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HABERSHAM, JAMES                       GA-25-E-124
HABERSHAM, JOSEPH                      GA-25-G-143
HABERSHAM, RICHARD W.                  GA-25-H-108
HABERSHAM, ROBERT                      GA-25-N-42
HABERSHAM, SARAH E.                    GA-25-I-149
HABERSHAM, STEPHEN E.                  GA-25-I-489
HABERSHAM, WILLIAM                     GA-25-N-444
HABERSHAM, WILLIAM NEYLE               GA-25-Q-551
HADRICK, ALEXANDER                     GA-25-B-29
HAEMMERLE, FRANK                       GA-25-N-329
HAIG, GEORGE                           GA-25-E-359
HAIG, H. M. (DR)                       GA-25-G-266
HAIG, SARAH G.                         GA-25-H-175
HAIST, GEORGE                          GA-25-D-15
HAIST, HARRIOT                         GA-25-F-404
HALL, ANN                              GA-25-F-1
HALL, CHARLES J.                       GA-25-P-234
HALL, CYRENIUS                         GA-25-Q-210
HALL, GEORGE                           GA-25-N-1
HALL, NATHANIEL                        GA-25-E-31
HALL, NATHANIEL                        GA-25-F-25
HALL, WILLIAM LISTER                   GA-25-D-191
HALLIDAY, ANDREW                       GA-25-N-131
HALLIDAY, ANDREW JR.                   GA-25-N-259
HALSEY, DAVID F.                       GA-25-I-249
HAM, HARRY                             GA-25-P-532
HAMILTON, ANN                          GA-25-F-323
HAMILTON, EVERARD                      GA-25-H-230
HAMILTON, J. FLOYD                     GA-25-N-142
HAMILTON, JAMES                        GA-25-F-208
HAMILTON, MARMADUKE                    GA-25-Q-221
HAMILTON, SAMUEL P.                    GA-25-Q-530
HAMLET, JOHN R.                        GA-25-O-540
HAMMOND, JOHN L.                       GA-25-P-411
HANCOCK, NATHANIEL A.                  GA-25-P-55
HANLON, JOHN                           GA-25-N-306
HANLY, J. H.                           GA-25-O-13
HANNER, NICHOLAS                       GA-25-A-10
HANSCOME, HETTY E.                     GA-25-N-321
HARBOCK, JOHN                          GA-25-E-268
HARDEE, CORNELIA W.                    GA-25-Q-299
HARDEE, JOHN L.                        GA-25-P-366, 451
HARDEN, EDWARD                         GA-25-D-146
HARDEN, MARGARET E.                    GA-25-Q-492
HARDEN, MATILDA A.                     GA-25-J-51
HARDEN, THOMAS H.                      GA-25-P-288
HARDEN, THOMAS H.                      GA-25-F-188
HARDEN, WILLIAM                        GA-25-C-56
HARDEN, WILLIAM D.                     GA-25-Q-394
HARMON, ABRAHAM                        GA-25-I-392
HARN, SAMUEL                           GA-25-C-43
HARPER, ANN                            GA-25-E-29
HARRINGOTN, EDMUND                     GA-25-H-166
HARRINGTON, JOHN                       GA-25-P-156
HARRIS, CHARLES                        GA-25-G-21
HARRIS, FRANCES                        GA-25-Q-602
HARRIS, FRANCIS HENRY                  GA-25-B-116
HARRIS, MORDIACA                       GA-25-C-444
HARRIS, RAYMOND                        GA-25-P-86
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        GA-25-O-532
HARRISON, EDWARD                       GA-25-E-217
HARRISON, JACK (COLORED)               GA-25-E-293
HARRISON, MARTIN                       GA-25-F-157
HARRISON, WILLIAM                      GA-25-G-230
HARSTENE, JOACHIM                      GA-25-D-116
HART, ABIGAIL MARY                     GA-25-N-138
HART, JOHN                             GA-25-J-419
HARTRIDGE, A. S.                       GA-25-N-433
HARTRIDGE, J. E.                       GA-25-F-50
HARTRIDGE, JULIAN                      GA-25-O-87
HARTRIDGE, MARY H. G.                  GA-25-P-5
HARTSTENE, BENJAMIN                    GA-25-E-53
HASLAM, GEORGE W.                      GA-25-P-541
HAUPT, HENRY                           GA-25-I-413
HAYDEN, ANSON B.                       GA-25-H-99
HAYDEN, CATHERINE P.                   GA-25-J-211
HAYDEN, MICHAEL                        GA-25-Q-355
HAYES, JAMES                           GA-25-J-413
HAYS, SARAH MINIS                      GA-25-O-473
HAYWARD, MARIA LOUISA                  GA-25-I-152
HAZZARD, SARAH ANN                     GA-25-O-247
HEAGNEY, JAMES                         GA-25-O-386
HEALY, CATHERINE (FARLY)               GA-25-I-81
HEALY, DENNIS                          GA-25-J-10
HEARN, MARY ELIZABETH                  GA-25-D-206
HEBERE, PETER                          GA-25-E-97
HEDRICK, GEORGE W.                     GA-25-O-527
HEGMANN, JULIA                         GA-25-Q-99
HEINEMANN, FREDERICK W.                GA-25-H-296
HELBERT, MARY MAGDELIN                 GA-25-D-25
HELMKEN, MARTIN                        GA-25-P-534
HENDERSON, ELIZA                       GA-25-P-591
HENDERSON, MOSES Y.                    GA-25-Q-523
HENDLEN, JOHN U.                       GA-25-E-160
