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ABBEY, REUBEN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-474
ABEL, HANNAH                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-379
ABEL, ICHABOD                ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-162
ACKLEY, CORNELIA             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-406
ACKLEY, FRANCES L.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-550
ACKLEY, MARY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-X-122
ADAMS, ALFRED S.             ITHACA                        NY-55-N-349
ADAMS, ALMA T.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-554
ADAMS, MARTHA A.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-14
ADAMS, SUSAN                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-98
ADEE, JONATHAN               HECTOR                        NY-55-B-245
AIKEN, EUNICE A.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-20
AINSWORTH, SORANUS C.        DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-314
AKIN, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-R-32
AKINS, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-A-91
ALBRIGHT, AARON              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-450
ALBRIGHT, ELISHA             DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-45
ALBRIGHT, JAMES B.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-540
ALBRIGHT, MARY A.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-106
ALBRIGHT, MARY J.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-440
ALDRICH, BENJAMIN K.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-13
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE         LANSING                       NY-55-D-349
ALEXANDER, GEORGE            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-414
ALEXANDER, HANNAH            LANSING                       NY-55-A-242
ALEXANDER, JAMES             LANSING                       NY-55-H-345
ALEXANDER, JOHN              LANSING                       NY-55-A-247
ALLARD, JONATHAN S.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-18
ALLEN, BETSEY                ITHACA                        NY-55-O-225
ALLEN, DIANA                 LANSING                       NY-55-G-76
ALLEN, HENRY                 GROTON                        NY-55-S-374
ALLEN, HULDAH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-362
ALLEN, JANE                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-598
ALLEN, JOHN                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-502
ALLEN, MARGARET              LANSING                       NY-55-U-88
ALLEN, WESTERN               LANSING                       NY-55-B-318
ALLEN, WIAT                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-54
ALLEN, WILLIAM               GROTON                        NY-55-J-105
ALLEN, WILLIAM A.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-74
ALLIN, MARY                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-439
ALMY, MARY                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-290
ALSTON, JOHN                 GROTON                        NY-55-I-9
AMES, BISHOP                 GROTON                        NY-55-N-273
ANDERSON, BENONI B.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-154
ANDERSON, CLARA M.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-418
ANDERSON, JAMES H.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-L-13
ANDERSON, WILLIAM M.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-56
ANDREW, EDWARD               ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-285
ANDREW, MARTHA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-134
ANDREWS, ICHABOD             ITHACA                        NY-55-J-77
ANDREWS, MARGARET            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-234
ANDRUS, MARY G.              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-228
ANDRUS, SIMON                CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-142
ANDRUS, WILLIAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-J-394
ANGLE, WILLIAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-H-322
ANTHONY, MARGARET            LANSING                       NY-55-B-45
ANTHONY, NETTIE              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-256
APGAR, JACOB                 GROTON                        NY-55-D-74
APPLEBY, MINERVA J.          GROTON                        NY-55-O-77
APPLEGATE, JOHN              NTL                           NY-55-A-216
ASHBY, HARRIOTT              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-522
ASHBY, MARIAH                CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-610
ASHBY, SILVANUS              GROTON                        NY-55-V-382
ASHLEY, CLEMENT H.           GROTON                        NY-55-Y-150
ASHLEY, PERCIVAL             CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-405
ASHLEY, SIMEON               CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-182
ATWATER, DAVID               ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-309
ATWATER, ELIJAH              ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-83
ATWATER, H. OLIVE            ITHACA                        NY-55-L-187
ATWATER, JENNY               HECTOR                        NY-55-F-227
ATWATER, JULIA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-121
ATWATER, LUCY D.             ITHACA                        NY-55-J-169
ATWATER, SALLIE              ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-157
ATWATER, SARAH ANN           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-562
ATWATER, WILLIAM             ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-245
ATWILL, MARY                 DANBY                         NY-55-L-157
ATWOOD, ABNER                GROTON                        NY-55-H-214
ATWOOD, FRANK R.             GROTON                        NY-55-Z-202
ATWOOD, THOMAS               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-325
AUBB, JACOB                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-273
AUBLE, JONATHAN              ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-498
AUBLE, PHEBE A.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-54
AURINGER, CHARLOTTE          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-132
AUSTIN, ELIZA                GROTON                        NY-55-V-224
AUSTIN, WISNER D.            LANSING                       NY-55-P-106
AVERY, AMOS                  GROTON                        NY-55-Z-226
AYERS, BRIDGET               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-174
AYERS, DANIEL B.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-367
AYERS, LOUISE J.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-626
AYERS, PHEBE ANN             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-78
BABCOCK, EBER                ITHACA                        NY-55-H-276
BACHELER, ESTUS P.           LANSING                       NY-55-I-73
BACKUS, JAY S.               GROTON                        NY-55-P-138
BACKUS, JOB                  GROTON                        NY-55-H-118
BACON, ANNA                  LANSING                       NY-55-H-171
BACON, DANIEL                LANSING                       NY-55-A-3
BACON, DANIEL L.             LANSING                       NY-55-W-458
BACON, HORACE                HECTOR                        NY-55-A-250
