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ABERCROMBIE, JAMES                     24-A-1838                               PA-63-02-28
ACHESON, JOHN                          3-A-1802 (FILE 1 OF 3)                  PA-63-01-11
ACHESON, JOHN                          3-A-1802 (FILE 2 OF 3)                  PA-63-01-12
ACHESON, JOHN                          3-A-1802 (FILE 3 OF 3)                  PA-63-02-MISSING
ACHESON, JOHN                          16-A-1816                               PA-63-01-25
ACHESON, MATTHEW                       14-A-1835                               PA-63-02-18
ACHESON, SAMUEL                        18-A-1836                               PA-63-02-22
ACHESON, THOMAS (GEN.)                 5-A-1820                                PA-63-01-30
ACKLESON, THOMAS                       7-A-1841                                PA-63-02-41
ADAIR, SAMUEL                          19-A-1848                               PA-63-03-7
ADAMS, JOHN                            13-A-1812                               PA-63-01-22
ADAMS, JOHN                            7-A-1806                                PA-63-01-16
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          22-A-1838                               PA-63-02-26
ADAMS, MARTIN                          14-A-1814                               PA-63-01-23
ADAMSON, THOMAS                        9-A-1790                                PA-63-01-9
AGNEW, JAMES                           17-A-1827                               PA-63-01-41
AGNEW, JOHN                            4-A-1803                                PA-63-01-13
AGNEW, SAMUEL                          25-A-1837                               PA-63-02-29
AGNEW, SAMUEL                          4-A-1841                                PA-63-02-38
AGNEW, SAMUEL                          8-A-1822                                PA-63-01-33
AITKEN, GEORGE G.                      17-A-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-02-51
AKER, JACOB                            25-A-1830                               PA-63-02-5
AKIN, JOSEPH                           2-A-1840                                PA-63-02-36
ALDERSON, RALPH (DR.)                  8-A-1847                                PA-63-02-61
ALEXANDER, HENRY                       14-A-1826                               PA-63-01-38
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       14-A-1843                               PA-63-02-48
ALEXANDER, JAMES C.                    23-A-1848                               PA-63-03-10
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        23-A-1830                               PA-63-02-3
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      19-A-1836                               PA-63-02-23
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      25-A-1848                               PA-63-03-11
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      21-A-1837                               PA-63-02-25
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      9-A-1843                                PA-63-02-43
ALEXANDER, REBECCA                     15-A-1826                               PA-63-01-39
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      14-A-1847                               PA-63-03-3
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     29-A-1838                               PA-63-02-33
ALFREE, GEORGE                         1-A-1817                                PA-63-01-26
ALGEO, ROBERT                          15-A-1835                               PA-63-02-19
ALLEN, ABIA                            29-A-1849                               PA-63-03-15
ALLEN, ELIZABETH CATHERINE (DAVIS)     42-D-1842 MINOR                         PA-63-13-76
ALLEN, J. WATSON                       17-A-1848                               PA-63-03-5
ALLEN, JAMES G.                        13-A-1843                               PA-63-02-47
ALLEN, JAMES G.                        26-A-1848                               PA-63-03-12
ALLEN, JOHN                            17-A-1836                               PA-63-02-21
ALLEN, JOHN                            11-A-1809                               PA-63-01-20
ALLEN, JOHN                            12-A-1835                               PA-63-02-16
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          9-A-1834                                PA-63-02-13
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          23-A-1838                               PA-63-02-27
ALLEN, JOSHUA                          12-A-1825                               PA-63-01-36
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         10-A-1808                               PA-63-01-19
ALLER, PHILIP                          3-A-1832                                PA-63-02-8
ALLISON, ADAM                          12-A-1810                               PA-63-01-21
ALLISON, ARCHIBALD                     28-A-1839                               PA-63-02-32
ALLISON, CHARLES                       13-A-1825                               PA-63-01-37
ALLISON, CHARLES                       5-A-1846                                PA-63-02-58
ALLISON, DAVID                         10-A-1834                               PA-63-02-14
ALLISON, DAVID                         8-A-1834                                PA-63-02-12
ALLISON, ELEANOR                       3-A-1841                                PA-63-02-37
ALLISON, JAMES                         21-A-1829                               PA-63-02-2
ALLISON, JAMES                         6-A-1821                                PA-63-01-31
ALLISON, JOHN                          13-A-1847                               PA-63-03-2
ALLISON, JOHN                          8-A-1807                                PA-63-01-17
ALLISON, MARY                          5-A-1846 (WIFE)                         PA-63-02-58
ALLISON, SAMUEL                        12-A-1843                               PA-63-02-46
ALLISON, THOMAS (REV.)                 19-A-1849                               PA-63-02-53
ALLMAN, EMANUEL                        4-A-1845                                PA-63-02-57
ALLMAN, WILLIAM                        6-A-1846                                PA-63-02-59
ALMAN, THOMAS                          16-A-1844                               PA-63-02-50
ALTER, JACOB                           3-A-1818                                PA-63-01-28
ALTHAUSE, GEORGE                       9-A-1807                                PA-63-01-18
AMMON, JACOB                           24-A-1830                               PA-63-02-4
AMOS, JOHN S.                          30-A-1849                               PA-63-03-16
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      30-A-1839                               PA-63-02-34
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      2-A-1845                                PA-63-02-55
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      9-A-1847                                PA-63-02-62
ANDERSON, DANIEL                       9-A-1796                                PA-63-01-10
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       10-A-1843                               PA-63-02-44
ANDERSON, JACOB                        13-A-1835                               PA-63-02-17
ANDERSON, JOHN                         6-A-1841                                PA-63-02-40
ANDERSON, MARY                         31-A-1849                               PA-63-03-17
ANDERSON, MATTHEW                      19-A-1829                               PA-63-01-43
ANDERSON, POLLY                        5-A-1841                                PA-63-02-39
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       6-A-1833                                PA-63-02-10
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       20-A-1829                               PA-63-02-1
ANDRE, GEORGE                          28-A-1848                               PA-63-03-14
ANDREW, AMOS                           16-A-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-02-20
ANDREW, DAVID                          4-A-1786                                PA-63-01-4
ANDREW, JOSEPH                         16-A-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-02-20
ANDREWS, ANNIE                         18-A-1848                               PA-63-03-6
ANDREWS, DANIEL                        8-A-1842                                PA-63-02-42
ANDREWS, DAVID                         11-A-1843                               PA-63-02-45
ANDREWS, JAMES                         3-A-1845                                PA-63-02-56
ANDREWS, JEREMIAH                      7-A-1833                                PA-63-02-11
ANDREWS, LEMUEL                        11-A-1834                               PA-63-02-15
ANDREWS, ROBERT                        27-A-1838                               PA-63-02-31
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                        16-A-1848                               PA-63-03-4
ANKROM, JOHN                           8-A-1789                                PA-63-01-8
ARBUTHNOT, ROBERT M.                   7-A-1846                                PA-63-02-60
ARBUTHNOT, ROBERT M.                   19-A-1836 MINOR                         PA-63-02-24
ARCHER, DAVID T.                       20-A-1848                               PA-63-03-8
ARCHER, JOHN                           26-A-1838                               PA-63-02-30
ARCHER, SAMUEL                         7-A-1821                                PA-63-01-32
ARDELLY, CALEB                         6-A-1805                                PA-63-01-15
ARMSTRONG, ANN                         18-A-1828                               PA-63-01-42
ARMSTRONG, DAVID B.                    5-A-1833                                PA-63-02-9
ARMSTRONG, HENRY                       11-A-1825                               PA-63-01-35
ARMSTRONG, HENRY                       4-A-1819                                PA-63-01-29
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       18-A-1844                               PA-63-02-52
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH                      6-A-1787                                PA-63-01-6
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      15-A-1814                               PA-63-01-24
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      1-A-1783                                PA-63-01-1
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      5-A-1803                                PA-63-01-14
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     9-A-1822                                PA-63-01-34
ARNOLD, ANN                            26-A-1831                               PA-63-02-6
ARNOLD, SIMON                          1-A-1832                                PA-63-02-7
ARTHUR, WILLIAM                        27-A-1848                               PA-63-03-13
ARTHUR, WILLIAM                        1-A-1845                                PA-63-02-54
