Schenectady, New York
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ABBE, JAY                              DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-205
ABBE, SAMUEL                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-55
ABBOTT, JESSE C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-450
ABEGG, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-412
ABELL, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-315
ABELL, STEPHEN H.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-583
ABRAMS, JOHN ENT                       LITTLE FALLS, HERKIMER, NY              NY-47-N-113
ABRAMS, SOLOMON                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-66
ABSDORF, C.                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-299
ACKER, ANDREW                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-401
ACKER, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-262
ACKERMAN, JOHN G. L.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-213
ADAMS, ANYA M.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-345
AERNI, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-121
AINSWORTH, ALICE A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-269
AKIN, EBENEZER                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-223
AKIN, EBENEZER                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-D-155
AKIN, JONATHAN                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-64
AKIN, MARY A.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-230
AKIN, WILLIAM                          DUANESBUGH                              NY-47-L-231
ALBUS, CARL                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-103
ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-20
ALEXANDER, EGBERT WILLIAM              DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-410
ALEXANDER, JAMES B.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-456
ALLEN, ABBIE C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-327
ALLEN, ANNA M.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-400
ALLEN, BRIDGET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-315
ALLEN, CAROLINE O.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-207
ALLEN, CLOTHER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-423
ALLEN, GEORGE                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-108
ALLEN, HARRIET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-275
ALLEN, HIRAM P.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-495
ALLEN, JAMES E.                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-523
ALLEN, JANE A.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-553
ALLEN, NELLIE J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-293
ALLEN, PHILIP F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-592
ALLEN, REUBEN S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-217
ALLEN, WILLIAM C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-97
ALLSDORF, CATHARINE V. B.              GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-226
ALSDORF, JACOB                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-59
ALTROCK, ANTON                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-625
AMO, ADALINE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-522
AMO, JOHN H.                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-497
ANDERSON, EDWARD H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-474
ANDERSON, ELIZA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-516
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-123
ANDERSON, JAMES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-157
ANDERSON, JANE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-567
ANDERSON, MARGARET                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-478
ANGLE, ANNA R.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-578
ANGLE, CHARLS E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-295
ANGLE, EDWIN C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-212
ANTHONY, CATHARINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-105
ANTHONY, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-204
ANTHONY, WILLIAM H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-154
ANTHONY, WILLIAM J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-450
APPEL, CHRISTOPHER                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-210
APPS, ANNA                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-86
APPS, ROBERT                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-49
ARCHAMPAUGH, LEVI                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-121
ARMBRUST, ANNA ELIZABETH               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-346
ARMOUR, LYDIA ANN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-118
ARMSTRONG JAMES                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-43
ARNDS, JOHN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-74
ARNOLD, EMMETT                         SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-358
ATWELL, FRANK J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-569
ATWELL, IRENA                          NTL                                     NY-47-L-396
ATWELL, NATHANIEL                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-297
ATWELL, THERINE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-284
AUCKENPAUGH, FREDERICK                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-112
AUGUSTINE, MARTIN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-186
AUSSICKER, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-102
AUSSICKER, LOUISE M.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-362
AUSSICKER, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-378
AUSTIN, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-509
AVERY, ELIPHALET                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-240
AVERY, LEWIS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-264
AVERY, WILLIAM L.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-266
B RADSHAW, JAMES                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-313
BABCOCK, DORA                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-117
BACHMANN, FRIEDHOLD                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-183
BACHUS, ANN ELIZA                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-99
BACKUS, MARIA A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-419
BACKUS, TRUMBULL                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-400
BACON, GEORGE                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-H-277
BADGLEY, STEPHEN                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-407
BAILEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-47-D-23
BAKEMAN, JACOB                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-137
BAKER, EMMA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-249
BAKER, IRA                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-155
BALDIWN, SAMUEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-217
BALDWIN, HANNAH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-414
BAMBERG, CHARLES R.                    SCOTIA                                  NY-47-R-434
BANCKER, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-458
BANKER, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-425
BANKER, SUSAN D. G.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-261
BANKS, ANN S. CONKLIN                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-60
BANNARD, SUSAN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-643
BARHEYDT, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-153
