Monroe County, New York
Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = Residence of Minor (TBL = to be listed later) (NTL = No township listed)
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Column Four: Image # at FamilySearch

MAAS, CARRIE                      WEBSTER                                 NY-28-17-381
MAAS, EVA                         WEBSTER                                 NY-28-17-379
MAAS, FRANK                       WEBSTER                                 NY-28-17-378
MAAS, HENRY                       WEBSTER                                 NY-28-17-380
MABBETT, C. ELOINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-414
MACAULEY, EDWARD F.               GATES                                   NY-28-14-179
MACAULEY, GEORGE A.               GATES                                   NY-28-14-246
MACHELEIDT, EMMA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-147
MACHELEIDT, THEODORE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-148
MACHELEIDT, THEODORE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-325
MACHELERDETT, EMMA                TBL                                     NY-28-11-251
MACHELERDETT, THEODORE            TBL                                     NY-28-11-252
MACHERLEIT, EMMA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-424
MACHERLEIT, THEODORE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-423
MACK, GEORGE                      BRIGHTON                                NY-28-13-71
MACK, LIBBIE                      BRIGHTON                                NY-28-13-70
MACK, MARY                        BRIGHTON                                NY-28-13-68
MACK, PHILLIP                     BRIGHTON                                NY-28-13-69
MACKAY, GEORGE L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-226
MACKAY, SUSAN I.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-227
MACOMBER, AUGUSTA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-347
MACOMBER, DEWITT B.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-346
MACOMBER, MARY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-345
MACOMBER, WILLIAM B.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-344
MADDEN, ELIZABETH E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-483
MADNEVILLE, LOIS S.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-413
MAECHERLEIN, FREDERICK            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-333
MAECHERLEIN, FREDERICK            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-323
MAGER, FLORENCE                   ADAMS BASIN                             NY-28-17-111
MAGILL, ELLEN G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-168
MAGILL, ELLEN GERTRUDE            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-138
MAGILL, WILLIAM H.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-169
MAGILL, WILLIAM HENRY             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-139
MAHAN, ALEXANDER L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-169
MAHLE, FREDERICK L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-55
MAHON, ARTHUR J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-172
MAHON, CORINNE L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-171
MAHON, JULIA D.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-167
MAHON, MARY E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-168
MAHON, PATRICK V.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-170
MAHONEY, CHARLES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-230
MAHONEY, ELMER C.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-443
MAHONEY, JOHN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-228
MAHONEY, WILLIAM H.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-229
MAICHERLEIN, EMMA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-322
MAID, GEORGE E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-161
MALCHOW, MARY                     BRIGHTON                                NY-28-14-118
MALLING, FREDERICK C.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-349
MALLORY, LULU                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-371
MALLORY, PEARL                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-372
MALOY, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-325
MANDERY, EMMA M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-71
MANDERY, M. C. ISABELLA           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-72
MANDEVILLE, ARTHUR W.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-411
MANDEVILLE, EDNA K.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-412
MANDEVILLE, FRANKLIN              TBL                                     NY-28-10-394
MANGOLD, CHRISTIAN                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-26
MANN, EDGUILIA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-170
MANN, MADOLIN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-296
MANNING, MORGAN ARNOLD            BROCKPORT                               NY-28-17-442
MARDEN, ELLA MAY                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-201
MARDEN, IDA JENNIE                TBL                                     NY-28-11-202
MARKIN, HARRY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-259
MARKIN, JENNY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-258
MARRON, MARTHA J.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-117
MARSH, JOSIE                      TBL                                     NY-28-11-317
MARSHALL, JOHN                    SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-12-367
MARSHALL, JOSEPH H.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-306
MARSHALL, SAMUEL R.               SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-12-366
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                 SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-12-365
MARTIN, BLANCHE I.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-433
MARTIN, BLANCHE J.                SALT LAKE CITY, SALT LAKE, UT           NY-28-16-12
MARTIN, BURNICE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-431
MARTIN, CATHERINE E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-348
MARTIN, CLARA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-37
MARTIN, EDNA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-284
MARTIN, EDSON H.                  RUSH                                    NY-28-12-439
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                 GATES                                   NY-28-12-272
MARTIN, ELNORA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-34
MARTIN, HARRIET B.                HAMLIN                                  NY-28-17-38
MARTIN, JANE E.                   SALT LAKE CITY, SALT LAKE, UT           NY-28-16-11
MARTIN, JANE E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-432
MARTIN, LIBBIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-38
MARTIN, MARGARET                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-350
MARTIN, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-36
MARTIN, MARY                      RUSH                                    NY-28-12-271
MARTIN, MARY E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-8
MARTIN, RICHARD                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-12-270
MARTIN, THOMAS W.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-349
MASLIN, CORA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-143
MASLIN, EFFIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-144
MASON, BESSIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-61
MASON, CLARA                      OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-485
MASON, FRED I.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-537
MASON, GEORGE G.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-538
MASON, HATTIE                     MENDON                                  NY-28-15-113
MASON, HATTIE                     MENDON                                  NY-28-15-165
MASON, HENRY R.                   WBESTER                                 NY-28-13-443
MASON, HENRY R.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-539
MASON, HETTY E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-62
MASON, WILLIAM R.                 OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-486
MATHER, DEY                       CHILI                                   NY-28-15-199
MATHONY, ANTHONY                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-164
MATHONY, JULIA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-165
MATSON, IRENE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-174
MATTERN, FRANK                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-61
MATTERN, GEORGE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-62
MATTERN, KATE                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-59
MATTERN, TILLIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-60
MATTHEWS, LEWELLYN E.             PITTSFORD                               NY-28-13-275
MATTIL, ANNA                      HENRIETTA                               NY-28-15-576
MATTIL, JOHN                      HENRIETTA                               NY-28-15-575
MATTIL, MARY                      HENRIETTA                               NY-28-15-574
MATTLE, HELEN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-277
MAURER, BENJAMIN                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-100
MAURER, CHARLES L.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-390
MAURER, ETTIE                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-42
MAURER, GEORGE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-389
MAURER, HENRIETTA                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-100
MAURER, LEONA W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-125
MAURER, LEONA W.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-123
MAURER, MAMIE C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-127
MAURER, MYRTLE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-515
MAURER, OLGA E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-123
MAURER, OLGA E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-126
MAURER, THEODORE E.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-123
MAURER, THEODORE E.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-124
MAURER, WILLIAM R.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-453
MAY, EDWARD A.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-524
MAY, FRANCES SENORA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-573
MAY, LILLIE C.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-647
MAY, OLIVE MARCELLA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-574
MAY, ORLIN F.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-646
MAYER, ANDREW                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-304
