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ABBOTT, ASA G.               GERMAN                        NY-9-U-331
ABBOTT, CHAUNCEY D.          NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-EE-349
ABBOTT, GARDNER W.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-543
ABBOTT, NELSON O.            NORWICH                       NY-9-M-295
ABBOTT, SELE                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-579
ABELL, JEHIAL                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-CC-235
ABRAHAM, JOHN                COLUMBUS                      NY-9-S-581
ACKHORN, ANDREW              OXFORD                        NY-9-B-97
ACKLEY, SAMUEL               SMYRNA                        NY-9-I-493
ADAMS, ALSON                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-171
ADAMS, ANNA G.               NORWICH                       NY-9-II-9
ADAMS, DARIAS                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-F-320
ADAMS, JEFFERSON             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-I-301
ADAMS, MARY                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-603
ADAMS, TIMOTHY C.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-U-241
AGARD, ERASTUS               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-K-421
ALCOTT, AMON                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-255
ALDRICH, ALMON               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-D-130
ALDRICH, ANN CELIA           NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-291
ALDRICH, CHANNAN             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-R-571
ALDRICH, CHARLES             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-Q-355
ALDRICH, SAMUEL              NORWICH                       NY-9-R-65
ALEXANDER, AMANDA M.         PITCHER                       NY-9-FF-257
ALEXANDER, CHARLES E.        GREENE                        NY-9-36-125
ALEXANDER, ORLOW             GREENE                        NY-9-V-45
ALGER, HARVEY                AFTON                         NY-9-M-97
ALLEN, ALFRED                LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Z-317
ALLEN, APOLLAS               SHERBURN                      NY-9-A-69
ALLEN, ARIAL                 OTSELIC                       NY-9-H-217
ALLEN, CHESTER               SMYRNA                        NY-9-U-71
ALLEN, CLARK                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-O-137
ALLEN, ELIZABETH A.          OTSELIC                       NY-9-Z-191
ALLEN, ERASTUS D.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-569
ALLEN, ISAAC B.              PITCHER                       NY-9-U-371
ALLEN, JOHN                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-G-306
ALLEN, JONATHAN              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-H-385
ALLEN, PRISCILLA P.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-X-571
ALLIS, ALLICE B.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-M-229
ALLIS, SPENCER F.            GREENE                        NY-9-AA-281
ALSDORP, SIMON               NTL                           NY-9-A-65
ALVERSON, ASENETH            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-221
ALVERSON, CONSTANTINE S.     SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-133
AMES, SILAS                  SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-125
AMES, SUSAN C.               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-CC-455
ANDERSON, CHARLES            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-449
ANDERSON, JAMES              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-226
ANDERSON, MARY M.            OMAHA                         NY-9-DD-541
ANDERSON, ORRIN              PITCHER                       NY-9-M-493
ANDREWS, HARLOW R.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-433
ANDREWS, ISAAC               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-255
ANDREWS, JABEZ               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-110
ANDREWS, JAMES               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-561
ANDREWS, JOHN                SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-B-50
ANDREWS, JOHNSON             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-AA-467
ANDREWS, JUDAH E.            PRESTON                       NY-9-M-133
ANDREWS, NANCY               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-133
ANDREWS, SALLY               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-335
ANDREWS, SYLVIA Y.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-177
ANGELL, DANIEL               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-117
ANGELL, DEXTER               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-99
ANGELL, GEORGE               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-N-79
ANGELL, HENRY H.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-O-515
ANGELL, JOSEPH               AFTON                         NY-9-FF-593
ANGELL, LEWIS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-S-11
ANGELL, MARY AMBROSIA        NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-U-431
ANGELL, ORRIN                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-155
ANGELL, THOMAS               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-P-107
ANGELL, ZADOCK Y.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-HH-205
ANTHONY, STPEHEN S.          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-S-335
ARCHER, LUCRETIA             NORWICH                       NY-9-V-91
ARNOLD, ALICE L.             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-325
ARNOLD, ANDREW               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-B-72
ARNOLD, ARMENA               NORWICH                       NY-9-U-225
ARNOLD, DANIEL W.            NORWICH                       NY-9-R-545
ARNOLD, EDWARD G.            NORWICH                       NY-9-EE-413
ARNOLD, JABEZ                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-D-299
ARNOLD, JOSEPH               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-DD-1
ARNOLD, OTHNIEL              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-94
ARNOLD, RACHEL               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-77
ARNOLD, WILLIAM              NORWICH                       NY-9-F-26
ASHCROFT, WILLIAM L.         GERMAN                        NY-9-II-129
ASHLEY, PERRY                GREENE                        NY-9-R-371
ATHERTON, ELIJAH             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-S-525
