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ABBOT, ELIJAH                          VARICK                                  NY-50-B-284
ABBOTT, CATHARINE                      VARICK                                  NY-50-N-349
ABBOTT, JESSE                          VARICK                                  NY-50-F-565
ABBOTT, LORANA                         VARICK                                  NY-50-P-5
ABBOTT, MERCY                          VARICK                                  NY-50-J-321
ABEEL, WILHELMUS                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-341
ABER, AARON                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-413
ABLIGER, ELIZABETH B.                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-109
ACKER, SOLOMON                         VARICK                                  NY-50-S-633
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-115
ADAMS, PHEBE                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-441
ADDISON, JAMES W.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-193
ADDISON, SAMUEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-97
ADEE, DANIEL W.                        OVID                                    NY-50-D-590
AIKENS, NANCY B.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-215
AIKINS, MARIA                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-177
ALDRICH, STEPHEN                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-232
ALLBRIGHT, JOHN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-501
ALLEMAN, CONRAD J.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-349
ALLEMAN, J. MONROE                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-317
ALLEMAN, JACOB                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-328
ALLEMAN, JONATHAN J.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-69
ALLEMAN, JOSEPH D.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-372
ALLEMAN, NANCY ANN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-401
ALLEN, FAYETTE                         COVERT                                  NY-50-N-305
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-501
ALMY, IRA                              COVERT                                  NY-50-P-77
ALMY, JAMES G.                         COVERT                                  NY-50-U2-97
ALMY, SAMUEL                           OVID                                    NY-50-B-38
ALMY, SAMUEL                           OVID                                    NY-50-A2-327
AMEIGH, EGBERT                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-5
AMEIGH, FRANCIS W.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-293
ANDERSON, JOHN S.                      LODI                                    NY-50-J-349
ANDERSON, JOHN S.                      LODI                                    NY-50-I-175
ANDERSON, PATRICK                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-327
ANDERSON, PATRICK                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-57
ANDERSON, PETER                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-121
ANDERSON, SOPHIA S.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-465
ANDESON, JOHN                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-213
ANDREWS, CAROLINE                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-589
ANDREWS, MARGARET                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-513
ANSBARGER, JOHN                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-309
ARCHER, ANN ELIZA                      COVERT                                  NY-50-F-289
ARCHER, CHARLOTTE                      COVERT                                  NY-50-I-55
ARCHER, EUNICE D.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-R-581
ARCHER, MARGARET A.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-I-605
ARCHER, MARY S.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-J-161
ARCHER, NATHANIEL                      COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-190
ARMITAGE, JAMES M.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-57
ARMSTRONG, JULIA A.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-421
ARNOLD, LEWIS                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-147
ARNOLD, THOMAS H.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-184
ASHMON, WILLIAM                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T2-96
AUBLE, MATTHIAS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-236
AUMOCK, JOHN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-115
AUTEN, HANNAH                          OVID                                    NY-50-S-557
AVERY, NOAH                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-475
AVERY, WILLIAM                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-465
AYERS, ZEBULON                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-18
AYRES, EZEKIEL                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-238
AYRES, NATHANIEL                       VARICK                                  NY-50-E-145
BABCOCK, ADELIA                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-61
BABCOCK, AHIRAM D.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-97
BABCOCK, JOHN                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-509
BABCOCK, LEONARD L.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-325
BABCOCK, MARIETTA                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-348
BABCOCK, SIMON P.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-29
BABE, ANN                              WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-13
BACHMAN, ABRAM                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-111
BACHMAN, ANN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-493
BACKUS, ANN                            SENECA                                  NY-50-T-163
BACON, WILLIAM F.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-333
BADGLEY, TIMOTHY                       COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-593
BAGSWORTH, WILLIAM                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-152
BAINBRIDGE, ERASTUS                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-21
BAINBRIDGE, JOHN                       COVERT                                  NY-50-S-165
BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-271
BAIRD, THOMAS B.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-571
