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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volumes: A = 1864-1869 | B = 1868-1907 | C = 1908-1965
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ADAMS, THOMAS F.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-316
ADAMS, W. S.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-479
ALEXANDER, ALLEN                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-1
ALEXANDER, CHARLES R.                  NTL                                     NC-2-C-414
ALEXANDER, EPHRIM MILES                NTL                                     NC-2-B-405
ALEXANDER, J. Q.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-296
ALEXANDER, JAMES QUINCY                NTL                                     NC-2-B-350
ALEXANDER, LEANDER                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-136
ALEXANDER, M. M.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-87
ALEXANDER, MILTON                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-39
ALEXANDER, MOSES                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-22
ALEXANDER, SUSAN                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-18
ALEXANDER, WASHINGTON L.               NTL                                     NC-2-B-353
ALLEN, G. J.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-134
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-43
ALLRED, S.                             NTL                                     NC-2-C-20
ALSPAUGH, U. L.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-216
AST, ELIZABETH                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-361
AUSTIN, S. P.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-267
BAKER, GOSLIN                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-65
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-483
BARKLEY, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-420
BARNES, AARON                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-334
BARNES, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-130
BARNETTE, S. A.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-476
BASTIAN, DAVID                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-11
BEBBER, ISAAC                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-124
BECKHAM, FRANK                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-417
BECKHAM, LEMUEL                        NTL                                     NC-2-A-19
BECKHAM, W. C.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-506
BELL, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-289
BELL, HENRY                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-288
BELL, J. R.                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-90
BELL, JOHN C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-A-22
BENFIELD, A. M.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-259
BENFIELD, CATHERINE D.                 NTL                                     NC-2-C-146
BENFIELD, E. AMY                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-380
BENFIELD, MARCUS                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-50
BENFIELD, PINKNEY                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-517
BENNETT, C. B.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-48
BENNETT, GEORGE S.                     NTL                                     NC-2-A-6
BENNETT, H. AMANDA                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-300
BENNETT, MARY L.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-481
BENTLY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-216
BLANKENSHIP, SARAH M.                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-225
BOLCH, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-34
BOLICK, ESTHER A.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-468
BOWLES, LOUVINA                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-336
BOWMAN, ABEL                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-497
BOWMAN, D. LOGAN                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-434
BOWMAN, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-494
BOWMAN, E.                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-365
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-70
BOWMAN, JESSE                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-222
BOWMAN, JONAS                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-174
BOWMAN, LAWSON                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-463
BOWMAN, LYDIA                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-158
BOWMAN, PAUL                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-122
BRADBURN, HENRIETTA                    NTL                                     NC-2-C-234
BRADSHAW, NANCY C.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-115
BROOKSHIRE, MARY E.                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-540
BROWN, A. B.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-285
BROWN, W. W.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-346
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-72
BUMGARNER, AMON                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-374
BUMGARNER, ELIZA                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-280
BURGESS, GEORGE M.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-503
BURGESS, MARTHA A.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-327
BURGESS, MARTHA E.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-527
BURGESS, N. C.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-396
BURGESS, WILLIAM H.                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-92
CALDWELL, J. C.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-90
CAMPBELL, D. V.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-482
CAMPBELL, HULDAH                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-506
CAMPBELL, S. M.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-347
CAMPBELL, W. F.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-240
CARRIGAN, LAURA C.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-582
CHAPMAN, E. A.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-383
CHAPMAN, EMANET F.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-132
CHAPMAN, GEORGE                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-447
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-531
CHILDERS, HARRIET                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-219
CHILDERS, NOAH A.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-58
CHILDERS, W. R.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-183
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-246
CHRISTOPHER, REBECCA                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-376
CLANTON, J. F.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-497
COMBS, E. E.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-409
CONNOLLY, J. W.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-102
CRARLEY, ABSALOM                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-110
CROUCH, E.                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-218
CROUCH, J. J.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-424
CROUCH, JACOB                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-307
CROUCH, W. CALVIN                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-396
DAGENHART, HENRY                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-67