HENISLER, MARY ANN                     GA-25-O-130
HENNESSY, JOHN T.                      GA-25-Q-140
HENNESSY, MCB.                         GA-25-N-413
HENRY, CHARLES S.                      GA-25-J-124
HENRY, ERASTUS                         GA-25-O-365
HENRY, JACOB P.                        GA-25-H-95
HERB, FREDERIC                         GA-25-C-251
HERB, GEORGE                           GA-25-F-268
HERB, JOHN (DIVISION)                  GA-25-E-401
HERBERT, JOSEPH B.                     GA-25-G-144
HERBOCK, MICHAEL                       GA-25-B-72
HERNDON, B. S.                         GA-25-O-561
HERRICK, C.                            GA-25-O-47
HERRMANN, SOPHIA H. E.                 GA-25-O-206
HERSEN, HERMAN                         GA-25-D-1
HESS, HENRY                            GA-25-J-234
HEWITT, ALEXANERINA S.                 GA-25-J-118
HEYWARD, JACOB GUERARD                 GA-25-P-101
HIGGENS, ICHABOD                       GA-25-A-321
HILL, AUGUSTIN S.                      GA-25-Q-467
HILL, JOSEPH                           GA-25-E-277
HILL, MARY E.                          GA-25-Q-376
HILLHOUSE, DAVID P.                    GA-25-H-434
HILLSMAN, COLUMBUS                     GA-25-Q-91
HINNSEN, HENRY                         GA-25-O-306
HIRSCH, DAVID                          GA-25-N-424
HIRSHBERG, L.                          GA-25-O-64
HOBART, E. A.                          GA-25-O-71
HOBBS, JOHN                            GA-25-D-124
HODGENS, MARY                          GA-25-I-219
HODGSON, MARGARET T.                   GA-25-N-325
HODGSON, WILLIAM B.                    GA-25-N-122
HOGAN, ELLEN                           GA-25-N-372
HOGG, EUNICE                           GA-25-E-343
HOGG, THOMAS                           GA-25-E-149
HOHENSTEIN, HELENA                     GA-25-Q-367
HOHENSTEIN, ROSALIE                    GA-25-Q-466
HOLCOMBE, THOMAS                       GA-25-O-502
HOLFORD, JAMES                         GA-25-I-159
HOLLAND, JOHN                          GA-25-I-418
HOLLIS, E. C.                          GA-25-O-115
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                      GA-25-G-227
HOLMS, JOSEPH B. (DIVISION)            GA-25-E-333
HOLST, CHRISTEN M.                     GA-25-Q-411
HOLST, JANE MCD.                       GA-25-P-300
HOLVERSON, CHRISTIE                    GA-25-P-15
HOPKINS, ANN                           GA-25-Q-569
HOPKINS, CORMACK                       GA-25-O-467
HOPKINS, HARRIET                       GA-25-Q-156
HOPKINS, JOHN D.                       GA-25-N-344
HOPKINS, M. J.                         GA-25-O-63
HOPKINS, MATILDA A.                    GA-25-J-417
HOPKINS, MATTHEW                       GA-25-H-318
HORE, MARGARET                         GA-25-P-539
HORN, MARY ELIZABETH                   GA-25-D-17
HORSKINS, ZACHARIAH                    GA-25-D-204
HOTCHKISS, MARY ANN                    GA-25-F-288
HOUSTON, JAMES                         GA-25-A-121
HOUSTON, JULIA                         GA-25-P-435
HOUSTON, PETER                         GA-25-O-304
HOUSTON, SARAH P. C.                   GA-25-N-204
HOUSTOUN, ANN                          GA-25-F-182
HOUSTOUN, E.                           GA-25-N-350
HOUSTOUN, JOHN                         GA-25-A-247
HOUSTOUN, PATRICK                      GA-25-H-14
HOUSTOUN, PATRICK (SIR)                GA-25-B-226
HOUSTOUN, PRISCILLA                    GA-25-G-299
HOUSTOUN, RICHARD D.                   GA-25-E-284
HOUSTOUN, SARAH                        GA-25-F-190
HOUSTOWN, JAMES P. S.                  GA-25-P-455
HOUSTUN, MARY A.                       GA-25-N-128
HOVER, JOHN                            GA-25-I-509
HOVER, LEMUEL L.                       GA-25-P-587
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                       GA-25-F-123
HOWARD, CHARLES                        GA-25-F-70
HOWARD, JOHN GORDAN                    GA-25-J-272
HOWELL, JOHN B.                        GA-25-N-243
HOWLEY, RICHARD                        GA-25-B-197
HUGENIN, DANIEL                        GA-25-E-175
HUGER, ANNA M.                         GA-25-O-426
HUGER, J. A.                           GA-25-Q-138
HUGER, T. P.                           GA-25-N-423
HUGHES, OWEN                           GA-25-E-199
HUGUENIN, ELIZA                        GA-25-N-113
HUGUENIN, JOHN                         GA-25-G-248
HULL, ANNA M.                          GA-25-O-401
HULL, HENRY                            GA-25-O-316
HULT,Z JUSTUS                          GA-25-E-197
HUNK, CHRISTIAN F.                     GA-25-F-356
HUNTER, CHARLES C.                     GA-25-O-450
HUNTER, ELIZA S.                       GA-25-N-181
HUNTER, JAMES                          GA-25-J-65
HUNTER, JOHN                           GA-25-I-140