ATKYNS, DELOS L.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-177
ATWATER, JULIA               PRESTON                       NY-9-Y-145
ATWATER, PATTY ANN           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Q-501
ATWATER, PHINEHAS***         GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-495
ATWATER, POLLY               GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-45
ATWATER, URANIA              GREENE                        NY-9-AA-331
ATWELL, JOSEPH               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-E-329
ATWOOD, SAMUEL               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-372
AUSTIN, RHODA                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-M-385
AVERY, CAROLINE              GREENE                        NY-9-S-231
AVERY, GEORGE W.             NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-185
AVERY, HUBBARD B.            PRESTON                       NY-9-F-135
AVERY, ICHABOD D.            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-O-543
AVERY, MARY S.               NORWICH                       NY-9-O-17
AVERY, STEPHEN E.            NORWICH                       NY-9-N-1
AVERY, URIAH                 NORWICH                       NY-9-E-387
AYLESWORTH, ADAH             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-587
AYLESWORTH, ANDREW           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-34
AYLESWORTH, DAVID            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-37
AYLESWORTH, THOMAS           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-N-19
BABCOCK, ADRIAN P.           NORWICH                       NY-9-36-569
BABCOCK, DENNIS              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-E-398
BABCOCK, EDGAR               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-425
BABCOCK, LINN                NORWICH                       NY-9-36-373
BABCOCK, LUKE                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-F-286
BABCOCK, MARTHA              NORWICH                       NY-9-X-595
BABCOCK, MARY A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-109
BABCOCK, OLIVER              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-275
BABCOCK, SOPHIA M.           NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-277
BACKUS, CALVIN               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-II-229
BACKUS, JOHN                 OXFORD                        NY-9-E-245
BACON, CHARLES H.            NORWICH                       NY-9-X-235
BACON, JOSEPH                NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-Q-455
BACON, LOREN D.              NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-163
BACON, LOREN D.              NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-197
BACON, SARAH R.              NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-259
BADGER, CHESTER S.           GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-225
BADGER, EDWIN J.             GREENE                        NY-9-JJ-293
BADGER, JAMES W. C.          GREENE                        NY-9-W-405
BAILEY, CATHARINE            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-BB-479
BAILEY, SAMUEL               SIDNEY                        NY-9-X-175
BAIRD, DAVID K.              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-161
BAKER, ANDREW                NORWICH                       NY-9-K-295
BAKER, CELESTIA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-I-499
BAKER, DIANA                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-X-225
BAKER, HARRIET               AFTON                         NY-9-AA-123
BAKER, IDA A.                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-II-81
BAKER, JAMES                 SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-69
BAKER, JOHN W.               SMYRNA                        NY-9-P-335
BAKER, SAMANTHA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-193
BAKER, THIRZA                GREENE                        NY-9-K-199
BALCOM, ALBERT               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-FF-455
BALCOM, FRANCIS              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-211
BALCOM, HENRY                OXFORD                        NY-9-U-85
BALCOM, SAMUEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-E-640
BALDWIN, ANEAS S.            GREENE                        NY-9-U-65
BALDWIN, ASHER               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-N-229
BALDWIN, CHARLES A.          OXFORD                        NY-9-L-277
BALDWIN, ELISHA              PITCHER                       NY-9-U-15
BALDWIN, EMELINE A.          GREENE                        NY-9-GG-145
BALDWIN, HAZZARD             NORWICH                       NY-9-W-61
BALDWIN, ISAAC               NTL                           NY-9-A-1
BALDWIN, JOHN                GERMAN                        NY-9-O-191
BALDWIN, JONATHAN            OXFORD                        NY-9-E-488
BALDWIN, JOSEPH              NORWICH                       NY-9-M-151
BALDWIN, NATHAN R.           PITCHER                       NY-9-O-197
BALDWIN, SAMANTHA            NTL                           NY-9-Q-25
BALDWIN, WILLIAM             GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-151
BALIS, REBECCA               COVENTRY                      NY-9-G-181
BALLOU, RUTH                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-F-106
BAMFORD, JAMES               PYMOUTH                       NY-9-E-323
BANCROFT, ALMON R.           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-X-475
BANKS, LEVI B.               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-II-137
BARBER, ALFRED W.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-M-463
BARBER, BENJAMIN             NORWICH                       NY-9-V-25
BARBER, BENJAMIN             NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-85
BARBER, BENJAMIN             NORWICH                       NY-9-O-287
BARBER, DAVID                LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Y-317
BARBER, JOSHUA               SMYRNA                        NY-9-R-275
BARBER, SARAH                OXFORD                        NY-9-36-133
BARD, ELIZA                  NORWICH                       NY-9-M-415
BARDEN, JACOB                GREEN                         NY-9-A-223
BARKER, WOODBRIDGE G.        PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-I-151
BARNARD, CHARLES E.          GREENE                        NY-9-F-238
