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ABERT, CHRISTIANA            GALEN                         NY-59-F-112
ABRAMS, HIRAM                BUTLER                        NY-59-8-547
ACKER, ELECTA M.             MACEDON                       NY-59-8-81
ACKER, JOHN J.               MACEDON                       NY-59-U-329
ACKERMAN, DAMARIS A.         HURON                         NY-59-11-109
ACKERMAN, JENNIE             HURON                         NY-59-8-268
ACKERMAN, PARMELIA           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-313
ACKERSON, JOHN A.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-1
ACKERSON, PETER              ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-257
ACKLEY, ELIZABETH            LYONS                         NY-59-P-269
ADAMS, FRANK M.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-357
ADAMS, HOMER                 MARION                        NY-59-D-192
ADAMS, JAMES R.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-485
ADAMS, JOSEPH                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-353
ADAMS, MARIA H.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-369
ADAMS, MOSES                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-B-250
ADAMS, REUBEN                MARION                        NY-59-E-222
ADAMS, REUBEN                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-154
ADAMS, ROBERT                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-42
ADAMS, WILLIAM               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-46
ADAMS, WILLIAM               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-94A
ADSIT, FREDERICK             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-R-201
AGAN, ELIAS R.               SODUS                         NY-59-M-131
AGAN, RANDALL                SODUS                         NY-59-2-565
AGAW, HARRIET P.             SODUS                         NY-59-P-424
AGETT, JAMES                 LYONS                         NY-59-N-228
AISTROP, THOMAS              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-57
ALBRIGHT, GIDEON             BUTLER                        NY-59-P-212
ALBRIGHT, PETER              CAVANNAH                      NY-59-#1-25
ALDEN, EDE                   SODUS                         NY-59-M-386
ALDEN, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-U-21
ALDRICH, ASAHEL              SODUS                         NY-59-F-313
ALDRICH, BRICE               MARION                        NY-59-F-389
ALDRICH, DAVID S.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-105
ALDRICH, DAVID S.            MACEDON                       NY-59-10-277
ALDRICH, EDMUND T.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-336
ALDRICH, JOSEPH              ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-557
ALDRICH,  MARIETTA           ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-489
ALDRICH, OREN                LYONS                         NY-59-A-305
ALDRICH, OREN                LYONS                         NY-59-A-8
ALEXANDER, JAMES             SODUS                         NY-59-F-316
ALLCOCK, NICHOLAS            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-295
ALLEN, CHARLES               LYONS                         NY-59-H-359
ALLEN, CHARLES C.            SODUS                         NY-59-8-535
ALLEN, ELIZABETH             SODUS                         NY-59-P-405
ALLEN, ETHAN W.              BUTLER                        NY-59-B-61
ALLEN, GEORGE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-461
ALLEN, HARRIET C.            LYONS                         NY-59-O-52
ALLEN, JEREMIAH W.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-S-381
ALLEN, JONATHAN              ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-60
ALLEN, LEVI                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-G-93
ALLEN, LEVI S.               SODUS                         NY-59-L2-213
ALLEN, MARIETTA              LYONS                         NY-59-6-1
ALLEN, PETER                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-87
ALLEN, PHILIP H.             ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-269
ALLEN, SOLOMON               ROSE                          NY-59-M-175
ALLEN, SUSAN                 GALEN                         NY-59-#1-557
ALLERTON, HENRY R.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-569
ALLERTON, MEAD               ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-269
ALLNETT, THOMAS              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-165
ALLPORT, CHAUNCEY            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-371
ALSOP, ELIZA H.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-67
ALTHEN, CHARLES              LYONS                         NY-59-6-445
ALTHEN, DANIEL               LYONS                         NY-59-9-297
AMERMAN, HARRIET M.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-561
ANDERSON, MARGARET           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-441
ANDERSON, WELLS              CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-59-O-38
ANDREW, ALEXANDER            ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-469
ANDREWS, CALEB               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-53
ANDREWS, JACOB               SODUS                         NY-59-I-98
ANDREWS, JOSEPH              SODUS                         NY-59-7-553
ANDREWS, JOSEPH              SODUS                         NY-59-U-133
ANDREWS, WALTON              SODUS                         NY-59-K-344
ANDRUS, BENJAMIN             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-Q-147
ANGEL, ESEK                  GALEN                         NY-59-B-90
ANGELL, MARY                 GALEN                         NY-59-F-96
ANGUISH, MARY R.             GALEN                         NY-59-4-529
ANTHONY, JOHN                MACEDON                       NY-59-O-110
ANTISDALE, MARIA             MACEDON                       NY-59-U-173
ARBOGAST, PHILIP             LYONS                         NY-59-S-409
ARMES, ALMYRA                SODUS                         NY-59-L2-205
ARMINGTON, BENJAMIN          PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-258
ARMINGTON, PHEBE             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-430
ARMITAGE, JOSEPH             GALEN                         NY-59-2-53
ARMS, DANIEL ESQ.            SODUS                         NY-59-A-256
ARMS, ELIZABETH              SODUS                         NY-59-M-424
ARMS, MORRIS                 SODUS                         NY-59-M-427
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES G.        HURON                         NY-59-N-507
ARMSTRONG, CORNELIUS W.      ACADIA                        NY-59-T-269
ARMSTRONG, MOSES             ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-104
ARMSTRONG, TRUMAN            PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-266
ARNOLD, MARY B.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-439
ARNOLD, MARY T.              LYONS                         NY-59-11-509
ARNOLD, PETER                WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-309
ARNOLD, SARAH J.             GALEN                         NY-59-6-561
ARNOT, MINNIE A.             CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-59-11-234
ASAY, HANNAH V.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-557
ASHBY, EBENEZER              SODUS                         NY-59-H-276
ASHLEY, ELIZA J.             LYONS                         NY-59-8-507
ASHLEY, ROBERT W.***         LYONS                         NY-59-F-328
ATKINS, JAMES C.             GALEN                         NY-59-L1-401
ATWATER, BENJAMIN            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-77
ATWELL, JOSEPH               MARION                        NY-59-M-162
ATWTER, THERON               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-404