HUNTER, JOSEPH S.                      GA-25-P-293
HUNTER, MARGARET                       GA-25-G-264
HUNTER, MARIA F.                       GA-25-P-277
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        GA-25-P-448
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        GA-25-D-74
HUNTER, WILLIAM P.                     GA-25-J-423
HUSSEY, WILLIAM                        GA-25-O-196
HUTCHESON, ROBERT                      GA-25-I-492
HUTCHINGS, THOMAS                      GA-25-J-428
HUTCHINSON, ELIZA                      GA-25-E-202
HUTSON, JOHN                           GA-25-H-84
IMFELD, ANTHONY                        GA-25-E-274
IRVINE, ANN ELIZABETH                  GA-25-E-6
IRVINE, ELIZA                          GA-25-H-94
IRVING, JAMES                          GA-25-A-419
ISAAC, LUCY                            GA-25-H-345
ISAAC, ROBERT                          GA-25-G-45
JACKSON, DAVENPORT                     GA-25-O-404
JACKSON, EBENEZER                      GA-25-G-338
JACKSON, HENRY R.                      GA-25-Q-417, 433
JACKSON, JAMES (MAJ. GEN.)             GA-25-D-217
JACKSON, LUCINDA                       GA-25-P-352
JACKSON, WILLIAM C.                    GA-25-P-479
JACOBSON, CHARLES A.                   GA-25-Q-174
JAFFRAY, ALEXANDER                     GA-25-E-203
JAHAN, MARY                            GA-25-I-121
JALINMEAU, FRANCIS                     GA-25-F-280
JAMES, CATHERINE                       GA-25-P-562
JAMES, D. F.                           GA-25-Q-544
JAMES, HENRY                           GA-25-H-343
JAMES, MARGARET                        GA-25-I-79
JAMISON, JOHN                          GA-25-D-101
JANSAC, JAMES                          GA-25-B-219
JARVIS, JOHN                           GA-25-A-221
JENCKES, EBENEZER                      GA-25-H-77
JENKE, FREDRICK                        GA-25-Q-198
JEWETT, E. A.                          GA-25-I-228
JOHNS, MARY ANN                        GA-25-O-438
JOHNS, SARAH D.                        GA-25-P-173
JOHNS, WILLIAM S.                      GA-25-N-445
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        GA-25-D-137
JOHNSON, JAMES                         GA-25-G-222
JOHNSON, MARGARET                      GA-25-P-150
JOHNSON, MARGARET M.                   GA-25-J-221
JOHNSON, RICHARD                       GA-25-N-198
JOHNSON, SARAH                         GA-25-N-63
JOHNSON, SUSAN                         GA-25-N-45
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        GA-25-F-265
JOHNSOTN, JAMES                        GA-25-E-75
JOHNSTON, ANN                          GA-25-H-216
JOHNSTON, DAVID                        GA-25-E-250
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        GA-25-F-210
JOHNSTON, MARION ANN                   GA-25-H-254
JOHNSTON, MARY HELEN                   GA-25-N-140
JOHNSTON, MATTHEW                      GA-25-D-105
JOHNSTON, SARAH                        GA-25-E-318
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM W.                   GA-25-I-400
JOHNSTONE, EMILY G.                    GA-25-O-348
JONES, ANNA L.                         GA-25-N-319
JONES, AUGUSTUS SEABORN                GA-25-N-18
JONES, CHARLES                         GA-25-P-36
JONES, ELIZA                           GA-25-F-223
JONES, EMMA                            GA-25-Q-18
JONES, G. NOBLE                        GA-25-N-439
JONES, GEORGE                          GA-25-G-355
JONES, HENRIETTA B.                    GA-25-A-378
JONES, JAMES                           GA-25-A-403
JONES, LEWIS                           GA-25-A-143
JONES, LYDIA                           GA-25-P-356
JONES, MARY C.                         GA-25-H-165
JONES, NOBLE                           GA-25-B-120
JONES, NOBLE W.                        GA-25-O-262
JONES, NOBLE WIMBERLY                  GA-25-D-171
JONES, NOBLE WIMBERLY                  GA-25-F-57
JONES, OWEN                            GA-25-F-293
JONES, SARAH                           GA-25-E-145
JONES, SARAH                           GA-25-I-390
JONES, SARAH                           GA-25-E-288
JONES, SEABORN                         GA-25-P-358
JONES, THOMAS                          GA-25-P-589
JORDAN, HENRY W.                       GA-25-F-363
JORDAN, MICHAEL                        GA-25-Q-335
JORDAN, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-103
JOURDAN, CLARINDA                      GA-25-P-19
JUDSON, JOHN C.                        GA-25-P-118
KAISER, JULIA                          GA-25-Q-78
KAUFMAN, VIRGINIA E.                   GA-25-P-374
KAVANAUGH, PATRICK                     GA-25-P-140
KEALL, DAVID                           GA-25-D-106
KEEBLER, JOHN J.                       GA-25-H-214
KEEN, JOHN                             GA-25-G-270
KEEN,E LIZABETH                        GA-25-F-224
