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LACEY, LAWRENCE                         GA-25-N-116
LANG, JOHN                              GA-25-O-568
LANGLEY, CATHARINE                      GA-25-G-221
LAPEYRE, JOHN B.                        GA-25-E-340
LARENTUNE, EUGENIA                      GA-25-O-566
LARKING, EDWARD                         GA-25-B-12
LASKEY, JOHN                            GA-25-J-209
LATHROP, DWIGHT                         GA-25-J-328
LATHROP, FRANK                          GA-25-J-281
LATHROP, JAMES W.                       GA-25-O-302
LATOUR, PIERRE GRASSET                  GA-25-E-338
LAW, WILLIAM                            GA-25-N-297
LAWLER, HONORA                          GA-25-F-121
LAWRENCE,LAVINIA                        GA-25-O-494
LAWREY, JOHN                            GA-25-A-243
LAWSON, ANN                             GA-25-H-133
LAWSON, JOHN                            GA-25-F-30
LEAHY, THOMAS                           GA-25-O-353
LEE, CATHERINE                          GA-25-N-61
LEE, CHARLES                            GA-25-J-395
LEE, DANIEL                             GA-25-O-573
LEE, THOMAS                             GA-25-B-44
LEFFER, JOHN                            GA-25-F-312
LEGRICH, O.                             GA-25-H-36
LEHAY, MICHAEL                          GA-25-F-133
LENDERGREEN, ANN C.                     GA-25-I-87
LESLIE, ALEXANDER                       GA-25-A-75
LETHBRIDGE, O. M.                       GA-25-J-415
LEUBON, JEAN                            GA-25-E-230
LEVETT, FRANCIS                         GA-25-D-59
LEVETT, JOHN                            GA-25-F-61
LEVETT, JOHN                            GA-25-E-73
LEVY, JACOB C.                          GA-25-N-388
LEWIS, ANTONIO                          GA-25-J-285
LEWIS, CHRISTIANNA                      GA-25-E-174
LEWIS, FRANCIS                          GA-25-B-268
LEWIS, JOHN                             GA-25-J-330
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         GA-25-F-222
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         GA-25-F-223
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                        GA-25-G-257
LEWIS, OLIVER                           GA-25-B-200
LILLEBRIDGE, ROBERT                     GA-25-H-106
LILLIBRIDGE, JOHN                       GA-25-F-221
LIMBERT, WILLIAM                        GA-25-F-8
LINCOLN, ROBERT                         GA-25-F-256
LION, DAVID                             GA-25-H-119
LIPPMAN, JOSEPH                         GA-25-N-422
LIRON, ANNA                             GA-25-E-207
LIVINGSTON, JOHN C.                     GA-25-D-114
LLOYD, EDWARD                           GA-25-E-225
LLOYD, REBECCA                          GA-25-B-97
LLOYD, THOMAS E.                        GA-25-F-150
LOCKE, J. L.                            GA-25-J-136
LONG, MICHAEL                           GA-25-F-282
LOOBY, MARGARET M.                      GA-25-J-385
LOPER, ARA                              GA-25-F-173
LORD, JAMES                             GA-25-I-375
LORD, JOHN                              GA-25-O-577
LOW, ANDREW                             GA-25-O-552
LOW, ANDREW                             GA-25-H-356
LOWENTHAL, M.                           GA-25-N-103
LOWTHER, REBECCA                        GA-25-H-182
LOYD, THOMAS                            GA-25-A-307
LOYD, THOMAS E.                         GA-25-N-274
LOYER, ADRIAN                           GA-25-A-148
LUCENA, LUCAS                           GA-25-E-194
LUCENA, THOMAS                          GA-25-F-273
LUERS, JOHN                             GA-25-I-164
LUFBURROW, MATHEW                       GA-25-J-168
LWEDEN, WILLIAM                         GA-25-E-257
MACFARLANE, SUSANNAH                    GA-25-B-176
MACKAR, WILLIAM                         GA-25-I-420
MACKAY, ADAM                            GA-25-D-195
MACKAY, CATHARINE                       GA-25-O-92
MACKAY, ELIZA                           GA-25-J-236
MACKAY, JOHN                            GA-25-H-289
MACKAY, SARAH                           GA-25-N-434
MACKAY, VIRGINIA S.                     GA-25-G-351
MACKENZIE, ELIZA H.                     GA-25-N-177
MACKENZIE, HENRY CHARLES                GA-25-I-408
MACKEY, JAMES                           GA-25-B-260
MACKEY, JOHN                            GA-25-A-287
MACLEAN, JOHN                           GA-25-E-262
MACLEOD, DONALD                         GA-25-D-54
MACLEOD, FRANCIS H.                     GA-25-J-80
MACQUEEN, ELIZABETH                     GA-25-E-2
MAHER,OWEN                              GA-25-H-107
MALL, MARGARET                          GA-25-D-210
MANN, JOHN                              GA-25-C-81
MANN, SUSIE C.                          GA-25-O-250
MANSES, J.                              GA-25-O-35
MANSFIELD, HONORA                       GA-25-N-67
MARR, ELLEN                             GA-25-H-204
MARSH, J. M.                            GA-25-N-448
MARSH, MULFORD                          GA-25-I-210
MARSHALL, ANDREW                        GA-25-I-263
MARSHALL, JAMES                         GA-25-H-187
MARSHALL, JOSEPH A.                     GA-25-I-31
MARSHALL, WILLIAM P.                    GA-25-G-55
MARTHAEI, MARGARET                      GA-25-I-142
MARTIN, JOHN                            GA-25-B-253
MARTIN, JOHN L.                         GA-25-I-457
MARTIN, MARY ANN                        GA-25-O-508
MARTIN, PATRICK                         GA-25-I-111
MARTIN, PHILLIP                         GA-25-N-370