BACON, JOEL                  LANSING                       NY-55-L-481
BACON, MATILDA               LANSING                       NY-55-I-305
BACON, PIERPOINT             LANSING                       NY-55-B-94
BADCOCK, SEPTIMUS            ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-158
BAGLEY, ALMIRA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-161
BAGLEY, E. CHASE             ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-550
BAGLEY, JAMES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-1
BAHAM, ELIZABETH             LANSING                       NY-55-I-477
BAILEY, GEORGE W.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-490
BAILEY, JAMES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-1
BAILEY, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-584
BAILEY, JAMES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-412
BAILEY, SARAH A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-48
BAIRD, MARY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-L-7
BAKER, A. MERRITT            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-250
BAKER, CHARITY               GROTON                        NY-55-Y-82
BAKER, DANIEL                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-86
BAKER, DANIEL                LANSING                       NY-55-I-213
BAKER, DAVID J.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-172
BAKER, HYATT                 LANSING                       NY-55-O-433
BAKER, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-D-120
BAKER, JANE M.               LANSING                       NY-55-N-457
BAKER, JARED G.              GROTON                        NY-55-U-372
BAKER, JEREMIAH M.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-218
BAKER, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-B-262
BAKER, JUDAH                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-71
BAKER, MARY L.               LANSING                       NY-55-U-224
BAKER, PALMER                LANSING                       NY-55-D-225
BAKER, WILLIAM S.            LANSING                       NY-55-V-588
BAKER, WILSON                DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-286
BALDWIN, BURTON              DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-253
BALDWIN, JAMES               DANBY                         NY-55-U-556
BALDWIN, MARY P.             GROTON                        NY-55-M-105
BALL, AARON                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-273
BALLARD, SARAH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-178
BANCROFT, CHARLES P.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-209
BANFIELD, EDWARD             DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-217
BANFIELD, ISAAC              DANBY                         NY-55-V-548
BANFIELD, JOEL               GROTON                        NY-55-P-66
BANFIELD, JOSEPH H.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-314
BANFIELD, LAURA T.           DANBY                         NY-55-U-30
BANGS, JULILLY               GROTON                        NY-55-M-73
BANKER, JACOB                HECTOR                        NY-55-C-268
BARBER, HANNAH               LANSING                       NY-55-T-342
BARDWELL, KATIE R.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-262
BARKER, AMY                  DANBY                         NY-55-T-586
BARKER, OLIVER               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-217
BARNARD, FREDRICK            ITHACA                        NY-55-P-294
BARNES, HEROTA P.            ITHACA                        NY-55-S-122
BARNES, SUSANNAH             ITHACA                        NY-55-N-377
BARNEY, ARZA S.              GROTON                        NY-55-U-364
BARNEY, POLLY                GROTON                        NY-55-U-490
BARNUM, ETHEL                NTL                           NY-55-A-114
BARNUM, JOSHUA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-534
BARNUM, RALPH W.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-22
BARR, DAVID T.               LANSING                       NY-55-X-10
BARROWS, AMASA               GROTON                        NY-55-Q-566
BARRY, BENJAMIN F.           GROTON                        NY-55-T-202
BARRY, SOPHIA B.             GROTON                        NY-55-U-94
BARTHOLOMEW, CALEB           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-374
BARTO, HENRY D.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-62
BARTON, DANIEL               DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-461
BASSET, NELSON               GROTON                        NY-55-E-26
BASSETT, HULDAH              ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-389
BASTO, DANIEL                ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-113
BASTO, ELLA S.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-205
BASTO, HENRY D.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-457
BATES, ABRAM                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-334
BATES, ALFRED                ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-182
BATES, DANIEL                ITHACA                        NY-55-G-302
BATES, JACOB                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-578
BATES, RUFUS                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-126
BATES, SAMUEL B.             ITHACA                        NY-55-H-149
BATES, SARAH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-I-185
BATES, SYLVESTER H.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-377
BATTY, THOMAS                ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-394
BAUCUS, ANN ELIZA            DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-22
BAUCUS, MERRITT              DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-297
BEACH, AMOS B.               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-78
BEACH, DAVID                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-176
BEACH, ELIZABETH             GROTON                        NY-55-Q-198
BEADLE, ASA                  ITHACA                        NY-55-W-158
BEAM, JOHN                   DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-59
BEARDSLEE, LYDIA             LANSING                       NY-55-F-231
BEARDSLEY, BEACH             LANSING                       NY-55-U-174
BEARDSLEY, ICHABOD           LANSING                       NY-55-F-294
BEARDSLEY, JOHN              LANSING                       NY-55-Q-546
BEARDSLEY, LEWIS             DANBY                         NY-55-D-15
BEARDSLEY, ROSWELL           LANSING                       NY-55-Z-142
BEARDSLY, MATILDA            DANBY                         NY-55-P-186
BEARMAN, WILLIAM             FAIRFIELD                     NY-55-E-412
BECKMAN, JOHN W.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-254
BECKWITH, GEORGE             DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-417
BECKWITH, JOHN               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-26
BEDELL, ABIJAH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-295
BEEBE, JEDEDIAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-D-43
BEERS, ANDREW                DANBY                         NY-55-N-297
BEERS, CAROLINE              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-117
BEERS, CYRUS                 ITHACA                        NY-55-F-424
