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Column One: Name of Testator
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ABBOT, JOHN B.                         GA-150-2-184
ADKINS, AARON                          GA-150-2-163
ALDRED, CINDARILLA                     GA-150-2-206
ALDRED, THOMAS                         GA-150-2-150
ALLEN, ELISHA JR.                      GA-150-2-160
ALLEN, MATILDA D.                      GA-150-2-344
ALLISON, MARGARET                      GA-150-1-92
ANDERSON, WILLIAM W.                   GA-150-2-202
ANDREWS, SARAH A.                      GA-150-2-9
ANSLEY, JAMES                          GA-150-2-52
ANSLEY, THOMAS                         GA-150-1-109
ARMSTRONG, HUGH                        GA-150-2-232
ARMSTRONG, SHERMAN                     GA-150-2-262
BAILEY, PIERCE                         GA-150-2-137
BAKER, C. M.                           GA-150-2-452
BAKER, MARY                            GA-150-2-356
BALES, STEPHEN B.                      GA-150-2-126
BARKSDALE, SAMUEL                      GA-150-2-42
BARROW, JOHN                           GA-150-1-118
BATTLE, J. J.                          GA-150-2-438
BATTLE, LAWRENCE                       GA-150-2-282, 299
BEALL, AUGUSTUS                        GA-150-2-224
BEALL, MARTHA A.                       GA-150-2-419
BEASLEY, JAMES W.                      GA-150-1-38
BECK, THOMAS J.                        GA-150-2-127
BLOUNT, WILLIAM H.                     GA-150-2-7
BOOTY, NICHOLAS                        GA-150-1-112
BORDEN, WILLIAM                        GA-150-1-62
BRAY, LUCY                             GA-150-2-96
BREED, JOSEPH                          GA-150-1-85
BRINKLEY, ABRAHAM                      GA-150-2-3
BROOKS, ELI                            GA-150-2-77
BROOKS, JOAB                           GA-150-1-73
BROOKS, JOHN                           GA-150-2-208
BROOM, ADAM                            GA-150-2-101
BROOM, BURREL                          GA-150-1-37
BROWN, JOHN                            GA-150-1-76
BUFORD, SENA A.                        GA-150-2-23
BURSON, JOSEPH                         GA-150-1-51
BUTTS, MOSES                           GA-150-1-65
BYRD, MARGARET                         GA-150-2-185
CAMP, REBECCA                          GA-150-2-391
CARTER, JAMES                          GA-150-1-119
CASON, ADAM                            GA-150-2-392
CASON, AUGUSTUS H.                     GA-150-2-434
CASON, J. J. M.                        GA-150-2-325
CASON, M. L.                           GA-150-2-426
CASON, WILLIE E.                       GA-150-2-457
CHALKER, NATHANIEL                     GA-150-2-113
CHAPPMAN, JOHN                         GA-150-1-34
CHARLTON, ROBERT                       GA-150-2-428
CODY, GREEN W.                         GA-150-2-343
CONAWAY, HENRY                         GA-150-2-74
COOPER, GEORGE                         GA-150-1-47
COOPER, WILLIAM B.                     GA-150-2-402
COXWELL, A. E. (MRS)                   GA-150-2-382
CULPEPPER, WILILAM                     GA-150-1-103
CURTIS, SOLOMON                        GA-150-2-453
DARDEN, C. C.                          GA-150-2-107
DARDEN, SALLIE E.                      GA-150-2-320
DAVIS, DAVID                           GA-150-1-52
DAVIS, GAHAZI                          GA-150-1-14
DAVIS, NATHAN                          GA-150-1-87
DAWSON, WILLIAM                        GA-150-2-424
DEMERANT, MANN                         GA-150-2-45
DICKERSON, MARTHA A.                   GA-150-2-118
DOVE, THOMAS                           GA-150-1-45
DOZER, JAMES                           GA-150-1-89
DRAKE, THOMAS                          GA-150-1-17
DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM G.                  GA-150-2-182
DYER, THOMAS                           GA-150-2-140
EDWARDS, WILLIAM H.                    GA-150-2-348
EMBRY, H. L.                           GA-150-2-135
ENGLISH, JOHN                          GA-150-2-29
EVENS, ELIZABETH                       GA-150-2-152
FELTS, DAVID                           GA-150-2-313
FELTS, LEWIS F.                        GA-150-2-363
FELTS, MARY                            GA-150-2-408
FLINN, REBECCA                         GA-150-2-10
FLUHLIEN, BETTY                        GA-150-1-8
FONTAINE, THOMAS                       GA-150-1-106
FOWLER, JAMES F.                       GA-150-2-245
FOWLER, JAMES S.                       GA-150-2-213
FOWLER, SARAH B.                       GA-150-2-358
FOWLER, WILLIAM                        GA-150-2-131
FULLER, JOHN                           GA-150-2-340
GEESLING, CHARLES I.                   GA-150-2-404
GEESLING, FLEMING                      GA-150-2-248
GEESLING, MAHALEY                      GA-150-2-168
GEESLING, SAMUEL                       GA-150-2-48
GRANADE, STEPHEN                       GA-150-2-4
GRANBERRY, MOSES                       GA-150-1-102
GREEN, DAVID                           GA-150-2-243
GRIZZLE, SARAH                         GA-150-2-395
GROSS, SARAH E.                        GA-150-2-369
HALL, SAMUEL SR.                       GA-150-2-53
HALL, THOMAS LENT                      GA-150-1-41
HAMMOCK, G. H.                         GA-150-2-432
HARDAWAY, EDMUND C.                    GA-150-2-310
HARDAWAY, GEORGE W.                    GA-150-2-68
HARDEN, LOURANA A.                     GA-150-2-449
HARP, HENRY                            GA-150-1-78
HARRELL, JOSEPH J.                     GA-150-2-149
HARRELL, MARTHA                        GA-150-2-338
HARRIS, BENJAMIN T.                    GA-150-2-361
HART, SAMUEL                           GA-150-2-293
HAYES, EZEKIEL                         GA-150-2-326
HEATH, ABRAHAM                         GA-150-1-97
HEATH, JOEL                            GA-150-1-115
HEATH, JOEL F.                         GA-150-2-230
HEATH, RICHARD                         GA-150-1-99
HEETH, HENRY                           GA-150-2-30
HELSON, JOHN                           GA-150-1-42
HENDRICK, ELISHA                       GA-150-2-278
HILL, HENRY                            GA-150-1-57
HILL, SARAH E. N.                      GA-150-2-276
HILLSON, TILLY                         GA-150-2-365
HINTON, HENRY                          GA-150-2-25
HINTON, JAMES                          GA-150-2-158
HINTON, MARY                           GA-150-2-216
HINTON, ROBERT                         GA-150-1-29
HOBBS, D. T.                           GA-150-2-355
HOBBS, JOHN                            GA-150-2-38
HOBBS, JOTHRAM                         GA-150-2-60
HOBBS, MARY E.                         GA-150-2-447
HOBBS, WILLIAM                         GA-150-2-39
HODO, DAVID E.                         GA-150-2-129
HODO, PETER                            GA-150-1-46
HOLDEN, THOMAS                         GA-150-2-263
HOLDER, JOSEPH                         GA-150-2-328
HOLLADAY, MARGARET                     GA-150-1-72
HOLSONBAKE, WASH D.                    GA-150-2-33
HOOD, NATHANIEL                        GA-150-1-16
HORN, JACOB                            GA-150-1-5
HOWARD, SARAH M.                       GA-150-2-381
HOWELL, DANIEL R.                      GA-150-2-443
HRRELL, WILLIAM                        GA-150-2-24
HUBERT, BENJAMIN                       GA-150-1-1
HUBERT, HARMON                         GA-150-2-90
