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AARON, DAVID                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-436
AARON, LOUIS                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-461
ABBEY, CAROLINE VAL                    ROUDOUT                                 NY-56-X-566
ABBEY, HENRY                           TBL                                     NY-56-7-676
ABBEY, STEPHEN                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-201
ABBOTT, ELLEN W.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-87
ABBY, JONATHAN                         MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-D-171
ABEEL, ALIDA C.                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-418
ABEEL, DAVID E.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-568
ABEEL, HARRIET H.                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-V-70
ABEEL, JENNIE                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-622
ABELL, HARRY H.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-243
ABRAHAM, JOHN                          NEWBURGH                                NY-56-A-119
ABRAMS, ANDREW J.                      NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-Z-629
ABRAMS, DAVID                          TBL                                     NY-56-5-245
ABRAMS, IRA                            TBL                                     NY-56-7-37
ABRAMS, ISAAC                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-O-254
ABRAMS, JUDITH                         NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-3-279
ABRAMS, TOWNSEND                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-292
ABRAMS, VAN RENSSELEAR                 TBL                                     NY-56-7-271
ACKERLY, ALFRED                        HARDENBURGH                             NY-56-2-241
ACKERLY, HENRY W.                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-274
ACKERLY, JOHN WESLEY                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-692
ACKERLY, MATILDA                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-605
ACKERLY, TOWNSEND                      TBL                                     NY-56-7-647
ACKERMAN, ALBERT                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-95
ACKERMAN, ALFRED S.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-431
ACKERMAN, DANIEL                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-R-150
ACKERMAN, DANIEL                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-Q-302
ACKERMAN, DANIEL B.                    TBL                                     NY-56-8-439
ACKERMAN, DAVID                        ESOPUS                                  NY-56-H-202
ACKERMAN, ELIZA R.                     ESOPUS                                  NY-56-#1-175
ACKERMAN, HANNAH                       PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-Y-233
ACKERT, CHARLES J.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-471
ACKERT, MARTIN M.                      OLIVE                                   NY-56-O-183
ACKMOEDY, CHRISTEYAN                   MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-F-25
ADAMS, ABEL                            MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-D-70
ADAMS, ABEL                            NEW MARLBOROUGH                         NY-56-A-245
ADAMS, CHARLES A.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-291
ADAMS, DANIEL J.                       OLIVE                                   NY-56-W-674
ADAMS, EMMA E.                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-587
ADAMS, EMMA E.                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-152
ADAMS, FRANCES W.                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-451
ADAMS, MARY                            SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Y-384
ADAMS, RUTH                            KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-85
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-L-119
ADAMS, SUSANNA                         NTL                                     NY-56-C-301
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-S-262
ADDIS, ISAAC H.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-421
ADDIS, JOHN                            ROCHESTER                               NY-56-N-146
ADDIS, JOSEPH                          ROCHESTER                               NY-56-X-10
ADDIS, ROBERT                          ROCHESTER                               NY-56-V-202
ADDIS, SUSAN M.                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-635
ADEE, ANNIE M.                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-644
ADEE, WILLIAM                          SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-I-301
ADELMAN, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-113
ADER, SARAH J.                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-113
ADKINS, PETER                          ESOPUS                                  NY-56-K-41
ADMAS, MARY E.                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-161
AGNEW, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-56-5-346
AHLERS, FREDERICK A.                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-77
AIRS, ELISHA                           NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-I-307
AIRS, PHILIP                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-L-137
AIRS, THOMAS                           NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-D-429
AKERLY, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-7
ALBERTSON, ELECTA L.                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-27
ALBRECHT, JOSEPH J.                    TBL                                     NY-56-8-557
ALBRECHT, SEBASTIAN                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-519
ALDRICH, DELILA                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-151
ALDRICH, PETER                         ROCHESTER                               NY-56-Z-393
ALEXANDER, JANE                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-521
ALLEGIR, GERTRUDE                      ROCHESTER                               NY-56-W-28
ALLEN, ALEXANDER                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-Q-497
ALLEN, JOHN                            MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-#1-452
ALLEN, JOHN                            MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-4-55
ALLEN, JOHN H.                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-3-518
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-M-325
ALLEN, WALTER                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-#1-698
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-M-209
ALLEN, WILLIAM L.                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-279
ALLIGER, JOHN A.                       FLY MOUNTAIN                            NY-56-Z-419
ALLIN, WILLIAM                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-P-432
ALNWICK, MARY JANE                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-545
ALSDORF, CORNELIA                      SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-I-329
ALSDORF, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NY-56-7-271
ALSDORF, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NY-56-9-175
ALSDORF, HUGH MCK.                     SHAWUNGUNK                              NY-56-O-140
ALSDORF, JOHANNES                      SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-E-64
ALSDORF, JOHANNIS                      SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-G-14
ALSDORF, MARY                          SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-M-480
ALSDORF, SIMON                         PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-N-127
AMBROSE, MICHAEL                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-254
AMERMAN, ELLEN                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-421
AMES, CHENEY                           ESOPUS                                  NY-56-P-164
AMES, JANE                             TBL                                     NY-56-6-211
AMES, OSCAR                            ESOPUS                                  NY-56-W-477
AMOYS, JOB J.                          WAWARSING                               NY-56-3-489
AMTHOR, JOHN C.                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-15
ANAKEN, SARAH H.                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-X-74
ANDERSON, A. ELTRINGE                  TBL                                     NY-56-8-503
ANDERSON, ABSALOM L.                   NTL, SANTA BARBARA, CA                  NY-56-3-630
ANDERSON, ANDREW J.                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-217
ANDERSON, CORDELIA                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-650
ANDERSON, DELIA                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-650
ANDERSON, FRANCES                      ROUDOUT                                 NY-56-3-377
ANDERSON, FRANCIS                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-H-143
ANDERSON, GEORGE H.                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-237
ANDERSON, JAMES                        ROCHESTER                               NY-56-I-145
ANDERSON, JANSEN HASBROUCK             KINGSTON                                NY-56-W-238
ANDERSON, JOHN P.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-546
ANDERSON, LANER A.                     TBL                                     NY-56-9-354
ANDERSON, LEWIS                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-E-107