BEERS, ELECTA                DANBY                         NY-55-Q-238
BEERS, GEORGE D.             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-274
BEERS, ISAAC                 ITHACA                        NY-55-N-257
BEERS, ISAAC M.              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-361
BEERS, JOHN E.               DANBY                         NY-55-Y-454
BEERS, JOHN R.               ITHACA                        NY-55-G-143
BEERS, LEWIS                 DANBY                         NY-55-H-257
BEERS, LEWIS                 DANBY                         NY-55-F-326
BEERS, LUCY                  GROTON                        NY-55-D-279
BEERS, LUCY ANN              ITHACA                        NY-55-E-44
BEERS, LUCY C.               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-262
BEERS, MARY C.               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-430
BEERS, RUTH                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-124
BEERS, STEPHEN               DANBY                         NY-55-E-357
BEERS, WILLIAM               DANBY                         NY-55-D-79
BELCHER, CLARENCE E.         LANSING                       NY-55-V-178
BELKNAP, DAVID               DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-34
BELL, JAMES                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-353
BELL, JOHN                   DANBY                         NY-55-V-96
BELLINGTON, SARAH D.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-158
BELLIS, CLARA L.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-546
BENEDICT, ANNE M.            GROTON                        NY-55-X-250
BENEDICT, JOSEPH             HECTOR                        NY-55-D-217
BENHAM, JOHN B.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-493
BENHAM, ROSA D.              GROTON                        NY-55-Z-54
BENJAMIN, GEORGE V.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-534
BENJAMIN, JOSEPH             ITHACA                        NY-55-G-220
BENJAMIN, MARY               GROTON                        NY-55-N-157
BENNE, SARAH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-M-269
BENNET, PHINEAS              ITHACA                        NY-55-A-126
BENNETT, AARON               DANBY                         NY-55-H-174
BENNETT, ALICE R.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-118
BENNETT, ANGELINE            LANSING                       NY-55-L-559
BENNETT, JAMES D.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-154
BENNETT, LUFANNA             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-32
BENNETT, MOSES               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-93
BENNETT, REUBEN              ITHACA                        NY-55-A-144
BENNETT, WILLIAM             HECTOR                        NY-55-G-365
BENSON, HOLBROOK             ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-102
BENSON, JANE                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-594
BENTLEY, HENRY C.            GROTON                        NY-55-G-188
BERDAN, ELBERT HOWARD        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-558
BERRY, MATTHEW               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-397
BERRY, THOMAS                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-447
BESEMER, JACOB D.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-164
BESEMER, JOHN J.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-306
BESEMER, JOSIAH              CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-248
BESSAC, CALISTA M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-370
BESSAC, JOAN F.              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-482
BESSAC, SUSAN B.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-568
BIERS, NANCY L.              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-26
BIGELOW, LYDIA               LANSING                       NY-55-K-492
BIGELOW, OLIVER              GENOA, CAYUGA, NY             NY-55-A-59
BIGGS, JOSEPH H.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-237
BILSON, JACOB                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-247
BINGHAM, ELIZABETH W.        ITHACA                        NY-55-W-442
BIRCHARD, STEPHEN            DANBY                         NY-55-J-497
BIRD, REBECCA                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-282
BISHOP, HIRAM W.             ITHACA                        NY-55-I-189
BISHOP, ISAAC                ITHACA                        NY-55-H-332
BISHOP, ISAAC                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-110
BISHOP, JOEL                 DANBY                         NY-55-P-514
BISHOP, LAMBERT              LANSING                       NY-55-L-193
BISHOP, LAURA                ITHACA                        NY-55-X-362
BISHOP, LEVI                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-202
BISHOP, LUCINDA              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-558
BISHOP, MYRON E.             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-162
BISHOP, THOMAS               LANSING                       NY-55-J-229
BLACK, DENNIS                ITHACA                        NY-55-T-218
BLACK, JOHN                  DANBY                         NY-55-V-148
BLACKMAN, LEVI               CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-335
BLAIR, GEORGE                CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-319
BLAKELY, HENRY               LANSING                       NY-55-V-212
BLAKELY, MARY                LANSING                       NY-55-Z-314
BLAKESLEE, HAVILLAH D.       NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-284
BLANCHARD, JAMES             ITHACA                        NY-55-B-250
BLATCHLEY, RACHEL            ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-110
BLAUVELT, JOHN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-542
BLAUVELT, PETER              DANBY                         NY-55-L-211
BLISS, ABIAL H.              GROTON                        NY-55-U-208
BLISS, ISAAC                 GROTON                        NY-55-N-461
BLISS, LUTHER                GROTON                        NY-55-J-349
BLISS, SHUBEAL               GROTON                        NY-55-I-481
BLIVEN, CHARLES M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-628
BLOOD, CHARLES F.            ITHACA                        NY-55-W-178
BLOODGOOD, ELIZABETH         ITHACA                        NY-55-J-469
BLOODGOOD, EVALINA           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-292
BLOOM, ABRAHAM               LANSING                       NY-55-D-1
BLOOM, CATHEIRNE             LANSING                       NY-55-O-165
BLOOM, CHARLES               DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-618
BLOOM, CHRISTINA             LANSING                       NY-55-R-128
BLOOM, CYRUS                 LANSING                       NY-55-J-65
BLOOM, HENRY                 LANSING                       NY-55-O-21
BLOOM, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-36
BLOOM, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-O-37
BLOOM, JSOEPH S.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-318
BLOOM, LYDIA A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-442
BLOOMER, ABRAHAM             ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-210