MAYER, CATHERINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-305
MAYER, EDWARD                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-75
MAYER, FREDERICK G.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-303
MAYER, GEORGE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-452
MAYER, JOSEPH                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-451
MAYER, LAWRENCE V.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-316
MAYER, MAGDALENA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-74
MAYER, MICHAEL                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-302
MAYER, ROSA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-313
MAYER, THEODORE E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-314
MAYER, WILLIAM L.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-315
MAYLACRAINE, FRANK J.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-519
MAYLACRAINE, HENRY C.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-520
MCALPINE, FLORENCE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-454
MCALPINE, REYNOLDS P.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-453
MCARTHUR, BERTHA                  MUMFORD                                 NY-28-16-172
MCARTHUR, HARRIET E.              MUMFORD                                 NY-28-16-173
MCAULIFFE, ADA                    FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-63
MCAULIFFE, ANNA                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-62
MCAULIFFE, ERNEST                 FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-60
MCAULIFFE, LULU                   FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-61
MCBRIDE, WINIFRED                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-189
MCCAFFERY, MARIE                  CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-13-313
MCCAFFREY, MARY E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-471
MCCALL, JAMES                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-426
MCCANN, MARY                      CHURCHVILLE                             NY-28-18-226
MCCARTHY, HELEN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-227
MCCARTHY, JENNIE A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-284
MCCARTHY, LOUISE JEAN             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-551
MCCARTHY, THOMAS                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-225
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-13
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-226
MCCARTY, ?                        TBL                                     NY-28-10-387
MCCARTY, BEATRICE                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-383
MCCARTY, JAMES                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-384
MCCARTY, LEO                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-386
MCCARTY, MARY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-387
MCCLELLAN, JOHN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-246
MCCLUSKY, JAMES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-192
MCCLUSKY, MARGARET                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-193
MCCORMICK, CLARENCE J.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-321
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH              TBL                                     NY-28-10-181
MCCORMICK, FREDERICK              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-19
MCCORMICK, LAURA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-17
MCCORMICK, LEO                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-18
MCCORMICK, LORETTO                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-17
MCCORMICK, MARY                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-183
MCCORMICK, MATHEW                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-337
MCCORMICK, ROSA                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-182
MCCORMICK, THERESA                TBL                                     NY-28-10-180
MCCORWILL, ANDREW S.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-14
MCCRAHEON, ELIZABETH K.           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-238
MCCRONE, WILLIAM HORACE           TBL                                     NY-28-11-122
MCCUMBER, WILLIAM J.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-184
MCDADE, ANDREW                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-2
MCDADE, JAMES A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-3
MCDADE, JOHN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-1
MCDADE, MARY C.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-4
MCDERMOTT, ANNA                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-18-478
MCDERMOTT, HONORA J.              BROCKPORT                               NY-28-18-477
MCDONALD, JANE B. (CAMERON)       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-466
MCDONALD, JANE B. (CAMERON)       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-467
MCDONALD, MARGARET                GATES                                   NY-28-18-126
MCDOWELL, CHARLES H.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-260
MCELROY, MARY L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-374
MCEWEN, KENNETH B.                GREECE                                  NY-28-13-481
MCGILL, WILLIAM B.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-401
MCGRATH, ANNA                     SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-400
MCGRATH, JAMES                    SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-404
MCGRATH, JOHN                     SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-402
MCGRATH, KATHERINE                SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-403
MCGRATH, MARTIN                   PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-196
MCGRATH, MARY                     SWEDEN                                  NY-28-18-401
MCGRIMES, ANNA                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-176
MCGRIMES, THOMAS                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-177
MCGUINES, ANNIE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-465
MCGUINES, THOMAS                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-466
MCGUIRE, ANNA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-66
MCGUIRE, FRANCES                  SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-15-442
MCGUIRE, MARY ANN                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-546
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM E.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-263
MCHUGH, CATHERINE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-281
MCINTEE, BARNARD LEO              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-392
MCINTOSH, WALTER                  RIGA                                    NY-28-17-445
MCINTYRE, AGNES MARIE             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-74
MCINTYRE, ELEANOR L.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-75
MCINTYRE, LAURINE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-77
MCINTYRE, MARTIN M.               GREECE                                  NY-28-15-527
MCINTYRE, SADIE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-76
MCKAY, FLORENCE L.                WEBSTER                                 NY-28-18-340
MCKAY, GEORGE L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-347
MCKAY, JENNIE L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-345
MCKAY, LUCINDA M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-346
MCKAY, SUSAN J.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-348
MCKENNA, CAROLINE R.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-167
MCKENNA, CAROLINE R.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-491
MCKENNA, CLARE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-338
MCKERROLL, ALEXANDER N.           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-300
MCKINNEY, ADELBERT C.             PARMA                                   NY-28-16-74
MCKINNEY, CLAUDIS F.              PARMA                                   NY-28-16-72
MCKINNEY, CORA L.                 PARMA                                   NY-28-16-75
MCKINNEY, GEORGE W.               PARMA                                   NY-28-16-73
MCKINNEY, HARRISON J.             TBL                                     NY-28-11-44
MCKINNEY,F REDERICK W.            TBL                                     NY-28-11-203
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN B.               PARMA                                   NY-28-15-363
MCLEAN, EMMA V.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-383
MCLEAN, LILLY MARY                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-384
MCLEAN, MARY E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-382
MCMAHON, JAMES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-134
MCMANN, RODNEY JOHN               TBL                                     NY-28-11-230
MCMANNIS, EMMA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-224
MCMANNUS, EDWARD                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-375
MCMANNUS, ELLEN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-374
MCMASTER, CHESTER A.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-563
MCMASTER, CORNELIA A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-561
MCMASTER, JOSEPH A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-564
MCMASTER, MARCENUS D.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-560
MCMASTER, MARCUS A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-562
MCMULLEN, HENRY C.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-668
MCNAB, GEORGE A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-495
MCNAB, GEORGE A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-457
MCNALL, BROUGHTON                 HENRIETTA                               NY-28-12-16
MCNALL, CHARLES                   HENRIETTA                               NY-28-12-17
MCNALL, CORA                      HENRIETTA                               NY-28-12-15
MCNEIL, ALBERTUS W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-70
MCNEIL, GRACE E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-69
MCPHERSON, ANNA BELLE             MUMFORD                                 NY-28-12-389
MCVEAN, ALEXANDER                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-90
MCVEAN, JOHN CUTLER               TBL                                     NY-28-10-516
MCVEAN, MARY                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-515
MCVEAN, MARY L.                   SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-13-164