BARHEYDT, JOHN C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-279
BARHEYDT, JOHN C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-25
BARHYDT, ADRIAN V. T.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-248
BARHYDT, CHARLOTTE A.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-346
BARHYDT, GARRET                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-297
BARHYDT, GILES S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-532
BARHYDT, HARRIET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-427
BARHYDT, JACOB TELLER                  NTL                                     NY-47-N-490
BARHYDT, JANE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-605
BARHYDT, JANE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-445
BARHYDT, JEROME W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-67
BARHYDT, JESSE                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-123
BARHYDT, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-15
BARHYDT, JOHN A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-585
BARHYDT, LEWIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-230
BARHYDT, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-153
BARHYDT, MARY E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-55
BARHYDT, MARY J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-79
BARHYDT, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-273
BARHYDT, SARAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-135
BARHYTE, JAMES H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-577
BARIGHT, DIANA S.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-517
BARKER, ELIZABETH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-100
BARKER, GERTUDE A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-276
BARKER, ISAAC                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-308
BARKER, MARY                           NTL                                     NY-47-S-564
BARKER, ROBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-437
BARLEYDT, GARRETT B.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-111
BARNARD, EVERTON                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-516
BARNARD, ROBERT                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-443
BARNARD, ROSSETTA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-67
BARNES, DANA A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-7
BARNES, EDWARD F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-391
BARNES, ELIZABETH E.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-234
BARNETT, ELLEN                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-J-585
BARNETT, MARY E.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-169
BARNEY, HOWLAND S.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-505
BARNHART, BETSEY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-79
BARNS, HESTER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-60
BARNYDT, ALLEN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-473
BARNYDT, S C.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-555
BARRETT, EVA                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-342
BARRINGER, AARON                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-132
BARRINGER, DANIEL                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-17
BARRINGER, EDWARD M.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-94
BARRINGER, JACOB                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-294
BARRINGER, JOHN B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-176
BARRINGER, JOSEPH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-548
BARTECKI, WLADYSLAW                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-333
BARTLING, EMMA L.                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-451
BARTLING, FREDERICK C.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-438
BARTLING, HENRY C.                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-453
BARTON, SALLY                          * (CODICIL)                             NY-47-N-367
BARTON, SALLY                          WRIGHT, SCHOHARIE, NY                   NY-47-N-363
BATES, JACOB                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-1
BATH, JOHN                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-218
BATH, PETER                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-149
BATH, WILLIAM                          EAST GLENVILLE                          NY-47-O-574
BAUCKER, JOHN H.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-269
BAUCKER, KATE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-106
BAUER, PETER                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-415
BAUMIS, SUSAN M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-71
BAXTER, SARAH ELIZABETH                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-335
BAZELEY, AGNES E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-143
BEACH, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-354
BEAL, SARAH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-181
BEAL, SARAH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-186
BEATTIE, SARAH                         CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH                 NY-47-F-205
BECKER, CATHARINE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-429
BECKER, CHARLES E.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-108
BECKER, GEORGE                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-439
BECKER, HANNAH M.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-167
BECKER, JANE                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-354
BECKER, JOHN B.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-355
BECKER, JULIA A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-67
BECKER, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-598
BECKER, PETER                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-245
BECKER, PHEBE ANN                      BRAMAN CORNERS                          NY-47-R-280
BECKER, PHILIP                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-476
BECKER, SARAH JANE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-372
BECKER, SUSAN JANE                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-482
BECKLEY, JOHN P.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-299
BECKWITH, THEODORE I.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-310
BEECKMAN, JACOB                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-349
BEEKMAN, CORNELIA                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-248
BEGLEY, JAMES                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-P-372
BEHAN, PATRICK                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-410
BEHR, CHARLES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-161
BELL, HENRY A.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-411
BELLEMONT, JACOB                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-222
BELLER, CHARLES A. G.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-444
BELLSEN, JANE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-166
BELLSON, ALIDA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-157
BENEDICT, ELIZA D.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-604
BENEDICT, EPHRIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-280
BENEDICT, MARY ELIZABETH               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-96
BENEDICT, SARAH ANN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-331
BENJAMIN, NANCY M.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-403
BENNETT, AMOS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-290
BENNETT, IRA                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-36
