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ABBOTT, ALSON B.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-426
ACKER, ALICE J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-530
ACKER, JAMES F.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-298
ACKERMAN, DYER               HAGUE                         NY-57-#1-331
ACKERMAN, SAMUEL             HAGUE                         NY-57-F-730
ACKLEY, THOMAS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-308
ADAMS, ABIJAH                LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-303
ADAMS, JOHN W.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-707
ADAMS, LODICE W.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-410
ADAMS, MARIA A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-787
ADAMS, MINA B.               FORT ANN, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-57-#1-70
ADAMSON, WILLIAM ROBERT      LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-F-413
AGARD, AMOS                  CHESTER                       NY-57-D-364
AINSWORTH, WILLIAM           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-527
ALBRO, ASAHEL                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-417
ALBRO, DELILA A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-601
ALBRO, JONATHAN              BOLTON                        NY-57-H-111
ALDEN, ALBERT H.             LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-H-415
ALDEN, JOHN                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-148
ALGER, ALBERT                CHESTER                       NY-57-E-408
ALLEN, ALTA M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-500
ALLEN, JAMES M.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-434
ALLEN, MARTHA NELLIE         WEST GLENS FALLS              NY-57-J-672
ALLEN, MARY J.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-232
ALLEN, OLIVE A.              SARATOGA, SARATOGA, NY        NY-57-I-159
ALLEN, SAMUEL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-65
ALSTON, EDWARD J.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-280
ALSTON, GEORGE D.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-571
ALSTON, JOHN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-313
ALSTON, SARAH                CALDWELL                      NY-57-D-357
AMEDEN, ARCHIBALD O.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-643
AMEDEN, ELSIE                JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-#1-349
AMEDEN, EMILY J.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-136
AMEDEN, EMMA J.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-218
AMEDEN, HAMILTON             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-11
AMEDEN, HELEN M.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-47
AMER, ELVIRA A. S.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-379
AMER, MARGARET               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-628
AMES, CELIA G.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-726
AMES, ELMINA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-597
AMES, LUTHER S.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-721
AMES, MERRITT                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-712
ANDERSON, ALLEN              BOLTON                        NY-57-B-354
ANDERSON, EDSON A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-210
ARCHER, SEWARD               FRENCH MOUNTAIN               NY-57-#1-180
ARCHIBALD, THOMAS            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-246
ARMS, JULIA A.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-756
ARMS, LEWIS L.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-372
ARMSTRONG, KATE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-647
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-305
ARNOLD, ADELINE E.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-329
ARNOLD, AGNES                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-342
ARNOLD, LUTHER A.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-372
ARNOLD, MARIA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-792
ARNOLD, OLIVER               CHESTER                       NY-57-A-320
ASHLEY, DEMMIS A.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-86
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN           CHESTER                       NY-57-A-399
AUCKLAND, CHARLES            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-82
AUSTIN, DAVID                CHESTER                       NY-57-I-764
AUSTIN, EDWARD               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-369
AUSTIN, HANNAH A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-566
AUSTIN, HERBERT W.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-135
AUSTIN, JOHN H.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-629
AUSTIN, PHINEAS G.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-158
AUSTIN, SARA F.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-47
AVERY, JULIA E.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-389
AVERY, JULIA E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-369
BAILEY, HANNA J.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-162
BAILEY, PHEBE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-254
BAILY, HARRIET MASON         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-271
BAIN, JAMES H.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-522
BAIRD, ABIA F.               CALDWELL                      NY-57-A-204
BAKER, ADLAINE               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-540
BAKER, ALMON J.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-308
BAKER, AMANDA                LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-765
BAKER, CHARLES K.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-742
BAKER, DIANTHA J.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-218
BAKER, ELIZABETH             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-16
BAKER, FRANCIS EUGENE        WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-569
BAKER, HOWGIL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-169
BAKER, JOHN JAY              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-31
BAKER, SOLOMON R.            THURMAN                       NY-57-H-455
BALCOM, ESTHER L.            HAGUE                         NY-57-E-416
BALCOM, MYRON                HAGUE                         NY-57-H-286
BALDWIN, FRED W.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-760
BALDWIN, HARRIET P.          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-9
BALDWIN, ISRAEL              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-47
BALDWIN, JOSEPH P.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-174
BALDWIN, OTIS L.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-72
BALDWIN, PHILANDER           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-184
BALDWIN, WILBER S.           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-57-H-642
BALDWIN, WILLIAM             HAGUE                         NY-57-#1-176
BALL, ADELINE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-219
BALL, BETHUEL                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-733
BALL, ELVIN                  LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-460
BALL, FRANKLIN               LUZERNE                       NY-57-#1-469
BALL, GEORGE F.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-201
BALL, GEORGE S.              LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-389