ASHBROOK, ABRAHAM                      22-A-1848                               PA-63-03-9
ASHBROOK, THOMAS                       2-A-1781                                PA-63-01-2
ATKINSON, GEORGE                       5-A-1787                                PA-63-01-5
ATKINSON, JOHN                         15-A-1844                               PA-63-02-49
ATKINSON, JOHN SR.                     10-A-1847                               PA-63-02-63
ATKINSON, THOMAS                       3-A-1786                                PA-63-01-3
ATKISNON, RALPH                        11-A-1847                               PA-63-03-1
AULER, CONRAD                          1-A-1840                                PA-63-02-35
AULT, CONRAD                           7-A-1789                                PA-63-01-7
AULT, FREDERICK                        2-A-1817                                PA-63-01-27
AYRES, JOSEPH                          16-A-1827                               PA-63-01-40
BACKIAS, ERASMUS                       5-B-1787                                PA-63-03-21
BAER, NANCY                            42-B-1844                               PA-63-06-38
BAILE, JOHN                            55-B-1848                               PA-63-07-14
BAILE, MICHAEL                         63-B-1849                               PA-63-07-21
BAILEY, MATTHEW                        32-B-1837                               PA-63-05-58
BAILEY, THOMAS                         12-B-1840                               PA-63-06-12
BAILEY, THOMAS                         20-B-1841                               PA-63-06-19
BAILEY, THOMAS                         33-B-1843                               PA-63-06-30
BAIRD, THOMAS                          33-B-1827                               PA-63-05-7
BAKER, AARON                           34-B-1843                               PA-63-06-31
BAKER, EMELINE                         62-B-1849                               PA-63-07-20
BAKER, JACOB                           44-B-1844                               PA-63-06-40
BAKER, NICHOLAS                        7-B-1845                                PA-63-06-49
BALDWIN, AMOS                          34-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-76
BALDWIN, EALY                          34-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-76
BALDWIN, FRANCIS                       30-B-1837                               PA-63-05-56
BALDWIN, JABEZ                         7-B-1793                                PA-63-03-34
BALDWIN, JAMES                         34-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-76
BALDWIN, JONATHAN                      38-B-1838                               PA-63-05-63
BALDWIN, SILAS                         64-B-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-07-22
BALL, JESSE                            41-B-1829                               PA-63-05-15
BANE, ABRAHAM                          38-B-1847                               PA-63-07-1
BANE, HENRY                            27-B-1843                               PA-63-06-25
BANE, HIRAM                            45-B-1839                               PA-63-06-2
BANE, ISAAC                            11-B-1845                               PA-63-06-53
BANE, JAMES                            30-B-1846                               PA-63-06-72
BANE, JAMES                            42-B-1829                               PA-63-05-16
BANE, JESSE                            19-B-1800                               PA-63-03-46
BANE, JOSEPH                           43-B-1848                               PA-63-07-6
BARBER, CORNELIUS                      54-B-1813                               PA-63-04-18
BARBER, SAMUEL                         40-B-1839                               PA-63-05-65
BARCKLEY, HUGH                         16-B-1841                               PA-63-06-15
BARD, RICHARD                          17-B-1834                               PA-63-05-44
BARDOW, NICHOLAS                       9-B-1789                                PA-63-03-25
BARKELEY, HUGH                         26-B-1836                               PA-63-05-53
BARKELEY, HUGH                         39-B-1844                               PA-63-06-35
BARKHAMMER, MARTIN                     42-B-1848                               PA-63-07-5
BARKHIMER, GEORGE                      37-B-1808                               PA-63-04-3
BARNARD, JAMES                         2-B-1791                                PA-63-03-29
BARNET, IGNATIUS                       39-B-1809                               PA-63-04-4
BARNET, IGNATIUS                       48-B-1811                               PA-63-04-13
BARNET, JOHN                           64-B-1816                               PA-63-04-28
BARR, JAMES                            6-B-1845                                PA-63-06-48
BARR, THOMAS                           3-B-1831                                PA-63-05-28
BARR, WILLIAM                          60-B-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-07-18
BARR, WILLIAM                          41-B-1844                               PA-63-06-37
BARR, WILLIAM (DR.)                    45-B-1810                               PA-63-04-10
BARTO, ELIZABETH                       18-B-1846                               PA-63-06-60
BARTO, KESIAH                          16-B-1846                               PA-63-06-58
BARTO, NICHOLAS                        15-B-1846                               PA-63-06-57
BARTON, EDWARD                         32-B-1807                               PA-63-03-58
BARTON, GEORGE                         2-B-1845                                PA-63-06-44
BARTON, JOSEPH                         25-B-1825                               PA-63-05-1
BATTIN, THOMAS                         14-B-1796                               PA-63-03-42
BAVINGTON, JOHN                        60-B-1816                               PA-63-04-24
BAXTER, BENJAMIN                       30-B-1826                               PA-63-05-4
BAXTER, JAMES                          27-B-1825                               PA-63-05-2
BAXTER, WILLIAM                        37-B-1829                               PA-63-05-11
BEADLE, EMILY                          36-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-78
BEADLE, JAMES                          23-B-1835                               PA-63-05-50
BEADLE, JEMIMA                         36-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-78
BEADLE, JULIA ANN                      36-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-78
BEADLE, MARY                           36-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-78
BEAGGS, JOHN                           53-B-1812                               PA-63-04-17
BEALL, COLMORE                         9-B-1840                                PA-63-06-9
BEALL, JAMES                           28-B-1843                               PA-63-06-26
BEALL, THOMAS                          19-B-1841 MINOR                         PA-63-06-18
BEALL, ZEPHANIA                        19-B-1841 MINOR                         PA-63-06-18
BEALL, ZEPHANIAH                       24-B-1804                               PA-63-03-51
BEAM, MARY                             13-B-1796                               PA-63-03-41
BEATY, SARAH                           23-B-1825                               PA-63-04-52
BEATY, THOMAS JR.                      4-B-1819                                PA-63-04-36
BEBOUT, ISRAEL                         32-B-1826                               PA-63-05-6
BECKLEY, DANIEL                        1A-B-1816                               PA-63-04-33
BECKLEY, JACOB                         47-B-1811                               PA-63-04-12
BEDILION, ABRAHAM                      50-B-1830                               PA-63-05-23
BEDILLION, JACOB                       25-B-1836                               PA-63-05-52
BEELER, JOSEPH                         21-B-1802                               PA-63-03-48
BEER, ALEXANDER                        10-B-1796 (2 OF 2)                      PA-63-03-38
BEER, ALEXANDER                        34-B-1807                               PA-63-03-60
BEER, ALEXANDER                        10-B-1796 (1 OF 2)                      PA-63-03-37
BEGLEY, EDWARD                         8-B-1821                                PA-63-04-39
BEHLER, JACOB                          3-B-1819                                PA-63-04-35
BELL, GEORGE                           17-B-1841                               PA-63-06-16
BELL, GEORGE                           13-B-1841                               PA-63-06-13
BELL, GEORGE                           1-B-1816                                PA-63-04-32
BELL, HIRAM                            45-B-1848 MINOR                         PA-63-07-7
BELL, ISRAEL                           34-B-1837                               PA-63-05-60
BELL, JAMES                            11-B-1796                               PA-63-03-39
BELL, JAMES                            66-B-1616                               PA-63-04-30
BELL, JAMES                            18-B-1824                               PA-63-04-47
BELL, JOHN                             23-B-1841                               PA-63-06-21
BELL, JOHN                             58-B-1815                               PA-63-04-22
BELL, JOHN                             61-B-1849                               PA-63-07-19
BELL, NANCY                            24-B-1846 MINOR                         PA-63-06-66
BELL, T. H.                            31-B-1843                               PA-63-06-28
BELSH, JOSEPH                          29-B-1837                               PA-63-05-55
BENNETT, JOHN                          19-B-1824                               PA-63-04-48
BENTLEY, HANNAH                        67-B-1816                               PA-63-04-31
BENTLEY, SASHBAZER                     26-B-1805                               PA-63-03-53
BENTLEY, SHISBAZZAR                    52-B-1812                               PA-63-04-16
BENTLEY, SHISBAZZAR                    63-B-1816                               PA-63-04-27
BEST, JOHN                             16-B-1797                               PA-63-03-44
BEST, SAMUEL                           32-B-1846                               PA-63-06-74
BIDELL, JOSEPH                         26-B-1846                               PA-63-06-68
BIGHAM, JANE                           46-B-1848                               PA-63-07-8
BIGHAM, ROBERT                         30-B-1807                               PA-63-03-56
BIGHAM, ROBERT                         41-B-1809                               PA-63-04-6
BIGHAM, ROBERT                         39-B-1829                               PA-63-05-13
BIGLER, ISRAEL                         11-B-1840                               PA-63-06-11
BILES, HENRY                           21-B-1825                               PA-63-04-50
