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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | B=1852-1903 |
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ACHORD, JOHN F.                        GA-151-B-48
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                        GA-151-B-179
ADAMS, HOPEWELL                        GA-151-B-524
ANDERSON, WILLIAM S.                   GA-151-B-479
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        GA-151-B-172
ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY C.                  GA-151-B-521
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA ANN                   GA-151-B-491
ARMSTRONG, EUNICE I.                   GA-151-B-175
ARMSTRONG, JANE                        GA-151-B-199
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     GA-151-B-363
AVANT, H. H.                           GA-151-B-457
AVANT, JAMES RANSOME                   GA-151-B-337
BAILEY, JOHN                           GA-151-B-72
BAKER, FANNIE M.                       GA-151-B-437
BAKER, MARY                            GA-151-B-43
BARGE, J. M.                           GA-151-B-527
BARKSDALE, ELIZABETH F.                GA-151-B-191
BARKSDALE, WILLIAM                     GA-151-B-138
BATTS, NATHAN J.                       GA-151-B-424
BLAND, ELISHA                          GA-151-B-139
BLAND, MICAJAH                         GA-151-B-200
BLAND, SIMEON                          GA-151-B-190
BOATWRIGHT, JOHN                       GA-151-B-165
BRADDY, JOHN                           GA-151-B-35
BRANTLEY, GREEN                        GA-151-B-478
BRANTLEY, SPENCER                      GA-151-B-175
BRANTLEY, ZACHERIAH                    GA-151-B-148
BRITT, HENRY                           GA-151-B-231
BROOKS, JAMES                          GA-151-B-386
BROWN, EMANUEL                         GA-151-B-121
BROWN, HANDLEY                         GA-151-B-101
BROWN, MATILDA                         GA-151-B-413
BROWN, SARAH                           GA-151-B-189
BROWN, THMAS E.                        GA-151-B-440
BROWN, THOMSA H.                       GA-151-B-169
BRYANT, JASON                          GA-151-B-58
BUCK, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-73
BUCK, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-18
BULLARD, LEWIS                         GA-151-B-213
BURNS, D. S.                           GA-151-B-503
CANTER, WILLIAM R. S.                  GA-151-B-426
CANTY, ABRAM                           GA-151-B-575
CARTER, DOCK                           GA-151-B-447
CARTER, ISABELLA                       GA-151-B-490
CHAMBERS, BRICY                        GA-151-B-166
CHESTER, BURRELL                       GA-151-B-395
CLAY, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-45
COOK, LYDIA                            GA-151-B-213
COVINGTON, JOHN                        GA-151-B-94
COX, HENRY                             GA-151-B-406
COX, W. M.                             GA-151-B-473
COX, YOUNG A.                          GA-151-B-516
CROOM, JESSE                           GA-151-B-90
CUMMINGS, ROBERT                       GA-151-B-83
DANIEL, JOSEPH                         GA-151-B-102
DAVIS, DIOCLIPIOON                     GA-151-B-61
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       GA-151-B-51
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         GA-151-B-202
DOWNS, MAY                             GA-151-B-451
DUGGAN, ARCHELAS                       GA-151-B-197
DUGGAN, ARCHELAS C.                    GA-151-B-346
DUGGAN, ASA                            GA-151-B-362
DUGGAN, JOHN C.                        GA-151-B-562
DUGGAN, JOHN H.                        GA-151-B-168
DUGGAN, JOHN M.                        GA-151-B-183
DUGGAN, MATHA E.                       GA-151-B-429
DUGGAN, THOMAS G.                      GA-151-B-366
DUKES, NANCY CAROLINE                  GA-151-B-418
DURDEN, ELWIS                          GA-151-B-187
DURDEN, MATHEW                         GA-151-B-216
DURLOO, HATTIE C.                      GA-151-B-425
EASTWOOD, SOPHIA                       GA-151-B-347
EIKENER, PHILIP                        GA-151-B-81
ENNETT, ELIZABETH                      GA-151-B-22
EVANS, BEVERLY D.                      GA-151-B-522
EVANS, I. W.                           GA-151-B-191
FIELDS, HARMAN                         GA-151-B-560
FISH, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-110