MARTINANGEL, LOVE                       GA-25-F-297
MATHER, MARY                            GA-25-O-50
MAUPAS, LOUISA C.                       GA-25-O-575
MAXWELL, JAMES                          GA-25-B-151
MAXWELL, MARY                           GA-25-I-384
MAYER, SERENUS                          GA-25-F-228
MCALLESTER, CHARLOTTE E.                GA-25-I-373
MCALLISTER, A.                          GA-25-N-430
MCALLISTER, HANNAH                      GA-25-F-340
MCALLISTER, M. HALL                     GA-25-J-248
MCALLISTER, MATTHEW                     GA-25-F-249
MCALPIN, HENRY                          GA-25-H-420
MCASEY, WILLIAM                         GA-25-H-181
MCAULIFFE, JOHN                         GA-25-O-38
MCCABE, EDWARD                          GA-25-O-65
MCCABE, EDWARD JR.                      GA-25-O-472
MCCALL, HUGH                            GA-25-F-292
MCCALLISTER, RICHARD                    GA-25-D-95
MCCANLEY, M. J.                         GA-25-O-273
MCCANN, BARNARD                         GA-25-D-202
MCCARTHY, MICH D.                       GA-25-N-347
MCCLAIN, CATHARINE                      GA-25-G-185
MCCLAREN, ARCHIBALD                     GA-25-F-179
MCCLEAN, ANDREW                         GA-25-B-210
MCCORMICK, SAMUEL                       GA-25-D-112
MCCREDIE, ANDREW                        GA-25-D-243
MCCROHAN, JEREMIAH                      GA-25-O-296
MCDONALD, CHRISTOPHER                   GA-25-H-141
MCDONALD, JAMES                         GA-25-H-222
MCDONALD, MARGARET                      GA-25-I-82
MCDOWELL, A. J.                         GA-25-N-239
MCDOWELL, MINERVA                       GA-25-O-161
MCFARLAND, JOHN                         GA-25-J-355
MCFARLANE, PETER                        GA-25-F-198
MCGARVAN, DANIEL                        GA-25-D-240
MCGONIGLE, JOHN                         GA-25-G-314
MCHARDY, ALEXANDER                      GA-25-O-307
MCHENRY, JAMES                          GA-25-J-160
MCINNES, JOSEPH                         GA-25-H-429
MCINTIRE, ANDREW                        GA-25-H-236
MCINTIRE, JAMES                         GA-25-I-521
MCINTOSH, GEORGE                        GA-25-D-190
MCINTOSH, HENRY                         GA-25-E-237
MCINTOSH, JOHN                          GA-25-B-79
MCINTOSH, LACHLAN                       GA-25-D-211
MCINTOSH, MARY                          GA-25-F-320
MCKENNA, M.                             GA-25-O-7
MCKENTY, PATRICK                        GA-25-E-235
MCKENZIE, DANIEL W.                     GA-25-F-383
MCKENZIE, ELIZA MARY                    GA-25-G-377
MCKINNEY, ROGER                         GA-25-F-327
MCKNIGHT, MARY ANN                      GA-25-D-241
MCKOY, HENRY                            GA-25-F-164
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     GA-25-O-194
MCLELVEN, WILLIAM                       GA-25-G-367
MCNENNY, WILLIAM                        GA-25-H-195
MCNIEL, DIANA                           GA-25-G-184
MCQUEEN, ANN                            GA-25-E-102
MCQUEEN, JOHN                           GA-25-F-218
MCVEAN, JOHN                            GA-25-G-103
MCWHIR, WILLIAM                         GA-25-H-415
MEHRTENS, HENRY C.                      GA-25-O-317
MEHRTENS, LUDA                          GA-25-N-196
MELL, MARY ANN                          GA-25-G-365
MELROSE, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-233
MELVIN, MARTHA MATTHEWS                 GA-25-H-49
MENDENHALL, THOMAS                      GA-25-F-15
MENDENHALL, THOMAS                      GA-25-E-57
MENICKE, FREDERICK                      GA-25-O-390
MERAULT, SIMON                          GA-25-N-420
MERTZ, JOHANNES P. A.                   GA-25-N-143
METZGER, MARY SUSAN                     GA-25-O-121
MEYER, JOHN                             GA-25-H-80
MIDDLETON, CHARLES E.                   GA-25-O-321
MILLEDGE, JOHN                          GA-25-F-55
MILLEN, CORNELIA M.                     GA-25-O-1223
MILLEN, JOHN                            GA-25-D-160
MILLEN, STEPHEN                         GA-25-F-21
MILLER, ANDREW F.                       GA-25-H-288
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       GA-25-D-165
MILLER, HANNAH C.                       GA-25-F-386
MILLER, HENRIETTE                       GA-25-H-92
MILLER, JOHN (DIVISION)                 GA-25-E-300
MILLER, ROBERT                          GA-25-C-431
MILLER, SUSANNAH                        GA-25-E-387
MILLER, ZACHARIAH                       GA-25-E-310
MILLS, THOMAS                           GA-25-C-289
MINCHIN, PATRICK                        GA-25-H-420
MINGAY, ANN                             GA-25-N-208
MINIS, ABIGAIL                          GA-25-A-199
MINIS, D. (MRS)                         GA-25-N-311
MINIS, HESTER                           GA-25-J-228
MINIS, JUDY                             GA-25-F-353
MINIS, LEAH                             GA-25-D-53
MINIS, PHILLIPPA                        GA-25-J-201
MINOR, H. T.                            GA-25-N-333
MIRAULT, PRISCILLA                      GA-25-N-341
MITCHEL, PETER                          GA-25-H-29
MITCHELL, ABBY                          GA-25-N-48
MITCHELL, ESTHER                        GA-25-F-134
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        GA-25-G-133
MOLINA, MANUEL                          GA-25-J-111
MOLLET, REBECCA                         GA-25-G-333
MOLYNEUX, E. H.                         GA-25-N-219
MOLYNEUX, EDMUND                        GA-25-N-266
MONGIN, ANN                             GA-25-H-440
