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ABEAR, ANTWINE               SCHROON                       NY-16-G-192
ABEL, MARY                   ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-53
ADGATE, ASHER                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-A-9
ADSIT, ALVIN                 ESSEX                         NY-16-M-9
ADSIT, HOLLIS                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-166
ADSIT, SAMUEL                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-28
AKIN, ABRAHAM                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-B-324
ALBRO, LAYTON                SCHROON                       NY-16-F-185
ALDEN, WILLIAM M.            NEWCOMB                       NY-16-N-223
ALFORD, REUEL C.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-M-173
ALLEN, ALPHEUS               NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-E-8
ALLEN, DAVID L.              WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-315
ALLEN, JANE C.               LEWIS                         NY-16-G-289
ALLEN, JANE L.               WESTPORT                      NY-16-K-249
AMES, ELIZABETH Q.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-272
AMES, MATTHIAS               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-A-134
AMES, SAMUEL                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-360
AMES, WILLIAM H.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-124
ANGIER, LUTHER               WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-196
ANGIER, WILLIAM D.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-32
ANGLEY, JAMES                MORIAH                        NY-16-N-340
ANSON, HELEN M.              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-213
APPLEYARD, AURELIUS          CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-99
APPLEYARD, EDGAR             ST PAUL, RAMSEY, MN           NY-16-K-136
APPO, WILLIAM                NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-H-321
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES ROSS      MORIAH                        NY-16-N-470
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH W.         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-318
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM           MORIAH                        NY-16-E-582
ARNOLD, DANIEL M.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-447
ARNOLD, HARRIET H.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-383
ARTHUR, SARAH S.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-223
ASHLEY, STEPHEN              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-B-44
ASHWORTH, JOHN W.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-313
ASHWORTH, SALLY              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-370
ATKINS, ANNA NOBLE           ESSEX                         NY-16-I-117
ATWOOD, ISAAC                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-191
AUGUR, CALVIN                WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-206
AUSTIN, APOLLOS              ORWELL, RUTLAND, VT           NY-16-C-20
AUSTIN, GEORGE               MORIAH                        NY-16-F-22
AUSTIN, WILLIAM J.           MORIAH                        NY-16-K-400
AVERY, SANFORD               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-N-133
AILEY, AZRO M.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-259
BAIRD, ROBERT                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-407
BAKER, ELISHA 2ND            SCHROON                       NY-16-E-626
BAKER, JOHN                  SCHROON                       NY-16-B-113
BAKER, MELANCTON S.          WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-M-432
BAKER, SEYMOUR               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-D-606
BAKER, ZURIEL P.             SCHROON                       NY-16-A-348
BALDWIN, PHILIP S.           ESSEX                         NY-16-I-52
BALDWIN, STEPHEN             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-443
BANKER, GEORGE W.            KEENE                         NY-16-N-10
BANKER, HENRIETTA M.         KEENE                         NY-16-N-17
BARBER, HEZEKIAH             WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-554
BARBER, JEREMIAH             WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-609
BARKER, SAMUEL H.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-267
BARNES, HORACE               WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-473
BARNES, LUCY E.              WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-370
BARNUM, JOHN G.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-220
BARRETT, STUART              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-128
BARROWS, GEORGE W.           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-103
BARRY, MARY E.               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-332
BARTLET, ELIHU               JAY                           NY-16-A-397
BARTLETT, GEORGE             LEWIS                         NY-16-N-497
BARTLETT, OLIVER JOSHUA      JAY                           NY-16-E-22
BARTON, DANIEL               MORIAH                        NY-16-H-335
BARTON, JOHN                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-189
BARTON, LYMAN                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-M-476
BASCOM, JASON W.             SCHROON                       NY-16-G-355
BASCOM, MARTHA F.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-87
BATRICK, WILLIAM H.          JAY                           NY-16-D-38
