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FAHL, JOHN                              IN-86-E-552
FAIR, WILLIAM S.                        IN-86-B-56
FALL, ANDREW                            IN-86-D-323
FANNIN, BRYANT JR.                      IN-86-B-78
FANNIN, HARRIET                         IN-86-C-270
FANNING, FRED                           IN-86-H-462
FANNING, MARY A.                        IN-86-H-509
FANNING, SYLVESTER H.                   IN-86-E-265
FARLEY, JOSHUA                          IN-86-E-399
FARR, MARTHA E.                         IN-86-F-58
FAWCETT, ZIMRI                          IN-86-G-378
FAWLEY, GEORE                           IN-86-D-252
FELL, JOHN F.                           IN-86-H-37
FERDINAND, JACOB                        IN-86-H-424
FEREE, JOHN W.                          IN-86-A-39
FERGUSON, DANIEL                        IN-86-F-314
FERREE, JOHNH.                          IN-86-C-144
FERREL, OLIVER S.                       IN-86-G-113
FERRIS, JOSEPH O                        IN-86-F-503
FERRY, ALANSON T.                       IN-86-B-425
FIGHER, STEARNS                         IN-86-B-252
FINAN, PETER                            IN-86-A-47
FINCH, THOMAS                           IN-86-F-467
FINLEY, HENRY                           IN-86-A-426
FIRE, MARY ANN HINER                    IN-86-H-206
FISHER, ELIJAH                          IN-86-H-57
FISHER, HARRIET L.                      IN-86-E-51
FISHER, JAMES ALFRED                    IN-86-A-263
FISHER, NOAH                            IN-86-H-130
FISHER, P. J.                           IN-86-A-79
FITZGIBBON, JOHN                        IN-86-B-140
FLACK, WILLIAM T.                       IN-86-H-294
FLANEGAN, PATRICK                       IN-86-B-9
FLECK, SARAH E.                         IN-86-F-407
FLIN, RICHARD E.                        IN-86-G-346
FLINER, ELIZABETH                       IN-86-E-324
FLINN, CHARLES                          IN-86-F-172
FLINN, JERRY                            IN-86-G-545
FLINN, VIANNA                           IN-86-H-262
FLINT, ADAM R.                          IN-86-D-260
FLINT, LORENZO A.                       IN-86-G-488
FLINT, LUCY A.                          IN-86-H-503
FLITCRAFT, JOSEPH                       IN-86-G-323
FLOOK, AMANDA J. L.                     IN-86-G-504
FLOOK, SARAH E.                         IN-86-H-253
FLORA, ALEXANDER                        IN-86-H-366
FLORA, DAVID                            IN-86-H-238
FLORA, LEONARD                          IN-86-G-470
FOGERTY, THOMAS                         IN-86-A-118
FONT, ELIZABETH                         IN-86-D-7
FORD, JAMES                             IN-86-E-314
FORD, MARSHALL R.                       IN-86-G-240
FORDYCE, WILLIAM H.                     IN-86-G-427
FORGY, LEAH C.                          IN-86-H-227
FORNEY, JACOB                           IN-86-A-397
FOSNAUGH, SARIAH                        IN-86-E-515
FOSTER, JOHN S.                         IN-86-H-501
FOUST, SAMUEL S.                        IN-86-G-410
FOUTS, CHARLES A.                       IN-86-H-474
FOWLER, NEWTON                          IN-86-C-272
FOWLER, PHILANDER                       IN-86-A-50
FRAME, ASENATH                          IN-86-C-299
FRAME, JAMES                            IN-86-A-173
FRANK, DANIEL R.                        IN-86-E-393
FRANK, MARY A.                          IN-86-F-203
FRANTZ, CATHARINE                       IN-86-H-499
FRANTZ, JOHN                            IN-86-B-22
FRANTZ, NICHOLAS                        IN-86-B-96
FRAZEE, AURELIA A.                      IN-86-F-315
FREDERICK, CAROLINE                     IN-86-G-358
FREDERICK, JACOB                        IN-86-E-408
FREDERICK, WILLIAM J.                   IN-86-G-336