MCVEAN, SARAH LOUISE              TBL                                     NY-28-10-517
MECK, JACOB                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-228
MECK, MARY                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-193
MEEKER, MARY F.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-82
MENG, ANTHONY A.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-207
MENGES, ELIZABETH                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-203
MENNEILEY, ALICE VIOLET           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-477
MENNEILEY, FLORENCE PEARL         ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-476
MENNEILEY, MARY GERTRUDE          ROCEHSTER                               NY-28-15-478
MENNEILEY, SAMUELD . W.           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-475
MENTER, CARL W.                   WEST GREECE                             NY-28-14-321
MERKEL, EDWARD                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-42
MERKEL, OTTO                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-41
MERLAN, LOISE C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-380
MERRIAM, CAROLINE M.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-232
MERRIAM, MARY E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-325
MERRIFIELD, ERNEST D.             PENFIELD                                NY-28-16-82
MERRITT, WILLIE C.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-175
MERZ, GEORGE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-506
METCALFE, VICTOR E.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-163
METCALFE, VICTOR E.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-162
METZGER, CAROLINE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-264
METZGER, ISABELLA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-266
METZGER, JOHN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-263
METZGER, WILLIAM                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-265
MEYER, BERTHA M.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-81
MEYER, CLARA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-504
MEYER, CORA M.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-533
MEYER, GEORGE J.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-79
MEYER, HATTIE S.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-532
MEYER, HENRY L.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-81
MEYER, JACOB                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-234
MEYER, LOUISE M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-36
MEYER, NETTIE E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-35
MEYER, ROSA BERTHA                NEW HAMPTON, WARREN, NH                 NY-28-13-232
MEYERS, PERRY                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-181
MEYERS, SAMUEL                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-180
MICHAELS, AARON                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-186
MICHAELS, HARRY C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-264
MIDDLETON, ARTHUR RENWICK         WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-196
MIDDLETON, MATTIE G.              WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-195
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM H.             WEBSTER                                 NY-28-13-197
MIESLOHN, ANNA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-292
MILLENER, RUTH H.                 OGDEN                                   NY-28-17-565
MILLER, AMANDA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-37
MILLER, AMELIA E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-364
MILLER, ARDEN F.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-420
MILLER, ARTHUR                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-363
MILLER, BENJAMIN F.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-586
MILLER, CARRIE A.                 CHILI                                   NY-28-17-547
MILLER, CHARLES KARLETON          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-425
MILLER, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-538
MILLER, ELIZABETH E.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-273
MILLER, ELMER E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-173
MILLER, FLORA A.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-585
MILLER, FLORA D.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-553
MILLER, FREDERICK                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-427
MILLER, GEORGE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-428
MILLER, GERTRUDE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-35
MILLER, HARRY E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-78
MILLER, IDA I.                    CHILI                                   NY-28-17-548
MILLER, JEANNETTE                 WHEATLAND                               NY-28-17-529
MILLER, JOSEPH                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-36
MILLER, JOSEPH C.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-552
MILLER, LOIUS J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-362
MILLER, OLIVER                    WHEATLAND                               NY-28-17-528
MILLER, RUTH                      WHEATLAND                               NY-28-17-530
MILLER, WILLIS ADAM               MENDON                                  NY-28-13-444
MILLHAM, CHARLES R.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-250
MILLHAM, JESSE B.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-251
MILLICHAMP, NORA L.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-41
MILLS, BUELL P.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-259
MILLS, ELLEN S.                   CLARKSON                                NY-28-18-100
MILLS, JOHN T.                    CLARKSON                                NY-28-18-96
MILLS, LULU E.                    CLARKSON                                NY-28-18-98
MILLS, MARY B.                    CLARKSON                                NY-28-18-99
MILLS, WARD J.                    CLARKSON                                NY-28-18-97
MILLS, WILLIAM T.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-258
MILNE, PAULD .                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-226
MINER, CHARLOTTE H.               CLARKSON                                NY-28-15-40
MINER, ETHEL HASKINS              CLARKSON                                NY-28-15-41
MINGES, ANNA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-299
MINGES, HENRY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-298
MITCHELL, FRANK                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-216
MOFFITT, MICHAEL J.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-518
MOHR, CAROLINE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-472
MOHR, ELIZABETH                   WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-313
MOHR, EMMA                        WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-312
MOHR, GEORGE JR.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-458
MOHR, LOUIS                       WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-310
MOHR, LOUISA                      WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-311
MOHR, PHILIP                      WEBSTER                                 NY-28-14-314
MOLLOY, FRANCIS J.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-488
MOLONY, GEORGE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-44
MOLT, LENA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-43
MONAGHAN, DAVID D.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-108
MONAGHAN, EDWARD                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-107
MONAGHAN, JAMES C.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-18
MONELL, KATE H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-309
MONROE, BESSIE                    SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-17-122
MONTGOMERY, ROSANNA               TBL                                     NY-28-11-268
MOODY, NELLIE C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-320
MOONEY, ANN ELIZA                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-264
MOONEY, JAMES HENRY               TBL                                     NY-28-11-263
MOONEY, JOHN FRANCIS              TBL                                     NY-28-11-262
MOONEY, JOSEPH VINCENT            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-341
MOONEY, WILLIAM J.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-104
MOORE, ALLEN B.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-144
MOORE, ANN ISABELLA               TBL                                     NY-28-10-536
MOORE, DANIEL                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-416
MOORE, DANIEL                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-34
MOORE, EDWARD                     SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-13-415
MOORE, EDWARD                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-35
MOORE, ELLEN                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-36
MOORE, JAMES G.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-142
MOORE, LENA J.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-524
MOORE, NELLIE A.                  CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-76
MOORE, ORRIN S.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-523
MORAN, FRANCIS P.                 GREECE                                  NY-28-18-533
MORAN, MAY                        GREECE                                  NY-28-18-535
MORAN, RAYMOND                    GREECE                                  NY-28-18-536
MORAN, WILLIAM J.                 GREECE                                  NY-28-18-534
MORDOFF, CHARLES H. 2ND           SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-288
MORDOFF, MARJORY                  SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-290
MORDOFF, MORTIMER C.              SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-285
MORDOFF, RICHARD A.               SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-286
MORDOFF, THOMAS E.                SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-287
MORDOFF, WILLIAME .               SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-16-289
MOREY, LENAH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-43
MORHARDT, CAROLINE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-371
MORHARDT, FLORA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-372
MORIS, JOHN H.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-322
MORLEY, MARY ROSS                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-59
MORRISON, ARTHUR W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-395