BALL, WILLIAM                LUZERNE                       NY-57-C-437
BANNIN, ELLEN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-155
BANNIN, PATRICK              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-561
BARBER, ALANSON              BOLTON                        NY-57-C-354
BARBER, GRACE A.             BOLTON                        NY-57-B-223
BARBER, HIRAM D.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-32
BARBER, HOLDEN               BOLTON                        NY-57-C-248
BARBER, MARY F.              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-337
BARBER, PHEBE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-390
BARBER, SARAH E.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-701
BARBER, WILLIAM J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-622
BARDIN, LYMAN A.             QUEENSBURGH                   NY-57-E-239
BARHAUS, BENJAMIN P.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-292
BARKER, WILLIAM C.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-10
BARNES, ANNA M.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-466
BARNES, MICHAEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-129
BARNET, LOUIS                HAGUE                         NY-57-E-429
BARNHAM, HARRIET             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-321
BARRON, DELIA BENEDICT       WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-14
BARROWS, LOUISA E.           LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-415
BARTLETT, DAVID              HORICON                       NY-57-A-400
BARTLETT, HOSEA              CHESTER                       NY-57-G-555
BARTON, ALVIN J.             HORICON                       NY-57-I-536
BARTON, HENRY H.             PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-57-I-471
BARTON, JOEL                 BOLTON                        NY-57-A-269
BARTON, OLIVE JANE           HORICON                       NY-57-#1-266
BASSINGER, GEORGE H.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-17
BASSINGER, MARY ELLIS        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-403
BATCHELLER, JANISON          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-775
BATEMAN, CHARLOTTE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-255
BATES, GEORGE W.             LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-447
BATES, GORDON                HILL VIEW                     NY-57-H-757
BATES, SOPHIA G.             CALDWELL                      NY-57-J-631
BATES, WILLIAM               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-366
BAUMANN, HERMAN P.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-92
BAUMANN, JUIUS P.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-109
BEACH, HENRY                 LUZERNE                       NY-57-C-66
BEADLESTONE, JOB             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-119
BEADNELL, CHARLES W.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-41
BEAUDET, DELIA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-557
BEAUDET, THEODORE C.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-703
BEAUDIN, CAROLINE            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-468
BECK, PAULINE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-564
BEERS, HENRY                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-130
BEERS, MARY A.               VAILS MILLS, FULTON, NY       NY-57-H-94
BEHAN, CATHERINE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-243
BEHAN, CATHERINE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-577
BELDEN, MARION               HORICON                       NY-57-J-481
BELL, ANNA                   LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-108
BELTER, GEORGE H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-289
BENEDICT, DANIEL             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-470
BENEDICT, ELIZABETH          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-587
BENEDICT, SHELDEN            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-485
BENJAMIN, PHINEAS S.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-161
BENNETT, ABEL                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-346
BENNETT, ALBERT              BOLTON                        NY-57-F-392
BENNETT, CAROLINE            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-101
BENNETT, HANNAH M.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-789
BENNETT, MARY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-47
BENTLEY, EMELINE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-268
BENTLEY, FRANK R.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-150
BENTLEY, HENRYJ.             BOLTON                        NY-57-E-625
BENTLEY, JOHN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-216
BENTLEY, RICHARD             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-286
BENTLEY, STEPHEN             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-602
BENTLEY, WARREN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-748
BERRY, ELIZA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-204
BERRY, ELIZABETH R.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-330
BERRY, FRANCES E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-78
BERRY, SIDNEY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-239
BESTIWCK, EVERTON            BOLTON                        NY-57-A-81
BESWICK, DAVID               BOLTON                        NY-57-A-296
BESWICK, LURA                DIAMOND POINT                 NY-57-#1-174
BEVINS, SARAH                HAGUE                         NY-57-E-761
BIBBEY, MARY                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-704
BINGHAM, JAMES W.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-259
BINK, PETER                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-251
BIRDSALL, STEPHEN T.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-620
BIRNEY, THOMAS R.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-311
BISHOP, MARY BALL            TOMS RIVER, OCEAN, NJ         NY-57-H-289
BISSELL, GEORGE S.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-617
BITELY, MARIAH               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-83
BLACK, CHARLES F.            CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-423
BLANCHARD, CYRUS L.          CHESTER                       NY-57-B-238
BLANCHARD, MARY A.           CHESTER                       NY-57-F-471
BOLTON, RICHARD              HORICON                       NY-57-#1-532
BOMAN, OLIVE                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-449
BOND, WILLIAM                CHESTER                       NY-57-A-11
BOOS, ELIZABETH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-403
BORST, ADALINE               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-83
BOWDEN, HUGH A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-602
BOWEN, DANIEL                THURMAN                       NY-57-D-14
BOWEN, GEORGE W.             THURMAN                       NY-57-G-664
BOWEN, JOHN                  ATHOL                         NY-57-A-389
BOWEN, MILES WARREN          WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-779
BOWERS, SANFORD L.           STONY CREEK                   NY-57-H-400
BOWMAN, JOHN P.              NTL                           NY-57-F-38
BOWMAN, JOHN P.              STONY CREEK                   NY-57-E-782
BOYD, EDGAR C.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-522