FREEMAN, ALEX                           IN-86-D-267
FREEMAN, MARGARET                       IN-86-A-192
FREEMAN, RILEY                          IN-86-F-417
FREEZE, CATHRINE                        IN-86-A-275
FREEZE, DAVID                           IN-86-H-334
FRENCH, MARY                            IN-86-B-366
FRESHOUR, DAVID F.                      IN-86-H-395
FRIEZE, DANIEL                          IN-86-A-56
FRUSHOUR, CATHARINE                     IN-86-H-322
FRUSHOUR, CHARLES H.                    IN-86-H-217
FULTON, GEORGE S.                       IN-86-F-362
FULTON, SAMUEL                          IN-86-B-264
FULTS, MARY                             IN-86-G-264
FUNDERBURG, JACOB                       IN-86-E-174
FUNDERBURGH, DAVID                      IN-86-A-381
FUNK, SAMUEL D.                         IN-86-D-170
GAMBLE, JAMES A.                        IN-86-E-506
GAMBLE, JOHN H.                         IN-86-B-292
GAMBLE, JOHN L.                         IN-86-G-109
GAMBLE, THOMAS                          IN-86-A-52
GAMBLE, THOMAS H.                       IN-86-H-456
GARBER, DANIEL                          IN-86-G-148
GARDNER, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-86-B-35
GARDNER, MARLAND R.                     IN-86-H-280
GARDNER, OLINA A.                       IN-86-F-129
GARNER, HENRY                           IN-86-H-126
GARNER, SAMANTHA                        IN-86-G-58
GARRETSON, HENRY R.                     IN-86-H-313
GARRIGUS, FLORINA                       IN-86-G-450
GARRISON, ELIHU                         IN-86-A-408
GARRISON, JEREMIAH                      IN-86-B-415
GARRITSON, HENRY R.                     IN-86-H-379
GARRTTSEN, MARY ANN                     IN-86-B-155
GEIBLE, HENRY SR.                       IN-86-C-229
GEIBLE, JULIA                           IN-86-E-259
GEMMS, EUSTIS                           IN-86-B-202
GERLACH, LOUISA                         IN-86-H-399
GETHART, MARGARET                       IN-86-D-370
GHARST, ELIZABETH                       IN-86-E-1
GIBBS, THOMAS                           IN-86-C-292
GIBSON, MARY J.                         IN-86-H-188
GIDLEY, LILLY B.                        IN-86-G-282
GILBERT, ISRAEL                         IN-86-F-211
GILL, FRANKLIN A.                       IN-86-G-361
GILL, ILTON                             IN-86-F-444
GILLINGHAM, LUCAS                       IN-86-B-29
GILLMORE, SARAH E.                      IN-86-D-71
GILSON, SARAH                           IN-86-C-110
GINGERICK, ISAAC E.                     IN-86-H-473
GIPE, AMOS                              IN-86-H-273
GIRK, MICHAEL                           IN-86-G-290
GLAZE, WILLIAM                          IN-86-H-360
GLAZIER, ELIZA A.                       IN-86-H-113
GLUNT, MARY                             IN-86-H-402
GLUNT, WILLIAM H.                       IN-86-H-378
GOCHENOUR, ABRAHAM                      IN-86-A-338
GOCHENOUR, EMMA J.                      IN-86-G-387
GOCHENOUR, JOSEPH C.                    IN-86-F-500
GOCHENOUR, WILLIAM D.                   IN-86-H-84
GODA, EVA                               IN-86-F-167
GODA, WILLIAM                           IN-86-G-293
GOEBLE, FREDRICK                        IN-86-B-267
GOEHLER, JACOB                          IN-86-G-489
GOENS, ROSETTA                          IN-86-D-200
GONGIVER, CLARA M.                      IN-86-H-476
GOODBOY, ELI                            IN-86-B-112
GOON, MACY                              IN-86-C-401
GORE, MARGARET                          IN-86-G-363
GORE, TERENCE A.                        IN-86-H-22
GORMAN, JOHN                            IN-86-E-488
GOTHLER, KATHARINE                      IN-86-H-102
GOUGILL, MARY                           IN-86-E-84
GRACE, PHILIP                           IN-86-B-116
