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LACEY, WILLIAM                          OH-2-B-416
LACKEY, WILLIAM                         OH-2-G-567
LAKIN, JOANA                            OH-2-F-505
LAMBERT, NAHUM                          OH-2-C-163
LAMBERTON, ROBERT                       OH-2-D-207
LAMISON, CHARLES W.                     OH-2-F-592
LAMMERMANN, JOHN                        OH-2-E-46
LAMMERS, MARIA G.                       OH-2-E-283
LANDICK, CAROLINE                       OH-2-L-146
LANG, ABRAHAM                           OH-2-A-15
LANG, GEORGE F.                         OH-2-I-90
LANG, JOHN A.                           OH-2-B-52
LANGAN, HUGH                            OH-2-C-472
LANGAN, M. M.                           OH-2-J-136
LANGAN, MARY                            OH-2-J-210
LANGAN, SUSAN                           OH-2-I-162
LANGBRAKE, SIMON                        OH-2-F-177
LANGE, CHARLES                          OH-2-E-119
LANGSTAFF, MILES                        OH-2-C-31
LANNAY, EDWARD                          OH-2-G-305
LANZ, MARGARETE                         OH-2-J-173
LASHLEY, JOB                            OH-2-D-470
LAUCK, HARRIET F.                       OH-2-F-355
LAUDICK, CONRAD                         OH-2-C-549
LAUER, PHILIP                           OH-2-A-107
LAUSE, BALS HENRY                       OH-2-B-602
LAUSE, JOHN FREDERICK                   OH-2-G-84
LAUZ, NICHOLAS                          OH-2-G-144
LAWLOR, SAMUEL                          OH-2-H-454
LAWRENCE, ORRA                          OH-2-K-190
LAWTHER, ROBERT B.                      OH-2-E-155
LAYCOCK, REBECCA                        OH-2-C-586
LEASURE, HANNAH P.                      OH-2-L-131
LEATHERMAN, HENRY                       OH-2-A-150
LEATHERMAN, MICHAEL                     OH-2-B-371
LEATHY, JOHN                            OH-2-B-142
LEAVENS, HARRIET B.                     OH-2-H-191
LEE, ANN M.                             OH-2-B-110
LEE, ARA                                OH-2-J-380
LEE, JOHN R.                            OH-2-L-250
LEECH, JOSEPHINE                        OH-2-L-471
LEEDOM, EMMA                            OH-2-E-474
LEEDOM, GEORGE P.                       OH-2-J-46
LEEDY, CHRISTINA                        OH-2-L-148
LEEDY, EVE                              OH-2-C-77
LEEDY, JACOB                            OH-2-I-81
LEEGARDEN, JOHN                         OH-2-B-83
LEHMAN, ADOLPH                          OH-2-L-363
LEIST, CURTIS                           OH-2-K-40
LEMASTERS, PHILIP                       OH-2-L-459
LESCHY, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-H-66
LEVINESS, MARION                        OH-2-J-114
LEWIS, MARTIN                           OH-2-C-570
LEWIS, SUSAN MARIA                      OH-2-J-232
LEY, SEBASTIAN                          OH-2-D-95
LIBER, GEORGE                           OH-2-B-378
LIGHT, ABRAHAM                          OH-2-L-274
LINDMANN, FREDERICK                     OH-2-D-250
LINDSAY, SAMUEL M.                      OH-2-C-196
LING, CONRAD                            OH-2-B-260
LINTON, EDNA                            OH-2-G-603
LIPFERT, REGINA                         OH-2-D-400
LIPFERT, WILLIAM                        OH-2-F-300
LIPPENCOTT, AMOS                        OH-2-I-262
LIPSETT, WILLIAM                        OH-2-F-523
LIVERMORE, WILLIAM                      OH-2-H-33
LOCHHEAD, WILLIAM M.                    OH-2-G-508
LOCKE, CATHARINE                        OH-2-K-281
LOCKWOOD, JAMES D.                      OH-2-G-533
LOGAN, FINDLEY                          OH-2-A-155
LOGAN, JOSEPH                           OH-2-B-505
LOGAN, JOSEPH SR.                       OH-2-1-36
LOMISON, JAMES B.                       OH-2-K-553
LOMMASON, SARAH A.                      OH-2-G-609
LOMMASSON, WILLIAM                      OH-2-L-350
LONES, AARON J.                         OH-2-D-9
LONES, JOHN                             OH-2-G-137
LONES, MILTON                           OH-2-E-481
LONG, FREDRICA                          OH-2-G-82
LONG, ISAAC N.                          OH-2-C-203
LONG, MARY E.                           OH-2-L-355
LONG, SARAH                             OH-2-C-231
LONGACRE, ISAAC Z.                      OH-2-B-238
LOOMIS, DILLA MAIE                      OH-2-J-206
LOTT, ELIZABETH W.                      OH-2-K-285
LOUTH, PHILIP                           OH-2-G-623
LOVE, LEONARD                           OH-2-B-469
LOVETT, JOHN                            OH-2-L-561
LOVETT, JOSEPHINE                       OH-2-J-339
LOWERY, JAMES G.                        OH-2-B-516
LOWE,S BARBARA                          OH-2-K-373
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          OH-2-K-431
LOY, J. E.                              OH-2-G-454
LOYER, JACOB                            OH-2-G-354
LUCID, CATHARINE                        OH-2-J-337
LUCKEY, N. F.                           OH-2-G-441
LUDWIG, GEORGE W.                       OH-2-J-165
LUDWIG, JOHN                            OH-2-G-553
LUERSMANN, HENRY                        OH-2-C-55
LUGABELL, BARBARA                       OH-2-B-472
LUGABIHL, DAVID                         OH-2-F-163
LUGIBILL, DAVID P.                      OH-2-F-595
LUGINBUHL, JOHN W.                      OH-2-F-296
LUSK, EDWARD G.                         OH-2-A-140
LUSK, MARION D.                         OH-2-J-321
LYNCH, RACHEL J.                        OH-2-I-243
LYON, JOSEPH                            OH-2-B-500
LYONS, GERTRUDE M.                      OH-2-L-63
LYONS, JOHN                             OH-2-K-90
LYONS, MARY                             OH-2-G-41
LYONS, MICHAEL E.                       OH-2-K-459
MACCRACKEN, GEORGE W.                   OH-2-K-415
MACK, CHRISTIAN                         OH-2-D-20
MACKEN, MARY A.                         OH-2-J-296
MADDEN, JOHN                            OH-2-G-399
MAIER, ANTHONY                          OH-2-C-73
MAKELY, JOSEPH                          OH-2-E-551
MALTBIE, ANN                            OH-2-E-25
MALTBIE, HARRISON                       OH-2-E-525
MALTBIE, W. F.                          OH-2-I-88
MALTIBIL, SUE                           OH-2-K-142
MAMAUGH, WILLIAM                        OH-2-C-100
MANAHAN, JOHN C.                        OH-2-E-321
MANGES, LIZZIE                          OH-2-I-75
MANNERS, WILLIAM                        OH-2-B-338
MARBAUGH, MARY C.                       OH-2-J-25
MARBLE, MARY E.                         OH-2-L-236
MARMON, JAMES Y.                        OH-2-E-401
MARSH, DAVID                            OH-2-E-562
MARSHALL, C. C.                         OH-2-D-139
MARSHALL, CYRUS                         OH-2-E-415
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        OH-2-D-540
MARSHALL, RICHARD B.                    OH-2-C-140
MARSHALL, THOMAS B.                     OH-2-K-208
MARSHALL, WILLIAM H.                    OH-2-K-457
MARTIN, ABSALOM                         OH-2-J-164
MARTIN, ARCHILAS                        OH-2-D-148
MARTIN, JON                             OH-2-K-312
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         OH-2-D-527
MARTZ, GEORGE WASHINGTON                OH-2-J-397
MASON, MARQUIS D.                       OH-2-J-272
MASON, ZALMON R.                        OH-2-K-218
MASSE, MARGARET JANE                    OH-2-B-321
MASSEY, ALEXANDER                       OH-2-G-260