BOYD, ELIZABETH C.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-706
BOYD, ISAAC                  BOLTON                        NY-57-A-111
BOYD, ISAAC                  BOLTON                        NY-57-A-116
BOYLE, HANNAH                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-132
BRADLEY, THADDEUS            CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-439
BRADT, MERCHANT H.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-612
BRADY, PATRICK               LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-484
BRALEY, AURILLA              CHESTER                       NY-57-G-746
BRALEY, HERBERT              BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-360
BRALEY, JOHN B.              CHESTER                       NY-57-C-401
BRALEY, MARY LOUISE          BOLTON                        NY-57-H-463
BRALEY, PHILOMELA            BOLTON                        NY-57-G-710
BRALEY, REASE                CHESTER                       NY-57-D-126
BRALEY, SEWELL P.            BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-128
BRAYMER, ELIZA               HEBRON, WASHINGTON, NY        NY-57-F-315
BRAYTON, ASA W.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-531
BRAYTON, JOHN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-101
BRAYTON, MOSES               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-329
BRAZEAU, PHILOMENE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-587
BRAZIAN, ALFRED              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-705
BRAZIER, CARRIE B.           BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-773
BREEN, EDWARD                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-593
BRENNAN, KATE G. KEARNEY     QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-344
BREYFOGLE, ZERELDA C.        CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-604
BRIDE, ANNA F.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-629
BRIDGES, SARAH F.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-471
BRIGGS, EMMA J.              KINGSBURY, WASHINGTON, NY     NY-57-#1-779
BRIGGS, GEORGE H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-412
BRIGGS, HERMAN V.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-658
BRIGGS, MARY A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-281
BRIGGS, RACHEL H.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-130
BRIGGS, WALTER               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-180
BRIGGS, WILLIAM              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-241
BRINK, ELIZA J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-436
BRISTOL, LUCINDA E.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-741
BROCK, CAROLINE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-214
BRODIE, JANE E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-407
BRODIE, MARGARET             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-426
BROHEL, ANNIE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-375
BRONSON, MATTHEW C.          HORICON                       NY-57-C-381
BROWER, CHARLES A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-418
BROWN, ALPHONSO              CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-782
BROWN, ALVIRA                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-689
BROWN, ASAHEL C.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-263
BROWN, BETSEY L.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-59
BROWN, CATHERINE CAMPBELL    GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-787
BROWN, CLARISSA ELIZABETH    GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-255
BROWN, CLARK J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-131
BROWN, DANIEL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-177
BROWN, DELBERT               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-473
BROWN, ELIZA J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-167
BROWN, ELIZABETH             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-264
BROWN, GEORGE                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-226
BROWN, HENRY                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-228
BROWN, HOWGILL               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-175
BROWN, JOHN                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-375
BROWN, LUCRETIA              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-72
BROWN, MARY D.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-213
BROWN, MARY J.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-676
BROWN, MYRON O.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-364
BROWN, NATHANIEL             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-374
BROWN, NATHANIEL             HILL VIEW                     NY-57-F-599
BROWN, RICHARD               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-171
BROWN, RICHARD               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-108
BROWN, RICHARD F.            BOLTON                        NY-57-G-576
BROWN, RICHARD J.            BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-297
BROWN, SAMUEL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-76
BROWN, STEPHEN               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-40
BROWN, TRUMAN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-3
BROWN, WILLARD               BOLTON                        NY-57-E-120
BRUCE, ASA C.                HORICON                       NY-57-J-412
BRUMAGIN, EMMA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-268
BRYAN, HARRIET               HAGUE                         NY-57-D-293
BUBLER, WILLIAM (BUTLER?)    WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-213
BUCKBEE, DAVID               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-669
BUCKBEE, EZRA J.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-145
BUCKBEE, JANE ANN            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-395
BUCKHOLZ, AUGUSTA            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-729
BUCKLEY, ALICE               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-395
BUCKOW, LUMAN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-672
BUFFUM, LEONARD C.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-542
BUGBEE, WILLIAM JR.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-337
BULLARD, CHANCEY             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-449
BULLARD, DAVID H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-171
BULLARD, SOPHIA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-135
BULLOCK, FRANCIS             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-623
BULLOCK, SANFORD E.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-210
BULSON, ELIZABETH            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-387
BURDICK, ABIAL               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-493
BURDICK, CAROLINE M.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-709
BURDICK, JOHN                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-50
BURDICK, MORGAN              LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-384
BURGE, LORENZO               CHESTER                       NY-57-B-67
BURGESS, AMARIAH             BOLTON                        NY-57-J-81
BURGESS, CHARLOTTE           HAGUE                         NY-57-J-677
BURGESS, LEWIS               HAGUE                         NY-57-I-550