BAXTER, BENJAMIN             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-560
BAXTER, RACHAEL              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-573
BEARDSLEY, BETSEY            LEWIS                         NY-16-L-440
BEARDSLEY, JOHN W.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-13
BEARMAN, WARREN              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-365
BEEDE, DIADAMIA              KEENE                         NY-16-I-221
BEEDE, SMITH                 KEENE                         NY-16-K-227
BENEDICT, ELIJAH             ESSEX                         NY-16-A-79
BENHAM, ANSON                WILMINGTON                    NY-16-I-379
BENJAMIN, JOHN A.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-238
BENNET, AUGUSTA              TICONDERGA                    NY-16-G-411
BENNETT, ALVAH L.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-93
BENNETT, CORTEZ              WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-168
BERGEN, SUSAN W.             MORIAH                        NY-16-H-80
BESSELL, POLLY               NEWCOMB                       NY-16-I-394
BETTS, ALVIRA                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-37
BIDDLE, MARY L. C.           PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-16-L-240
BIGALOW, CHARLES EDWIN       CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-221
BIGALOW, CLARK               ESSEX                         NY-16-F-411
BIGALOW, EPHRAIM ***         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-C-131
BIGELOW, CALVIN R.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-343
BIGELOW, RANSOM              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-144
BIGLOW, AUGUSTUS             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-479
BIGLOW, DARIUS TRUWORTHY     CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-42
BIGNALL, LOVINA L.           RENO, WASHOE, NV              NY-16-F-132
BINGHAM, ADELIA H.           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-42
BINT, NANCY L.               ESSEX                         NY-16-M-367
BLAISDELL, JACOB             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-*-306
BLAKE, SUSANNAH              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-D-542
BLANDELL, ELIZA S.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-489
BLIN, EDGAR                  WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-M-184
BLINN, BYRON                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-392
BLISH, BEULAH                JAY                           NY-16-D-552
BLISH, DANIEL                JAY                           NY-16-A-254
BLISS, EZRA                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-18
BLISS, JASPER JOSEPH         WILMINGTON                    NY-16-H-475
BLISS, JEDEDIAH              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-309
BLY, RUSSEL                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-292
BOARDMAN, AMOS               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-97
BOGIE, GEORGE M.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-170
BOGUE, EDWIN S.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-36
BOHRMANN, JACOB              SCHROON                       NY-16-N-443
BOUCHARD, LOUIS              MORIAH                        NY-16-E-584
BOWEN, JAMES                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-298
BOYLE, BARNARD               WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-377
BOYLE, PATRICK               WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-187
BOYNTON, CHARLES B.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-496
BOYNTON, LATINDA M.          MORIAH                        NY-16-L-387
BOYNTON, NATHANIEL           JAY                           NY-16-E-315
BOYNTON, NATHANIEL C.        KEESEVILLE                    NY-16-N-440
BRACHETT, JONATHAN           SCHROON                       NY-16-H-339
BRADFORD, ENOS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-236
BRADLEY, BETSEY M.           BRADLEY                       NY-16-H-135
BRADLEY, NATHANIEL           LEWIS                         NY-16-C-173
BRADLEY, ROSAMOND            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-467
BRAGG, JOHN                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-410
BRAMAN, HORACE               KEENE                         NY-16-E-361
BRAMAN, JASON                WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-85
BRAMAN, LUCY M.              ESSEX                         NY-16-F-467
BRANCH, HENRY                KEENE                         NY-16-K-305
BRAND, STEPHEN H.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-383
BRASTED, JONATHAN F.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-374
BREED, BENJAMIN              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-471
BREEN, WILLIAM HENRY         CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-9
BREERTON, PURLEY A.          JAY                           NY-16-G-464
BRENAN, GEORGE E.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-393
BRIGGS, BUEL                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-8
BRIGGS, ELIHU                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-C-121
BRION, JOSEPH                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-320
BROMLEY, JOHN                WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-301
BROOK, JOHN B.               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-397
BROOKS, CALVIN W.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-72