GRACE, THOMAS                           IN-86-B-67
GRADEN, J. T.                           IN-86-D-49
GRAY, ASHER                             IN-86-H-266
GRAY, GEORGE                            IN-86-B-312
GREEN, EDGAR                            IN-86-F-224
GREEN, ROEBRT L.                        IN-86-E-475
GREEN, SARAH J.                         IN-86-B-181
GREEN, WILLIAM                          IN-86-G-272
GREER, JOHN                             IN-86-G-123
GRETZINGER, FREDRICK                    IN-86-H-429
GRIDLEY, WILLIAM                        IN-86-C-376
GRIES, FRANK                            IN-86-H-23
GRIFFEY, JOHN                           IN-86-F-182
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                        IN-86-H-197
GRIFFIN, RICHARD                        IN-86-G-469
GRIFFIN, WALTER                         IN-86-A-46
GRIM, GEORGE                            IN-86-F-319
GRIMES, MARY J.                         IN-86-H-1
GRIMM, CARRIE                           IN-86-H-29
GROGG, JOHN J.                          IN-86-G-138
GRONINGER, H. L.                        IN-86-F-261
GRONINGER, WINNEY                       IN-86-F-42
GROSEMICKLE, RUFUS                      IN-86-C-184
GROSSNICKLE, LAWSON                     IN-86-G-195
GROSSRUBACHER, JOHN                     IN-86-H-261
GROVER, LUTHER A.                       IN-86-H-186
GRUB, SAMUEL                            IN-86-C-327
GRUBE, EMOND C.                         IN-86-H-40
GRUBE, LAVINA                           IN-86-H-43
GRUEN, CHRISTIAN                        IN-86-D-35
GRUTHER, DAVID                          IN-86-H-127
GRUTHER, LAURA                          IN-86-H-124
GUESS, CATHERINE                        IN-86-D-285
GURTNER, CHARLES                        IN-86-G-367
GURTNER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-86-H-332
GUSHARD, TOBIAS                         IN-86-H-14
GUST, ADDISON                           IN-86-H-436
GUSTNER, JOHN                           IN-86-C-13
GUTHERLET, FREDRICK ADAM                IN-86-B-121
GUY, WILLIAM H.                         IN-86-G-471
GUYNER, HENRY                           IN-86-E-366
GUYNN, CHARLES                          IN-86-F-53
GUYNN, MARGARET                         IN-86-F-425
HAAG, SARAH                             IN-86-G-538
HAAS, ADEN                              IN-86-A-329
HAAS, JONATHAN K.                       IN-86-F-320
HACKLEMAN, MARTHA                       IN-86-G-217
HACKNEY, WILLIAM C.                     IN-86-E-279
HAFLEY, JACOB                           IN-86-A-78
HALDERMAN, CORNELIUS                    IN-86-C-408, 428
HALE, JOHN Q.                           IN-86-D-272
HALE, MARY                              IN-86-C-69
HALE, MATTHEW                           IN-86-B-243
HALE, SALLY S.                          IN-86-C-268
HALL, FRANCES MCDUFFIE                  IN-86-H-341
HALL, GEMIMA                            IN-86-G-50
HAM, ROLLIN F.                          IN-86-H-459
HAM, WILLIAM                            IN-86-G-479
HAMER, HENRIETTA                        IN-86-D-279
HAMILTON, ABIGAIL                       IN-86-G-466
HAMILTON, DAVID                         IN-86-G-530
HAMILTON, JOHNJ.                        IN-86-D-243
HAMILTON, MARY A.                       IN-86-F-286
HAMILTON, T.                            IN-86-A-101
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                         IN-86-A-272
HANEY, ELIZA                            IN-86-G-233
HANLEY, JOHN                            IN-86-E-470
HANLEY, THOMAS                          IN-86-D-247
HANSING, ELIZABETH H.                   IN-86-H-348
HARDEN, JOHN                            IN-86-G-51
HARNADAY, CHARLES E.                    IN-86-G-484