BARNARD, FREDERICK E.        GREENE                        NY-9-36-333
BARNEITT, SIMON A.           AFTON                         NY-9-36-357
BARNES, ELIZABETH N.         OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-405
BARNES, GEORGE N.            NORWICH                       NY-9-36-265
BARNES, JAMES                NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-357
BARNES, MARTHA               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-S-591
BARNES, REUBEN               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-K-211
BARNES, RUSSELL              NORWICH                       NY-9-HH-425
BARNES, SALLY                PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-X-315
BARNETT, CHARLES F.          GREENE                        NY-9-Z-33
BARNETT, TEMPERANCE G.       GREENE                        NY-9-BB-35
BARNS, DORA V.               NORWICH                       NY-9-P-173
BARNS, HULDAH                GREENE                        NY-9-B-55
BARR, ELEANOR                NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-273
BARROWS, ANNA W.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-O-323
BARROWS, CATHARINE           COLUMBUS                      NY-9-Y-569
BARROWS, LOUISA              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-21
BARROWS, LUCY                MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-O-131
BARROWS, ORLANDO E.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Y-173
BARROWS, SUSAN               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-X-265
BARRY, RICHARD W.            PRESTON                       NY-9-F-99
BARSTOW, ALLEN               OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-591
BARSTOW, NATHANIEL C.        BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-DD-155
BARTHOLOMEW, IRA             OXFORD                        NY-9-M-301
BARTLE, ALANSON F.           OXFORD                        NY-9-GG-17
BARTLE, ARVILLA              OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-531
BARTLE, CLARINDA S.          NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-425
BARTLE, GAMALIEL M.          NORWICH                       NY-9-V-395
BARTLE, HANNAH M.            OXFORD                        NY-9-AA-357
BARTLE, HENRY                OXFORD                        NY-9-C-198
BARTLE, JOHN P.              OXFORD                        NY-9-A-240
BARTLE, JOHN  W.             OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-275
BARTLE, REXFORD A.           OXFORD                        NY-9-Q-295
BARTLE, URI                  OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-47
BARTLETT, JULIA A.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-Y-397
BARTLETT, PATRICK W.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-431
BARTLETT, WILLIS F.          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-36-585
BARTON, SAMUEL W.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-HH-105
BARTOO, HIRAM                GREENE                        NY-9-M-559
BARTOO, JOHN                 GREENE                        NY-9-GG-333
BASSETT, CHRISTOPHER         NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Y-495
BASSETT, ELIZABETH           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-DD-137
BASSETT, HIRAM               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-365
BASSETT, HOMER               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Z-215
BASSETT, PHIDELIA            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-273
BASSETT, PHILO               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-455
BATES, BENONI                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-345
BATES, LOVANTIA H.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-317
BAVIN, JOHN                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-S-331
BEACH, ANNA                  GREENE                        NY-9-M-523
BEACH, BRADLEY               GREENE                        NY-9-AA-361
BEACH, HENRY                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-133
BEACH, HENRY E.              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-DD-463
BEACH, HIRAM W.              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-Y-589
BEACH, URSULA                GREENE                        NY-9-Z-29
BEADLE, EDWARD D.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-N-487
BEADLE, RUSSEL B.            NTL                           NY-9-H-331
BEAL, DAVID                  BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-231
BEAL, REUBEN                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-436
BEALS, HENRY                 GREENE                        NY-9-F-449
BEARDSLEE, ALMIRA            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-375
BEARDSLEE, HARRIET S.        COVENTRY                      NY-9-EE-241
BEARDSLEE, IRA S.            COVENTRY                      NY-9-M-355
BEARDSLEE, LEMUEL            AFTON                         NY-9-Q-105
BEARDSLEE, SAMUEL            COVENTRY                      NY-9-C-93
BEARDSLEE, SAMUEL A.         COVENTRY                      NY-9-EE-165
BEARDSLEE, ZERAH             COVENTRY                      NY-9-F-505
BEARDSLEY, EDMUND H.         GREENE                        NY-9-EE-73
BEARDSLEY, HARLEY            GREEN                         NY-9-I-187
BEARDSLEY, HORACE S.         COVENTRY                      NY-9-II-357
BEARDSLEY, LUCIUS            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-I-43
BEARDSLEY, SARAH W.          OXFORD                        NY-9-Y-393
BEARDSLEY, SEBA              COVENTRY                      NY-9-H-531
BEATMAN, HENRY A.            AFTON                         NY-9-U-451
BEATMAN, WILLIAM             NTL                           NY-9-R-195
BEATTY, MARGARET             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-CC-189
BECKWITH, CALVIN             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-85
BECKWITH, CLARISSA A.        MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-GG-585
BECKWITH, ELISHA             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-E-561
BECKWITH, HUBBARD            MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-K-25
BECKWITH, LYMAN              MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-355
BECKWITH, MARY A.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-1
BECKWITH, PHILURA A.         GREENE                        NY-9-EE-177
BECKWITH, SAMUEL C.          GREENE                        NY-9-GG-321
BECKWITH, WASHINGTON W.      MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-W-511