BAKER, ACHSAH D.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-257
BAKER, CAROLINE F.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-509
BAKER, HIRAM                           OVID                                    NY-50-N-89
BAKER, JOHN S.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-429
BAKER, LORENZO                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-16
BAKER, LUCY A.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-537
BAKER, LUCY A.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-585
BALDRIDGE, ALEXANDER                   ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-250
BALDRIDGE, ALEXANDER                   ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-451
BALDRIDGE, HERVEY                      VARICK                                  NY-50-T-367
BALDRIDGE, JOHN                        VARICK                                  NY-50-E-67
BALDRIDGE, MICHAEL                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-439
BALDRIDGE, SARAH E.                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-500
BALDRIDGE, WILLIAM W.                  VARICK                                  NY-50-I-1
BALDWIN, ALPHEUS A.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-465
BALDWIN, ELIZA                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-541
BALDWIN, ISABELLA                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-505
BALEY, SAMUEL                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-513
BALL, NATHANIEL                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-154
BALLIOT, NANCY A.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-60
BALSLEY, CATHERINE                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-415
BALSLEY, WILLIAM                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-272
BARBEAU, C. NELSON                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-88
BARBER, JAY                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-55
BARCLAY, THOMAS C.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-369
BARICK, JOHN                           VARICK                                  NY-50-D-442
BARLETT, HAYNES                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-175
BARNUM, CALEB                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-H-399
BARNUM, NOAH                           OVID                                    NY-50-E-91
BARNUM, ROSALINE                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-N-165
BARR, GENNETT                          VARICK                                  NY-50-B-171
BARRETT, JOHN M.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U2-305
BARRETT, SARAH M.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-205
BARRETT, WARREN                        TYRE                                    NY-50-N-225
BARRY, HARRIET H.                      OVID                                    NY-50-L-423
BARRY, JOSEPH B.                       OVID                                    NY-50-F-133
BARRY, MARY                            OVID                                    NY-50-P-89
BARRY, SAMUEL L.                       OVID                                    NY-50-N-161
BARTEL, BARBARA                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-169
BARTER, ALPHIA H.                      OVID                                    NY-50-P-433
BARTLETT, EBENEZER S.                  ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-540
BARTOW, DANIEL                         VARICK                                  NY-50-L-109
BASCOM, ANSEL                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-397
BASLER, ROBERT                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-308
BASSETT, BENNETT E.                    COVERT                                  4-509
BASSETT, LEMUEL                        COVERT                                  NY-50-K-337
BASSETTE, JARED B.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-S-405
BASSETTE, MATILDA W.                   COVERT                                  NY-50-O-361
BASSLER, BENJAMIN                      COVERT                                  NY-50-J-45
BASTER, EDWARD E.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-505
BATEMAN, ISAAC                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-166
BATEMAN, JONATHAN                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-59
BATSFORD, EDWIN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-249
BATSFORD, ELIZABETH W.                 WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-137
BAYLEY, JAMES                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-220
BEACH, DAVID                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-H-441
BEACH, EMILY E.                        BRIDGEPORT, FAIRFIELD, CT               NY-50-L-433
BEACH, EZEKIEL                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-20
BEACH, EZEKIEL                         BARRINGTON, YATES, NY                   NY-50-E-19
BEACH, GABRIEL                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-15
BEACH, JENNIE E.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-476
BEACH, THOMPSON                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-105
BEADLE, ASA E.                         TYRE                                    NY-50-V-157
BEADLE, JONATHAN                       TYRE                                    NY-50-D-422
BEADLE, RHODA A.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-V-427
BEAL, ISRAEL                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-336
BEAR, ELIZABETH                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-21
BEAR, JOHN                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-95
BEAR, SAMUEL                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-153
BEAR, SARAH                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-107
BEARD, BENJAMIN                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-297
BEARY, CATHARINE                       VARICK                                  NY-50-F-481
BECKER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-565
BECKER, NORMAN H.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-288
BEEBE, JOSEPH L.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-165
BEEBE, MARY T.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-5
BEEDLES, PHEBE A.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-252