DAGENHART, JULIUS                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-277
DAGENHART, PETER                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-134
DANIEL, YEARBY                         NTL                                     NC-2-A-12
DANNER, MARY C.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-549
DAVIDSON, D. S.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-245
DAVIS, FRANCIS H.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-443
DAVIS, SOLOMON                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-323
DEAL, ARTHUR A.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-456
DEAL, CALVIN J.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-140
DEAL, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-402
DEAL, JACOB                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-296
DEAL, JAMES L.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-342
DEAL, JOHN E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-63
DRUM, H. H.                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-552
DRUM, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-114
DRUM, MELISSA M.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-298
DRUM, POLLY                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-584
DRUM, W. A.                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-212
ECHERD, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-25
EKARD, ANDREW J.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-504
EKARD, N. W.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-406
ELLIS, ETHELDRED                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-98
ELLIS, S. B.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-331
ELLIS, W. L.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-513
FLOWERS, ADAM SR.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-128
FORTNER, AARON                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-282
FOX, A. D.                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-533
FOX, CALVIN                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-489
FOX, M. A. S.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-253
FOX, SARAH                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-302
FRY, DAVID WESLEY                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-154
FRY, W. W.                             NTL                                     NC-2-C-136
FULP, SARAH                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-250
GILLELAND, ESTHER S.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-186
GILREATH, G. G.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-537
GILREATH, J. E.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-256
GOBLE, CORBURN                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-160
GOBLE, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-2-A-3
GOBLE, JOHN L.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-319
GOODIN, GIDEON                         NTL                                     NC-2-A-7
GOODNIGHT, C. S.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-189
GREEN, J. B.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-240
GREENE, A. J.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-491
GRYDER, NANCY                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-108
GRYDER, W. E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-411
GWALTNEY, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-367
GWALTNEY, JOHN E.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-438
GWALTNEY, LUCY                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-196
GWALTNEY, M. M.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-165
GWALTNEY, NANCY                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-165
HAFER, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-2-A-4
HALL, J. ELBERT                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-272
HAMMER, A. E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-431
HANES, ELLIS                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-188
HANES, NAOMI                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-309
HARRIS, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-52
HARTNESS, SILAS                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-146
HARTNESS, SUSAN E.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-63
HEFNER, GEORGE W.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-388
HENDREN, DRUSILLA                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-373
HENDREN, JOEL                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-205
HENDRON, SOLOMON                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-245
HERMAN, D. F.                          NTL                                     NC-2-A-9
HERMAN, D. F.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-262
HERMAN, F. M.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-368
HERMAN, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-293
HINES, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-320
HINES, ELIJAH                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-15
HINES, R. L.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-290
HOLSCLAW, CINTHIA                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-366
HUNEYCUT, JAMES                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-157
HUNSUCKER, MICHAEL                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-535
HUNTER, T. J.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-371
ICENHOUR, E. H.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-427
ICENHOUR, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-32
ICENHOUR, ENOS                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-26
ICENHOUR, MARTIN                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-286
ICENHOUR, MARY A. S.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-278
ICENHOUR, POLLY ADELINE                NTL                                     NC-2-C-1
INGRAM, FIELD                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-312
INGRAM, W. A.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-308
JOHNSON, ANNIE C.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-346
JOHNSON, CATHERINE                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-126
JOHNSON, J. A.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-305
JOHNSON, JULIAN                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-261
JOLLY, J. C. (DR.)                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-331
KEEVER, J. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-508
KELLER, HENRY                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-144
KERLEE, L. H.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-95
KERLEY, ADOLPHUS                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-438
KERLEY, ISAM                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-304
KERLEY, R. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-45
KITCHIE, J. L.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-107
LACKEY, ABNER H.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-374
LACKEY, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-5
LACKEY, CANDACE C.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-520
LACKEY, ELIZABETH C.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-536
LACKEY, GEORGE H.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-274
LACKEY, GEORGE H.                      NTL                                     NC-2-A-13