MORRISON, ELLEN F.                RUSH                                    NY-28-16-16
MORRISON, HATTIE J.               HAMLIN                                  NY-28-12-212
MORRISON, KATHARINE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-396
MORRISON, MARTHA J.               RUSH                                    NY-28-16-15
MORRISON, MARY A.                 RUSH                                    NY-28-16-17
MORSE, CHARLES M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-427
MORSE, HERBERT                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-243
MORSE, HERBERT N.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-291
MORSE, HERBERT N.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-351
MORSE, LEWIS                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-581
MORSE, LEWIS A.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-310
MORSE, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-352
MORSE, MARY B.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-290
MORSE, MARY B.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-242
MORTHORST, EDWARD                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-573
MORTHORST, EDWARD                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-57
MOSER, MARY                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-340
MOSHER, JENNIE C.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-227
MOSS, EDWARD A.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-64
MOZER, CLARENCE P.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-477
MOZER, MABEL LOUISE               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-476
MUEHLEISEN, ANNA M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-556
MUEHLEISEN, EMMA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-557
MUEHLEISEN, IDA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-555
MUELLER, AMELIA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-315
MUELLER, CAROLINE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-316
MUELLER, LOUISA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-317
MULLEN, CORNELIUS                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-588
MULLER, ANNIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-215
MULLER, CAROLINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-217
MULLER, GEORGE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-214
MULLER, LOUISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-213
MULLER, ROZENA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-216
MULRYAN, FRANK                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-66
MULSNI, MARY                      TBL                                     NY-28-10-531
MUMFORD, JULIA                    BRIGHTON                                NY-28-17-481
MUMFORD, PHILIP G.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-447
MUNSON, ANNA MARTHA               TBL                                     NY-28-11-231
MUNTZ, HOWARD                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-278
MUNTZ, MAY                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-277
MUTH, CHARLES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-301
MUTH, JOSEPHINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-302
MYERS, LUCINDA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-113
MYLACRAINE, GEORGE A.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-11
NAAS, BERNARD M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-307
NAFE, ANNA L.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-449
NATT, HAROLD E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-391
NEARY, CHARLES P.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-308
NEFF, ARTHUR W.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-444
NEFF, EDWIN S.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-445
NEFF, JOHN A.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-446
NEIER, SUSAN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-304
NELLIS, FRANCIS E.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-657
NELSON, ALIDA L.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-550
NELSON, CATHARINE                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-6
NELSON, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-7
NELSON, KITTIE A.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-549
NELSON, MARY A.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-5
NERSINGER, GEORGE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-564
NERSINGER, IDA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-565
NETH, ALVIN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-249
NETH, EMIL CHRISTIAN              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-251
NETH, HENRY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-250
NEUN, ANNA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-382
NEUN, GEORGE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-383
NEUN, JOHN                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-384
NEW, ALMIRA H.                    OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-227
NEW, ALVIN D.                     OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-226
NEW, CHARLES H.                   OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-229
NEW, EMMA B.                      OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-224
NEW, JUDSON B.                    OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-225
NEW, MARY EVA                     OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-228
NEW, RULY R.                      OGDEN                                   NY-28-13-230
NEWBORN, FLORENCE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-592
NEWELL, GEORGE R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-519
NEWELL, GEORGE R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-518
NEWMAN, MARY A.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-440
NEWOTN, HIRAM C.                  BROCKPORT                               NY-28-17-112
NICHOLAS, STELLA LOUISE           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-359
NICHOLAS, STEPHEN ARTHUR          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-360
NICHOLS, AURELIA R.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-302
NICHOLS, JENNIE M.                FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-322
NICKASON, BUR                     HONEOYE FALLS                           NY-28-18-592
NIEDERMEIER, SUSANNAH             TBL                                     NY-28-10-130
NIESZ, CAROLINE                   PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-398
NIESZ, EVALINE                    PITTSFORD                               NY-28-14-397
NILES, ARTHUR                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-481
NILES, CHARLES                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-479
NILES, WELLINGTON                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-480
NIPPERT, CARL                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-627
NIPPERT, FREDERICK                TBL                                     NY-28-10-628
NIPPERT, GEORGE                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-624
NIPPERT, LUDWIG                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-625
NIPPERT, MARY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-623
NIPPERT, PHILIP                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-626
NITZEH, FREDERICK M.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-418
NITZEH, WILMA A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-417
NOBLE, IDA                        TBL                                     NY-28-10-369
NOBLES, CARLTEN E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-175
NOBLES, WIBBEN H.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-174
NOHLRAB, LOUIS                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-403
NOLAN, MARGARET                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-492
NOLAN, WALTER B.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-520
NOLTE, DUKE                       ROCHESTE                                NY-28-15-59
NORRIS, LILLIAN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-394
NORRIS, LILLIAN G.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-233
NORTHROP, ADA G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-154
NORTHROP, ALLIE D. L.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-396
NORTHROP, BURR ANDREW             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-153
NORTHROP, LULU MAY                PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-540
NORTON, WILLIAM                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-35
NOWACK, FREDERICKA                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-28
NOWACK, GUSTAVE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-29
NOWACK, LOUIS                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-26
NOWACK, MARY DORA                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-433
NOWACK, WILLIAM                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-27
OBIRST, CHARLES                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-552
OBIRST, FERDINAND                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-557
OBIRST, HENRY                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-555
OBIRST, JACOB A.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-556
OBIRST, MARVIN                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-553
OBRIEN, FRANCIS                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-537
OBRIEN, JOHN H.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-241
OBRIEN, WILLIAM E. JR.            TBL                                     NY-28-10-29
OCONNELL, MARY J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-453
OCONNELL, MAURICE JR.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-454
OCONNOR, CHARLES A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-255
OCONNOR, CLARENCE J.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-256
OCONNOR, LIZZIE                   CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-14-386
OCONNOR, MARY                     CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-14-387
OCONNOR, MARY A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-254
ODENBACH, CHARLES                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-276
ODENBACH, FRED                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-279
ODENBACH, JOHN                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-277
ODENBACH, MATHIAS                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-278