KEHOE, JOHN                            GA-25-O-259
KEIFFER, FREDERICK                     GA-25-H-56
KELLAM, JOHN R.                        GA-25-P-486
KELLER, GEORGE ADAM                    GA-25-A-198
KELLEY, ANN                            GA-25-P-522
KELLSALL, JOHN                         GA-25-D-144
KELLY, EUGENE                          GA-25-Q-141
KELLY, JOHN J.                         GA-25-N-169
KELLY, WILLIAM                         GA-25-F-390
KEMPF, AGNES                           GA-25-Q-48
KENNEDY, ROBERT C.                     GA-25-Q-108
KER, EUGENIA M.                        GA-25-O-276
KER, MARY                              GA-25-G-368
KERBLAY, LEQUINO                       GA-25-E-245
KERN, JOHN PETER                       GA-25-D-62
KERR, ELIZABETH                        GA-25-A-95
KIEFFER, DAVID                         GA-25-E-214
KIEFFER, DAVID                         GA-25-B-132
KIEFFER, HENRY                         GA-25-F-205
KINE, ELLEN                            GA-25-N-356
KING, BENJAMIN                         GA-25-N-264
KING, C. B.                            GA-25-O-172
KING, CUPID                            GA-25-O-37
KING, MITCHELL                         GA-25-J-15
KINGSTON, GEORGE                       GA-25-F-122
KIRKSEY, EDWARD L.                     GA-25-P-397
KLINE, SARAH                           GA-25-Q-449
KLUG, CHRISTIAN F.                     GA-25-Q-322
KNAPP, ELIZA C.                        GA-25-N-293
KNAPP, NOAH B.                         GA-25-O-77
KOCH, KATHERINE                        GA-25-P-368
KOCK, FREDERICK                        GA-25-N-427
KOLB, MARIE                            GA-25-P-526
KOLLOCK, HENRY                         GA-25-F-112
KOLLOCK, LEMUEL                        GA-25-F-244
KOLLOCK, MEHITABEL                     GA-25-G-217
KOPS, JOHN DE BRUYN                    GA-25-P-132
KREITE, FREDERICK                      GA-25-O-311
KRENSON, F.                            GA-25-N-211
KRIETE, FREDERIKA                      GA-25-P-315
KRUTMAN, EDWARD                        GA-25-C-21
KUCK, FREDERICK                        GA-25-P-256
LACEY, LAWRENCE                        GA-25-N-116
LACY, ANNIE E.                         GA-25-Q-507
LAFITTE, CORNELIUS                     GA-25-P-227
LAMA, MARY J. L.                       GA-25-Q-31
LANE, JAMES F.                         GA-25-Q-208
LANG, JOHN                             GA-25-O-568
LANGLEY, CATHARINE                     GA-25-G-221
LAPEYRE, JOHN B.                       GA-25-E-340
LARENTUNE, EUGENIA                     GA-25-O-566
LARIN, MICHAEL                         GA-25-P-146, 162
LARKING, EDWARD                        GA-25-B-12
LASKEY, JOHN                           GA-25-J-209
LATHROP, DWIGHT                        GA-25-J-328
LATHROP, FRANK                         GA-25-J-281
LATHROP, HENRY                         GA-25-P-343
LATHROP, JAMES W.                      GA-25-O-302
LATHROP, MARGARET A.                   GA-25-P-583
LATOUR, PIERRE GRASSET                 GA-25-E-338
LATTIMORE, RICHARD D. F.               GA-25-Q-583
LAVIN, JOHN A.                         GA-25-P-307
LAW, CHARLES                           GA-25-Q-374
LAW, ROSE                              GA-25-P-498
LAW, WILLIAM                           GA-25-N-297
LAWLER, HONORA                         GA-25-F-121
LAWRENCE,LAVINIA                       GA-25-O-494
LAWREY, JOHN                           GA-25-A-243
LAWSON, ANN                            GA-25-H-133
LAWSON, JOHN                           GA-25-F-30
LAWTON, ALEXANDER R.                   GA-25-Q-251
LAWTON, SARAH ALEXANDER                GA-25-Q-385
LEAHY, THOMAS                          GA-25-O-353
LEE, CATHERINE                         GA-25-N-61
LEE, CHARLES                           GA-25-J-395
LEE, DANIEL                            GA-25-O-573
LEE, SANDESON C.                       GA-25-P-429
LEE, THOMAS                            GA-25-B-44
LEFFER, JOHN                           GA-25-F-312
LEGRICH, O.                            GA-25-H-36
LEHAY, MICHAEL                         GA-25-F-133
LEHMAN, ADOLPH                         GA-25-P-126
LENDERGREEN, ANN C.                    GA-25-I-87
LENDOR, LAVINIA F.                     GA-25-Q-561
LESLIE, ALEXANDER                      GA-25-A-75
LETHBRIDGE, O. M.                      GA-25-J-415
LEUBON, JEAN                           GA-25-E-230
LEVETT, FRANCIS                        GA-25-D-59
LEVETT, JOHN                           GA-25-E-73
LEVETT, JOHN                           GA-25-F-61
LEVY, JACOB C.                         GA-25-N-388
LEWIS, ANTONIO                         GA-25-J-285
LEWIS, CHRISTIANNA                     GA-25-E-174
LEWIS, FRANCIS                         GA-25-B-268
LEWIS, JOHN                            GA-25-J-330