FISHER, METCALF                        GA-151-B-135
FLOYD, MARY A.                         GA-151-B-530
FLOYD, MITTIE                          GA-151-B-536
FLUKER, ROBERT                         GA-151-B-47
FOWLER, ELBERT                         GA-151-B-427
FRANCIS, NANCY                         GA-151-B-16
FULGHUM, ELIZABETH D.                  GA-151-B-416
FULGHUM, JAMES                         GA-151-B-181
FULGHUM, LUNEAN                        GA-151-B-574
FULGHUM, WILLIAM                       GA-151-B-192
GARNER, J. L.                          GA-151-B-519
GARNER, WASHINGTON M.                  GA-151-B-515
GILMORE, JOHN                          GA-151-B-15
GILMORE, JOHN N.                       GA-151-B-543
GILMORE, L. C. (MRS)                   GA-151-B-595
GILMORE, MARY MILDRED                  GA-151-B-546
GLADIN, JONATHAN                       GA-151-B-334
GLADIN, SOLOMAN                        GA-151-B-212
GLENN, SUSAN I.                        GA-151-B-552
GORDON, RICHARD                        GA-151-B-130
GREEN, MARTHA                          GA-151-B-470
GREENWAY, ALF G.                       GA-151-B-409
HAINES, M. JANE                        GA-151-B-508
HAINES, NATHAN                         GA-151-B-141
HALL, ANNIE                            GA-151-B-497
HALL, MARY LOUISE                      GA-151-B-571
HALL, RABUN W.                         GA-151-B-459
HALL, WILILAM BENNETT                  GA-151-B-493
HALL, WILILAM R.                       GA-151-B-567
HAPP, P.                               GA-151-B-367
HARDWICK, WILLIAM P.                   GA-151-B-118
HARDWICK, Z. S.                        GA-151-B-452
HARRIS, CHURCHWELL                     GA-151-B-120
HARRIS, MARY S.                        GA-151-B-556
HARRIS, RICHARD I.                     GA-151-B-504
HARRISON, G. B.                        GA-151-B-511
HARRISON, JOHN E.                      GA-151-B-420
HARRISON, JOSEPH                       GA-151-B-169
HARRISON, WILLIAM D.                   GA-151-B-343
HART, S. W.                            GA-151-B-375
HARTLEY, JONAS B.                      GA-151-B-409
HARTLEY, MARY A. J.                    GA-151-B-392
HATAWAY, BATON                         GA-151-B-335
HAWKINS, HENRY                         GA-151-B-354
HAYES, MARTHA A.                       GA-151-B-532
HAYNES, WILLIAM P.                     GA-151-B-44
HEATH, HENRY                           GA-151-B-184
HINES, CHURCHILL T.                    GA-151-B-91
HINES, H. AUGUSTA                      GA-151-B-444
HINES, LEONIDAS W.                     GA-151-B-380
HOLLIFIELD, H. N.                      GA-151-B-505
HOLMES, JAMES T.                       GA-151-B-177
HOLMES, JOHN J.                        GA-151-B-170
HOLMES, JORDAN W.                      GA-151-B-177
HOLT, LEWIS A.                         GA-151-B-198
HOLT, THOMAS                           GA-151-B-593
HOOK, EDWARD B.                        GA-151-B-167
HOOKS, GREEN L.                        GA-151-B-196
HOOKS, HOPEWELL                        GA-151-B-180
HOOKS, LUCINDA J.                      GA-151-B-561
HOOKS, NATHANIEL H.                    GA-151-B-583
HOOKS, OLIVIA C.                       GA-151-B-592
HORTON, HARREL                         GA-151-B-214
HORTON, ISAAC                          GA-151-B-517
HOWARD, LEMUEL                         GA-151-B-123
HUNT, SILAS F.                         GA-151-B-400
HUNT, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-1
INMAN, MARY A.                         GA-151-B-466
JACKSON, ALLEN                         GA-151-B-361
JACKSON, IRWIN                         GA-151-B-513
JACKSON, MARTHA I.                     GA-151-B-40
JACKSON, SARAH L.                      GA-151-B-499
JAMES, EDMUND (COLORED)                GA-151-B-228
JENKINS, ELEFAIR                       GA-151-B-438
JENKINS, URIAH                         GA-151-B-64
JERNIGAN, LEWIS A.                     GA-151-B-158
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       GA-151-B-87
JOINER, MALICHI                        GA-151-B-104
JOINER, MALICHI JR.                    GA-151-B-195
JONES, A. R. (MRS)                     GA-151-B-384
JONES, S. A. H.                        GA-151-B-436
JORDAN, CORNELIOUS                     GA-151-B-221
JORDAN, EPHRAIM D.                     GA-151-B-471
JORDAN, HARTY A. D.                    GA-151-B-554