OFFNER, FRANK                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-151
OFFNER, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-150
OFFNER, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-149
OFFNER, ROSA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-147
OFFNER, ROSA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-148
OGDEN, JUDITH                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-255
OHAIRE, JOHNA .                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-437
OHARA, JOHN                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-376
OHARA, ROSE L.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-128
OLAUGHLIN, ANNIE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-104
OLAUGHLIN, JAMES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-103
OLAUGHLIN, MARY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-102
OLIVER, ANNA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-495
OLIVER, GEORGE B.                 LAWRENCE, DOUGLAS, KS                   NY-28-13-381
OLOUGHLIN, JAMES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-276
OLOUGHLIN, JAMES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-278
OLOUGHLIN, MARY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-277
OLOUGHLIN, MARY                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-279
OMEARA, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-69
OMEARA, MARGARET A.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-70
ONEIL, THOMAS                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-302
ONIEL, MARY                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-106
OROURKE, GEORGE H.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-30
ORTELEE, HENRY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-5
ORTH, CATHERINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-201
ORTHOUT, HARRY WILKINSON          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-117
OSBORNE, ALICE M.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-483
OSBORNE, CARRIE B.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-485
OSBORNE, HALSEY A.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-484
OSBORNE, JACKSON W.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-455
OSBURN, CAROLINE L.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-197
OSBURN, ELIZABETH H.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-196
OSBURN, NEHEMIAH W.               GROSE ISLAND, WAYNE, MI                 NY-28-16-195
OSTER, PAUL J.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-49
OSTRANDER, FANNIE D.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-586
OSWALD, ANNA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-242
OSWALD, BERTHA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-241
OSWALD, CHARLES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-377
OSWALD, GRACE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-378
OSWALD, JOSEPH P.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-240
OTTO, BLANCH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-150
OTTO, CHARLES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-151
OTTO, MAGGIE C. B.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-262
OTTO, MARY F.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-263
OVIATT, ETHEL B.                  CENTERVILLE, CALHOUN, MI                NY-28-14-207
OVIATT, HELEN L.                  MENDON                                  NY-28-14-329
OVIATT, JAMES E.                  MENDON                                  NY-28-14-329
OVIATT, MARY R.                   CENTERVILLE, CALHOUN, MI                NY-28-14-207
OWEN, EMMETT                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-508
OWEN, RENA P.                     HAMLIN                                  NY-28-16-579
PADDOCK, HATTIE                   BEATRICE, GAGE, NE                      NY-28-12-182
PAGE, JULIA M.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-467
PAGE, MARJORIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-466
PAINE, WILLIS                     GREECE                                  NY-28-17-415
PALEN, CORA M.                    PENFIELD                                NY-28-16-445
PALMER, CHARLES H.                SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-362
PALMER, ELLEN M.                  CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-86
PALMER, FRANK W.                  SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-361
PALMER, JAMES G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-71
PALMER, MARY J.                   SWEDEN                                  NY-28-13-61
PALMER, WARREN R.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-70
PAMMENTER, ADELBERT M.            IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-17-106
PAMMENTER, LOTTIE A.              IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-17-105
PAMMENTER, ROY A.                 IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-17-104
PAPPENBERGER, ELIZABETH           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-164
PARKE, ELIZABETH                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-5
PARKER, MAUD WARNER               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-108
PARMALEE, EDWIN L.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-15
PARMELLE, CARRIE                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-97
PARRISH, JESSIE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-377
PARRISH, JESSIE M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-394
PARRISH, LULU G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-347
PARRISH, MARY A.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-348
PARRY, AGNES SARAH                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-372
PATNODE, MAUD AGNES               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-130
PATTEN, EDDIE                     GATES                                   NY-28-13-187
PATTN, MARY                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-6
PATTON, MARGARET J.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-5
PATTON, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-7
PAYNE, FREDERICK C.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-18
PEAR, ALICE                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-72
PEART, ANNIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-88
PEART, JAMES                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-90
PEART, LIZIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-89
PEART, LIZZIE                     SEE: HETHUR, LIZZIE                     NY-28-18-375
PEART, MINNIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-87
PEART, RICHARD                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-91
PEASE, MARY                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-152
PECK, RALPH D.                    HENRIETTA                               NY-28-15-299
PEELING, ELIZABETH                TBL                                     NY-28-10-379
PEELING, ELIZABETH                TBL                                     NY-28-10-170
PEELING, ELIZABETH C.             GREECE                                  NY-28-12-70
PEELING, ISABELLA                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-378
PEELING, ISABELLA E.              TBL                                     NY-28-10-169
PEELING, ISABELLA M.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-288
PEELING, ROEBRT                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-168
PEGLAN, LOUIS                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-402
PELTEN, FRANCIS L.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-22
PELTEN, MARY J.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-23
PENIARD, FRANK                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-258
PENIARD, WILLIAM H.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-257
PENNY, CHARLES E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-405
PENNY, FRED D.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-403
PENNY, MAUD E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-406
PENNY, STELLA F.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-404
PENNY, WESLEY J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-340
PERKINS, ADDIE E.                 FAIRPORT                                NY-28-12-469
PERKINS, CARRIE J.                FAIRPORT                                NY-28-12-470
PERRIN, LOUISA H.                 BRIGHTON                                NY-28-14-20
PERRY, ANNA L.                    CHURCHILL                               NY-28-14-194
PERRY, IDA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-494
PERRY, LEWIS V.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-347
PERRY, MARY J.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-348
PERSON, JAMES A.                  NEW ORLEANS, ORLEANS, LA                NY-28-17-58
PERSON, WILLIAM H.                NEW ORLEANS, ORLEANS, LA                NY-28-17-59
PETER, ANTHONY                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-196
PETER, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-230
PETERS, BENJAMIN                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-164
PFAHLER, JOSEPH W.                TBL                                     NY-28-10-638
PFANDLER, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-422
PFEFFER, ANNA B.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-497
PFEFFER, CHARLES R.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-498
PFEFFER, ELVIRA                   PARMA                                   NY-28-16-35
PFEFFER, LENA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-433
PHELPS, BERTHA ESTELLE            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-60
PHILLIPS, BLANCHE M.              CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-28-12-197
PHILLIPS, CARRIE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-270
PHILLIPS, CHESTER                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-206
PHILLIPS, CHESTER                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-27
PHILLIPS, ELLEN R.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-103
PHILLIPS, IDA M.                  NEWTON, SEDGWICK, KS                    NY-28-12-416
PHILLIPS, JOHN W.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-269
PHILLIPS, MINTA Z.                WEBSTER                                 NY-28-15-490
PHILLIPS, ORA C.                  WEBSTER                                 NY-28-15-489
PIELSCHMANN, HELENA L.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-196
PIER, FLORA                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-303
PIERCE, ALICE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-57