BEH, JOSEPH                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-253
BELLES, MARY                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-527
BELLES, URIEL                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-H-1
BELLIS, ISAAC                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-655
BELLOWS, MALISSA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-537
BELLOWS, MATTHIAS B.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-270
BELLOWS, THOMAS                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-282
BEMISS, PHEBE                          OVID                                    NY-50-B-318
BEN SON, HERMAN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-505
BENCH, ELAM                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-105
BENEDICT, ANDREW A.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-333
BENEDICT, MARIA                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-47
BENEDICT, MARY S.                      OVID                                    NY-50-Q-69
BENHAM, MARTHA C.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-517
BENNETT, ANN L.                        VARICK                                  NY-50-E-252
BENNETT, JAMES                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-343
BENNETT, LUCINDA                       COVERT                                  NY-50-V-445
BENNETT, MARTIN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-A3-43
BENNETT, PETER                         LODI                                    NY-50-T-155
BENNETT, RICHARD                       TYRE                                    NY-50-B-287
BENNINGHOFF, FRANK                     STAMFORD, FAIRFIELD, CT                 NY-50-T2-294
BENSON, LOUISE                         TYRE                                    NY-50-V-37
BENSON, MARIA                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-610
BERG, ANN CATHERINE                    VARICK                                  NY-50-U2-297
BERRYMAN, THOMAS                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-245
BEST, DORA L.                          OVID                                    NY-50-R-453
BEST, JACOB                            TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-581
BIGGS, MICHAEL                         COVERT                                  NY-50-F-523
BIRD, MORRIS                           VARICK                                  NY-50-N-69
BIRDSEY, ABEL                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-I-49
BISHOP, GEORGE                         LODI                                    NY-50-B-94
BISHOP, JAMES K.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-K-301
BISHOP, JOHN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-267
BISHOP, LUTHER                         TYRE                                    NY-50-G-121
BLAIN, JAMES                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-209
BLAIN, JERRY                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-K-129
BLAIN, JOHN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-623
BLAIN, SARAH                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-J-373
BLAINE, CATHERINE H.                   OVID                                    NY-50-T-255
BLAINE, JANE                           VARICK                                  NY-50-O-475
BLAINE, W. FRANK                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U2-193
BLAKE, HULDAH                          OVID                                    NY-50-I-145
BLAKE, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-385
BLAKENEY, DANIEL                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-136
BLAKENEY, MARTHA                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-225
BLAKNEY, SALLY                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T2-1
BLASSER, CHRISTIAN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-175
BLAUVELT, DEBORAH A.                   COVERT                                  NY-50-U-224
BLAUVELT, HIRAM B.                     LODI                                    NY-50-S-177
BLAUVELT, JOHN J.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-R-37
BLAUVELT, JOHN                         COVERT                                  NY-50-B-139
BLODGETT, HENRY C.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-495
BLOOMER, ABRAHAM                       OVID                                    NY-50-A3-320
BLOOMER, ELIJAH K.                     OVID                                    NY-50-K-329
BLOOMER, JOHN L.                       OVID                                    NY-50-T-355
BLOSSER, JACOB                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-31
BLOSSOM, JOSEPH                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-E-366
BLUE, ISAAC                            OVID                                    NY-50-A3-248
BOAK, FRANCIS                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-U-360
BOAK, JOHN S.                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-U2-65
BOARDMAN, THADDEUS                     HECTOR                                  NY-50-A-208
BOCKOVEN, GEORGE W.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-428
BODELL, SUSAN JANE                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-4
BODINE, ANN                            OVID                                    NY-50-Q-469
BODINE, CORNELIUS                      OVID                                    NY-50-Q-45
BODINE, GEORGE D. W.                   LODI                                    NY-50-M-521
BODINE, GERTRUDE BROKAW                OVID                                    NY-50-R-61
BODINE, ISAAC                          OVID                                    NY-50-Q-273
BODINE, JOB                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-473
BODINE, PETER V. N.                    LODI                                    NY-50-V-151
BODINE, PHYLINDA D.                    OVID                                    NY-50-N-341
BODINE, THADDEUS                       OVID                                    NY-50-M-273
BOGARDUS, ALVAH                        VARICK                                  NY-50-U-364
BOGART, ELIZA A.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U-268
BOGART, JOHN                           LODI                                    NY-50-A3-439
BOICE, PHEBE S.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-V-505
