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BECKCOM, LIZZIE                         GA-19-1-83
BECKOM, SOLOMON G.                      GA-19-1-4
BECKOM, ZACK G.                         GA-19-1-11
BELL, HUGH                              GA-19-1-30
BRIDGES, MARY A.                        GA-19-1-26
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         GA-19-1-1
CLAYTON, P. P.                          GA-19-1-36
COLLEY, JOHN                            GA-19-1-67
COLLEY, WILLIAM                         GA-19-1-5
COLLINS, WILLIAM A.                     GA-19-1-56
CORDRAY, JAMES A.                       GA-19-1-80
CUTTS, ISABELLA                         GA-19-1-48
DICKEY, THOMAS E.                       GA-19-1-34
DOZIER, L. W.                           GA-19-1-47
DUKE, A.A.                              GA-19-1-44
DYRE, R. H.                             GA-19-1-42
FENTRESS, J. C.                         GA-19-1-32
GIBBS, DRUCILLA                         GA-19-1-18
GUILDER,POLLEY A. J.                    GA-19-1-24
HAY, JAMES                              GA-19-1-16
HODNETT, WILLIAM H.                     GA-19-1-38
HOLT, JAMES O. A.                       GA-19-1-13
JENKINS, TABITHA                        GA-19-1-25
JOHNSON, SARAH                          GA-19-1-21
JONES, WILLIAM P.                       GA-19-1-2
KNIGHT, JOHN                            GA-19-1-50
LEARY, CORNELIUS                        GA-19-1-20
LEONARD, THOMAS K.                      GA-19-1-79
MAGUGET, JOHN O.                        GA-19-1-82
MANSFIELD, JOHN                         GA-19-1-27
MARTIN, ELEANOR                         GA-19-1-7
MAXWELL, KATHLEEN C.                    GA-19-1-83
MILLER, CHARLES S.                      GA-19-1-15
MONROE, JAMES J.                        GA-19-1-64
OLIVER, J. B.                           GA-19-1-40
PACE, JOHN                              GA-19-1-9
PAGE, SION                              GA-19-1-78
PARKINS, EMMA L.                        GA-19-1-88
PEPPER,MARTHA L.                        GA-19-1-82
POWELL, MARY                            GA-19-1-62
THIGPEN, H. T. (MRS.)                   GA-19-1-45
TIMMONS, ISAAC                          GA-19-1-75
WATKINS, M. W.                          GA-19-1-61
WILKINSON, W. W.                        GA-19-1-22
WISE, JACOB E.                          GA-19-1-54
WOOTEN, SIMON                           GA-19-1-87

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