MASTERS, WILLIAM                        OH-2-E-276
MAURER, JOHN                            OH-2-C-469
MAXWELL, JACOB R.                       OH-2-K-469
MAXWELL, MARY                           OH-2-G-228
MAY, ALBERT                             OH-2-H-81
MAY, JOHN                               OH-2-J-32
MAYBERRY, JAMES                         OH-2-B-404
MAYBERRY, REBECCA                       OH-2-H-501
MAYER, BARBARA                          OH-2-H-143
MAYER, JOHN                             OH-2-G-257
MCBETH, JAMES                           OH-2-G-47
MCCABE, EDWARD                          OH-2-E-216
MCCAREY, THOMAS                         OH-2-K-498
MCCAREY, WILLIAM                        OH-2-J-375
MCCARTER, WILLIAM                       OH-2-L-185
MCCARTHY, MARGARET                      OH-2-K-314
MCCARTNEY, JACOB J.                     OH-2-D-259
MCCAULEY, ALBERT H.                     OH-2-L-328
MCCLAIN, JAMES                          OH-2-B-280
MCCLAIN, NANCY L.                       OH-2-K-249
MCCLAIN, NANCY L.                       OH-2-K-558
MCCLANE, DAVID                          OH-2-L-56
MCCLINTOCK, JAMES                       OH-2-H-124
MCCLUER, MOSES                          OH-2-H-385
MCCLURE, ANDREW                         OH-2-A-165
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-E-229
MCCOY, ANDREW                           OH-2-A-23
MCCOY, ELIJAH                           OH-2-C-5
MCCOY, JANE                             OH-2-J-125
MCCOY, MOSES                            OH-2-F-232
MCCRACKEN, SARAH E.                     OH-2-J-190
MCCRAY, MICHAEL                         OH-2-K-290
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                        OH-2-B-53
MCCULLOUGH, GEORGE M.                   OH-2-K-325
MCCULLOUGH, SAMANTHA S.                 OH-2-F-363
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL C.                   OH-2-D-458
MCDONALD, PATRICK                       OH-2-E-445
MCDONEL, JAMES I.                       OH-2-K-164
MCDONOUGH, JAMES                        OH-2-J-67
MCFALAND, SARAH                         OH-2-K-376
MCFENTON, WILLIAM                       OH-2-E-272
MCGILL, TIMOTHY                         OH-2-L-451
MCGINNIS, KEZZIAH                       OH-2-G-459
MCGRIEVY, ANASTATIA                     OH-2-I-255
MCGUFF, MARY                            OH-2-L-574
MCGUIRE, ETHEL MAY                      OH-2-J-400
MCHENRY, MALVINA                        OH-2-F-8
MCHENRY, WILLIAM                        OH-2-E-242
MCKINNEY, DANIEL                        OH-2-L-192
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS A.                   OH-2-L-341
MCMAHON, JEREMIAH                       OH-2-D-389
MCMILLEN, LEANDER B.                    OH-2-E-395
MCMILLER, MARY E.                       OH-2-L-61
MCNARY, MARY JANE                       OH-2-D-22
MCPHERON, WILLIAM C.                    OH-2-K-440
MCPHERRON, GEORGE W.                    OH-2-G-516
MCPHERSON, DAVID                        OH-2-H-88
MECHLING, JOHN                          OH-2-B-365
MECHLING, MARY                          OH-2-J-426
MECHLINGS, WILLIAM                      OH-2-C-395
MEEKS, AMOS                             OH-2-F-24
MEEKS, C. H.                            OH-2-L-208
MEEKS, SAMUEL W.                        OH-2-C-255
MEHAFFEY, ROBERT                        OH-2-J-388
MEHAFFEY, ROBERT C.                     OH-2-K-278
MEILY, CATHERINE                        OH-2-J-18
MELHORN, JOHN                           OH-2-J-39
MELL, GEORGE                            OH-2-B-137
MELL, IDA B.                            OH-2-K-592
MELL, JOHN C.                           OH-2-H-408
MERCIER, CATHERINE ONEILL               OH-2-L-568
MEREDITH, ANN                           OH-2-F-35
MERGENTHAL, CASPER                      OH-2-A-83
MERHEANY, WILLIAM LAYTON                OH-2-L-141
MERICLE, SOLOMON                        OH-2-C-138
MERTZ, ANNA C.                          OH-2-K-438
MERTZ, JAMES D.                         OH-2-K-211
MESKER, CASPER                          OH-2-C-337
METHEANY, ESTHER A.                     OH-2-J-386
METHEANY, IDA MORTON                    OH-2-I-175
METHEANY, RICHARD                       OH-2-C-339
METZGER, CLARA C.                       OH-2-J-371
METZGER, SAMUEL                         OH-2-G-294
MEYER, A. F. WILLIAM                    OH-2-C-201
MEYER, CHRISTIAN                        OH-2-J-60
MEYER, JOHN                             OH-2-E-197
MEYER, JOHN                             OH-2-L-246
MEYER, JOHN JACOB                       OH-2-A-87
MEYERS, MARY M.                         OH-2-J-14
MICAH, REES                             OH-2-B-270
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-B-215
MILLER, ANTHONY                         OH-2-L-209
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        OH-2-G-96
MILLER, BENONI                          OH-2-I-221
MILLER, CATHARINE                       OH-2-D-298
MILLER, CATHARINE                       OH-2-F-333
MILLER, ELI                             OH-2-G-342
MILLER, EMANUEL                         OH-2-C-108
MILLER, HENRY                           OH-2-L-44
MILLER, HENRY                           OH-2-L-30
MILLER, HENRY F.                        OH-2-C-428
MILLER, ISAAC                           OH-2-A-26
MILLER, JACKSON                         OH-2-B-69
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-2-B-26
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-2-C-19
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-2-C-239
MILLER, JOHN B.                         OH-2-D-361
MILLER, JOHN C.                         OH-2-E-185
MILLER, JOHN G.                         OH-2-K-65
MILLER, JOHN M.                         OH-2-D-51
MILLER, JONATHAN K.                     OH-2-B-580
MILLER, JOSEPH                          OH-2-D-372
MILLER, LAURA A.                        OH-2-D-543
MILLER, LOUISA                          OH-2-K-349
MILLER, MARCUS                          OH-2-C-159
MILLER, MARGARET                        OH-2-J-259
MILLER, RACHEL                          OH-2-C-431
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OH-2-C-293
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OH-2-B-192
MILLER, SARAH                           OH-2-C-24
MILLER, THOMAS                          OH-2-G-234
MILLER, TOBIAS                          OH-2-K-444
MILLER, WILLIAM W.                      OH-2-H-1
MILLS, SQUIRE                           OH-2-J-410
MILNOR, WILLIAM                         OH-2-K-1
MINKHAUS, HENRY                         OH-2-B-307
MINKHOUS, SOPHIA                        OH-2-C-375
MITCHELL, DAVID B.                      OH-2-H-469
MITCHELL, PHILIP K.                     OH-2-J-92
MITCHELL, THORNTON T.                   OH-2-J-199
MOCHWORT, JOHN                          OH-2-J-90
MOCK, CONRAD                            OH-2-K-192
MOENTER, FRANK F.                       OH-2-G-112
MOENTER, JOHN HENRY                     OH-2-J-348
MOHN, JANE L.                           OH-2-E-566
MONFORT, CATHARINE                      OH-2-J-279
MONTAGUE, JAMES                         OH-2-E-438
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      OH-2-L-134
MOORE, ELIJAH                           OH-2-D-107
MOORE, ELLEN                            OH-2-J-109
MOORE, HENRY A.                         OH-2-J-455
MOORE, MARY                             OH-2-E-472
MOORMAN, CALVIN                         OH-2-G-165
MOORMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-2-K-55
MOORMAN, JACOB M.                       OH-2-G-531
MORE, LAURA                             OH-2-F-149
MORGAN, MARY D.                         OH-2-J-112
MORGAN, THOMAS                          OH-2-B-180
MORGANS, ALLEN                          OH-2-G-246
MORRIS, EDWARD                          OH-2-H-405
MORRIS, ELMINA                          OH-2-E-542
MORRIS, HENRY                           OH-2-C-178
MORRIS, JAMES T.                        OH-2-J-515
MORRIS, JOHN                            OH-2-B-388
MORRIS, JOHN W.                         OH-2-I-147
MORRIS, JOSEPHINE                       OH-2-E-325
MORRIS, THOMAS J.                       OH-2-I-182
MORT, JANE                              OH-2-C-167
MORT, MARY EMILY                        OH-2-C-195
MORTON, FANNIE                          OH-2-F-352
MOSER, ALBERT                           OH-2-H-505
MOSER, CALVIN                           OH-2-F-93
MOSER, JACOB                            OH-2-K-109
MOSIER, JOHN W.                         OH-2-F-124
MOSIER, SARAH E.                        OH-2-L-330
MOSIER, VALENTINE                       OH-2-F-304
MOTTER, ISAAC S.                        OH-2-J-128
MOTTER, MARY A.                         OH-2-F-447
MOULTON, BENJAMIN M.                    OH-2-J-155
MOWEN, JOHN WILLIAM                     OH-2-J-261
MOWERY, AMOS                            OH-2-G-299
MOWERY, ISAAC                           OH-2-K-301
MOWERY, PETER                           OH-2-D-151
MOWREY, SAMUEL                          OH-2-B-111
MOYERS, HENRY H.                        OH-2-D-243
MULCAHY, HONORA                         OH-2-H-275
MULCAHY, THOMAS                         OH-2-C-222
MULHOLLAND, MALINDA                     OH-2-L-449
MULLENOUR, HENRY                        OH-2-F-497
MULLER, MICHAEL                         OH-2-D-187
MUMAUGH, AMANDA                         OH-2-L-264
MUMAUGH, ELIZABETH J.                   OH-2-K-47
MUMAUGH, ORRIS C.                       OH-2-J-435
MUMMA, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-J-382
MUNSINGER, JAMES L.                     OH-2-I-157
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       OH-2-H-442
MURPHY, DAVID H.                        OH-2-L-345
MURPHY, EDWARD                          OH-2-J-423
MURRAY, JAMES W.                        OH-2-D-228
MURRAY, JOHN W.                         OH-2-H-203
MURRY, JOSHUA                           OH-2-B-625
MUSSER, MARY                            OH-2-K-399
MYERS, JACOB                            OH-2-A-22
MYERS, JOSEPH H.                        OH-2-K-57
MYERS, LEAH                             OH-2-G-206
MYERS, MARY A.                          OH-2-D-185
MYERS, SAMUEL                           OH-2-L-38
NAPIER, WILLIAM                         OH-2-H-322
NEAL, DAVID W.                          OH-2-H-395
NEELY, JAMES                            OH-2-F-242
NEELY, JOHN D.                          OH-2-K-127
NEELY, MARY                             OH-2-C-52
NEELY, WILLIAM                          OH-2-C-408
NEFF, CATHARINE                         OH-2-E-369
NEFF, JOHN G.                           OH-2-C-510
NEHER, DAVID                            OH-2-A-37
NEHER, SAMUEL                           OH-2-F-359
NEIN, HENRY                             OH-2-L-545
NEISWANDER, CHRISTIAN                   OH-2-1-31
NEISWANDER, ISAAC                       OH-2-E-127
NEISWANDER, JOHN                        OH-2-1-28
NEISWANDER, MICHAEL                     OH-2-F-100
NEUENSCHWANDER, ADAM M.                 OH-2-L-106
NEUENSCHWANDER, FANNY                   OH-2-H-181
NEUENSCHWANDER, JOHN                    OH-2-D-492
NEUENSHWANDER, MICHAEL                  OH-2-B-508
NEUMMER, NICHOLAS                       OH-2-C-215
NEUSCHWANDER, JOHN M.                   OH-2-C-152
NEWBRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-2-H-44
NEWCOMER, FRANCIS                       OH-2-A-408
NEWLAND, RACHEL J.                      OH-2-K-590
NEWMAN, WILLAIM                         OH-2-L-422
NICHOLAS, MARTHA A.                     OH-2-G-627
NICHOLS, WARREN                         OH-2-B-212
NICOLET, FRANCIS                        OH-2-D-463
NIEMEYER, DAVID                         OH-2-D-368
NIEMEYER, MATHIAS                       OH-2-G-598
NIERGENGARTEN, PETER                    OH-2-J-365
NIXON, JOHN B.                          OH-2-L-597
NOBLE, JOHN T.                          OH-2-L-388
NOLL, HENRY                             OH-2-D-321
NOONAN, MARY                            OH-2-C-17
NOONAN, MICHAEL                         OH-2-H-138
NUCE, MARGARET                          OH-2-J-11
NUNGESTER, MARY                         OH-2-G-300
NUNGESTER, MARY C.                      OH-2-L-73
NUNVILLIER, ELIZABETH E.                OH-2-E-131
NUSBAUM, JACOB M.                       OH-2-C-186
NYE, CYRUS H.                           OH-2-L-391
NYE, ELIZABETH                          OH-2-K-520
NYE, JACOB                              OH-2-G-27
NYE, MARY L.                            OH-2-D-238
NYE, SOPHRONA L.                        OH-2-L-532
OARD, PETER                             OH-2-B-376
OBOYLE, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-H-161
OBRIEN, HENRY                           OH-2-H-350
OBRIEN, JOHN P.                         OH-2-J-73
OCONNOR, DANIEL F.                      OH-2-L-308
OCONNOR, JOHN                           OH-2-H-12
OCONNOR, JOHN                           OH-2-D-351
OCONNOR, JOHN S.                        OH-2-H-559
OCONNOR, MARGARET A.                    OH-2-L-268
ODAY, DANIEL J.                         OH-2-I-142
ODAY, KATE R.                           OH-2-L-116
ODENWELLER, E. L.                       OH-2-J-402
ODUM, RICHARD                           OH-2-E-223
OEN, HENRY                              OH-2-G-537
OKEEVE, JAMES                           OH-2-H-36
OLNEY, OBED                             OH-2-G-405
ONEILL, ANDREW                          OH-2-L-175
ONEILL, THOMAS F.                       OH-2-K-67
ORCHARD, JAMES H.                       OH-2-I-50
OSBORN, ALEXANDER H.                    OH-2-E-174
OSMAN, AARON                            OH-2-C-171
OSMAN, CHARLOTTE                        OH-2-C-198
OUDERDONK, RACHEL                       OH-2-E-199
OVERLY, DORA R.                         OH-2-L-412
OVERTON, ELLEN                          OH-2-L-581
OWEN, DAVID                             OH-2-C-20
OWEN, EDWARD                            OH-2-B-549
OWEN, FANNY                             OH-2-L-313
OWEN, SARAH R.                          OH-2-H-178
OWENS, HUGH                             OH-2-A-390
OWENS, JAMES                            OH-2-C-534
OWENS, RICHARD R.                       OH-2-F-171
PADEN, BERRY M.                         OH-2-J-238
PADEN, LAURA                            OH-2-H-580
PAINE, ELIZABETH                        OH-2-E-150
PALMER, BENJAMIN                        OH-2-B-334
PANGLE, FRANCES M.                      OH-2-B-256
PANGLE, MARY JANE                       OH-2-I-56
PANGLE, URIAH                           OH-2-B-572
PANGLE, WILLIAM H.                      OH-2-A-383
PARHAM, HENRY                           OH-2-K-329
PARKER, AARON                           OH-2-B-394
PARKER, AMOS                            OH-2-D-57
PARKER, HEMAN                           OH-2-D-135
PARKER, MARGARET                        OH-2-K-347
