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AESEY, HARRIET (COLORED)               GA-155-2-8
ALLEN, JOHN J.                         GA-155-2-14
ALLEY, J. H.                           GA-155-2-123
ALLEY,W . H. C.                        GA-155-2-249
ALLISON, BENJAMIN G.                   GA-155-2-402
ALLISON, BENJAMIN W.                   GA-155-2-45
ALLISON, C. T.                         GA-155-2-331
ALLISON, H. A.                         GA-155-2-59
ALLISON, IDA M.                        GA-155-2-381
ALLISON, LEMUEL R.                     GA-155-2-4
ALLISON, W. W.                         GA-155-2-345
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       GA-155-1-78
ALLISON, WILLIAM T.                    GA-155-2-207
ANDERSON, SARAH ELIZABETH              GA-155-2-137
ASHE, JOHN D. (MRS)                    GA-155-2-439
BARRETT, ROBERT H.                     GA-155-2-122
BLACK, ISAAC                           GA-155-1-18
BLACK, S. N.                           GA-155-2-256
BOWEN, A. C.                           GA-155-2-296
BOWEN, H. H.                           GA-155-2-55
BOWEN, LYDIA                           GA-155-2-185, 204
BOWEN, POLLY                           GA-155-2-25
BROWN, JOE E.                          GA-155-2-428
BROWNLOW, LARKIN S.                    GA-155-1-115
BRYANT, JAMES W.                       GA-155-2-326
BURCH, LUCINDY C.                      GA-155-2-133
BYARS, ROBERT O.                       GA-155-2-135, 160
CANLEY, H. H.                          GA-155-1-34
CANTRELL, JAMES A.                     GA-155-2-11
CANTRELL, JOH M.                       GA-155-2-263
CANTRELL, S. B.                        GA-155-2-124
CANTRELL, STEPHEN                      GA-155-2-2
CASON, PRISCILLA MANERDVIE             GA-155-2-147
CHAMBERS, LUCY                         GA-155-2-79
CLARK, ALFRED B.                       GA-155-1-127
COLE, CHARLES F.                       GA-155-2-373
COLLEY, JAMES                          GA-155-1-74
COLLOM, HENRY                          GA-155-2-19
CONYERS, JAMES BENNETT                 GA-155-2-413
COOLEY, JAMES M.                       GA-155-2-211
COOLEY, MARY J.                        GA-155-2-258
COX, IRA                               GA-155-2-106
COX, MORDECAI                          GA-155-1-84
CRANER, W. J.                          GA-155-2-375
CRAVIN, JOHN N.                        GA-155-1-27
CRITTENTON, CHARLES N.                 GA-155-2-82
DAVIDSON, ELISHA S.                    GA-155-2-67
DAVIDSON, JESSIE S.                    GA-155-2-168
DAVIDSON, PETER                        GA-155-2-129
DEAN, A. M.                            GA-155-2-287
DEAN, WILEY H.                         GA-155-1-2
DENSMORE, SAMUEL PARKER                GA-155-1-24
DENTON, CHARLES M.                     GA-155-2-343
DODD, GREEN B.                         GA-155-1-52
DORSEY, HALLIE M.                      GA-155-2-389
DORSEY, JOHN M.                        GA-155-1-104
DORSEY, P. S.                          GA-155-2-247
EDWARDS, C. H.                         GA-155-2-406
EDWARDS, C. H.                         GA-155-2-1142
EDWARDS, J. W.                         GA-155-2-332
EDWARDS, LOU                           GA-155-2-276
EDWARDS, LOU C.                        GA-155-2-173
ETRIES, JOSEPH                         GA-155-1-37
ETRIS, C. H.                           GA-155-2-420
EVANS, EMMA                            GA-155-2-392
EVANS, W. E.                           GA-155-2-212
FAIR, TEXAS                            GA-155-2-348
FARMER, J. MARION                      GA-155-2-149
FARMER, LESTER                         GA-155-2-153
FAULKNER, LULA                         GA-155-2-347
FERGUSON, G. A. (MRS)                  GA-155-2-328
FIELDS, EMILY                          GA-155-1-15
FIELDS, JOHN H.                        GA-155-1-4
FOSTER, ROBERT                         GA-155-1-20