AUSTIN, ALEXANDER G.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-29
AUSTIN, ANN                  LYONS                         NY-59-3-277
AUSTIN, DORCAS               MARION                        NY-59-R-45
AUSTIN, EZRA                 ROSE                          NY-59-I-522
AUSTIN, HUBBARD T.           ROSE                          NY-59-F-225
AUSTIN, IRA                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-391
AUSTIN, NATHAN L.            MARION                        NY-59-N-21
AUSTIN, PHINEAS B.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-432
AUSTIN, PUSQUA               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-101
AUSTIN, PUSQUA               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-110
AUSTIN, SARAH                LYONS                         NY-59-O-297
AUSTIN, SUSAN                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-105
AUSTIN, WILLIAM J.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-145
AUSTISDALE, PHILANDER        MARION                        NY-59-6-269
AVERY, SABRINA               LYON                          NY-59-U-256
AXTELL, CHARLES              LYONS                         NY-59-G-75
AYERS, ARTEMISSA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-505
BACH, WILLIAM F.             LYONS                         NY-59-11-369
BACHITE, ABRAHAM J.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-325
BACKUS, NUMON S.             MACEDON                       NY-59-10-429
BACKUS, WILLIAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-549
BACON, ABEL 2ND              GALEN                         NY-59-A-27
BACON, NATHAN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-E-236
BACON, RUFUS J.              BUTLER                        NY-59-10-13
BAILARD, MARY                ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-245
BAILEY, BENJAMIN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-95
BAILEY, BENJAMIN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-405
BAILEY, EVANGELINA           ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-354
BAILEY, MARGARET M.          GALEN                         NY-59-11-389
BAILEY, PHEBE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-229
BAIRD, CATHARINE M.          GALEN                         NY-59-P-246
BAKER, AMASA                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-189
BAKER, HARRIET M.            MACEDON                       NY-59-T-229
BAKER, ISAAC                 MACEDON                       NY-59-4-285
BAKER, JOHN                  MACEDON                       NY-59-4-41
BAKER, JOHN W.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-10-336
BAKER, JOSEPH W.             MACEDON                       NY-59-4-105
BAKER, MARY ANN              SODUS                         NY-59-2-393
BAKER, STEPHEN S.            MACEDON                       NY-59-T-457
BAKER, THOMAS                MACEDON                       NY-59-D-505
BAKER, TRUMAN C.             SODUS                         NY-59-H-565
BALDWIN, CATHERINE           ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-114
BALDWIN, ELISHA M.           SODUS                         NY-59-10-209
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH           ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-67
BALDWIN, JUSTUS              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-133
BALL, JOSEPH                 MARION                        NY-59-B-27
BALTZEL, LOUIS               LYONS                         NY-59-M-416
BALTZEL, MAGDALENA           LYONS                         NY-59-S-429
BANCROFT, MARILLA T.         WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-114
BANCROFT, THOMAS             WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-254
BANKS, MAIRA ANN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-105
BANKS, MARY N.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-485
BANNISTER, AUGUSTUS C.       GALEN                         NY-59-O-337
BANTA, ISAAC                 MACEDON                       NY-59-M-187
BARBER, WILLIAM J.           GALEN                         NY-59-4-421
BARCLAY, BARTON              LYONS                         NY-59-4-65
BARDLAY, CHARLES             LYONS                         NY-59-A-237
BARIGER, WILLIAM             MACEDON                       NY-59-B-114
BARKER, JAMES                ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-138
BARKER, MARY E.              LYONS                         NY-59-K-251
BARNES, EDRA A.              GALEN                         NY-59-11-181
BARNES, HORACE               GALEN                         NY-59-P-198
BARNES, PHEBE                GALEN                         NY-59-I-47
BARNES, THOMAS               ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-93
BARNETT, GEORGE W.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-Q-122
BARNETT, WILLIAM H.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-197
BARNEY, WILLIAM J.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-33
BARNHART, ISAAC              MACEDON                       NY-59-H-181
BARNHART, JACOB              ONTARIO, ONTARIO, NY          NY-59-A-129
BARNHART, JACOB              ONTARIO, ONTARIO, NY          NY-59-A-83
BARNUM, MARTIN               MARION                        NY-59-I-195
BAROTN, DAVID                MACEDON                       NY-59-4-221
BARRELL, JUNE E.             ROSE                          NY-59-9-285
BARRETT, JOHN                ROSE                          NY-59-P-159
BARRETT, MATILDA             ROSE                          NY-59-K-341
BARRETT, SIMEON              ROSE                          NY-59-D-383
BARRICK, DAVID               GALEN                         NY-59-P-279
BARRICK, DAVID               LYONS                         NY-59-B-45
BARRICK, GEORGE              GALEN                         NY-59-L1-350
BARRICK, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-F-35
BARTELLS, FRANK L.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-239
BARTLE, JAMES P.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-619
BARTLE, WARREN S.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-97
BARTLETT, NOAH               SODUS                         NY-59-A-162
BARTON, BENJAMIN             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-109
BARTON, BETSEY C.            MARION                        NY-59-S-445
BARTON, CORNELIUS            LYONS                         NY-59-S-389
BARTON, DANIEL               LYONS                         NY-59-R-373
BARTON, ELISHA               LYONS                         NY-59-R-73
BARTON, ELISHA 2ND           ROSE                          NY-59-Q-138
BARTON, ISAAC                HURON                         NY-59-H-436
BARTON, JAMES                MARION                        NY-59-C-148
BARTON, LUCY N.              SODUS                         NY-59-H-428
BARTON, MARGARET             HURON                         NY-59-I-253
BARTON, NATHANIEL J.         BUTLER                        NY-59-G-69
BARTON, SILAS                WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-295
BARTON, STEPHEN              MARION                        NY-59-A-178
BASSETT, FANNY               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-9-1
BASTIAN, APPALONA            LYONS                         NY-59-7-505
BASTIAN, BERNHARD            GALEN                         NY-59-E-291
BASTIAN, GEORGE              LYONS                         NY-59-3-153
BASTIAN, HENRY               LYONS                         NY-59-P-471
BATES, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-8-247
BATES, MINA P.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-373
BATES, NATHANIEL             WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-299
BATES, ORSAMUS T.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-293
BATTER, JOHN                 GALEN                         NY-59-L2-381