BROOKS, ERVIN                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-231
BROOKS, JOHN D.              MIDDLEBURY, ADDISON, VT       NY-16-N-112
BROOKS, PHOEBE               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-29
BROWN, ARIAL                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-173
BROWN, HENRY B.              MORIAH                        NY-16-I-476
BROWN, JAMES C.              JAY                           NY-16-E-338
BROWN, RICHARD               WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-289
BROWN, SALLY S.              KEENE                         NY-16-F-149
BROWNSON, EARL               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-471
BROWNSON, MARY               HIGHGATE, FRANKLIN, VT        NY-16-D-593
BRUCE, DORATHY               ST ARMAND                     NY-16-L-29
BRUCE, JOSHUA F.             JAY                           NY-16-K-451
BRUCE, SARAH                 JAY                           NY-16-N-321
BRUCE, SEWELL                ST ARMAND                     NY-16-M-349
BRUCE, WILSON                SCHROON                       NY-16-I-110
BRYAN, MARY A.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-358
BUCK, ALMEDIA B.             SCHROON                       NY-16-M-464
BUCK, EDWARD M.              JAY                           NY-16-L-303
BUCK, HIRAM                  CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-140
BUGBEE, CARLOS               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-60
BUGBEE, FANNY                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-82
BULKLEY, ANNA M.             PORT HENRY                    NY-16-H-93
BULL, WILLIAMSON JR.         JAY                           NY-16-A-42
BULLARD, IDA A.              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-279
BULLEN, ELIZABETH            JAY                           NY-16-I-339
BULLIS, CHAUNCEY L.          MORIAH                        NY-16-M-303
BULLIS, HANNAH S.            MORIAH                        NY-16-K-268
BURBANK, LUELLA E.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-343
BURBANK, MICHAEL             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-300
BURHAUS, EDGAR W.            MORIAH                        NY-16-N-500
BURLEIGH, HENRY G.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-464
BURLINGAME, JOSEPH           MORIAH                        NY-16-C-56
BURNET, JONATHAN             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-541
BURNS, BRIDGET E.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-446
BURNS, JAMES                 MORIAH                        NY-16-L-171
BUROOKS, DANIEL              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-547
BURPEE, LORENZO              LEWIS                         NY-16-M-127
BURROUGHS, HORACE            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-170
BURT, GEORGE M.              JAY                           NY-16-G-1
BURT, JOHN                   ESSEX                         NY-16-K-462
BURT, JOHN S.                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-57
BURT, MARIA C.               ESSEX                         NY-16-G-146
BUTLER, EDMOND               MINERVA                       NY-16-K-164
BUTLER, JAMES                MORIAH                        NY-16-B-441
BUTTERFIELD, CLARSE          PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-195
BUTTERFIELD, SUSAN M.        MORIAH                        NY-16-N-484
BUTTLES, MYRON               NEWCOMB                       NY-16-M-96
CAITE, FLORENCE              LEWIS                         NY-16-M-165
CALL, JOSEPH                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-B-272
CALZOLAN, BERNARDO           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-L-8
CAMERON, DUNCAN              NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-177
CARMODY, PATRICK             MORIAH                        NY-16-N-496
CAROL, BERNARD               LEWIS                         NY-16-K-29
CARPENTER, MARY ANN          WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-204
CARROLL, ANSON L.            NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-499
CARTER, BETSEY               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-260
CARTER, JARED                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-A-25
CARTER, JEREMIAH B.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-317
CARVER, THOMAS               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-320
CASEY, THOMAS                MORIAH                        NY-16-L-462
CASSAVOY, JULIA              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-24
CATLIN, BRADFORD             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-239
CATTIN, ROENA                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-180
CAYLER, PHEBE                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-247
CHAMBERLIN, PHEBA            ESSEX                         NY-16-G-438
CHAMPNEY, STEPHEN M.         MINERVA                       NY-16-F-193
CHAPIN, JUSTIN               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-209
CHAPIN, LUCENA E.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-223
CHASE, DANIEL C.             NEWCOMB                       NY-16-L-403
CHASE, JOHN B.               JAY                           NY-16-K-168
CHASE, NATHAN H.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-96
CHELLIS, GEORGE T.           NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-348
CHENNEY, CHARLES             WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-190