BURHAUNS, SARAH C.           MORIAH, ESSEX, NY             NY-57-I-135
BURHAUS, CHARLES H.          WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-G-118
BURHAUS, FREDERICK O.        WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-772
BURHAUS, SARAH H.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-701
BURKE, HANNAH                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-665
BURNESON, JOHN S.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-226
BURNETT, ALONZO              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-264
BURNETT, MARTHA F.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-396
BURNETT, NELLIE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-1
BURNHAM, CYRUS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-68
BURNHAM, DAVID               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-364
BURNHAM, GEORGE              PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-57-J-368
BURNHAM, GLEN F.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-663
BURNHAM, HARVEY              LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-551
BURNHAM, MARY A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-651
BURNHAM, SARAH H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-510
BURNHAM, SOPHIA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-198
BURNS, MARTIN J.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-143
BURT, LYMAN H.               STONY CREEK                   NY-57-D-385
BURTON, JEROME               CALDWELL                      NY-57-#1-386
BUSH, CHARLES R.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-133
BUSH, GILBERT                MOREAU, SARATOGA, NY          NY-57-D-371
BUSH, HILMA C.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-497
BUSH, MARTHA M.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-793
BUSWELL, HARRIET M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-608
BUSWELL, JAMES               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-225
BUSWELL, KATHERINE E.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-376
BUTLER, BENJAMIN L.          LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-283
BUTLER, MARGARETTE J.        LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-108
BUTLER, THOMAS               LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-82
BUTLER, WILLIAM              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-213
BUTTLER, BETHEL              LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-38
BUTTLES, ABIGAIL             LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-301
BUTTLES, ORRY                LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-261
BYRNE, FELIX                 JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-A-173
BYRNE, FRANK                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-213
BYRNE, PETER J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-738
BYRNES, ROBERT               THURMAN                       NY-57-F-497
BYRNS, ANN                   GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-615
CADIGAN, HANORA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-185
CADWELL, MARY A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-335
CADY, DELIA                  CHESTER                       NY-57-G-127
CAHILL, DANIEL               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-670
CALDWELL, WILLIAM            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-57-A-359
CALKINS, NAOMIE E.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-68
CAMERON, BELEL C.            ATHOL                         NY-57-#1-599
CAMERON, ELIZABETH T.        LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-327
CAMERON, JAMES W.            CLADWELL                      NY-57-H-148
CAMERON, SUSAN H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-50
CAMERON, WILLIAM             ATHOL                         NY-57-A-44
CAMERON, WILLIAM J.          ATHOL                         NY-57-A-58
CAMP, CHARLES S.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-660
CANFIELD, ALEXANDER          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-557
CANFIELD, CHARLOTTE A.       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-738
CARDLE, LUCINA               BOLTON                        NY-57-F-538
CAREY, EDWIN                 BOLTON                        NY-57-J-746
CARNEY, FRANK E.             HAGUE                         NY-57-J-356
CARNEY, TIMOTHY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-415
CARPENTER, BETSEY            CHESTER                       NY-57-F-707
CARPENTER, JAMES H.          CALDWELL                      NY-57-H-335
CARPENTER, JAMES H.          LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-H-435
CARPENTER, MARY R.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-584
CARPENTER, MIRAETT           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-35
CARPENTER, WAIT S.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-410
CARROLL, MEHITABLE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-439
CARROLL, ROSA                SANDY HILL, WASHINGTON, NY    NY-57-C-331
CARY, ALVIN                  CHESTER                       NY-57-E-446
CARY, ELLEN                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-98
CARY, JOHN                   GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-131
CARY, SARAH E.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-95
CASAVANT, LAURA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-656
CASEY, BRIDGET               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-271
CASEY, JOHN D.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-666
CASEY, MARGARET              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-192
CASEY, MARY A.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-428
CASEY, MICHAEL               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-797
CASEY, WILLIAM F.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-80
CASHION, ANN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-13
CASHION, MARGARET            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-323
CAVIN, CHARLES               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-384
CAVIN, DANIEL                CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-120
CAVIN, ELLEN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-245
CAVIN, JOHANNA               CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-124
CAWLEY, CATHERINE            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-753
CHADWICK, LEVI               LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-71
CHAMBERLIN, CHESTER          CHESTER                       NY-57-C-415
CHAMBERS, HENRY              CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-623
CHAMBERS, JOHN               CALDWELL                      NY-57-H-1
CHAMPLIN, DAVID              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-108
CHAMPLIN, ESTHER A.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-511
CHAMPLIN, FLORA A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-392
CHAMPLIN, HORATIO B.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-226
CHAMPLIN, LUCY JANE          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-176
CHAPMAN, LUCY                WATERLOO, SENECA, NY          NY-57-C-465
CHAPMAN, TERESA J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-569
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM J.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-219