HARPER, FRANCIS J.                      IN-86-G-570
HARREL, JESSIE D.                       IN-86-B-380
HARRIS, FLORA                           IN-86-G-56
HARRIS, MARY CORDELIA                   IN-86-G-512
HARRIS, WILLIAM R.                      IN-86-H-538
HARSHMAN, ELENOR                        IN-86-D-336
HARTCOUGH, ALBERT                       IN-86-B-321
HARTER, CATHARINE S.                    IN-86-H-55
HARTER, ISREAL                          IN-86-B-165
HARTER, JACOB                           IN-86-F-439
HARTER, JOSEPH B. AND ROWENA            IN-86-H-488
HARTER, MARIUS                          IN-86-F-152
HARTER, NELLIE C.                       IN-86-G-32
HARTER, OLIVER                          IN-86-G-315
HARTER, ROWENA AND JOSEPH B.            IN-86-H-488
HARTLEY, ASRAH A.                       IN-86-E-386
HARTLEY, JACKSON                        IN-86-H-281
HARTLEY, ORENDER A.                     IN-86-H-171
HARTZLER, MARTHA A.                     IN-86-H-354
HARVEY, CHRISTIA                        IN-86-H-357
HARVEY, JOHN S.                         IN-86-F-552
HASKETT, CHARLES                        IN-86-H-487
HATHAWAY, JOHN                          IN-86-B-361
HAUFERT, FREDERICK SR.                  IN-86-G-1, 41
HAUPERT, FREDERICK                      IN-86-H-213
HAUPERT, PETER                          IN-86-C-320
HAUPERT, PHILLIP                        IN-86-E-210
HAUPERT, WILLIAM                        IN-86-E-364
HAWKINS, EZRA                           IN-86-E-261
HAWLEY, AUBREY H.                       IN-86-G-325
HAY, DANIEL                             IN-86-G-385
HAY, DAVID                              IN-86-G-524
HAYCOCK, NATHAN                         IN-86-B-347
HAYES, ISAAC SR.                        IN-86-A-429
HAYES, SAMUEL S.                        IN-86-E-163
HAYS, JOHN E.                           IN-86-F-214
HAYS, MARGARET                          IN-86-E-405
HAYS, MICHAEL                           IN-86-C-44
HAZEN, LEMUEL                           IN-86-H-17, 28
HEETER, GEORGE                          IN-86-A-393
HEETER, HENRY                           IN-86-A-155
HEETER, JACOB                           IN-86-F-174
HEETER, JOHN C.                         IN-86-C-339
HEETER, LOUSIA W.                       IN-86-F-207
HEETER, MARGARET                        IN-86-F-524
HEETER, SARAH C.                        IN-86-F-220
HEETER, SUSAN                           IN-86-F-217
HEGEL, JACOB                            IN-86-F-521
HEGEL, MARY C.                          IN-86-H-387
HEILMAN, FREDRICK                       IN-86-H-435
HEISTAND, HENRY                         IN-86-E-304
HELM, BENJAMIN A.                       IN-86-H-228
HELUN, HIRAM                            IN-86-H-453
HENNEY, MICHAEL                         IN-86-G-64
HENRY, JOHN                             IN-86-A-107
HERFF, NATHAN                           IN-86-E-148
HERMAN, PETER                           IN-86-H-283
HERRICK, GEORGE T.                      IN-86-F-426
HERRICK, JULIA                          IN-86-H-78
HERRON, NANCY ELLEN                     IN-86-H-264
HESS, ALEXANDER                         IN-86-H-231
HESS, LAURA                             IN-86-H-355
HESTON, SAMUEL                          IN-86-A-140
HETTLER, WALTER                         IN-86-H-13
HETTMANSPERGER, CHARLES F.              IN-86-D-357
HETTMANSPERGER, MARY A.                 IN-86-D-338
HETZLER, MICHAEL                        IN-86-F-372
HEUSER, JOHN                            IN-86-A-136
HIDEY, ANDERSON                         IN-86-B-229
HILDEBRAND, LEWIS                       IN-86-G-235
HILDENBRAND, ELIZABETH                  IN-86-F-411
HILDERBRAND, JACOB                      IN-86-E-256
HILL, TITUS M.                          IN-86-H-230
