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ABBEY, DAVID                 HECTOR                        NY-49-2-11
ABBEY, JULIA ANN             DIX                           NY-49-13-205
ABBEY, TYLER H.              DIX                           NY-49-13-211
ABEE, SIDNEY                 DIX                           NY-49-4-181
ABER, PHILIP                 DIX                           NY-49-1-124
ACKERSON, GARRET             WAYNE                         NY-49-17-264
ACKLEY, AMANDA               ORANGE                        NY-49-4-67
ADAMS, DANIEL                CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-145
ADEE, DARIUS                 HECTOR                        NY-49-11-487
ADEE, JOHN                   HECTOR                        NY-49-4-151
ADEE, JONATHAN               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-23
ADEE, MARIA                  TYRONE                        NY-49-3-95
ADRIANCE, JANE               HECTOR                        NY-49-12-199
AGARD, EATON J.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-439
ALLEN, ABRAHAM               ORANGE                        NY-49-17-207
ALLEN, CHARLOTTE A.          HECTOR                        NY-49-7-355
ALLEN, DATUS E.              TYRONE                        NY-49-15-475
ALLEN, EPHRAIM               HECTOR                        NY-49-1-146
ALLEN, EPHRAIM               HECTOR                        NY-49-4-301
ALLEN, EUGENE O.             READING                       NY-49-11-97
ALLEN, HULDAH                HECTOR                        NY-49-9-1
ALLEN, JAMES                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-29
ALLEN, JAMES L.              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-198
ALLEN, LUCINDA               READING                       NY-49-13-397
ALLEN, LYDIA                 HECTOR                        NY-49-5-379
ALLEN, RACHEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-565
ALLEN, ROBERT                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-94
ALLEN, SAMUEL 2ND            HECTOR                        NY-49-5-116
ALLISON, ANDREW              READING                       NY-49-17-203
ALLISON, JAMES               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-294
ALLISON, SAMUEL              TYRONE                        NY-49-10-367
ANDREWS, HIRAM               DIX                           NY-49-4-223
ANDRUSS, MARY ANN            DIX                           NY-49-11-577
ARMSTRONG, JANE E.           HECTOR                        NY-49-11-391
ARNOLD, MARY A.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-115
ARNOLD, RUTH                 TYRONE                        NY-49-7-49
AUSTIN, ASA                  DIX                           NY-49-9-109
AYERS, WILLIAM               MONTOUR                       NY-49-9-157
AYRES, SILAS C.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-11
AYRES, ZILPAH                MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-439
BABCOCK, ZINA W.             HECTOR                        NY-49-12-421
BACON, HORACE                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-16
BADGLEY, GEORGE W.           DIX                           NY-49-5-409
BAILEY, JEHIEL H.            DIX                           NY-49-15-169
BAILEY, JOHN                 DIX                           NY-49-1-282
BAILEY, JOSEPH               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-262
BAILEY, WILSON               DIX                           NY-49-5-235
BAIRD, PHEOBE                DIX                           NY-49-12-331
BAKER, DANIEL                DIX                           NY-49-3-143
BAKER, HANNAH                TYRONE                        NY-49-11-421
BAKER, SARAH                 DIX                           NY-49-4-259
BAKER, SUSAN                 TYRONE                        NY-49-17-260
BALDWIN, ELIZA               HECTOR                        NY-49-3-114
BALLARD, JOSEPH H.           ORANGE                        NY-49-3-69
BALLOU, FRANCES L.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-9-343
BAMBLE, MARTHA M.            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-559
BANKER, JACOB                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-48
BANKER, JONATHAN A.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-3-152
BANKER, PHEBE M.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-121
BARBER, CYRUS                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-445
BARBER, FREDERICK G.         HECTOR                        NY-49-12-271
BARBER, WILLIAM              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-24
BARKER, HIRAM O.             ORANGE                        NY-49-9-73
BARKER, JOSEPH               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-383
BARKER, ZALMON               HECTOR                        NY-49-10-439
BARKLEY, MATILDA             ORANGE                        NY-49-9-253
BARNES, IRA B.               CAYUTA                        NY-49-9-355
BARR, JONATHAN               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-419
BARRETT, JAMES               WATKINS                       NY-49-2-378
BARRETT, MARCUS              TYRONE                        NY-49-7-109
BARRETT, MARY                DIX                           NY-49-10-187
BARRETT, SAMUEL              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-196
BARROW, JOHN                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-283
BARTLES, JACOB               JERSEY                        NY-49-17-171
BARTLETT, COLLINS            DIX                           NY-49-5-157
BARTLETT, GEORGE E.          READING                       NY-49-14-325
BARTLETT, LOUISA             DIX                           NY-49-5-403
BASKIN, STEPHEN              TYRONE                        NY-49-7-307
BASKINS, ARMSTRONG           READING                       NY-49-17-14
BASSETT, ELIZA P.            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-559
BASSETT, SHELDON             HECTOR                        NY-49-4-445
BATES, HENRY                 DIX                           NY-49-17-56
BATES, IRA                   CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-32
BATES, ISAAC C.              NTL                           NY-49-1-204
BEACH, JOHN                  WATKINS                       NY-49-1-231
BEACH, MARY A.               DIX                           NY-49-15-7
BEAHAN, ELIZABETH E.         READING                       NY-49-1-304
BEARDSLEY, ABEL              CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-51
BEARDSLEY, ALMIRA            DIX                           NY-49-14-541
BEARDSLEY, DAVID             NTL                           NY-49-17-31
BEARDSLEY, ELAM              MONTOUR                       NY-49-9-79
BEARDSLEY, ELI               CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-28
BEARDSLEY, ELIZABETH K.      CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-175
BEARDSLEY, JAMES             CATHARIEN                     NY-49-17-49
BEARDSLEY, LEVI              CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-193
BEARDSLEY, LEWIS             CATHARINE                     NY-49-9-181
BEARDSLEY, LEWIS             MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-325