PARKISON, HARRIET                       OH-2-L-237
PARROTT, ANDERSON                       OH-2-H-425
PARTELL, JAMES                          OH-2-D-131
PARTELLO, W. R.                         OH-2-C-306
PARTNER, SAMUEL G.                      OH-2-G-248
PATCHEN, EMMA JANE                      OH-2-G-241
PATRICK, WILLIAM                        OH-2-B-268
PATTERSON, HENRY C.                     OH-2-K-159
PATTERSON, JOHN B.                      OH-2-F-180, 208
PATTERSON, MARY B.                      OH-2-G-303
PEIFFER, HUBERT                         OH-2-D-591
PELTIER, EVALINE L.                     OH-2-J-98
PELTIER, JAMES                          OH-2-E-62
PELTIER, JOHN W.                        OH-2-J-88
PELTIER, LEAH A.                        OH-2-D-484
PELTIER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-2-J-186
PENCE, DELLA J.                         OH-2-K-140
PENNER, WILLIAM G.                      OH-2-K-307
PENNINGTON, SARAH C.                    OH-2-C-426
PERKINS, JACOB                          OH-2-B-156
PERKINS, SIMON                          OH-2-A-123
PETERS, HENRY                           OH-2-D-292
PETERSON, CHARLE SM.                    OH-2-K-352
PFLUMM, FRED                            OH-2-G-506
PHELAN, PETER                           OH-2-C-177
PHILIPS, THOMAS                         OH-2-C-451
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          OH-2-K-403
PHILLIPS, JOHN F.                       OH-2-E-203
PHILLIPS, MARTIN                        OH-2-L-430
PHIMMER, CALLAHAN                       OH-2-E-314
PHINNEY, CHARLES E.                     OH-2-E-264
PHINNEY, PHOEBE WALES                   OH-2-G-396
PICKERING, ADELINE E.                   OH-2-I-173
PIERSON, CYRUS C.                       OH-2-H-242
PIETERSLIAK, W. V.                      OH-2-L-397
PLACE, ISAAC                            OH-2-G-125
PLACE, JAMES                            OH-2-G-340
PLFIGER, MARIA CATH                     OH-2-F-349
POHLMAN, CASPER                         OH-2-C-434
POHLMAN, CLEMENS                        OH-2-K-175
POHLMAN, JOHN                           OH-2-F-366
POLING, BENJAMIN                        OH-2-F-433
PORTER, JAMES                           OH-2-A-164
PORTER, MARILLA G.                      OH-2-K-534
POST, HOWARD                            OH-2-F-137
POST, ISAAC B.                          OH-2-L-278
POTTER, ABIGAIL F.                      OH-2-J-188
POTTER, GEORGE RUSSEL                   OH-2-J-57
POVEMIRE, EDSON D.                      OH-2-J-35
POVENMIRE, ABRAHAM                      OH-2-J-493
POVENMIRE, GEORGE                       OH-2-B-143
POWELL, JOHN W.                         OH-2-G-128
POWELL, RICHARD                         OH-2-J-169
PRATHER, ISABELLE                       OH-2-G-335
PRICE, DAVID T.                         OH-2-J-192
PRICE, JAMES L.                         OH-2-K-318
PRICE, POLLY                            OH-2-C-504
PRICE, RICHARD M.                       OH-2-G-631
PRICE, SAMUEL                           OH-2-A-353
PRICE, THOMAS                           OH-2-D-59
PRICE, WILLARD M.                       OH-2-J-52
PROVO, LOUIS                            OH-2-I-225
PUCHTA, JOHN N.                         OH-2-E-235
PUGH, WILLIAM                           OH-2-H-284
PURDY, ELIAB                            OH-2-C-208
PURDY, SABRINA                          OH-2-F-282
PURTSCHER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-2-F-461
PURTSCHER, MAGDALENA                    OH-2-K-416
RADABAUGH, MARGARET C.                  OH-2-B-342
RADABAUGH, MARY A.                      OH-2-E-147
RAHALEY, MARTIN                         OH-2-G-75
RAHRIG, JOHN                            OH-2-J-184
RAMSEY, MARY                            OH-2-B-363
RANES, THEOPHILUS                       OH-2-G-332
RANKIN, GEORGE H.                       OH-2-K-114
RANKINS, GEORGE                         OH-2-C-529
RANSBOTTOM, WESLEY B.                   OH-2-C-11
RATHGEBER, MARTIN                       OH-2-B-312
RAUSBOTTOM, CORNELIUS                   OH-2-G-117
RAYL, GEORGE                            OH-2-A-67
READERER, GEORGE                        OH-2-B-58
REARDON, CATHARINE                      OH-2-E-88
REDENOUR, GEORGE                        OH-2-C-47
REDMOUR, ELI                            OH-2-B-617
REED, HARRY AUGUSTUS                    OH-2-I-184
REED, MARY E.                           OH-2-L-401
REED, SAMUEL                            OH-2-F-111
REEDER, JANE                            OH-2-E-578
REEDER, JOHN B.                         OH-2-D-178
REEL, ROSA                              OH-2-K-221
REESE, EVAN                             OH-2-L-475
REESE, FREDERICK                        OH-2-C-272
REESE, JANE                             OH-2-J-558
REESE, JOHN                             OH-2-F-45
REET, CATHARINE                         OH-2-G-142
REICHELDERFER, JACOB                    OH-2-G-366
REIDER, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-E-457
REIDERSER, MARIE ANN                    OH-2-G-159
REIER, PHILLIP                          OH-2-A-54
REIGHARD, CAROLINE                      OH-2-F-153
REINEMYER, AUGUST                       OH-2-G-528
REIS, SARAH ANN                         OH-2-E-133
RESER, ISAAC P.                         OH-2-L-194
REUL, RUDOLPH                           OH-2-C-358
REUTHE, JOHN                            OH-2-H-278
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH C.                     OH-2-K-442
RICHARDS, ALBINA                        OH-2-C-1
RICHARDS, RICHARD                       OH-2-B-242
RICHARDSON, AGNES                       OH-2-H-363
RICHARDSON, AGNES                       OH-2-H-343
RICHARDSON, DAVID M.                    OH-2-L-286
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH H.                   OH-2-B-37
RICHIE, JOHN E.                         OH-2-J-146
RICKER, CATHARINE                       OH-2-L-171
RICKER, HERMAN                          OH-2-L-118
RICKETTS, MINOR C.                      OH-2-L-178
RIDENOUR, JACOB C.                      OH-2-J-267
RIDENOUR, JACOB C.                      OH-2-L-550
RIDENOUR, JOHN FRANKLIN                 OH-2-H-489
RIDENOUR, JOHN P.                       OH-2-G-551
RIDENOUR, MICHAEL L.                    OH-2-L-418
RIDER, LEVI                             OH-2-F-104
RIGDON, JOHN                            OH-2-H-540
RIGDON, MARION                          OH-2-D-415
RIGGLE, JACOB                           OH-2-K-186
RILEY, GEORGE                           OH-2-D-38
RILEY, MERIBAH S.                       OH-2-D-201
RILEY, SAMUEL J.                        OH-2-K-390
RILEY, WILLIAM J.                       OH-2-J-546
RILEY, WILLIAM J.                       OH-2-K-12
RINEHART, J. B.                         OH-2-G-351
RIORDAN, OWEN                           OH-2-E-291
RIPPERT, JOSEPH                         OH-2-E-468
RISE, ADAM L.                           OH-2-G-401
RISLEY, WINCHTON                        OH-2-A-359
RISSER, SOPHIE                          OH-2-K-484
RIZOR, NANCY E.                         OH-2-L-76
ROBB, THOMAS M.                         OH-2-C-332
ROBBINS, GEORGE A.                      OH-2-J-288
ROBBS, JOSHUA                           OH-2-B-286
ROBB,T HEO D.                           OH-2-L-164
ROBERTS, DAVID G.                       OH-2-D-375
ROBERTS, DAVID J.                       OH-2-I-199