LEWIS, JONATHAN                        GA-25-F-222
LEWIS, JONATHAN                        GA-25-F-223
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                       GA-25-G-257
LEWIS, OLIVER                          GA-25-B-200
LIGGINS, HARRIET E.                    GA-25-Q-475
LILLEBRIDGE, ROBERT                    GA-25-H-106
LILLIBRIDGE, JOHN                      GA-25-F-221
LIMBERT, WILLIAM                       GA-25-F-8
LINCOLN, ROBERT                        GA-25-F-256
LION, DAVID                            GA-25-H-119
LIPPMAN, JOSEPH                        GA-25-N-422
LIRON, ANNA                            GA-25-E-207
LIVINGSTON, JOHN C.                    GA-25-D-114
LLOYD, EDWARD                          GA-25-E-225
LLOYD, REBECCA                         GA-25-B-97
LLOYD, THOMAS E.                       GA-25-F-150
LOCKE, J. L.                           GA-25-J-136
LOGAN, HENRY                           GA-25-P-547
LONG, MICHAEL                          GA-25-F-282
LOOBY, MARGARET M.                     GA-25-J-385
LOPER, ARA                             GA-25-F-173
LORCH, JOHN                            GA-25-P-320
LORD, JAMES                            GA-25-I-375
LORD, JOHN                             GA-25-O-577
LOVELL, EDWARD                         GA-25-P-134
LOVELL, MARY A.                        GA-25-P-443
LOVELL, NATHANIEL                      GA-25-P-266
LOW, ANDREW                            GA-25-O-552
LOW, ANDREW                            GA-25-H-356
LOWENTHAL, M.                          GA-25-N-103
LOWTHER, REBECCA                       GA-25-H-182
LOYD, THOMAS                           GA-25-A-307
LOYD, THOMAS E.                        GA-25-N-274
LOYER, ADRIAN                          GA-25-A-148
LUCENA, LUCAS                          GA-25-E-194
LUCENA, THOMAS                         GA-25-F-273
LUERS, JOHN                            GA-25-I-164
LUFBURROW, MATHEW                      GA-25-J-168
LWEDEN, WILLIAM                        GA-25-E-257
MACFARLANE, SUSANNAH                   GA-25-B-176
MACK, HANNAH                           GA-25-Q-567
MACK, JANUARY                          GA-25-Q-37
MACKAR, WILLIAM                        GA-25-I-420
MACKAY, ADAM                           GA-25-D-195
MACKAY, CATHARINE                      GA-25-O-92
MACKAY, ELIZA                          GA-25-J-236
MACKAY, JOHN                           GA-25-H-289
MACKAY, SARAH                          GA-25-N-434
MACKAY, VIRGINIA S.                    GA-25-G-351
MACKENZIE, ELIZA H.                    GA-25-N-177
MACKENZIE, HENRY CHARLES               GA-25-I-408
MACKEY, JAMES                          GA-25-B-260
MACKEY, JOHN                           GA-25-A-287
MACLEAN, JOHN                          GA-25-E-262
MACLEOD, DONALD                        GA-25-D-54
MACLEOD, FRANCIS H.                    GA-25-J-80
MACQUEEN, ELIZABETH                    GA-25-E-2
MAHER, JAMES T.                        GA-25-P-555
MAHER,OWEN                             GA-25-H-107
MAHONEY, CAIN                          GA-25-P-525
MAHONEY, CORNELIUS                     GA-25-P-188
MAHONEY, MARIA                         GA-25-Q-261
MALL, MARGARET                         GA-25-D-210
MALLOY, THOMAS F.                      GA-25-P-285
MANN, JOHN                             GA-25-C-81
MANN, SUSIE C.                         GA-25-O-250
MANNION, JOSEPH                        GA-25-Q-380
MANSES, J.                             GA-25-O-35
MANSFIELD, HONORA                      GA-25-N-67
MARR, ELLEN                            GA-25-H-204
MARSH, J. M.                           GA-25-N-448
MARSH, MULFORD                         GA-25-I-210
MARSHALL, ANDREW                       GA-25-I-263
MARSHALL, JAMES                        GA-25-H-187
MARSHALL, JOSEPH A.                    GA-25-I-31
MARSHALL, WILLIAM P.                   GA-25-G-55
MARTHAEI, MARGARET                     GA-25-I-142
MARTIN, JOHN                           GA-25-B-253
MARTIN, JOHN L.                        GA-25-I-457
MARTIN, MARY ANN                       GA-25-O-508
MARTIN, PATRICK                        GA-25-I-111
MARTIN, PHILLIP                        GA-25-N-370
MARTINANGEL, LOVE                      GA-25-F-297
MASTICK, MARGARET                      GA-25-P-38
MATHER, MARY                           GA-25-O-50
MAUPAS, LOUISA C.                      GA-25-O-575
MAXWELL, JAMES                         GA-25-B-151
MAXWELL, MARY                          GA-25-I-384
MAY, LOUISA A.                         GA-25-Q-499
MAYER, SERENUS                         GA-25-F-228
MCALLESTER, CHARLOTTE E.               GA-25-I-373
MCALLISTER, A.                         GA-25-N-430
MCALLISTER, HANNAH                     GA-25-F-340
MCALLISTER, M. HALL                    GA-25-J-248