BILL, MARTHA                           30-B-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-06-27
BINES, DAVID                           46-B-1811                               PA-63-04-11
BINGHAM, JOSEPH                        35-B-1847                               PA-63-06-77
BINNS, JOSEPH                          5-B-1840                                PA-63-06-5
BIRCH, JOHN                            5-B-1845                                PA-63-06-47
BISHOP, THOMAS                         61-B-1816                               PA-63-04-25
BLACK, PETER                           7-B-1820                                PA-63-04-38
BLACK, PETER                           44-B-1809                               PA-63-04-9
BLACK, PETER                           57-B-1815                               PA-63-04-21
BLACK, ROBERT                          8-B-1793                                PA-63-03-35
BLACKBURN, JESSE                       33-B-1837                               PA-63-05-59
BLACKFORD, MATTHEW                     3-B-1786                                PA-63-03-19
BLACKLEDGE, THOMAS                     10-B-1789                               PA-63-03-26
BLACKMORE, RICHARD                     40-B-1809                               PA-63-04-5
BLACKMORE, SAMUEL                      8-B-1788                                PA-63-03-24
BLACKMORE, WILLIAM                     6-B-1820                                PA-63-04-37
BLAIN, FRANCIS                         3-B-1845                                PA-63-06-45
BLAIN, WILLIAM                         28-B-1846                               PA-63-06-70
BLAINE, JAMES                          58-B-1849                               PA-63-07-17
BLAKELEY, ROBERT                       15-B-1824                               PA-63-04-44
BLAKENEY, GABRIEL (COL.)               40-B-1829                               PA-63-05-14
BLAKEWAY, JOHN                         14-B-1845                               PA-63-06-56
BLAKEWAY, JOHN                         17-B-1846                               PA-63-06-59
BLAYNEY, WILLIAM                       2-B-1819                                PA-63-04-34
BLAZER, GEORGE                         33-B-1807                               PA-63-03-59
BLAZIER, GEORGE                        27-B-1836                               PA-63-05-54
BLAZIER, JOHN                          25-B-1804                               PA-63-03-52
BLYTHE, JAMES                          20-B-1824                               PA-63-04-49
BOCKINS, JOHN                          26-B-1843                               PA-63-06-24
BOCKINS, JOHN                          10-B-1840                               PA-63-06-10
BOGGS, ELIZA                           9-B-1833                                PA-63-05-34
BOGGS, JAMES                           15-B-1834                               PA-63-05-42
BOHER, ELIZABETH                       38-B-1844                               PA-63-06-34
BOHER, MARY                            14A-B-1833                              PA-63-05-41
BOHER, MICHAEL                         38-B-1829                               PA-63-05-12
BOHER, MICHAEL                         33-B-1847                               PA-63-06-75
BOLLMAN, CHARLES                       37A-B-1847                              PA-63-06-81
BOLTON, BEONI                          46-B-1844                               PA-63-06-42
BOLTON, DAVID                          12-B-1845                               PA-63-06-54
BOLTON, JOHN                           19-B-1846                               PA-63-06-61
BOND, DEILA                            20-B-1835                               PA-63-05-47
BOND, EDWARD                           14-B-1824                               PA-63-04-42
BONER, ANDREW                          22-B-1846                               PA-63-06-64
BONER, DRUSCILLA                       46-B-1830                               PA-63-05-19
BONER, SARAH                           7-B-1840                                PA-63-06-7
BONER, WILLIAM                         65-B-1816                               PA-63-04-29
BONHAM, AMARIAH                        27-B-1805                               PA-63-03-54
BOOK, JOHN                             7-B-1787                                PA-63-03-23
BOON, ELIZABETH                        29-B-1846 MINOR                         PA-63-06-71
BOON, G. S.                            29-B-1846 MINOR                         PA-63-06-71
BOON, JOHN                             41-B-1839                               PA-63-05-66
BOON, THOMAS                           29-B-1846 MINOR                         PA-63-06-71
BOON, THOMAS                           48-B-1830                               PA-63-05-21
BOON, WILLIAM                          29-B-1846 MINOR                         PA-63-06-71
BOOTH, BENJAMIN                        35-B-1844                               PA-63-06-32
BORELAND, ANDREW                       47-B-1830                               PA-63-05-20
BORLAND, MATHEW                        2-B-1831                                PA-63-05-27
BOWER, JOHN                            35-B-1837                               PA-63-05-61
BOWER, PHILI                           20-B-1801                               PA-63-03-47
BOWLAND, JAMES                         36-B-1829                               PA-63-05-10
BOWLAND, THOMAS                        6-B-1832                                PA-63-05-31
BOWMAN, DAVID                          35-B-1828                               PA-63-05-9
BOYER, JOHN                            1-B-1845                                PA-63-06-43
BOYER, JOHN                            8-B-1845                                PA-63-06-50
BOYER, SAMUEL                          44-B-1839                               PA-63-06-1
BOYES, JOHN                            4-B-1792                                PA-63-03-31
BOYLES, CORNELIUS                      22-B-1825                               PA-63-04-51
BRACKEN, THOMAS                        11-B-1822                               PA-63-04-41
BRACKENRIDGE, JOHN                     44-B-1829                               PA-63-05-17
BRACKENRIDGE, JOHN                     14-B-1833 MINOR                         PA-63-05-40
BRACKENRIDGE, WILLIAM                  14-B-1833 MINOR                         PA-63-05-40
BRADELL, SARAH                         25-B-1846                               PA-63-06-67
BRADEN, JAMES                          23-B-1804                               PA-63-03-50
BRADEN, JANE                           48-B-1848                               PA-63-07-10
BRADEN, WILLIAM                        9-B-1845                                PA-63-06-51
BRADFORD, CHARLES A. H.                18-B-1834                               PA-63-05-45
BRADFORD, ELIZABETH                    36-B-1808                               PA-63-04-2
BRADFORD, JAMES                        31-B-1807                               PA-63-03-57
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      56-B-1814                               PA-63-04-20
BRADLEY, NANCY                         57-B-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-07-16
BRADY, JAMES                           42-B-1809                               PA-63-04-7
BRADY, JAMES                           29-B-1807                               PA-63-03-55
BRANNON, HUGH                          34-B-1827                               PA-63-05-8
BRATTON, JOHN                          50-B-1848                               PA-63-07-12
BREAKBEALL, PETER                      9-B-1795                                PA-63-03-36
BREDEN, EZEKIEL                        18-B-1798                               PA-63-03-45
BREDEN, JAMES                          22-B-1803                               PA-63-03-49
BRERETON, JOSEPH                       49-B-1830                               PA-63-05-22
BRICKALL, ELIZABETH                    1-B-1786                                PA-63-03-18
BROBEST, DANIEL F.                     41-B-1848                               PA-63-07-4
BROBST, DANIEL F.                      4-B-1845                                PA-63-06-46
BROKAW, ABRAHAM                        59-B-1815                               PA-63-04-23
BROWN, ISABELLA                        10-B-1833                               PA-63-05-35
BROWN, JAMES                           47-B-1848                               PA-63-07-9
BROWN, JOHN                            6-B-1787                                PA-63-03-22
BROWN, JOHN                            5-B-1792                                PA-63-03-32
BROWN, LAWRENCE                        6-B-1793                                PA-63-03-33
BROWN, MARY W.                         4-B-1840                                PA-63-06-4
BROWN, ROBERT                          9-B-1822                                PA-63-04-40
BROWN, THOMAS                          51-B-1848                               PA-63-07-13
BROWN, THOMAS                          55-B-1813                               PA-63-04-19
BROWN, WILLIAM                         42-B-1839                               PA-63-05-67
BROWN, WILLIAM                         14-B-1824                               PA-63-04-43
BROWNER, LEWIS                         2-B-1839                                PA-63-06-3
BROWNFIELD, WILLIAM                    4-B-1786                                PA-63-03-20
BROWNLEE, ARCHIBALD                    11-B-1790                               PA-63-03-27
BROWNLEE, ARCHIBALD                    15-B-1796                               PA-63-03-43
BROWNLEE, ARCHIBALD                    13-B-1845                               PA-63-06-55
BROWNLEE, ELIZABETH                    36-B-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-06-33
BROWNLEE, ELIZABETH                    40-B-1844                               PA-63-06-36
BROWNLEE, JAMES                        24-B-1825                               PA-63-04-53
BROWNLEE, JAMES                        21-B-1841                               PA-63-06-20
BROWNLEE, JOHN                         16-B-1834                               PA-63-05-43
BROWNLEE, MARIA                        18-B-1841                               PA-63-06-17
BROWNLEE, RACHEL                       36-B-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-06-33
BROWNLEE, SUSANNA                      36-B-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-06-33
BROWNLEE, THOMAS                       19-B-1835                               PA-63-05-46
BROWNLEE, WILLIAM                      45-B-1829                               PA-63-05-18
BROWNLEE, WILLIAM                      36-B-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-06-33
BRUCE, DAVID                           43-B-1844                               PA-63-06-39
BRUCE, DAVID                           7-B-1832                                PA-63-05-32