LACKEY, J. R.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-429
LACKEY, M. E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-319
LACKEY, R. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-248
LACKEY, R. E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-461
LACKEY, REUBEN L.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-267
LACKEY, ROBERT F.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-453
LACKEY, S. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-378
LACKEY, W. H.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-153
LAEL, JACOB                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-321
LAEL, SUSAN                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-180
LEFLER, MARTHA L.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-4
LENTZ, JACOB                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-391
LEQUENT, H. D.                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-547
LEWIS, MARY A.                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-149
LINNEY, D. A. (MRS.)                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-486
LINNEY, MARTHA                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-178
LINNEY, ROMULUS Z.                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-72
LIPPARD, J. LEWIS                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-161
LIPPARD, SUSAN                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-563
LITTLE, D. B.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-380
LITTLE, D. BUTLER                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-35
LITTLE, D. LAFAYETTE                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-162
LITTLE, DANIEL A.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-198
LITTLE, DAVALT                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-54
LITTLE, DAVID A.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-181
LITTLE, GEORGE W.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-490
LITTLE, J. Z.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-402
LITTLE, JACOB                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-361
LITTLE, MARY E.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-264
LITTLE, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-434
LOGAN, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-2-A-8
LONG, G. W.                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-79
LONG, LAVINA J.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-177
LOOPER, WILLIAM M.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-214
LOWRANCE, N. E.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-517
MARETZ, Z. T.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-122
MARSH, A. T.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-83
MARTIN, J. D.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-234
MARTIN, J. M.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-366
MARTIN, MARGRET M. A.                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-587
MARTIN, ROBERT G.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-81
MATHESON, CARL L.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-23
MATHESON, D. MC.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-530
MATHESON, D. MC.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-248
MATHESON, J. P.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-56
MAYBERRY, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-527
MAYS, JOSEPH C.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-574
MCLAIN, J. S.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-357
MEADOWS, G. C.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-148
MEADOWS, HARVEY                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-363
MEISENHEIMER, MARY M.                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-369
MELCHOR, E. V.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-8
MILHOLEN, THOMAS B.                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-221
MILLER, JACOB                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-543
MILLER, JAMES S.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-426
MILLER, JONES                          NTL                                     NC-2-A-20
MILLER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-2-A-24
MILLSAPES, LITTEN                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-337
MILLSAPES, REBECCA E.                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-417
MILSTEAD, JOHN WILSON                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-392
MITCHELL, BARBARA                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-206
MITCHELL, JAMES E.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-19
MITCHELL, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-118
MITCHELL, MARGARET C.                  NTL                                     NC-2-C-349
MITCHELL, S. E.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-53
MOCK, BARBARA                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-232
MOORE, D. M.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-231
MOOSE, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-193
MOOSE, MARY E.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-313
MOOSE, NANCY M.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-418
MOOSE, NOAH A.                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-45
MOSER, HENRY                           NTL                                     NC-2-A-17
MOSER, M. E. C.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-420
MUNDAY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-140
MURDOCH, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     NC-2-A-10
MURDOCK, J. R.                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-132
NESBITT, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-252
NULL, ELEONORA                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-237
OTRICH, C. A.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-317
OTRICH, ELLEN V.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-358
OVERCASH, SOPHIA                       NTL                                     NC-2-A-5
OXFORD, E. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-270
OXFORD, WILLIAM C.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-467
PATTERSON, J ULIUS P.                  NTL                                     NC-2-C-223
PATTERSON, WILLIAM H.                  NTL                                     NC-2-A-16
PAYNE, HENRY                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-229
PAYNE, HULDAH                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-79
PAYNE, SOLOMON                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-112
PAYNE, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-385
PAYNE, W. L.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-493
PEARSON, AMANDA                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-67
PENNEL, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-330
PERRY, JAMES S.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-306
PIERCE, ELMIRA A.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-560
POOL, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-284
POOL, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-142
PRESLAR, S. W.                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-520
PRICE, ABSOLEM                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-269
PRICE, ELIJAH                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-49