ANDERSON, NATHAN                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-187
ANDERSON, RICHARD W.                   TBL                                     NY-56-7-298
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Z-170
ANDESON, JOHN                          MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-R-241
ANDREWS, HARRIET ELIZABETH             TBL                                     NY-56-8-309
ANDRUSS, EMELINE                       HARDENBURGH                             NY-56-S-484
ANGEINE, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-688
ANGEVENE, JOHN J.                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-224
ANGEVINE, DANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-647
ANSEN, 0 ARRIE                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-342
ANTHONY, REBECCA                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-335
ANTONIETTA, DOMENICO                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-330
APPEL, SOLOMON                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-566
ARCHER, ROBERT A.                      TBL                                     NY-56-7-166
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-457
ARNOLD, CRISTINA                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-W-671
ARNOYS, CORNELIUS A.                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-338
ARNOYS, JOAS J.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-299
ARTMAN, BENJAMIN                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-S-385
ARTMAN, JOHN                           SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-M-303
ASHBY, SASRA M.                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-214
ASHDOWN, MARY A. KIRBY                 TBL                                     NY-56-5-464
ASKAM, ELIZA M.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-86
ATCHISON, ELIZA                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-546
ATHERTON, CHARLES                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-4-615
ATKINS, AGNES G.                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-S-790
ATKINS, BENJAMIN B.                    NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-#1-380
ATKINS, CORNELIA                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-604
ATKINS, CORNELIA M.                    TBL                                     NY-56-9-378
ATKINS, FANNIE H.                      NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-Z-644
ATKINS, FREDERICK                      WAWARSING                               NY-56-R-178
ATKINS, HANNAH                         ESOPUS                                  NY-56-S-532
ATKINS, HENRY H.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-56
ATKINS, HIRAM                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-W-498
ATKINS, LEWIS                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-L-712
ATKINS, WILLIAM B.                     MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-S-225
ATKINS.JONAS F.                        NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-#1-339
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN D.                  MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Y-390
ATKINSON, CATHARINE                    KINGSTON                                NY-56-X-683
ATKINSON, JOHN                         ROUDOUT                                 NY-56-4-128
AUCHMOEDE, JACOBUS                     NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-F-98
AUCHMOEDY, DAVID                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-D-261
AUCHMOEDY, PETER                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-L-169
AUCHMOODY, ABRAHAM                     ROSENDALE                               NY-56-M-162
AUCHMOODY, ABRAHAM                     LLOYD                                   NY-56-P-200
AUCHMOODY, DAVID                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-L-387
AUCHMOODY, ELIZA M.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-448
AUCHMOODY, EMMA V.                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-187
AUCHMOODY, JOHN H.                     ESOPUS                                  NY-56-O-31
AUCHMOODY, JONATHAN                    ROSENDALE                               NY-56-W-667
AUCHMOODY, MATTHEW                     ESOPUS                                  NY-56-P-124
AUCHMOODY, PETER D.                    ESOPUS                                  NY-56-X-621
AUCHMOODY, PETER J.                    ESOPUS                                  NY-56-Y-1
AUCHMOODY, REBECCA                     TBL                                     NY-56-8-494
AUCHMOODY, SAMUEL L.                   ESOPUS                                  NY-56-2-46
AUCHMOODY, URIAH                       LLOYD                                   NY-56-#1-626
AURINGER, BARBARA                      ROSENDALE                               NY-56-#1-513
AURINGER, JOHN L.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-181
AUSTIN, ELIZABETH                      ROUDOUT                                 NY-56-W-223
AUSTIN, HANNAH                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Y-608
AUSTIN, SHERMAN                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-411
AYRES, DAVID                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-L-425
AYRES, THOMAS                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-2-111
AYRET, RHODA                           TBL                                     NY-56-9-313
BACHARASH, EVA                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-398
BACHMAN, MARGARET                      TBL                                     NY-56-7-230
BACKER, HENRY W.                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-P-692
BACKER, MARY M.                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-S-423
BACKER, PETER                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-610
BACKMAN, FRANK                         TBL                                     NY-56-5-545
BACKMAN, FRANK                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-418
BADNER, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-328
BADNER, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-56-5-376
BAEHR, CHRISTIAN                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-249
BAER, GEORGE                           TBL                                     NY-56-6-113
BAIER, LOUISE E.                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-378
BAILDON, PEACE                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-108
BAILEY, CECENCIA                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-419
BAILEY, EDWIN                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-558
BAILEY, ELISHA P.                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-#1-236
BAILEY, FRANCIS H.                     WHITEPORT                               NY-56-Z-85
BAILEY, HENRY                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-412
BAILEY, JOHN H.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-709
BAILEY, LOUISA                         MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-S-333
BAILEY, NATHANIEL                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-L-699
BAILEY, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-549
BAILEY, SARAH                          TBL                                     NY-56-5-651
BAILEY, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-381
BAKER, CALVIN                          TBL                                     NY-56-6-606
BAKER, ELSIE C.                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-159
BAKER, ISABELLA C.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-210
BAKER, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-56-6-111
BAKER, JAMES                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-D-439
BAKER, JOHN F.                         NTL                                     NY-56-V-321
BAKER, JOHN K.                         ROCHESTER                               NY-56-Y-304
BAKER, LEVI                            TBL                                     NY-56-5-87
BAKER, LEWIS                           OLIVE BRANCH                            NY-56-4-692
BAKER, MARIA                           TBL                                     NY-56-5-515
BAKER, MARTHA R.                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-483
BAKER, MARY J.                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-364
BAKER, SAMUEL B.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-231
BAKER, SIMON                           ROCHESTER                               NY-56-4-263
BAKER, SIMON D.                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-420
BALDWIN, BLANCHE                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-316
BALDWIN, FRANCIS D.                    NEW LEBANON, COLUMBIA, NY               NY-56-V-669
BALDWIN, RODNEY N.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-O-463
BALL, JOHN B.                          TBL                                     NY-56-5-74
BALL, MICHAEL                          PORT EWEN                               NY-56-3-272
BALL, THOMAS                           PORT EWEN                               NY-56-X-297
BALLARD, ELEANOR                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-191
BALLARD, GEORGE W.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-435
BALLARD, JANE                          ULSTER                                  NY-56-4-384
