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AKINS, SHERROD S.                      GA-152-A-49, 56
BLACK, JOHN J.                         GA-152-A-16
DART, HARRIET                          GA-152-A-81
DOWLING, NANCY                         GA-152-A-79
FIELDS, JOHN D.                        GA-152-A-59
HOPPS, DANIEL G.                       GA-152-A-53
HURST, ELLA                            GA-152-A-78
KING, LOUISA M.                        GA-152-A-77
KNIGHT, J. M.                          GA-152-A-106
KNIGHT, NATHANIEL                      GA-152-A-121
MCGAULEY, DAVID                        GA-152-A-84
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D.                  GA-152-A-104
MIKELL, T. F.                          GA-152-A-98
NEWSOME, MARY                          GA-152-A-86
NEWSOME, NATHANIEL J.                  GA-152-A-63
NICHOLAS, A. S.                        GA-152-A-91
ODUM, LEONARD B.                       GA-152-A-111
OGDEN, ISHAM SR.                       GA-152-A-93
PEARSON, SAMUEL B.                     GA-152-A-102
PEETERS, AUGUST                        GA-152-A-116
PRENTICE, ALEXANDER                    GA-152-A-10
PRENTICE, CHRISTINA                    GA-152-A-29
PUGH, JOHN A.                          GA-152-A-109
RADFORD, DUNCAN C.                     GA-152-A-100
REDDISH, ISHAM                         GA-152-A-12
ROBERSON, ANN RETTA                    GA-152-A-83
ROGERS, MARY                           GA-152-A-113
RUMPH, J. D.                           GA-152-A-1
SCOTT, JOHN                            GA-152-A-19
SHEDD, W. N.                           GA-152-A-88
THOMPSON, JOHN                         GA-152-A-60
TROWELL, MARY E.                       GA-152-A-4
UMPHRIES, JOHN M.                      GA-152-A-6

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