HINEP, LEONARD                          IN-86-B-399
HINER, MARY                             IN-86-G-166
HINER, MELISSA ANN                      IN-86-H-492
HIPP, CHRISTIAN                         IN-86-F-546
HIPPENSTEEL, DAVID                      IN-86-G-529
HIPPENSTELL, SAMUEL                     IN-86-H-248
HIPPENTELL, JAMES                       IN-86-C-237
HIPSKIND, PHILIP                        IN-86-H-407
HIVELY, MICHAEL                         IN-86-G-306
HOAG, ANDREW                            IN-86-G-495
HOCH, GUSTAVIS A.                       IN-86-H-75
HOEF, ELDER                             IN-86-G-90
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          IN-86-B-418
HOFFMAN, MARGARET S.                    IN-86-C-250
HOGAN, MARY A.                          IN-86-H-98
HOKE, THADDEUS                          IN-86-F-422
HOLDERMANN, ELIZABETH                   IN-86-H-235
HOLLEY, WILLIAM                         IN-86-G-482
HOLLOWAY, JOB                           IN-86-H-41
HOLLOWAY, LOUISA R.                     IN-86-H-164
HOLLOWAY, SILAS                         IN-86-H-531
HOLLOWELL, EDNA                         IN-86-D-91
HOLMS, ROBERT                           IN-86-A-436
HOMOUR, PETER                           IN-86-C-179
HOOD, WILLIAM                           IN-86-A-120
HOOVER, DAVID C.                        IN-86-D-154
HOOVER, JAMES N.                        IN-86-G-167
HOOVER, SAMUEL                          IN-86-C-59
HOOVER, SERENA                          IN-86-F-445
HOOVER, SOLOMON                         IN-86-A-93
HOPKINS, SAMUEL H.                      IN-86-G-574
HORNADAY, SAMUEL                        IN-86-A-172
HORNING, IRVING                         IN-86-E-82
HORNING, JAMES S.                       IN-86-H-516
HOSTETLER, ELIZABETH                    IN-86-F-278
HOTT, LEVI                              IN-86-E-296
HOULIHAN, MARY                          IN-86-H-363
HOUSER, BURVIA A.                       IN-86-G-185
HOUSER, JAMES                           IN-86-G-554
HOUSER, JOHN A.                         IN-86-F-260
HOUSER, JOHN L.                         IN-86-H-85
HOWARD, JAMES E.                        IN-86-F-135
HOWENSTINE, JEREMIAH G.                 IN-86-E-306
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         IN-86-B-261
HUBER, ELIZABETH C.                     IN-86-H-77
HUDDLESTON, WILLIAM                     IN-86-C-410
HUFFARD, ADAM                           IN-86-E-24
HUFFMAN, CATHARINE                      IN-86-F-98
HUFFMAN, MARY E.                        IN-86-H-393
HULIAN, HIRAM                           IN-86-H-193
HULL, JOHN                              IN-86-B-342
HULL, MARGARET                          IN-86-H-15
HULL, MARY E.                           IN-86-H-512
HUMMEL, JOHN L.                         IN-86-G-256
HUMMER, JAMES M.                        IN-86-H-9
HUMMER, MARIA E.                        IN-86-H-53
HUMMER, MARTHA J.                       IN-86-H-247
HUNT, WILLIAM R.                        IN-86-G-145
HURHAN, BENJAMIN F.                     IN-86-C-155
HURLEY, JOHN                            IN-86-D-348
HURST, JOHN W.                          IN-86-G-513
HUSHAW, JACOB                           IN-86-B-411
HUTCHENS, MALINDA                       IN-86-H-154
HUTCHINS, DAVIS                         IN-86-G-104
HUTCHINS, DOUELLA                       IN-86-H-409
HUTCHINS, THEODORE V.                   IN-86-F-175
HUTCHINSON, CYNTHIA A.                  IN-86-H-438
HUTCHISON, CYNTHIA A.                   IN-86-H-438
HUTTON, JOHN                            IN-86-G-55
HYMAN, JACOB                            IN-86-F-544
HYMAN, LEONARD                          IN-86-D-314
HYMAN, LOIS                             IN-86-E-527
HYMAN, LOUIS L.                         IN-86-H-410