MONGIN, WILLIAM H.                      GA-25-H-432
MONTAIGUE, DAVID                        GA-25-A-239
MOORE, AARON                            GA-25-C-121
MOORE, CATHERINE                        GA-25-C-296, 407
MOORE, JAMES                            GA-25-C-91
MOORE, JAMES                            GA-25-F-103
MOORE, JOHN B.                          GA-25-J-62
MOORE, SUSANNAH                         GA-25-D-19
MORDECIA C. L.                          GA-25-N-270
MOREAU, PETER M.                        GA-25-F-306
MOREL, ANN                              GA-25-J-308
MOREL, CATHERINE                        GA-25-J-223
MOREL, JOHN (DIVISION)                  GA-25-E-297
MOREL, JOHN ***                         GA-25-D-30
MOREL, JOHN H.                          GA-25-G-154
MOREL, SARAH M.                         GA-25-G-234
MOREL,A NN                              GA-25-I-10
MORGAN, ANNE                            GA-25-F-308
MORGAN, ELEANOR                         GA-25-G-44
MORGAN, THOMAS                          GA-25-B-65
MORIN, PETER                            GA-25-G-327
MORRELL, ANN E.                         GA-25-N-286
MORRISON, ELIZA                         GA-25-N-173
MORTIMER, WILLIAM                       GA-25-A-261
MOSSMAN, JAMES                          GA-25-D-91
MOUGIN, JOHN DAVID                      GA-25-G-194
MOYLAN, MARIA                           GA-25-N-399
MUIRES, SARAH                           GA-25-D-72
MULBRYNE, CLAUDIA                       GA-25-B-164
MULCASTER, GEORGE                       GA-25-E-48
MULLER, J. N.                           GA-25-N-171
MUNNERLYN, J. K.                        GA-25-O-9
MURCHISON, JOHN                         GA-25-N-7
MURDOCH, DAVID                          GA-25-C-47
MURPHY, JOHN                            GA-25-N-265
MURPY, J. L.                            GA-25-N-432
MURRAY, JOHN                            GA-25-A-250
MURRAY, MARY                            GA-25-O-350
MUTER, ROBERT                           GA-25-E-161
MYERS, E. H.                            GA-25-O-12
MYERS, GEORGE                           GA-25-E-341
MYERS, HANNAH N.                        GA-25-J-377
MYERS, MORDECAI                         GA-25-J-291
MYERS, SARAH H.                         GA-25-O-544
NAGLE, NANCY                            GA-25-I-25
NAYEL, VINCENT                          GA-25-O-24
NAZARET, NICHOLAS                       GA-25-E-223
NELSON, MALCOLM                         GA-25-B-50
NETHERCLIFT, WILLIAM                    GA-25-D-183
NEUFOILLE, EDWARD                       GA-25-H-413
NEUFRILLE, MARY F.                      GA-25-O-491
NEUFVILLE, MARY                         GA-25-I-22
NEWELL, THOMAS M.                       GA-25-J-94
NEYLE, GILBERT NEVILLE                  GA-25-G-280
NEYLE, JAMES                            GA-25-E-80
NEYLE, MARIA                            GA-25-H-103
NEYLE, MARY A.                          GA-25-O-236
NEYLE, SAMPSON                          GA-25-H-67
NEYLE, WILLIAM                          GA-25-D-64
NICHOLS, ABRAHAM                        GA-25-G-73
NICOLL, G. A.                           GA-25-O-114
NIELSON, NICHOLAS                       GA-25-C-160
NOCK, ROBERT A.                         GA-25-N-165
NOEL, SARAH C.                          GA-25-G-332
NORDEN, LOEON                           GA-25-A-305
NORRIS, MARY E.                         GA-25-N-299
NORRIS, SARAH HILL                      GA-25-G-244
NORTON, ANN S.                          GA-25-I-402
NORTON, ELIJAH                          GA-25-E-213
NORTON, JOHN R.                         GA-25-J-387
NORTON, WILLIAM I.                      GA-25-G-215
NOSTRAND, GEORGE                        GA-25-I-483
NUGENT, PETER                           GA-25-N-179
NUNES, MOSES                            GA-25-C-436
NUNGAZER, HENRY JR.                     GA-25-B-286
NUNGEZER, GEORGE                        GA-25-F-174
NUNGEZER, MARY APPOLONIA                GA-25-A-81
NUTTMAN, SAMUEL                         GA-25-I-178
OAKMAN, WILLIAM                         GA-25-A-192
OAT, JONATHAN                           GA-25-G-256
OATES, JOHN                             GA-25-C-68
OATT, BARBARA                           GA-25-A-20
OBRIEN, MARY                            GA-25-G-243
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         GA-25-N-249
OBRYAN, PATRICK                         GA-25-H-13
OBYRNE, DOMINICK                        GA-25-H-401
OBYRNE, EDWARD                          GA-25-O-75
OBYRNE, JAMES L.                        GA-25-N-72
OBYRNE, JOHN F.                         GA-25-O-150
OBYRNE, JOSEPH J.                       GA-25-N-268
OBYRNE, JOSEPHINE M.                    GA-25-N-231
OBYRNE, LAURENCE                        GA-25-G-273
OCONNOR, MARY                           GA-25-O-476
ODINGSELLS, CHARLES                     GA-25-E-157
ODONNELL, OWEN                          GA-25-I-534
ODONOHUE, PATRICK                       GA-25-N-164
ODRISCOLL, W. C.                        GA-25-O-60
OGDEN, SOLOMON                          GA-25-C-25
OGILVIE, CHARLES                        GA-25-A-63
OKEEFE, PATRICK                         GA-25-E-252
OLCOTT, WILLIAM H.                      GA-25-J-398
OLILLIBRIDGE, HAMPTON                   GA-25-A-412
OLIVER, GEORGE                          GA-25-I-73
OMALEY, CHARLES                         GA-25-O-181
OMENES, LOUISA                          GA-25-F-237
ONEAL, MARGERY                          GA-25-J-43
ONEAL, MARY                             GA-25-F-239