BAUGHN, JOHN                 MARION                        NY-59-L2-362
BAXTER, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-S-457
BAXTER, THOMAS               SODUS                         NY-59-Q-116
BEACH, EDWARD                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-526
BEADLE, GEORGE C.            LYONS                         NY-59-4-333
BEADLE, JOHN L.              GALEN                         NY-59-I-635
BEADLE, JUSTIN               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-354
BEADLE, LOAMI                GALEN                         NY-59-N-43
BEADLE, LOAMI                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-R-237
BEADLE, MORRIS D.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-397
BEADLE, THOMAS               LYONS                         NY-59-7-177
BEAL, CALEB                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-C-351
BEAL, CALEB                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-249
BEAL, MELISSA J.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-201
BEAL, RACHAEL                PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-336
BEAL, SARAH A.               MACEDON                       NY-59-6-529
BEAL, WILLIAM                PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-569
BEALE, HENRY                 MARION                        NY-59-P-365
BEALS, SAMUEL JR.            HURON                         NY-59-S-69
BEAM, JOHN                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-59
BEAM, WILLIAM                SODUS                         NY-59-U-497
BEAN, SAMUEL                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-569
BEARD, JOHN C.               GALEN                         NY-59-I-599
BEARDSELL, WILLIAM           LYONS                         NY-59-R-125
BEARDSLEY, DAVID S.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-427
BEARDSLEY, SOPHRONIA         ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-288
BECKER, CORNELIA             GALEN                         NY-59-E-54
BECKER, SARAH ANN            WALCOTT                       NY-59-S-333
BECKWITH, MINERVA NYE        PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-237
BECKWITH, NATHANIEL H.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-80
BECKWITH, STEPHEN            PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-274
BEDFORD, ELIZABETH E.        WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-471
BEDFORD, JOSEPH              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-2-433
BEDFORD, LUCINDA             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-9
BEEBE, LEWIS A.              WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-285
BEEBE, THOMAS W.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-377
BEECHER, ISAAC E.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-566
BEECHER, TAMAR               PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-201
BELA, JEREMIAH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-365
BELDEN, CORNELIA             LYONS                         NY-59-L2-172
BELDEN, RILEY                SODUS                         NY-59-L2-183
BELL, ANN E.                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-291
BELL, HENRY M.               SODUS                         NY-59-K-565
BELL, JACOB                  SODUS                         NY-59-D-178
BELL, JOHN W.                PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-400
BELL, LYDIA S.               SODUS                         NY-59-K-25
BELL, RICHARD                SODUS                         NY-59-K-544
BELL, SAMUEL D.              BUTLER                        NY-59-2-293
BELLAMY, FREDERICK           GALEN                         NY-59-F-183
BELLAMY, JONATHAN            GALEN                         NY-59-D-95
BELLAMY, PHEBE               GALEN                         NY-59-D-401
BENDERLOW, JARED             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-161
BENEDICT, EDWARD             BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-193
BENEDICT, JANE A.            BUTLER                        NY-59-3-37
BENJAMIN, EUGENE L.          ROSE                          NY-59-L2-98
BENJAMIN, LUCRETIA           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-449
BENJAMIN, NELSON             BUTLER                        NY-59-8-33
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM            ROSE                          NY-59-K-178
BENNETT, JAMES               ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-169
BENNETT, JANE                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-346
BENNETT, JEREMIAH            ROSE                          NY-59-C-416
BENNETT, LELIA E.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-377
BENNETT, MYRON H.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-#1-413
BENNETT, SAMUEL              SODUS                         NY-59-6-393
BENSON, ELKANAH              SPAFFORD, ONONDAGA, NY        NY-59-C-370
BENSON, ICHABOD              GALEN                         NY-59-K-623
BENTON, GEORGE               LYONS                         NY-59-I-57
BENTON, GEORGE W.            LYONS                         NY-59-I-201
BENTON, JAMES W.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-10-129
BENTON, JOHN W.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-1
BENTON, SARAH CAROLINE       LYONS                         NY-59-S-265
BERGER, CATHERINE            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-M-546
BERNHARD, EMELIA             SODUS                         NY-59-11-321
BERNS, JOHANNA               LYONS                         NY-59-10-489
BERRY, PATRICK               GALEN                         NY-59-K-321
BERRY, WILLIAM               WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-411
BESLEY, HILINDA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-189
BESLEY, ISAAC                PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-555
BETTYS, SAMUEL R.            ONTARIO                       NY-59-E-210
BICKFORD, LYMAN              MACEDON                       NY-59-11-425
BILLINGS, ALLYN R.           MACEDON                       NY-59-U-441
BILLINGS, BENJAMIN           MACEDO                        NY-59-2-485
BILLINGS, BENJAMIN           MACEDON                       NY-59-B-266
BILLS, HOMER J.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-341
BILLS, JABEZ                 MACDEDON                      NY-59-T-357
BILLS, MARY                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-179
BILLS, RICHARD               WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-423
BIRCH, HENRY                 GALEN                         NY-59-2-413
BIRDSALL, RUTH               MACEDON                       NY-59-B-126
BIRDSALL, THOMAS T.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-353
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM            MACEDON                       NY-59-G-279
BISHOP, HANNAH K.            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-242
BISHOP, SARAH M.             ROSE                          NY-59-6-453
BISSELL, LURA                HURON                         NY-59-L2-237
BISSELL, SIMEON              HURON                         NY-59-E-346
BIXBY, NATHAN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-400
BIXBY, WILLIAM               MARION                        NY-59-A-293
BLACK, JAMES                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-143
BLACKMAR, CATHERINE M.       ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-109
BLACKMAR, ESBON              ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-223
BLACKMAR, ORRIN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-405
BLACKMAR, POLLY              ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-325
BLADES, CHRISTOPHER          HURON                         NY-59-N-475