BEDFORD, DAVID E. J.         NORWICH                       NY-9-N-379
BEEBE, CAREY L.              LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-P-17
BEEBE, DANIEL                GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-531
BEEBE, JOHN A.               COVENTRY                      NY-9-BB-247
BEEBE, LEANDER               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-GG-77
BEECHER, BETSEY J.           COVENTRY                      NY-9-36-77
BEECHER, HARRIS H.           NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-369
BEECHER, HARRY               NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-55
BEEKMAN, GEORGE              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-HH-345
BELCHER, EDWARD A.           GREENE                        NY-9-HH-321
BELDEN, ADELBERT             PRESTON                       NY-9-GG-273
BELDEN, JEROME               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-257
BELDEN, MILLA                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-435
BELDIN, HEZEKIAH             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-V-361
BELDIN, MATILDA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-435
BELL, SALLY                  NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-B-177
BELLINGER, ANDREW P.         SMYRNA                        NY-9-T-315
BELLINGER, JOHN P.           NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-DD-13
BELLOWS, HORATIO K.          NORWICH                       NY-9-V-185
BELYEA, ISAAC                EDMESTON, OTSEGO, NY          NY-9-O-425
BEMENT, JUDAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-E-375
BEMISS, E. ZULETTE           PITCHER                       NY-9-X-361
BENEDICT, CALEB              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-JJ-617
BENEDICT, CHARLES            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-225
BENEDICT, CHESTER            AFTON                         NY-9-36-317
BENEDICT, EDEN               COVENTRY                      NY-9-E-38
BENEDICT, ELIAKIM            COVENTRY                      NY-9-D-266
BENEDICT, ERI                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-U-21
BENEDICT, FANNY S.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-127
BENEDICT, ISAAC              BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Q-211
BENEDICT, LEVI E.            PITCHER                       NY-9-P-155
BENEDICT, MARTHA             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-407
BENEDICT, MARY P.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Y-481
BENEDICT, MILO               SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-115
BENEDICT, ORVILLE            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-HH-77
BENEDICT, PHILANDER          SMYRNA                        NY-9-K-337
BENEDICT, SIDNEY             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-W-201
BENEDICT, WILLIAM            PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-K-379
BENJAMIN, JAMES              PITCHER                       NY-9-G-138
BENJAMIN, MOSES G.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-C-135
BENNETT, ALFRED D.           LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-AA-449
BENNETT, ALONZO L.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-II-381
BENNETT, CALEB               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-D-252
BENNETT, CATHARINE           OXFORD                        NY-9-E-304
BENNETT, DANIEL              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-W-431
BENNETT, ELIHU               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-DD-523
BENNETT, HARRIET             OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-357
BENNETT, HENRIETTA           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-II-233
BENNETT, HENRY               *                             NY-9-O-149
BENNETT, HENRY               ROOT                          NY-9-E-191
BENNETT, HIRAM               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-191
BENNETT, JAMES C.            NORWICH                       NY-9-U-145
BENNETT, JULIA L.            SMYRNA                        NY-9-JJ-479
BENNETT, LYDIA A.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-281
BENNETT, LYDIA L.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-381
BENNETT, MARVIN M.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-S-535
BENNETT, MARY F.             AFTON                         NY-9-Y-365
BENNETT, MOSES               OXFORD                        NY-9-X-95
BENNETT, NATHAN              GREENE                        NY-9-E-506
BENNETT, OLIVER              GREENE                        NY-9-DD-347
BENNETT, PAULINA             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-89
BENNETT, SARAH A.            NORWICH                       NY-9-36-353
BENNETT, STEPHEN B.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-61
BENNETT, WILLIAM             GREENE                        NY-9-H-205
BENTEY, FANNY                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-X-21
BENTLEY, AUGUSTUS            GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-415
BENTLEY, CALEB               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-R-535
BENTLEY, CHARLES H.          GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-333
BENTLEY, MILTON              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-V-265
BENTLEY, POLLY               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-JJ-301
BENTON, AMELIA R.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-41
BENTON, ANSEL                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-E-494
BENTON, ARTHUR G.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-D-72
BENTON, BENAJAH G.           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-E-172
BENTON, GEORGE A.            GREENE                        NY-9-Z-299
BERGAN, GEORE                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-305
BERRY, B. GAGE               NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-391
BERRY, HANNAH J.             NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-145
BERRY, HIRAM P.              GREENE                        NY-9-GG-293
BERY, ANSEL                  NORWICH                       NY-9-P-377
BETTS, EPHRAIM               GREENE                        NY-9-CC-351
BETTS, WARREN W.             GREENE                        NY-9-Z-1
BEVERLY, MARY E.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-36-313
BEVERLY, PERLEE B.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-V-325