BOLANDER, HENRY                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-132
BOLEY, ABNER                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-131
BOLTER, ALFRED                         OVID                                    NY-50-M-529
BONARD, JOHN                           VARICK                                  NY-50-V-169
BONNEL, WILLIAM                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-273
BONNELL, NATHANIEL                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-386
BONNER, ELIZABETH                      OVID                                    NY-50-P-493
BONNER, GEORGE E.                      OVID                                    NY-50-P-333
BONNER, GRACE K.                       OVID                                    NY-50-S-477
BONNER, MARGARET                       OVID                                    NY-50-R-65
BONNER, SAMUEL                         OVID                                    NY-50-J-5
BOORAM, JACOB                          OVID                                    NY-50-A-287
BOOROM, LOUISA                         COVERT                                  NY-50-R-429
BOOROM, SARAH L.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-P-477
BOOTH, ANNA H.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-576
BOOTH, DANIEL M.                       HECTOR                                  NY-50-A2-144
BOOTH, WILLIAM                         LODI                                    NY-50-A3-425
BOOTH, WILLIAM                         LODI                                    NY-50-J-369
BOSS, ANDREW                           LODI                                    NY-50-A3-516
BOSS, MARY                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-473
BOSTWICK, MARY ANN                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-365
BOWDISH, GIDEON                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-A3-42
BOWERS, WILLIAM MAXON                  LODI                                    NY-50-C-521
BOYD, JAMES                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-171
BOYER, LETITIA                         LODI                                    NY-50-G-181
BOYLE, JAMES                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-101
BOYLE, JANE                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-151
BRADEN, LEWIS                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-603
BRADEN, WILLIAM                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-245
BRADLEY, ELBERT A.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-544
BRADLEY, OLIVER                        COVERT                                  NY-50-E-186
BRADSHAW, JAMES                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-339
BRADY, OWEN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-313
BRAGINGTON, JOSEPH                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-278
BRAINARD, HARRIET                      TYRE                                    NY-50-K-469
BRAMBLE, DANIEL                        LODI                                    NY-50-F-571
 BRAMBLE, ENOS P.                      LODI                                    NY-50-C-315
BRAMBLE, MOSES                         LODI                                    NY-50-A3-195
BRAMBLE, RILEY                         LODI                                    NY-50-U2-145
BRANCH, SARAH L.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-20
BRANCKMYRE, CHRISTIAN F.               SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-402
BRANDALL, THERESA                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-453
BRASINGTON, SAMUEL                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-7
BREWER, HERMAN E.                      OVID                                    NY-50-S-117
BREWER, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-S-473
BREWER, JOSEPH H.                      OVID                                    NY-50-T-559
BRICE, RICHARD                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-529
BRICKLEY, HENRY                        FRIEND, SALINE, NE                      NY-50-T2-286
BRICKLEY, JACOB                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-49
BRIGNALL, RHODA                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-529
BRINCKERHOFF, ISAAC J.                 COVERT                                  NY-50-B-298
BRINK, HENRY J.                        TYRE                                    NY-50-B-121
BRINK, JOHN                            TYRE                                    NY-50-D-89
BRINKERHOFF, LUKE J.                   WOLCOTT                                 NY-50-A2-184
BRISTOL, ADALINE P.                    VARICK                                  NY-50-J-217
BROADHEAD, MARGARET S.                 WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-340
BROKAW, CATHARINE                      COVERT                                  NY-50-S-349
BROKAW, CATHARINE                      LODI                                    NY-50-N-369
BROKAW, DAVID                          OVID                                    NY-50-B-410
BROKAW, HELEN G.                       NEW BRUNSWICK                           NY-50-S-49
BROKAW, ISAAC A.                       OVID                                    NY-50-E-438
BROKAW, ISAAC J.                       OVID                                    NY-50-E-139
BROKAW, JOHN C.                        OVID                                    NY-50-S-625
BROKAW, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-E-384
BROKAW, MARIA                          OVID                                    NY-50-L-31
BROKAW, NANCY                          OVID                                    NY-50-E-520
BROKAW, PETER V.                       OVID                                    NY-50-N-405
BROKAW, RUGEN                          OVID                                    NY-50-M-39
BROKAW, SARAH                          LODI                                    NY-50-M-545
BROOKS, DAVID                          OVID                                    NY-50-A2-276
BROOKS, ELLIS                          OVID                                    NY-50-Q-121
BROOKS, JAMES                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-265
BROOKS, JAMES                          OVID                                    NY-50-F-553
BROWN, AARON                           COVERT                                  NY-50-N-129