BLAIN, ABIA                  BUTLER                        NY-59-D-302
BLAISDELL, CATHARINE         SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-197
BLAKEMAN, AMY                GALEN                         NY-59-P-26
BLAKEMAN, DEMAS              GALEN                         NY-59-N-57
BLAKER, THOMAS R.            MACEDON                       NY-59-8-525
BLAKESLEE, ZERAH L.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-222
BLAKMAN, AUGUSTA V.          SODUS                         NY-59-U-461
BLANCHARD, BENJAMIN          HURON                         NY-59-3-249
BLANKENBURG, JOHN            ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-45
BLANSHAN, DANIEL             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-550
BLASDELL, MEDAD              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-D-421
BLAUVELT, ELISHA             HURON                         NY-59-11-501
BLAUVELT, MARGARET           HURON                         NY-59-8-415
BLAUVELT, MARY               HURON                         NY-59-7-417
BLEGLER, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-I-329
BLODGET, PARMELIA            GALEN                         NY-59-O-221
BLOOMER, BENJAMIN D.         LYONS                         NY-59-B-348
BLOOMER, WILLIAM S.          LYONS                         NY-59-K-271
BLYTH, JAMES                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-268
BLYTH, JAMES                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-249
BLYTH, JOSEPH                MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-29
BLYTHE, ALBERT J.            ONTARIO                       NY-59-11-89
BLYTHE, HKIRLEW              WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-562
BLYTHE, WILLIAM J.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-586
BOCKOVEN, JOHN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-177
BOGART, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-L2-7
BOICE, PETER                 MARION                        NY-59-C-201
BOOTH, MERIAM                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-375
BOOTH, ZENAS                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-101
BOPP, HELEN                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-333
BORCHER, PATRICK             WALWORTH                      NY-59-T-161
BORTH, HARRIET               GALEN                         NY-59-4-341
BOSTWICK, HANNAH             ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-109
BOTCHER, CARL                ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-177
BOTTUM, EDWARD W.            LYONS                         NY-59-#1-561
BOUCHER, CLARA A.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-273
BOWDISH, LAURA               PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-281
BOWEN, JOHN                  BRUTUS                        NY-59-B-1
BOWERS, WILLIAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-1
BOX, GEORGE                  SODUS                         NY-59-R-477
BOYD, MARIA                  SODUS                         NY-59-8-3
BOYLAN, HARRIET M.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-528
BOYNTON, L. R.               ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-333
BRACE, EDNA L.               MACEDON                       NY-59-3-345
BRADEN, ELIZA S.             GALEN                         NY-59-#1-161
BRADEN, JOHN                 GALEN                         NY-59-H-288
BRADEN, JOSEPH L.            GALEN                         NY-59-9-65
BRADINGTON, ABRAHAM          SODUS                         NY-59-D-480
BRADISH, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-73
BRADLEY, JAMES M.            LYONS                         NY-59-4-549
BRADLEY, JUDD                LYONS                         NY-59-8-153
BRADLEY, NANCY E.            LYONS                         NY-59-T-353
BRADLEY, THOMAS              LYONS                         NY-59-D-515
BRADLEY, THOMAS              LYONS                         NY-59-B-120
BRAINARD, SETH H.            ROSE                          NY-59-C-182
BRAMAN, ISAAC                MARION                        NY-59-B-30
BRAMAN, MARY J.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-177
BRAMER, CHRISTIAN            SODUS                         NY-59-10-569
BRAND, WILLIAM G.            GALEN                         NY-59-6-489
BRANDT, DUDLEY               BUTLER                        NY-59-H-403
BRANDT, JOHN W.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-549
BRANT, EGBERT                LYONS                         NY-59-O-120
BRANT, HAMILTON              WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-384
BRANT, PETER                 SODUS                         NY-59-N-164
BRANTLING, JOHN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-529
BRASSER, JACOB               SODUS                         NY-59-N-381
BRAUN, KARL                  MACEDON                       NY-59-U-521
BRAYMAN, MARTA               SODUS                         NY-59-3-1
BRAYTON, DAVID               SODUS                         NY-59-O-66
BREEN, ANN                   PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-525
BREEN, WILLIAM               PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-185
BREESE, OTIS D.              MACEDON                       NY-59-L2-160
BREESER, ANTHONY             MACEDON                       NY-59-K-146
BREWSTER, HENRY T.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-525
BRIDGEMAN, JANE              LYONS                         NY-59-11-553
BRIDGER, HENRY               LYONS                         NY-59-U-157
BRIDGER, LYDIA               LYONS                         NY-59-8-551
BRIDGER, MARY E.             LYONS                         NY-59-11-37
BRIDGER,JAMES                ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-29
BRIGGS, ABRAHAM R.           MARION                        NY-59-S-289
BRIGGS, ALVAH                ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-60
BRIGGS, GEORGE W.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-485
BRIGGS, JOHNATHAN            ROSE                          NY-59-S-89
BRIGGS, JONATHAN             ROSE                          NY-59-S-121
BRIGGS, NANCY E.             LYONS                         NY-59-7-565
BRIGGS, RUSSELL D.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-309
BRIGGS, SAMUEL               NTL                           NY-59-A-311
BRIGHAM, EDWARD D.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-197
BRIGHTMAN, RACHEL M.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-157
BRINCKERHOFF, ISAAC          ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-208
BRINK, HIRAM                 HURON                         NY-59-N-174
BRINK, MARTHA                NEWARK                        NY-59-6-318
BRINK, RUTH HATHAWAY         GALEN                         NY-59-7-437
BRINK, TIMOTHY S.            GALEN                         NY-59-S-29
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE B.       WALCOTT                       NY-59-F-78
BRINKERHOFF, HANNAH          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-145
BRINKERHOFF, ISAAC P.        WOOLCOTT                      NY-59-A-90
BRINKERHOFF, PETER J.        WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L2-286
BRINKERHOFF, SALLY           ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-461
BRISTOL, ARNOLD              MACEDON                       NY-59-2-1
BRISTOL, ARNOLD              MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-553
BRISTOL, CORNELIA FRANCES    ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-313
BRITTAIN, JOHN M.            SODUS                         NY-59-Q-13
BRITTON, JOHN S.             ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-309
BRITTON, THOMAS              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-24
BRITTON, WILLIAM             ONTARIO                       NY-59-O-381