BENNIG, PHILIP                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-105
BENNS, GEORGE W.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-466
BENSEN, RICHARD V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-360
BENZ, ANTHONY                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-326
BERBERICH, CHARLES                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-529
BERG, LUCILLA D.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-70
BERGERON, EDWARD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-12
BERLINGER, JOHANN                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-399
BEST, HENRY M.                         CHILTON PARK, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-R-375
BETTS, RANSOM M.                       CLIFTON PARK, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-P-217
BEVERLEY, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-263
BEVIS, JAMES                           NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-395
BEYER, JACOB W.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-348
BIEBER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-72
BIELAWA, ALBERT                        SEE: BIELAWA, WOJCIECH                  NY-47-R-513
BIELAWA, WOJCIECH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-513
BIGELOW, JOHN N.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-156
BIGELOW, NANCY M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-346
BIGWOOD, ALBERT V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-361
BILLINGTON, MINERVA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-514
BILLS, MORTIMER IRVING                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-31
BIRCH, JOHN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-71
BISHOP, HENRY G.                       ONEONTA, OTSEGO, NY                     NY-47-R-19
BISHOP, MARIETTA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-113
BLACK, SARAH C.                        ATLANTIC CITY, ATLANTIC, NJ             NY-47-L-629
BLACKBURN, CATHARINE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-547
BLAIN, PATRICK                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-84
BLAIR, JULIA                           NTL                                     NY-47-N-82
BLAKE, PATRICK                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-309
BLESSER, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-61
BLESSING, MARTIN A.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-313
BLESSING, WILLIAM                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-S-5
BLODGETT, GEORGE R.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-341
BOARDMAN, GEORGE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-458
BOARDMAN, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-412
BOEHRER, JACOB                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-278
BOHANNAN, HELENA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-23
BOHANNAN, ROBERT                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-A-75
BOHN, MICHAEL                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-504
BOINK, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-358
BOLDT, AUGUST                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-7
BOLLACKER, LOUISA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-442
BOLLES, JEREMIAH                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-C1-301
BOND, JAMES                            PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-E-318
BOND, JOSEPH                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-173
BOND, RICHARD                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C1-106
BOND, RICHARD                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C-30
BOND, RICHARD J.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-450
BOND, SAMUEL                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-168
BOND, SAMUEL J.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-246
BOND, SARAH                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-210
BOND, THOMAS W.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-82
BONNY, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-270
BOOK, CHARLES                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-632
BORDEN, SILAS L.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-397
BOVET, WERNER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-26
BOWERMAN, SILAS                        DUANESB URGH                            NY-47-E-658
BOWMAN, CRAWFORD                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-405
BOWMAN, EVA MAY                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-277
BOYD, MARGARET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-349
BRADFORD, JOHN                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-30
BRADLEY, CATHERINE                     BALLSTON SPA, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-L-43
BRADLEY, HARRIET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-140
BRADSHAW, BENJAMIN                     PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-466A
BRADSHAW, EDWARD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-197
BRADSHAW, ELIZABETH                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-436
BRADSHAW, ELIZABETH                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-421
BRADSHAW, JAMES                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-545
BRADSHAW, JAMES J.                     PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-209
BRADSHAW, JOSEPH                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-505
BRADSHAW, JOSEPH                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-324
BRADSHAW, NATHAN                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-H-439
BRADT, AARON J.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-84
BRADT, ABRAHAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-256
BRADT, ABRAHAM N.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-600
BRADT, ABRAM A.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-171
BRADT, ANNA V.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-225
BRADT, ARENT                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-239
BRADT, BARBARA                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-Q-88
BRADT, CORNELIUS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-199
BRADT, ELIZA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-403
BRADT, ELIZA C.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-319
BRADT, FREDERICK JR.                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-A-506
BRADT, FREDERICK J.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-610
BRADT, GILBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-226
BRADT, HESTER                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-140
BRADT, JANE                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-149
BRADT, JANE                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-C-267
BRADT, JANE ANN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-4
BRADT, LIZA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-23
BRADT, MARGARET A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-540
BRADT, MARGARET E.                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-281
BRADT, MARY F.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-487
BRADT, NICHOLAS                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-83
BRADT, NICHOLAS A.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-496
BRADT, PETER                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-427
BRADT, SAMUEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-383