ROBERTS, HANNAH J.                      OH-2-D-566
ROBERTS, JOSIAH B.                      OH-2-G-66
ROBERTS, MARTHA                         OH-2-G-52
ROBERTS, MARTHA A.                      OH-2-E-94
ROBERTS, RICHARD                        OH-2-E-20
ROBERTS, SARAH E.                       OH-2-K-239
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         OH-2-D-232
ROBERTS, WILLIAM W.                     OH-2-L-262
ROBINSON, DAVID D.                      OH-2-J-512
ROBINSON, DAVID T.                      OH-2-K-360
ROBINSON, JAMES                         OH-2-C-89
ROCKHILL, THOMAS                        OH-2-E-570
ROEDERER, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-L-238
ROEGNER, MARTHA                         OH-2-J-482
ROEHRIG, MARY ANN                       OH-2-E-514
ROMER, JOSEPH                           OH-2-C-405
ROSE, CAROLINE P.                       OH-2-K-471
ROSE, CHARLES                           OH-2-A-356
ROSECRANS, NANCY L.                     OH-2-H-562
ROSS, MARY E.                           OH-2-K-84
ROSS, MILTON J.                         OH-2-A-187
ROST, FREDERICK                         OH-2-E-532
ROTH, GEORGE W.                         OH-2-E-239
ROTH, JOHN SR.                          OH-2-J-53
ROTHE, AUGUST                           OH-2-J-508
ROTHE, FREDERICK                        OH-2-C-325
ROUSH, FRANKLIN                         OH-2-L-482
ROUSH, JACOB M.                         OH-2-F-188
ROWLAND, RICHARD                        OH-2-D-324
ROWLANDS, DANIEL                        OH-2-K-384
ROWLANDS, ROWLAND                       OH-2-B-547
RUBEL, MARY C.                          OH-2-L-283
RUCHTI, JOHN                            OH-2-B-451
RUDY, SHEPHARD                          OH-2-I-246
RUEL, JOSEPH                            OH-2-C-84
RUFF, FREDERICK                         OH-2-B-72
RUMBAUGH, BENJAMIN                      OH-2-H-543
RUMBAUGH, GRANT                         OH-2-L-550
RUMBAUGH, GRANT                         OH-2-L-45
RUMBAUGH, SUSAN                         OH-2-J-377
RUMBAUGH, WILLIAM                       OH-2-E-279
RUMBAUGH, WILLIAM K.                    OH-2-J-244
RUMMELL, FRANCIS                        OH-2-H-419
RUPRIGHT, JAMES                         OH-2-J-478
RUPRIGHT, JAMES                         OH-2-K-162
RUSTUS, PHILIP                          OH-2-C-39
SABIN, JOHN R.                          OH-2-D-252
SAINT, GEORGE A.                        OH-2-B-608
SAINT, LEVI J.                          OH-2-B-449
SAINT, MARY M.                          OH-2-D-279
SANFORD, ELIZABETH I.                   OH-2-L-516
SARBER, CLINTON D.                      OH-2-I-30
SARBER, EDWARD                          OH-2-G-612
SARBER, ISABEL                          OH-2-K-345
SARBER, LOUISA C.                       OH-2-K-377
SATTERTHWAIT, JAMES M.                  OH-2-I-77
SATTERTHWAITE, EMMET B.                 OH-2-F-526
SAUER, FRANC                            OH-2-H-610
SAUM, ELIZABETH                         OH-2-A-70
SAUM, ELIZABETH                         OH-2-C-95
SAUM, JOHN                              OH-2-E-113
SAUM, MATTHIAS                          OH-2-A-46
SAUTER, G. W.                           OH-2-L-372
SAUTER, GEORGE                          OH-2-H-360
SAWMILLER, MARY A.                      OH-2-L-495
SAXTON, JOHN H.                         OH-2-G-99
SCHAFER, BIOTHA                         OH-2-K-495
SCHAFER, HENRY                          OH-2-H-592
SCHAFER, MICHAEL                        OH-2-K-490
SCHATZ, LORENZ                          OH-2-H-434
SCHERGER, BARNEY T.                     OH-2-K-367
SCHERGER, CONTANTINE                    OH-2-L-501
SCHIFFERLY, JACOB A.                    OH-2-L-467
SCHIMMILLER, JOSEPH                     OH-2-C-327
SCHINDLE, JACOB                         OH-2-I-201
SCHLOSSER, JOHN                         OH-2-J-208
SCHLOSSER, JOHN                         OH-2-J-215
SCHMAHL, BENNAVILLE                     OH-2-B-47
SCHMIDT, CHARLES A.                     OH-2-E-420
SCHOENTHALER, LEWIS F.                  OH-2-D-173
SCHRADER, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-B-302
SCHRAG, JOHN                            OH-2-C-33
SCHRONNIEN, FERD                        OH-2-K-292
SCOTT, ISAAC C.                         OH-2-C-384
SCOTT, JOHN F.                          OH-2-E-585
SCOTT, PARMELIA A.                      OH-2-I-258
SCOTT, WILLIAM V.                       OH-2-D-175
SEALTS, JAMES M.                        OH-2-H-525
SEALTS, RACHEL M.                       OH-2-L-221
SEARFOSS, REBECCA E.                    OH-2-D-586
SEARING, LEANDER                        OH-2-L-554
SEBOLD, JAMES                           OH-2-B-564
SEDDALL, ISAAC                          OH-2-B-605
SELFRIDGE, ELIZA ELLEN                  OH-2-L-559
SELLARS, JOSEPH                         OH-2-F-237
SELLAS, SAMUEL                          OH-2-I-32
SELLERS, JOHN                           OH-2-C-588
SELLERS, JOHN A.                        OH-2-L-440
SELLERS, LEONARD                        OH-2-B-169
SELLES, JHN W.                          OH-2-K-107
SETTLEMIRE, GEORGE C.                   OH-2-H-40
SETTLEMIRE, GEORGE C.                   OH-2-H-134
SHADE, BENEWELL                         OH-2-D-447
SHADE, CATHARINE                        OH-2-E-297
SHADE, MARY E.                          OH-2-K-411
SHAFER, ALBERT                          OH-2-B-609
SHAFER, HENRY                           OH-2-A-97
SHAFER, ROSE                            OH-2-J-384
SHAFFER, CHARLES                        OH-2-C-131
SHAFFER, DANIEL                         OH-2-G-576
SHAFFER, MICHAEL                        OH-2-E-164
SHANAHAN, JOHN W.                       OH-2-L-552
SHANE, SOPHIA ANN                       OH-2-C-150
SHANK, HENRY                            OH-2-I-186
SHAPPELL, DANIEL                        OH-2-G-596
SHAPPELL, JOHN G.                       OH-2-H-330
SHAUGHNESSY, MARGARET B.                OH-2-L-188
SHAULAW, FRANK                          OH-2-H-497
SHAW, DAVID                             OH-2-B-568
SHAW, HENRY A.                          OH-2-J-366
SHEA, BRIDGET                           OH-2-E-388
SHEA, JOHN                              OH-2-G-254
SHEA, TIMOTHY                           OH-2-D-432
SHEA, TIMOTHY                           OH-2-D-461
SHEARER, GEORGE                         OH-2-A-191
SHEARER, JAMES                          OH-2-F-410
SHEARMAN, HENRY                         OH-2-B-60
SHELLENBARGER, JOHN                     OH-2-F-395
SHEMILLER, MATTHIAS                     OH-2-B-122
SHENK, ALEX                             OH-2-L-332
SHENK, ISAAC S.                         OH-2-K-305
SHENK, SYLVESTER F.                     OH-2-L-489
SHEPLER, CALVIN B.                      OH-2-G-180
SHERRICK, CHRISTIAN                     OH-2-B-306
SHERRICK, NOAH                          OH-2-J-94
SHERRICK, SAMUEL                        OH-2-F-472
SHIFFERLY, JACOB SR.                    OH-2-G-212
SHIFFERLY, JOHN                         OH-2-J-129
SHINEBAUGH, DORA                        OH-2-K-120
SHINNABERRY, JACOB                      OH-2-C-403
SHIPLEY, ADAM                           OH-2-B-592
SHIPLY, BENEDICT                        OH-2-C-444
SHIRE, MARY                             OH-2-C-57
SHOCKEY, ISAAC                          OH-2-A-74
SHOCKEY, REBECCA                        OH-2-D-277
SHOCKEY, SAMUEL                         OH-2-B-113