MCALLISTER, MATTHEW                    GA-25-F-249
MCALPIN, HENRY                         GA-25-H-420
MCASEY, WILLIAM                        GA-25-H-181
MCAULIFFE, JOHN                        GA-25-O-38
MCCABE, EDWARD                         GA-25-O-65
MCCABE, EDWARD JR.                     GA-25-O-472
MCCAFFREY, THOMAS F.                   GA-25-P-545
MCCALL, HUGH                           GA-25-F-292
MCCALLISTER, RICHARD                   GA-25-D-95
MCCANLEY, M. J.                        GA-25-O-273
MCCANN, BARNARD                        GA-25-D-202
MCCARTHY, MICH D.                      GA-25-N-347
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL C.                   GA-25-Q-116
MCCLAIN, CATHARINE                     GA-25-G-185
MCCLAREN, ARCHIBALD                    GA-25-F-179
MCCLEAN, ANDREW                        GA-25-B-210
MCCLESKEY, ANNA S.                     GA-25-Q-244
MCCORMICK, SAMUEL                      GA-25-D-112
MCCOY, JOSEPH S.                       GA-25-Q-301
MCCREDIE, ANDREW                       GA-25-D-243
MCCREDMOND, ANTHONY                    GA-25-Q-229
MCCROHAN, JEREMIAH                     GA-25-O-296
MCDONALD, CHRISTOPHER                  GA-25-H-141
MCDONALD, JAMES                        GA-25-H-222
MCDONALD, MARGARET                     GA-25-I-82
MCDONNELL, JOHN                        GA-25-P-194
MCDONOUGH, JOHN                        GA-25-P-207
MCDOWELL, A. J.                        GA-25-N-239
MCDOWELL, MINERVA                      GA-25-O-161
MCELLIGOTT, SARAH                      GA-25-P-103
MCFARLAND, JOHN                        GA-25-J-355
MCFARLANE, PETER                       GA-25-F-198
MCGARITY, PETER                        GA-25-Q-225
MCGARVAN, DANIEL                       GA-25-D-240
MCGLOIN, DOMINICK                      GA-25-Q-206
MCGONIGLE, JOHN                        GA-25-G-314
MCGRATH, WINNIFRED                     GA-25-Q-601
MCGUIRE, ROSANNA                       GA-25-Q-425
MCHARDY, ALEXANDER                     GA-25-O-307
MCHENRY, JAMES                         GA-25-J-160
MCHUGH, KATE E. B.                     GA-25-Q-195
MCINNES, JOSEPH                        GA-25-H-429
MCINTIRE, ANDREW                       GA-25-H-236
MCINTIRE, EMMA J.                      GA-25-P-445
MCINTIRE, JAMES                        GA-25-I-521
MCINTIRE, ROBERT                       GA-25-Q-184
MCINTOSH, GEORGE                       GA-25-D-190
MCINTOSH, HENRY                        GA-25-E-237
MCINTOSH, JOHN                         GA-25-B-79
MCINTOSH, LACHLAN                      GA-25-D-211
MCINTOSH, MARY                         GA-25-F-320
MCKENNA, ELLEN S.                      GA-25-P-364
MCKENNA, M.                            GA-25-O-7
MCKENTY, PATRICK                       GA-25-E-235
MCKENZIE, DANIEL W.                    GA-25-F-383
MCKENZIE, ELIZA MARY                   GA-25-G-377
MCKINNEY, ROGER                        GA-25-F-327
MCKNIGHT, MARY ANN                     GA-25-D-241
MCKOY, HENRY                           GA-25-F-164
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    GA-25-O-194
MCLELVEN, WILLIAM                      GA-25-G-367
MCMAHON, JAMES J.                      GA-25-P-453
MCMAHON, KATE                          GA-25-P-43
MCNENNY, WILLIAM                       GA-25-H-195
MCNIEL, DIANA                          GA-25-G-184
MCNULTY, MARIA E.                      GA-25-Q-536
MCQUEEN, ANN                           GA-25-E-102
MCQUEEN, JOHN                          GA-25-F-218
MCVEAN, JOHN                           GA-25-G-103
MCWHIR, WILLIAM                        GA-25-H-415
MEHRTENS, HENRY C.                     GA-25-O-317
MEHRTENS, JOHN S.                      GA-25-P-263
MEHRTENS, LUDA                         GA-25-N-196
MELL, MARY ANN                         GA-25-G-365
MELLS, NATHANIEL C.                    GA-25-P-66
MELROSE, THOMAS                        GA-25-F-233
MELVIN, MARTHA MATTHEWS                GA-25-H-49
MENDEL, MEYER                          GA-25-Q-277
MENDENHALL, THOMAS                     GA-25-F-15
MENDENHALL, THOMAS                     GA-25-E-57
MENICKE, FREDERICK                     GA-25-O-390
MERAULT, SIMON                         GA-25-N-420
MERTZ, JOHANNES P. A.                  GA-25-N-143
METZGER, MARY C. M.                    GA-25-Q-432
METZGER, MARY SUSAN                    GA-25-O-121
MEVES, THEODORE                        GA-25-P-354
MEYER, CATHARINA                       GA-25-P-184
MEYER, JOHN                            GA-25-H-80
MIDDLETON, CHARLES E.                  GA-25-O-321
MILLEDGE, JOHN                         GA-25-F-55
MILLEN, CORNELIA M.                    GA-25-O-1223
MILLEN, JOHN                           GA-25-D-160
MILLEN, STEPHEN                        GA-25-F-21
MILLER, ANDREW F.                      GA-25-H-288