PRICE, MANNERING                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-76
PRICHARD, D. T.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-399
QUEEN, JESSE                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-13
RECTOR, E. F.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-237
RECTOR, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-57
RECTOR, POLLY                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-86
REED, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-104
REED, JESSE                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-9
REED, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-74
REID, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-120
REID, MARY E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-294
ROBINETT, M. A.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-354
ROBINETT, WILLIAM F.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-272
ROBINETTE, GEORGE M.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-411
ROME, ELI W.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-328
RUFTY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-338
RUSSELL, ISAAC                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-474
SHARPE, I. N.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-157
SHERRILL, ALFRED R.                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-300
SIFFORD, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-324
SIFFORD, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-101
SIGMAN, A. M.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-291
SIMMONS, PHILO W.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-310
SIPE, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-316
SIPE, NOAH                             NTL                                     NC-2-B-390
SLOAN, E. C.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-30
SLOAN, ELIHUE ACUM                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-423
SLOOP, CALEB                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-344
SLOOP, E. S.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-227
SLOOP, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-264
SMITH, BERTHA PICOLA                   NTL                                     NC-2-C-512
SMITH, J. D.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-377
SMITH, JAMES N.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-452
SMITH, L. M.                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-349
SMITH, L. P.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-112
SMITH, MARGARET A.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-198
SMITH, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-339
SMITH, MARY L.                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-440
SMITH, SUSAN                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-166
SMITH, THOMAS R.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-446
STAFFORD, A. F.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-352
STAFFORD, A. NANCY                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-50
STAFFORD, J. L.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-302
STAFFORD, J. W.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-372
STARNS, JESSE                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-82
STEPHENSON, M. M.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-367
STEVENSON, E. M.                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-168
STEWART, JAMES M.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-325
STINE, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-103
SWAIM, M.                              NTL                                     NC-2-C-192
TEAGUE, LEVI L.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-556
TEAGUE, MALISSA E.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-116
TEAGUE, MARTHA                         NTL                                     NC-2-C-12
TEAGUE, MARY AGNESS                    NTL                                     NC-2-B-476
TEAGUE, MARY B.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-106
TEAGUE, THOMAS (COLORED)               NTL                                     NC-2-B-371
TEAGUE, VANDEVER SR.                   NTL                                     NC-2-B-28
TEAGUE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-325
TEAGUE, WILLIAM S.                     NTL                                     NC-2-B-352
THOMPSON, DAVID A.                     NTL                                     NC-2-A-2
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-170
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-2-A-21
TRITT, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NC-2-C-449
TROUTMAN, ELIZABET M.                  NTL                                     NC-2-B-459
TUTTLE, E. E.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-144
VAIL, S. J.                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-99
WALDER, J. W.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-524
WALKER, HIRAM                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-37
WALKER, M. L.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-284
WALLIS, J. G.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-15
WARREN, MARY A.                        NTL                                     NC-2-B-202
WATT, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-2-A-26
WATTS, CORA ZORA                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-400
WATTS, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NC-2-A-18
WATTS, J. BUTLER                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-342
WATTS, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-126
WATTS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-2-B-333
WATTS, MAGNESS                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-59
WATTS, SARAH                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-465
WATTS, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-335
WATTS, THOMAS C.                       NTL                                     NC-2-B-449
WEBSTER, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     NC-2-C-443
WEBSTER, SENNA                         NTL                                     NC-2-B-340
WELLENBURG, DAVID                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-40
WHITE, HARRIETTE E.                    NTL                                     NC-2-C-119
WHITE, J. A.                           NTL                                     NC-2-C-509
WHITE, LAWSON                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-470
WIKE, ELKANA                           NTL                                     NC-2-B-431
WIKE, F. H.                            NTL                                     NC-2-C-322
WIKE, ISAACK N.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-202
WILLIAMS, D. Q.                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-208
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        NTL                                     NC-2-C-129
WILLIAMS, JOHN A.                      NTL                                     NC-2-B-570
WILSON, R. A.                          NTL                                     NC-2-C-485
WILSON, R. C.                          NTL                                     NC-2-B-88
WITTENBURG, D. M.                      NTL                                     NC-2-C-355
WITTENBURG, DANIEL                     NTL                                     NC-2-A-1
WOODWARD, WILLIAM F.                   NTL                                     NC-2-C-441

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