JORDAN, WILLIAM D.                     GA-151-B-54
JOSEY, MARY E.                         GA-151-B-565
KELLEY, SEABORN R.                     GA-151-B-494
KILLINGSWORTH, JANE                    GA-151-B-106
KING, JOHN                             GA-151-B-439
LANG, NANCY H.                         GA-151-B-374
LAWSON, ALEANDER E.                    GA-151-B-226
LAYTON, LUCINDA E.                     GA-151-B-589
LEVERETT, JOHN I.                      GA-151-B-171
LONG, JOHN I.                          GA-151-B-131
LORD, SOLOMAN                          GA-151-B-205
MAPEY, ABEL                            GA-151-B-127
MARTIN, JOHN H.                        GA-151-B-355
MATHEWS, MARTHA A.                     GA-151-B-223
MAULDIN, JAMES D.                      GA-151-B-489
MAXWELL,ROBERT                         GA-151-B-341
MAYO, HOWELL                           GA-151-B-390
MAYO, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-99
MCALLISTER, SARAH ANN                  GA-151-B-550
MCCONKY, ANDREW                        GA-151-B-206
MCCULLERS, KIT                         GA-151-B-553
MEADOWS, JAMES R.                      GA-151-B-186
MEEKS, BENNET B.                       GA-151-B-435
MILLER, CHARLES F.                     GA-151-B-381
MILLS, DANIEL                          GA-151-B-365
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       GA-151-B-402
MILLS, FRANCIS A.                      GA-151-B-178
MILLS, STEPHEN                         GA-151-B-232
MITCHELL, HENRY                        GA-151-B-203
MOOR, CASON                            GA-151-B-98
MOOR, MATHEW                           GA-151-B-96
MORGAN, WILIAM A.                      GA-151-B-333
MOYE, SARAH                            GA-151-B-222
MOYE, THOMAS E.                        GA-151-B-96
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        GA-151-B-69
NEWSOM, H. K.                          GA-151-B-410
NEWSOM, SOLOMAN                        GA-151-B-349
NEWSOME, JOEDAY                        GA-151-B-107
ODAM, ELIZABETH                        GA-151-B-203
OREILLY, CHRISTOPHER C.                GA-151-B-407
ORR, NANCY M.                          GA-151-B-462
OSBORN,S ALLIE                         GA-151-B-448
PAGE, JAMES J.                         GA-151-B-140
PAGE, SOLOMAN                          GA-151-B-195
PALMER, DANIEL J.                      GA-151-B-432
PARK, WILLIAM                          GA-151-B-569
PATE, REDDING                          GA-151-B-209
PEACOCK, ANNA                          GA-151-B-211
PERRY, LOTTIE                          GA-151-B-544
PHILIPS, SUSANNAH                      GA-151-B-197
PHILLIPS, MARY                         GA-151-B-581
PHILLIPS, WINFRED                      GA-151-B-540
PILCHER, LEWIS                         GA-151-B-223
PITTMAN, M. A. M. (MRS)                GA-151-B-449
POOL, MIDDLETON                        GA-151-B-160
POSEY, HENRY                           GA-151-B-430
POSTON, JEFFERSON S.                   GA-151-B-577
PRICE, HARRIETT                        GA-151-B-42
PRICE, L. B. JR.                       GA-151-B-485
PRICE, MOOR                            GA-151-B-36
PUGESLY, JOHN I.                       GA-151-B-383
PUGESLY, TABITHA G.                    GA-151-B-492
RAWLINGS, EZEKIEL W.                   GA-151-B-373
ROBERSON, JOHN (COLORED)               GA-151-B-464
ROBERTSON, AGNES                       GA-151-B-17
ROBISON, ELIZABETH                     GA-151-B-55
ROBISON, MARTHA S.                     GA-151-B-422
ROBISON, MOSES                         GA-151-B-93
ROBISON, SAMUEL                        GA-151-B-224
ROGERS, OSCAR H.                       GA-151-B-469
ROUGHTON, ENOCH L.                     GA-151-B-465
ROUGHTON, H. C.                        GA-151-B-514
ROUGHTON, ZACHARIAH H.                 GA-151-B-336
ROWLEY, HARRIETT                       GA-151-B-580
SAFFOLD, ISHAM H.                      GA-151-B-150
SALTER, THOMAS                         GA-151-B-501
SELLERS, ANNA                          GA-151-B-117
SEPIONS, ANDREW                        GA-151-B-193
SEPIONS, BENJAMIN F.                   GA-151-B-164
SHEHEC, ELEPHAIR                       GA-151-B-143
SHEPPARD, CHARLES                      GA-151-B-97
SHEPPARD, CHARLES H.                   GA-151-B-194
SHEPPARD, DAVID                        GA-151-B-201
SHERLING, JAMES                        GA-151-B-85
SHURLING, JAMES H.                     GA-151-B-338