BICKNELL, EBENEZER           PITCHER                       NY-9-T-195
BICKNELL, MELISSA S.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-373
BIDWELL, ELEAZER             SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-279
BIDWELL, ELIZA               COVENTRY                      NY-9-X-61
BILL, AARON D.               SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-45
BILL, ISAAC                  SMYRNA                        NY-9-M-163
BILL, MIRANDA                SMYRNA                        NY-9-Q-425
BILLINGS, JOSEPH             SMYRNA                        NY-9-E-622
BILLINGS, SUSANNAH D.        SMYRNA                        NY-9-HH-81
BILLINGS, TRUMAN             SHERBURN                      NY-9-X-295
BILLS, MARVIN                GUILFORD                      NY-9-F-132
BINGHAM, SIMON               SHERBURN                      NY-9-CC-223
BIRDSALL, BENJAMIN           GREENE                        NY-9-B-188
BIRDSALL, MAURICE            GREENE                        NY-9-F-331
BIRDSELL, HENRY              GREENE                        NY-9-D-87
BISBEE, HIRAM S.             OXFORD                        NY-9-H-6
BISBEE, JAMES                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-I-373
BISHOP, HAWLEY H.            NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-569
BISHOP, THOMAS               GREENE                        NY-9-N-211
BISHUP, SOPHIA A.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-U-171
BISSELL, FRANK L.            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-521
BISSELL, LUCY                AFTON                         NY-9-Q-515
BIXB Y, JOEL J.              NORWICH                       NY-9-M-343
BIXBY, ASAHEL                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-K-103
BIXBY, CHARLES               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-455
BIXBY, DAVID H.              OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-529
BIXBY, DINAH                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-CC-445
BIXBY, EPHRAIM               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-BB-71
BIXBY, FRANCIS M.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-L-305
BIXBY, G. P.                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-M-37
BIXBY, JOTHAM                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-H-289
BIXBY, URANIA                BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-601
BLACKMAN, CYRUS              NORWICH                       NY-9-II-149
BLACKMAN, EUPHEMIA           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-X-391
BLACKMAN, JABEZ              OXFORD                        NY-9-F-89
BLACKMAN, JOHN               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-223
BLACKMAN, LESTER             NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-443
BLACKMAN, LEWIS              PITCHER                       NY-9-E-168
BLACKMAN, LUCIAN B           OTSELIC                       NY-9-36-321
BLACKMAN, MARY               NORWICH                       NY-9-Y-439
BLACKMAN, SIMEON             PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-HH-45
BLAIR, RALPH E.              PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-A-301
BLAIR, THEODATIA             SMYRNA                        NY-9-H-157
BLAIR, THEODOCIA A.          SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-381
BLAKE, BENJAMIN B.           BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-337
BLAKE, ITHNEL                COVENTRY                      NY-9-P-287
BLAKE, MARY                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-D-63
BLANDING, EBENEZER           SHERBURNE                     NY-9-H-49
BLEVIN, CODDINGTON           PRESTON                       NY-9-N-499
BLINCOE, ADELINE             OXFORD                        NY-9-W-311
BLISS, JAMES H.              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-Y-261
BLISS, SALLY                 NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-129
BLIVEN, HARLOW R.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-Q-221
BLIVEN, WILLIAM C.           NORWICH                       NY-9-U-291
BLIVIN, EDWIN R.             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-CC-313
BLIVIN, ISAAC R.             MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-R-181
BLIVIN, PARDON C.            MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-E-53
BLOCKMAN, ALMON              PRESTON                       NY-9-R-85
BLOOM, BENJAMIN              NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-L-161
BLOOM, HERMAN H.             NORWICH                       NY-9-JJ-201
BLOOM, ROSALIE A.            NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-R-251
BLOOMER, MARY O.             OXFORD                        NY-9-EE-485
BLY, JOB                     GREENE                        NY-9-O-143
BOCKUS, ABIGAIL              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-41
BOLLES, BETSEY M.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-G-240
BOLLES, LEMUEL               OXFORD                        NY-9-FF-419
BOLSTER, JOSEPH              GERMAN                        NY-9-Z-159
BOLSTER, LOT                 GERMAN                        NY-9-A-316
BOLT, BENJAMIN F.            GERMAN                        NY-9-II-265
BONAME, PETER D.             OXFORD                        NY-9-CC-399
BOSS, IRA                    SMYRNA                        NY-9-D-69
BOSS, SARAH T.               SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-511
BOSWORTH, ALLEN              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-K-193
BOSWORTH, BETSEY             NORWICH                       NY-9-U-31
BOSWORTH, GEORGE             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-M-481
BOSWORTH, JAMES W.           GERMAN                        NY-9-Y-593
BOSWORTH, JEREMIAH           PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-HH-29
BOSWORTH, JOSIAH             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-U-45
BOSWORTH, NOYES A.           PHARSALIS                     NY-9-Z-449
BOTSFORD, EZRA V.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-443
BOTSFORD, FRANCIS A.         NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-161
BOULISON, AMOS               GUILFORD                      NY-9-E-232
BOURNE, RICHARD              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-GG-419
BOUTON, GOULD                GREENE                        NY-9-E-270
BOWDISH, HANCY               SMYRNA                        NY-9-S-495