BROWN, AARON                           VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-409
BROWN, CHARLOTTE A.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-204
BROWN, DEBORAH                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-149
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       VARICK                                  NY-50-J-337
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       LODI                                    NY-50-P-441
BROWN, ISRAEL                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-123
BROWN, JACOB                           VARRICK                                 NY-50-A3-120
BROWN, JACOB                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-427
BROWN, JANE                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-333
BROWN, JOHN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-636
BROWN, JOHN R.                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-217
BROWN, JOHN                            COVERT                                  NY-50-H-505
BROWN, LEWIS                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-27
BROWN, MARY                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-N-77
BROWN, MICHAEL                         VARICK                                  NY-50-C-1
BROWN, MICHAEL                         VARICK                                  NY-50-B-428
BROWN, WILLIAM W.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-I-211
BROWNELL, FRANCIS                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-N-65
BRUSH, JOHN F.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-79
BRUTON, JAMES                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-97
BRYANT, ANDREW                         OVID                                    NY-50-J-353
BRYANT, BENJAMIN                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-298
BRYANT, ELIZABETH                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-290
BRYANT, EVELINE                        OVID                                    NY-50-I-593
BRYANT, HARRIET                        VARICK                                  NY-50-N-177
BRYANT, HIRAM C.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-45
BRYANT, JOHN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-284
BRYANT, MOSES                          OVID                                    NY-50-T2-36
BRYANT, NATHANIEL                      VARICK                                  NY-50-F-559
BUCHMAN, ELIZABETH                     VARICK                                  NY-50-O-385
BUCK, AMOS                             JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-108
BUCK, HIRAM                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-420
BUCK, JUSTUS                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-17
BUCK, WILLIAM                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-397
BUCKLEY, DANIEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-362
BUCKLEY, MARIA BROWNELL                JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-401
BUCKNAR, JOHN T.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-429
BUCKNER, WILLIAM H.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-65
BUDD, JERUSHA                          TYRE                                    NY-50-M-165
BUDD, JOHN                             LODI                                    NY-50-N-353
BUDD, NANCY                            LODI                                    NY-50-P-37
BUDDY, JAMES                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-523
BUICE, JOHN                            VARICK                                  NY-50-B-1
BULL, EDWIN W.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-243
BULL, MARY S.                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-201
BUMPUS, HARRY                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-595
BURK, WILLIAM H.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-512
BURKE, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-599
BURKE, MICHAEL                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-537
BURLEW, JAMES                          OVID                                    NY-50-N-101
BURLEW, SOPHIA                         OVID                                    NY-50-P-21
BURNETT, ARCHIBALD                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-559
BURNETT, SPIDDY                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-517
BURNS, JOHN                            TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-189
BURR, ELIA JANE                        TYRE                                    NY-50-J-201
BURR, LOUISA                           LODI                                    NY-50-M-197
BURR, SAMUEL C.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-265
BURROUGHS, AARON                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-404
BURROUGHS, CATHARINE                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-397
BURROUGHS, ELIZABETH C.                ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-447
BURROUGHS, EPHRAIM                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-509
BURROUGHS, JACOB                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-25
BURROUGHS, JONATHAN                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-128
BURROUGHS, MARVIN                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-353
BURT, EMILY E.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-619
BURT, HIRAM                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-417
BURTCH, LAURENCE D.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-496
BURTLESS, CATHARINE                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-275
BURTLESS, JAMES                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-583
BURTLESS, PERMELIA M.                  FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-169
BUSH, LODOWICK                         VARICK                                  NY-50-B-79
BUT, ANDREW E.                         COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-93
BUTLER, SARAH                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-114
BUYS, JOHN                             SEE: BUICE, JOHN                        NY-50-B-1
BYRNE, PATRICK                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-153

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