CHARETTE, LOUIS              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-77
CHARETTE, MARGARET           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-195
CHEESBROUGH, JOHN B.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-317
CHENEY, ALBERT N.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-259
CHENEY, CORNELIUS            LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-714
CHENEY, GEORGE W.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-95
CHENEY, LUCINDA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-698
CHERITREE, ANDREW J.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-87
CHITTY, FREDERICK J. P.      GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-641
CHITTY, SUSAN M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-644
CHURCH, NEWTON               CHESTER                       NY-57-G-499
CILLEY, BENJAMIN             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-329
CILLEY, ELBRIDGE             BOLTON                        NY-57-G-726
CLAPP, JAMES                 LUZERNE                       NY-57-F-168
CLAPP, NICHOLAS DEVEREUX     LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-350
CLAPP, RUFUS C.              CHESTER                       NY-57-E-330
CLARK, BILLY J.              MOREAU, SARATOGA, NY          NY-57-B-285
CLARK, CHARLES H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-731
CLARK, MARGARET J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-258
CLARK, MARY K.               GLENS FALLS (WILL NOT RECORDED)    NY-57-#1-627
CLARK, WILLIAM R.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-425
CLEAR, ANNIE                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-406
CLEAR, CATHERINE             LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-280
CLEMENT, ARTHUR E.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-272
CLEMENTS, ALLEN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-349
CLEMENTS, CHARLES J.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-724
CLEMENTS, GILBERT            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-595
CLEMENTS, TOBIAS             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-123
CLENDON, GEORGE              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-237
CLENDON, JOHN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-547
CLOTHER, BERTHA A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-494
CLOTHER, HARRIETT N.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-229
CODNER, HELLEN L.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-789
CODNER, HENRY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-377
CODNER, HENRY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-563
CODNER, IDA                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-56
COFFIN, CAROLINE H.          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-754
COFFIN, CATHERINE W.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-5
COFFIN, JOHN B.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-211
COFFIN, JOHN P.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-12
COFFIN, LEWIS                MOREAU, SARATOGA, NY          NY-57-D-62
COFFIN, MARTIN               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-247
COFFIN, SANFORD              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-282
COFFIN, THOMAS               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-187
COHAN, ELLEN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-100
COLE, HARRIET                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-722
COLE, NORMAN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-643
COLE, RUFUS M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-527
COLE, SUSANNAH               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-20
COLEMAN, GATES               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-442
COLLINS, DANIEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-150
COLLINS, DENNIS J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-495
COLLINS, JAMES               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-785
COLLINS, MARGARET A.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-307
COLLINS, OTIS                CHESTER                       NY-57-F-96
COLVIN, HERSTEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-735
COLVIN, HIRAM K.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-175
COMB, FREDERICK              THURMAN                       NY-57-C-326
COMBS, JOSHUA                WARRENSBURY                   NY-57-B-34
COMBS, WILLIAM WALLACE       WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-521
COMSTOCK, BETHUEL            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-J-300
COMSTOCK, JOHN A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-378
CONANT, ELLEN B.             LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-I-614
CONERY, ALICE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-711
CONKEY, MARY E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-227
CONKLIN, PHILMON M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-548
CONKLING, GURDON             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-309
CONKLING, MARY A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-653
CONNOR, KATE                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-692
CONNORS, THOMAS              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-174
CONSTANTINE, JOHN N.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-536
CONWAY, MARGARET             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-523
COOK, MARY                   QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-475
COOK, MARY                   HAGUE                         NY-57-A-309
COOK, MILO G.                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-745
COOK, WILLIAM                HAGUE                         NY-57-F-53
COOK, WILLIAM                HOGUE                         NY-57-A-405
COOKE, ISABELLA CHENEY       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-343
COOKE, JENNIE H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-136
COOKSON, FENWICK M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-92
COOKSON, MARY ELIZABETH      QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-618
COOL, JOSEPH B.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-195
COOL, JULIET K.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-5
COOLIDGE, HANNAH M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-475
COOLIDGE, JOHN B.            BOLTON                        NY-57-E-716
COOLIDGE, JONATHAN M.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-203
COONEY, MARGARET             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-626
COONEY, WALTER               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-599
COOPER, BESSIE E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-347
COOPER, MARY A.              HILL VIEW                     NY-57-H-782
COPELAND, HORATIO            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-568
CORBETT, CORNELIUS           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-385
CORBETT, DANIEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-133
COREY, PHILIP H.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-217
CORNELL, CHRISTIE A.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-35
CORNEY, CATHERINE            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-560