BEARDSLEY, PHILO             CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-36
BEARDSLEY, SALLY             CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-343
BEARDSLEY, SAMUEL A.         CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-505
BEARDSLEY, SEWELL C.         CATHARINE                     NY-49-7-241
BECKER, ALMON                DIX                           NY-49-3-85
BECKWITH, SARAH              READING                       NY-49-12-415
BEDELL, JACOB                HECTOR                        NY-49-4-37
BEDLE, JAMES                 HECTOR                        NY-49-4-367
BEEBE, COMFORT               DIX                           NY-49-9-307
BEEBE, JOHN                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-1
BEERS, ELIZA                 DIX                           NY-49-15-115
BEERS, WAKEMAN               CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-298
BEERS, WILLIAM S.            DIX                           NY-49-10-427
BELL, JOHN                   HECTOR                        NY-49-14-103
BELL, WILLIAM M.             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-147
BEMENT, A. JACKSON           HECTOR                        NY-49-13-229
BEMENT, NANCY L.             HECTOR                        NY-49-9-289
BEMENT, ORLANDO C.           HECTOR                        NY-49-15-211
BEMENT, OTIS D.              HECTOR                        NY-49-12-169
BENEDICT, JOSEPH             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-66
BENHAM, MOSES H.             READING                       NY-49-2-403
BENJAMIN, MAGDALEN           TYRONE                        NY-49-8-361
BENNETT, HENRY A.            DIX                           NY-49-15-265
BENNETT, JOSEPH              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-118
BENNETT, JOSIAH              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-241
BENNETT, SIMON               HECTOR                        NY-49-12-487
BENNETT, SUSAN               TYRONE                        NY-49-1-28
BENNETT, SUSAN               HECTOR                        NY-49-13-571
BENNETT, WILLIAM G.          HECTOR                        NY-49-16-159
BENSON, BENJAMIN             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-217
BENSON, ELMINA               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-391
BENSON, JOHN                 TYRONE                        NY-49-15-445
BERRY, THOMAS                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-129
BEVIER, GEORGE               ORANGE                        NY-49-5-127
BIGGERS, ROBERT              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-184
BILSON, JACOB                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-114
BISHOP, SUSAN                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-475
BLACK, JOHN                  WAYNE                         NY-49-17-194
BLAZER, JACOB                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-160
BLODGETT, REBECCA            DIX                           NY-49-5-187
BLOOM, POLLY                 HECTOR                        NY-49-8-433
BODINE, CHARLES              TYRONE                        NY-49-2-86
BODINE, ELIZABETH            TYRONE                        NY-49-4-289
BODINE, JOHN C.              TYRONE                        NY-49-17-267
BODINE, RALPH                TYRONE                        NY-49-2-494
BODLE, CHARLES               HECTOR                        NY-49-14-415
BODLE, JONATHAN              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-108
BODLE, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-53
BOLT, DANIEL                 DIX                           NY-49-8-253
BOLT, MARTIN C.              DIX                           NY-49-11-223
BOLT, POLLY                  DIX                           NY-49-13-565
BOLYEN, ALVA P.              CAYUTA                        NY-49-2-115
BOND, DAVID                  HECTOR                        NY-49-4-49
BOORAM, ALBERT H.            TYRONE                        NY-49-9-43
BOORAM, HENRY                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-224
BOOROM, WAYNE                TYRONE                        NY-49-2-184
BOOTH, SOLOMON S.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-324
BOSTWICK, ANDREW             ENFIELD                       NY-49-16-82
BOWER, ISAAC                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-15
BOWERMAN, THOMAS             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-485
BOYCE, HENRY M.              HECTOR                        NY-49-9-259
BRADNER, JAMES               ORANGE                        NY-49-10-313
BRADY, JOSEPH                BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-281
BRIETWIRE, CATHARINE         DIX                           NY-49-10-355
BRINK, SAMUEL                MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-145
BRISCO, NATHAN               MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-488
BROCKWAY, ELERY H.           HECTOR                        NY-49-16-87
BRODRICK, JOHN C.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-19
BRODRICK, LUCY               MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-151
BRODRICK, MINRO F.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-9-151
BROWN, AMOS                  HAVANA                        NY-49-4-127
BROWN, DANIEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-291
BROWN, DANIEL J.             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-117
BROWN, GIDEON C.             HECTOR                        NY-49-9-361
BROWN, LEWIS                 DIX                           NY-49-9-301
BROWN, MARY E.               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-511
BROWN, MARY J.               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-25
BROWN, MILLIMAN              CHARLESTON, PORTAGE, OH       NY-49-12-217
BROWN, NATHAN                HECTOR                        NY-49-8-499
BROWN, ORRIN S.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-427
BROWN, ORVIS N.              READING                       NY-49-1-207
BROWN, REUBEN                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-416
BROWN, SUSANNAH              CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-319
BRYANT, LEONARD              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-315
BUCHER, JANE                 DIX                           NY-49-1-330
BUCK, ALICE D.               DIX                           NY-49-11-313
BUCK, MARY A.                WATKINS                       NY-49-10-343
BUDD, DANIEL P.              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-312
BUDD, EFFIE                  HECTOR                        NY-49-12-139
BUMP, DANIEL                 DIX                           NY-49-2-434
BUNN, DAVID                  DIX                           NY-49-1-157
BUNN, ISAIAH                 HECTOR                        NY-49-3-45
BURCH, LIZZIE W.             DIX                           NY-49-15-577
BURD, MERRITT C.             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-79
BURGE, GEORGE                CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-193
BURGESS, BENJAMIN            DIX                           NY-49-5-79