BROCK, ELIZABETH             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-189
BROCKWAY, JENNIE B.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-321
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM P.         HURON                         NY-59-N-265
BROCONIER, BARBARA           LYONS                         NY-59-4-325
BRODERICK, MICHAEL           GALEN                         NY-59-2-253
BRONK, CASPAR                ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-404
BRONK, NANCY A.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-465
BRONSON, MORTON              LYONS                         NY-59-4-117
BROOK, THOMAS                GALEN                         NY-59-K-210
BROOKS, THOMAS               LYONS                         NY-59-L1-163
BROWER, ELIZABETH            SODUS                         NY-59-R-321
BROWER, PETER                SODUS                         NY-59-B-164
BROWERE, EDARD A.            LYONS                         NY-59-7-285
BROWN, CHARLES               SEE: BRAUN, KARL              NY-59-U-521
BROWN, CHARLES D.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-305
BROWN, CHARLES H.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-S-357
BROWN, EBENEZER D.           GALEN                         NY-59-D-164
BROWN, ELISHA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-121
BROWN, ELIZAEBTH W.          MACEDON                       NY-59-4-521
BROWN, EPHRAIM               LYONS                         NY-59-E-357
BROWN, ICHABOD               HURON                         NY-59-O-198
BROWN, JOHN                  GALEN                         NY-59-C-323
BROWN, MARY                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-409
BROWN, MILTON S.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-266
BROWN, NATHAN                GALEN                         NY-59-H-125
BROWN, NELSON                MARION                        NY-59-S-425
BROWN, REMEMBER              PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-58
BROWN, SAMUEL                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-545
BROWN, SAMUEL E.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-3-461
BROWN, SETH                  GALEN                         NY-59-E-142
BROWN, TIMOTHY W.            LYONS                         NY-59-9-345
BROWN, WILLIAM B.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-325
BROWN, YOUNGS ALLEN.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-132
BROWNSON, HARRIET T.         LYONS                         NY-59-9-373
BRUMFIELD, ELECTA E.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-457
BRUMFIELD, HARRIET           SODUS                         NY-59-U-517
BRUMFIELD, JAMES             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-614
BRUMFIELD, RICHARD           PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-108
BRUNDIDE, DANIEL             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-412
BRUNDIDGE, HIRAM             ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-188
BRUNDIGE, ALVAH              LYONS                         NY-59-N-545
BRUNO, MICHAEL               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-573
BRUSH, JOSEPH B.             HURON                         NY-59-L2-389
BRUSH, KNOWLES S.            HURON                         NY-59-S-417
BUCKLER, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-9-261
BUCKLEY, JAMES               WALWORTH                      NY-59-B-393
BUCKLEY, LYDIA A.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-170
BUCKLEY, SAMUEL H.           ROME, LENAWEE, MI             NY-59-G-393
BUDD, GILBERT                PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-49
BUELL, FRANCES A.            LYONS                         NY-59-9-33
BUELL, SAMUEL                LYONS                         NY-59-8-473
BUELL, SAMUEL                LYONS                         NY-59-E-247
BUERMAN, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-9-537
BUICK, JACOB Y.              GALEN                         NY-59-P-210
BULLEN, JOSEPH               WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-369
BULLOCK, ALANSON             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-C-329
BULLOCK, IRVIN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-9
BUN, LINDON                  MARION                        NY-59-H-264
BUNCE, JONAS                 SAVANNAH                      NY-59-G-33
BUNCE, THOMAS                BUTLER                        NY-59-R-1
BUNHARD, GEORGE              LYONS                         NY-59-K-381
BURBANK, FRANCES A.          MARION                        NY-59-R-29
BURCH, EPHRAIM               BUTLER                        NY-59-M-123
BURCH, JOEL                  SODUS                         NY-59-I-526
BURCKHART, BARBARA           LYONS                         NY-59-P-337
BURGHDUF, JOSEPH             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-425
BURINGTON, WHEATON           HURON                         NY-59-6-21
BURKHARD, JACOB              LYONS                         NY-59-M-491
BURLEIGH, GEORGE F.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-73
BURNED, JOHN                 MARION                        NY-59-M-98
BURNET, THOMAS               LYONS                         NY-59-B-175
BURNETT, EMILY               LYONS                         NY-59-Q-181
BURNETT, NAHUM               LYONS                         NY-59-G-237
BURNETT, WILLIAM H.          GALEN                         NY-59-T-453
BURNHAM, GARRY C.            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-225
BURNS, JAMES WESLEY          SODUS                         NY-59-8-95
BURR, ISAAC                  MARION                        NY-59-R-441
BURR, NANCY                  MARION                        NY-59-2-421
BURRELL, JASON               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-109
BURRUD, JOHN B.              MARION                        NY-59-T-429
BURRUD, SARAH ANN            MARION                        NY-59-P-431
BURTON, HIRAM                GALEN                         NY-59-L1-379
BURVILLE, MARGARET           ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-393
BUSCH, GEORGE                LYONS                         NY-59-O-397
BUSCHER, CHRISTIAN           ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-245
BUSH, HORATIO                ROSE                          NY-59-L1-130
BUSH, OLIVER                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-22
BUSH, POLLY                  MARION                        NY-59-#1-301
BUSHART, CORNELIUS           MARION                        NY-59-11-253
BUSHNELL, RICHARD            GALEN                         NY-59-C-66
BUSSE, DAVID                 MACEDON                       NY-59-K-4
BUSSEY, CLARINDA             MACEDON                       NY-59-K-636
BUTLER, ADDISON C.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-265
BUTLER, BURR                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-235
BUTLER, CATHERINE            SODUS                         NY-59-6-509
BUTLER, JOHN                 GALEN                         NY-59-L2-180
BUTTERFIELD, MARTIN          PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-25
BUTTON, CYRUS S.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-461
BYERS, THOMAS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-485
CABLE, BALDWIN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-449
CADY, GEORGE                 HURON                         NY-59-R-117
CADY, IRA                    WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-8
CADY, MARY                   HURON                         NY-59-9-253
CADY, PHILO                  GALEN                         NY-59-P-362
CADY, SYLVESTER              GALEN                         NY-59-4-465
CAIN, JOHN                   SAVANNAH                      NY-59-M-101