IREY, PHINEAS                           IN-86-A-70
ISENHAUER, AARON                        IN-86-D-399
IVINS, GEORGE                           IN-86-H-244
IVINS, JOHN                             IN-86-H-125
IVINS, REBECCA                          IN-86-H-155
IVORY, CATHRINE                         IN-86-G-187
IVORY, ELIZABETH                        IN-86-D-336
JACK, JAMES                             IN-86-B-357
JACK, SARAH M.                          IN-86-F-180
JACK, THOMAS                            IN-86-A-116
JACKSON, ALEXANDER                      IN-86-A-197
JACKSON, CHARLES A.                     IN-86-H-468
JACKSON, DANIEL                         IN-86-A-84
JACKSON, DAVID                          IN-86-F-104
JACKSON, DELILAH A.                     IN-86-H-183
JACKSON, JOEL                           IN-86-E-480
JACKSON, LEANDER                        IN-86-F-323
JACKSON, WILLIAM A.                     IN-86-G-467
JAY, ISAAC                              IN-86-E-547
JAY, JESSE                              IN-86-C-24
JAY, MARY                               IN-86-G-199
JEFFERY, ALBERT                         IN-86-H-384
JEFFREY, JOHN A.                        IN-86-B-404
JELLISON, EPHRAIM                       IN-86-E-169
JENCKS, S. W.                           IN-86-D-184
JENKINS, AARON                          IN-86-C-362
JENKINS, CHARLES L.                     IN-86-H-372
JENKINS, REBECCA                        IN-86-B-310
JENKS, ELNORA                           IN-86-E-345
JENNINGS, JACOB M.                      IN-86-H-328
JESTER, FRANCENIA L.                    IN-86-H-209
JEWETT, MARGARET M.                     IN-86-H-373
JOHNSON, CYNTHIA                        IN-86-G-445
JOHNSON, CYRUS D.                       IN-86-E-298
JOHNSON, JOY                            IN-86-G-522
JONES, ADDISON                          IN-86-G-334
JONES, DANIEL S.                        IN-86-D-1
JONES, DESYLVIA                         IN-86-D-79
JONES, JAMES FRANKLIN                   IN-86-H-286
JONES, JANE                             IN-86-D-108
JONES, JESSE H.                         IN-86-H-394
JONES, JOSEPH                           IN-86-C-426
JONES, JOSEPH W.                        IN-86-D-102
JONES, LAVINA                           IN-86-B-27
JONES, MARTHA A.                        IN-86-G-482
JONES, MARY                             IN-86-H-81
JONES, MATTHEW J.                       IN-86-H-403
JONES, MORTON T.                        IN-86-H-5
JONES, REBECCA                          IN-86-B-202
JONES, RICHARD                          IN-86-A-111
JONES, SANFORD W.                       IN-86-H-320
JONES, STEPHEN                          IN-86-A-220
JONES, WILLIAM                          IN-86-H-324
JONES, WILLIAM M.                       IN-86-C-416
JONES, WILLIAM P.                       IN-86-G-356
JORDAN, ORAN W.                         IN-86-G-431
KANE, S. G.                             IN-86-A-357
KARN, DANIEL                            IN-86-H-290
KARN, JOHN                              IN-86-E-12
KARNS, CATHERINE                        IN-86-F-187
KARNS, CHARLES H.                       IN-86-H-443
KAUFMAN, BENJAMIN                       IN-86-E-42
KAUFMAN, MICHAEL                        IN-86-E-49
KEESEY, JOHN                            IN-86-E-229
KELLER, JACOB G.                        IN-86-D-179
KELLER, PHILIP                          IN-86-H-490
KELLER, SARAH WIMMER                    IN-86-F-486
KELLER, WILLIAM P.                      IN-86-H-3
KELLEY, EDWARD                          IN-86-C-113, 244
KELLY, WILLIAM                          IN-86-B-41
KEMPNER, FANNIE                         IN-86-H-325
KENDALL, ANNA N.                        IN-86-G-579
KENDALL, BERR                           IN-86-D-206