BRADT, SARAH                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-325
BRADT, SIMON                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-210
BRADT, SIMON S.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-166
BRADT, WILLIAM V.                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-485
BRADY, GEORGE A.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-344
BRAGDON, JAMES F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-104
BRAGHAM, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-423
BRAMAN, DELOS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-51
BRAMAN, HENRY C.                       SOUTH SCHENECTADY                       NY-47-R-576
BRAMAN, JOSEPH                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-442
BRANDHORST, CHRISTIAN FREDERICK        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-525
BRANDT, AUGUST                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-495
BRANDT, DOROTHEA                       WATERVLIET                              NY-47-M-538
BRAUGHAM, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-469
BRAUGHMAN, JOHN J.                     PRINCETON                               NY-47-F-260
BRAY, BRIDGET                          NTL                                     NY-47-M-246
BRAY, PHEBE                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-228
BRAY, SAMPSON                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-197
BREESE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-47-A-29
BREHM, CONRAD                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-579
BRENTHOUSEN, BARENT                    NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-531
BREWER, ADALINE                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-R-465
BREWER, ELEANOR                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-182
BREWER, JACOB S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-242
BREWER, RICHARD                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-496
BREYMAIER, MAGDALENA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-551
BREZEE, CARRIE M.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-423
BRIGG, WILLIAM D.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-556
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-197
BRIGGS, CYRUS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-370
BRIGGS, MARTHA                         NTL                                     NY-47-B-105
BRIGGS, MARY                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-529
BRIGGS, MILLIE                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-84
BRIGGS, OLIVER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-476
BRIGGS, OLIVER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-69
BRIGGS, REUBEN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-698
BRIGGS, STEPHEN                        DUANESBURG                              NY-47-H-372
BRIGGS, WALTER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-181
BRIGNALL, HESTER                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-583
BRINK, BARNARD                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-35
BRINKMAN, WILLIAM                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-147
BRINKMANN, ANDREW                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-467
BRITTAN, JOHN W.                       NTL                                     NY-47-A1-71
BRITTAN, LOUIS M.                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-O-9
BRITTIN, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-125
BROCKHAM, SAMUEL                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-136
BRONK, LUENETTA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-384
BRONK, LYDIA                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-311
BRONK, MATTHEW                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-230
BROOKS, AARON A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-573
BROOKS, ELIZA KENDALL                  WATERBURY, *, CT                        NY-47-S-220
BROOKS, PETER H.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-18
BROPHY, JOHN J.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-267
BROUGAN, PATRICK                       NTL                                     NY-47-O-140
BROUGHAM, AARON                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-D-164
BROUGHAM, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-640
BROUGHAM, MICHAEL                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-228
BROUGHAM, PETER                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-J-57
BROWER, GILES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-182
BROWN, ALBERT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-610
BROWN, CAROLINE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-162
BROWN, CLINTON C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-473
BROWN, DIANA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-599
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C-1
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-82
BROWN, GEORGE W.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-283
BROWN, JERUSHA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-112
BROWN, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-385
BROWN, JOHN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-111
BROWN, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-189
BROWN, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-262
BROWN, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-193
BROWN, LORENA D.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-428
BROWN, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-521
BROWN, MATTHEW R.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-480
BROWN, MELINDA                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-138
BROWN, MINER                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-306
BROWN, SAMUEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-199
BROWN, SILAS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-155
BROWN, THEODORE B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-474
BROWNELL, IRA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-41
BROWNELL, JAMES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-416
BROWNELL, LOUISA J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-416
BRUMAGHIM, HENRY                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-505
BRUMMAGEIN, JOHN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-545
BUB, ADAM                              NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-399
BUB, JOHN                              GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-159
BUCHANAN, MARY A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-177
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL L. R.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-483
BUCKLEY, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-566
BUCKWELL, MARY E.                      GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY                    NY-47-S-562
BUEL, JEMINA W.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-650
BUELL, ALFRED P.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-444
BUELL, CYNTHIA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-250
BUELL, JANE A.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-560
BUELL,D EBORAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-3
BUHRMASTER, CHARLES W.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-317
BUHRMEISTER, CHRISTIAN F.              GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-37
BUHRMEISTER, FREDERICK                 NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-474