FREEMAN, ALEXANDER                     GA-155-1-6
FREEMAN, JAMES                         GA-155-2-36
FREEMAN, JEPTHA                        GA-155-1-61
FREEMAN, NANCY R.                      GA-155-2-170
GILLSTRAP, M. H.                       GA-155-2-322
GILSTRAP, RUFUS W.                     GA-155-1-54
GLAZE, J. E.                           GA-155-2-225
GLEN, JOHN                             GA-155-1-50
GLEN, VERGINIA "ANNIE"                 GA-155-2-269
GLENN, ELIZABETH                       GA-155-2-302
GUNTER, A. J.                          GA-155-2-181
HAMILTON, MILLIE                       GA-155-2-190
HEAD, DOCTOR G.                        GA-155-2-371
HELTON, JOHN C.                        GA-155-2-315
HELTON, REBECCA                        GA-155-2-261
HENDERSON, A. H. SR.                   GA-155-2-229
HENDERSON, J. W.                       GA-155-2-278
HENDERSON, T. B. SR.                   GA-155-2-411
HENDERSON,R . H.                       GA-155-2-338
HENLEY, MARY EDNA                      GA-155-2-142
HOLCOMB, C. F.                         GA-155-2-401
HOLCOMB, W. C.                         GA-155-2-299
HOOPER, EDWARD R.                      GA-155-2-324
HOUSTON, E. J.                         GA-155-2-130
HOWARD, ROY F.                         GA-155-2-398
HULSEY, J. D.                          GA-155-2-219
HUMPHRIES, JOHN F.                     GA-155-2-312
HUMPHRIES, W. J.                       GA-155-2-267
HUNT, RUTH M.                          GA-155-1-76
HUNTER, ARTHUR CLAUDE                  GA-155-2-378
JACKSON, A. N.                         GA-155-2-349
JACKSON, L. H.                         GA-155-2-28
JAMISON, BESSIE R.                     GA-155-2-236
JARRAD, J. H.                          GA-155-2-353
JARRETH, SOLOMON (COLORED)             GA-155-2-240
KEMMER, JOHN X.                        GA-155-2-341
KEMMER, LOU MEADERS                    GA-155-2-252
KENIMER, R. T.                         GA-155-2-227
KENIMER, ROBERT                        GA-155-2-434
KIGER, CARRIE E.                       GA-155-2-423
KIGER, J. A.                           GA-155-2-425
KIMSEY, C. C. (MRS)                    GA-155-2-217
KINSEY, WILLIAM                        GA-155-1-80
KYTLE, C. H.                           GA-155-2-186
KYTLE, G. S.                           GA-155-2-178
LEDFORD, ALLISON                       GA-155-1-58
LEDFORD, W. R.                         GA-155-2-441
LOGAN, FANNIE                          GA-155-2-200
LOGAN, FRANCIS                         GA-155-1-40
LOGAN, FRANK                           GA-155-2-21
LOGAN, JOHN                            GA-155-1-64
MCCOLLUM, GEORGE W.                    GA-155-2-192
MCCOLLUM, R. D.                        GA-155-2-390
MCDOWELL, JOSEPH                       GA-155-1-73
MCGHEE, SETH H.                        GA-155-2-242
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM                      GA-155-1-92
MEADERS, CHRISTOPHER                   GA-155-1-98
MEARS, J. A.                           GA-155-2-365
MERRITT, J. F.                         GA-155-2-32
MERRITT, J. J.                         GA-155-2-118
MERRITT, JOHN L.                       GA-155-2-308
MICHEL, A. ISLER                       GA-155-2-330
MILES, HINTON F.                       GA-155-2-244
MINIST, B. C. (MRS)                    GA-155-2-369
MOORE, M. B.                           GA-155-2-115
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        GA-155-2-112
MURDOCK, VESTA                         GA-155-2-145
NICELY, FANNIE                         GA-155-2-254
NIX, ELIZABETH                         GA-155-1-13
NIX, JAMES                             GA-155-1-32
NOEL. W. N.                            GA-155-2-427
NORRIS, OZILLA                         GA-155-1-126
OKELLEY, JOHN A.                       GA-155-2-255
PALMOUR, JOHN H.                       GA-155-2-104