BURLEW, RACHEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-10-295
BURR, EBEN                   HECTOR                        NY-49-4-325
BURR, LEWIS                  HECTOR                        NY-49-10-523
BURRITT, REED                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-236
BURT, MORRIS H.              ORANGE                        NY-49-15-253
BUSH, HATTIE                 HECTOR                        NY-49-14-271
BUSSEY, ISAIAH               TYRONE                        NY-49-8-295
BUSSY, NANCY                 ORANGE                        NY-49-10-157
BUTTS, JAMES A.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-475
BYRAM, WILLIAM H.            WATKINS                       NY-49-9-13
CALDWELL, JOHN               ORANGE                        NY-49-5-97
CALDWELL, NANCY              ORANGE                        NY-49-11-277
CALDWELL, WILLIAM            ORANGE                        NY-49-8-307
CAMPBELL, JANE G.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-451
CANFIELD, ADONIRAM S.        HECTOR                        NY-49-11-337
CANFIELD, ELISHA             READING                       NY-49-17-276
CAPELL, SARAH A.             DIX                           NY-49-14-385
CARLEY, ABRAM                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-295
CARLEY, ALMIRA               RIDGEBURY, BRADFORD, PA       NY-49-5-25
CARMAN, ANNA F.              HECTOR                        NY-49-9-331
CARMAN, CALEB                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-37
CARMAN, CATHARINE            HECTOR                        NY-49-11-361
CARMAN, CHARLES              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-110
CARMAN, THOMAS               HECTOR                        NY-49-14-463
CARPENTER, ALVAH             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-7
CARPENTER, JOHN              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-143
CARPENTER, MARCUS            CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-89
CARPENTER, MARGARET          HECTOR                        NY-49-12-565
CARPENTER, MARY D.           DIX                           NY-49-9-169
CARR, JUSTUS G.              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-190
CARSON, JOSEPH               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-333
CASE, THOMAS                 READING                       NY-49-17-186
CASE, WILLIAM J.             HECTOR                        NY-49-11-517
CASTNER, ISAAC H.            TYRONE                        NY-49-15-181
CATLIN, DEBORAH              CATHARINE                     NY-49-14-25
CATLIN, PHINEAS              CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-223
CAYWOOD, ELIZABETH           ORANGE                        NY-49-8-277
CHAMBERLAIN, C. J.           ORANGE                        NY-49-2-37
CHANDLER, BENJAMIN S.        HECTOR                        NY-49-11-289
CHAPIN, SUSAN O.             HAVANA                        NY-49-1-46
CHAPMAN, DANIEL              ORANGE                        NY-49-10-133
CHAPMAN, EZRA                ORANGE                        NY-49-14-409
CHAPMAN, HARRIETT BELLE      READING                       NY-49-15-271
CHAPMAN, JULIA A.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-14-19
CHAPMAN, JULIUS A.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-451
CHAPMAN, NOAH                READING                       NY-49-4-409
CHAPMAN, REUBEN              CATHARINE                     NY-49-14-145
CHARLES, AARON L.            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-451
CHASE, JOHN E.               HECTOR                        NY-49-3-48
CHASE, OBADIAH               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-505
CHAUHARTY, CHARLES W.        MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-397
CHESLEY, GEORGE W.           HECTOR                        NY-49-3-39
CHRISJOHN, MARTIN            ORANGE                        NY-49-3-180
CHRISON, JOHN W.             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-181
CHRYSLER, JOHNATHAN          HECTOR                        NY-49-5-49
CLARK, ANNA                  HECTOR                        NY-49-8-133
CLARK, ELIZA                 TYRONE                        NY-49-7-277
CLARK, ISRAEL S.             CAYUTA                        NY-49-10-181
CLARK, LUCINDA S.            READING                       NY-49-12-373
CLARK, ROBERT                TYRONE                        NY-49-10-415
CLARK, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-157
CLARKE, PATTEY               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-270
CLAUHARTY, EMILY H.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-457
CLEVELAND, ELIZA             READING                       NY-49-9-469
CLEVELAND, LUTHER            READIGN                       NY-49-3-169
CLEVELAND, NOBLES            DIX                           NY-49-10-457
CLINE, GEORGE A.             DIX                           NY-49-11-331
CLOCK, OLIVER                HECTOR                        NY-49-7-37
COATS, JOSEPH                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-51
CODDINGTON, AARON O.         HECTOR                        NY-49-11-457
CODDINGTON, HELEN M.         HECTOR                        NY-49-15-439
CODDINGTON, JOHN             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-80
CODDINGTON, JOHN M.          HECTOR                        NY-49-7-145
CODDINGTON, LEWIS            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-175
COE, ASA                     CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-559
COGHLIN, ELLEN               READING                       NY-49-14-247
COGSWELL, GOULD              CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-367
COLDEN, JAMES                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-295
COLE, A. HAMILTON            DIX                           NY-49-7-223
COLE, ESTHER                 READING                       NY-49-5-211
COLE, JUNIA                  WAYNE                         NY-49-17-148
COLES, JOHN C.               TYRONE                        NY-49-1-87
COLLINS, BENJAMIN            DIX                           NY-49-14-181
COMPTON, DEBORAH             HECTOR                        NY-49-9-415
COMPTON, SYLVENUS            HECTOR                        NY-49-8-199
CONKLIN, HANNAH A.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-223
CONKLIN, JULIA A.            DIX                           NY-49-4-379
CONKLIN, NATHAN H.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-169
CONLEY, ELIZA J.             DIX                           NY-49-10-319
COOK, ANDREW                 TYRONE                        NY-49-3-129
COOK, FRANKLIN               TYRONE                        NY-49-13-331
COOK, STEPHEN                TYRONE                        NY-49-2-205
COOLEY, WHITE                DIX                           NY-49-14-79
COON, HARRIET E.             TYRONE                        NY-49-15-85
COON, JACOB                  TYRONE                        NY-49-2-165
COON, THOMAS                 HECTOR                        NY-49-1-132
COON, WILLIAM C.             HECTOR                        NY-49-7-367
COOPER, ABLE                 CAYUTA                        NY-49-5-181