MILLER, CHRISTINA                      GA-25-D-165
MILLER, HANNAH C.                      GA-25-F-386
MILLER, HENRIETTE                      GA-25-H-92
MILLER, JOHN (DIVISION)                GA-25-E-300
MILLER, ROBERT                         GA-25-C-431
MILLER, SARAH E.                       GA-25-P-176
MILLER, SUSANNAH                       GA-25-E-387
MILLER, ZACHARIAH                      GA-25-E-310
MILLS, ROSE                            GA-25-Q-216
MILLS, THOMAS                          GA-25-C-289
MINCHIN, PATRICK                       GA-25-H-420
MINGAY, ANN                            GA-25-N-208
MINIS, ABIGAIL                         GA-25-A-199
MINIS, ABRAHAM                         GA-25-P-246
MINIS, CECELIA                         GA-25-P-24
MINIS, D. (MRS)                        GA-25-N-311
MINIS, HESTER                          GA-25-J-228
MINIS, ISAAC                           GA-25-P-578
MINIS, JUDY                            GA-25-F-353
MINIS, LEAH                            GA-25-D-53
MINIS, PHILLIPPA                       GA-25-J-201
MINIS, SARAH A.                        GA-25-P-470
MINOR, H. T.                           GA-25-N-333
MIRAULT, ELIZABETH                     GA-25-Q-212
MIRAULT, PRISCILLA                     GA-25-N-341
MITCHEL, PETER                         GA-25-H-29
MITCHELL, ABBY                         GA-25-N-48
MITCHELL, ESTHER                       GA-25-F-134
MITCHELL, ROBERT                       GA-25-G-133
MOLINA, MANUEL                         GA-25-J-111
MOLLET, REBECCA                        GA-25-G-333
MOLYNEUX, E. H.                        GA-25-N-219
MOLYNEUX, EDMUND                       GA-25-N-266
MONAHAN, ELLEN                         GA-25-P-409
MONAHAN, ELLEN F.                      GA-25-P-27
MONGIN, ANN                            GA-25-H-440
MONGIN, WILLIAM H.                     GA-25-H-432
MONTAGUE, CHARLES L.                   GA-25-Q-363
MONTAIGUE, DAVID                       GA-25-A-239
MOORE, AARON                           GA-25-C-121
MOORE, CATHERINE                       GA-25-C-296, 407
MOORE, JAMES                           GA-25-C-91
MOORE, JAMES                           GA-25-F-103
MOORE, JOHN B.                         GA-25-J-62
MOORE, SUSANNAH                        GA-25-D-19
MORAN, EDWARD                          GA-25-P-60
MORAN, MARY JANE                       GA-25-Q-175
MORDECIA C. L.                         GA-25-N-270
MOREAU, PETER M.                       GA-25-F-306
MOREL, ANN                             GA-25-J-308
MOREL, CATHERINE                       GA-25-J-223
MOREL, JOHN (DIVISION)                 GA-25-E-297
MOREL, JOHN ***                        GA-25-D-30
MOREL, JOHN H.                         GA-25-G-154
MOREL, SARAH M.                        GA-25-G-234
MOREL,A NN                             GA-25-I-10
MORGAN, ANNE                           GA-25-F-308
MORGAN, ELEANOR                        GA-25-G-44
MORGAN, THOMAS                         GA-25-B-65
MORIN, PETER                           GA-25-G-327
MORRELL, ANN E.                        GA-25-N-286
MORRELL, JOHN M.                       GA-25-Q-504
MORRIS, GEORGIA E.                     GA-25-Q-70
MORRISON, ELIZA                        GA-25-N-173
MORTIMER, WILLIAM                      GA-25-A-261
MOSSMAN, JAMES                         GA-25-D-91
MOUGIN, JOHN DAVID                     GA-25-G-194
MOYLAN, MARIA                          GA-25-N-399
MUIRES, SARAH                          GA-25-D-72
MULBRYNE, CLAUDIA                      GA-25-B-164
MULCASTER, GEORGE                      GA-25-E-48
MULLER, J. N.                          GA-25-N-171
MUNFORD, ALETHEA S.                    GA-25-P-350
MUNNERLYN, J. K.                       GA-25-O-9
MURCHISON, JOHN                        GA-25-N-7
MURDOCH, DAVID                         GA-25-C-47
MURPHY, JOHN                           GA-25-N-265
MURPHY, PETER                          GA-25-Q-336
MURPY, J. L.                           GA-25-N-432
MURRAY, JOHN                           GA-25-A-250
MURRAY, MARTHA                         GA-25-P-3
MURRAY, MARY                           GA-25-O-350
MUTER, ROBERT                          GA-25-E-161
MYERS, E. H.                           GA-25-O-12
MYERS, GEORGE                          GA-25-E-341
MYERS, HANNAH N.                       GA-25-J-377
MYERS, LEVY J.                         GA-25-Q-319
MYERS, MORDECAI                        GA-25-J-291
MYERS, SARAH H.                        GA-25-O-544
NAGLE, NANCY                           GA-25-I-25
NAYEL, VINCENT                         GA-25-O-24
NAZARET, NICHOLAS                      GA-25-E-223
NEILL, JOHN                            GA-25-Q-304
NELSON, MALCOLM                        GA-25-B-50
NELSON, MARY                           GA-25-Q-93