PIERCE, ANNA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-54
PIERCE, ELLEN F.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-660
PIERCE, FLORENCE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-572
PIERCE, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-571
PIERCE, MELANCHTON N.             TBL                                     NY-28-10-102
PIERCE, PAULINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-55
PIERCE, RHODA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-58
PIERCE, THOMAS                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-56
PIERSON, ALBERT H.                CLARKSON                                NY-28-15-79
PIERSON, ALPHA D.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-480
PIETSCHMANN, MAX E. R.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-197
PIGAGE, ANTON L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-254
PIGAGE, MARY M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-255
PIKE, EMMA A.                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-441
PIKE, FRANK C.                    GREECE                                  NY-28-17-496
PIKE, HAMMOND C.                  GREECE                                  NY-28-17-497
PIKE, MIRA                        HENRIETTA                               NY-28-17-554
PISHLER, ALOIS A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-19
PITKIN, FRANK C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-3
PLANT, CATHARINE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-580
POLENI, ROBERT                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-261
POLLOCK, MARTHA E.                GATES                                   NY-28-16-244
POLMEROY, MARY M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-15
POMEROY, CHARLES A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-14
POMEROY, CHARLES A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-290
POMEROY, JAMES U.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-16
POND, CORNELIA B.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-176
POND, MARIA B.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-177
POOLE, CHARLES ARTHUR             GATES                                   NY-28-16-188
POPP, GERTRUDE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-301
POPP, WILLIAM F.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-220
POPPIN, ANNA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-181
POPPIN, FLORENCE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-180
POPPIN, OSCAR                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-182
PORTER, CLAYTON H.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-584
PORTER, FITZ JOHN                 TBL                                     NY-28-11-267
PORTER, GUILFORD D.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-585
PORTER, GUILFORD D.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-526
PORTER, LENA E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-525
PORTER, MINNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-140
POSHALKE, CHARLES                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-383
POST, FREDERICK W.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-483
POST, ROYAL E.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-484
POTTER, ALICE B.                  FAIRPORT                                NY-28-13-426
POTTER, BERTH AL.                 FAIRPORT                                NY-28-13-425
POTTER, CHARLES M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-358
POTTER, FREDERICK T.              FAIRPORT                                NY-28-13-427
POTTER, HELEN L.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-331
POWELL, GEORGE E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-259
POWERS, AGNES C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-141
POWERS, LEO                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-140
PRATT, CAROLINE D.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-255
PRATT, FANNY B.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-254
PRESTON, CLARA M.                 CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-17-102
PRICE, VIOLET G.                  ROCHESTE                                NY-28-17-242
PRIDDIS, SHIRLEY                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-412
PRINCE, ELVA L.                   RIGA                                    NY-28-15-66
PRIOR, ELIZABETH J.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-51
PRITCHER, NORA                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-304
PRIZER, RODNEY LEVIS              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-128
PRIZER, WILLIAM FLAVILLE          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-129
PROCTOR, FREDERICK A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-239
PROCTOR, FREDERICK A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-124
PROCTOR, FREDERICK A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-219
PROCTOR, LIZZIE IRENE             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-211
PROCTOR, LOUISE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-123
PROCTOR, LOUISE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-238
PROCTOR, LOUISE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-218
PROSSER, JESSIE M.                CLARKSON                                NY-28-14-360
PUGH, ELMER S.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-604
PUGH, MINNIE B.                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-603
PUGH, SADIE                       FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-13
PUGH, SADIE M.                    FAIRPORT                                NY-28-17-88
PUGSLEY, OLLA E.                  PARMA                                   NY-28-14-307
PULVER, CHARLES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-39
PULVER, ELIZABETH                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-38
PULVER, FRANKLIN                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-36
PULVER, LULU BELLE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-238
PULVER, WALTER                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-37
PURDY, HATTIE M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-29
PUTNAM, NELLIE M.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-323
QUILLEN, HENRY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-91
QUILLEN, IRENE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-90
QUILLEN, MARGARET                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-93
QUILLEN, THOMAS                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-92
QUINE, JENNIE E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-205
QUINLAN, BEATRICE M.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-320
QUINLAN, FRANCES M.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-319
QUINLAN, LAURETTA C.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-318
QUINLAN, WILLIAM J.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-321
QUIRK, EUGENE                     PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-557
QUIRK, FRANK E.                   PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-558
QUIRK, FRANK H.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-207
QUIRK, JAMES M.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-206
QUIRK, JENNIE H.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-205
QUIRK, JERRY                      PENFIELD                                NY-28-14-559
RAAB, ANDREW J.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-300
RAGAN, EDWARD MORGAN              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-94
RAGAN, JOHN THOMAS                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-95
RAGAN, MAGGIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-44
RAGAN, MARY ELIZABETH             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-93
RAICHLE, CHARLES                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-521
RAICHLE, FLORENCE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-519
RAICHLE, FRED                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-522
RAICHLE, MARY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-520
RAICHLE, WILLIAM                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-518
RAINES, GEORGE CURTIS             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-431
RAINES, WILLIAM GUY               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-430
RAND, CHARLES M. W.               PERINTON                                NY-28-12-488
RAND, CHARLES M. W.               PERINTON                                NY-28-12-458
RAND, CLARA N.                    BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-185
RAND, CURTISS                     LYONS, CLINTON, IA                      NY-28-17-364
RAND, GEORGE F.                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-186
RAND, JOSEPHINE A.                BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-184
RAND, LUCIA A.                    PERINTON                                NY-28-12-457
RAND, LUCIA ANNETTE               PERINTON                                NY-28-12-489
RAND, LUCY A.                     PERINTON                                NY-28-12-455
RAND, LUCY ALIDA                  PERINTON                                NY-28-12-486
RAND, PHILIP C.                   PERINTON                                NY-28-12-485
RAND, PHILIP C.                   PERINTON                                NY-28-12-456
RAND, ROBERT                      PERINTON                                NY-28-12-491
RAND, ROBERT                      PERINTON                                NY-28-12-459
RAND, SAMUEL                      PERINTON                                NY-28-12-460
RAND, SAMUEL                      PERINTON                                NY-28-12-490
RAND, STELLA                      PERINTON                                NY-28-12-487
RANDALL, CLAYTON B.               TBL                                     NY-28-11-232
RANDALL, ESTELLA C.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-76
RANDALL, SAMUEL J.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-78
RANDSALL, SABRA O.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-77
RANK, CHARLES                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-394
RAPP, CATHERINE C.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-420
RAPP, IDA EMMA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-412
RAPP, JULIA ANNA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-413
RASCHDORF, EMIL                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-228
RASSER, JOHN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-424