COOPER, ALVIN                CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-397
COOPER, IRA                  CAYUTA                        NY-49-12-193
COOPER, JASON                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-433
COOPER, LORING P.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-91
CORBETT, ASAPH               READING                       NY-49-17-252
COREY, ANN E.                HECTOR                        NY-49-5-37
COREY, WLLIAM                HECTOR                        NY-49-4-247
CORWIN, DENSIE               HECTOR                        NY-49-5-43
CORWIN, STEPHEN              DIX                           NY-49-2-168
CORWIN, WILLIAM G.           DIX                           NY-49-8-445
COTHLIN, EDWARD              READING                       NY-49-9-373
COUCH, JOEL M.               MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-481
COUCH, TIMOTHY S.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-201
COUGLIN, DANIEL              READING                       NY-49-13-19
COUNSELL, WILLIAM            NEWFIELD                      NY-49-16-46
COUSE, JOHN                  HECTOR                        NY-49-2-8
COYLE, MICHAEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-12-85
CRAIG, JOHN W.               ORANGE                        NY-49-3-51
CRAMER, SOLOMON              MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-379
CRAMPTON, SIMEON G.          TYRONE                        NY-49-13-523
CRAWFORD, JOHN               DIX                           NY-49-4-43
CRAWFORD, MARCUS             HAVANA                        NY-49-2-306
CRAWFORD, WRIGHT             TYRONE                        NY-49-9-97
CRAY, SOPHIA                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-160
CRIFFEN, JAMES               DIX                           NY-49-11-157
CRISSEY, DAVID               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-127
CRONKRIGHT, MARY M.          CAYUTA                        NY-49-10-559
CRONKRITE, CECILIA           TYRONE                        NY-49-12-577
CRONKRITE, HENRY             ORANGE                        NY-49-2-428
CRONKRITE, MARY              ORANGE                        NY-49-15-289
CROSS, ELIZABETH             DIX                           NY-49-3-72
CROSS, JOHN                  READING                       NY-49-13-247
CROSS, JOSHUA                READING                       NY-49-2-228
CULVER, ALBERT               READING                       NY-49-9-403
CULVER, GRACE                HECTOR                        NY-49-13-529
CURE, ELIAS                  HECTOR                        NY-49-2-224
CURRY, EZEKIEL L.            HECTOR                        NY-49-9-49
CURRY, JOHN F.               HECTOR                        NY-49-14-151
CURRY, ROBERT                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-104
CURTIS, FRANKLIN A.          ORANGE                        NY-49-9-187
CUTTER, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-3-83
CUTTER, MARINDA              HECTOR                        NY-49-9-457
DAILEY, JAMES H.             HECTOR                        NY-49-5-337
DARLING, JAMES               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-395
DARLING, JOSEPH L.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-171
DAVIS, ALPHEUS               READING                       NY-49-17-153
DAVIS, ELIZA                 HECTOR                        NY-49-8-229
DAVIS, JOHN D.               READING                       NY-49-4-361
DAVIS, REUBEN                HECTOR                        NY-49-4-283
DAVIS, SARAH A.              DIX                           NY-49-15-559
DAVIS, SARAH R.              WATKINS                       NY-49-3-10
DAWSON, JOHN                 ORANGE                        NY-49-10-199
DAY, SUSAN                   MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-577
DEAL, ELIZABETH              HECTOR                        NY-49-12-307
DEAN, CORDELIA               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-319
DEAN, JARVIS N.              ORANGE                        NY-49-3-1
DEAN, SARAH A.               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-19
DEAN, WILLIAM                MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-295
DECAMP, DAVID                TYRONE                        NY-49-13-415
DECAMP, LEWENNA              TYRONE                        NY-49-13-421
DECKER, BENJAMAN             CAYUTA                        NY-49-10-499
DECKER, JOHN                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-469
DEGRAW, BETSEY M.            CAYUTA                        NY-49-13-193
DELONG, SARAH                TYRONE                        NY-49-14-109
DEMEREST, CORNELIUS          BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-246
DEMOND, MATTHIAS             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-84
DEMUND, EDWARD               HECTOR                        NY-49-8-31
DEMUND, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-12-379
DENNING, ALEXANDER           ORANGE                        NY-49-12-385
DENNING, ROBERT              ORANGE                        NY-49-4-349
DENNIS, ISAAC                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-180
DEVENPORT, HENRY H.          ORANGE                        NY-49-9-481
DEVOE, ELIAS                 DIX                           NY-49-2-259
DEWELT, CALEB                HECTOR                        NY-49-11-163
DEWOLF, JUSTIN               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-341
DICKERSON, JAMES M.          HECTOR                        NY-49-15-295
DICKERSON, JOHN H.           HECTOR                        NY-49-12-529
DICKINS, SAMUEL              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-42
DISBROW, NATHAN O.           DIX                           NY-49-4-7
DISBROW, PETER               TYRONE                        NY-49-4-13
DISBROW, WILLET T.           TYRONE                        NY-49-2-425
DIVEN, JOHN                  DIX                           NY-49-17-12
DIVEN, MARY A.               READING                       NY-49-7-157
DIXON, WILLIAM               READING                       NY-49-4-19
DOANE, EDWARD                NTL                           NY-49-17-235
DOANE, ELIZABETH             ORANGE                        NY-49-14-331
DOANE, MARINDA               DIX                           NY-49-9-397
DOANE, RUFUS                 ORANGE                        NY-49-5-349
DOANE, SARAH                 ORANGE                        NY-49-13-25
DOLPH, ALVIN                 ORANGE                        NY-49-9-103
DOOLITTLE, LUTHER            CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-199
DOUCY, LEVI                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-112
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM H.          TYRONE                        NY-49-15-403
DOWNING, LOUIS A.            DIX                           NY-49-11-481
DRAKE, LUTHER J.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-301
DRAKE, MARTIN V.             READING                       NY-49-2-99
DRESSER, VASHTI              CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-221
DUDLEY, LUCRETIA             NTL, GALVESTON, TX            NY-49-8-507
DUNHAM, JAMES M.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-415