BLOOMER, ELIZABETH           ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-129
BLOOMER, HANNAH              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-214
BLUE, ABRAM Q.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-362
BLUE, JESSE                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-278
BLUE, WILSON S.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-520
BLYTHE, MARGARET             ITHACA                        NY-55-F-297
BOARDMAN, DOUGLASS           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-366
BOARDMAN, EMILY              ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-286
BOARDMAN, PHEBE              ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-40
BOARDMAN, TRUMAN             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-290
BODLE, JONATHAN              HECTOR                        NY-55-F-189
BODLE, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-55-C-329
BOGARDES, EPENETUS K.        ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-250
BOGARDES, JANE B.            LANSING                       NY-55-U-594
BOGARDUS, ANN                LANSING                       NY-55-J-69
BOGARDUS, CALVIN             CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-259
BOGART, AARON                DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-58
BOGART, MARETTE              DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-442
BOGART, SUSAN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-554
BOICE, CORNELIUS S.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-582
BOICE, EMORY                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-84
BOICE, JOHN A.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-N-133
BOICE, SARAH                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-478
BOICE, SARAH                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-117
BONDY, GABRIEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-122
BOOTH, ELIZA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-176
BOSTHWICK, JOSEPH            CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-42
BOSTWICH, IRENA              ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-377
BOSTWICK, ANDREW             ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-262
BOSTWICK, ORSON              ITHACA                        NY-55-L-37
BOSTWICK, STEPHEN H.         GROTON                        NY-55-P-322
BOTHWELL, DANA               GROTON                        NY-55-I-41
BOTHWELL, SAMUEL W.          GROTON                        NY-55-H-304
BOUTON, HIRAM                DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-561
BOUTON, MANLY A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-357
BOUTON, MARY A.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-396
BOWER, ALEXANDER             ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-305
BOWER, ALEXANDER             ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-272
BOWER, ALONZO                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-398
BOWER, AMOS                  LANSING                       NY-55-G-429
BOWER, ANDREW                ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-49
BOWER, ANN                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-120
BOWER, CHARLES M.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-122
BOWER, DAVID                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-E-177
BOWER, ELIZABETH             ITHACA                        NY-55-K-528
BOWER, EZRA                  LANSING                       NY-55-O-277
BOWER, GEORGE H.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-594
BOWER, HARRISON              LANSING                       NY-55-U-530
BOWER, HENRY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-134
BOWER, JOHN                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-189
BOWER, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-E-195
BOWER, JOHN 2ND              LANSING                       NY-55-I-413
BOWER, JOSEPH                LANSING                       NY-55-Q-390
BOWER, NELLIE L.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-378
BOWER, PETER                 GROTON                        NY-55-O-213
BOWER, PHILLIP               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-466
BOWER, PRUDENCE              LANSING                       NY-55-U-478
BOWER, SIMON                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-418
BOWER, THOMAS                ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-69
BOWKER, EMELINE              GROTON                        NY-55-T-626
BOWKER, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-G-435
BOWYER, BENJAMIN             ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-565
BOWYER, DANIEL               ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-162
BOWYER, SUSAN                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-458
BOYCE, JASPER M.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-218
BOYD, LAURA H.               DANBY                         NY-55-P-442
BOYD, WILLIAM G.             ITHACA                        NY-55-G-441
BOYER, AUGUSTIN              CAROLINE                      NY-55-F-481
BOYER, SAMUEL                LANSING                       NY-55-L-547
BOYNTON, ANN M.              GROTON                        NY-55-M-345
BOYNTON, ARI T.              GROTON                        NY-55-T-246
BOYNTON, EMELINE             GROTON                        NY-55-Y-278
BOYNTON, HENRY               GROTON                        NY-55-U-126
BOYNTON, JOHN                GROTON                        NY-55-L-145
BOYNTON, JOHN H.             GROTON                        NY-55-V-402
BRADBURY, AARON              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-470
BRADLEY, HEMMINGWAY H.       ITHACA                        NY-55-M-233
BRADLEY, LEMI                GROTON                        NY-55-J-217
BRADLEY, LYMAN               COVERT, SENECA, NY            NY-55-G-9
BRADLEY, ORANDA              TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-Z-446
BRADLEY, WALTER              ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-41
BRADSHAW, BRIDGET            ITHACA                        NY-55-R-12
BRADSHAW, SETH               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-89
BRAGAW, ABRAM S.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-164
BRAMAN, ANSON                ITHACA                        NY-55-L-73
BRAMHALL, WILLIAM W.         ITHACA                        NY-55-I-105
BRANCH, JENNIE A.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-386
BREAKEY, ELIZA               ITHACA                        NY-55-U-260
BRESEE, THOMAS R.            GROTON                        NY-55-V-594
BREWER, EDGAR                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-322
BREWER, HENRY                ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-118
BREWER, MARY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-532
BREWER, PHILIP C.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-481
BREWER, SARAH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-422
BRIGGS, DIANNA GOODYEAR      DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-22
BRIGGS, EBENEZER             DANBY                         NY-55-C-367
BRIGGS, ISAAC                DANBY                         NY-55-T-274
BRIGGS, ISAAC S.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-230