SHURLING, WILLIAM F.                   GA-151-B-442
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       GA-151-B-339
SMITH, BENJAMIN G.                     GA-151-B-475
SMITH, EDNA                            GA-151-B-520
SMITH, ISAAC                           GA-151-B-144
SMITH, JAMES F.                        GA-151-B-455
SMITH, JOHN E.                         GA-151-B-220
SMITH, LAVINA                          GA-151-B-174
SMITH, LOUISA H.                       GA-151-B-352
SMITH, MARTHA JANE                     GA-151-B-597
SMITH, NANCY                           GA-151-B-431
SMITH, PETER P.                        GA-151-B-151
SMITH, W. A. F.                        GA-151-B-498
SMITH, WILLIAM                         GA-151-B-433
SMITH, WINFRED H.                      GA-151-B-590
SPARKS, GEORGE W.                      GA-151-B-227
SPARKS, JOHN                           GA-151-B-125
SPARKS, MORGAN M.                      GA-151-B-377
STRANGE, GIDEON                        GA-151-B-25
STRANGE, MARTHA                        GA-151-B-37
STRANGE, THEODOSIA W.                  GA-151-B-525
SUMMERLIN, MARY                        GA-151-B-445
SUMNER, JANE D.                        GA-151-B-476
TANNER, FRANKLIN                       GA-151-B-488
TANNER, JOSEPH                         GA-151-B-509
TANNER, THOMAS                         GA-151-B-487
TANNER, THOMAS                         GA-151-B-360
TANNER, VICENT                         GA-151-B-340
TANNER, WILLIAM SR.                    GA-151-B-215
TANNER, WILLIAM V.                     GA-151-B-533
TARBUTTON, G. AUGUSTUS                 GA-151-B-364
TARBUTTON, TONY                        GA-151-B-578
TAYLOR, GRACIE A.                      GA-151-B-579
TAYLOR, HENRY                          GA-151-B-369
TAYLOR, JAMES E.                       GA-151-B-411
TAYLOR, KINCHEN                        GA-151-B-129
TAYLOR, MILLY                          GA-151-B-147
TAYLOR, WILLIAM P.                     GA-151-B-62
THOMAS, JOSEPH                         GA-151-B-573
THORNTON, A. B.                        GA-151-B-507
TRIBBLE, MARTHA                        GA-151-B-486
TUCKER, MARY H.                        GA-151-B-356
TURLINGTON, THOMAS                     GA-151-B-66
UNDERWOOD, REUBEN                      GA-151-B-82
VEAL, WILLIAM MADISON                  GA-151-B-563
VINSON, DAVID H.                       GA-151-B-229
WALKER, JAMES FREEMAN                  GA-151-B-446
WALKER, JOHN H.                        GA-151-B-393
WALKER, WILILAM D.                     GA-151-B-189
WALTERS, RICHARD                       GA-151-B-77
WARTHEN, RICHARD                       GA-151-B-163
WARTHEN, SARAH                         GA-151-B-482
WARTHEN, THOMAS                        GA-151-B-483
WATKINS, MITCHELL                      GA-151-B-398
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       GA-151-B-585
WEBB, JOHN                             GA-151-B-13
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                       GA-151-B-372
WEHLING, JACOB                         GA-151-B-28
WEST, ELBERT W.                        GA-151-B-397
WHITAKER, GEORGE W. H.                 GA-151-B-510
WHITFIELD, REBECCA                     GA-151-B-208
WHITFIELD, ROBERT                      GA-151-B-153
WHITFIELD, SHELMAN                     GA-151-B-576
WICKER, MARGARET S.                    GA-151-B-388
WICKER, THOMAS                         GA-151-B-49
WICKER, THOMAS A.                      GA-151-B-60
WIGGINS, GEORGE                        GA-151-B-414
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         GA-151-B-181
WILSON, SAMUEL                         GA-151-B-568
WILT, O. H.                            GA-151-B-461
WITT, MICHAEL L.                       GA-151-B-228
WOMMACK, MARY                          GA-151-B-399
WOOD, HENRY                            GA-151-B-230
WOOD, HENRY H.                         GA-151-B-351
WOOD, WILLIAM T.                       GA-151-B-538
WRIGHT, JOHN M.                        GA-151-B-57
YATES, JAMES E.                        GA-151-B-185
YATES, MARY E.                         GA-151-B-500
YATES, NANCY                           GA-151-B-535
YOUNGBLOOD, J. T.                      GA-151-B-453
YOUNGBLOOD, MARY S.                    GA-151-B-547
YOUNGBLOOD, WINFRED M.                 GA-151-B-421

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