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ABBOTT, JOHN                            OH-8-2-38
ABBOTT, JOSEPH                          OH-8-1-135
ABBOTT, SILAS                           OH-8-2-80
ABRAHAM, A. CLINTON                     OH-8-4-41
AERL, ISAAC                             OH-8-2-320
AID, JACOB                              OH-8-3-86
AIKIN, GABRIEL                          OH-8-1-304
ALEXANDER, FRANCIS                      OH-8-3-355
ALLEN, BOSTON                           OH-8-2-180
ALLEN, HUTCHINS                         OH-8-4-439
ALLEN, JAMES                            OH-8-3-333
ALLEN, ROBERT                           OH-8-3-60
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-8-2-43
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       OH-8-2-75A
ANDERSSON, WILLIAM                      OH-8-3-85
ASHENHURST, WILLIAM                     OH-8-3-95
ASHENHURST, WILLIAM                     OH-8-1-339
ASHTON, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-8-1-235
BAILEY, GEORGE B.                       OH-8-4-398
BAIRD, GEORGE                           OH-8-2-29
BAIRD, JAMES                            OH-8-2-313
BAIRD, THOMAS                           OH-8-1-260
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-8-4-437
BALL, LEWIS                             OH-8-3-160
BARNGROVER, JOHN                        OH-8-2-95
BARR, PETER                             OH-8-3-43
BARR, WILLIAM WILSON                    OH-8-2-311
BARRNES, BRIDGET                        OH-8-4-412
BARRON, PATRICK                         OH-8-4-384
BARRY, LEVI                             OH-8-3-393
BARRY, WILLIAM                          OH-8-4-393
BARTLEY, ELI                            OH-8-3-69
BARTLOW, ISAAC                          OH-8-2-314
BAUER, CONRAD                           OH-8-3-321
BAUER, EVA                              OH-8-3-64
BAYNE, THOMAS                           OH-8-4-157
BEASLEY, BENJAMIN                       OH-8-2-340
BEASLEY, JEPTHA                         OH-8-3-252
BEASLEY, MARY                           OH-8-2-92A
BEASLY, NATHANIEL                       OH-8-1-293
BEATTY, JAMES                           OH-8-2-100
BELL, JAMES                             OH-8-2-327
BELL, JOSEPHUS                          OH-8-3-402
BENINGTON, SAMUEL                       OH-8-2-120
BENNINGTON, THOMAS                      OH-8-2-173
BERCAW, PETER                           OH-8-4-70
BERGER, CLEMENT                         OH-8-3-357
BERGER, LANDERLIN                       OH-8-4-131
BIEHN, GEORGE                           OH-8-4-44
BIEHN, HENRY                            OH-8-4-26
BIEHN, LEWIS                            OH-8-4-415
BLAIR, BRICE                            OH-8-1-16
BLAIR, ROBERT R.                        OH-8-3-142
BOLANDER, ELIZABETH                     OH-8-4-12
BOLLENDER, STEPHEN                      OH-8-1-20
BONNER, ANN                             OH-8-1-139
BONNER, ISAAC                           OH-8-3-46
BONNER, JAMES                           OH-8-1-15
BONWELL, ARTHUR                         OH-8-1-55
BOWER, GEORGE W.                        OH-8-3-236
BOWER, ROBERT                           OH-8-4-98
BOWER, WILLIAM                          OH-8-2-276
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          OH-8-1-156
BOWMAN, NATHAN                          OH-8-2-44
BOYD, MARGARET                          OH-8-4-360
BRANNON, DAVID D.                       OH-8-3-113
BRATOTN, JSOEPH                         OH-8-4-154
BRATTON, THOMAS                         OH-8-4-147
BREESON, JOSEPH                         OH-8-4-302
BREISON, CLAUD                          OH-8-3-413
BREWSTER, ELIZABETH                     OH-8-4-68
BRITCH, JACOB F.                        OH-8-3-361
BRITTON, JONAH                          OH-8-4-220
BROOKBANK, ABRAHAM                      OH-8-2-142
BROOKS, JOHN                            OH-8-1-206
BROTHERS, MICHAEL                       OH-8-4-340
BROWN, ISRAEL                           OH-8-4-14
BROWN, JAMES E.                         OH-8-4-200
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-8-1-220
BROWN, SAMUEL                           OH-8-3-3
BROWN, THOMAS E.                        OH-8-4-46
BROWN, VINCENT                          OH-8-3-62
BROWN, WILIAM                           OH-8-3-87