BRUCE, DAVID                           10-B-1845                               PA-63-06-52
BRUER, DAVID                           43-B-1839                               PA-63-05-68
BRYSON, JOHN                           4-B-1831                                PA-63-05-29
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                    B-31-1837                               PA-63-05-57
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                    13-B-1833                               PA-63-05-39
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                    20-B-1846                               PA-63-06-62
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                    15-B-1841                               PA-63-06-14
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                    36-B-1838                               PA-63-05-62
BUCHANAN, DAVID                        22-B-1835                               PA-63-05-49
BUCHANAN, ECCLES                       62-B-1816                               PA-63-04-26
BUCHANAN, ELIZA                        17-B-1824 MINOR                         PA-63-04-46
BUCHANAN, HANNAH                       27-B-1846                               PA-63-06-69
BUCHANAN, HUGH M.                      32-B-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-06-29
BUCHANAN, JAMES                        1-B-1831                                PA-63-05-26
BUCHANAN, JANE                         17-B-1824 MINOR                         PA-63-04-46
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         56-B-1849                               PA-63-07-15
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         5-B-1831                                PA-63-05-30
BUCHANAN, JULIE H.                     17-B-1824 MINOR                         PA-63-04-46
BUCHANAN, MARIA                        17-B-1824 MINOR                         PA-63-04-46
BUCHANAN, MARTHA                       17-B-1824 MINOR                         PA-63-04-46
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                       3-B-1792                                PA-63-03-30
BUCHANAN, WALTER                       51-B-1811                               PA-63-04-15
BUCHANAN, WALTER                       16-B-1824                               PA-63-04-45
BUCKINGHAM, ISAAC                      21-B-1835                               PA-63-05-48
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN                       12-B-1796                               PA-63-03-40
BUCKLEY, ELIZABTH                      25-B-1842                               PA-63-06-23
BUDD, ELIZABETH                        37-B-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-06-79
BUDD, HANNAH                           28-B-1825                               PA-63-05-3
BUDD, HANNAH                           37-B-1847                               PA-63-06-80
BUDD, JOSEPH                           O-B-1830                                PA-63-05-24
BUMBARGER, JOHN                        39-B-1848                               PA-63-07-2
BURGETT, BOST                          1-B-1791                                PA-63-03-28
BURGETT, BOSTON G. (DR.)               11-B-1833                               PA-63-05-37
BURNS, ALEXANDER                       39-B-1839                               PA-63-05-64
BURROWS, JAMES                         6-B-1840                                PA-63-06-6
BURT, EBENEZER                         31-B-1826                               PA-63-05-5
BURT, NATHANIEL                        31-B-1846                               PA-63-06-73
BUTLER, BENJAMIN                       50-B-1811                               PA-63-04-14
BUTLER, JONATHAN                       35-B-1808                               PA-63-04-1
BUTLER, NOBLE                          43-B-1809                               PA-63-04-8
BUXTON, JACOB                          8-B-1840                                PA-63-06-8
BYERS, DAVID                           00-B-1831                               PA-63-05-25
BYERS, JAMES                           21-B-1846                               PA-63-06-63
BYERS, SAMUEL                          12-B-1833                               PA-63-05-38
BYERS, SAMUEL                          23-B-1846                               PA-63-06-65
BYERS, THOMAS                          24-B-1841                               PA-63-06-22
BYERS, THOMAS                          8-B-1833                                PA-63-05-33
BYERS, WILLIAM                         24-B-1835                               PA-63-05-51
BYLAND, ENOS                           40-B-1848                               PA-63-07-3
CALDWELL, DAVID                        52-C-1816                               PA-63-08-7
CALDWELL, ELEANOR                      19-C-1804                               PA-63-07-54
CALDWELL, JAMES                        4-C-1845                                PA-63-11-51
CALDWELL, JAMES                        24-C-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-11-70
CALDWELL, JANE                         36-C-1826                               PA-63-08-47
CALDWELL, MARY                         45-C-1813                               PA-63-07-79
CALDWELL, ROBERT                       47-C-1814                               PA-63-08-2
CALDWELL, ROBERT                       16-C-1803                               PA-63-07-51
CALDWELL, ROBERT                       24-C-1806                               PA-63-07-59
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       37-C-1848                               PA-63-12-10
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       43-C-1813                               PA-63-07-77
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       27-C-1834                               PA-63-10-3
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                      9-C-1789                                PA-63-07-30
CALL, CHARLES                          11-C-1800                               PA-63-07-46
CALOHAN, DANIEL                        29-C-1834                               PA-63-10-5
CALOHAN, DANIEL                        5-C-1831                                PA-63-09-31
CALOHAN, DANIEL                        48-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-21
CALOHAN, ELIZABETH                     48-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-21
CALOHAN, JANE                          48-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-21
CALOHAN, MARY ANN                      48-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-21
CAMBLIN, JOSEPH                        38-C-1835                               PA-63-10-14
CAMP, CATHARINE                        10-C-1840                               PA-63-11-11
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR                       37-C-1826                               PA-63-08-48
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      43-C-1835                               PA-63-10-19
CAMPBELL, DAVID                        55-C-1829                               PA-63-09-9
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN                       29-C-1843                               PA-63-11-30
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    5-C-1839                                PA-63-11-6
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        57-C-1829                               PA-63-09-11
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        6-C-1788                                PA-63-07-27
CAMPBELL, JESSE                        70-C-1838                               PA-63-10-45
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         49-C-1844                               PA-63-11-47
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         51-C-1816                               PA-63-08-6
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         5PA-63-09-C-1829                        PA-63-09-13
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         52-C-1828                               PA-63-09-6
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         2-C-1785                                PA-63-07-24
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         32-C-1825                               PA-63-08-43
CAMPBELL, NANCY                        39-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-39
CAMPBELL, NANCY                        34-C-1848                               PA-63-12-7
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       25-C-1834                               PA-63-10-1
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       4-C-1839                                PA-63-11-5
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       26-C-1842                               PA-63-11-27
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       49-C-1836                               PA-63-10-25
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       39-C-1844                               PA-63-11-39
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       2-C-1845                                PA-63-11-49
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      9-C-1819                                PA-63-08-20
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      12-C-1832                               PA-63-09-38
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM P.                   45-C-1827                               PA-63-08-55
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM P.                   45-C-1827 (CON'T)                       PA-63-09-1
CANON, ABIGAIL                         23-C-1804                               PA-63-07-58
CANON, ABIGAIL                         36-C-1810                               PA-63-07-71
CANON, JOHN                            22-C-1804                               PA-63-07-57
CARLISLE, ANDREW                       7-C-1845                                PA-63-11-54
CARLISLE, ANDREW                       12-C-1846                               PA-63-11-59
CARLISLE, ELIZA M.                     78-C-1839                               PA-63-11-1
CARLISLE, JOHN                         17-C-1822                               PA-63-08-28
CARLISLE, WILLIAM                      77-C-1839                               PA-63-10-52
CARLISLE, WILLIAM (DR.)                PA-63-11-C-1846                         PA-63-11-58
CARMICHAEL, JOHN                       20-C-1804                               PA-63-07-55
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                     5-C-1817                                PA-63-08-16
CARROL, HERCULES                       37-C-1810                               PA-63-07-72
CARROLL, MARY                          PA-63-09-C-1832                         PA-63-09-35
CARROLL, MARY                          66-C-1837                               PA-63-10-42
CARROLL, ROBERT                        34-C-1835                               PA-63-10-10