OREILLY, CHARLES                        GA-25-H-185
OREILLY, HUGH                           GA-25-H-224
OREILLY, JOHN                           GA-25-G-279
OREILLY, OWEN                           GA-25-I-27
OROURKE, OWEN                           GA-25-J-148
ORTNER, HERMARY                         GA-25-B-256
OSTEEN, THOMAS                          GA-25-A-202
OUNCEL, BARBARA                         GA-25-D-103
OVERSTREET, C. C.                       GA-25-N-428
OWEN, G. W.                             GA-25-I-220
OWENS, OWEN                             GA-25-E-255
PACKARD, LAURA                          GA-25-O-104
PADELFORD, EDWARD                       GA-25-N-76, 86
PAGE, JOSEPH                            GA-25-E-226
PAISLEY, JOHN                           GA-25-A-409
PALIN, JAMES                            GA-25-I-217
PALMER, CHARLOTTE ANN                   GA-25-F-146
PALMER, GEORGE                          GA-25-B-31
PAPOT, JAMES                            GA-25-B-155
PARKER, ANN                             GA-25-D-23
PARKER, ANN                             GA-25-B-330
PARKER, FANNIE                          GA-25-O-285
PARKER, WILLIAM                         GA-25-G-341
PARKMAN, SAMUEL BRECK                   GA-25-G-348
PARR, STEPHEN                           GA-25-G-335
PATERSON, JAMES T.                      GA-25-J-375
PATRICK, PRENDERGAST                    GA-25-G-167
PATTERSON, ARTHUR                       GA-25-F-126
PATTISON, CATHERINE                     GA-25-G-375
PAYART, CHARLES LOUIS                   GA-25-E-276
PEIRCE, SARAH E.                        GA-25-O-229
PELOT, FRANCIS                          GA-25-E-320
PENDLETON, DANIEL                       GA-25-A-356
PENDLETON, SOLOMON                      GA-25-B-325
PENFIELD, JOSIAH                        GA-25-G-62
PENMAN, JOHN                            GA-25-C-112
PERCIVAL, WARREN                        GA-25-F-5
PETTIBONE, SARAH                        GA-25-I-463
PIDGE, DAVID                            GA-25-G-69
PINTO, RICHARD I. S.                    GA-25-F-33
PINTO, RICHARD J. S.                    GA-25-F-52
PITT, THOMAS                            GA-25-E-242
PLATT, JAMES                            GA-25-E-280
POLOCK, RACHAEL                         GA-25-F-9
POPE, WILLIAM                           GA-25-G-29
PORCHER, FRANCIS S.                     GA-25-H-198
PORCHER, PAUL                           GA-25-C-93
PORT, WILLIAM F.                        GA-25-E-381
PORTALIS, JOSEPH                        GA-25-E-337
POSTELL, ELIZA JANE                     GA-25-I-480
POTTER, JAMES                           GA-25-I-517
POTTER, JOHN                            GA-25-H-364
POTTER, THOMAS F.                       GA-25-I-84
POWER, JOHN A.                          GA-25-N-331
PRAY, JOB                               GA-25-C-156
PRAY, JOHN                              GA-25-F-72
PRENDERGAST, MARGARET                   GA-25-J-230
PRENDERGAST, MICHAEL                    GA-25-I-405
PRENTY, PATRICK                         GA-25-J-305
PRESTON, HENRY                          GA-25-B-14
PRICE, THOMAS R.                        GA-25-G-18
PRINGLE, J. G.                          GA-25-N-442
PRITCHARD, ELIZABETH                    GA-25-J-100
PROCTOR, GEORGE V.                      GA-25-E-389
PRYCE, CHARLES JR.                      GA-25-B-161
PURSE, JOSEPHINE A.                     GA-25-O-266
PURSE, THOMAS                           GA-25-N-207
QUANTOCK, MARY ANN                      GA-25-J-189
QUANTOCK, WILLIAM                       GA-25-I-127
QUANTOCK, WILLIAM SR.                   GA-25-I-29
QUINN, WILLIAM W.                       GA-25-N-284
QUINT,JACOB                             GA-25-O-340
RABENHORST, ANN BARBARA                 GA-25-B-140
RADIGUEY, CHARLES                       GA-25-A-330
RAE, JOHN                               GA-25-B-59
RAE, ROBERT                             GA-25-A-31
RAHN, ALEX H.                           GA-25-J-262
RAHN, JOSHUA                            GA-25-H-315
RAIFORD, ROEBRT                         GA-25-I-265
RANDOLPH, HANNAH F.                     GA-25-O-345
RASS, ABNER                             GA-25-F-96
RATRY, MARGARET                         GA-25-G-26
RAULIN, ANTHONY R.                      GA-25-F-298
RAYNES, JOSEPH                          GA-25-B-192
RAYNES, MARY S.                         GA-25-G-14
READ, GEORGE PADDEN                     GA-25-D-186
READ, JACOB (GEN.)                      GA-25-E-370
READ, JAMES                             GA-25-A-25
READ, JAMES BOND                        GA-25-H-81
READDICK, MICHAEL                       GA-25-A-136
READICK, PETER                          GA-25-B-67
REDDISH, SARAH P.                       GA-25-H-443
REED, ELIAS                             GA-25-I-68
REEDY, JOSEPH B.                        GA-25-O-481
REHM, CATHARINE                         GA-25-A-159
REILLY, JULIA ANN                       GA-25-I-21
REILLY, M. J.                           GA-25-O-43
REILLY, OWEN O.                         GA-25-I-27
REMSHARDT, JOHN                         GA-25-B-78
REMSHART, ELIZABTEH                     GA-25-H-188
REMSHART, REBECCA C.                    GA-25-O-264
REMSHART, WILLIAM                       GA-25-O-51
RHODES, ROBERT J.                       GA-25-I-173
RICE, JOHN                              GA-25-D-88
RICHARDS, HANNAH B.                     GA-25-F-241
RICHARDSON, COSMO P.                    GA-25-I-1
RICHARDSON, GEORGE                      GA-25-A-23