BUHRMESTER, CHRISTIAN W.               GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-542
BULLMAN, CHANCY                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-241
BULLMAN, JANE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-61
BULLOCK, THOMAS                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-638
BULTON, HENRY                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-545
BUMSTEAD, HENRY                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-331
BURDICK, ALANSON                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-49
BURDICK, RACHEL                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-169
BURGER, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-65
BURK, URI V.                           NISHAYUNA                               NY-47-O-21
BURK, WILLIAM                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-215
BURMAN, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-88
BURNS, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-238
BURT, BETSEY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-528
BURT, CLARA S.                         SCOTIA                                  NY-47-S-583
BURT, ELIZABETH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-373
BURTIS, ALBERT R.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-475
BURTISS, CLARK W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-40
BURTISS, MARY E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-548
BUSCHMANN, WILHELMINA                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-559
BUSKERK, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-398
BUTCH, EDWARD                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-78
BUTLER, ANN ELIZA                      CLIFTON, SARATOGA, NY                   NY-47-M-469
BUTLER, ELLEN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-13
BUTLER, EMILIA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-531
BUTLER, GEORGE HENRY                   CRAIG                                   NY-47-R-555
BUTLER, JANE                           TROY, RENSSELAER, NY                    NY-47-P-306
BUTLER, WILLIAM W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-19
BUTTERFIELD, MARTHA G.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-12
BUTTON, ELEANOR                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-112
BUTTON, SEYMOUR G.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-472
BUTTON, THEODORE E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-544
BUXOTN, ELVIRA J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-67
BUYS, HARRIET                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-205
BYRNE, FANNY M.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-284
CADY, ANSON                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-39
CADY, EBENEZER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-140
CADY, HENRY C.                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-549
CADY, JAY                              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-612
CADY, MARIA C.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-405
CADY, MARY                             ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-67
CAIN, ALIDA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-313
CAIN, DANIEL                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-383
CAIN, ISAAC                            BALLSTON, SARATOGA, NY                  NY-47-L-254
CAIN, MICHAEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-471
CAIN, NICHOLAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-42
CALDWELL, MATHIAS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-169
CALKINS, EDWARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-329
CALKINS, EVE J.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-588
CALKINS, LYMAN H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-520
CALKINS, NATHAN J.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-377
CALKINS, NATHAN W.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-159
CALKINS, WILLIS L.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-85
CALLAHAN, MARY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-192
CALLANAN, JAMES H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-541
CALLEN, ANNA                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-616
CALLEN, JANE                           SCOTIA                                  NY-47-S-55
CAMPBELL, ANGELICA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-96
CAMPBELL, DANIEL D.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-387
CAMPBELL, DOUGLAS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-492
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-241
CAMPBELL, HARRIET STEELE               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-119
CAMPBELL, JACOB S.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-451
CAMPBELL, JOHN D.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-438
CAMPBELL, MARY C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-109
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-47-M-235
CAMPBELL, SARAH H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-300
CANE, JAMES                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-120
CANTBY, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-44
CANTLY, EDWARD                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-93
CARLEY, ELEANOR                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-417
CARLEY, GEORGE C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-453
CARLEY, GERARDUS Q.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-421
CARLIN, CARRIE                         TROY                                    NY-47-N-466
CARNER, HELEN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-202
CARNEY, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-547
CARPENTER, ABRAHAM                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-433
CARPENTER, ANNA                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-494
CARPENTER, CATHARINE                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-386
CARPENTER, CHARLES B.                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-597
CARPENTER, ELIAS                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-608
CARPENTER, JACOB                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-7
CARPENTER, JESSE B.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-359
CARPENTER, MARY M.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-105
CARPENTER, PETER                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-464
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-197
CARR, ANN ELIZABETH                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-518
CARR, PETER                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-503
CARROLL, BRIDGET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-282
CARROLL, CHARLES                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-370
CARROLL, MARGARET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-231
CARSON, NANCY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-89
CARTER, ELIZABETH                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-13
CARTER, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-94
CARTWRIGHT, MARTHA W.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-586
CARTY, WILLIAM M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-368
CARWOOD, CATHERINE ELIZABETH           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-352
CARY, JOHN E.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-64
CARY, WILLIAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-184
CASE, JOSIAH                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-61