HUDSON, E. D.                          GA-150-2-63
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                       GA-150-2-218
HYMAN, MARY                            GA-150-2-125
JACKSON, SAMUEL F.                     GA-150-2-44
JENNINGS, WILLIAM C.                   GA-150-2-43
JOHNSON, AARON                         GA-150-2-189
JOHNSON, JAMES                         GA-150-2-13
JOHNSON, JAMES T.                      GA-150-2-280
JOHNSON, JESSE E.                      GA-150-2-384
JOHNSON, JOHN F.                       GA-150-2-145
JOHNSON, JOSEPH C.                     GA-150-2-41
JOHNSON, LEWIS                         GA-150-2-75
JOHNSON, MARTHA M.                     GA-150-2-436
JOHNSON, MELISSA                       GA-150-2-423
JOHNSON, RANDOLPH                      GA-150-2-19
JOHNSON, THOMAS E.                     GA-150-2-334
JOHNSON, WILLIAM G.                    GA-150-2-193
JOHNSTON, ABRAHAM                      GA-150-1-93
JONES, ADAM SR.                        GA-150-2-372
JONES, ANTHONY                         GA-150-2-108
JONES, BARNABAS                        GA-150-1-88
JONES, ELIZABETH                       GA-150-2-398
JONES, H. P. (MRS)                     GA-150-2-359
JONES, MARTHA                          GA-150-2-15
JONES, RICHARD F.                      GA-150-2-187
JONES, THOMAS P.                       GA-150-2-173
KENDALL, WILLIAM                       GA-150-1-48
KING, EPHRIM                           GA-150-1-24
KITCHENS, JAMES                        GA-150-2-32
KITCHENS, MATTHEW                      GA-150-2-228
KITCHENS, RHODA                        GA-150-2-234
LATIMER, EZEKIEL S.                    GA-150-2-290
LATIMER, HENRY W.                      GA-150-2-235
LATIMER, THOMAS L.                     GA-150-2-35
LAVIGNA, MARTHA                        GA-150-2-271
LAWTORN, MARY                          GA-150-2-415
LEWIS, REBECCA                         GA-150-2-80
LEWIS, WALTER F.                       GA-150-2-268
LIGHTFOOT, C. A.                       GA-150-2-18
LOCKETT, DAVID                         GA-150-1-19
LOKEY, DINGLEY                         GA-150-2-178
LOWE, CHARLOTTE                        GA-150-2-377
MAPP, EATON J.                         GA-150-2-388
MASSENGALE, SARAH E.                   GA-150-2-417
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     GA-150-2-116
MATTHEWS, BENJAMIN                     GA-150-2-323
MCCRARY, JASPER                        GA-150-2-155
MCCULLEN, DRURY                        GA-150-1-79
MCGINTY, F. H.                         GA-150-2-412
MCGINTY, JOEL T.                       GA-150-2-316
MCGINTY, JOHN A.                       GA-150-2-11
MCGINTY, RABUN E.                      GA-150-2-220
MCGINTY, RICHARD R.                    GA-150-2-421
MCKENNEY, MOSES                        GA-150-1-53
MCNEEL, HENRY                          GA-150-1-40
MEDLOCK, CHARLES                       GA-150-1-25
MOON, SAMUEL                           GA-150-1-21
MOORE, MARTHA                          GA-150-2-197
MORGAN, THOMAS R.                      GA-150-2-315
MOUTRAY, JOHN                          GA-150-1-31
MYRICK, JOHN                           GA-150-1-70
MYRICK, JOSIAH                         GA-150-2-7
NAPIER, JAMES                          GA-150-1-50
NEAL, NARCISSA                         GA-150-2-210
NEAL, THOMAS                           GA-150-1-95
NEAL, THOMAS M.                        GA-150-2-226
NEAL, THOMAS SR.                       GA-150-2-27
NEAL, W. M.                            GA-150-2-169
NELSM, LLEWELLYN A.                    GA-150-2-114
NELSON, JONAS                          GA-150-2-167
NEWMAN, SAMUEL                         GA-150-1-22