CAIN, STEPHEN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-204
CALDWELL, FRANCES L.         GALEN                         NY-59-S-9
CALDWELL, JOSEPH             MARION                        NY-59-O-214
CALDWELL, SAMUEL H.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-65
CALHOUN, SAMUEL              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-259
CALKINS, ELIZABETH           GALEN                         NY-59-P-15
CALLWARD, ISAAC              PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-89
CALO, DANIEL                 LYONS                         NY-59-H-47
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-297
CAMPBELL, BRIDGET            MACEDON                       NY-59-8-321
CAMPBELL, DANIEL E.          SAVANNAH                      NY-59-2-401
CAMPBELL, MARY M.            BUTLER                        NY-59-R-213
CAMPBELL, RUFUS M.           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-L1-218
CAPRON, MARIANNE             PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-32
CAPRON, WILLIAM F.           MACEDON                       NY-59-E-273
CAPRON, WILLIAM P.           MACEDON                       NY-59-D-184
CAREY, ELECTA                MARION                        NY-59-2-313
CAREY, JESSE M.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-43
CAREY, JOSEPH                ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-71
CARKNER, JACOB               BUTLER                        NY-59-M-456
CARKNER, MARIA               BUTLER                        NY-59-P-37
CARL, JOHN                   WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-413
CARLE, ABRAHAM J.            MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-273
CARLE, RUTH ANN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-77
CARLEY, JAMES                WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-40
CARLL, ENOCH                 LYONS                         NY-59-F-404
CARLL, POLLY M.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-413
CARL,S ARAH                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-572
CARMAN, ANGELINE             MACEOND                       NY-59-2-465
CARMAN, SAMUEL               WALWORTH                      NY-59-S-129
CAROTHERS, ALBERT H.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-130
CARPENTER, AZEL              SODUS                         NY-59-S-369
CARPENTER, GEORGE S.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-101
CARPENTER, ORVIL             SODUS                         NY-59-10-417
CARPENTER, RHODA             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-539
CARR, GEORGE                 LYONS                         NY-59-C-139
CARR, GEORGE W.              LYONS                         NY-59-D-429
CARR, JOHN                   ROSE                          NY-59-F-371
CARR, STEPHEN                ROSE                          NY-59-H-296
CARRIER, AMAZIAH T.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-79
CARRIS, WILLIAM              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-475
CARROLL, ALICE               GALEN                         NY-59-O-223
CARROLL, MARY                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-94
CARTER, LUCY M.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-385
CARTER, MARY ANN             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-469
CARTWRIGHT, PAMELIA          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L1-180
CARVER, BETTY                LYONS                         NY-59-P-494
CARVER, CHARLOTTE P.         LYONS                         NY-59-U-193
CASE, GAMALIEL               SODUS                         NY-59-8-429
CASE, HUDSON                 LYONS                         NY-59-I-224
CASTENHUBER, FRANZ           LYONS                         NY-59-S-337
CATCHPOLE, JAMES             HURON                         NY-59-T-49
CATCHPOLE, ROBERT A.         ROSE                          NY-59-U-273
CATLIN, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-H-105
CAVENDER, CHARLES            LYONS                         NY-59-10-93
CAVES, THOMAS                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-181
CAYWOOD, JOHN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-L1-303
CENTER, NATHANIEL            BUTLER                        NY-59-D-83
CHADDOCK, ALONZO             ROSE                          NY-59-3-425
CHADDOCK, WILLIAM            ROSE                          NY-59-G-213
CHADWICK, CHARLES C.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-347
CHADWICK, WILLIAM            ROSE                          NY-59-T-237
CHAMBERLAIN, JAPHETH         MACEDON                       NY-59-C-383
CHAPIN, HORACE B.            BUTLER                        NY-59-T-433
CHAPIN, POLLYNA M.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-385
CHAPIN, SPENCER              HURON                         NY-59-I-221
CHAPMAN, ADAD B.             ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY         NY-59-T-117
CHAPMAN, ANN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-573
CHAPMAN, CORDELIA G.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-137
CHAPMAN, DANIEL              ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-505
CHAPMAN, HARMON M.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-303
CHAPMAN, HARRIET             PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-28
CHAPMAN, HENRY A.            MACEDON                       NY-59-O-286
CHAPMAN, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-186
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH              SODUS                         NY-59-U-477
CHAPMAN, RHODA A.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-121
CHAPMAN, WASHINGTON          ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-60
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM             PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-377
CHAPPEL, ABIGAIL             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-539
CHASE, DANIEL                GALEN                         NY-59-L1-51
CHASE, HELEN L.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-177
CHASE, JAMES P.              HURON                         NY-59-6-429
CHASE, SMITH W.              HURON                         NY-59-2-529
CHASE, STEPHEN               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L1-195
CHATTERSON, BETTS            ROSE                          NY-59-E-316
CHATTERSON, HELEN            ROSE                          NY-59-L2-113
CHICQUENNOI, JACOB           SODUS                         NY-59-10-253
CHILD, ELLA S.               GALEN                         NY-59-T-81
CHITTENDEN, ORVILLE          SODUS                         NY-59-3-241
CHUPLER, PETER               ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-118
CHURCH, ADONIJAH             HURON                         NY-59-8-343
CHURCH, ALANSON              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-9
CHURCH, ANN                  HURON                         NY-59-3-525
CHURCH, HIRAM                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-569
CHURCH, JOSEPH               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-57
CHURCH, NOAH B.              HURON                         NY-59-O-464
CLAPP, ELLEN B.              LYONS                         NY-59-10-354
CLAPPER, JACOB               ROSE                          NY-59-D-352
CLARK, ALBERT                GALEN                         NY-59-D-196
CLARK, ARON                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-D-290
CLARK, ARSEL                 MACEDON                       NY-59-6-513
CLARK, CONWAY P.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-445
CLARK, DENNIS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-259
CLARK, EMMA                  LYONS                         NY-59-8-39
CLARK, EZEKIEL               MARION                        NY-59-N-67