CARSON, JAMES                          47-C-1835                               PA-63-10-23
CARSON, JAMES                          10-C-1819                               PA-63-08-21
CARSON, JAMES                          50-C-1816                               PA-63-08-5
CARSON, JOHN                           46-C-1835                               PA-63-10-22
CARSON, NOAH                           15-C-1821                               PA-63-08-26
CARSON, THOMAS                         71-C-1838                               PA-63-10-46
CARSON, THOMAS                         45-C-1849                               PA-63-12-18
CARTER, DANIEL                         PA-63-11-C-1841                         PA-63-11-12
CARTER, DANIEL                         38-C-1848                               PA-63-12-11
CARTER, HANEY                          5-C-1845                                PA-63-11-52
CARTER, HENRY                          17-C-1847                               PA-63-11-64
CARTER, JAMES                          3-C-1845                                PA-63-11-50
CARTER, JAMES                          12-C-1820                               PA-63-08-23
CARTER, JOHN                           35-C-1848                               PA-63-12-8
CARTER, WILLIAM                        3-C-1792                                PA-63-07-38
CARTER, WILLIAM                        61-C-1930                               PA-63-09-15
CASEBEER, JONATHAN                     46-C-1849                               PA-63-12-20
CASEBEER, MARGARET                     28-C-1847                               PA-63-12-1
CASTNER, PETER                         30-C-1825                               PA-63-08-41
CASTNER, WILLIAM                       10-C-1845                               PA-63-11-57
CATON, SUSANNA                         33-C-1825                               PA-63-08-44
CATON, THOMAS                          28-C-1806                               PA-63-07-63
CAUGHEY, NATHANIEL                     37-C-1844                               PA-63-11-36
CAUGHEY, NATHANIEL                     18-C-1841                               PA-63-11-18
CAVERT, JAMES                          57-C-1837                               PA-63-10-33
CHALFANT, ROBERT                       13-C-1790                               PA-63-07-34
CHAMBERLAIN, ARTHUR                    52-C-1836                               PA-63-10-28
CHAMBERLAIN, RICHARD                   5-C-1793                                PA-63-07-40
CHAMBERLAIN, ROBERT                    46-C-1827                               PA-63-09-2
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                   58-C-1829                               PA-63-09-12
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES C.                   28-C-1843                               PA-63-11-29
CHAMBERLIN, MARY JANE                  42-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-41
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                    42-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-41
CHAMBERS, JAMES                        57-C-1816                               PA-63-08-12
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         41-C-1835                               PA-63-10-17
CHAMBERS, ROBERT                       68-C-1830                               PA-63-09-22
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      73-C-1839                               PA-63-10-48
CHAPMAN, ALEXANDER                     21-C-1847                               PA-63-11-68
CHAPMAN, ANDREW                        25-C-1847                               PA-63-11-71
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          11-C-1790                               PA-63-07-32
CHARLTON, MARY                         43-C-1849                               PA-63-12-16
CHARLTON, ROBERT                       66-C-1830                               PA-63-09-20
CHERRY, MOSES                          29-C-1825                               PA-63-08-40
CHERRY, THOMAS                         8-C-1798                                PA-63-07-43
CHERRY, THOMAS SR.                     14-C-1790                               PA-63-07-35
CHESSROUND, PETER                      9-C-1845                                PA-63-11-56
CHIDESTER, WILLIAM                     29-C-1807                               PA-63-07-64
CHRISTY, JAMES                         15-C-1801                               PA-63-07-50
CLARK, BETHUEL                         24-C-1842                               PA-63-11-24
CLARK, DAVID                           24-C-1834                               PA-63-09-50
CLARK, ELIZA                           26-C-1834 MINOR                         PA-63-10-2
CLARK, EPHRAIM                         22-C-1833                               PA-63-09-48
CLARK, JAMES                           3-C-1831                                PA-63-09-29
CLARK, JAMES                           2PA-63-08-C-1825                        PA-63-08-39
CLARK, JAMES                           4-C-1831 (CON'T)                        PA-63-09-30
CLARK, JAMES                           26-C-1834                               PA-63-10-2
CLARK, JAMES M.                        44-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-17
CLARK, JAMES M.                        23-C-1833 MINOR                         PA-63-09-49
CLARK, JOHN                            40-C-1826                               PA-63-08-51
CLARK, NANCY                           26-C-1834 MINOR                         PA-63-10-2
CLARK, ROBERT                          49-C-1849                               PA-63-12-22
CLARKE, HANNAH                         62-C-1837                               PA-63-10-38
CLARKE, JAMES                          23-C-1824                               PA-63-08-34
CLARKE, JOHN                           30-C-1807                               PA-63-07-65
CLARKE, JOHN                           55-C-1837                               PA-63-10-31
CLARKE, LOETITIA                       PA-63-08-C-1818                         PA-63-08-19
CLARKE, MARGARET                       3PA-63-08-C-1826                        PA-63-08-49
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        19-C-1822                               PA-63-08-30
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        34-C-1810                               PA-63-07-69
CLELAND, ELIZABETH                     7-C-1840                                PA-63-11-8
CLELAND, JAMES                         8-C-1831                                PA-63-09-34
CLEMENS, ABRAHAM                       22-C-1842                               PA-63-11-22
CLEMENS, ADAM                          44-C-1827                               PA-63-08-54
CLEMENS, JANE                          10-C-1832                               PA-63-09-36
CLEMENS, JOHN                          3-C-1817                                PA-63-08-14
CLEMONS, JAMES                         27-C-1806                               PA-63-07-62
CLODFELTER, MICHAEL                    43-C-1827                               PA-63-08-53
CLOKEY, JOSEPH                         72-C-1830                               PA-63-09-26
CLOSSER, JOHN                          20-C-1833                               PA-63-09-46
CLOUSE, CHRISTOPHER                    70-C-1830                               PA-63-09-24
CLOUSE, WILLIAM                        34-C-1825                               PA-63-08-45
CLUTTER, JOHN SR.                      44-C-1835                               PA-63-10-20
CLUTTER, NOADIAH                       13-C-1821                               PA-63-08-24
CLUTTER, NOAHIAH                       24-C-1824                               PA-63-08-35
CLUTTER, RACHEL                        51-C-1836                               PA-63-10-27
CLUTTER, WILLIAM                       27-C-1847                               PA-63-11-73
CLUTTER, WILLIAM                       14-C-1846                               PA-63-11-61
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                     8-C-1789                                PA-63-07-29
COCHRAN, HENRY                         56-C-1829                               PA-63-09-10
COCHRAN, JAMES                         53-C-1828                               PA-63-09-7
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        50-C-1836                               PA-63-10-26
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        65-C-1837                               PA-63-10-41
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        48-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-46
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        21-C-1824                               PA-63-08-32
COCHRAN, SARAH JANE                    48-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-46
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                       9-C-1840                                PA-63-11-10
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                       72-C-1838                               PA-63-10-47
COCHRANE, JAMES                        13-C-1832                               PA-63-09-39
COCKINS, VINCENT                       13-C-1846                               PA-63-11-60
COE, BENJAMIN                          6PA-63-09-C-1830                        PA-63-09-23
COE, BENJAMIN                          1PA-63-09-C-1833                        PA-63-09-45
COE, MOSES                             7-C-1817                                PA-63-08-18
COGER, JOHN                            7-C-1831                                PA-63-09-33
COLDWELL, JOSEPH                       48-C-1835                               PA-63-10-24
COLE, BARNET                           55-C-1816                               PA-63-08-10
COLE, HARMONIS                         4PA-63-08-C-1815                        PA-63-08-3
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        22-C-1824                               PA-63-08-33
COLLINS, ANDREW                        16-C-1832                               PA-63-09-42
COLMERY, JOHN                          27-C-1825                               PA-63-08-38
COLTON, HENRY                          14-C-1801                               PA-63-07-49
COLVILL, JOSEPH                        1PA-63-08-C-1822                        PA-63-08-29
COLVIN, ELIZABETH                      31-C-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-11-32
COLVIN, ELIZABETH                      40-C-1848 MINOR                         PA-63-12-13
COLVIN, ELIZABETH                      17-C-1832                               PA-63-09-43
COLVIN, HENRY                          31-C-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-11-32
COLVIN, JAMES                          13-C-1801                               PA-63-07-48
COLVIN, LOT                            8-C-1840                                PA-63-11-9