SHOCKEY, WILLIAM                        OH-2-E-391
SHOEMAKER, CHARLES M.                   OH-2-G-513
SHOEMAKER, DORA S.                      OH-2-J-480
SHOUP, LUCINA                           OH-2-J-65
SHOWALTER, ALICE W.                     OH-2-J-222
SHRADER, HENRY                          OH-2-A-377
SHRINER, GEORGE B.                      OH-2-A-121
SHROYER, TIMOTHY                        OH-2-K-513
SHULL, BEAVER DAM                       OH-2-F-228
SHULL, FREDERICK                        OH-2-B-314
SHUMACKER, JOHN                         OH-2-B-328
SIDNER, MARY                            OH-2-H-222
SIM, DAVID                              OH-2-A-183
SIM, DAVID                              OH-2-B-138
SIMON, EVA                              OH-2-H-478
SIMON, MOSES                            OH-2-D-221
SIMONS, ROSA                            OH-2-G-372
SKILLING, HUGH S.                       OH-2-B-274
SLATTERY, WILLIAM J.                    OH-2-G-583
SLUSSER, DANIEL                         OH-2-G-215
SMEDLY, MARY                            OH-2-B-62
SMITH, ABNER                            OH-2-A-111
SMITH, ADA Z.                           OH-2-J-70
SMITH, AMANDA                           OH-2-K-379
SMITH, ANNA                             OH-2-K-422
SMITH, AURELIUS N.                      OH-2-E-176
SMITH, BARBARA                          OH-2-E-593
SMITH, EDMUND                           OH-2-K-361
SMITH, HANNAH                           OH-2-H-431
SMITH, HEZEKIAH K.                      OH-2-H-58
SMITH, J. CONDIT                        OH-2-D-157
SMITH, MARIA                            OH-2-H-261
SMITH, O. WARREN                        OH-2-J-331
SMITH, PARMELIA                         OH-2-D-337
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-2-B-540
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-J-162
SNAVELY, LOUISA C.                      OH-2-J-194
SNELL, JOSEPH                           OH-2-B-514
SNIDER, GEORGE                          OH-2-J-84
SNIDER, JULIA                           OH-2-L-114
SNIDER, PHILIP A.                       OH-2-K-46
SNOOK, PETER                            OH-2-D-420
SNYDER, ALFRED                          OH-2-J-220
SNYDER, DANIEL                          OH-2-F-422
SNYDER, GEORGE                          OH-2-G-337
SNYDER, GEORGE N.                       OH-2-F-427
SNYDER, JOHN                            OH-2-E-71
SNYDER, LEAH                            OH-2-L-97
SNYDER, LEONARD A.                      OH-2-C-257
SNYDER, PETER                           OH-2-H-369
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         OH-2-K-338
SOLOMON, ISAAC                          OH-2-D-288
SOLOMON, WILLIAM                        OH-2-G-370
SONNTAG, HENRY                          OH-2-G-523
SPANNAGEL, GSUTAV                       OH-2-K-486
SPEES, MATTHIAS                         OH-2-A-40
SPICER, JOSEPH M.                       OH-2-L-386
SPONAGLE, MARIA L.                      OH-2-F-66
SPRINKEL, HENRY                         OH-2-I-212
STAEGER, ADAM                           OH-2-L-319
STAGER, MOSES                           OH-2-I-93
STAGER, PETER                           OH-2-C-41
STAGER, WILLIAM F.                      OH-2-K-524
STAGER, WILLIAM F.                      OH-2-K-534
STAHL, CATHARINE B.                     OH-2-L-81
STALTER, CATHARINE                      OH-2-D-500
STALTER, CHRISTIAN N.                   OH-2-K-528
STALTER, RACHEL A.                      OH-2-L-548
STANDIFORD, ELIJAH                      OH-2-A-51
STANDIFORD, JOHN F.                     OH-2-B-304
STANTON, ANNA                           OH-2-C-537
STAPLES, ARNOLD B.                      OH-2-B-333
STATES, JACOB                           OH-2-K-488
STAUFFER, DAVID                         OH-2-C-483
STAUP, CALEB                            OH-2-H-208
STAUP, NATHANIEL                        OH-2-G-12
STEBLETON, SAMUEL                       OH-2-E-105
STEEL, JOHN                             OH-2-K-270
STEEMANN, JOHN T.                       OH-2-G-359
STEGEMAN, BERNARD H.                    OH-2-D-55
STEIGER, JOHN G. SR.                    OH-2-C-584
STEIGERS, LENHARD                       OH-2-C-3
STEINER, ABRAHAM                        OH-2-H-147
STEINER, CHRISTIAN L.                   OH-2-H-52
STEINER, CRISTIAN                       OH-2-A-304
STEINER, JACOB                          OH-2-H-120
STEINER, JOB                            OH-2-J-458
STEINER, JOHN                           OH-2-B-291
STEINER, JOHN G.                        OH-2-I-140
STEINER, LEVI                           OH-2-E-506
STEINER, PETER                          OH-2-B-542
STEINER, PETER D.                       OH-2-L-497
STEINER, ULRICK                         OH-2-A-306
STEINHOFF, ADOLPH                       OH-2-F-555
STEIVER, DAVID W.                       OH-2-K-554
STELZER, CATHARINE                      OH-2-J-21
STELZER, JOHN                           OH-2-H-218
STEMEN, ANDREW                          OH-2-I-43
STEMEN, HENRY                           OH-2-E-411
STEMEN, JOHN                            OH-2-B-356
STEMEN, JOHN H.                         OH-2-B-444
STEMEN, PETER                           OH-2-C-546
STEMEN, PETER                           OH-2-B-35
STEMON, HENRY                           OH-2-A-387
STEMPLE, JACOB                          OH-2-H-613
STEPHENS, DAVID                         OH-2-H-321
STEPHENS, JAMES                         OH-2-K-37
STEPHENS, JOHN                          OH-2-F-587
STEPHENS, WILLIAM H.                    OH-2-K-49
STEPLETON, JESSEY                       OH-2-B-532
STERLING, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-B-420
STEVEN, HENRY                           OH-2-A-113
STEVENS, JOHN                           OH-2-F-567
STEVENS, LAURA M.                       OH-2-K-401
STEVENSON, JOHN                         OH-2-J-116
STEVENSON, MALINDA B.                   OH-2-J-157
STEVENSON, NATHAND .                    OH-2-K-166
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      OH-2-C-291
STEVICK, DANIEL                         OH-2-H-537
STEVICK, LOUISA D.                      OH-2-G-556
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      OH-2-H-308
STEWART, MALINDA                        OH-2-H-250
STEWART, PASTOS                         OH-2-H-303
STEWART, SAMUEL                         OH-2-L-420
STEWART, WYATT                          OH-2-B-161
STICKEY, PETER                          OH-2-K-420
STIHLI, ALBERT E.                       OH-2-L-206
STINER, JACOB                           OH-2-B-181
STIPPICH, MICHAEL                       OH-2-J-63
STOCKDALE, WILLIAM                      OH-2-A-31
STOCKTON, MARY                          OH-2-H-188
STODTLER, JOHN                          OH-2-C-60
STOKESBURY, JOHN DAY                    OH-2-L-563
STOLZENBACH, JOHN H.                    OH-2-I-236
STONER, JOHN                            OH-2-K-102
STOODT, JOHN                            OH-2-E-1
STOODT, SOPHIA CHARLOTTE                OH-2-K-332
STOODT, WILLIAM                         OH-2-G-625
STOTTS, ABRAHAM                         OH-2-B-588
STOVER, LAURA I.                        OH-2-F-14
STRAW, GEORGE A.                        OH-2-J-536
STRICKLER, JOHN                         OH-2-A-60
STROHL, ADAM                            OH-2-E-220
STROHL, SOLOMON S.                      OH-2-J-234
STRUBLE, SARAH A.                       OH-2-J-119