CHILCOTT, AMOS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-268
CHILCOTT, JOHN               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-369
CHILCOTT, LYDIA              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-276
CHUBB, GEORGE W.             ST ARMAND                     NY-16-K-256
CHURCHILL, JOHN              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-423
CLARK, ALEXANDER D.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-402
CLARK, DAVID                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-57
CLARK, GEORGE D.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-486
CLARK, JOHN                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-177
CLARK, MINERVA               WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-153
CLARK, ORRIN                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-45
CLARK, SAMANTHA              ST ARMAND                     NY-16-M-33
CLARK, WILLIAM               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-112
CLEMMONS, LURENA             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-293
CLUNCHETT, SUSAN             WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-331
CLUNE, WILLAM                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-271
CLYDESDALE, ROBERT           MORIAH                        NY-16-K-475
COBB, LUCY                   LEWIS                         NY-16-F-415
COLE, EDWARD                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-B-260
COLEMAN, JENNIE              JAY                           NY-16-I-21
COLL, ELIHU HUMPHREY         WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-252
COLL, LEVI                   WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-214
COLLIGAN, MICHAEL            MORIAH                        NY-16-L-459
COLLINS, ANDREW SR.          MORIAH                        NY-16-M-365
COLLINS, CHRISTOPHER         ESSEX                         NY-16-A-103
COLLINS, HIRAM EDSALL        ESSEX                         NY-16-E-160
COLVIN, HARRIET A.           MORIAH                        NY-16-L-427
CONGER, ASHER L.             ESSEX                         NY-16-H-355
CONGER, CALEB                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-L-139
CONGER, DAVID                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-255
CONGER, MARGARET             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-25
CONLIN, MARY                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-308
CONLON, JOHN                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-28
CONLON, MARY                 MORIAH                        NY-16-K-71
CONVERSE, LAURA              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-101
CONWAY, THOMAS               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-395
COOK, JOSEPH                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-228
COOK, MARETT                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-195
COOK, MARY ANN P.            TICONDEORGA                   NY-16-G-324
COOK, PATRICK                MORIAH                        NY-16-L-105
COOK, STEPHEN                MORIAH                        NY-16-E-281
COOLEDGE, ADA A.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-245
COOLEY, WILLIAM              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-B-404
COOLIDGE, HANNAH             JAY                           NY-16-B-331
COOPER, ORRIN                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-297
COOPER, ZEBIDEE              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-305
COPELAND, JOSEPH             MORIAH                        NY-16-F-165
COPELAND, WILLIAM            MORIAH                        NY-16-F-306
COPPINS, CHARLES H.          JAY                           NY-16-L-299
COPPINS, HENRY L.            KEESEVILLE                    NY-16-H-246
COUGHLIN, CHRISTOPER         ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-395
COULAN, PATRICK              LEWIS                         NY-16-N-288
COURIN, THOMAS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-461
COURTNEY, JOHN               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-K-75
COWEN, JAMES                 MORIAH                        NY-16-F-219
COYNE, PATRICK               PORT HENRY                    NY-16-H-199
CRAIG, JOHN                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-197
CRAIN, ALMA                  CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-239
CRAIN, WILLIAM               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-405
CRAM, JOSEPH                 CROWN POINT                   NY-16-A-333
CRANE, ARZAH                 ESSEX                         NY-16-D-587
CROSS, BENJAMIN              LEWIS                         NY-16-H-97
CROSS, EMILY S.              WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-235
CROSSMAN, JOHN               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-394
CROW, JOHN                   MORIAH                        NY-16-K-362
CUMISKEY, PETER              MORIAH                        NY-16-K-344
CUNNINGHAM, CYNTHIA          WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-122
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-489
CURRAN, MICHAEL              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-212
CURRIER, DAVID               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-M-131
CURRIER, WILL                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-105
CURTIS, HARDY                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-130