BOWDISH, LEONARD             NTL                           NY-9-P-353
BOWEN, DENNIS                ONCONTA, OTSEGO, NY           NY-9-E-394
BOWEN, JARVIS D.             GERMAN                        NY-9-W-261
BOWEN, LUTHER                OTSELIC                       NY-9-F-278
BOWEN, MARY E.               BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-II-449
BOWEN, OLLIS                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-395
BOWEN, SETH                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-335
BOWERS, JOSEPH A.            NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-343
BOWLES, JOHN W.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-M-319
BOWMAN, MAUD H.              NORWICH                       NY-9-II-277
BOYES, ANDREW J.             AFTON                         NY-9-CC-291
BOYNTON, JONATHAN            SMYRNA                        NY-9-P-425
BRABAZON, JULIA M.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-521
BRABAZON, MARY A.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-GG-617
BRACKETT, HEZEKIAH           NTL                           NY-9-G-112
BRADBURY, ANDREW             GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-361
BRADLEY, CORDELIA N.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-U-445
BRADLEY, ESTHER JANE         NORWICH                       NY-9-P-437
BRADLEY, EZRA                PRESTON                       NY-9-G-302
BRADLEY, IRA                 GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-13
BRADLEY, KATHARINE J.        GUILFORD                      NY-9-X-555
BRADLEY, LOUISA              GUILFORD                      NY-9-W-101
BRADLEY, LYDIA               GUILFORD                      NY-9-36-393
BRADLEY, LYMAN               GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-537
BRADNER, JANE                NORWICH                       NY-9-II-407
BRAGG, ENOS B.               GERMAN                        NY-9-H-431
BRANT, HARVEY                GUILFORD                      NY-9-AA-435
BRANT, LORENZO M.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-R-581
BRASS, CHARLES               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-S-125
BRATLEY, BENJAMIN N.         SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-337
BRAY, BENJAMIN               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-A-146
BRAZEE, CAROLINE             NORWICH                       NY-9-P-281
BREED, BYRON M.              MC DONOUGH                    NY-9-II-173
BREED, CALEB                 PHARSALIA                     NY-9-H-109
BREED, CALEB G.              PHARSALIA                     NY-9-N-37
BREED, ELIAS                 NORWICH                       NY-9-F-146
BREED, ELIAS S.              NORWICH                       NY-9-E-187
BREED, ELIZABETH             NORWICH                       NY-9-O-537
BREED, GERVAZ                LINKLAEN                      NY-9-K-391
BREED, JOHN R.               PITCHER                       NY-9-Q-505
BREED, JOSEPH                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-E-447
BREED, MARY ESTHER           NORWICH                       NY-9-X-31
BREED, MATTHEW               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-X-421
BREED, SAMUEL                LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-V-415
BREED, WILLIAM R.            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-461
BREESE, HENDRICK             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-K-267
BRENNAN, MICHAEL             NORWICH                       NY-9-M-511
BRETT, JOHN F.               NW BERLIN                     NY-9-Q-251
BRETT, JOSEPH C.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-61
BREWER, HERKIMER W.          NORWICH                       NY-9-GG-425
BREWER, POLLY A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-W-165
BREWSTER, ALVIN              NTL                           NY-9-U-341
BREWSTER, ELIZABETH          GREENE                        NY-9-W-341
BRIDLEBAUGH, JOSEPH          GERMAN                        NY-9-G-213
BRIGGS, ALVA                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-Z-239
BRIGGS, ARNOLD               SMYRNA                        NY-9-H-437
BRIGGS, CYNTHIA              AFTON                         NY-9-Y-351
BRIGGS, CYRENUS M.           SMYRNA                        NY-9-O-113
BRIGGS, DUTY                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-C-209
BRIGGS, GEORGE               SMYRNA                        NY-9-A-271
BRIGGS, HARRIS               AFTON                         NY-9-CC-95
BRIGGS, HIRAM                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-P-341
BRIGGS, ISAAC                NORWICH                       NY-9-A-368
BRIGGS, LAVINA               SMYRNA                        NY-9-Z-519
BRIGGS, MIRANDA              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-X-561
BRIGGS, MYRON                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-405
BRIGGS, PHILA                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-505
BRIGGS, RUFUS                SMYRNA                        NY-9-G-315
BROCKET, DRAKE               GREENE                        NY-9-I-505
BROCKETT, ASENATH            OXFORD                        NY-9-I-337
BROCKETT, EPHRAIM            NTL                           NY-9-P-461
BRONSON, ERASTUS             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-N-385
BRONSON, ORIN                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-GG-193
BRONSON, OSCAR               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-JJ-157
BROOKINS, STODDARD           NORWICH                       NY-9-V-425
BROOKS, ADELINE              NORWICH                       NY-9-L-238
BROOKS, CHARLOTTE E.         CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-9-L-322
BROOKS, DEFOREST D.          SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-545
BROOKS, DELIA G.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-203
BROOKS, ELLEN M.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-HH-185
BROOKS, HORACE               SMYRNA                        NY-9-CC-133
BROOKS, IRA                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-X-455
BROOKS, JAMES                SMYRNA                        NY-9-K-415
BROOKS, JOHN                 SHERBURNE                     NY-9-R-5
BROOKS, JOSEPH               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-T-361
BROOKS, JOSEPH               NORWICH                       NY-9-A-167
BROOKS, LEROY J.             NORWICH                       NY-9-36-9