CASE, LEE W.                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-535
CASE, LEVI                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-517
CASE, TRUMAN                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-461
CASEY, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-540
CASTLE, ALIDA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-241
CASTLE, GEORGE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-240
CASTLE, GEORGE T.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-598
CAVENEY, PAUL                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-246
CAVERT, GEORGE W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-375
CDOUGALL, DUNCAN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-233
CHADWICK, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-342
CHADWICK, MARTHA R.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-600
CHADWICK, WILLIAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-455
CHAFFIN, EVALINA H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-106
CHAMAN, MARION M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-577
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY ETTA                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-209
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES GILLESPIE            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-533
CHAMBERS, JOHN H.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-222
CHAMBERS, SUSAN J.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-618
CHAMBERS, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NY-47-O-347
CHAMPION, AUSTIN L.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-408
CHAMPION, HIRAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-514
CHAMPION, JAMES                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-460
CHAMPION, SALLY                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-256
CHANDLER, DANIEL                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-340
CHANDLER, OBED                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-430
CHANDLER, WILLIAM JAMES                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-429
CHAPMAN, AMOS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-303
CHAPMAN, ELISHA                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-392
CHAPMAN, LYMAN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-311
CHASE, CHARLES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-114
CHASE, EVANS M.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-449
CHEESEMAN, NATHANIEL S.                GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-164
CHEESMAN, BENJAMIN                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-237
CHEESMAN, EMMA A.                      SCOTIA                                  NY-47-O-623
CHEQUER, FRANCES B.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-503
CHISHM, COONRAD                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-243
CHISHOLM , JAMES                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-242
CHISHOLM, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-363
CHISHOLM, WILLIAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-488
CHISM, CONRAD                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-A1-40
CHISM, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-335
CHISM, MOSES                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-126
CHRISLER, CAROLINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-451
CHRISLER, HARRIET A.                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-424
CHRISLER, PETER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-37
CHRISLER, SYLVESTER                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-566
CHRISLER, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-189
CHRISTIAN, HENRY E.                    NTL                                     NY-47-P-463
CHRISTIANCE, ALICE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-377
CHRISTIANCE, DOWE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-398
CHRISTIANCE, ESTHER                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-516
CHRYSLER, HENRY N.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-54
CHRYSLER, JOHN J.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-216
CHURCHILL, HELEN D.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-136
CLANCY, MARTHA J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-133
CLARCY, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-514
CLARE, GEORGE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-550
CLARK, CATHERINE                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-567
CLARK, EDWARD                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-454
CLARK, EDWARD L.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-124
CLARK, HARRIET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-627
CLARK, ISAAC                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-17
CLARK, JOHN                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-177
CLARK, JOHN HENRY                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-514
CLARK, MATTHEW                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-232
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-349
CLEARY, DANIEL J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-357
CLEARY, SARAH W.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-152
CLEARY, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-527
CLEMENT, JOHN M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-490
CLEMENT, LEWIS M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-255
CLEMENTS, AGNES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-576
CLENCH, NELLY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-512
CLENCH, THOMAS B.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-311
CLINE, RALPH W.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-21
CLINTON, DAVID                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-456
CLINTON, PATRICK                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-543
CLOGSTON, ALEXANDER                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C1-318
CLOGSTON, CATHARINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-232
CLOGSTON, JOHN F.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-158
CLOGSTON, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-28
CLOGSTON, WILLIAM A.                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-496
CLOSE, HALSTED                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-81
CLOSE, LOSEE B.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-59
CLOSSON, ADALINE                       SCOTIA                                  NY-47-M-490
CLOW, EPHRIAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-431
CLOW, EVALINE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-401
CLOW, FRANCIS G.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-623
CLOW, FRANCIS G.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-43
CLOWE, CHARLES F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-491
CLUTE, ABRAM O.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-300
CLUTE, ANGELICA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-552
CLUTE, BARTHOLOMEW                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-445
CLUTE, BARTHOLOMEW                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-393
CLUTE, BARTHOLOMEW H.                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-545
CLUTE, CADWALLADER C.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-320
CLUTE, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-569
CLUTE, CHRISTINA S.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-247