CLARK, FRANK H.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-273
CLARK, HANNAH                PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-101
CLARK, HENRY M.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-189
CLARK, JOHN                  MARION                        NY-59-U-17
CLARK, MOLTBY                PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-163
CLARK, MOSES                 GALEN                         NY-59-H-446
CLARK, NEWTON                ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-466
CLARK, OLIVER                PALMYRA                       NY-59-C-269
CLARK, SAMUEL                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-104
CLARK, SARAH E.              MARION                        NY-59-2-157
CLARK, SEYMOUR               WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-415
CLARK, SIBYL A.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-506
CLARK, WILLIAM A.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-6-177
CLARK, WILLIAM H.            ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-29
CLARK, WILLIS                MARION                        NY-59-8-417
CLARKE, SYLVESTER            GALEN                         NY-59-O-352
CLAUSZ, GEORGE               SODUS                         NY-59-6-493
CLAUSZ, MAGDALENA            GALEN                         NY-59-10-441
CLEMANS, ASAPH               WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-119
CLICQUENNOI, MARINUS         WILIAMSON                     NY-59-6-389
CLINE, CLAUDIUS D.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-418
CLINE, GERTRUDE M.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-405
CLOSS, DAVID                 GALEN                         NY-59-F-209
CLOSS, EVELINE ADELIA        ROSE                          NY-59-D-315
CLOSS, GEORGE                GALEN                         NY-59-L1-202
CLOSS, LAURA ANN             GALEN                         NY-59-10-109
COATES, JAMES                LYONS                         NY-59-D-379
COATS, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-R-161
COATS, WILLIAM               HURON                         NY-59-M-317
COBB, JOHN M.                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-324
COCHRAN, SARAH M.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-125
COCKSHAW, JOHN               CLYDE                         NY-59-9-161
COFFIN, LATHAM               ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-23
COGSWELL, AMELIA             ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-219
COGSWELL, HIRAM S.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-161
COGSWELL, ROBERT             MARION                        NY-59-I-312
COGSWELL, SANFORD S.         ONTARIO                       NY-59-Q-4
COGSWELL, WILLIAM            MARION                        NY-59-3-158
COGSWELL, WILLIAM B.         MARION                        NY-59-L2-31
COLBURN, MARY                ROSE                          NY-59-I-261
COLCORD, JOSIAH              HURON                         NY-59-4-209
COLE, ANN                    WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-153
COLE, BENJAMIN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-229
COLE, BENJAMIN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-43
COLE, CELESTA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-117
COLE, CORNELIUS              SODUS                         NY-59-4-89
COLE, ELIZABETH E.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-212
COLE, LUCIUS                 LYONS                         NY-59-M-543
COLE, ORIN                   LYONS                         NY-59-L1-159
COLE, RACHAEL                WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-25
COLE, ROSANNAH ANN           PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-136
COLE, SAMANTHA               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-393
COLE, SAMUEL                 LYONS                         NY-59-N-188
COLE, SAMUEL J.              LYONS                         NY-59-U-165
COLE, SUSANNAH               LYONS                         NY-59-2-93
COLE, WELCOME                BUTLER                        NY-59-T-313
COLE, WILLIAM                ROSE                          NY-59-U-397
COLE, WILLIAM P.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-31
COLLEREAUX, PETER            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-348
COLLIER, JASON               SODUS                         NY-59-H-272
COLLIN, CORNELIUS            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-401
COLLINS, TIMOTHY             LYONS                         NY-59-9-541
COLLINS, WILLIAM             GALEN                         NY-59-H-239
COLLINS, WILLIAM D.          SODUS                         NY-59-7-317
COLLWARD, JOHN               MARION                        NY-59-9-129
COLVIN, JOHN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-B-133
COLYN, ARY                   MARION                        NY-59-M-242
COLYN, MARY                  MARION                        NY-59-M-282
COMSTOCK, JAMES M.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-226
COMSTOCK, JERUSHA S.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-482
CONGDON, ACHSAH              MARION                        NY-59-U-510
CONGDON, STEPHEN T.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-112
CONGDON, THOMAS              MARION                        NY-59-O-40
CONGDON, ZEPHANIAH           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-386
CONGER, REBECCA J.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-341
CONK, HENDRICK               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-24
CONK, HENDRICK               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-253
CONKLIN, TUNIS               GALEN                         NY-59-E-58
CONLEY, JAMES                MAEDON                        NY-59-7-453
CONLTER, MARGARET            BUTLER                        NY-59-9-433
CONNER, WESSEL               ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-450
CONNORS, JOHN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-9
CONROW, ANDREW               WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-292
CONROW, ANN                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-489
CONVERSE, HIRAM              GALEN                         NY-59-2-137
CONWAY, MARY JANE            GALEN                         NY-59-10-573
COOK, ABRAHAM                NTL                           NY-59-C-273
COOK, CORNELIA M.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-373
COOK, DELOSS                 BUTLER                        NY-59-F-149
COOK, GEORGE                 MACEDON                       NY-59-P-84
COOK, JOHN                   WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-361
COOK, NATHAN                 NTL                           NY-59-C-173
COOK, PHILLIP                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-D-201
COOK, RACHEL                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-489
COOK, STEPHEN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-242
COOK, WILLIS                 MACEDON                       NY-59-11-545
COOKE, JOHN                  LYONS                         NY-59-O-103
COON, CLARISSA               NAPIERVILLE, DUPAGE, IL       NY-59-G-123
COONRADT, MARY E.            WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-389
COONS, ALEXANDER             ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-437
COOPER, GRIFFETH M.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-314
COOPER, OLIVE M.             ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-197
COOPER, SARAH W.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-309
CORLETT, WILLIAM             MARION                        NY-59-8-521
CORLETT, WILLIAM             MARION                        NY-59-P-434