BROOKS, LEVI                 PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-F-486
BROOKS, MOSES                GUILFORD                      NY-9-FF-169
BROOKS, SOCRATES***          PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-E-200
BROOKS, THOMAS               PLYMOUTH                      NY-9-G-136
BROOKS, WILLIAM H.           GREENE                        NY-9-X-171
BROOKSBANK, ROBERT           OXFORD                        NY-9-G-236
BROWN, ABBY P.               NORWICH                       NY-9-Z-15
BROWN, ALFRED                PITCHER                       NY-9-I-211
BROWN, ALONZO H.             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-HH-33
BROWN, AMOS M.               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-G-159
BROWN, AVERY                 PHARSALIA                     NY-9-F-368
BROWN, AVERY                 PHARSALIA                     NY-9-F-521
BROWN, AVERY                 PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Z-365
BROWN, BARNABUS              NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-G-253
BROWN, BENAJAH C.            BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-N-265
BROWN, BERINTHIA             SMYRNA                        NY-9-DD-391
BROWN, C. LOREN              PITCHER                       NY-9-X-585
BROWN, CATHARINE B.          OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-171
BROWN, CHARLES               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-R-95
BROWN, CHARLES D.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-W-205
BROWN, CHARLES E.            NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-31
BROWN, CHARLES P.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-DD-167
BROWN, CLARISSA              NORWICH                       NY-9-V-411
BROWN, CYRUS M.              OXFORD                        NY-9-R-325
BROWN, DEBORAH               PRESTON                       NY-9-P-119
BROWN, EDWIN F.              SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-36-601
BROWN, ELEAZAR               NORWICH                       NY-9-P-89
BROWN, ELISHA                NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-181
BROWN, ELMIRA                NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-CC-107
BROWN, ELVIRA M.             NORWICH                       NY-9-S-291
BROWN, EPHRAIM P.            PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Y-267
BROWN, ERASMUS               NORWICH                       NY-9-T-451
BROWN, ERASTUS L.            NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-251
BROWN, EUNICE R.             NORWICH                       NY-9-I-343
BROWN, FANNY                 NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-E-320
BROWN, GEORGE T.             OXFORD                        NY-9-W-351
BROWN, GEORGE W.             PHARSALIA                     NY-9-S-481
BROWN, HANNAH                NORWICH                       NY-9-S-115
BROWN, HANNAH                PHASLAIA                      NY-9-Z-359
BROWN, HARRIET E.            OTSELIC                       NY-9-DD-407
BROWN, HARRIET N.            NORWICH                       NY-9-II-437
BROWN, HEZEKIAH              NORWICH                       NY-9-F-6
BROWN, ICHABOD               NORWICH                       NY-9-F-242
BROWN, JAMES                 BATAVIA, GENESEE, NY          NY-9-C-23
BROWN, JAMES R.              OTSELIC                       NY-9-O-353
BROWN, JOHN                  NORWICH                       NY-9-A-115
BROWN, JOHN                  PHARSALIA                     NY-9-I-247
BROWN, JOSEPH                NORWICH                       NY-9-Q-71
BROWN, JOSEPH B.             NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-413
BROWN, LEMUEL                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-Q-305
BROWN, LEWIS L.              COLUMBUS                      NY-9-HH-609
BROWN, LORANEY               AFTON                         NY-9-AA-101
BROWN, LUCY                  COVENTRY                      NY-9-O-83
BROWN, LUCY M.               OXFORD                        NY-9-36-273
BROWN, LUTHER                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-AA-277
BROWN, LYDIA                 PRESTON                       NY-9-R-11
BROWN, LYDIA                 NORWICH                       NY-9-CC-151
BROWN, MARION E.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-EE-553
BROWN, NANCY                 NORWICH                       NY-9-II-529
BROWN, NATHAN                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-Y-61
BROWN, NATHAN                PHARSALIA                     NY-9-E-625
BROWN, NATHAN                PITCHER                       NY-9-G-23
BROWN, OLIVER C.             PHASALIA                      NY-9-R-531
BROWN, PAUL R.               NORWICH                       NY-9-II-325
BROWN, ROXANA L.             OTSELIC                       NY-9-Q-385
BROWN, RUSSELL               PHARSALIA                     NY-9-BB-105
BROWN, SALOME                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Q-301
BROWN, SARAH                 OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-271
BROWN, SMITH W.              OXFORD                        NY-9-DD-111
BROWN, THOMAS                NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-A-192
BROWN, WILLIAM               NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-229
BROWN, WILLIAM A.            SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-36-297
BROWN, WILLIAM R.            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-R-91
BROWNING, BENJAMIN F.        NORWICH                       NY-9-H-271
BROWNING, JOHN               NORWICH                       NY-9-F-401
BRUCHHAUSEN, CASPAR          NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-625
BRUNSON, MOSES               SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-T-261
BRUNSON, MOSES               NTL                           NY-9-B-73
BRUSHELL, AMOS H.            NORWICH                       NY-9-V-65
BRYAN, MONROE                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-577
BRYAN, RICHARD               SHERBURNE                     NY-9-F-294
BRYANT, ALMON R.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-333
BRYANT, CALVIN               NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-HH-141
BRYANT, EMILY B.             NORWICH                       NY-9-II-213
BRYANT, LYDIA                SHERBURNE                     NY-9-Z-65
BRYANT, SOPHRONIA A.         NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-FF-609