CLUTE, ELEANOR                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-243
CLUTE, ELEAZAR                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-221
CLUTE, EVE V.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-245
CLUTE, FREDERICK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-307
CLUTE, FREDERICK P.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-328
CLUTE, GERTRUDE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-428
CLUTE, ISAAC V.                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-231
CLUTE, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-451
CLUTE, JACOB J.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-267
CLUTE, JACOB W.                        SCHENETADY                              NY-47-Q-250
CLUTE, JACOB J.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-527
CLUTE, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-412
CLUTE, JAMES B.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-372
CLUTE, JANE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-2
CLUTE, JELLIS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-8
CLUTE, JETHRO W.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-273
CLUTE, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-4
CLUTE, JOHN BT.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-184
CLUTE, JOHN F.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-432
CLUTE, JOHN F.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-339
CLUTE, JOHN I.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-98
CLUTE, JOHN N.                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-177
CLUTE, JOHN T.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-460
CLUTE, KATHARINE E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-96
CLUTE, LEVI T.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-537
CLUTE, MARGARET V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-388
CLUTE, MARGARET J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-233
CLUTE, MARIETTA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-166
CLUTE, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-316
CLUTE, MARY E.                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-444
CLUTE, NANCY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-118
CLUTE, NICHOLAS                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-D-19
CLUTE, NICHOLAS J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-530
CLUTE, NICHOLAS M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-161
CLUTE, NICHOLAS P.                     NTL                                     NY-47-C-65
CLUTE, NICHOLAS P.                     NTL                                     NY-47-C1-188
CLUTE, PETER I.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-526
CLUTE, PETRUS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-106
CLUTE, RACHEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-42
CLUTE, RICHARD                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-413
CLUTE, SARAH J.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-530
CLUTE, SOPHIA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-405
CLUTE, STEPHEN P. H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-522
CLUTE, SUSAN H.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-555
CLUTE, WALTER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-233
CLUTE, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-579
CLUTE, WILLIAM H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-71
COATES, GEORGE                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-38
COBB, FREDERICK A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-308
COBURN, SIMON                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-459
COCKETT, MARY E.                       ONEONTA, OTSEGO, NY                     NY-47-R-196
COFFIN, ALFRED B.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-376
COFFIN, MARGARET A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-135
COHEN, PEPI                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-559
COLE, PETER E.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-43
COLLINS, ANDREW                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-352
COLLINS, CATHARINE SAUSSE              SCOTIA                                  NY-47-O-435
COLLINS, CATHERINE                     SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-198
COLLINS, CHARLES                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-50
COLLINS, DENNIS                        GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY                    NY-47-R-113
COLLINS, JAMES                         SCOTIA                                  NY-47-O-624
COLLINS, JAMES H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-299
COLVIN, WILLIAM                        TROY, RENSSELAER, NY                    NY-47-P-52
COMBS, ALEXANDER                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-366
COMPTON, DANIEL                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-499
CONANT, CHARLES A.                     NTL                                     NY-47-S-370
CONANT, HARRIET L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-436
CONDE, BENJAMIN L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-74
CONDE, CORNELIUS S.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-470
CONDE, CORNELIUS S.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-318
CONDE, ELEANOR E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-593
CONDEY, ADAM                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-60
CONDIT, HOBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-448
CONKLIN, LUCRETIA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-161
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-126
CONLEY, A. F.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-605
CONLIN, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-406
CONLON, FRANCIS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-441
CONNERS, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-16
CONNERY, ANNIE E.                      SCHENETADY                              NY-47-Q-204
CONNERY, EDWARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-183
CONNING, AGNES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-528
CONNOLLY, MARGARET                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-145
CONNOR, ANNA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-141
CONOVER, ANNA B.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-382
CONROY, PATRICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-294
CONSALUS, DAVID                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-369
CONSALUS, TANAKA                       NTL                                     NY-47-B-177
CONSAUL, EMANUEL                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-333
CONSAUL, HARMON                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-510
CONSAUL, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-170
CONSAULS, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-206
CONSTABLE, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-17
COOK, FREDERICK                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-265
COOK, GEORGE D.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-334
COOKE, ANNA D.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-477
COOKE, RICHARD M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-113
COOKINGHAM, JOHN D.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-344
COOL, JOHN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-378
COOLEY, EDWARD                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-247
COONEY, HORTENSE W.                    NTL                                     NY-47-S-208