CORMAN, JACOB                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-89
CORNELL, ALLEN               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-404
CORNELS, SOPHRONIA A.        ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-555
CORNWALL, EVALIN             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-177
CORNWELL, EASON              PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-221
CORNWELL, EMILY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-93
CORNWELL, JOHN S.            ROSE                          NY-59-G-219
CORRINE, LEONARD P.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-375
CORWIN, ASA                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-76
CORWIN, ESTHER               ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-13
CORWIN, JAMES                LYONS                         NY-59-B-7
CORWIN, NANCY                ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-238
CORY, WILLIAM                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-340
COTTON, EPHRAIM              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-496
COTTON, SUSAN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-490
COTTREL, JOHN P.             SODUS                         NY-59-3-477
COTTRELL, SARAH ANN          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-41
COUCH, NANCY B.              MACEDON                       NY-59-3-41
COULTER, ALEXANDER           ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-388
COURTER, BETHUEL B.          ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-29
COURTER, BETSEY              ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-496
COURTRIGHT, BETSEY E.        HURON                         NY-59-9-417
COUSEN, MICHAEL              MARION                        NY-59-11-173
COVELL, SEYMOUR              ROSE                          NY-59-6-213
COVILLE, HARRIET             MACEDON                       NY-59-7-213
COWAN, JAMES                 ROSE                          NY-59-C-211
COWEL, SAMUEL B.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-F-398
COWELL, MARK                 BUTLER                        NY-59-N-538
COWELL, RANSOM               HURON                         NY-59-N-268
COWLES, GEORGE W.            CLYDE                         NY-59-11-309
COX, DOROTHY W.              MACEDON                       NY-59-P-5
COX, THOMAS                  MACEDON                       NY-59-K-346
COX, THOMAS C.               MACEDON                       NY-59-O-155
COZZENS, ANN M.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-125
CRAFT, BENJAMIN              ROSE                          NY-59-H-369
CRAFT, EMILY A.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-M-549
CRAFTS, ALFRED P.            WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-329
CRAGGS, JAMES B.             PULTNEYVILLE                  NY-59-U-222
CRAGGS, RICHARD              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-250
CRAGGS, THOMAS               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-3-457
CRAIG, MELISSA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-561
CRAIG, URIAH                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-381
CRAM, SAMUEL D.              LYONS                         NY-59-D-272
CRANDALL, NATHANIEL          PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-301
CRANDALL, RICHARD S.         SAVANNAH                      NY-59-8-493
CRANDALL, SETH               WALCOTT                       NY-59-M-606
CRANE, CALEB                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-6-477
CRANE, JACOB G.              MARION                        NY-59-M-260
CRANE, ZEBINA                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-29
CRATAR, MATTHIAS             ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-9
CRAW, MORRIS                 BUTLER                        NY-59-N-177
CRAWFORD, EMELINE P.         GALEN                         NY-59-3-517
CREAGER, ABRAHAM             PHELPS                        NY-59-D-237
CREAGER, DAVID               GALEN                         NY-59-F-228
CREAGER, GEORGE              GALEN                         NY-59-I-198
CREAGER, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-I-510
CREAGER, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-9-573
CREAGER, PHILIP              GALEN                         NY-59-H-63
CREAGER, VALENTINE           LYONS                         NY-59-A-228
CREGNE, HARMON C.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-29
CRESSEY, NOAH                MARION                        NY-59-N-138
CRESSY, ALBERT F.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-89
CRICK, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-T-13
CRISLER, ADAM                ROSE                          NY-59-10-265
CROSBY, AMY                  MACEDON                       NY-59-N-316
CROSBY, COELEUS E.           GALEN                         NY-59-F-204
CROSBY, OBADIAH              ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-353
CROSS, SAMUEL S.             GALEN                         NY-59-#1-81
CROTHERS, LYMAN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-453
CROUCHER, ISAAC SR.          MARION                        NY-59-T-137
CROUL, COLUMBUS              LYONS                         NY-59-R-421
CROUL, GEORGE                LYONS                         NY-59-P-463
CROUL, JAMES S.              LYONS                         NY-59-R-453
CROUL, KATHERINE V.          LYONS                         NY-59-7-181
CROUL, MARIAH                LYONS                         NY-59-11-153
CROWELL, SARAH C.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-97
CRUMMEY, MATTHEW             GALEN                         NY-59-P-223
CUDDEBACK, JACOB             BUTLER                        NY-59-D-240
CUDDEBACK, SAMUEL            ONTARIO                       NY-59-M-522
CUDLEY, HORACE A.            WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-77
CUER, WILLIAM S.             SODUS                         NY-59-M-296
CULL, CHARLES                ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-256
CULVER, APPOLOS ANDERSON     ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-205
CULVER, CHARLES              LYONS                         NY-59-G-249
CULVER, COOPER               ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-368
CULVER, EMILY                LYONS                         NY-59-L2-385
CULVER, HELEN M.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-129
CULVER, HORACE T.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-379
CULVER, STEPHEN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-429
CUMMINGS, MICHAEL            MACEDON                       NY-59-N-497
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK          BUTLER                        NY-59-Q-86
CURRY, PATRICK               GALEN                         NY-59-2-521
CURTIS, BENJAMIN             MARION                        NY-59-D-120
CURTIS, ELIZA E.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-453
CURTIS, SAMUEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-F-63
CURTIS, SETH                 MARION                        NY-59-I-349
CURTIS, SILAS                MARION                        NY-59-B-292
CURTIS, WILLIAM S.           MARION                        NY-59-6-85
CURTISS, PHEBE               GALEN                         NY-59-O-172
CUVELIER, ABRAM              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-165
CUYLER, ABRAM H.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-338
CUYLER, CAROLINE ***         PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-197
CUYLER, GEORGE W.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-384
CUYLER,  JOHN B.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-481
CUYLER, SAMUEL C.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-626

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