COLVIN, MOSES                          26-C-1847                               PA-63-11-72
COLVIN, VINCENT                        33-C-1835                               PA-63-10-9
COLVIN, VINCENT                        31-C-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-11-33
COLVIN, VINCENT                        2-C-1817                                PA-63-08-13
CONKLE, ADAM                           32-C-1848                               PA-63-12-5
CONKLE, JOHN                           8-C-1845                                PA-63-11-55
CONKLING, JOHN                         48-C-1828                               PA-63-09-3
CONNET, JAMES                          31-C-1848                               PA-63-12-4
CONROD, HENRY                          30-C-1843                               PA-63-11-31
CONROD, HENRY                          75-C-1839                               PA-63-10-50
CONYERS, JOHN                          6-C-1795                                PA-63-07-41
COOK, ELIZABETH                        60-C-1829                               PA-63-09-14
COOK, JACOB JR.                        12-C-1790                               PA-63-07-33
COOK, ROBERT                           46-C-1844                               PA-63-11-44
COOKE, JAMES                           53-C-1836                               PA-63-10-29
COOL, FREDERICK                        16-C-1846                               PA-63-11-63
COOPER, EPHRAIM                        58-C-1837                               PA-63-10-34
COOPER, JACOB                          23-C-1842                               PA-63-11-23
COOPER, JOHN                           19-C-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-11-66
COOPER, JOHN                           35-C-1835                               PA-63-10-11
COOPER, JOHN                           76-C-1839                               PA-63-10-51
COOPER, JOHN F.                        20-C-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-11-67
COOPER, JOSIAH                         18-C-1847 MINOR                         PA-63-11-65
COOPER, LEMUEL                         10-C-1800                               PA-63-07-45
COOPER, LEMUEL                         12-C-1801                               PA-63-07-47
COOPER, MARGARET                       35-C-1844                               PA-63-11-35
COOPER, MARY                           19-C-1841                               PA-63-11-19
COOPER, VALENTINE                      43-C-1844                               PA-63-11-42
COOPER, ZEBULON                        16-C-1841                               PA-63-11-16
COOPER, ZEBULON                        56-C-1837                               PA-63-10-32
CORD, AGNES                            51-C-1828                               PA-63-09-5
CORD, JOHN                             11-C-1819                               PA-63-08-22
CORN, DAVID                            40-C-1812                               PA-63-07-74
CORSON, ISAAC                          21-C-1833                               PA-63-09-47
CORWIN, HANNAH                         29-C-1848                               PA-63-12-2
CORWIN, STEPHEN                        30-C-1834 MINOR                         PA-63-10-6
CORWIN, STEPHEN                        23-C-1847                               PA-63-11-69
CORWIN, STEPHEN                        54-C-1828                               PA-63-09-8
COTTELL, JONAS D.                      31-C-1834 MINOR                         PA-63-10-7
COTTON, ELIZABETH                      38-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-37
COTTON, HENRY (DR.)                    38-C-1844                               PA-63-11-37
COTTON, HENRY (DR)                     67-C-1830                               PA-63-09-21
COTTON, MARGARET                       38-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-37
COTTON, SARAH                          38-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-37
COULSON, CHARITY                       25-C-1824                               PA-63-08-36
COULSON, SAMUEL                        38-C-1811                               PA-63-07-73
COULSON, SAMUEL                        54-C-1816                               PA-63-08-9
COULSON, SAMUEL                        42-C-1812                               PA-63-07-76
COULSON, THOMAS                        53-C-1816                               PA-63-08-8
COULSON, URIAH                         5-C-1788                                PA-63-07-26
COULTER, ELIJAH                        25-C-1842 MINOR                         PA-63-11-25
COULTER, JAMES                         36-C-1835                               PA-63-10-12
COULTER, JOHN                          1-C-1791                                PA-63-07-36
COULTER, NATHANIEL                     21-C-1842                               PA-63-11-21
COULTER, NATHANIEL                     21-C-1804                               PA-63-07-56
COULTER, NATHANIEL                     25-C-1842 MINOR                         PA-63-11-25
COURDEN, JOHN                          65-C-1830                               PA-63-09-19
COWDEN, JOHN                           39-C-1835                               PA-63-10-15
COWEN, JOHN                            32-C-1835                               PA-63-10-8
COX, ABRAHAM                           35-C-1825                               PA-63-08-46
COX, JOHN                              32-C-1809                               PA-63-07-67
COZENS, JANE                           15-C-1841                               PA-63-11-15
CRABB, PHILIP                          41-C-1849                               PA-63-12-14
CRABB, PHILIP                          42-C-1849                               PA-63-12-15
CRAFFORD, DAVID                        42-C-1835                               PA-63-10-18
CRAFT, JOHN                            33-C-1848                               PA-63-12-6
CRAFT, LAWRENCE                        37-C-1835                               PA-63-10-13
CRAFT, WILLIAM                         17-C-1841                               PA-63-11-17
CRAIG, PATRICK                         64-C-1830                               PA-63-09-18
CRAIG, SAMUEL                          27-C-1842                               PA-63-11-28
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         39-C-1826                               PA-63-08-50
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         1-C-1845                                PA-63-11-48
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         1-C-1831                                PA-63-09-27
CRAVEN, JAMES                          6-C-1845                                PA-63-11-53
CRAVEN, JAMES                          30-C-1848                               PA-63-12-3
CRAVEN, JOHN                           4-C-1789                                PA-63-07-25
CRAWFORD, ALEXANDER (DR)               49-C-1815                               PA-63-08-4
CRAWFORD, ANDREW                       26-C-1806                               PA-63-07-61
CRAWFORD, ANDREW                       44-C-1813                               PA-63-07-78
CRAWFORD, ELIJAH                       69-C-1838                               PA-63-10-44
CRAWFORD, ELIJAH                       12-C-1841                               PA-63-11-13
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        14-C-1821                               PA-63-08-25
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                      31-C-1825                               PA-63-08-42
CREACRAFT, CHARLES                     71-C-1830                               PA-63-09-25
CREE, ROBERT                           7-C-1797                                PA-63-07-42
CREITZ, WILLIAM                        41-C-1812                               PA-63-07-75
CRISS, JOHN                            18-C-1833                               PA-63-09-44
CRISS, JOHN                            33-C-1843                               PA-63-11-34
CRITCHFIELD, ARTHUR                    10-C-1790                               PA-63-07-31
CRITCHFIELD, DAVID                     63-C-1837                               PA-63-10-39
CRITCHFIELD, DAVID                     40-C-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-10-16
CRITCHFIELD, ELIZA                     40-C-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-10-16
CRITCHFIELD, JOHN                      63-C-1837                               PA-63-10-40
CRITCHFIELD, RESOLVE                   40-C-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-10-16
CRITCHFIELD, RESOLVE                   40-C-1835                               PA-63-10-16
CRITCHFIELD, RESOLVE                   41-C-1826                               PA-63-08-52
CRITCHFIELD, SARAH                     40-C-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-10-16
CRITES, ANDREW                         15-C-1846                               PA-63-11-62
CRITES, HENRY                          56-C-1816                               PA-63-08-11
CRITZ, NICHOLAS                        74-C-1839                               PA-63-10-49
CROCKART, JAMES                        46-C-1813                               PA-63-08-1
CRONEY, JOSEPH                         35-C-1810                               PA-63-07-70
CROOKS, HENRY                          14-C-1832                               PA-63-09-40
CROOKS, JUDITH                         26-C-1824                               PA-63-08-37
CROOKS, MARGARET                       15-C-1832                               PA-63-09-41
CROSBEY, JOHN                          2-C-1831                                PA-63-09-28
CROSBY, JOHN                           13-C-1841                               PA-63-11-14
CROSBY, JOHN JR.                       63-C-1829                               PA-63-09-17
CROTHERS, JOHN                         39-C-1848                               PA-63-12-12
CROTHERS, SAMUEL                       20-C-1842                               PA-63-11-20
CROTHERS, SAMUEL                       47-C-1844                               PA-63-11-45
CROTHERS, SAMUEL                       44-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-43
CROTHERS, SARAH ANN                    44-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-43
CROTHERS, WILLIAM F.                   36-C-1848 MINOR                         PA-63-12-9
CROUCH, ROBERT                         17-C-1803                               PA-63-07-52
CROW, ELIZABETH                        47-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-19
CROW, FRANCIS                          47-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-19
CROW, JACOB                            68-C-1838                               PA-63-10-43
CROW, JANE                             47-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-19
