-12-5-794
HUGHS, THOMAS                          MA-12-1-281
HUNT, JOSIAH                           MA-12-24-153
HUNT, MICAH                            MA-12-35-359
HUNT, SAMUELL                          MA-12-2-172
HUNT, THOMAS                           MA-12-42-79
HUNT, THOMAS                           MA-12-13-445
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        MA-12-4-214
HYLAND, JAMES                          MA-12-24-174
INGHAM, MARY                           MA-12-2-138
INGLEE, MOSES                          MA-12-42-464
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                       MA-12-16-88
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                       MA-12-3-323
JACKSON, CHARLES                       MA-12-49-418
JACKSON, EDMUND SR.                    MA-12-4-413
JACKSON, EDMUND SR.                    MA-12-4-463
JACKSON, ELEAZER                       MA-12-7-226
JACKSON, ELEAZER                       MA-12-7-226
JACKSON, HANNAH                        MA-12-16-499
JACKSON, JONATHAN                      MA-12-19-106
JACKSON, JONATHAN                      MA-12-5-280
JACKSON, NATHANIEL                     MA-12-20-135
JACKSON, NATHANIEL SR.                 MA-12-9-110
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        MA-12-11-68
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        MA-12-40-192
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        MA-12-21-571
JACKSON, THOMAS                        MA-12-35-204
JACOB, DANIEL                          MA-12-40-455
JACOB, DAVID                           MA-12-42-454
JACOB, DAVID                           MA-12-11-138
JACOB, DEBORAH                         MA-12-38-192
JACOB, JOSHUA                          MA-12-29-122
JACOB, JOSHUA                          MA-12-42-398
JACOB, RELIEF                          MA-12-40-179
JACOB, SAMUEL                          MA-12-29-119
JACOB, SUSANNA                         MA-12-33-539
JACOBS, BENJAMIN                       MA-12-31-532
JACOBS, MARY                           MA-12-38-389
JAMES, JOHN                            MA-12-16-248
JAMES, PRUDENCE                        MA-12-29-10
JAMES, PRUDENCE                        MA-12-29-10
JENKINS, DANIEL                        MA-12-44-280
JENKINS, DAVID                         MA-12-31-513
JENKINS, EDWARD                        MA-12-1-311
JENKINS, JAMES                         MA-12-21-251
JENKINS, MARY                          MA-12-2-41
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        MA-12-40-360
JENKINS, THOMAS                        MA-12-8-112
JENKINS, THOMAS                        MA-12-31-446
JENNE, SAMUEL                          MA-12-25-56
JENNEY, SAMUEL SR.                     MA-12-1-138
JENNINGS, ISAAC                        MA-12-16-340
JENNINGS, ISAAC                        MA-12-16-340
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL                    MA-12-42-115
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      MA-12-12-385
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      MA-12-12-385
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      MA-12-20-153
JOHNSON, JAMES                         MA-12-37-230
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                        MA-12-33-134
JOHNSON, JOSIAH                        MA-12-44-281
JONES, ANN                             MA-12-11-244
JONES, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-12-541
JONES, CONSIDER                        MA-12-50-553
JONES, DAVID                           MA-12-28-544
JONES, ELEANOR                         MA-12-28-520
JONES, JOHN                            MA-12-24-9
JONES, JOHN                            MA-12-8-208
JONES, JOHN SR.                        MA-12-4-264
JONES, LYDIA                           MA-12-35-464
JONES, NATHANIEL                       MA-12-21-174
JONES, SHUBAL                          MA-12-15-586
JONES, SIMEON                          MA-12-49-448
JONES, THOMAS                          MA-12-47-492
JONES, WILLIAM                         MA-12-31-49
JORDAIN, BARUCH                        MA-12-1-317
JOSLEN, JOSEPH                         MA-12-5-292
JOSSELYN, ANNA                         MA-12-37-454
JOSSELYN, HENRY                        MA-12-30-152
JOSSELYN, JOSEPH                       MA-12-30-181
JOSSELYN, SYLVESTER                    MA-12-37-434
JOSSELYN, THOMAS                       MA-12-28-357
JOY, MARY                              MA-12-5-270
JOYCE, JOHN                            MA-12-16-377
JOYCE, JOHN                            MA-12-16-377
JOYCE, JONATHAN                        MA-12-42-482
JOYCE, JONATHAN                        MA-12-42-482
JOYCE, THOMAS                          MA-12-13-388
JOYCE, THOMAS                          MA-12-13-388
KEEN, ABIGAIL                          MA-12-36-221
KEEN, ASHER                            MA-12-31-134
KEEN, DEBORAH                          MA-12-37-490
KEEN, ISAAC                            MA-12-30-98
KEEN, JOSIAH                           MA-12-6-272
KEEN, JOSIAH SR.                       MA-12-2-160
KEEN, JUDAH                            MA-12-19-327
KEEN, MARGARET                         MA-12-28-146
KEEN, NATHANIEL                        MA-12-43-367
KEEN, SIMEON                           MA-12-31-225
KEITH, ABIA                            MA-12-28-203
KEITH, AMOS                            MA-12-28-474
KEITH, BENJAMIN                        MA-12-37-506
KEITH, EBENEZER                        MA-12-25-59
KEITH, ELIZABETH                       MA-12-14-522
KEITH, EPHRAIM                         MA-12-28-49
KEITH, JAMES                           MA-12-4-184
KEITH, JOHN                            MA-12-16-206
KEITH, JONATHAN                        MA-12-43-233
KEITH, JOSEPH                          MA-12-31-525
KEITH, JOSEPH                          MA-12-6-5
KEITH, LEVI                            MA-12-45-169
KEITH, MARY                            MA-12-40-84
KEITH, NATHAN                          MA-12-29-479
KEITH, ROBERT                          MA-12-35-539
KEITH, ROBERT                          MA-12-49-414
KEITH, SALMON                          MA-12-47-126
KEITH, SARAH                           MA-12-37-313
KEITH, SETH                            MA-12-29-237
KELLEY, REBEKAH                        MA-12-42-132
KENT, JOHN                             MA-12-13-124
KENT, PELEG                            MA-12-50-375
KING, BENJAMIN                         MA-12-24-269
KING, DEBORAH                          MA-12-15-36
KING, DEBORAH SR.                      MA-12-3-81
KING, GEORGE                           MA-12-13-335
KING, ICHABOD                          MA-12-13-127
KING, ISAAC                            MA-12-19-539
KING, ISAAC                            MA-12-5-485
KING, JOHN                             MA-12-4-293
KING, JONATHAN                         MA-12-30-321
KING, JOSEPH                           MA-12-7-244
KING, MARY                             MA-12-20-171
KING, THOMAS                           MA-12-3-115
KING, THOMAS SR.                       MA-12-1-120
KINGMAN, ALEXANDER                     MA-12-35-191
KINGMAN, CALEB                         MA-12-42-186
KINGMAN, DANIEL                        MA-12-31-527
KINGMAN DAVID                          MA-12-40-236
KINGMAN, FREELOVE                      MA-12-47-125
KINGMAN, HENRY                         MA-12-24-34
KINGMAN, JOHN                          MA-12-13-389
KINGMAN, JONATHAN                      MA-12-44-520
KINGMAN, MATTHEW                       MA-12-43-45
KINGMAN, SAMUEL                        MA-12-8-521
KNAP, JOSEPH                           MA-12-1-83

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