BALZER, FREDERICKA                     TBL                                     NY-56-8-410
BALZER, VALENTINE                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-49
BANCROFT, ELIZABETH T.                 ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-3-694
BANGE, FREDERICK                       WAWARSING                               NY-56-S-560
BANGE, MARY ANN V.                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-S-555
BANKS, JUSTUS                          NTL                                     NY-56-C-237
BANKS, SARAH E.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-53
BANNANN, PETER                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-178
BARBER, CHARLOTTE A.                   TBL                                     NY-56-6-648
BARBER, FRANCIS                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-S-51
BARBER, MILO                           SHANDAKEN                               NY-56-N-132
BARBER, PATRICK                        MONTGOMERY                              NY-56-A-254
BARBERRY, ESTHER                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-W-435
BARCLAY, CATHARINE                     SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-M-367
BARDIN, LEWIS                          OLIVE                                   NY-56-Y-46
BARENGER, PETER                        OLIVE                                   NY-56-O-193
BARKER, HENRY                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-308
BARKER, JANE                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-2-236
BARKLEY, JAMES                         MONTGOMERY                              NY-56-B-289
BARKLEY, JOHN                          MONTGOMERY                              NY-56-B-240
BARLEY, ALEXANDER                      ROCHESTER                               NY-56-3-461
BARLEY, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-101
BARLEY, JACOB                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-341
BARLEY, JACOB H.                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-X-313
BARLEY, JONATHAN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-56-H-299
BARLEY, LUCAS                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-U-594
BARLOW, THOMAS                         NAPANOCK                                NY-56-W-271
BARNARD, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-687
BARNES, ADELBERT F.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-296
BARNES, CATHARINE                      ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-V-333
BARNES, ELIZABETH G.                   TBL                                     NY-56-5-284
BARNES, GEORGE                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-X-360
BARNEY, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-638
BARNHART, CORNELIUS                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-194
BARNHART, ELIZABETH                    NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-3-9
BARNHART, ELNORA C.                    TBL                                     NY-56-9-343
BARNHART, IRA                          OTTUMWA, WAPELLO, IA                    NY-56-4-88
BARNHART, JEREMIAH                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-590
BARNHART, SARAH A.                     MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-Y-594
BARNS, MARIA E.                        HURLEY                                  NY-56-S-253
BARNUM, JONATHAN                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-199
BARR, GEORGE                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-110
BARRELL, THEODORE                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-L-578
BARRETT, ABSALOM                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-P-87
BARRETT, ABSALOM J.                    LLOYD                                   NY-56-O-326
BARRETT, JAMES H.                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-X-399
BARRETT, MARTHA H.                     MILTON                                  NY-56-P-789
BARRINGER, MARY                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-310
BARRINGER, PETER H.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-406
BARRINGER, PETER P.                    OLIVE                                   NY-56-#1-254
BARRINGER, RACHEL A.                   TBL                                     NY-56-6-593
BARRITT, THOMAS J.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-62
BARRY, JAMES                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-395
BARRY, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-56-9-34
BARRY, JOHN JR.                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-370
BARTH, AMBROSE                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-136
BARTH, CAROLINE                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-595
BARTH, MARTHA                          ESOPUS                                  NY-56-V-250
BARTH, MARY                            TBL                                     NY-56-9-217
BARTLETT, EDWARD C.                    KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-331
BARTLETT, OLIVE A.                     SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Q-296
BARTON, ISAAC ***                      PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-R-290
BARTON, NETTIE J.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-551
BARTON, RICHARD                        MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Z-179
BASSETT, AMBROSE                       TBL                                     NY-56-8-200
BASTEN, ELIZABETH                      ROSENDALE                               NY-56-Y-91
BASTEN, FREDERICK                      MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-R-281
BASTER, GEORGE                         MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-G-156
BASTIN, ALICIA                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-286
BATTELLE, CORNELIUS                    SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-X-183
BATTLE, ANTHONY                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-341
BATTLES, CORNELIUS                     QUARRYVILLE                             NY-56-4-290
BAUER, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-428
BAUER, JOHN PAUL                       OLIVE                                   NY-56-V-38
BAURCIS, CONAD                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-115
BAXTER, FRANK P.                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-401
BAXTER, FREDERICK                      PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-P-658
BAXTER, GIDEON                         ULSTER                                  NY-56-X-599
BAXTER, SARLES EDGAR                   TBL                                     NY-56-9-392
BAXTER, THADDEUS                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-P-645
BAXTER, THADDEUS                       PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-W-166
BEACH, MALINDA W.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-643
BEACH, MARY                            NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-X-62
BEADLE, ELIZA B.                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-690
BEAN, WILLIAM                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-S-425
BEAR, ANN MARIA                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-P-760
BEAR, GEORGE                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-241
BEATTIE, ROBERT H.                     NEW HURLEY                              NY-56-X-78
BEATTY, CHARLES                        MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-K-36
BEATTY, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-54
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-Q-224
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-123
BEATY, WILLIAM W.                      MILTON                                  NY-56-X-208
BEAUDET, LEO C.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-45
BEAVER, ASIEL G.                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-X-628
BEAVER, JOHN                           KLYNE ESOPUS                            NY-56-D-18
BEAVER, JOHN                           NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-K-19
BEAVER, PETER                          TBL                                     NY-56-6-271
BECK, MARGARET                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-151
BECKER, JACOB                          ULSTER                                  NY-56-Z-447
BECKER, MARTIN VAN BUREN               TBL                                     NY-56-8-247
BECKER, SIMON                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-136
BECKMAN, LUCY                          TBL                                     NY-56-6-756
BEDELL, ELIZABETH                      ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-#1-3
BEDFORD, ALEXANDER                     NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-W-600
BEDFORD, BERTHA D.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-603
BEDFORD, CHARLES A.                    TBL                                     NY-56-9-7
BEDFORD, SAAH                          NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-Z-438
BEEKLEY, WILLIAM                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-O-380
BEEKMAN, ALIDA                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-I-56
BEEKMAN, CORNELIUS                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-301
BEEKMAN, CORNELIUS JR.                 KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-79