CROW, JOHN                             28-C-1834                               PA-63-10-4
CROW, JOHN SR.                         9-C-1798                                PA-63-07-44
CROW, LAWRECNE                         25A-C-1842                              PA-63-11-26
CROW, LAWRENCE                         4-C-1793                                PA-63-07-39
CROW, MARIA                            47-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-19
CROW, PHILIP                           61-C-1837                               PA-63-10-37
CROW, RACHEL ANN                       47-C-1849 MINOR                         PA-63-12-19
CRUMRINE, GEORGE                       45-C-1835                               PA-63-10-21
CUFF, JOHN                             7-C-1788                                PA-63-07-28
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL                     6-C-1817                                PA-63-08-17
CULLEY, LEVI                           16-C-1822                               PA-63-08-27
CULLY, LEVI                            6-C-1831                                PA-63-09-32
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         18-C-1804                               PA-63-07-53
CUMMINS, CATHARINE                     33-C-1809                               PA-63-07-68
CUMMINS, JOHN                          31-C-1807                               PA-63-07-66
CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER                  11-C-1832                               PA-63-09-37
CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER                  24-C-1805                               PA-63-07-60
CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES                    20-C-1824                               PA-63-08-31
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  4-C-1817                                PA-63-08-15
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      60-C-1837                               PA-63-10-36
CUNNINGHAM, REBECCA                    41-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-40
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                     2-C-1792                                PA-63-07-37
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL                     41-C-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-11-40
CURREN, THOMAS                         1-C-1785                                PA-63-07-23
CURRY, JOSEPH                          2-C-1839                                PA-63-11-3
CURRY, JOSEPH (DR.)                    1-C-1839                                PA-63-11-2
CURRY, WILLIAM                         4PA-63-09-C-1828                        PA-63-09-4
CUSTARD, WILLIAM                       6-C-1840                                PA-63-11-7
CUTHBERTSON, JOHN                      3-C-1839                                PA-63-11-4
CUTHBERTSON, JOHN                      54-C-1836                               PA-63-10-30
CUTHBERTSON, SARAH                     59-C-1837                               PA-63-10-35
CUTHERBERTSON, JOHN (DR)               62-C-1829                               PA-63-09-16
DAGE, CATHARINE                        22-D-1843                               PA-63-13-57
DAGE, FREDERICK                        10-D-1798                               PA-63-12-43
DAGE, JOHN                             4-D-1839                                PA-63-13-40
DAGE, MICHAEL                          11-D-1823                               PA-63-12-67
DAGG, ANN                              32-D-1838 MINOR                         PA-63-13-35
DAGG, ELEANOR                          32-D-1838 MINOR                         PA-63-13-35
DAGG, MARGARET                         32-D-1838 MINOR                         PA-63-13-35
DAGG, RICHARD                          7-D-1833                                PA-63-13-14
DAGG, RICHARD                          22-D-1837                               PA-63-13-25
DAILEY, DENNIS                         30-D-1838                               PA-63-13-34
DAILEY, PHILIP                         10-D-1790                               PA-63-12-31
DALLY, CHARLES                         2-D-1845                                PA-63-13-79
DANLEY, WILLIAM                        38-D-1844                               PA-63-13-72
DANNIEL, JOSEPH                        7-D-1787                                PA-63-12-28
DAUGHTY, MICHAEL                       19-D-1836                               PA-63-13-23
DAVIDSON, GEORGE                       16-D-1805                               PA-63-12-48
DAVIS, ELIAS                           17-D-1843                               PA-63-13-52
DAVIS, EMILY MARIA                     29-D-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-13-64
DAVIS, FALKNER                         26-D-1843                               PA-63-13-61
DAVIS, HARRIET CAROLINE                28-D-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-13-63
DAVIS, HARRISON                        27-D-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-13-62
DAVIS, JAMES                           16-D-1836                               PA-63-13-20
DAVIS, JAMES                           4-D-1832                                PA-63-13-11
DAVIS, JAMES                           20-D-1837                               PA-63-13-31
DAVIS, JAMES                           21-D-1837                               PA-63-13-24
DAVIS, JOHN                            2-D-1840                                PA-63-13-38
DAVIS, JOHN                            9-D-1789                                PA-63-12-30
DAVIS, JOHN                            1-D-1791                                PA-63-12-34
DAVIS, JOHN                            8-D-1833                                PA-63-13-15
DAVIS, JONATHAN                        31-D-1828                               PA-63-13-8
DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH                  30-D-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-13-65
DAVIS, RHODA                           10-D-1841                               PA-63-13-45
DAVIS, RHODA ELMINA                    31-D-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-13-66
DAVIS, ROBERT                          21-D-1814                               PA-63-12-53
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          9-D-1841                                PA-63-13-44
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          28-D-1838                               PA-63-13-32
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          19-D-1826                               PA-63-12-75
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          37-D-1844                               PA-63-13-71
DAVIS, THOMAS                          26-D-1838                               PA-63-13-29
DAWSON, JAMES W.                       26-D-1828                               PA-63-13-3
DAWSON, ROBERT                         14-D-1804                               PA-63-12-46
DAY, BETHUEL                           29-D-1828                               PA-63-13-6
DAY, DANIEL                            28-D-1828                               PA-63-13-5
DAY, DARLING                           9-D-1834                                PA-63-13-16
DAY, SAMUEL                            8-D-1796                                PA-63-12-41
DEEDS, ANDEW                           3-D-1832                                PA-63-13-10
DEEDS, SARAH                           25A-D-1837                              PA-63-13-28
DEEMS, MARK                            2-D-1817                                PA-63-12-58
DEHAVEN, PETER                         15-D-1836                               PA-63-13-19
DEMINT, JESSE                          1-D-1786                                PA-63-12-23
DENMAN, PHILIP                         10-D-1823                               PA-63-12-66
DENNIS, JOHN                           20-D-1826                               PA-63-12-76
DENNIS, MICHAEL                        18-D-1826                               PA-63-12-74
DEVER, JOHN                            16-D-1825                               PA-63-12-72
DEVORE, ANDREW                         41-D-1840                               PA-63-13-75
DEVORE, JACOB                          7-D-1840                                PA-63-13-42
DEVORE, JACOB                          18-D-1836                               PA-63-13-22
DEVORE, JACOB                          21-D-1843 MINOR                         PA-63-13-56
DEVORE, JOHN                           15-D-1805                               PA-63-12-47
DICKERSON, ASA                         9-D-1798                                PA-63-12-42
DICKERSON, GIDEON                      19-D-1811                               PA-63-12-51
DICKERSON, HENRY                       21-D-1826                               PA-63-12-77
DICKERSON, JOHN                        3-D-1786                                PA-63-12-25
DICKERSON, RUTH                        17-D-1825                               PA-63-12-73
DICKERSON, RUTH                        18-D-1810                               PA-63-12-50
DICKESON, JOHN                         2-D-1786                                PA-63-12-24
DICKEY, JAMES                          18-D-1843                               PA-63-13-53
DICKEY, WILLIAM                        8-D-1841                                PA-63-13-43
DILL, JOHN                             7-D-1822                                PA-63-12-63
DILL, JOHN                             22-D-1815                               PA-63-12-54
DINGEE, CHARLES                        15-D-1825                               PA-63-12-71
DIVAN, JACOB                           34-D-1843                               PA-63-13-68
DIXON, EMANUEL                         11-D-1842                               PA-63-13-46
DIXON, EMANUEL                         11-D-1834                               PA-63-13-18
DIXON, EMANUEL                         43-D-1844                               PA-63-13-77
DIXON, SAMUEL                          11-D-1800                               PA-63-12-44
DIXON, SAMUEL                          23-D-1815                               PA-63-12-55
DOBBS, ANGIER                          1-D-1831                                PA-63-13-9
DODD, JOHN                             4-D-1820                                PA-63-12-60
DODD, MARY                             5-D-1820                                PA-63-12-61
DODDRIDGE, JOHN                        7-D-1796                                PA-63-12-40
DOLBY, WILLIAM                         17-D-1837                               PA-63-13-21
DOLLY, SAMUEL                          6-D-1833                                PA-63-13-13
DONAGHEY, JOHN                         14-D-1842                               PA-63-13-49
DONAGHEY, JOSEPH                       19-D-1843                               PA-63-13-54
DONAHEY, JANE R.                       40-D-1840                               PA-63-13-74