BUCK, NOBLE                  AFTON                         NY-9-DD-325
BUDLONG, KESIAH              OXFORD                        NY-9-U-545
BUELL, FRANCIS .M.           NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-507
BUELL, GEORGE                NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-BB-489
BUELL, LUCINDA H.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-DD-385
BUELL, RICHARD L.            SHERBURNE                     NY-9-JJ-29
BUELL, SARAH A.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-BB-529
BUELL, WALTER I.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-EE-137
BUGBEE, OLIVER               CAZENOVIA                     NY-9-A-52
BULLOCK, DANIEL              TRIANGLE, BROOME, NY          NY-9-V-21
BULLOCK, DIADAMA             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-AA-35
BULLOCK, MARY A.             NORWICH                       NY-9-DD-279
BUMP, HENRY                  SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-F-290
BUMP, REUBEN                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-O-437
BUMP, SAMUEL C.              BALTIMORE, BALTIMORE, MD      NY-9-L-313
BUNCE, JOHN C.               AFTON                         NY-9-36-81
BUNCE, MARY EMELINE          AFTON                         NY-9-HH-13
BUNDY, SOLOMON               OXFORD                        NY-9-BB-61
BUNKER, BENJAMIN             NORWICH                       NY-9-X-271
BUNKER, BENJAMIN             SMYRNA                        NY-9-C-62
BUNNELL, CHARLES F.          OXFORD                        NY-9-S-465
BUNNELL, CHAUNCEY M.         GUILFORD                      NY-9-S-315
BUNNELL, JULIA E.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-DD-331
BUNNELL, THEADORE            OXFORD                        NY-9-N-115
BURCH, LYMAN D.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-T-285
BURDICK, EZRA                PITCHER                       NY-9-S-21
BURDICK, JOEL                DE RUYTER, MADISON, NY        NY-9-Q-161
BURDICK, LUKE                HOPKINTOWN, , RI              NY-9-B-83
BURDICK, LUKE C.             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-R-461
BURDICK, LYDIA               LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-S-101
BURDICK, SAMUEL              GUILFORD                      NY-9-V-211
BURDICK, WELCOME             LINCKLAEN                     NY-9-AA-57
BURDICK, WILLIAM H.          PITCHER                       NY-9-36-431
BURGER, WILLIAM H.           SMITHVILLE                    NY-9-X-231
BURGESS, MELISSA A.          NORTH NORWICH                 NY-9-HH-503
BURGESS, THOMAS              NTL                           NY-9-V-515
BURLINGAME, CHARLES          NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-281
BURLINGAME, DELIVAN          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-M-565
BURLINGAME, LYDIA            COLUMBUS                      NY-9-R-101
BURLINGAME, POLLY            NORWICH                       NY-9-BB-343
BURLINGAME, RICHARD          BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-T-351
BURLINGHAM, HARRY            NORWICH                       NY-9-G-118
BURLINGHAM, ISAAC            NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-C-251
BURLINGHAME, EZEKIEL         NORWICH                       NY-9-A-183
BURLISON, ANN MARIA          COVENTRY                      NY-9-II-345
BURLISON, CORODON            COVENTRY                      NY-9-BB-585
BURLISON, LUMAN A.           GUILFORD                      NY-9-K-175
BURLISSON, AZOR              GUILFORD                      NY-9-H-459
BURNAP, AMANDA M.            GERMAN                        NY-9-GG-181
BURNAP, WILLIAM              GERMAN                        NY-9-Z-141
BURR, ELIZA L.               NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-401
BURROUGHS, ERASTUS B.        GREENE                        NY-9-E-325
BURROUGHS, ISRAEL            GREENE                        NY-9-K-37
BURROUGHS, JAMES             GREEN                         NY-9-I-181
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM B.        GREENE                        NY-9-II-545
BURROWS, ELHANAN W.          MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-W-275
BURTCH, AMASA                AFTON                         NY-9-Z-537
BURTCH, JAMES                GUILFORD                      NY-9-R-421
BURTCH, WARREN J.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-M-175
BURTON, DORPHUS              OXFORD                        NY-9-Z-281
BURTON, JUDSON L.            GUILFORD                      NY-9-R-15
BUSEE, DAVID C.              SHERBURNE                     NY-9-K-395
BUSH, ABIAL                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-G-187
BUSH, DAVID                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-BB-413
BUSH, JOSEPH                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-HH-585
BUSH, JOSEPH                 BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-F-317
BUSH, OZIAS                  GUILFORD                      NY-9-Y-127
BUSH, ROSWELL R.             GUILFORD                      NY-9-Q-285
BUSH, SARAH E.               OXFORD                        NY-9-W-471
BUSH, THOMAS A.              OXFORD                        NY-9-L-72
BUTLER, BENJAMIN             OXFORD                        NY-9-D-210
BUTLER, EDGAR G.             BAINBRIDGE                    NY-9-FF-612
BUTTOLPH, DAVID              NORWICH                       NY-9-O-347
BUTTON, BLEWIT               MCDONOUGH                     NY-9-W-315
BUTTON, FRANKLIN F.          EAST PHARSALIA                NY-9-I-409
BUTTON, GEORGE               NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-FF-329
BUTTON, GEORGE W.            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-577
BUTTON, HARRISON             COLUMBUS                      NY-9-AA-317
BUTTON, IRA                  COLUMBUS                      NY-9-JJ-9
BUTTON, JULIUS               COLUMBUS                      NY-9-O-95
BUTTON, MARY L.              NORWICH                       NY-9-II-321
BUTTON, NELSON H.            NORWICH                       NY-9-FF-65
BUTTON, SARAH M.             SMYRNA                        NY-9-W-245
BUTTS, AMANDA M.             SHERBURNE                     NY-9-II-133
BUTTS, GARDNER               SMYRNA                        NY-9-V-51
BUTTS, RODOLPHUS J.          NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-JJ-515
BUTTS, WILLIE AUSTIN         NEW BERLIN                    NY-9-36-329
BYRNE, MICHAEL               NORWICH                       NY-9-AA-335

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