CORNIN, DANIEL               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-626
CORNISH, MARY ANN            STONEY CREEK                  NY-57-B-58
COTTER, ELIZABETH            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-700
COTTER, JAMES                CHESTER                       NY-57-F-510
COTTON, JULIA                BOLTON                        NY-57-F-156
COUGHLIN, JOHN               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-329
COWEN, ALEXANDER             CALDWELL                      NY-57-A-161
COWLES, DANIEL H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-750
COWLES, ORANGE A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-456
COWLES, WILLARD R.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-649
COX, ANNIE E.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-102
COYER, ELLEN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-694
COYLE, LAURA C.              CHESTER                       NY-57-H-527
CRAIG, JAMES                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-11
CRAIG, JESSE F.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-553
CRAMER, CATHARINE            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-116
CRAMER, GEORGE H.            TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-57-G-640
CRANDAL, JOHN                CHESTER                       NY-57-A-355
CRANDALL, BETSEY W.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-536
CRANDALL, ELIZABETH          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-334
CRANDALL, EVALINE S.         CALDWELL                      NY-57-J-682
CRANDALL, HENRY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-306
CRANDALL, MARTHA J.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-738
CRANDELL, SIDNEY             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-488
CRANNELL, CORNELIA           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-303
CRANNELL, MILLIE             WEST GLENS FALLS              NY-57-G-62
CRAWFORD, HANNAH             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-408
CREEDEN, HANNORA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-777
CRIMMINS, ABBIE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-29
CRIPPEN, ALVIRA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-306
CROCKER, E. HOWARD           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-788
CROCKER, HANNAH E.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-100
CROMWELL, JAMES DR.          CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-329
CROMWELL, JOHN P.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-655
CRONIN, DANIEL C.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-687
CRONIN, ELLEN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-413
CRONIN, JOHN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-127
CRONIN, JOHN M.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-109
CRONKHITE, HENRY C.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-6
CRONKHITE, LUCY A. W.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-485
CRONKHITE, RHODA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-38
CROSS, AUGUSTUS H.           LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-480
CROSS, JAMES M.              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-494
CROSS, REUBEN                JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-60
CROSSETT, MARGARETT          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-467
CROSSETT, SARAH L.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-357
CROSSETT, WILLIAM            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-303
CROWE, MARY ANN              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-79
CULVER, JAMES                HORICON                       NY-57-C-395
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH F.     GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-239
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-339
CURRIE, MARY                 CHESTER                       NY-57-F-251
CURTIS, ENOS                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-119
CURVO, JAMES N.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-657
CURVO, WILLIAM A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-432
CUSHMAN, HENRIETTA F.        EAST LAKE GEORGE              NY-57-E-419
DAGGETT, ADELIA              CALDWELL                      NY-57-J-560
DALEY, JEREMIAH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-150
DALEY, NORA                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-636
DAMASQUE, EBENEZER           JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-A-285
DANAHY, DENNIS               CHESTER                       NY-57-I-643
DANAHY, PATRICK              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-530
DARROW, ELIZA                CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-666
DART, SARAH HEATON           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-10
DAVIGNON, JOSEPH             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-63
DAVIS, BETSEY                HORICON                       NY-57-#1-604
DAVIS, ELIZA H.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-224
DAVIS, ISAAC J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-228
DAVIS, JOHN                  CHESTER                       NY-57-A-90
DAVIS, JOSEPH H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-62
DAVIS, LAURA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-300
DAVIS, LAURA E.              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-477
DAVIS, MARY M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-422
DAVIS, NATHAN B.             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-G-550
DAVIS, RUBEN                 HAGUE                         NY-57-D-267
DAVIS, WILLIAM H. H.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-735
DAY, BENJAMIN                SUMMIT, UNION, NJ             NY-57-#1-168
DAY, ELLEN B.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-251
DEAN, DAVID M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-391
DEAN, JOEL B.                STONY CREEK                   NY-57-G-791
DEAN, MARY                   GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-387
DEAN, SARAH AUGUSTA          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-309
DECKER, EUPHEMIA B.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-677
DECKER, ISAIAH               HAGUE (CON'T)                 NY-57-F-238
DECKER, ISAIAH               HAGUE                         NY-57-E-581
DECKER, MARION A.            LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-#1-505
DECKER, MARY                 HAGUE                         NY-57-#1-276
DECKER, MERANCY              HAGUE                         NY-57-#1-275
DELANEY, JAMES               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-785
DELANEY, NORA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-710
DELARM, RICHARD              HAGUE                         NY-57-E-287
DELONG, ZOPHER J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-593
DEMUTH, WILLIAM              BOLTON                        NY-57-I-742
DENISON, IDENE DAYTON        LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-#1-384
DERBY, ANNA M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-758
DERBY, JOHN                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-99
DeROODE, RUDOLF JOHN JULIUS  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-454
DESABLA, MATHILDE            SAN FRANCISCO, S.F., CA       NY-57-G-242