BRIGGS, JAMES                DANBY                         NY-55-P-486
BRIGGS, JOHNATHAN            DIVISION                      NY-55-A-16
BRIGGS, LUCY H.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-78
BRIND, EDWARD                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-30
BRINK, THOMAS R.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-410
BRINKERHOFF, WILLIAM D.      ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-168
BRISTOL, HANNAH E.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-268
BRISTOL, STEPHEN B.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-420
BROCK, ALFRED                DANBY                         NY-55-X-170
BROCK, NATHANIEL             LANSING                       NY-55-P-54
BROCK, THOMAS                DANBY                         NY-55-L-523
BROCKWAY, EBENEZER H.        HECTOR                        NY-55-E-282
BRODHEAD, ABIGAIL            CAORLINE                      NY-55-Y-470
BRONSON, EPHRAIM             GROTON                        NY-55-C-44
BROOME, ELIZABETH            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-363
BROWER, SAMUEL               LANSING                       NY-55-H-107
BROWN, AARON                 LANSING                       NY-55-F-453
BROWN, ABRAHAM               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-57
BROWN, ADONIRUM              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-502
BROWN, ALFRED P.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-14
BROWN, ALVAH                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-258
BROWN, BENONI                GROTON                        NY-55-V-192
BROWN, CHARLES               GROTON                        NY-55-S-398
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER           LANSING                       NY-55-F-387
BROWN, DANIEL                DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-38
BROWN, DANIEL J.             HECTOR                        NY-55-F-260
BROWN, EBENEZER E.           LANSING                       NY-55-X-302
BROWN, ELIAS                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-262
BROWN, ELIZA J.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-218
BROWN, EMMA B.               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-566
BROWN, GEORGE                GROTON                        NY-55-Z-66
BROWN, GEORGE                ITHACA                        NY-55-M-1
BROWN, HOLDEN T.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-110
BROWN, ICHABOD               GROTON                        NY-55-D-126
BROWN, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-394
BROWN, JAMES M.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-398
BROWN, JOHN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-5
BROWN, JOHN E.               ITHACA                        NY-55-W-342
BROWN, JOHN R.               GROTON                        NY-55-M-317
BROWN, JULIUS                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-42
BROWN, LOUISA                LANSING                       NY-55-P-214
BROWN, MARION A.             GROTON                        NY-55-I-45
BROWN, MOSES                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-29
BROWN, REUBEN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-133
BROWN, RHODA JANE            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-10
BROWN, S. AUGUSTA            ITHACA                        NY-55-R-178
BROWN, SAMUEL                ITHACA                        NY-55-N-201
BROWN, SAMUEL R.             LANSING                       NY-55-C-47
BROWN, SILENUS               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-470
BROWN, STANDISH              GROTON                        NY-55-N-261
BROWN, STEPHEN T.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-542
BROWN, TITUS                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-474
BROWN, W. SCOTT              GROTON                        NY-55-Y-238
BROWN, WALTER                LANSING                       NY-55-A-122
BROWN, ZEPHANIAH             NTL                           NY-55-B-141
BROWNELL, WARNER             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-102
BRUCE, JOHN                  DANBY                         NY-55-L-151
BRUCE, WILLIAM               ENFIELD                       NY-55-K-333
BRUNDAGE, ELISHA             ITHACA                        NY-55-C-37
BRUSH, KING G.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-434
BRUYN, ABIGAIL C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-464
BRUYN, ANDREW D. W.          ITHACA                        NY-55-C-314
BRYAN, CALISTA S.            DANBY                         NY-55-Q-142
BRYANT, MARY J.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-330
BRYANT, SOLOMON              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-322
BUCH, ASAHEL                 LANSING                       NY-55-K-364
BUCH, ASAHEL                 LANSING                       NY-55-K-1
BUCK, AMOS                   ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-296
BUCK, HIRAM                  LANSING                       NY-55-L-499
BUCK, JANE A.                LANSING                       NY-55-X-282
BUCK, JEROME                 LANSING                       NY-55-J-425
BUCK, SAMUEL B.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-398
BUCKLEY, REUBEN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-25
BUCKLIN, ELIAS K.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-398
BUCKLIN, SOPHRONIA E.        ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-358
BUDD, CHARLES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-516
BUDD, GEORGE W.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-570
BUDD, GILBERT                ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-356
BUDD, REBECCA                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-338
BULL, JAMES C.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-457
BULL, MOSES                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-506
BUNDY, ALFRED H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-616
BUNDY, MARY E.               ITHAC                         NY-55-W-338
BUNDY, SUSAN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-526
BUNNELL, JOANN               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-62
BUNNELL, JOSEPH              LANSING                       NY-55-D-318
BURCH, JOHN JR.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-282
BURCH, LUMAN T.              GROTON                        NY-55-M-229
BURCH, MARGERY               ITHACA                        NY-55-P-534
BURCH, WILLIAM D.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-366
BURD, MARY E.                ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-350
BURDICK, ALMA A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-M-169
BURDICK, GILBERT V.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-630
BURGER, WILLIAM N.           LANSING                       NY-55-R-231
BURGES, RICHARD              LANSING                       NY-55-A-153
BURK, MARCELLUS C.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-110
BURLEW, DAVID                ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-313
BURLEW, JOHN M.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-314
BURLEW, SAMANTHA             HECTOR, SCHUYLER, NY          NY-55-U-218