RASSER, LOUISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-426
RASSER, WILLIAM                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-425
RATHBUN, BERTHA M.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-465
RATHBUN, LEWIS A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-464
RAUBER, ALICE C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-390
RAUBER, CHARLES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-216
RAUBER, DELIA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-568
RAUBER, FRANK G.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-217
RAUBER, JOHN F.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-570
RAUBER, JOSEPH                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-214
RAUBER, LAURA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-215
RAUBER, LIZZIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-569
RAUBER, MARY                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-571
RAUBER, STELLA S.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-218
RAUSCHENBERG, FRANK               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-25
RAUSCHENBERG, FRANK               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-333
RAUSCHENBERG, JOHN                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-334
RAWLINGS, CHARLES ALFRED          TBL                                     NY-28-10-156
RAWLINGS, ESTHER                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-154
RAWLINGS, WILLIAM WALLACE         TBL                                     NY-28-10-155
RAY, ALBERT R.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-311
RAY,CHARLES F.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-310
RAYMOND, ETHEL                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-346
RAYMOND, ETHEL                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-229
RAYMOND, FREDERICK D.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-230
RAYMOND, MAY BELLE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-231
RAYMOND, MAY BELLE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-347
RAYNSFORD, EFFA A.                GREECE                                  NY-28-13-346
READ, ELLEN M.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-157
READ, HENRY                       TBL                                     NY-28-10-152
READ, LAURA A.                    TBL                                     NY-28-10-153
READY, JOHN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-155
READY, MABLE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-154
REBHAN, ALBERT FERDINAND FRANKLIN ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-40
REBHAN, ANNA JOHANNA              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-41
REDMAN, GUSSIE                    BROCKPORT                               NY-28-18-104
REDMAN, MYRON C.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-208
REDMAN, PEARL                     BROCKPORT                               NY-28-18-105
REEB, CORA MAY                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-305
REED, MARY A.                     TBL                                     NY-28-10-211
REESE, IDA LOUISA                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-630
REGAN, CLARENCE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-499
REGAN, RAYMOND                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-498
REGAR, BALTHASAR F.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-166
REICH, FRANK                      GREECE                                  NY-28-15-581
REIN, EMMA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-158
REINFELD, GEORGE                  ROCEESTER                               NY-28-16-20
REINFELD, ROSA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-19
REINFELD, WILLIAM                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-21
REINHARDT, JOHN                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-186
REINHARDT, MAGGIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-185
REISKY, BELLA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-545
REISKY, BERTHA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-544
REISKY, CHARLES                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-543
REISKY, LILLY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-546
RELYEA, EFFIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-270
RELYEA, EFFIE M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-243
RELYEA, ELLA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-353
RELYEA, MAGGIE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-39
RENNER, GEORGE J.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-485
RENNER, JACOB F.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-482
RENNER, KATIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-486
RENNER, KATIE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-147
RENNER, PETER                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-484
RENTZ, LOUISA                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-285
RERADY, EDGAR                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-156
RETZ, EMMA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-324
RICE, BELLA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-281
RICE, CALVIN                      BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-113
RICE, CARRIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-393
RICE, CARRIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-283
RICE, EDWIN                       BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-114
RICE, JOSEPH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-392
RICE, JOSEPH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-282
RICH, ADDIE H.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-94
RICH, CARRIE E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-92
RICH, JUDITH E.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-93
RICH, LANSING                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-95
RICHARDS, CLIFFORD W.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-399
RICHARDSON, ALMIRA G.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-587
RICHARDSON, HELENE A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-519
RICHARDSON, RALPH K.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-586
RICHTBERG, ANNA E.                PERINTON                                NY-28-13-214
RICHTBERG, ELIZA A.               PERINTON                                NY-28-12-34
RICHTBERG, ELIZA A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-235
RICHTBERG, FREDERICK              PERINTON                                NY-28-13-190
RICHTBERG, KATIE                  PERINTON                                NY-28-13-191
RICHTBERG, KATY E.                PERINTON                                NY-28-13-213
RICHTER, MAUD                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-190
RICHTER, WILHELM                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-191
RICKARD, JOHN F.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-489
RICKARD, MARIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-490
RICKARD, STELLA                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-488
RICKARD, THERESA                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-487
RIES, ELIZABETH                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-125
RIES, JOHN GEORGE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-126
RIES, THERESIA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-124
RIFLING, EMIL                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-332
RIFLING, GEORGE JR.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-333
RIGALI, LIZZIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-19
RIGNEY, EDWARD JR.                GREECE                                  NY-28-17-308
RILEY, MAGGIE                     SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-14-250
RILEY, PETER                      SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-14-249
RINGLESTEIN, JOEPH A.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-394
RINGLESTEIN, PAULINA              TBL                                     NY-28-11-229
RITTER, ADELINE E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-279
RITTER, GEORGE A.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-280
RITZ, ANDREW                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-42
RITZ, EARL                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-585
RITZ, EDNA                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-584
RITZ, ELSIE                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-582
RITZ, GEORGE A.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-581
RITZ, LEONA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-583
RITZ, RUBERT                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-580
ROBERTS, EDWIN J.                 TBL                                     NY-28-10-371
ROBERTS, JOHN G.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-171
ROBERTS, JUDSON                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-335
ROBERTS, SIDNEY                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-92
ROBERTS, WALTER OTIS              BROCKPORT                               NY-28-16-501
ROBIE, GEORGE                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-92
ROBINOVITCH, JACOB                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-513
ROBINSON, AGNES L.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-380
ROBINSON, CHARLES                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-505
ROBINSON, CORNELIA G.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-506
ROBINSON, DANIEL                  CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-381
ROBINSON, EDAWRD                  CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-379
ROBINSON, J. GRANT                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-265
ROBINSON, JANE P.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-503
ROBINSON, JOHN                    CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-377
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                  CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-376
ROBINSON, JULIA O.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-504
ROBINSON, KATHERINE M.            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-264
ROBINSON, MARION A.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-263
ROBINSON, MARY                    CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-380
ROBINSON, PHEBE BIRDIE            TBL                                     NY-28-11-143
