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ADAMS, SUSAN                           GA-100-B-14
ANDREWS, AYDA C.                       GA-100-C-98
BATTS, HENRY                           GA-100-B-8
BIRD, ETHELDRED                        GA-100-C-5
BIRD, WILEY WILKIN                     GA-100-C-114
BOGGUS, FRANCIS M.                     GA-100-C-43
BROOKS, C. E. SR.                      GA-100-C-189
BUSH, ELIJAH B.                        GA-100-B-58
BUSH, ELIZABETH G.                     GA-100-C-52
BUSH, J. S.                            GA-100-C-33
BUSH, J. S.                            GA-100-C-30
BUSH, MAMIE LOU                        GA-100-C-167
BUSH, NANCY M.                         GA-100-C-16
BUSH, W. J.                            GA-100-C-36
BUSH, WILLIAM J.                       GA-100-B-17
CALHOUN, L. E.                         GA-100-C-76
CALLAN, GEORGE PARKS                   GA-100-C-168
CHASON, RUBEN                          GA-100-C-45
CLEVELAND, MASSIE PATE                 GA-100-C-116
COBB, CLEVELAND                        GA-100-C-177
COBB, ZULA JONES                       GA-100-C-129
COOK, IRENE (GRIMES)                   GA-100-C-175
COOK, JOHN PHILLIP                     GA-100-C-102
COOK, MILBRIA                          GA-100-C-119
CORLEY, TRUDIE GROSSE                  GA-100-C-198
COWART, FRED JR.                       GA-100-C-194
DEW, SARAH                             GA-100-C-161
ENFINGER, ELLA C.                      GA-100-C-87
FREE, L. A.                            GA-100-C-11
FUDGE, HATTIE                          GA-100-C-127
FUDGE, J. D.                           GA-100-C-32
FUDGE, P. E.                           GA-100-C-104
GEORGE, J. J.                          GA-100-C-149
GEORGE, J. J.                          GA-100-C-140
GEORGE, JESSIE JAMES                   GA-100-C-19
GREGORY, J. J.                         GA-100-B-65
HALL, HOWELL L.                        GA-100-C-3
HAND, HENRY                            GA-100-B-19
HARRELL, HENRY L.                      GA-100-C-171
HARRELL, MARTHA J.                     GA-100-B-47
HAYS, W. C.                            GA-100-C-138
HOLLINGSWORTH, LUCY                    GA-100-C-50
HOUSTON, CHLOE ALICE                   GA-100-C-165
HOUSTON, W. H.                         GA-100-C-157
JACKSON, I. L.                         GA-100-C-74
JESRNIGAN, JERRY M.                    GA-100-C-142
JOHNSON, HATTIE                        GA-100-C-163
JOHNSON, WILLIAM (MRS)                 GA-100-C-10
JONES, C. M.                           GA-100-C-67
JONES, J. C.                           GA-100-C-151
JONES, JOHN THOMAS                     GA-100-C-153
JONES, MAMIE                           GA-100-C-85
JONES, ROSA                            GA-100-C-64
KIMBREL, G. J. JR.                     GA-100-C-197
LANE, JAMES MADISON                    GA-100-B-1
MARLAND, MATHA E.                      GA-100-B-23
MCNEESE, VIOLA                         GA-100-C-181
MILLER, C. C.                          GA-100-C-7
MILLER, HENRY M.                       GA-100-C-137
MILLER, JAMES                          GA-100-B-26
MILLER, MARCUS WATSON                  GA-100-C-141
NOWEL, T. C.                           GA-100-C-24
OVERSTREET, S. L.                      GA-100-C-96
PATTERSON, LINNIE                      GA-100-C-108
PHILLIPS, HOLLY B.                     GA-100-C-120
PHILLIPS, JOHN WILSON                  GA-100-C-112
PHILLIPS, LUDIE E.                     GA-100-C-179
PHILLIPS, MINNIE BEATRICE              GA-100-C-179
PHILLIPS, MINNIE ESTELLE               GA-100-C-100
POOLS, WILLIAM R.                      GA-100-B-35
RATHEL, ALICE LIZZIE                   GA-100-B-50
RAWLINGS, E. W.                        GA-100-C-155
RICH, HATTIE                           GA-100-C-54
RITCHIE, LOUELLA G.                    GA-100-C-183
ROBERTS, VAN LANDINGHAM                GA-100-C-199
ROLEND, H. R.                          GA-100-C-51
ROOKS, JAMES LESLIE                    GA-100-C-143
ROOKS, JESSE ANDERSON                  GA-100-C-47
SHEFFIELD, ARTHUR                      GA-100-B-5
SHEFFIELD, DENNIS J.                   GA-100-C-193
SHEFFIELD, MARIE K.                    GA-100-C-173
SHEFFIELD, WEST                        GA-100-B-52
SHINGLER, G. P.                        GA-100-C-21
SMITH, SAMUEL F.                       GA-100-C-185
SMITH, W. T. (MRS)                     GA-100-C-147
SPRONER, MARY MARTHA                   GA-100-C-14
STEGALL, ELIZEBETH                     GA-100-B-43
STINSON, ERMA                          GA-100-C-83
STRICKLAND, HARDY                      GA-100-C-1
TABB, MINTORIA T.                      GA-100-C-130
TOOLE, ANNIE LOU                       GA-100-C-196
TOOLE, GEORGE TERRY                    GA-100-C-187
WACASSER, MINNIE                       GA-100-C-94
WAMBEL, W. B.                          GA-100-B-31
WELLS, G. W.                           GA-100-C-58
WILKIN, J. S.                          GA-100-C-60
WILKIN, P. E. (DR)                     GA-100-C-56
WILLIAMS, J. W.                        GA-100-B-41
WILLIAMS, NANCY E.                     GA-100-C-159

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