PALMOUR, PEARL                         GA-155-2-340
PHILLIPS, H. X                         GA-155-2-334
PILGRIM, WILLIAM                       GA-155-2-120
PITCHFORD, WILLIAM G.                  GA-155-1-82
POE, VESTA CAROLINE                    GA-155-1-57
QUILLIAN, R.                           GA-155-1-45
ROBERTS, CHARLES                       GA-155-2-72
ROBERTSON, MARY L.                     GA-155-2-163
ROBINSON, WILLIAM N.                   GA-155-2-218
ROGERS, J. G.                          GA-155-2-293
SANDUSKY, ALYS C.                      GA-155-2-435
SAXON, HATTIE                          GA-155-2-430
SAXON, J. P.                           GA-155-2-430
SCHURR, IDA A.                         GA-155-2-306
SEARS, JAMES W.                        GA-155-1-125
SEARS, WILLIAM F.                      GA-155-1-110
SKELTON, JOHN B.                       GA-155-2-202
SKELTON, LITTLETON                     GA-155-1-130
SKELTON, MILLIE                        GA-155-2-318
SMITH, JOHN N.                         GA-155-2-52
SMITH, LOUIS POPE                      GA-155-2-305
SMITH, T. L.                           GA-155-2-16
SMITH, WILIAM M.                       GA-155-2-5
SOSEBEE, CHARLES P.                    GA-155-2-400
SOSEBEE, J. B.                         GA-155-2-300
SOSEBEE, J. R.                         GA-155-2-265
STANDRIDGE, MARTHA A.                  GA-155-1-68
STANDRIDGE, SAMUEL                     GA-155-1-8
STANDRIDGE, SAMUEL JR.                 GA-155-1-108
STARK, SIDNEY L.                       GA-155-2-355
STARR, HANNAH W.                       GA-155-2-24
STEPHENS, MARY E.                      GA-155-2-57
STOVALL, A. B.                         GA-155-2-116
STOVALL, J. H.                         Ga-155-3-320
STOVALL, JAMES C.                      GA-155-2-367
STOVALL, MYRTLE C.                     GA-155-2-379
STOVER, JOEL                           GA-155-2-286
SUSEBEE, NOAH                          GA-155-1-71
TATUM, NEWET                           GA-155-2-206
TAYLOR, B. F.                          GA-155-2-292
TOMLIN, ISAAC                          GA-155-1-11
TOVER, EMMA MAE                        GA-155-2-432
TRUELOVE,J. N.                         GA-155-2-248
TURMOND, E. J.                         GA-155-2-6
TURNER, BERRY                          GA-155-1-120
TURNER, GEORGE H.                      GA-155-2-139
TURNER, LULA                           GA-155-2-395
TURNER, MICAGER                        GA-155-1-30
UNDERWOOD, A. F.                       GA-155-2-109
UNDERWOOD, J. W. H.                    GA-155-2-283
UNDERWOOD, JOE ED                      GA-155-2-399, 429
UNDERWOOD, MARY C.                     GA-155-2-310
UNDERWOOD, MARY J.                     GA-155-2-208
VICKERY, BERRY B.                      GA-155-1-67
VICKERY, JOHN                          GA-155-2-126
WALDROP, E. R.                         GA-155-2-195
WEST, E. P.                            GA-155-2-274
WESTMORELAND, JESSIE                   GA-155-2-417
WESTMORELAND, ROBERT E.                GA-155-2-387
WHITE, D. F.                           GA-155-2-392
WHITLOCK, W. J.                        GA-155-2-246
WIKLE, MARGARET R.                     GA-155-2-282
WILEY, H. D.                           GA-155-2-419
WILILAMS, ALICE                        GA-155-2-280
WILLIAMS, CHARLES R.                   GA-155-2-237                             
WILLIAMS, HANNAH B.                    GA-155-1-95
WILLIAMS, JANE ELIZABETH               GA-155-2-100
WILLIAMS, JANE L.                      GA-155-2-361
WILLIAMS, M. J.                        GA-155-2-232
WINKLER, JAMES A.                      GA-155-2-77
WINKLER, T. J.                         GA-155-2-224
WOFFORD, ABRAHAM                       GA-155-1-102
YOUNG, J. G.                           GA-155-2-421

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