RICHARDSON, MARY                        GA-25-H-339
RIDLEY, ELIZA ANN                       GA-25-J-120
RIFFAULT, CHARLES                       GA-25-E-233
RIGON, LEVIN                            GA-25-E-165
RILEY, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-I-527
RING, CHRISTOPHER                       GA-25-A-16
RING, JOHN                              GA-25-A-84
RINGHILL, SUSAN                         GA-25-O-535
ROBBINS, THOMAS H.                      GA-25-F-258
ROBE, FRANCES                           GA-25-B-74
ROBERTS, CORNELIA S.                    GA-25-O-240
ROBERTS, ELIZA                          GA-25-I-458
ROBERTS, JAMES                          GA-25-H-326
ROBERTS, JOHN H.                        GA-25-A-301
ROBERTS, MARY J.                        GA-25-N-281
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                       GA-25-D-102
ROBERTSON, GEORGE R.                    GA-25-O-88
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        GA-25-D-139
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      GA-25-I-92
ROBINSON, JOHN                          GA-25-H-54
ROBINSON, MARTHA                        GA-25-H-193
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       GA-25-I-129
ROBISON, JANE                           GA-25-A-145
ROBISON, JANE                           GA-25-A-129
ROBISON, SARAH E.                       GA-25-O-355
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM S.                    GA-25-N-51
RODE, HENRY                             GA-25-I-130
RODEN, BERNARD                          GA-25-I-105
ROGERS, AMY                             GA-25-J-322
ROGERS, AUGUSTUS                        GA-25-A-262
ROGERS, CHARLES W.                      GA-25-J-56
ROLFE, DANIEL R.                        GA-25-H-332
ROLFES, FREDERICK                       GA-25-B-113
ROMA, FRANCIS                           GA-25-F-330
RONEY, DANIEL                           GA-25-E-64
ROPER, WILLIAM                          GA-25-E-68
ROSS, DONALD                            GA-25-C-422
ROSS, HUGH                              GA-25-A-1A
ROSS, HUGH                              GA-25-C-194
ROSS, SARAH                             GA-25-C-267
ROSS, WILLIAM                           GA-25-B-277
ROSSIGNOL, CAROLINE D. V.               GA-25-H-360
ROTCHFORD, PATRICK                      GA-25-N-14
ROYSTON, WILLIAM                        GA-25-F-69
RUPPERT, JOHN                           GA-25-A-91
RUSH, JOSEPH JR.                        GA-25-B-181
RUSSELL, JACOB                          GA-25-A-435
RUSSELL, JANE                           GA-25-C-177
RUSSELL, M. JANE                        GA-25-G-188
RYAN, JOHN                              GA-25-F-95
RYAN, MARY                              GA-25-I-26
SADLER, VIRGINIA A.                     GA-25-O-67
SALFNES, JOHN ISAAC                     GA-25-H-52
SALLE, VALENTIN                         GA-25-A-275
SANCHEZ, DORCAS                         GA-25-O-238
SANDERS, ELEANOR                        GA-25-G-345
SANDERS, MARY                           GA-25-F-167
SANDIDGE, DAVID                         GA-25-D-68
SANDLAND, JOHN                          GA-25-F-114
SANTINA, W. H.                          GA-25-N-289
SAUER, MARY M.                          GA-25-O-538
SAUSSY, JOACHIM R.                      GA-25-I-131
SAVAGE, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-F-386
SAVAGE, JOHN                            GA-25-N-251
SAVAGE, MARY ELLIOT ***                 GA-25-C-209
SAVAGE, THOMAS                          GA-25-B-292
SAVERY, JOHN                            GA-25-E-147
SCAFFIN, A.                             GA-25-F-191
SCHEFFER, ANTHONY                       GA-25-F-101
SCHENEYDER, HENRY                       GA-25-G-100
SCHEUBER, JUSTUS HARTMAN                GA-25-A-425
SCHLEY, J. M.                           GA-25-N-316
SCHLEY, PHILIP T.                       GA-25-J-1
SCHLEY, WILLIAM                         GA-25-O-406
SCHLOSSER, MATTHIAS                     GA-25-F-309
SCHMITGOFFER, MARGARET                  GA-25-G-136
SCHUMAKER, PETER                        GA-25-D-110
SCOTT, GAVIN                            GA-25-E-182
SCOTT, JAMES JOSEPH                     GA-25-D-162
SCOTT, MARGARET                         GA-25-I-544
SCOTT, WILLIAM I.                       GA-25-G-126
SCRANTON, DANIEL                        GA-25-A-141
SCRANTON, DANIEL T.                     GA-25-N-95
SCREVEN, G. P.                          GA-25-O-30
SCREVEN, JOHN                           GA-25-G-122
SCREVEN, SILVA ANN                      GA-25-O-478
SCUDDER, AMOS                           GA-25-I-223
SCUDDER, EPHRAIM                        GA-25-N-175
SCULL, ANN                              GA-25-E-354
SEARS, SUSANNAH                         GA-25-H-37
SEAVOR, PETER JOHONNAT                  GA-25-D-175
SELIG, MARCUS                           GA-25-N-101
SENIOR, CHAUENET                        GA-25-A-424
SEYMOUR, RICHARD                        GA-25-A-169
SHAD, CATHARINE ISLAND                  GA-25-C-205
SHAD, SOLOMON                           GA-25-G-175
SHAFFER, BALTHASER                      GA-25-E-169
SHAFFER, HANNAH                         GA-25-G-40
SHAFFER, JACOB                          GA-25-I-416
SHARPE, JAMES                           GA-25-I-7
SHAW, MARY A.                           GA-25-N-74
SHAW, WILLIAM                           GA-25-F-54
SHEFTALL, EMANUEL                       GA-25-N-418
SHEFTALL, ESTHER                        GA-25-G-75