BURLEW, SAMUEL               ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-17
BURLEW, WILLIAM              ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-181
BURLINGAME, ALANSON          DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-530
BURLINGAME, DEWITT           DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-170
BURLINGAME, MARY A.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-182
BURLUE, FREDERICK            ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-74
BURNETT, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-12
BURNEY, HARRIET A.           GROTON                        NY-55-W-354
BURNS, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-V-472
BURRITT, ABEL                ITHACA                        NY-55-T-86
BUSH, ANNIS E.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-254
BUSH, CALVIN                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-401
BUSH, CHARLES A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-226
BUSH, DEBORAH                LANSING                       NY-55-O-621
BUSH, ELIZABETH B.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-518
BUSH, ISAAC                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-576
BUSH, JAMES S.               CONCORD, MIDDLESEX, MA        NY-55-U-102
BUSH, JANE                   DELAVAN, WALWORTH, WI         NY-55-D-357
BUSH, MARITTA J.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-358
BUSH, MARY                   NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-109
BUSH, RACHEL                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-170
BUSH, SIMEON T.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-393
BUSH, WILLIAM H.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-212
BUSKIRK, AARON               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-230
BUSKIRK, PETER               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-R-46
BUTLER, SARAH                ITHACA                        NY-55-O-53
BUTTS, MICHAEL               DRYDEN                        NY-55-K-512
BUTTS, PHILA A.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-8
BUZZARD, SALLY ANN           LANSING                       NY-55-C-31
BYINGTON, JEMIMA             ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-19
BYRUM, CALISTA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-466
BYSHER, ANN M.               LANSING                       NY-55-U-420
CADY, CORNELIA A.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-536
CADY, ELIAS W.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-274
CAINE, HARRIET A.            LANSING                       NY-55-S-310
CALDWELL, JACOB              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-590
CALDWELL, NATHANIEL          ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-115
CALDWELL, SUSAN C.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-72
CALKINS, FRED O.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-298
CAMP, ANNA S.                ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-274
CAMP, HERMON                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-421
CAMP, JACOB D.               GENOA, CAYUGA, NY             NY-55-A-30
CAMP, JOSEPH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-O-249
CAMPBELL, ALONZO             GROTON                        NY-55-W-130
CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN           LANSING                       NY-55-V-566
CAMPBELL, MARGARET           LANSING                       NY-55-V-104
CANNIFF, REUBEN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-F-41
CANNON, JHN D.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-66
CANTINE, CHARLES             NTL                           NY-55-C-150
CANTINE, CHRISTINA M. C.     ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-394
CANTINE, JOHN J. C.          CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-55-H-263
CARMAN, CALEB                HECTOR                        NY-55-C-70
CARMAN, CHARLES              HECTOR                        NY-55-F-202
CARMAN, CHARLES L.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-417
CARMAN, EMMOR                ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-624
CARMAN, RICHARD              ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-314
CARMAN, SARAH                ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-79
CARMER, IRA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-174
CARMER, ISAAC                DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-259
CARPENTER, CATHARINE T.      ITHACA                        NY-55-V-244
CARPENTER, DANIEL            GROTON                        NY-55-S-278
CARPENTER, FANNY             GROTON                        NY-55-I-441
CARPENTER, JOHN              HECTOR                        NY-55-G-173
CARPENTER, JOHN P.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-326
CARPENTER, JOSEPH            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-228
CARPENTER, KATE J.           GROTON                        NY-55-T-574
CARPENTER, NORMAN            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-176
CARPENTER, OLSON T.          ITHACA                        NY-55-P-262
CARPENTER, SARAH JANE        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-R-212
CARPENTER, SYLVANUS P.       GROTON                        NY-55-G-203
CARPENTER, WILLIAM           ITHACA                        NY-55-S-158
CARR, JOHN                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-153
CARR, SARAH J.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-146
CARTER, HENRY                LANSING                       NY-55-F-464
CARTER, JULIANA              LANSING                       NY-55-G-417
CASADAY, ABNER               DANBY                         NY-55-G-192
CASADAY, ELLEN A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-J-145
CASAR, JACOB                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-369
CASE, DEBORAH                ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-134
CASEY, MAURICE               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-90
CASEY, PATRICK               ITHACA                        NY-55-U-382
CASHMAN, JEREMIAH            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-166
CASSADY, AMANDA              DANBY                         NY-55-G-198
CASSIDY, PATRICK             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-478
CASTERLINE, JOSEPH           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-66
CASTLE, REBECCA A.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-578
CAVANAUGH, DANIEL T.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-613
CHADWICK, MARILLA            GROTON                        NY-55-O-309
CHAMBERS, GARRY              GROTON                        NY-55-V-470
CHAMPLIN, ADDIE              GROTON                        NY-55-Z-486
CHAMPLIN, MARILLA            GROTON                        NY-55-I-125
CHAMPLIN, WILLIAM            GROTON                        NY-55-D-33
CHAPLIN, ADONIRAM J.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-502
CHAPLIN, ADONIRAM J.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-572
CHAPMAN, LEVI                TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-R-4
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM E.          DANBY                         NY-55-Z-430