DONAHGHEY, JOHN                        1-D-1840                                PA-63-13-37
DONALDSON, JAMES                       1-D-1845                                PA-63-13-78
DONALDSON, JANE                        20-D-1843                               PA-63-13-55
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                     30-D-1828                               PA-63-13-7
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                     23-D-1843                               PA-63-13-58
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                     3-D-1839                                PA-63-13-39
DONALSON, DAVID                        3-D-1792                                PA-63-12-36
DONEHEY, JOHN                          4-D-1786                                PA-63-12-26
DONELY, JOHN                           PA-63-12-D-1824                         PA-63-12-68
DONINGTON, JAMES                       17-D-1809                               PA-63-12-49
DONLEY, JOHN                           25-D-1828                               PA-63-13-2
DONLEY, JOHN                           25-D-1843                               PA-63-13-60
DONLEY, RACHEL                         24-D-1843                               PA-63-13-59
DONNELL, OHN                           32-D-1844                               PA-63-13-67
DONNELLY, ROBERT                       22-D-1827                               PA-63-12-78
DORNAN, JOHN                           35-D-1844                               PA-63-13-69
DORNAN, SILAS                          39-D-1844 MINOR                         PA-63-13-73
DOUGHERTY, JOSEPH                      14-D-1825                               PA-63-12-70
DOUTTY, EDWARD                         PA-63-12-D-1790                         PA-63-12-33
DOWDEL, JESSE                          16-D-1843                               PA-63-13-51
DOWDLE, MICHAEL                        15-D-1843                               PA-63-13-50
DOWLER, JOSEPH                         PA-63-12-D-1800                         PA-63-12-45
DOWLER, JOSEPH                         32-D-1839                               PA-63-13-36
DRAKE, DANIEL                          8-D-1822                                PA-63-12-64
DRAPER, JAMES                          5-D-1786                                PA-63-12-27
DRIVER, JAMES                          24-D-1816                               PA-63-12-56
DRIVER,JAMES                           20-D-1812                               PA-63-12-52
DRUMMOND, WILLIAM                      2-D-1792                                PA-63-12-35
DRYDEN, JAMES                          24-D-1828                               PA-63-13-1
DRYDEN, JAMES                          10-D-1834                               PA-63-13-17
DUBERRY, MARTIN                        9-D-1823                                PA-63-12-65
DUBERRY, MARTIN                        6-D-1821                                PA-63-12-62
DUDGEON, JOSEPH                        36-D-1844                               PA-63-13-70
DUNCAN, JOHN                           5-D-1794                                PA-63-12-38
DUNCAN, JOHN                           11-D-1790                               PA-63-12-32
DUNCAN, ROBERT                         5-D-1832                                PA-63-13-12
DUNLAP, ALEXADNER                      27-D-1828                               PA-63-13-4
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                      3-D-1817                                PA-63-12-59
DUNLAP, JAMES                          25-D-1837                               PA-63-13-27
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         24-D-173                                PA-63-13-26
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        27-D-1838                               PA-63-13-30
DUNWOODY, WILLIAM                      1-D-1817                                PA-63-12-57
DUSSMAN, DANIEL                        6-D-1795                                PA-63-12-39
DUSSMAN, JACOB                         8-D-1788                                PA-63-12-29
DUTTON, DAVID                          12-D-1842                               PA-63-13-47
DYE, BENJAMIN                          4-D-1792                                PA-63-12-37
DYE, ENOCH                             5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, ISAAC                             5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, ISAAC                             28-D-1838                               PA-63-13-33
DYE, JAMES                             5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, JOHN                              5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, MARY                              5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, REBECCA                           5-D-1840 MINOR                          PA-63-13-41
DYE, REBECCA                           13-D-1842                               PA-63-13-48
FALEHNOR, RHODA DAVIS                  13-D-1825 MINOR                         PA-63-12-69
MCADAMS, JOHN                          50-MC-1815                              PA-63-35-40
MCARDLE, PATRICK                       39-MC-1810                              PA-63-35-30
MCBRIDE, SAMUEL                        58-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-48
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                       22-MC-1804                              PA-63-35-15
MCCALL, WILLIAM                        44-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-34
MCCALLISTER, JAMES                     48-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-38
MCCAMMON, WILLIAM                      ?-MC-1818                               PA-63-35-54
MCCLAIN, JOHN                          55-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-46
MCCLELLAND, KENETH                     8-MC-1797                               PA-63-35-2
MCCLINTOCK, WILLIAM                    45-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-35
MCCLUNEY, JAMES                        23-MC-1806                              PA-63-35-16
MCCLURE, ANDREW                        1-MC-1817                               PA-63-35-50
MCCOLLOUGH, PATRICK                    46-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-36
MCCOMB, JOHN                           13-MC-1799                              PA-63-35-6
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER                   30-MC-1807                              PA-63-35-21
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER                   18-MC-1802                              PA-63-35-11
MCCORKLE, JAMES                        56-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-45
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                     32-MC-1808                              PA-63-35-23
MCCOY, ANGUS                           11-MC-1797                              PA-63-35-4
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         57-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-47
MCCRORY, DAVID                         31-MC-1808                              PA-63-35-22
MCCRORY, JAMES                         49-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-39
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                     59-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-49
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                     51-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-41
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                    36-MC-1809                              PA-63-35-27
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                    28-MC-1807                              PA-63-35-19
MCDOWELL, JAMES                        15-MC-1801                              PA-63-35-8
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         34-MC-1808                              PA-63-35-25
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         54-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-44
MCDOWELL, MARY                         7-MC-1796                               PA-63-35-1
MCDOWELL, THOMAS                       17-MC-1802                              PA-63-35-10
MCELROY, JOHN                          3-MC-1817                               PA-63-35-52
MCFADDEN, THOMAS                       53-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-43
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       12-MC-1799                              PA-63-35-5
MCFARLANE, JAMES                       ?-MC-1811                               PA-63-35-32
MCGEE, JAMES                           35-MC-1808                              PA-63-35-26
MCGEE, ROBERT                          37-MC-1809                              PA-63-35-28
MCGERHAN, DUNCAN                       14-MC-1800                              PA-63-35-7
MCGIFFIN, THOMAS                       20-MC-1803                              PA-63-35-13
MCGOOGIN, JAMES                        52-MC-1816                              PA-63-35-42
MCGOUGH, ANDREW                        ?-MC-1811                               PA-63-35-33
MCKAHAN, DANIEL                        40-MC-1810                              PA-63-35-31
MCKAY, WILLIAM                         24-MC-1805                              PA-63-35-17
MCKEE, THOMAS                          4-MC-1817                               PA-63-35-53
MCKENNY, JAMES W.                      2-MC-1817                               PA-63-35-51
MCKEOWN, WILLIAM                       29-MC-1807                              PA-63-35-20
MCKINNEY, SAMUEL                       38-MC-1809                              PA-63-35-29
MCKINNEY, SAMUEL                       33-MC-1808                              PA-63-35-24
MCKNIGHT, SAMUEL                       27-MC-1806                              PA-63-35-18
MCKNIGHT, SAMUEL                       21-MC-1804                              PA-63-35-14
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      47-MC-1813                              PA-63-35-37
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL                    19-MC-1802                              PA-63-35-12
MCMULLAN, JAMES                        9-MC-1797                               PA-63-35-3
MCNAUGHT, THOMAS                       16-MC-1802                              PA-63-35-9
MILLER, ANN ANDREW                     16-A-1835 MINOR                         PA-63-02-20
MILLER, LUCIA BAKER                    49-B-1848 MINOR                         PA-63-07-11
STATON, JANE CAMPBELL                  2-C-1845 MINOR                          PA-63-11-49
THOMAS, ELIZABETH BEBOUT               45-B-1844                               PA-63-06-41
WHITE, JANE R. (BAKER)                 62-B-1849                               PA-63-07-20

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