NETHERCLIFT, WILLIAM                   GA-25-D-183
NEUFOILLE, EDWARD                      GA-25-H-413
NEUFRILLE, MARY F.                     GA-25-O-491
NEUFVILLE, EDWARD T.                   GA-25-P-321
NEUFVILLE, MARY                        GA-25-I-22
NEVITT, LOUISA                         GA-25-P-276
NEVITT, MARIA L.                       GA-25-Q-495
NEWELL, CHESTER                        GA-25-P-499
NEWELL, THOMAS M.                      GA-25-J-94
NEWMAN, DEAN                           GA-25-Q-350
NEYLE, GILBERT NEVILLE                 GA-25-G-280
NEYLE, JAMES                           GA-25-E-80
NEYLE, MARIA                           GA-25-H-103
NEYLE, MARY A.                         GA-25-O-236
NEYLE, SAMPSON                         GA-25-H-67
NEYLE, WILLIAM                         GA-25-D-64
NICHOLS, ABRAHAM                       GA-25-G-73
NICOLL, G. A.                          GA-25-O-114
NIELSON, NICHOLAS                      GA-25-C-160
NOBLE, RACHEL                          GA-25-P-462
NOCK, ROBERT A.                        GA-25-N-165
NOEL, SARAH C.                         GA-25-G-332
NOLAN, JAMES                           GA-25-P-40
NORDEN, LOEON                          GA-25-A-305
NORRIS, MARY E.                        GA-25-N-299
NORRIS, SARAH HILL                     GA-25-G-244
NORTON, ANN S.                         GA-25-I-402
NORTON, ELIJAH                         GA-25-E-213
NORTON, JOHN R.                        GA-25-J-387
NORTON, WILLIAM I.                     GA-25-G-215
NOSTRAND, GEORGE                       GA-25-I-483
NUGENT, PETER                          GA-25-N-179
NUGENT, TERENCE                        GA-25-P-458
NUNES, MOSES                           GA-25-C-436
NUNGAZER, HENRY JR.                    GA-25-B-286
NUNGEZER, GEORGE                       GA-25-F-174
NUNGEZER, MARY APPOLONIA               GA-25-A-81
NUTALL, GEORGE                         GA-25-P-549
NUTTMAN, SAMUEL                        GA-25-I-178
OAKMAN, WILLIAM                        GA-25-A-192
OAT, JONATHAN                          GA-25-G-256
OATES, JOHN                            GA-25-C-68
OATT, BARBARA                          GA-25-A-20
OBRIEN, JAMES                          GA-25-Q-513
OBRIEN, JAMES                          GA-25-Q-273
OBRIEN, MARY                           GA-25-G-243
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        GA-25-N-249
OBRIEN, PATRICK H.                     GA-25-P-158
OBRYAN, PATRICK                        GA-25-H-13
OBYRNE, DOMINICK                       GA-25-P-485
OBYRNE, DOMINICK                       GA-25-H-401
OBYRNE, EDWARD                         GA-25-O-75
OBYRNE, JAMES L.                       GA-25-N-72
OBYRNE, JOHN F.                        GA-25-O-150
OBYRNE, JOSEPH J.                      GA-25-N-268
OBYRNE, JOSEPHINE M.                   GA-25-N-231
OBYRNE, LAURENCE                       GA-25-G-273
OCALLAHAN, MICHAEL                     GA-25-Q-62
OCONNELL, DENNIS                       GA-25-P-496
OCONNOR, DENIS                         GA-25-Q-94
OCONNOR, MARY                          GA-25-O-476
OCONNOR, WILLIAM                       GA-25-Q-19
ODINGSELLS, CHARLES                    GA-25-E-157
ODONNELL, OWEN                         GA-25-I-534
ODONOHUE, PATRICK                      GA-25-N-164
ODRISCOLL, W. C.                       GA-25-O-60
OFFERMAN, GEORGE S.                    GA-25-Q-134
OGDEN, SOLOMON                         GA-25-C-25
OGILVIE, CHARLES                       GA-25-A-63
OKEEFE, PATRICK                        GA-25-E-252
OLCOTT, WILLIAM H.                     GA-25-J-398
OLILLIBRIDGE, HAMPTON                  GA-25-A-412
OLIVER, GEORGE                         GA-25-I-73
OMALEY, CHARLES                        GA-25-O-181
OMEARA, BRIDGET                        GA-25-Q-515
OMENES, LOUISA                         GA-25-F-237
ONEAL, DENNIS                          GA-25-Q-390
ONEAL, MARGERY                         GA-25-J-43
ONEAL, MARY                            GA-25-F-239
OREILLY, CHARLES                       GA-25-H-185
OREILLY, HUGH                          GA-25-H-224
OREILLY, JOHN                          GA-25-G-279
OREILLY, OWEN                          GA-25-I-27
OROURKE, OWEN                          GA-25-J-148
ORTNER, HERMARY                        GA-25-B-256
OSICK, FREDERICK                       GA-25-P-402
OSTEEN, THOMAS                         GA-25-A-202
OUNCEL, BARBARA                        GA-25-D-103
OVERSTREET, C. C.                      GA-25-N-428
OWEN, G. W.                            GA-25-I-220
OWENS, C. D.                           GA-25-Q-320
OWENS, GEORGE S.                       GA-25-Q-361
OWENS, OWEN                            GA-25-E-255
OWENS, SARAH J.                        GA-25-Q-598

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