SHEFTALL, FRANCES                       GA-25-F-143
SHEFTALL, JUDITH                        GA-25-I-135
SHEFTALL, MORDECAI                      GA-25-O-203
SHEFTALL, MOSES                         GA-25-G-239
SHEHAN, MICHAEL                         GA-25-J-106
SHELL, QUASH                            GA-25-O-488
SHELTALL, LEVI                          GA-25-E-83
SHICK, FREDERICK                        GA-25-D-122
SHICK, JOHN                             GA-25-G-212
SHROEDER, MARTIN                        GA-25-J-359
SIGFRITZ, GEORGE                        GA-25-B-23
SILSBY, DANIEL                          GA-25-A-40
SILSBY, SARAH                           GA-25-E-99
SIMMONS, JOHN                           GA-25-B-156
SIMONS, SAUL                            GA-25-E-118
SIMPSON, JAMES                          GA-25-A-338
SIMPSON, WINIFRED                       GA-25-B-299
SIMS, JAMES                             GA-25-E-140
SKIPWITH, CHARLES                       GA-25-F-18
SMALLWOOD, MARY M. H.                   GA-25-N-360
SMELLEY, JOHN                           GA-25-F-171
SMETS, ALEXANDER A.                     GA-25-I-536
SMETS, L. ELLEN R.                      GA-25-O-284
SMITH, A. F.                            GA-25-O-11
SMITH, AMIE                             GA-25-O-395
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                        GA-25-G-108
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-E-135
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-F-259
SMITH, FRANCES SOPHIA                   GA-25-G-52
SMITH, J. E.                            GA-25-O-21
SMITH, JANES                            GA-25-E-117
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-25-A-157
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-25-F-113
SMITH, JOHN ****                        GA-25-A-1
SMITH, JOHN CARRAWAY                    GA-25-A-359
SMITH, PATRICK                          GA-25-J-352
SMYTH, JOHN JOYNER                      GA-25-N-253
SNEED, WINEFRED                         GA-25-N-402
SNIDER, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-I-14
SOMERVILLE, JANE                        GA-25-A-33
SORCY, ANDREW                           GA-25-F-345
SORREL, FRANCIS                         GA-25-N-58
SPALDING, JAMES                         GA-25-A-213
SPENCER, GEORGE B.                      GA-25-C-418
SPENCER, JAMES I. W.                    GA-25-G-294
SPENCER, JOHN                           GA-25-D-227
SPENCER, WILLIAM H.                     GA-25-E-390
SPIVEY, JACOB                           GA-25-J-407
STAFFORD, MARY ANN                      GA-25-I-439
STAFFORD, WILLIAM G.                    GA-25-I-380
STARK, EBENEZER                         GA-25-F-56
STARR, WILLIAM SR.                      GA-25-I-394
STEADMAN, ANNA                          GA-25-J-7
STEBBENS, FRANCES                       GA-25-A-225
STEBBENS, REBECCA                       GA-25-E-51
STEVENS, JOHN                           GA-25-G-141
STEVENS, MARY                           GA-25-F-289
STEVENS, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-43
STEVENSON, JOHN                         GA-25-O-127
STEWART, ANN                            GA-25-E-200
STEWART, CHARLES                        GA-25-F-39
STEWART, E.                             GA-25-O-167
STEWART, SELENA                         GA-25-O-271
STILES, BENJAMIN                        GA-25-C-116
STILES, BENJAMIN EDWARD                 GA-25-J-293
STILES, JOSEPH                          GA-25-G-363
STILES, SAMUEL                          GA-25-G-251
STIRK, JOHN                             GA-25-B-83
STIRK, SAMUEL                           GA-25-A-116
STITES, RICHARD M.                      GA-25-E-208
STMARE, DE LA THOISON                   GA-25-A-406
STONE, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-B-251
STONE, FRANCIS M.                       GA-25-J-89
STONE, T. B.                            GA-25-N-446
STORIE, JOHN                            GA-25-D-89
STORR, JOHN                             GA-25-E-38
STOUF, ISIDORE                          GA-25-F-226
STRIKE, ELTON                           GA-25-I-89
STROTHARB, ABRAM                        GA-25-G-243
STROUS, JOHNH.                          GA-25-I-133
STUBBS, CHARLES F.                      GA-25-O-274
STULTS, HENRY A.                        GA-25-O-186
STUTZ, JOSEPH                           GA-25-E-163
SULLIVAN, JOHN T.                       GA-25-N-394
SUTCLIFFE, A.                           GA-25-I-44
SWEAT, ALLEN                            GA-25-G-121
SWIGOVER, MARGARET                      GA-25-G-136
SWIGOVER, MARY                          GA-25-G-276
TATNALL, EDWARD F.                      GA-25-G-223
TATTNALL, HARRIETT F.                   GA-25-N-237
TATTNALL, JOHN R. F.                    GA-25-N-238
TATTNALL, JOSIAH JR.                    GA-25-D-107
TATTNALL, JOSIAH JR.                    GA-25-E-400
TAYLOR, ANN                             GA-25-E-207
TAYLOR, HENRY                           GA-25-H-62
TAYLOR, MARY C.                         GA-25-H-202
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         GA-25-H-30
TAYLOR, WILLIAM FORBES                  GA-25-G-343
TAYLOR, WILLIAM G.                      GA-25-H-286
TEBEAU, CATHARINE                       GA-25-G-304
TEBEAU, JOHN                            GA-25-E-15
TEFFT, P. W.                            GA-25-N-277
TEISSIER, STEPHEN                       GA-25-C-78
TELFAIR, ALEXANDER                      GA-25-G-164
TELFAIR, EDWARD                         GA-25-E-27