DUNHAM, SAMUEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-1-278
DUNN, BENJAMIN               HECTOR                        NY-49-8-187
DUNN, PRISCILLA              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-169
DURLAND, HENRIETTA           HECTOR                        NY-49-11-43
DURLAND, HENRY               HECTOR                        NY-49-10-247
DURLAND, MATILDA             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-146
DUSENBERRY, REUBEN           HECTOR                        NY-49-9-37
DUVALL, ALBERT               ORANGE                        NY-49-9-409
DWYER, KEZIAH                HECTOR                        NY-49-11-193
EAMANS, MORRIS               CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-223
EARLS, SUSAN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-8-115
EASTLICK, ALEXANDER          READING                       NY-49-17-149
EGBERT, ELIZA                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-163
EGBERT, JOHN                 BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-211
EHLE, DAVID                  HECTOR                        NY-49-16-11
ELLIS, DELILAH               TYRONE                        NY-49-1-78
ELLIS, ISAAC                 HECTOR                        NY-49-15-565
ELLIS, MARY JANE             ORANGE                        NY-49-10-403
ELLISON, A. JACKSON          READING                       NY-49-15-205
ELLISON, ANDREW              READING                       NY-49-15-343
ELLISON, JAMES               TYRONE                        NY-49-7-253
ELLISON, JANE                TYRONE                        NY-49-11-385
ELLSWORTH, HEBE P.           WATKINS                       NY-49-7-85
ELLSWORTH, JOHN W.           DIX                           NY-49-10-61
ELLSWORTH, LYDIA ANN         DIX                           NY-49-14-259
ELSTON, PARVIS               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-79
ELY, HARRIET                 HECTOR                        NY-49-13-43
ELY, HECTOR                  HECTOR                        NY-49-2-152
ELY, PHILO S.                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-523
ELY, RICHARD                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-60
ELY, RICHARD                 HECTOR                        NY-49-11-211
EMPSON, WILLIAM              HECTOR                        NY-49-7-247
ENGELL, JOHN                 ORANGE                        NY-49-4-187
ERWAY, BENJAMIN C.           HECTOR                        NY-49-11-235
ERWAY, ELSIE                 HECTOR                        NY-49-12-229
ERWAY, JAMES M.              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-79
ERWAY, MARY                  HECTOR                        NY-49-11-247
ERWAY, SQUIRE                HECTOR                        NY-49-12-403
ESTABROOK, ASENETH           MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-343
ESTABROOK, GEORGE W.         MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-247
EVANS, ELIZABETH             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-289
EVELAND, ABEL                TYRONE                        NY-49-5-73
EVERTS, ABRAHAM HURD         HECTOR                        NY-49-15-529
EVERTS, ALANSON G.           DIX                           NY-49-5-55
EVERTS, ARANTHUS             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-41
EVERTS, ARANTHUS             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-298
EVERTS, EUNICE               HECTOR                        NY-49-10-535
FANTON, HULL                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-505
FARRINGTON, DAVID            HECTOR                        NY-49-10-121
FARRINGTON, ELIZABETH        HECTOR                        NY-49-15-331
FARRINGTON, JOHN R.          HECTOR                        NY-49-14-439
FAUCETT, JOHN                TYRONE                        NY-49-7-349
FAVILLE, DANIEL              READING                       NY-49-5-140
FEAGLES, WILLIAM             ORANGE                        NY-49-2-381
FENNO, STEPHEN A.            TYRONE                        NY-49-11-493
FERO, HENRY P.               DIX                           NY-49-10-325
FERRIS, NATHAN               TYRONE                        NY-49-4-91
FILLMORE, ASAHEL N.          DIX                           NY-49-7-73
FINGER, SALLY E.             ORANGE                        NY-49-14-343
FINNO, ASA                   TYRONE                        NY-49-1-287
FISH, HENRY H.               HECTOR                        NY-49-12-115
FISH, POLLY                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-183
FISH, WILLIAM H.             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-91
FITZPATRICK, LAWRENCE        DIX                           NY-49-11-79
FLEET, ABRAM SR.             TYRONE                        NY-49-17-279
FLEET, SIMON                 TYRONE                        NY-49-10-349
FLETCHER, GILES A.           TYRONE                        NY-49-13-277
FOGLE, FREDERICK             CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-32
FOOTE, LIVINGSTONE           CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-511
FORRESTER, ELIZA             TYRONE                        NY-49-13-121
FORSTER, DANIEL              TYRONE                        NY-49-1-307
FOSHER, ABRAHAM              DIX                           NY-49-5-109
FOWLE, DANIEL B.             DIX                           NY-49-7-31
FOWLER, MARY JANE            CATHARIEN                     NY-49-8-73
FOX, JAMES L.                DIX                           NY-49-10-85
FRAGLES, CAROLEE J.          ORANGE                        NY-49-13-307
FRANCISCO, MICHAEL J.        TYRONE                        NY-49-12-43
FRANK, SIMON PETER           ORANGE                        NY-49-14-121
FRAZER, ELIAS                ITHACA, TOMPKINS, NY          NY-49-16-152
FREER, CYNTHIA ANN           WATKINS                       NY-49-17-64
FREER, ELIZABETH             DIX                           NY-49-12-37
FREER, GEORGE G.             DIX                           NY-49-5-331
FREER, JONAS                 DIX                           NY-49-5-229
FREER, LIZZIE H.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-217
FROST, CATHARINE             WATKINS                       NY-49-12-145
FROST, ELLEN E.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-149
FROST, JACOB                 ORANGE                        NY-49-3-124
FROST, JONATHAN              SCATHARINE                    NY-49-1-225
FROST, RACHEL MARINDA        CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-53
FROST, UNDERHILL             DIX                           NY-49-17-44
FROST, ZALMON B.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-81
GABRIEL, JOHN P.             READING                       NY-49-12-547
GABRIEL, JULIA H.            READING                       NY-49-10-163
GANNUNG, WILLIAM             CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-577
GANO, PHILIP                 DIX                           NY-49-9-218
GANUNG, CYNTHIA              DIX                           NY-49-10-493
GANUNG, EMMA C.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-505
GARDNER, GEORGE E.           HECTOR                        NY-49-2-275