CURTIS, NATHAN               MORIAH                        NY-16-E-231
DALIBA, JAMES                MORIAH                        NY-16-B-251
DANIELS, WILLIAM             LEWIS                         NY-16-N-490
DART, EBENEZER               KEENE                         NY-16-E-211
DART, THOMAS                 KEENE                         NY-16-D-597
DAVIS, JAMES                 CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-321
DAVIS, WILLIAM W.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-429
DAVIS, WILLIAM W.            MORIAH                        NY-16-N-454
DAVY, PATRICK                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-455
DAY, DAVID K.                JAY                           NY-16-I-255
DEALL, ETHELINDE             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-D-580
DEALL, PETER                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-A-292
DEKALB, JOHN W.              JAY                           NY-16-G-173
DELANCE, DAVID               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-97
DELANO, ANNIE M.             TICONDERGA                    NY-16-K-59
DELANO, BENJAMIN P.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-59
DELANO, JAMES M.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-337
DELANO, JOSEPH ROBINSON      WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-186
DELANO, MARY                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-130
DELANO, RELIEF               WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-132
DELORME, ALEXANDER           NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-L-55
DEMING, HORATIO S.           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-335
DEMMON, ALPHEUS C.           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-277
DENNISON, SUSAN              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-449
DENTON, ALANSON              LEWIS                         NY-16-F-314
DENTON, CALVIN               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-413
DENTON, LEWIS S.             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-301
DENTON, MARY R.              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-394
DERBY, STEPHEN D.            ESSEX                         NY-16-N-407
DERBY, WILLIAM R.            ESSEX                         NY-16-N-450
DEXTER, AMOS                 ESSEX                         NY-16-D-90
DIBBLE, NORMAN M.            KEENE                         NY-16-N-302
DICKERSON, AMILLA S.         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-459
DICKERSON, ELIZA ANN         LEWIS                         NY-16-K-408
DICKINSON, AARON             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-M-99
DICKINSON, JAMES R.          JAY                           NY-16-D-577
DISTOELLE, SALOM             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-176
DOLAN, MICHAEL               ESSEX                         NY-16-L-344
DONNELLY, MARGARET           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-272
DOUGHTY, CHESTER             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-109
DOUGLASS, CAROLINE S.        MORIAH                        NY-16-H-205
DOUGLASS, ELMIRA             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-222
DOUGLASS, JOHN C.            PORT HENRY                    NY-16-I-162
DOUGLASS, JONATHAN           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-498
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM HENRY      WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-344
DOWNS, EDWARD                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-75
DOWNS, JOHN H.               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-643
DOWNS, THOMAS                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-53
DRAKE, AMOS B.               SCHROON                       NY-16-K-355
DRAKE, MICHAEL               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-8
DRAPER, JOHN                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-169
DRAYER, HENRY                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-632
DREW, AUSTIN A.              ESSEX                         NY-16-E-278
DUDLEY, ELIZABETH E.         KEENE                         NY-16-M-335
DUDLEY, LOUISA L.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-113
DUKETT, ISABELLA             MORIAH                        NY-16-N-26
DUKETT, LEWIS                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-217
DUMPHEY, SAMUEL O.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-391
DUNSTER, JASON               WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-106
DUNSTER, SAMUEL KIMBALL      WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-216
DUNTON, WARREN               WESTPORT                      NY-16-B-129
DURANT, ORLANDO JAMES        ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-259
DURFYE, EBENEZER             WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-1
DUTTON, ALFRETTIA            MORIAH                        NY-16-N-266
EAGER, GEORGE TRIMBLE        TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-239
EARLEY, ELIZABETH            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-169
EARLEY, THOMAS               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-61
EDDY, FRANK H.               WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-242
EDWARDS, ERASTUS F.          ESSEX                         NY-16-I-493
EDWARDS, HENRY D.            ESSEX                         NY-16-E-615
EGGLESTON, LUCY L. R.        WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-26