BEEKMAN, JOHANNIS                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-B-298
BEEKMAN, NAOMI                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-K-202
BEEKMAN, NELLIE C.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-578
BEEKMAN, THOMAS                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-416
BEEKMAN, TJERCK                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-B-357
BEESMER, DANIEL                        OLIVE                                   NY-56-I-482
BEESMER, GEORGE W.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-372
BEHLKER, HERMAN                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-577
BELCHER, DIANA                         DELHI, DELAWARE, NY                     NY-56-2-549
BELKNAP, BENJAMIN                      NEW WINDSOR                             NY-56-A-322
BELKNAP, ISAAC                         NEW WINDSOR                             NY-56-A-29
BELL, ABRAM J.                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-713
BELL, ELTINGE F.                       ROCHESTER                               NY-56-O-592
BELL, HENRY H.                         MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Z-3
BELL, JAMES                            ESOPUS                                  NY-56-3-681
BELL, LEVI                             TBL                                     NY-56-7-324
BELL, MARTIN                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-78
BELL, MARY                             TBL                                     NY-56-9-377
BELL, MEEKER G.                        ROCHESTER                               NY-56-P-8
BELL, MELINDA M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-274
BELL, MINNIE H.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-407
BELL, SARAH J.                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-235
BELL, WILLIAM                          PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-I-46
BELL, WILLIAM E.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-38
BELLEW, ANDREW                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-P-390
BELLINGHOFF, ADAM                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-12
BENEDICT, MATTHEW                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-E-117
BENHAM, SARAH V. B.                    SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-3-108
BENJAMIN, KATE A. WHITE                TBL                                     NY-56-7-471
BENNET, JOSEPH                         MAMAKATING                              NY-56-D-208
BENNETT, AMELIA                        NTL                                     NY-56-Y-16
BENNETT, JOHN H.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-627
BENNETT, JONATHAN                      ROCHESTER                               NY-56-4-78
BENNETT, LOUISA T.                     NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-S-381
BENSEL, JACOB                          SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-P-137
BENSON, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-99
BERBERT, GEORGE J.                     TBL                                     NY-56-9-197
BEREAN, HANNAH E.                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Y-708
BEREAU, CATHERINE                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-7
BEREAU, DANIEL                         MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-S-698
BERGEN, ELIZA                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-447
BERHOVITS, IGNATS NATHAN               TBL                                     NY-56-9-277
BERNARD, DANIEL                        PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-L-708
BERNARD, JANE C.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-273
BERNARD, REUBEN                        PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-K-116
BERNARD, REUBEN                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-187
BERRES, SARAH M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-246
BERRIAN, JOHN M.                       NAPANOCK                                NY-56-W-98
BERRIAN, PERMELIA                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-75
BERRY, CHAUNCEY                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-#1-684
BERRY, HARRIET A.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-569
BERRY, LEAH M.                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-R-313
BERTSCHE, IDA                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-212
BERTSCHE, WILLIAM                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-T-674
BERYANN, SARAH JANE                    PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-W-276
BESEMER, PERMELIA                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-158
BESIMER, JOHANNIS                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-G-358
BESLEY, MARY                           NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-56-E-68
BEST, CLERMONT L.                      NEWPORT, NEWPORT, RI                    NY-56-4-402
BEST, FREDERICK                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-4-276
BEST, ROBERT E.                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-497
BETTS, CHARLES L.                      WAWARSING                               NY-56-2-162
BETTS, ISAAC                           TBL                                     NY-56-7-426
BETTS, MARTHA                          WAWARSING                               NY-56-X-29
BEUS, CHARLES                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-149
BEVIER, ABRAHAM D.                     GARDINER                                NY-56-V-99
BEVIER, ABRAHAM G.                     NTL                                     NY-56-O-246
BEVIER, ANDRIES                        ROCHESTER                               NY-56-C-221
BEVIER, ANN                            WAWARSING                               NY-56-M-186
BEVIER, BENJAMIN                       ROCHESTER                               NY-56-C-414
BEVIER, BENJAMIN R.                    WAWARSING                               NY-56-P-299
BEVIER, BENJAMIN R.                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-781
BEVIER, BENMAMIN                       WAWARSING                               NY-56-G-329
BEVIER, CATHARINE                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-517
BEVIER, CHARITY H.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-775
BEVIER, CONRAD                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-I-312
BEVIER, CORNELIA ****                  GARDIENR                                NY-56-T-1
BEVIER, DAVID                          MARLBETOWN                              NY-56-G-83
BEVIER, ESTHER                         MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-A-214
BEVIER, ESTHER H.                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-529
BEVIER, JEMIMA                         ROCHESTER                               NY-56-X-470
BEVIER, JOHANNIS                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-B-279
BEVIER, JOHANNIS JR.                   ROCHESTER                               NY-56-B-461
BEVIER, LEWIS                          ROCHESTER                               NY-56-D-367
BEVIER, LOUIS                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-G-9
BEVIER, MARGARET                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-D-133
BEVIER, MARIA                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-O-32
BEVIER, MARIA                          WAWARSING                               NY-56-X-420
BEVIER, MOSES                          WAWARSING                               NY-56-G-244
BEVIER, PHILIP DUBOIS                  ROCHESTER                               NY-56-C-326
BEYER, JOHN                            PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-X-117
BICE, JOHN                             OLIVE                                   NY-56-L-466
BICKERT, FREDERICK                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-263
BIGELOW, DAVID                         MALDEN                                  NY-56-4-159
BIGGINS, HUGH C.                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-X-245
BILL, CAROLINE R.                      WAWARSING                               NY-56-Z-307
BILLEW, DANIEL                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-L-29
BILLINGS, JOHN L.                      ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-#1-324
BINGHAM, DANIEL S.                     MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-S-727
BINGHAM, THOMAS D.                     MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-L-452
BIRCH, ELIZA                           TBL                                     NY-56-5-583
BIRCH, PULASKI                         NEWBURGH                                NY-56-X-111
BIRCHALL, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-97
BIRCHALL,ABBIE JANE                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-96
BIRDSAL, JAMES                         NEW MARLBOROUGH                         NY-56-C-48
BIRDSALL, ANN                          MARLBORO                                NY-56-V-169
BIRDSALL, ELI L.                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-S-173
BIRDSALL, GEORGE                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-P-202
BIRDSALL, JAMES                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-105
BIRDSALL, JAMES                        PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-O-566
BIRDSALL, SARAH A.                     LLOYD                                   NY-56-4-610