STUKEY, SAMUEL H.                       OH-2-C-148
STULL, MARGARET                         OH-2-F-279
STUMP, BELLVILLE G.                     OH-2-G-456
STUMP, FLORENCE G.                      OH-2-H-334
STUMP, WALTER W.                        OH-2-K-584
STUMP, WILLIAM                          OH-2-C-270
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                     OH-2-I-60
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          OH-2-J-444
SULLIVAN, JOHN P.                       OH-2-J-271
SUNDERLAND, DYE                         OH-2-B-27
SUNDERLAND, EBENEZER                    OH-2-I-71
SUNDERLAND, JAMES                       OH-2-H-207
SUNDERLAND, JAMES                       OH-2-H-197
SUNDERLAND, JEMIMA                      OH-2-L-477
SUTHOFF, JOSEPH                         OH-2-G-92
SUTMUELLER, DAVID                       OH-2-C-188
SUTTON, AMARILLA                        OH-2-L-242
SUTTON, RICAHRD T.                      OH-2-L-353
SUTTON, THOMAS                          OH-2-C-224
SWAIN, JOHN SR.                         OH-2-A-94
SWALLY, ELIZABETH                       OH-2-H-281
SWANEY, ISREAL                          OH-2-C-106
SWANEY, SUSANNAH                        OH-2-D-551
SWICK, JACOB                            OH-2-C-200
SWICK, WILLIAM C.                       OH-2-G-302
TABLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-2-G-446
TABLER, MARIA                           OH-2-L-230
TABLER, THOMAS J.                       OH-2-D-170
TABLER, WILLIAM                         OH-2-B-252
TAFLINGER, GEORGE                       OH-2-H-366
TAGGENBURGER, CATHARINE                 OH-2-B-519
TAUBKEN, MARY                           OH-2-L-446
TAUT, PHILIP                            OH-2-C-59
TAYLOR, JAMES (GEN.)                    OH-2-A-216
TAYLOR, LOUISE E.                       OH-2-C-353
TEHAN, EUGENE                           OH-2-K-451
TEMBORIOUS, JOSEPH B.                   OH-2-F-551
TENNANT, GEORGE L.                      OH-2-J-420
TERRY, DELPHIA                          OH-2-B-527
TESTER, SARAH J.                        OH-2-F-414
THARP, AHIRA C.                         OH-2-K-13
THARP, MARY                             OH-2-K-187
THARP, THOMAS                           OH-2-B-254
THAYER, DANIEL R.                       OH-2-E-28
THAYER, ISAAC E.                        OH-2-K-434
THAYER, MARTHA A.                       OH-2-K-386
THEDICK, JOSEPH C. F.                   OH-2-D-435
THIESING, ALBERT                        OH-2-G-384
THOMAS, ALBERT                          OH-2-B-344
THOMAS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN               OH-2-J-499
THOMAS, DANIEL G.                       OH-2-J-506
THOMAS, EVAN                            OH-2-J-469
THOMAS, EVAN                            OH-2-K-131
THOMAS, EVAN B.                         OH-2-L-291
THOMAS, GRIFFITH                        OH-2-K-275
THOMAS, HANNAH                          OH-2-H-164
THOMAS, HARRY                           OH-2-L-351
THOMAS, JOHN WILLIAM                    OH-2-A-169
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          OH-2-J-118
THOMAS, MARGARET                        OH-2-I-28
THOMAS, MOSES                           OH-2-D-307
THOMAS, MOSES H.                        OH-2-L-22
THOMAS, RICHARD E.                      OH-2-B-107
THOMAS, WILLIAM L.                      OH-2-D-32
THOMPSON, C. W.                         OH-2-D-53
THOMPSON, DORA A.                       OH-2-I-204
THOMPSON, JACOB                         OH-2-B-250
THOMPSON, JOSEPHUS                      OH-2-L-431
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-2-D-121
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.                    OH-2-L-13
THOMSON, ROBERT J.                      OH-2-I-215
THRAPP, NEWTON B.                       OH-2-G-297
THRIFT, ROBERT W.                       OH-2-F-167
THUT, ABRAHAM                           OH-2-L-183
THUT, JOHN                              OH-2-B-428
TIBBOTT, JOHN                           OH-2-D-545
TIGNER, WILLIAM                         OH-2-G-403
TISSUE, EDWARD                          OH-2-A-82
TODD, HARRY                             OH-2-K-449
TOWNSEND, CATHARINE                     OH-2-B-361
TOWNSEND, CHARLES M.                    OH-2-D-511
TRACEY, SADIE A.                        OH-2-K-253
TRAME, JOHN HENRY                       OH-2-A-161
TREAT, ROLLIN J.                        OH-2-K-526
TREMPERT, CHARLES                       OH-2-H-483
TREMPERT, HERMAN                        OH-2-J-333
TRENTMAN, HENRY                         OH-2-G-328
TRENTMANN, JOHN H.                      OH-2-K-155
TRUESDALL, JONATHAN H.                  OH-2-C-378
TRUMBO, ENOCH                           OH-2-I-54
TSCHAN, PAULINE                         OH-2-C-283
TUDOR, HUMPHREY                         OH-2-I-79
TUDOR, RICHARD R.                       OH-2-B-326
TUOMY, EDWARD                           OH-2-D-124
TURNER, JOHN                            OH-2-B-455
TURNER, WILLIAM                         OH-2-C-127
TUTTLE, ELMER E.                        OH-2-K-594
TWOHEY, JENNIE                          OH-2-H-572
TWOMEY, MARTIN                          OH-2-J-503
UHLENHAKE, CHARLES                      OH-2-F-380
ULREY, CLARA                            OH-2-K-409
ULRICH, JOSEPH                          OH-2-A-291
UMBAUGH, D. L.                          OH-2-G-356
UMBAUGH, ELIAS                          OH-2-G-7
UNDERWOOD, OSCAR F.                     OH-2-L-569
UNDERWOOD, ROBERT                       OH-2-B-247
VANCE, WILSON                           OH-2-B-597
VANCLEVE, LOUISE K.                     OH-2-G-330
VANHOUTEN, ELLA E.                      OH-2-L-110
VANNETTA, ELIZA                         OH-2-G-148
VANPELT, ELIZA ANN                      OH-2-G-629
VANTRESS, BENJAMIN                      OH-2-A-56
VANVEY, JACOB                           OH-2-B-51
VARTNER, ELEANOR                        OH-2-L-136
VAUGHN, ANTHONY                         OH-2-G-438
VAUGHN, DANIEL                          OH-2-B-153
VERBOGKE, ISAAC                         OH-2-L-357
VERBRYCK, PETER                         OH-2-B-85
VERBRYKE, PETER SR.                     OH-2-B-354
VERMELYA, JANE R.                       OH-2-C-439
VERMILLIAN, JOHN                        OH-2-B-266
VERMILLION, REBECCA                     OH-2-E-431
VERNON, JESSE                           OH-2-D-339
VERTNER, JEFFERSON                      OH-2-C-464
VINT, JOHN W.                           OH-2-L-156
VOGEL, CHARLES G.                       OH-2-K-204
VOLZ, DANIEL                            OH-2-L-487
VONGUNTEN, JOHN                         OH-2-K-53
VORE, GERTRUDE M.                       OH-2-J-268
VORHES, JOHN D.                         OH-2-J-439
VORNDRAN, MARY                          OH-2-L-143
VORNDRAU, MICHAEL SR.                   OH-2-D-334
VORNDRON, ANDREAS                       OH-2-C-245
WADHAM, MILES H.                        OH-2-C-423
WADHAMS, SARAH ANN                      OH-2-D-199
WAGGONER, JOHN                          OH-2-A-190
WAGNER, MAGDALENA                       OH-2-L-93
WAGONER, ADAM                           OH-2-C-183
WAGONER, NANCY                          OH-2-I-169
WAHNCKOFF, WILLIAM F.                   OH-2-L-180
WALCOTT, J. M.                          OH-2-H-391
WALCOTT, R. L.                          OH-2-I-96
WALDORF, ASA B.                         OH-2-B-103