ELLIOTT, JAMES               JAY                           NY-16-F-128
ELLSBURY MARY ANN            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-455
ELLSBURY, THOMAS             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-438
ENSIGN, JOHN                 MORIAH                        NY-16-C-303
ESTES, PHILO                 KEENE                         NY-16-K-369
EVANS, EMILY ANNE            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-199
EVEREST, WILNEY H.           SHOREHAM, ADDISON, VT         NY-16-C-167
EVERTSON, ELIZA              ESSEX                         NY-16-C-389
FAIRCHILD, JOHN              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-628
FANNER, DAVID H.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-30
FARLEY, ANN                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-357
FARNHAM, BARTON B.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-158
FARNSWORTH, HENRY            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-11
FARNSWORTH, LEBANON          LEWIS                         NY-16-G-132
FARR ELIZABETH               MORIAH                        NY-16-N-148
FARRELL, CATHERINE           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-534
FAUT, ANN                    PORT HENRY                    NY-16-G-408
FAUT, JAMES                  MORIAH                        NY-16-G-235
FELT, HELEN M.               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-351
FELT, MOSES                  WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-303
FELT, THOMAS CHASE           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-638
FERGUSON, ANGELIA C.         CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-157
FERGUSON, HANNAH             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-387
FERGUSON, HENRY              MORIAH                        NY-16-I-316
FERGUSON, WILLIAM H          ESSEX                         NY-16-F-349
FERRIS, HANNAH               WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-294
FIELD, HIRAM                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-294
FIELD, RHODOLPHUS            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-432
FINN, TERANCE                MORIAH                        NY-16-H-292
FINNEGAN, JAMES H.           MORIAH                        NY-16-F-50
FINNEGAN, JOHN               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-294
FINNEY, ANN M.               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-293
FINNEY, ARZA                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-472
FISH, THOMAS J.              LEWIS                         NY-16-F-345
FISHER, HENRY                ADDISON, ADDISON, VT          NY-16-C-280
FISHER, JOSIAH               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-C-107
FLANDERS, CHAPIN             JAY                           NY-16-E-174
FLEMING, ISAAC BRYANT        TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-295
FLEMING, MARION A.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-226
FLETCHER, AARON D.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-423
FLETCHER, ADAMS              ESSEX                         NY-16-E-163
FLETCHER, SARAH B.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-195
FLINN, JOHN                  WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-284
FLOYD, RANSOM                WESTPORT                      NY-16-K-146
FOLEY, BARTHOLOMEW           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-578
FOOTE, EMILY P. S.           MORIAH                        NY-16-G-243
FOOTE, FLORA E. HALL         MORIAH                        NY-16-N-215
FOOTE, MARY WITHERBEE        MORIAH                        NY-16-M-82
FORTUNE, JAMES               ESSEX                         NY-16-I-251
FORTUNE, LUCINDA S.          ESSEX                         NY-16-H-308
FORTUNE, MICHIBALD           ESSEX                         NY-16-H-426
FOSTER, LEONARD              SCHROON                       NY-16-F-324
FOWLER, JAMES                SCHROON                       NY-16-H-401
FRANKLIN, GEORGE             JAY                           NY-16-N-399
FRAZIER, BENJAMIN F.         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-152
FRAZIER, JANE                WESTPORT                      NY-16-K-443
FRAZIER, SILAS A.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-297
FRENCH, JOANNAH              ESSEX                         NY-16-C-397
FRENCH, JOEL                 LEWIS                         NY-16-F-42
FRENCH, NOAH                 ESSEX                         NY-16-F-317
FRENCH, ORRIN                LEWIS                         NY-16-H-312
FRENCH, ORRIN T.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-208
FRENETTE, NICHOLAS           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-361
FRENIER, ALEXANDER           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-452
FRISBIE, WILLIAM             WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-384
FULLER, ABBOTT               SHOREHAM, ADDISON, VT         NY-16-K-66
FULLER, CAROLINE K.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-245
FULLER, JOHN ALLEN           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-348
FULLER, JOSEPH               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-137
FULLER, MARTHA H.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-340
FULLER, WILLIAM ST PIERRE    JAY                           NY-16-I-225
FULTON, POLLY                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-327

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