BIRKINS, WILLIAM HENRY                 TBL                                     NY-56-9-410
BISHOF, EPHRAIM M.                     TBL                                     NY-56-8-443
BISHOP, FRANCIS V.                     OLIVE                                   NY-56-S-432
BISHOP, JNE                            KINGSTON                                NY-56-V-219
BISHOP, JOHN WESLEY                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-446
BISHOP, MARY ELIZABETH                 OLIVE                                   NY-56-4-101
BLACK, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-337
BLACK, JANE                            NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-Q-203
BLACK, PETER C.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-677
BLACKMON, BROOKINS                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-O-104
BLANHAN, MARGARET S.                   TBL                                     NY-56-8-225
BLANSHAN, JOHANNIS                     (IN DUTCH)                              NY-56-A-26
BLANSHAW, GEORGE                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-638
BLAUVELT, ELIZABETH A.                 TBL                                     NY-56-6-249
BLEAKLEY, CATHERINE C.                 TBL                                     NY-56-7-698
BLEAKLEY, GEORGE                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-662
BLIME, MARGARET                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-492
BLISS, EUNICE D.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-172
BLISS, FRANCIS                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-416
BLOCK, HENRIETTA                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-250
BLODGETT, MARY A.                      SHANDAKEN                               NY-56-#1-267
BLOOM, GEORGE W.                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-2-286
BLOOM, ISAAC                           MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-X-324
BLOOM, ISAAC B.                        MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-L-89
BLOOM, JOSEPH M.                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-O-582
BLOOM, MARY LOUISE                     TBL                                     NY-56-8-160
BLOOMER, ANDERSON                      MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-D-214
BLOOMER, ANNA M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-621
BLOOMER, CORNELIUS D.                  TBL                                     NY-56-9-579
BLOOMER, IDA                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-236
BLOOMER, ISAAC                         MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-E-165
BLOOMER, JOHN                          142
BLOOMER, MARY                          MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-4-247
BLOOMER, THOMAS D.                     MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Y-317
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-268
BLUMENAUER, GEORGE                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-3-281
BLUMENAUER, MARY ELIZABETH             WAWARSING                               NY-56-Q-76
BLUMENAUER, PAUL                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-130
BNRADY, ANN                            TBL                                     NY-56-7-285
BOADLE, HANNAH M.                      NTL, CAMDEN, NJ                         NY-56-#1-389
BODINE, ISABELLA B.                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-7
BODINE, JOHN                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-E-279
BODINE, JOHN                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-H-420
BODINE, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-56-6-381
BODLEY, CHARLES                        ROSENDAL                                NY-56-Y-33
BODLEY, DANIEL                         ROSENDALE                               NY-56-#1-20
BODLEY, JOHN                           MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-G-231
BOGARDUS, CATHARINE L.                 TBL                                     NY-56-5-501
BOGARDUS, EVERT                        NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-Y-451
BOGARDUS, EVERT                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-290
BOGARDUS, HOBART                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Y-434
BOGARDUS, JOHN                         NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-K-9
BOGARDUS, JOHN C.                      ROSENDALE                               NY-56-Z-426
BOGART, ALVAH                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-337
BOGART, CORNELIUS                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-59
BOGART, CORNELIUS                      MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-O-169
BOGART, HENRY                          OLIVE                                   NY-56-W-490
BOGART, HENRY                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-E-276
BOGART, JOHN                           MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-M-219
BOGART, JOHN                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-43
BOGART, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-56-6-751
BOICE, ALONZO                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-587
BOICE, CALVIN G.                       OLIVE                                   NY-56-4-226
BOICE, HORACE                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-453
BOICE, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-56-8-565
BOICE, JOHN H.                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-O-257
BOICE, MARY C.                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-213
BOICE, MATTHEW C.                      OLIVE                                   NY-56-P-665
BOID, SARAH J.                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-601
BOIES, MATTHEW L.                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-3-55
BOLLIN, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-694
BOND, CATHARINE                        HIGHLAND                                NY-56-3-627
BOND, JOHN T.                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-545
BONDS, NANCY                           TBL                                     NY-56-9-612
BONESTAIL, PHILIP                      MAMAKATING                              NY-56-D-66
BONESTEEL, HENRY                       WOODSTOCK                               NY-56-L-96
BONESTEEL, JACOB P.                    HURLEY                                  NY-56-V-77
BONESTEEL, JAEMS                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-100
BONESTEEL, MARIA C.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-390
BONESTEEL, PHILIP                      *                                       NY-56-O-604
BONESTEEL, PHILIP J.                   HURLEY                                  NY-56-M-430
BONESTEEL, ROSINA M.                   KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-5
BONNARD, JOHN S.                       MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-S-783
BONSTEEL, PHILIP                       WOODSTOCK                               NY-56-H-320
BONT, BARNARD                          MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-M-391
BOOTH, GEORGE                          WALL KILL                               NY-56-B-222
BOOTH, HANNAH M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-598
BOOTH, JAMES A.                        WILBUR                                  NY-56-Q-134
BOOTH, SAAH                            POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-56-X-306
BORHO, CONSTANTIN                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-493
BORNTRAGER, HUGO                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-98
BOSTWICK, CATHARINE H.                 KINGSTON                                NY-56-X-714
BOTCHFORD, ELLA C.                     TBL                                     NY-56-7-269
BOUGHTON, GEORGE D.                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-704
BOUT, JOHN                             MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-G-38
BOWDEN, MARY                           HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT                  NY-56-H-65
BOWEN, ELI D.                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-163
BOWEN, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-526
BOWEN, JOHN                            WAWARSING                               NY-56-O-377
BOWSER, BESSIE S.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-526
BOYCE, ALANSON L.                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-247
BOYCE, JOSEPH                          HURLEY                                  NY-56-#1-400
BOYD, FRANCIS S.                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-351
BOYD, GEORGE E.                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-336
BOYER, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-590
BOYER, WILLIS E.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-727
BOYLE, MARGARET                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-2-368
BRABY, THOMAS                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-O-200
BRACKMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-26
BRADBURY, AMELIA                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-452
BRADEN, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-530
BRADIN, WILLIAM                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-V-445
BRADY, JAMES S.                        PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-#1-375