GARDNER, WILLIAM             HECTOR                        NY-49-12-103
GAREY, BENJAMIN              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-41
GAREY, MICAH                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-68
GARRISON, JOSEPH             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-19
GASKILL, HARRISON            HECTOR                        NY-49-9-475
GAUGHEN, PATRICK             TYRONE                        NY-49-9-31
GERMAN, ANDREW A.            BURDETT                       NY-49-2-1
GERMAN, ANNA                 HECTOR                        NY-49-15-355
GERMAN, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-300
GERMAN, JAMES H.             HECTOR                        NY-49-15-349
GERMAN, OLIVE L.             HECTOR                        NY-49-12-475
GEROWE, WILLIAM C.           HECTOR                        NY-49-13-139
GIBBS, CHARLES               CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-325
GIBBS, ISRAEL C.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-427
GILBERT, DAYTON              READING                       NY-49-7-43
GILBERT, LYDIA               READING                       NY-49-5-193
GILLESPIE, WYATT C.          ORANGE                        NY-49-8-313
GILLETT, REBECCA             HECTOR                        NY-49-14-361
GLEASON, JOHN                WAYNE                         NY-49-17-158
GOBLE, JONATHAN              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-280
GOBLE, TIMOTHY               BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-259
GODDING, ELIZABETH           HECTOR                        NY-49-8-391
GOLDSMITH, DAVID             HECTOR                        NY-49-5-19
GOLTRY, PAUL D.              ORANGE                        NY-49-14-223
GONUNG, JOHN G.              DIX                           NY-49-2-348
GOODRICH, SYLVESTER          ORANGE                        NY-49-1-9
GOODWIN, FREMAN D.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-469
GOUNDREY, JOSEPH             ORANGE                        NY-49-13-1
GRACE, MARY                  TYRONE                        NY-49-8-127
GRADY, JOHN                  DIX                           NY-49-9-247
GRAHAM, ISAAC                ORANGE                        NY-49-13-199
GRAHAM, MARY                 DIX                           NY-49-17-47
GRANT, EMMA                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-205
GRAVES, WILLIAM              MONTOUR                       NY-49-4-397
GRAY, JOAN                   DIX                           NY-49-5-91
GREEN, BENJAMIN              READING                       NY-49-8-451
GREEN, DAVID                 DIX                           NY-49-17-9
GREEN, ERASTUS               HECTOR                        NY-49-8-109
GREY, ROBERT                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-2
GRIFFIN, PHOEBE ANN          CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-289
GRIFFITH, EASTMAN            WAYNE                         NY-49-17-292
GRISWOLD, SQUIER             READING                       NY-49-7-1
GUNDERMAN, ALBERT M.         HECTOR                        NY-49-15-103
GUSTIN, SAMUEL               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-254
HAAS, DEBORAH                DIX                           NY-49-10-67
HACKETT, LUCY M.             ORANGE                        NY-49-8-241
HAGER, HANNAH                HECTOR                        NY-49-9-115
HAGER, JOHN                  HECTOR                        NY-49-1-1
HAGER, PETER                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-154
HAGGARTY, HARRIET            HECTOR                        NY-49-10-241
HAKELY, ROSWELL              DIX                           NY-49-5-295
HALL, ABRAHAM                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-78
HALL, JEREMIAH               ORANGE                        NY-49-1-321
HALL, MARTIN D.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-169
HALL, SARAH E.               MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-49
HALL, WILLIAM E.             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-181
HALLENBAKE, SAMUEL           HECTOR                        NY-49-16-101
HALLOCK, GEORGE              TYRONE                        NY-49-2-33
HALSEY, PARKER W.            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-397
HALWICK, JOHN                MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-253
HAMILTON, GEORGE             HECTOR                        NY-49-9-487
HAMMON, SUSAN                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-201
HANLY, CATHARINE             HECTOR                        NY-49-1-210
HANMORE, JABEZ               TYRONE                        NY-49-2-194
HARD, JOHN                   ORANGE                        NY-49-2-83
HARING, GARRET               ORANGE                        NY-49-17-287
HARING, PHEBE                ORANGE                        NY-49-3-131
HARMON, SARAH                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-1
HARPENDING, JOHN             TYRONE                        NY-49-9-337
HARPENDING, PETER            TYRONE                        NY-49-17-268
HARRINGTON, FORDYCE          ORANGE                        NY-49-9-421
HARRIS, WILLIAM E.           TYRONE                        NY-49-17-187
HARVEY, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-49-1-16
HARVEY, LYDIA                HECTOR                        NY-49-5-385
HARVEY, OLIVE                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-103
HARVEY, SAMUEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-95
HARVEY, TIMOTHY M.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-241
HAUSE, EUNICE                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-239
HAUSE, JONAS                 HECTOR                        NY-49-2-174
HAUSE, JOSEPH                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-194
HAUSNER, DECATOR             HECTOR                        NY-49-11-265
HAVENS, EBENEZER             DIX                           NY-49-2-268
HAWES, MATHIAS D.            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-487
HAWKINS, JAMES               READING                       NY-49-17-205
HAYES, EPHRAIM               READING                       NY-49-17-168
HAYS, CALEB                  ORANGE                        NY-49-12-493
HAZELITT, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-105
HAZLITT, DAVID               HECTOR                        NY-49-7-97
HAZLITT, JAMES R.            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-541
HEALD, MARIA H.              TYRONE                        NY-49-12-349
HEDDEN, ELEAZER L.           TYRONE                        NY-49-17-191
HEDDEN, ELVIRA               READING                       NY-49-14-49
HEDGE, EDGAR                 TYRONE                        NY-49-8-43
HEDGE, NATHAN                TYRONE                        NY-49-3-202
HEDGES, CORNELIA ANN         TYRONE                        NY-49-1-274
HENDERSHOT, ISAAC            CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-19
HENDERSHOT, SABRINA B.       CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-79
HENDERSON, JOHN              TYRONE                        NY-49-13-367
HENDERSON, RUFUS             READING                       NY-49-11-49