CHASE, BENJAMIN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-51
CHASE, EMILY                 GROTON                        NY-55-X-426
CHASE, EZRA                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-381
CHASE, LUCIUS                GROTON                        NY-55-V-232
CHATFIELD, DAVID A.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-384
CHERRY, THEODORE             ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-53
CHILDS, HARRIET              GROTON                        NY-55-Y-498
CHILDS, WILLIAM              GROTON                        NY-55-J-429
CHRISTIANCE, CORNELIUS       ITHACA                        NY-55-N-357
CHURCH, AUSTIN               ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY         NY-55-C-104
CHURCH, ELIZABETH P.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-518
CHURCH, LEWIS                ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-406
CHURCH, ORRIS                DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-270
CLAPP, ASAHEL                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-598
CLAPP, SARAH W.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-14
CLARK, ALONZO H.             LANSING                       NY-55-V-556
CLARK, CHARLES               GROTON                        NY-55-H-394
CLARK, CHARLES W.            GROTON                        NY-55-S-350
CLARK, CYRUS                 LANSING                       NY-55-F-439
CLARK, HARRIET E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-570
CLARK, HEZEKIAH              DANBY, TIOGA, NY              NY-55-A-169
CLARK, HILAND K.             GROTON                        NY-55-S-210
CLARK, ISABELLA J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-462
CLARK, JAMES V.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-361
CLARK, JOSIAH                GROTON                        NY-55-U-78
CLARK, LUTHER M.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-560
CLARK, ORRIN                 GROTON                        NY-55-J-487
CLARK, ORRIN T.              NTL                           NY-55-X-70
CLARK, R. AYLESWORTH         GROTON                        NY-55-Q-254
CLARK, SAMUEL E.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-256
CLARK, URI                   DANBY                         NY-55-J-473
CLARK, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-55-G-349
CLARK, WILLIAM               DANBY                         NY-55-M-445
CLARK, WILLIAM S.            GROTON                        NY-55-X-238
CLARK, WILLIAM W.            LANSING                       NY-55-X-38
CLEARY, DANIEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-458
CLEARY, MARY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-W-586
CLEMENT, ALLEN F.            GROTON                        NY-55-I-317
CLEMENT, DARIUS              DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-464
CLEMENT, DARIUS J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-322
CLEMENT, JUDE W.             GROTON                        NY-55-Q-558
CLOCK, ABRAHAM               DANBY                         NY-55-H-289
CLOUGH, SUSAN M.             GROTON                        NY-55-V-480
CLOYES, CLARA B.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-158
COCHRANE, ROBERT             ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-442
CODDINGTON, ABBIE A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-T-630
CODDINGTON, DAVID            NTL                           NY-55-B-10
CODDINGTON, JOHN             HECTOR                        NY-55-E-255
CODDINGTON, JOSEPH           ITHACA                        NY-55-D-95
CODDINGTON, MERIBA           DANBY                         NY-55-E-150
CODDINGTON, STEPHEN          ITHACA                        NY-55-T-490
COLBORNE, HANFORD            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-430
COLBORNE, SUSAN H.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-498
COLE, ALVIN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-446
COLE, DAVID                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-137
COLE, LENORA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-34
COLEGROVE, DAVID             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-86
COLEGROVE, HANNAH            GROTON                        NY-55-G-274
COLEGROVE, JENNIE S.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-374
COLEGROVE, SILAS             ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-242
COLEGROVE, THEODOSIA         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-401
COLEGROVE, WILLIAM           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-185
COLEMAN, CALVIN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-305
COLEMAN, NATHANIEL           LANSING                       NY-55-E-206
COLLINS, AMANDA M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-494
COLLINS, CARRIE J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-366
COLLINS, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-X-206
COLLINS, PHILONZO W.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-461
COLLINS, WILLARD             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-190
COLLINS, WILLIAM B.          LANSING                       NY-55-H-152
COMFORT, JOSHUA              ITHACA                        NY-55-C-55
COMPTON, ABIGAIL             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-202
CONGDON, LYMAN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-454
CONGER, FRANK                GROTON                        NY-55-Y-526
CONKLIN, ALFRED H.           GROTON                        NY-55-J-241
CONKLIN, BETSEY              LANSING                       NY-55-H-23
CONKLIN, CHARLOTTE M.        ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-584
CONKLIN, ELMIRA F.           GROTON                        NY-55-U-52
CONKLIN, JOHN                LANSING                       NY-55-B-14
CONKLIN, SAMUEL              LANSING                       NY-55-E-345
CONLEY, ELIZABETH            GROTN                         NY-55-V-6
CONLEY, JOHN B.              GROTON                        NY-55-X-422
CONRAD, ANSON                ITHACA                        NY-55-G-170
CONRAD, HENRY                ITHACA                        NY-55-P-570
CONRAD, PETER                LANSING                       NY-55-B-30
CONRAD, VINCENT              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-342
CONVERSE, SARAH M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-242
COOK, BURNETT                ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-133
COOK, CATHARINE T.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-538
COOK, FRED S.                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-208
COOK, JAMES                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-109
COOK, NATHAN                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-77
COOK, SAMUEL                 GROTON                        NY-55-A-188
COOL, JOHANNES J.            DANBY                         NY-55-J-357
COON, LEVI                   ITHACA                        NY-55-H-311
COONS, MICHAEL               CAROLINE                      NY-55-F-353
COOPER, FESTUS               DANBY                         NY-55-Z-178
COOPER, JANE                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-182
COOPER, JEREMIAH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-246
COOPER, JOEL                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-419