WALSH, MARGARET                         OH-2-K-473
WALSH, MICHAEL                          OH-2-I-166
WALSH, MICHAEL J.                       OH-2-L-128
WALTZ, ANSON W.                         OH-2-D-273
WALZ, GEORGE P. F. A.                   OH-2-E-68
WARD, ELIZABETH                         OH-2-G-436
WARD, JAMES SR.                         OH-2-B-442
WARD, MARY M.                           OH-2-H-556
WARD, WILLIAM                           OH-2-C-7
WARD, WILLIAM                           OH-2-A-199
WARNER, LUCETTA                         OH-2-C-211
WARNER, MARY M.                         OH-2-J-175
WASHBURN, ISABELLA                      OH-2-B-117
WASHBURN, MARY                          OH-2-J-97
WATKINS, JOHN                           OH-2-D-61
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         OH-2-I-151
WATKINS, ROBERT                         OH-2-J-121
WATKINS, THOMAS                         OH-2-E-451
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-2-A-285
WATT, HULDAH                            OH-2-E-447
WATTES, JOHN W.                         OH-2-D-168
WAUGH, JUDSON M.                        OH-2-F-533
WEAVER, JACOB                           OH-2-B-283
WEAVER, JOHN                            OH-2-E-425
WEAVER, LEVI                            OH-2-K-333
WEBB, REBECCA                           OH-2-B-628
WEBBER, JOHN                            OH-2-H-170
WEGERIN, HENRY                          OH-2-G-605
WEGESIN, FRANK                          OH-2-K-407
WEINIG, MATTIE E.                       OH-2-H-586
WEITZ, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-2-K-123
WELCH, JOHN SR.                         OH-2-A-208
WELSH, ELISABETH A.                     OH-2-D-13
WELSH, GEORGE E.                        OH-2-J-177
WELSH, IDA D.                           OH-2-L-544
WENGER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-2-C-540
WENMAN, VALERIA                         OH-2-D-422
WEST, TERESA                            OH-2-K-112
WETHERALL, WILLIAM                      OH-2-F-224
WETHERILL, I. R.                        OH-2-L-196
WETHERILL, JOHN F.                      OH-2-K-503
WEYER, WILLIAM B.                       OH-2-G-601
WHEELER, ALBERT F.                      OH-2-L-58
WHEELER, JOHN                           OH-2-G-468
WHEELER, MARY E.                        OH-2-L-123
WHETSTONE, MICHAEL                      OH-2-A-43
WHIPP, DANIEL L.                        OH-2-E-383
WHIRL, WILLIAM H.                       OH-2-H-115
WHISLER, DAVID                          OH-2-F-487
WHISTLER, MARY ANN                      OH-2-G-102
WHITE, GEORGE                           OH-2-C-49
WHITEHERS, MARIAH S.                    OH-2-H-605
WHURRITT, DAVID                         OH-2-B-538
WIESENMAYER, FREDERICK                  OH-2-H-439
WILBERT, BARNARD                        OH-2-A-171
WILBY, ROBENA                           OH-2-K-516
WILCOX, SUNNAH                          OH-2-L-32
WILKIN, TALINAN                         OH-2-K-198
WILKINS, NANCY                          OH-2-E-529
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     OH-2-K-330
WILLIAMS, EDWARD W.                     OH-2-L-407
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                        OH-2-H-416
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                        OH-2-A-131
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     OH-2-F-537
WILLIAMS, EVAN                          OH-2-E-54
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        OH-2-D-313
WILLIAMS, GUILLIAM                      OH-2-C-229
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        OH-2-K-542
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         OH-2-H-457
WILLIAMS, JACOB                         OH-2-A-28
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         OH-2-A-77
WILLIAMS, JANE                          OH-2-E-269
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-2-A-13
WILLIAMS, JOSIAH                        OH-2-K-556
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        OH-2-G-634
WILLIAMS, MORRIS                        OH-2-D-30
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        OH-2-D-212
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM W.                    OH-2-F-375
WILLOWER, ELIZABETH E.                  OH-2-K-569
WILLOWER, MARGARET                      OH-2-B-474
WILLOWER, MARY J.                       OH-2-L-507
WILMER, FRANCIS                         OH-2-A-39
WILSON, FINDLY                          OH-2-C-45
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-2-D-218
WINEGARDNER, JACOB                      OH-2-C-303
WINGATE, ISAAC B.                       OH-2-B-530
WINGATE, JOHN C.                        OH-2-G-78
WISE, JACOB                             OH-2-F-285
WISE, JACOB                             OH-2-F-486
WISE, SAMUEL                            OH-2-A-182
WISE, SARAH A.                          OH-2-K-169
WISSNER, CHRIST                         OH-2-D-155
WITHERSPOON, ELIZABETH                  OH-2-H-70
WOHLAMUTH, ROSE                         OH-2-K-563
WOLF, ALBERT F.                         OH-2-F-27
WOLF, GREGORY SR.                       OH-2-L-68
WOLLET, PHILIP                          OH-2-A-5
WOLLETT, DANIEL                         OH-2-D-295
WOLLETT, SOLOMON                        OH-2-E-375
WONDERLICH, GEORGE C.                   OH-2-C-288
WONNELL, EDWARD                         OH-2-L-522
WOOD, ALBERT G.                         OH-2-E-160
WOOD, HARMON                            OH-2-C-219
WOOD, JAMES HARMON                      OH-2-G-559
WOODEY, MARIAH                          OH-2-L-52
WOODS, JAMES M.                         OH-2-F-270
WOODS, MARTHA J.                        OH-2-L-513
WOODS, W. W.                            OH-2-D-594
WORKMAN, JON                            OH-2-K-147
WRIGHT, ASA                             OH-2-A-27
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          OH-2-H-338
WRIGHT, VALENTINE                       OH-2-E-108
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-2-J-44
WRIGHT, WILLIAM T.                      OH-2-L-427
WROCKLAGE, THEODORE                     OH-2-E-247
WUST, JOHN                              OH-2-A-90
WYCOFF, HENRY I.                        OH-2-E-97
YANT, ISAAC                             OH-2-K-134
YANT, NANCY JANE                        OH-2-J-281
YANT, SIMON                             OH-2-K-31
YANT, WILLIAM                           OH-2-I-69
YAZELL, JACOB                           OH-2-A-117
YOAKAM, JAMES                           OH-2-K-230
YOAKAM, WILLIAM W.                      OH-2-L-18
YOAKUM, MICHAEL SR.                     OH-2-D-424
YOUNG, JACOB                            OH-2-A-287
YOUNG, JAMES B.                         OH-2-L-435
YOUNG, JOHN H.                          OH-2-L-365
YOUNG, JOSEPH M.                        OH-2-A-62
YOUNG, WILLIAM W.                       OH-2-B-97
YOUNGPETER, HUBER                       OH-2-C-234
YOUNKMAN, DANIEL S.                     OH-2-E-312
ZACHMAN, JOHN W.                        OH-2-L-40
ZEITS, WILLIAM                          OH-2-J-140
ZIEBER, BARTHOLOMEW                     OH-2-F-329
ZIMMERMAN, JEREMIAH                     OH-2-C-156
ZIMMERMAN, ULRICH                       OH-2-F-96
ZURMEHLY, SAMUEL                        OH-2-I-160

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