HENRY, JOHN                  LANINGTON, SOMERSET, NJ       NY-49-17-220
HENRY, MARY                  LANINGTON, SOMERSET, NJ       NY-49-17-218
HENRY, ROBERT                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-400
HERRICK, NATHAN              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-216
HEWITT, ERVIN D.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-138
HEWLETT, P. B.               SAN FRANCISCO, CA             NY-49-14-583
HIBBARD, ELIZABETH           DIX                           NY-49-10-253
HIBLER, ZACHARIAH            TYRONE                        NY-49-11-55
HICKS, SAMUEL                READING                       NY-49-7-25
HICKS, SOLOMON               DIX                           NY-49-17-43
HIGGINS, JOHN M.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-517
HIGHT, ANNA MARIA            BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-201
HILL, EUNICE                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-121
HILLERMAN, DAVID C.          DIX                           NY-49-15-547
HILLS, E. DANVIN             MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-139
HILTON, JOHN C.              DIX                           NY-49-12-97
HILTON, LEWIS D.             ORANGE                        NY-49-8-463
HILTON, MARIA                ORANGE                        NY-49-10-229
HINCKLEY, NATHAN             HECTOR                        NY-49-3-42
HINMAN, GEORGE T.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-37
HINMAN, GUY C.               CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-61
HITCHCOCK, GEORGE V.         DIX                           NY-49-14-229
HOAGLAND, SALLY              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-109
HODSON, JOSEPH T.            DIX                           NY-49-7-235
HOFFMAN, PHILIP              CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-409
HOFFMAN, REBECCA J.          WATKINS                       NY-49-2-452
HOLDEN, BETSEY               DIX                           NY-49-14-7
HOLDEN, HEMAN                WATKINS                       NY-49-4-109
HOLLENBECK, ALPHA            CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-7
HOPE, JAMES                  DIX                           NY-49-12-313
HOPPING, FRANCIS A.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-589
HORNING, HAMPTON             ORANGE                        NY-49-3-137
HORNING, NATHAN              ORANGE                        NY-49-15-13
HORTON, JAMES R.             ORANGE                        NY-49-7-205
HORTON, THOMAS P.            ORANGE                        NY-49-5-415
HORTON,MARY E.               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-121
HOTCHKISS, THERON            NEWFIELD                      NY-49-16-34
HOUCK, ELIZABETH             TYRONE                        NY-49-11-181
HOUCK, JOSEPH                TYRONE                        NY-49-12-277
HOUSEL, MARK                 HECTOR                        NY-49-4-85
HOVENCAMP, MARY S.           HECTOR                        NY-49-5-67
HOVEY, ERASTUS S.            HECTOR                        NY-49-4-199
HOWARD, A. ADALINE           READING                       NY-49-14-529
HOWARD, HENRY S.             READING                       NY-49-12-163
HOWARD, LUCRETIA             SEE: DUDLEY, LUCRETIA         NY-49-8-507
HOWARD, MARY JANE            READING                       NY-49-11-121
HOWE, AARON L.               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-491
HOWE, GEORGE W.              WATKINS                       NY-49-2-63
HOWE, MARTHA K.              HECTOR                        NY-49-12-439
HOWELL, HANNAH B.            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-589
HOYT, ANNA                   CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-20
HOYT, CHARLES B.             DIX                           NY-49-3-107
HOYT, FRANCIS A.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-130
HOYT, MOSES                  CAYUTA                        NY-49-12-181
HUBBELL, EDMUND W.           HECTOR                        NY-49-4-31
HUBBELL, SULLIVAN D.         HECTOR                        NY-49-16-72
HUBBELL, WALTON              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-175
HUEY, DANIEL                 DIX                           NY-49-10-7
HUEY, DANIEL                 TYRONE                        NY-49-7-283
HUEY, JAMES                  ORANGE                        NY-49-11-103
HUEY, JOHN                   TYRONE                        NY-49-8-289
HUEY, JOSEPH D.              TYRONE                        NY-49-11-25
HUEY, WILLIAM                TYRONE                        NY-49-5-271
HUGHEY, LUCINDA              ORANGE                        NY-49-14-427
HUGHEY, ROBERT S.            ORANGE                        NY-49-15-133
HURD, ABRAM B.               ORANGE                        NY-49-8-25
HURD, JANNETTE               DIX                           NY-49-13-7
HURD, MARTHA                 ORANGE                        NY-49-8-37
HURD, MILO                   WATKINS                       NY-49-2-155
HURD, ORLANDO                DIX                           NY-49-13-403
HURD, SALLY                  WATKINS                       NY-49-2-44
HURD, WILLIAM A.             HECTOR                        NY-49-15-247
HURLEY, THOMAS J.            ORANGE                        NY-49-17-274
HUSTON, SAMUEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-3-149
HUTCHINSON, EMMA             ORANGE                        NY-49-14-91
HYLAND, JAMES                HECTOR                        NY-49-11-571
INGALLS, EBENEZER            DIX                           NY-49-10-139
INGHAM, FRED W.              DIX                           NY-49-12-469
IVES, ANNETTA                MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-13
JACKSON, GEORGE H.           DIX                           NY-49-11-523
JACKSON, JAMES M.            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-1
JACKSON, JOSIAH M.           TYRONE                        NY-49-4-175
JACKSON, MARY D.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-60
JACKSON, MARY E.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-9-517
JACKSON, WILLIAM             HECTOR                        NY-49-10-271
JACKSON, WILLIAM T.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-55
JAQUISH, JOHNSON M.          HECTOR                        NY-49-14-85
JAQUISH, MATTHIAS J.         HECTOR                        NY-49-8-1
JAYNE, LOUISA                HECTOR                        NY-49-15-163
JEFFERS, CHLOE H.            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-337
JEFFERS, CORNELIUS           HECTOR                        NY-49-9-223
JESSOP, DANIEL               NTL                           NY-49-17-223
JESSOP, JOSEPH               TYRONE                        NY-49-8-301
JESSOP, LUCY                 TYRONE                        NY-49-10-361
JEWELL, HANNAH               TYRONE                        NY-49-14-475
JIMERSON, ISAAC              ORANGE                        NY-49-2-141
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN            HECTOR                        NY-49-2-67
JOHNSON, BUCKLEY             READING                       NY-49-17-165