NEWSOME, PETER                         GA-150-1-81
NORRIS, DEBORAH                        GA-150-2-336
NORRIS, JAMES SR.                      GA-150-2-84
OBRIEN, EUNICE R.                      GA-150-2-396
OLIVER, BENJAMIN                       GA-150-1-113
PARKER, JAMES                          GA-150-1-101
PARKER, SAMUEL                         GA-150-1-83
PERKINS, PETER                         GA-150-1-58
PINSON, WINNEY                         GA-150-1-27
POOL, PHILLIP                          GA-150-1-55
POWELL, CHARITY                        GA-150-1-101
QUISENBERRY, ANN                       GA-150-2-374
RABUN, RENSON                          GA-150-2-171
RAYBURN, ZACHARIAH                     GA-150-2-148
REESE, BENJAMIN                        GA-150-2-134
REESE, FRANCES J.                      GA-150-2-430
REESE, HARRISON                        GA-150-2-259
REESE, JOEL                            GA-150-2-87
RENFROE, ENOCH                         GA-150-1-68
RHODES, ELIZABETH                      GA-150-2-79
RICKETSON, JESSE                       GA-150-2-200
ROBERSON, CARLOS D.                    GA-150-2-406
ROBERTS, FANNIE L.                     GA-150-2-331
ROBERTS, JESSE M.                      GA-150-2-237
ROBERTS, LOUISA                        GA-150-2-371
ROBINSON, SAREPTA                      GA-150-2-399
ROBINSON, W. A.                        GA-150-2-139
ROGERS, DREW W.                        GA-150-2-439
ROQUEMORE, JAMES                       GA-150-1-61
SEMMONS, BENJAMIN                      GA-150-1-9
SHAW, MARGARET M.                      GA-150-2-192
SHELTON, ISAIAH                        GA-150-2-297
SHURLEY, MARSHALL H.                   GA-150-2-379
SIMMS, BARLOTT                         GA-150-1-64
SMITH, EADY                            GA-150-2-47
SMITH, FRANCIS OLIVER                  GA-150-2-386
SMITH, JAMES W.                        GA-150-2-110
SMITH, JOSEPH D.                       GA-150-2-446
SMITH, MARTHA                          GA-150-2-196
SMITH, SAMUEL                          GA-150-2-94
SMITH, THOMAS                          GA-150-1-33
STANDFORD, ROBERT                      GA-150-1-75
STEED, WILLIAM P.                      GA-150-2-121
STEVENS, RICHARD H.                    GA-150-2-251
STEWART, MARY E.                       GA-150-2-425
STITH, WILLIAM                         GA-150-1-96
STONE, CATHARINE                       GA-150-2-204
STONE, SARAH                           GA-150-2-175
STONESTREET, B. E.                     GA-150-2-159
SUMMORRELL, ZACHARIAH                  GA-150-1-71
TAYLOR, AMANDA M.                      GA-150-2-458
THOMPSON, MARY                         GA-150-2-12
TODD, HARDY                            GA-150-1-56
TRAVIS, WILLIAM                        GA-150-1-74
TUCKER, CHARLES A.                     GA-150-2-98
USRY, JOHN                             GA-150-2-49
VEAZEY, JOHN                           GA-150-2-346
VERDAN, EGNEIAR                        GA-150-1-105
WALKER, WILLIAM                        GA-150-2-342
WELLBORN, JAMES M.                     GA-150-2-401
WELLBORN, MARSHALL H.                  GA-150-2-307
WESTER, HARDY                          GA-150-1-12
WHALEY, SUSAN M.                       GA-150-2-256
WHEELER, CAROLINE                      GA-150-2-266
WILDER, CHARLES                        GA-150-2-1
WILLIFORD, HARDY                       GA-150-2-162
WILSON, SAMUEL R.                      GA-150-2-172
WRIGHT, FRANCES                        GA-150-2-21
WRIGHT, STEPHEN L.                     GA-150-2-273
YOUNG, JAMES                           GA-150-1-3

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