BRADY, SAMUEL D.                       TBL                                     NY-56-8-63
BRAINARD, JUSTICE                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-P-764
BRAINERD, NELSON                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-X-304
BRAINERD, SARAH ELENA                  SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-X-635
BRAME, ANNA W.                         TBL                                     NY-56-9-660
BRANDON, JAMES                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-663
BRANDOW, JOHN E.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-642
BRANKSTONE, GEORGE                     ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-Y-177
BRANKSTONE, SUSAN ANN                  ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-Z-450
BRASSETT, GERTRUDE N.                  TBL                                     NY-56-5-596
BRAY, HELEN D.                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-608
BRAY, JOHN S.                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-108
BREDE, ADAM                            SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Z-493
BREDE, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-56-6-225
BRENNAN, MARY                          TBL                                     NY-56-6-42
BREWER, SARAH L.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-176
BRIDGENS, WILLIAM H.                   WAWARSING                               NY-56-Y-359
BRIGGS, MARY D.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-346
BRIGGS, MARY W.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-195
BRIGGS, SANFORD                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-P-563
BRIGHAM, ELISHA                        WILLING, TOLLAND, CT                    NY-56-K-75
BRIGHAM, ELISHA M.                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-705
BRIMER, CATHERINE J.                   TBL                                     NY-56-5-119
BRIMER, FRANCIS A.                     TBL                                     NY-56-8-396
BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE C.                HURLEY                                  NY-56-L-559
BRINK, ANDREW                          TBL                                     NY-56-6-345
BRINK, ANN                             SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-L-401
BRINK, ANN                             MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-I-183
BRINK, ANNA                            SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-4-239
BRINK, ANNA R.                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-464
BRINK, CORNELIUS                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-A-236
BRINK, CORNELIUS                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-E-77
BRINK, CORNELIUS J.                    PLATTE KILL                             NY-56-B-120
BRINK, CORNELIUS P.                    SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-W-163
BRINK, DENNIS D.                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-L-556
BRINK, GERTRUDE                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-341
BRINK, JACOB                           KINGSTON                                NY-56-L-412
BRINK, JACOB J.                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-R-118
BRINK, JACOB M.                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-491
BRINK, JACOB W.                        ULSTER                                  NY-56-Y-683
BRINK, JACOBUS                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-N-165
BRINK, JAMES A.                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-199
BRINK, JOHN                            SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-M-469
BRINK, JOHN                            SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-F-56
BRINK, JOHN P.                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Q-343
BRINK, JOHN P.                         MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-L-398
BRINK, LIZZIE H.                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-579
BRINK, MARTHA                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-128
BRINK, MINERVA C.                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-3-395
BRINK, NATHANIEL                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-3-358
BRINK, NCIHOLAS DE MYER                SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-495
BRINK, PETER                           SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-L-1
BRINK, PETER D.                        MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-Q-359
BRINK, PETER P.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-669
BRINK, RACHEL                          HURLEY                                  NY-56-L-481
BRINK, RACHEL B.                       ULSTER                                  NY-56-#1-709
BRINK, SARAH                           SEE: BRINK, JACOB J.                    NY-56-R-118
BRINK, WILLIAM                         SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-H-39
BRINK, WILLIAM E.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-426
BRINK, WILLIAM H.                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-4-269
BRINK, WILLIAM M.                      SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-V-156
BRINK, WILLIAM P.                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-Q-137
BRINK, WILSON                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-415
BRINKERHOFF, WILLIAM                   KINGSTON                                NY-56-L-264
BRINNIER, JOHN M.                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-27
BRITT, ANDEW                           HURLEY                                  NY-56-V-353
BRITT, ANN ELIZA                       HURLEY                                  NY-56-Z-283
BRITT, FREDERICK                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-V-406
BRITT, JONATHAN                        ULSTER                                  NY-56-V-650
BROADHEAD, CORNELIA W.                 TBL                                     NY-56-6-398
BROADHEAD, LEWIS                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-D-308
BROADSTREET, WILLIAM                   SHANDAKEN                               NY-56-M-228
BROCK, ELIAS                           WAWARSING                               NY-56-W-306
BRODERICK, MARTIN                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-X-392
BRODHEAD, ABRAHAM H.                   MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-G-68
BRODHEAD, AMELIA                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-3-76
BRODHEAD, ANDREW                       WAWARSING                               NY-56-V-433
BRODHEAD, AUGUSTUS W.                  TBL                                     NY-56-5-539
BRODHEAD, CAROLINE                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-W-547
BRODHEAD, CATHARINE                    WAWARSING                               NY-56-S-88
BRODHEAD, CHARLES                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-459
BRODHEAD, CHARLES                      MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-C-174
BRODHEAD, CYNTHIA                      ROSENDALE                               NY-56-W-410
BRODHEAD, DINAH                        ESOPUS                                  NY-56-N-106
BRODHEAD, EDWARD H.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-548
BRODHEAD, ELEANOR                      ROUDOUT                                 NY-56-W-15
BRODHEAD, ELIZA M.                     TBL                                     NY-56-7-155
BRODHEAD, ELIZABETH                    WAWARSING                               NY-56-L-50
BRODHEAD, ELLEN J.                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-Y-353
BRODHEAD, HANNAH C.                    TBL                                     NY-56-5-672
BRODHEAD, HENRY                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-P-676
BRODHEAD, HENRY                        TURACKILL                               NY-56-R-205
BRODHEAD, ISAAC N.                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-N-170
BRODHEAD, JACOB                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-L-652
BRODHEAD, JACOB                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-G-153
BRODHEAD, JACOB F.                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-636
BRODHEAD, JAMES                        PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-H-290
BRODHEAD, JANE                         MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-R-346
BRODHEAD, JOHN                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-L-339
BRODHEAD, JOHN                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-E-41
BRODHEAD, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-123
BRODHEAD, MARGARET                     ROCHESTER                               NY-56-X-321
BRODHEAD, MARY                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-Y-553
BRODHEAD, RACHEL                       WAWARSING                               NY-56-#1-132
BRODHEAD, RACHEL                       LURENKILL                               NY-56-V-561
BRODHEAD, RICHARD                      ROCHESTER                               NY-56-P-74
BRODHEAD, RICHARD                      WAWARSING                               NY-56-F-95
BRODHEAD, RICHARD C.                   PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-L-566
BRODHEAD, SARAH ANN                    TBL                                     NY-56-6-162