TELFAIR, ELIABETH G. L.                 GA-25-H-154
TELFAIR, MARGARET                       GA-25-H-171
TELFAIR, MARGARET                       GA-25-I-433
TELFAIR, MARY                           GA-25-N-377
TELFAIR, SARAH                          GA-25-G-49
TELFAIR, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-22
TENBROECK, JOHN D.                      GA-25-O-537
TERRIEN, JOHN                           GA-25-A-272
TEW, PARACLETE                          GA-25-D-29
THIESS, THOMAS                          GA-25-F-206
THIRD, JOHN                             GA-25-D-61
THOMAS, JANE                            GA-25-O-456
THOMAS, WILLIAM B.                      GA-25-J-226
THOMASSON, PAUL P.                      GA-25-G-225
THOMPSON, JANE                          GA-25-D-51
THOMPSON, LEWIS B.                      GA-25-E-357
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       GA-25-D-88
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       GA-25-B-296
THOMSON, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-162
THREADCRAFT, GEORGE                     GA-25-B-315
TIDD, BENJAMIN                          GA-25-E-196
TIMOTHY, DAVID T.                       GA-25-G-70
TIOTT, CHARLES                          GA-25-E-77, 329
TIPPIN, JAMES JOSIAH                    GA-25-G-1
TOBLER, ULRIC                           GA-25-F-135
TONDEE, PETER                           GA-25-B-221
TOW, SOPHIA LOUISA                      GA-25-J-12
TRANFIELD, MARY                         GA-25-A-270
TREADCRAFT, ELIZABETH                   GA-25-E-324
TREUTLER, FREDERICK                     GA-25-A-319
TRUCHELUT, JOSEPH                       GA-25-F-352
TRUSHET, CHARLES                        GA-25-E-151
TUCKER, ALFRED B.                       GA-25-J-9
TUFT, LOUISIANA                         GA-25-H-184
TUFT, SYNISTON                          GA-25-C-137
TUFTS, GARDNER                          GA-25-F-284
TUFTS, JANE JUDITH                      GA-25-E-350
TUFTS, JOHNSTON BLAKLEY                 GA-25-H-417
TUPPER, FREDERICK                       GA-25-J-295
TURCHELUT, FRANCIS                      GA-25-I-147
TUREL, JOHN G.                          GA-25-I-193
TURNBULL, NICHOL                        GA-25-F-305
TURNER, DAVID                           GA-25-H-280
TURNER, JOSEPH                          GA-25-E-229
TURNER, LEWIS                           GA-25-B-273
TURNER, LEWIS                           GA-25-D-97
TURNER, MARY E.                         GA-25-H-234
TURNER, THOMAS M.                       GA-25-N-200
ULLAM, JOHN                             GA-25-E-11
ULMER, CHARLES                          GA-25-H-55
ULMER, PHILIP                           GA-25-D-231
ULMER, PHILIP                           GA-25-I-208
ULMER, WILLIAM                          GA-25-E-56
URQHART, CATHARINE                      GA-25-O-242
VALLATON, DAVID MOSES                   GA-25-A-204
VALLOTTON, ELIZABETH                    GA-25-E-247
VARN, BENJAMIN                          GA-25-G-51
VAUGHN, B. A.                           GA-25-N-445
VEADER, CHARLES                         GA-25-J-155
VERDIER, ELIZABETH                      GA-25-J-302
VEREEN, JOHN T.                         GA-25-O-514
VESSEY, ABRAHAM                         GA-25-A-392
VILLEPONTOUX, JANE                      GA-25-E-233
WADE, HEZEKIAH                          GA-25-A-401
WAGNER, ALBERT                          GA-25-H-148
WAGNER, JOHN                            GA-25-H-79
WAIT, GEORGE S.                         GA-25-I-174
WAKERLY, JOHN                           GA-25-F-315
WALDBURG, ELIZABETH L.                  GA-25-O-177
WALDBURG, JACOB                         GA-25-N-188
WALDBURGER, JACOB                       GA-25-A-264
WALDEN, CHARLES C.                      GA-25-I-507
WALDHAUER, DAVID                        GA-25-O-520
WALKER, CHARLES                         GA-25-B-144
WALKER, MARY                            GA-25-H-369
WALL, MARY                              GA-25-N-290
WALLACE, JAMES                          GA-25-H-1
WALLACE, MARY                           GA-25-O-571
WALLACE, NORMAN                         GA-25-I-474
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-78
WALSH, T. J.                            GA-25-O-17
WALTBURG, GEORGE M.                     GA-25-I-236
WARD, ANN                               GA-25-J-32
WARD, JOSHUA                            GA-25-G-109
WARDROBE, HARRIET LOUISA                GA-25-I-382
WARING, JACOB                           GA-25-G-206
WARING, WILLIAM R.                      GA-25-H-126
WARREN, JEREMIAH                        GA-25-C-7
WARREN, NESTOR                          GA-25-F-176
WASHBURN, JOSEPH                        GA-25-I-523
WASHINGTON, NELLIE                      GA-25-O-288
WATER, PETER                            GA-25-A-434
WATERS, JOHN                            GA-25-G-252
WATERS, SARAH                           GA-25-G-204
WATTS, JOSEPH                           GA-25-A-245
WATTS, LALEAH                           GA-25-F-249
WAY, MARTHA                             GA-25-A-217
WAYNE, ANTHONY (MAJ. GEN.)              GA-25-E-69
WAYNE, E. L.                            GA-25-N-406
WAYNE, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-D-185
WAYNE, HENRY C.                         GA-25-O-310
WAYNE, JAMES M.                         GA-25-J-333
WAYNE, RICHARD                          GA-25-E-105
WEAVER, SOLOMON                         GA-25-N-390
WEBB, AMOS                              GA-25-J-152
WEBB, C. (MRS)                          GA-25-N-367