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE           HECTOR                        NY-49-1-40
JOHNSON, DERRICK             HECTOR                        NY-49-10-193
JOHNSON, POLLY               ORANGE                        NY-49-9-235
JOHNSON, SALLY               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-266
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             CATLIN                        NY-49-17-10
JONES, CHARITY               HECTOR                        NY-49-4-313
JONES, DAVID                 HECTOR                        NY-49-5-283
JONES, JAMES                 ORANGE                        NY-49-2-143
JONES, MASON                 VETERAN                       NY-49-17-81
JORDAN, JESSE                WAYNE                         NY-49-17-257
JORDAN, WILLIAM              TYRONE                        NY-49-17-214
KEEFER, AARON                ORANGE                        NY-49-13-553
KEEFER, HENRY                ORANGE                        NY-49-3-199
KEELER, ESTHER J.            READING                       NY-49-5-259
KEELER, EZRA                 READING                       NY-49-17-151
KEEP, MARTIN M.              HECTOR                        NY-49-13-109
KELLEY, JOHN                 DIX                           NY-49-9-367
KELLOGG, GEORGE E.           DIX                           NY-49-11-319
KELLY, GEORGE W.             TYRONE                        NY-49-14-367
KELS, GEORGE                 ORANGE                        NY-49-17-231
KENDALL, ABEL                TYRONE                        NY-49-17-163
KENNEDY, ABRAM               HECTOR                        NY-49-1-97
KENNEDY, MARIA               CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-493
KETCHUM, JULIA M.            TYRONE                        NY-49-9-211
KIBBEY, BETSEY               ORANGE                        NY-49-4-115
KILBORN, ORANGE              HECTOR                        NY-49-3-154
KIMBLE, HANNAH               HECTOR                        NY-49-11-541
KIMBLE, HENRY                MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-265
KING, JAMES R.               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-313
KING, SARAH                  HECTOR                        NY-49-8-331
KINGSLEY, JANE               HECTOR                        NY-49-7-295
KINNON, ABIGAL               HECTOR                        NY-49-4-157
KIRK, PHILIP                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-61
KIRKENDALL, RICHARD A.       HECTOR                        NY-49-2-389
KNAPP, RUTH                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-48
KNIGHT, JOHN                 DIX                           NY-49-10-589
KNOWLTON, SUSAN              ORANGE                        NY-49-12-433
KNOX, FLOYD J.               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-17
KNOX, LEVI                   TYRONE                        NY-49-3-77
KNOX, NELSON E.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-127
KRESS, RACHEL                DIX                           NY-49-13-379
LABAR, EPHRIAM BLOOM         CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-307
LACY, DAVID                  HECTOR                        NY-49-10-511
LAFEVER, MINARD              DIX                           NY-49-5-163
LAMB, AMOS                   WAYNE                         NY-49-17-170
LAMBERT, JOHN                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-141
LAMBERT, LEVI                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-92
LAMOREAUX, SAMUEL            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-49
LANG, JOHN                   READING                       NY-49-14-391
LANG, NANCY                  TYRONE                        NY-49-3-31
LARRISON, JAMES M.           HECTOR                        NY-49-2-392
LaTOURRETTE, ABRAHAM         HECTOR                        NY-49-4-277
LATTIN, CHARLOTTE C.         DIX                           NY-49-15-367
LAURENCE, SAMUEL             CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-6
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH          CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-57
LAWRENCE, JOHN I.            HAVANA                        NY-49-2-256
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM T.         CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-240
LEE, DAVID                   READING                       NY-49-17-230
LEE, EMORY                   DIX                           NY-49-9-127
LEE, HECTOR L.               READING                       NY-49-2-272
LEMBECK, HENRY F.            DIX                           NY-49-13-283
LEONARD, ABRAHAM             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-36
LEONARD, JOHN                HECTOR                        NY-49-4-211
LEONARD, RICHARD J.          HECTOR                        NY-49-14-487
LEWIS, CATHARINE             CAYUTA                        NY-49-2-496
LEWIS, MARY C.               READING                       NY-49-15-385
LEWIS, PETER                 CAYUTA                        NY-49-10-127
LEWIS, ROBERT                HECTOR                        NY-49-4-97
LEWIS, THOMPSON              CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-249
LINDERMAN, CORNELIUS         CAYUTA                        NY-49-5-391
LITTS, JAMES T.              READING                       NY-49-2-479
LOCKERBY, JOHN               CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-128
LOCKERBY, SAMUEL             CAYUTA                        NY-49-1-53
LOCKWOOD, CLARISSA           TYRONE                        NY-49-9-7
LOCKWOOD, FANNY M.           DIX                           NY-49-13-55
LOCKWOOD, JONATHAN           NTL                           NY-49-5-134
LOCKWOOD, SEYMOUR            NTL                           NY-49-17-236
LOE, SAMUEL                  READING                       NY-49-7-271
LOOMIS, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-31
LOREE, SALLY                 WAYNE                         NY-49-17-185
LOTT, SAMUEL                 READING                       NY-49-14-403
LOUNSBURY, HECTOR            CAYUTA                        NY-49-13-583
LOUNSBURY, THOMAS            CAYUTA                        NY-49-13-61
LOVE, ABEL                   MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-259
LOVE, ANN                    ORANGE                        NY-49-3-100
LOVE, MATILDA                READING                       NY-49-9-241
LOVE, ROEBRT                 ORANGE                        NY-49-9-199
LOVE, WILILAM N.             DIX                           NY-49-12-235
LOVELL, MARGERRY             CAYUTA                        NY-49-13-235
LOVELL, PETER B.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-475
LYNCH, DENNIS                MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-535
LYON, IRVILLIA               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-61
LYON, JAMES W.               DIX                           NY-49-14-265
LYON, JESSE                  CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-41
LYON, LUCY                   MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-481
LYON, ZALMON W.              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-13

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