BRODHEAD, SARAH B.                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-702
BRODHEAD, WESSEL                       MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-K-210
BRODHEAD, WILLIAM                      ROCHESTER                               NY-56-D-104
BRODOCK, WILLIAM F.                    TBL                                     NY-56-9-185
BROGAN, MARGARET                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-X-231
BROME, PHEBE J.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-135
BROMHAM, WILLIAM W.                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-11
BRONNER, ANNA MARIA                    ESOPUS                                  NY-56-#1-244
BROOKMAN, JOHN                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-W-322
BROOKMAN, JOHN W.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-311
BROOKMAN, SARAH CARLETON               TBL                                     NY-56-8-142
BROOKS, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-265
BROOKS, JAMES                          LLOYD                                   NY-56-4-119
BROOKS, JOEPH                          MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-D-350
BROOKS, SUSAN J.                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-151
BROPHY, ELLEN                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-305
BROSSEAU,AUGUSTE                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-117
BROWER, CHARLES N.                     MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-P-298
BROWER, CHARLOTTE A.                   MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-4-473
BROWER, DAVID                          HURLEY                                  NY-56-P-376
BROWER, JOHN D.                        HURLEY                                  NY-56-M-508
BROWER, SILAS                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-581
BROWN, ABRAM                           TBL                                     NY-56-7-609
BROWN, AGNES                           WAWARSING                               NY-56-Q-339
BROWN, ALBERT                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-342
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-399
BROWN, CHARLES                         MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-Z-559
BROWN, CHARLES                         TBL                                     NY-56-5-589
BROWN, CHRISTIAN                       TBL                                     NY-56-8-271
BROWN, EDWIN B.                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-V-422
BROWN, GEORGE A.                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-3-84
BROWN, GEORGE M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-6-45
BROWN, GEORGE W.                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-311
BROWN, HENRY                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-403
BROWN, JAMES                           PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-R-419
BROWN, JAMES H.                        LLOYD                                   NY-56-S-441
BROWN, JHON JR.                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-456
BROWN, JOHN                            KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-205
BROWN, JOHN A.                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-Y-672
BROWN, LOUISA M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-8-429
BROWN, NARICSSA                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-452
BROWN, NORMAN                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-417
BROWN, PETER P.                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-X-358
BROWN, SEBASTIAN                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-604
BROWN, SOLOMON                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-13
BROWN, STEPHEN                         OLIVE                                   NY-56-M-551
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-137
BROWNE, NICHOLAS                       SHANDAKEN                               NY-56-4-541
BRUCK, FRANK                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-49
BRUCK, JOHN                            KINGSTON                                NY-56-3-439
BRUCKNER, JOHN F.                      TBL                                     NY-56-5-259
BRUNDAG, FRANCIS T.                    WAWARSING                               NY-56-S-340
BRUNDAGE, CATY                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-Z-125
BRUNDAGE, CHARLES J.                   WAWARSING                               NY-56-#1-636
BRUNDAGE, DAVID M.                     NEVERSINK, SULLIVAN, NY                 NY-56-4-147
BRUNDAGE, MARY J.                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-74
BRUNDIDGE, JOSIAH                      PLATTEKILL                              NY-56-G-341
BRUNNTRAEGER, JOSEPH                   TBL                                     NY-56-9-229
BRUYN, ABRAHAM                         SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-E-311
BRUYN, ANNA                            TBL                                     NY-56-9-278
BRUYN, ANNA P.                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-134
BRUYN, BENJAMIN                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-V-213
BRUYN, CATHARINE                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-X-540
BRUYN, CATHARINE                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-P-467
BRUYN, CHARLES D.                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-313
BRUYN, CORNELIUS                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-288
BRUYN, ELIZABETH                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-K-13
BRUYN, IDA                             SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-N-122
BRUYN, JACOBUS                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-E-12
BRUYN, JACOBUS S.                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-H-11
BRUYN, JOHN                            SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-3-471
BRUYN, JOSEPHINE                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-S-91
BRUYN, JULIA H.                        MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-O-414
BRUYN, MARIA                           SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-I-80
BRUYN, PHILIP D.                       GARDINER                                NY-56-#1-532
BRUYN, SEVERYN T.                      SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-B-163
BRUYN, ZACHARIAH                       NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-3-475
BRUYN, ZACHARIAS                       SHAWANGUNK                              NY-56-D-333
BRYA, JOSEPH M.                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-644
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-56-5-468
BUCHER, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-1
BUCHERT, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-547
BUCHHOLTZ, HENRY L.                    TBL                                     NY-56-8-510
BUCK, J. JUDSON                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-Q-239
BUCKEY, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-56-7-633
BUCKHOUTJOHN                           NEW PALTZ                               NY-56-G-181
BUCKLEY, CATHERINE E.                  MARLBOROUGH                             NY-56-#1-640
BUCKLEY, EDWARD                        HURLEY                                  NY-56-X-689
BUCKLEY, MERCY TOWNSEND                TBL                                     NY-56-9-608
BUCKLEY, PATRICK                       ROSENDALE                               NY-56-X-302
BUCKSTAVER, JACOB                      WALL KILL                               NY-56-C-57
BUDD, MARGARET                         WAWARSING                               NY-56-V-223
BUDD, SARAH                            WAWARSING                               NY-56-S-525
BUDDENHAGEN, CHARLES                   TBL                                     NY-56-7-143
BUDINGTON, MARGARET ANN                PASSY, PARIS, FRANCE                    NY-56-U-559
BUDNEY, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-56-7-649
BUDNEY, PAULINE                        TBL                                     NY-56-8-152
BUEGEL, CATHARINE                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-Q-290
BUHLER, MICHAEL                        ESOPUS                                  NY-56-2-115
BULLEY, BENJAMIN                       OLIVE                                   NY-56-O-222
BULLUS, ROBERT S.                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-X-496
BULNER, WILLIAM                        ESOPUS                                  NY-56-M-632
BUNDY, RACHEL A.                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-227
BUNDY, SAMUEL                          WOODSTOCK                               NY-56-V-382
BUNTEN, WILLIAM E.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-576
BURCHARDT, ISABELLA                    TBL                                     NY-56-8-499
BURGEL, JOHN C.                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-S-219
BURGER, LEVI B.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-788
BURGER, MAGADALENA                     TBL                                     NY-56-9-93
BURGER, MARIA M.                       ESOPUS                                  NY-56-4-168
BURGER, MARIA M.                       ROCHESTER                               NY-56-#1-109