DEVINE, AGNES                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-373
DEVOU, BELINA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-362
DEXTER, ANN R.               CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-382
DEXTER, LYDIA                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-735
DICKINSON, AMY               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-98
DICKINSON, CHARLES A.        QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-341
DICKINSON, EDWARD J.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-424
DICKINSON, GEORGE M.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-418
DICKINSON, JOHN              BOLTON                        NY-57-B-265
DICKINSON, MARTIN            HAGUE                         NY-57-H-506
DICKINSON, MARY J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-678
DICKINSON, MYRON NELSON      WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-748
DICKINSON, SAMUEL C.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-70
DICKINSON, SUMNER            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-641
DIXON, ALANSON               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-6
DIXON, NANCY P.              HARTFORD, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-57-E-522
DOD, CHARLES                 HAGUE                         NY-57-A-14
DODGE, MATILDA M.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-694
DODGE, WILLIS                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-334
DOHERTY, NELLIE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-653
DOLAN, ELIZABETH             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-573
DONAHUE, JOHANNA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-298
DONAHUE, MARY                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-296
DONEY, DELIA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-641
DONEY, MATILDA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-216
DONLON, JOHN                 CHESTER                       NY-57-G-373
DONNAHOE, MICHAEL            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-7
DONNELL, JAMES O.            CHESTER                       NY-57-D-218
DONNELLY, ELLEN              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-742
DONOHUE, DANIEL              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-#1-411
DONOHUE, DANIEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-119
DONOHUE, NORA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-740
DONOVAN, CATHERINE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-677
DONOVAN, DANIEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-567
DONOVAN, RANDALL             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-455
DOOSENGER, GEORGE            CALDWELL                      NY-57-A-219
DORNY, PETER                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-249
DOTY, JOHN C.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-524
DOUGHERTY, ANNA GERTRUDE     GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-318
DOUGHERTY, MARY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-152
DOW, SARAH                   THURMAN                       NY-57-H-378
DRAPER, CHARLOTTE A.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-74
DRISKILL, PATRICK            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-G-367
DUCLOS, MARY                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-779
DUDLEY, FREEDOM G.           CHESTER                       NY-57-C-58
DUELL, GEORGE                BOLTON                        NY-57-F-527
DUELL, IRA                   CHESTER                       NY-57-C-191
DUGGAN, BRIDGET              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-G-47
DUGGAN, JOHN                 WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-719
DUGGAN, MICHAEL              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-743
DUNKLEE, ELLIS               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-I-772
DUNKLEY, FRED                CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-517
DUNKLEY, JANE                CALDWELL                      NY-57-J-222
DUNLOP, GERTRUDE L.          STONY CREEK                   NY-57-#1-235
DUNN, CATHERINE              NTL                           NY-57-F-247
DUNN, CATHERINE              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-688
DUNN, DARWIN G.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-77
DUNN, JOSEPH L.              CHESTER                       NY-57-B-81
DUNN, NAOMI                  KINGSBURY, WASHINGTON, NY     NY-57-J-484
DUNNE, ANN                   NEW BALTIMORE, GREENE, NY     NY-57-I-505
DUNNIVAN, MICHAEL            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-749
DUPUY, MOORE                 HORICON                       NY-57-I-484
DUSENBURY, MARY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-358
DWYER, BRIDGET               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-65
EASTROOD, ALICE M.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-98
EATON, HIRAM B.              CHESTER                       NY-57-B-322
EATON, JOSHUA                CHESTER                       NY-57-A-17
EATON, JULIA A.              CHESTER                       NY-57-E-706
EDDY, ALETTA A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-332
EDDY, GEORGE B.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-305
EDDY, R. JEROME DR.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-755
EDDY, SARAH R.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-606
EGGLESON, EDWARD             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-27
ELDRIDGE, BENJAMIN           CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-386
ELDRIDGE, JAMES C.           CHESTER                       NY-57-I-57
ELDRIDGE, TAYLOR, J.         NORTH CREEK                   NY-57-H-784
ELENS, HARRIET               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-179
ELLIOTT, HELEN C.            POTTERSVILLE                  NY-57-#1-726
ELLIS, SAMUEL                CALDWELL                      NY-57-A-112
ELLSWORTH, ALANSON F.        WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-259
ELLSWORTH, MERCY A.          CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-418
ELLSWORTH, STOKES            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-437
ELMS, HARRIET                CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-352
EMMES, JENNETTE P.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-60
ENCHES, KATHARYN B.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-86
ETHIER, JOSEPH STEPHEN       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-498
EVANS, MARGARETTE            LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-274
EVANS, WILLIAM S.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-629
EVERTS, BRAMAN               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-225
EVERTS, ISAAC                THURMAN                       NY-57-#1-283
EVERTS, LAFAYETTE            THURMAN                       NY-57-G-74
EVERTS, LOIS A.              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-341
EVERTS, MARIA                THURMAN                       NY-57-I-262
FABER, JOSEPH L.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-420
FABER, PETER                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-40
FALVEY, JANE                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-121