WEBB, ISHMAEL                           GA-25-H-212
WEBB, JAMES F.                          GA-25-I-437
WEED, N. B.                             GA-25-O-98
WEITMAN, JOHN L.                        GA-25-I-453
WEITMAN, N.                             GA-25-O-96
WELLS, ANDREW                           GA-25-G-59
WELLS, ANDREW ELTON                     GA-25-B-36
WELLS, ASHBEL                           GA-25-I-107
WELLS, ELIJAH                           GA-25-E-271
WELLS, JAMES                            GA-25-G-131
WERNER, ANN                             GA-25-J-348
WESCAT, JOHN                            GA-25-A-325
WESTCOTT, W. H.                         GA-25-O-42
WEYMESS, WALTER Y.                      GA-25-D-155
WHELOCK, THOMAS                         GA-25-B-321
WHITE, EDWARD                           GA-25-E-184
WHITE, JAMES                            GA-25-F-153
WHITE, WILLIAM P.                       GA-25-J-133
WHITEFIELD, GEORGE                      GA-25-E-241
WHITEFIELD, JAMES                       GA-25-A-223
WHITEFIELD, MARTHA                      GA-25-A-254
WHITFIELD, ELIZABETH                    GA-25-A-310
WHITFIELD, JOHN                         GA-25-G-192
WIGGINS, EDMUND                         GA-25-C-141
WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM                       GA-25-G-260
WILBUR, AARON                           GA-25-N-34
WILDER, GRACE JANE                      GA-25-N-145
WILEY, EDWARD                           GA-25-H-373
WILKINS, ANNA                           GA-25-A-341
WILKINS, ARCHIBALD SR.                  GA-25-H-157
WILKINS, ELIZABETH                      GA-25-H-256
WILKINS, MARTHA                         GA-25-G-32
WILKINS, SAMUEL                         GA-25-G-114
WILKINSON, JOHN                         GA-25-H-20
WILLETT, MARIA B.                       GA-25-O-443
WILLIAMS, BRYAN                         GA-25-F-102
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER H.                   GA-25-H-139
WILLIAMS, JORDAN                        GA-25-E-273
WILLIAMS, JOSHUA                        GA-25-D-183
WILLIAMS, M. H. SR.                     GA-25-N-358
WILLIAMS, MARTHA ANN                    GA-25-I-166
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         GA-25-O-513
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                       GA-25-A-74
WILLIAMS, THOMAS F.                     GA-25-E-363
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM THORNE                GA-25-J-383
WILLIAMSON, ELIZA                       GA-25-J-364
WILLIAMSON, HENRY                       GA-25-I-410
WILLIAMSON, JOHN G.                     GA-25-E-258
WILLIAMSON, JOHN P.                     GA-25-H-122, 283
WILLINK, HENRY F.                       GA-25-N-361
WILLSON, BENJAMIN                       GA-25-G-27
WILLSON, GOODWYN                        GA-25-A-354
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        GA-25-E-228
WILSON, ELSEY                           GA-25-F-275
WILSON, JANE                            GA-25-N-428
WILSON, JANE                            GA-25-H-269
WILSON, LEIGHTON                        GA-25-F-271
WILSON, MARY M.                         GA-25-E-367
WILSON, NICHOLAS                        GA-25-A-154
WILSON, WILLIAM                         GA-25-E-17
WILTBERGER, PETER                       GA-25-I-49
WILTBERGER, WILLIAM HENRY               GA-25-N-150
WINECOFF, ANN R.                        GA-25-E-204
WINKLER, EDWIN T.                       GA-25-O-419
WINKLER, ELIAS                          GA-25-G-162
WINKLER, NANCY                          GA-25-O-454
WINKLER, SHADRACH                       GA-25-H-115
WINKLER, SHADRACH N.                    GA-25-I-407
WINN, BARNARD                           GA-25-D-207
WITTCAMP, CHARLES H. G.                 GA-25-O-359
WODORUFF, GEORGE                        GA-25-H-219
WOLFE, IRVIN L.                         GA-25-N-279
WOLFE, THOMAS                           GA-25-J-139
WOOD, EZEKIEL                           GA-25-G-172
WOOD, JAMES                             GA-25-E-382
WOOD, WILLIAM T.                        GA-25-J-380
WOODHOUSE, ROBERT                       GA-25-A-369
WOODRUFF, JEAN                          GA-25-H-290
WOOLF, JOHN                             GA-25-E-327
WOOLHOPSTER, SARAH                      GA-25-I-461
WORRELL, ROBERT                         GA-25-F-262
WORTHINGTON, MARGARET C.                GA-25-H-399
WRIGHT, JOHANNAH M. E.                  GA-25-J-410
WRIGHT, SARAH (LADY)                    GA-25-E-348
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         GA-25-I-468
WYER, HENRY OTIS                        GA-25-I-369
WYLLY, MARY                             GA-25-F-201
WYLLY, WILLIAM                          GA-25-B-39
YBANEZ, NORA                            GA-25-O-432
YONSSON, PETER                          GA-25-J-192
YOUNG, CHRISTIANA                       GA-25-F-169
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-D-176
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-E-263
YOUNG, ISAAC                            GA-25-B-48
YOUNG, JANE M.                          GA-25-O-332
YOUNG, MARGARET                         GA-25-E-76
YOUNG, THOMAS                           GA-25-G-146
YOUNG, THOMAS                           GA-25-E-59
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          GA-25-B-312
ZAHM, FREDERICK                         GA-25-A-238
ZETTLER, NATHANIEL                      GA-25-A-390

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