KENDALL, JAMES                          IN-86-H-36
KENDALL, JULIA                          IN-86-H-422
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD                      IN-86-B-317
KENNEDY, ELIZA E.                       IN-86-F-114
KENNEDY, EMMA C.                        IN-86-H-430
KENNEDY, LEMUEL                         IN-86-G-467
KENNEDY, WILLIAM J.                     IN-86-G-472
KERN, CHARLES                           IN-86-E-240
KERSCHNER, MARY A.                      IN-86-H-191
KERSHNER, W. A.                         IN-86-H-121
KESTER, CHARLES W.                      IN-86-E-145
KESTER, IRVIN L.                        IN-86-H-241
KIDD, MELLICENT F.                      IN-86-C-73
KIDD, MEREDITH H.                       IN-86-F-404
KIEFER, DANIEL                          IN-86-G-475
KIEFFABER, ADAM                         IN-86-E-139
KILBY, ALMOS S.                         IN-86-C-177
KILBY, ESTHER P.                        IN-86-F-189
KILBY, MARTHA J.                        IN-86-F-234
KILTY, DAVID                            IN-86-D-241
KINDALL, ASA                            IN-86-A-320
KINDALL, JAMES M.                       IN-86-A-212
KINDLEY, LEVI                           IN-86-H-251
KINERK, EDWARD                          IN-86-H-134
KING, CALVIN C.                         IN-86-E-98
KING, CATHARINE                         IN-86-B-4
KING, CHRISTIAN                         IN-86-B-158
KING, HARRY S.                          IN-86-G-33
KING, JANE D.                           IN-86-G-542
KING, MARIA                             IN-86-G-416
KING, PETER                             IN-86-D-235
KING, TEMPERANCE                        IN-86-B-372
KING, THOMAS W.                         IN-86-G-107
KING, WILLIAM                           IN-86-A-375
KINZIE, ELIZABETH                       IN-86-E-22
KINZIE, LEVI                            IN-86-D-245
KIPPEL, JOSEPH                          IN-86-G-460
KISSINGER, ELIABETH                     IN-86-H-112
KISTLER, JOSEPH                         IN-86-F-463
KITSON, MARY JANE                       IN-86-G-538
KITTERMAN, FRANCES                      IN-86-H-221
KITTERMAN, GEORGE                       IN-86-F-472
KITZ, ALFRED                            IN-86-A-285
KIZER, THOMAS                           IN-86-A-41
KLINE, GEORGE                           IN-86-F-391
KNAUER, DAVID                           IN-86-A-129
KNIFE, CATHERINE                        IN-86-F-415
KNIPPLE, ALICE                          IN-86-H-561
KOEHLER, JOHN                           IN-86-H-551
KOHLER, CHARLES F.                      IN-86-H-256
KOHR, LEVI                              IN-86-F-565
KRAFT, JOHN                             IN-86-A-153
KRANNER, PHILLIPINA                     IN-86-H-73
KREEDER, ABRAHAM H.                     IN-86-G-394
KRETSINGER, ELIZABETH                   IN-86-B-135
KRIEG, SAMUEL                           IN-86-F-394
KRISHER, DAVID L.                       IN-86-H-118
KRISHER, ELLA IRENE                     IN-86-H-124
KRISHER, IRA F.                         IN-86-G-317
KRISHER, RUDOLPH                        IN-86-B-294
KRISHER, WILLIAM                        IN-86-G-314
KUFFEL, SAMUEL                          IN-86-F-573
KUHULE, WILLIAM F.                      IN-86-D-46
KUHULEE, JACOB F.                       IN-86-A-241
KULDAN, CHARLIE                         IN-86-H-535
KULDAN, RACHAEL                         IN-86-G-152
KUMLEY, JACOB                           IN-86-G-520
KUNSE, LUELLA G.                        IN-86-C-398
KURTS, SOPHIA                           IN-86-G-253
KURTZ, JOHN                             IN-86-F-23
KUSCHEL, JOHN                           IN-86-G-43

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