ROBINSON, THOMAS                  CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-378
ROBINSON, WILLIAM J.              CHARLOTTE                               NY-28-18-391
ROBINSON, WILLIAM T.              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-71
ROBISCH, ANDREW                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-566
ROBISCH, ELIZABETH                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-565
ROBISCH, GOTTLIEB                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-568
ROBISCH, HATTIE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-567
ROBISCH, JOHN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-563
ROBISCH, KATIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-569
ROBISCH, LOUIS                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-564
ROCHE, BERTHA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-169
ROCKLIN, EDDIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-332
ROCKLIN, JOHN                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-333
ROCKLIN, MARY                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-335
ROCKLIN, MINNIE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-336
ROCKLIN, WILIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-334
ROCKWOOD, GEORGE A.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-159
ROCKWOOD, MARTHA S.               TBL                                     NY-28-10-158
RODA, FRANK A.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-147
RODA, GEORGE C.                   TBL                                     NY-28-11-148
RODA, GRACE A.                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-149
RODA, LEONARD E.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-150
RODER, WARD B.                    CHILI                                   NY-28-17-595
ROE, LYDIA E.                     GREECE                                  NY-28-13-132
ROEDER, LOUISA                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-146
ROESICK, CLARA BELLE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-199
ROESICKE, FREDERICK ALLEN         ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-198
ROGERS, CORA MAY                  BROCKPORT                               NY-28-14-138
ROGERS, EDNA M.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-80
ROGERS, EMMA LOUISE               BROCKPORT                               NY-28-14-171
ROGERS, FRANK M.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-114
ROGERS, FRANK VIRGINIA            BROCKPORT                               NY-28-14-170
ROGERS, JOSEPH V.                 SPENCERPORT                             NY-28-12-397
ROGERS, NANNIE                    SCOTTSVILLE                             NY-28-17-287
ROGES, HENRY E.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-395
ROLFE, CHARLES E.                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-434
ROMBAUT, MARIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-570
ROOT, ANNIE L.                    SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-342
ROOT, DUDLEY                      SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-341
ROOT, EDWIN G.                    SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-340
ROOT, EMMA M.                     BROCKPORT                               NY-28-12-339
ROOT, FREDERICK P. 2ND            SWEDEN                                  NY-28-12-66
ROOT, GEORGE D.                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-359
ROOT, GEORGE D.                   BROCKPORT                               NY-28-14-541
ROOT, PERCY S.                    BROCKPORT                               NY-28-14-542
ROOT, PERCY S.                    BROCKPORT                               NY-28-13-358
ROOT, WILLIAM H.                  TBL                                     NY-28-10-202
RORDENBERG, CHARLES JOHN          ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-151
ROSENBARKER, CHARLES J.           ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-73
ROTHENBERGER, JOHN                GREECE                                  NY-28-15-305
ROTHENBERGER, MAGGIE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-306
ROTHERICK, HOWARD W.              EAST RUSH                               NY-28-14-347
ROTHERICK, RAY A.                 EAST RUSH                               NY-28-14-346
ROTHSCHILD, EDDIE                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-22
ROTHSCHILD, EDDIE L.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-28-15-98
ROTHSCHILD, HARRY                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-23
ROTHSCHILD, HARRY L.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-28-15-96
ROTHSCHILD, ROSE                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-353
ROTHSCHILD, SARAH                 ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-356
ROTHSCHILD, WILLIE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-97
ROTHSCHILD, WILLIE                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-21
ROWE, ELLA M.                     RIGA                                    NY-28-15-500
ROWE, FLORENCE M.                 RIGA                                    NY-28-15-501
ROWE, LILLIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-589
ROWELL, HATTIE                    WEBSTER                                 NY-28-15-167
ROWELL, VOLNEY                    GENEVA, ONTARIO, NY                     NY-28-17-154
ROWELL, VOLNEY P.                 WEBSTER                                 NY-28-15-168
ROWERDINK, HENRY J.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-17-487
ROWLAND, ELIZABETH J.             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-178
ROWLAND, HELEN                    CLARKSON                                NY-28-12-414
ROWLAND,MARTHA                    PARMA                                   NY-28-12-415
ROWLEY, CLARENCE DANA             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-493
ROWLEY, CLARENCE DANA             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-2
ROWLEY, EDNA                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-195
RUBY, AGNES                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-105
RUBY, BELLE M.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-369
RUBY, CATHARINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-81
RUBY, CATHERINE                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-289
RUBY, DE ETTA E.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-372
RUBY, FRANK                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-85
RUBY, FRANK                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-287
RUBY, GEORGE BOLTON               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-370
RUBY, HANNAH                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-367
RUBY, JAMES R.                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-373
RUBY, MARGARET                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-107
RUBY, MARY                        ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-106
RUBY, NELLIE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-371
RUBY, RAYMOND                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-82
RUBY, ROSE MAY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-84
RUBY, ROSE MAY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-15-288
RUBY, RUTH MAY                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-368
RUDMAN, LOTTIE E.                 IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-17-252
RUDMAN, MARTHA                    IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-12-42
RUDOLF, ARTHUR F.                 IRONDEQUOIT                             NY-28-15-577
RUDOLPH, ANNIE                    TBL                                     NY-28-11-334
RUDOLPH, ANNIE                    ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-4
RUDOLPH, FREDERICK                TBL                                     NY-28-11-335
RUDOLPH, FREDERICK                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-3
RUDOLPH, FREDERICK                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-430
RUDOLPH, FREDERICK                TBL                                     NY-28-11-335
RUEGG, ANNA                       TBL                                     NY-28-11-62
RUEGG, SOPHIA                     TBL                                     NY-28-11-214
RULIFFSON, MARY D.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-286
RULIFFSON, ROSE C.                ALLEGHENY, ALLEGHENY, PA                NY-28-12-119
RUMSEY, D. CANFIELD               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-514
RUNDEL, CLARENCE H.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-306
RUNDEL, CLARENCE HENRY            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-31
RUNDEL, CLARENCE HENRY            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-30
RUNDEL, LAURA ELIZA               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-32
RUNDEL, MORTON STANLEY            ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-29
RUNDEL, RUTH S.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-305
RUNDEL, RUTH SWENTING             ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-33
RUNYAN, CHESTER B.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-227
RUNYAN, WILBERT E.                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-228
RUPERT, FRANK H.                  TBL                                     NY-28-11-68
RUPERT, WILLIAM A.                TBL                                     NY-28-11-67
RUSCH, LOUISA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-28-14-595
RUSSELL, LEWIS D.                 MANCHESTER, ONTARIO, NY                 NY-28-12-413
RUSSELL, MAURICE B.               ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-262
RUSSELL, ROBERT                   TBL                                     NY-28-10-246
RUTHERFORD, ESTHER                ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-448
RUTHERFORD, FANNETTE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-449
RUTHERFORD, MARTIN C. JR.         ROCHESTER                               NY-28-16-447
RYAN, GEORGE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-28-13-233
RYAN, JULIA                       ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-51
RYAN, MARY ELIZABETH              TBL                                     NY-28-11-306
RYAN, MARY GERTGRUDE              ROCHESTER                               NY-28-12-50
RYAN, WILLIAM J.                  ROCHESTER                               NY-28-18-555

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