FANNER, LOUIS                CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-136
FARFIELD, MARY E.            HAGUE                         NY-57-F-410
FARLIN, WILLIAM B.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-75
FARR, DANIEL C.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-229
FARR, HARRIET J.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-653
FARRELL, HANORA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-22
FARRELL, JOHN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-722
FARRELL, MICHAEL             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-444
FASLIN, DUDLEY               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-208
FAXON, CHARLES H.            CHESTER                       NY-57-G-449
FENN, HELEN W.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-671
FENNEL, ANDREW J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-585
FERGUSON, EVELINE B.         TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-57-D-344
FERGUSON, HENRY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-337
FERGUSON, HIRAM D.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-126
FERGUSON, JOHN               LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-381
FERGUSON, JOHN H.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-669
FERGUSON, MARTHA             CALDWELL                      NY-57-H-82
FERGUSON, SALLY M.           LUZERNE                       NY-57-C-445
FERRIN, MATILDA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-318
FERRISS, ABIGAIL W.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-296
FERRISS, CORNELIA WING       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-605
FERRISS, DAVID               CHESTER                       NY-57-B-263
FERRISS, JOHN A.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-256
FERRISS, JOSEPH              CHESTER                       NY-57-B-291
FERRISS, MARTHA M.           CHESTER                       NY-57-E-148
FERRISS, NANCY M.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-77
FERRISS, ORANGE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-375
FERRISS, SOLOMON             CHESTER                       NY-57-A-397
FERRISS, WESLEY L.           CHESTER                       NY-57-B-79
FERRISS, WILLIAM J.          CHESTER                       NY-57-D-452
FIELDING, HERBERT B.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-552
FIELDING, ISAAC M.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-370
FIELDING, MERCY J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-89
FINCH, GEORGE R.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-763
FINCH, GEORGE R.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-673
FINCH, JEREMIAH W.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-439
FINKLE, ARTHUR D.            BOLTON                        NY-57-E-338
FINKLE, HANNAH               BOLTON                        NY-57-E-489
FINNESSY, JOHN               WINOOSKI, VT                  NY-57-I-759
FIOSTER, JOSEPH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-75
FISH, CHARLES H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-47
FISH, CLARISSA               BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-573
FISH, ELIZA                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-579
FISH, JULIA                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-68
FISH, MARY ELIZABETH         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-56
FISHER, ALICE                LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-338
FISHER, JANE                 LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-205
FISHER, SARAH                LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-80
FITZGERALD, CORNELIUS        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-210
FITZGERALD, DAVID J.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-339
FITZGERALD, MARY             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-58
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM C.       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-702
FLACK, ADAM W.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-479
FLACK, PAULINA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-423
FLAGLER, FRED                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-718
FLEMING, JULIA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-555
FLEWELLING, TIMOTHY          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-261
FLOGER, ELISHA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-91
FLOYD, MARIETTA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-323
FOGG, LINDSEY                CLEVLEAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-57-#1-154
FOLEY, JOHND .               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-679
FOLSOM, ALEXANDER            BAY CITY, BAY, MI             NY-57-F-358
FOLSOM, JOHN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-251
FOOTE, PHILO                 HAGUE                         NY-57-D-215
FORCE, FORTUNATUS            CHESTER                       NY-57-G-690
FORD, TIMOTHY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-424
FOSTER, BETSEY ANN           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-363
FOSTER, DORA H.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-89
FOSTER, FRANKLIN             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-212
FOUNTAIN, EUPHEMIA A.        LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-487
FOVARQUE, HELEN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-4
FOWDEN, JAMES                BOLTON                        NY-57-I-256
FOWLER, CHARLES              CHESTER                       NY-57-D-414
FOWLER, GARDNER              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-184
FOWLER, HARRIET R.           CHESTER                       NY-57-H-626
FRASER, FREEGRACE            ATHOL                         NY-57-A-367
FRASIER, CAROLINE A.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-352
FRASIER, ERASTUS             HORICON                       NY-57-F-468
FREEMAN, JULIA E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-792
FROST, DANIEL C.             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-543
FROST, HELEN E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-396
FROST, MARY                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-555
FROST, MILES                 THURMAN                       NY-57-I-208
FULLER, ANNA M.              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-#1-633
FULLER, DELIA M.             BOLTON                        NY-57-F-550
FULLER, ECKFORD M.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-491
FULLER, EMILY A.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-283
FULLER, FRED                 JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-I-175
FULLER, JAMES                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-334
FULLER, LEVI                 BOLTON                        NY-57-D-55
FULLER, MARY                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-95
FULLER, MARY J.              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-119
FULLER, MARY R.              STONY CREEK                   NY-57-G-228
FULLER, SETH                 CHESTER                       NY-57-A-128
FULLER, SIDNEY               BOLTON                        NY-57-E-365
FULLER, SUSAN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-282

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