COOPER, LYDIA                ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-472
COOPER, MARY                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-288
COOPER, SAMUEL H.            GROTON                        NY-55-Y-514
COOPER, THANKFUL             GROTON                        NY-55-V-298
COREY, EMILY B.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-432
COREY, ISABELLA              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-114
CORNELIUS, DAVID             DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-366
CORNELL, MARGARET            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-310
CORNELL, MARY A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-374
CORNISH, MARY E.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-126
CORNWALL, JOHN               ITHACA                        NY-55-I-337
CORRINGTON, BETSEY           DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-226
CORRINGTON, CHARITY V.       DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-406
CORSON, CAROLINE R.          ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-282
CORWIN, BARNABAS             LANSING                       NY-55-A-230
CORWIN, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-S-54
CORWIN, JOHN C.              ITHACA                        NY-55-F-317
CORYELL, CHARLES             ITHACA                        NY-55-M-293
CORYELL, MARY LINN           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-558
CORYELL, WILLIAM             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-238
COUGHMAN, JONATHAN           DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-258
COULEY, JOSIAH H.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-82
COUNSELL, MARY               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-86
COUNSELL, WILLIAM            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-219
COVELL, ELIPHALET            ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-357
COVERT, LUCY A.              GROTON                        NY-55-Z-590
COVERT, NELLIE M.            GROTON                        NY-55-Y-574
COWAN, DEBORAH ANN           ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-85
COWDRY, ADAM S.              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-18
COWDRY, CHAUNCEY             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-352
COWDRY, EMELINE              ITHACA                        NY-55-H-407
COWEN, LEWIS                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-406
COWEN, WILLIAM               ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-289
COX, LOUISA J.               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-82
COY, JOHN H.                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-54
COY, SYLVANUS M.             DANBY                         NY-55-P-50
CRADIT, BENJAMIN             ITHACA                        NY-55-A2-1
CRADIT, BENJAMIN             ITHACA                        NY-55-A-109
CRAIN, CYRUS                 GROTON                        NY-55-J-341
CRAIN, HENRY M.              GROTON                        NY-55-N-301
CRANCE, MARCUS               DANBY                         NY-55-U-538
CRANDAL, ALBERT M.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-E-260
CRANDALL, PETER B.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-542
CRANE, GEORGE                CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-136
CRANE, JOANNA                ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-382
CRANE, MARY ELIZBATEH        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-238
CRATSLEY, DAVID W.           ITHACA                        NY-55-H-142
CRAWFORD, ABSALOM            CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-295
CRAWFORD, ALPHEUS            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-130
CRAWFORD, DANIEL             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-73
CRAWFORD, MARY               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-310
CREAMER, ISAAC               DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-612
CREGAR, JAMES F.             DANBY                         NY-55-X-74
CREMER, MARY F.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-78
CRISPELL, PETER P.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-30
CRISPELL, SARAH M.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-374
CRISSEY, DAVID               HECTOR                        NY-55-F-420
CRITTENDEN, DANIEL M.        GROTON                        NY-55-M-437
CRITTENDEN, ELIZABETH J.     DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-30
CRITTENDEN, MARY E.          GROTON                        NY-55-X-446
CRITTENDEN, NANCY            GROTON                        NY-55-L-253
CRITTENDEN, SAMUEL           ITHACA                        NY-55-I-145
CROCKER, DAVID               LANSING                       NY-55-T-522
CROCKER, DAVID               LANSING                       NY-55-G-371
CROCKER, HENRIETTA M.        LANSING                       NY-55-Y-502
CROCKER, MABEL A.            LANSING                       NY-55-U-128
CRONCE, JOHN                 DANBY                         NY-55-U-618
CRONCE, JOHN R.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-219
CROSIER, ANDREW              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-94
CROWLEY, TIMOTHY             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-294
CRUTTS, JACOB                DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-570
CRUTTS, WILLIAM              DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-322
CUFFMAN, DAVID P.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-425
CUFFMAN, OLIVER              TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-U-436
CULVER, ANN E.               ITHACA                        NY-55-R-100
CULVER, LEWIS H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-85
CUMMINGS, GINDON             GROTON                        NY-55-N-197
CUMMINGS, SARAH A.           GROTON                        NY-55-S-362
CURRAN, WALTER C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-552
CURRY, AMOS                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-473
CURRY, AMOS F.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-94
CURRY, AMOS F.               GROTON                        NY-55-X-146
CURRY, JAMES                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-128
CURRY, ROBERT                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-117
CURRY, WILLIAM               ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-414
CURTICE, DAVID               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-B-175
CURTIS, AARON                ITHACA                        NY-55-E-226
CURTIS, AMZA                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-309
CURTIS, ANNA K.              DANBY                         NY-55-V-326
CURTIS, ELBERT               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-237
CURTIS, JOSIAH               LANSING                       NY-55-Q-346
CURTIS, JOSIAH               LANSING                       NY-55-B-257
CURTISS, CORNELIA            ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-530
CUSHION, BRIDGET             ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-514

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