COONLEY, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-212
COOPER, JENNIE M.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-5
COOPER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-263
COOPER, WILLIAM C.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-158
CORBETT, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-168
CORDELL, JAMES G.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-510
CORLETT, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-247
CORNELL, JULIA M.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-33
CORNELL, PELEG                         GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY                    NY-47-B-51
CORNELL, PELEG                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-486
CORNELL, SALENAH                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-133
CORNELL, SUSAN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-305
CORNELL, URIAL                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-399
CORRIGAN, ROSANNA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-264
COSBY, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-105
COSTELLO, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-216
COSTELLO, MARY ANN                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-491
COSTELLO, MICHAEL                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-352
COSTELLO, STEPHEN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-183
COSTELLO, THOMAS J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-117
COSTELO, PATRICK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-536
COTON, JAMES                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-452
COTTON, PHEBE J.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-26
COULTER, MARGARET A.                   PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-52
COUNTERMINE, JAMES                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-444
COURTER, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-442
COVELL, CASPER C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-400
COWELL, CHARLES F.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-508
COWLEY, ANNIE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-501
COX, ANNA                              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-472
COX, DRUSILLA M.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-458
COX, MARGARET                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-462
COX, THOMAS                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-311
CRAFTS, JOSEPH K.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-292
CRAFTS, MARIA G.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-34
CRAIG, ANNA MARIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-302
CRAIG, ARCHIBALD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-155
CRAIG, MARGARET ANN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-492
CRAMER, CAROLINE                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-236
CRAMER, HARRIET Y.                     PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-147
CRAMER, JACOB A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-226
CRAMER, RICHARD                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-35
CRAMER, WILLIAM                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-512
CRANDALL, HANNAH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-356
CRANE, CORDELIA A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-532
CRANE, JONAS H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-565
CRAWFORD, JOHN M.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-372
CRAWFORD, SARAH G.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-235
CRAWFORD, WILLIS                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-104
CRAZIER, HELEN A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-99
CREGAN, DENNIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-460
CREGAN, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-517
CREGIER, AZUBAH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-665
CREGIER, BASTIAN                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-568
CREGIER, MARTINES                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-E-619
CREGIER, SAMUEL                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-478
CRIPPINS, ROBERT                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-53
CROOT, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-391
CROSIER, ARCHIE BYRON                  ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-265
CROUCH, RACHAEL E.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-179
CROUCH, SPENCER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-366
CROUNSE, FREDERICK C.                  ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-431
CROUNSE, WILLIAM A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-273
CROUSE, FREDERICK                      SCOTIA                                  NY-47-N-525
CROWLEY, ELLEN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-184
CRUM, FRANK M.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-384
CULLINGS, CHRISTIANNA                  MENTOR, LAKE, OH                        NY-47-N-541
CULLINGS, EBENEZER                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-177
CULLINGS, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-239
CULLINGS, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-91
CULLINGS, JOHN E.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-336
CULLINGS, MARGARET ISABELLA            NTL                                     NY-47-N-136
CUMMINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-544
CUMMINGS, MARGARET                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-557
CUMMINGS, ROBERT K.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-404
CUMMINGS, SAAH                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-15
CUNNINGHAM, ANNA M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-86
CUNNINGHAM, BERNARD                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-207
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-524
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-527
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-36
CUNNINGHAM, JANE I.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-213
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN M.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-470
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET J.                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-96
CUNNINGHAM, R. BELLE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-131
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-193
CUNNINGHAM, ROSS G.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-489
CUNNINGHAM, T. HAYES                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-504
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-330
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM B.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-508
CURRAN, MARY A.                        NTL                                     NY-47-P-615
CURTIS, CHANCEY P.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-446
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-636
CURTIS, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-47-L-363
CURTIS, JOHN                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-150
CURTRES, LYDIA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-288
CUYLER, GEORGE WRAY                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-94
CZARNECKI, ROSALLIA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-189
CZECHOWSKI, LOUISA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-413

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