BURGER, PETER                          TBL                                     NY-56-9-684
BURGESS, ELIZA                         RONDOUT                                 NY-56-V-628
BURGESS, EMELIE UNDERHILL              TBL                                     NY-56-6-502
BURGEVIN, VALENTIN                     TBL                                     NY-56-5-173
BURGHER, JOHN M.                       TBL                                     NY-56-5-685
BURGHER, JOSEPHINE A.                  OLIVE                                   NY-56-#1-566
BURHANS, ABRAHAM                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-G-150
BURHANS, ABRAHAM A.                    KINGSTON                                NY-56-P-791
BURHANS, ADALINE                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-383
BURHANS, ALFRED                        TBL                                     NY-56-9-146
BURHANS, ALFRED W.                     WAWARSING                               NY-56-Y-12
BURHANS, ALICE R.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-196
BURHANS, ANNA                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-284
BURHANS, BRADLEY                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-V-217
BURHANS, CATHARINE                     SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-4-420
BURHANS, CATHERINE MAGDALENA           KINGSTON                                NY-56-S-737
BURHANS, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-384
BURHANS, CLINTON                       TBL                                     NY-56-7-66
BURHANS, CORNELIUS                     TBL                                     NY-56-7-579
BURHANS, DAVID                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-P-779
BURHANS, ELIZA C. W.                   ULSTER                                  NY-56-Y-239
BURHANS, ELIZABETH BEEKMAN             KINGSTON                                NY-56-#1-419
BURHANS, EMMA                          TBL                                     NY-56-8-229
BURHANS, EUNICE                        ULSTER                                  NY-56-Y-310
BURHANS, FRANK                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-655
BURHANS, JACOB                         BRABANT                                 NY-56-D-281
BURHANS, JACOB                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-R-210
BURHANS, JAN                           NTL                                     NY-56-A-207
BURHANS, JOHANNIS B.                   KINGSTON                                NY-56-A-157
BURHANS, JOHN                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-161
BURHANS, JOHN S.                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-720
BURHANS, M. CELIA                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-214
BURHANS, MARGARET S.                   TBL                                     NY-56-5-618
BURHANS, NELSON                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-467
BURHANS, NELSON H.                     KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-434
BURHANS, PETER                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-O-475
BURHANS, PETER                         TBL                                     NY-56-8-378
BURHANS, PETRUS                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-117
BURHANS, PHILLIS M.                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-176
BURHANS, SAMUEL                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-3-99
BURHANS, SARAH                         CAMP                                    NY-56-R-458
BURHANS, WILLIAM V.                    TBL                                     NY-56-9-700
BURKE, CATHERINE                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Z-582
BURKE, DANIEL J.                       TBL                                     NY-56-9-640
BURKE, EDMUND                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-P-722
BURKE, ESTHER                          TBL                                     NY-56-7-518
BURKE, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-56-5-527
BURKE, LOUISA                          KINGSTON                                NY-56-4-172
BURKE, MARY                            MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-Q-270
BURKE, MARY                            TBL                                     NY-56-7-233
BURKE, MARY E.                         KINGSTON                                NY-56-W-371
BURKE, MICHAEL J.                      TBL                                     NY-56-6-436
BURKHARD, ANTON                        WAWARSING                               NY-56-3-718
BURKHARDT, BARBARA                     TBL                                     NY-56-6-129
BURLINGHAM, MARY E.                    TBL                                     NY-56-7-543
BURLISON, RACHEL                       ELLENVILLE                              NY-56-Y-157
BURMISTON, ANTHONY S.                  TBL                                     NY-56-7-430
BURNET, ROBERT                         NTL                                     NY-56-A-185
BURNETT, ROBERT                        PORT EWEN                               NY-56-W-384
BURNHAM, LYRUS                         SHANDAKEN                               NY-56-R-456
BURNS, DANIEL                          SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-R-77
BURNS, ELIZABETH                       SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-W-448
BURNS, FRANCIS                         WOODSTOCK                               NY-56-X-519
BURNS, GERTRUDE                        KINGSTON                                NY-56-O-115
BURNS, PATRICK                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-721
BURNS, WILLIAM                         MONTGOMERY, ORANGE, NY                  NY-56-I-222
BURNSIDE, JAMES                        TBL                                     NY-56-7-538
BURR, ANGELINE                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-11
BURR, CATHARINE H.                     ROSENDALE                               NY-56-V-425
BURR, HANNAH C.                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-399
BURR, JAMES O.                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-710
BURREL, NATHANIEL                      KINGSTON                                NY-56-D-107
BURTSELL, RICHARD LALOR (REV.)         TBL                                     NY-56-8-32
BUSBY, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-56-5-311
BUSCH, FRANK                           TBL                                     NY-56-8-126
BUSH, DIRCK                            MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-G-218
BUSH, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NY-56-6-292
BUSH, ELIZABETH A.                     TBL                                     NY-56-9-256
BUSH, HELEN                            TBL                                     NY-56-6-483
BUSH, ISAAC C.                         OLIVE                                   NY-56-V-258
BUSH, JAMES                            OLIVE                                   NY-56-R-353
BUSH, JAMES                            MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-N-142
BUSH, JOHN D.                          MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-Z-565
BUSH, JOHN E.                          LLOYD                                   NY-56-2-417
BUSH, PHEBE C.                         TBL                                     NY-56-6-141
BUSH, SIMON                            TBL                                     NY-56-5-288
BUSH, WILHELMUS                        MARBLETOWN                              NY-56-L-154
BUSH, WILLIAM                          LLOYD                                   NY-56-V-29
BUSH, WILLIAM H.                       OLIVE                                   NY-56-2-467
BUSHNELL, MARY N.                      HURLEY                                  NY-56-4-437
BUTLER, EDWARD                         TBL                                     NY-56-5-413
BUTLER, GILBERT                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-677
BUTLER, SARAH                          TBL                                     NY-56-5-534
BUTT, JOHN                             TBL                                     NY-56-8-202
BUTT, WILLIAM H.                       WOODSTOCK                               NY-56-M-102
BUTTERFIELD, DANIEL                    WALL KILL                               NY-56-A-362
BUTTERFIELD, LIZZIE J.                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-56-S-568
BUTTERFUSS, CHARLES                    TBL                                     NY-56-8-325
BUTTERWORTH, SARAH                     NEW MARLBOROUGH                         NY-56-D-204
BUTTON, JOHN                           MAMACOTTON                              NY-56-B-60
BUTZEL, JOHN L.                        SAUGERTIES                              NY-56-Z-608
BUTZEL, MARTIN                         TBL                                     NY-56-7-657
BUYRNS, JAMES                          ROCHESTER                               NY-56-C-344
BYER, JACOB                            KINGSTON                                NY-56-Z-652
BYER, LOUISE E.                        TBL                                     NY-56-5-378
BYER, THERESA K.                       KINGSTON                                NY-56-2-384
BYFORD, GEORGE S.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-437
BYRNE, MATTHEW M.                      TBL                                     NY-56-8-619
BYRNES, DANIEL                         NEW WINDSOR                             NY-56-C-13
BYRNES, JOSEPH F.                      TBL                                     NY-56-9-697

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