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-8-2-78
BRUSON, CLAUD                           OH-8-3-413
BUCKNER, WILLIAM                        OH-8-3-129
BUNNER, REUBEN                          OH-8-3-258
BURK, HUBURT D.                         OH-8-2-6
BURNS, JAMES                            OH-8-2-291
BURRES, JONATHAN                        OH-8-4-111
CAHALL, JAMES                           OH-8-2-364
CALAHAN, SAMUEL W.                      OH-8-3-415
CALVIN, JOSEPH                          OH-8-1-177
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-8-1-309
CAMPBELL, JOHN W.                       OH-8-1-254
CAMPBELL, MARY                          OH-8-3-424
CAMPBELL, MATHEW                        OH-8-3-374
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-8-1-191
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL S.                     OH-8-2-236
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-8-1-37
CAREY, W. B.                            OH-8-4-248
CAROTHER, WILLIAM                       OH-8-1-29
CARPENTER, HIRAM                        OH-8-2-22
CARRIGAN, JOHN                          OH-8-2-273
CARTER, LEVI                            OH-8-3-387
CASKEY, JAMES                           OH-8-3-127
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH                        OH-8-4-236
CHAPMAN, HENRY                          OH-8-2-11
CHAPMAN, JANE                           OH-8-4-427
CHEVALIER, GABRIAL                      OH-8-4-115
CLARK, CHANCY                           OH-8-4-163
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-8-3-91
CLARK, MARGARET                         OH-8-4-192
COARTS, GEORGE                          OH-8-2-134
COCHRAN, JAMES                          OH-8-2-85A
COCHRAN, JOHN                           OH-8-4-344
COCHRAN, JOHN                           OH-8-2-191
COCHRAN, LYADA                          OH-8-3-331
COFFEE, LEWIS                           OH-8-4-230
COHRAN, WILLIAM                         OH-8-2-27
COLLINS, JAMES A.                       OH-8-2-59
COLLINS, JOHN                           OH-8-2-106
COLTHAS, JAMES                          OH-8-1-33
CONLEY, MICHAEL                         OH-8-2-86
COOPER, WILLIAM                         OH-8-1-8
COPPILL, JACOB                          OH-8-4-22
CORNICK, THOMAS                         OH-8-1-149
CORNWELL, BENJAMIN                      OH-8-2-124
COURTNEY, JANE S.                       OH-8-3-178
COVOLT, CHENIAH                         OH-8-1-18
COX, WILLIAM                            OH-8-2-68
CRABB, JOHN                             OH-8-4-173
CRABB, VINCENT                          OH-8-4-121
CRAIGHEAD, ROBERT                       OH-8-3-237
CRAMER, SAMUEL                          OH-8-1-79
CRANE, JOHN                             OH-8-4-391
CRIST, FREDERICK                        OH-8-3-302
CRIST, JOHN                             OH-8-1-45
CROOKS, THOMAS                          OH-8-4-363
CROSS, JESSE                            OH-8-4-282
CROSS, JOHN                             OH-8-2-246
CROSSLEY, SARAH                         OH-8-2-187
CROUCH, THOMAS D.                       OH-8-3-372
CRUTE, JOHN                             OH-8-1-210
CUTLER, JAMES                           OH-8-2-177
CUTLER, JOHN                            OH-8-1-332
CUTLER, WILLIAM                         OH-8-2-305
DANIELS, ELLEN                          OH-8-4-11
DANIELS, JAMES                          OH-8-4-130
DANIELS, JOSEPH                         OH-8-3-367
DAULTON, JOHN                           OH-8-3-1
DAUM, FREDRICK                          OH-8-4-149
DAVIDSON, JULIA ANN                     OH-8-2-351
DAVIS, DAVID                            OH-8-2-50
DAVIS, ISAACHER                         OH-8-1-172
DAWSON, AARON                           OH-8-2-158
DAY, ABSALOM                            OH-8-2-33
DAY, JOHN                               OH-8-3-293
DELONG, CYRUS                           OH-8-1-364
DENNIS, JAMES                           OH-8-2-149
DENNIS, JAMES                           OH-8-3-8
DENNIS, MILLY                           OH-8-2-329
DENNISTON, ROBERT                       OH-8-1-49
DEVORE, DAVID                           OH-8-4-19
DEVORE, NICHOLAS                        OH-8-4-165
DICKINGS, THOMAS                        OH-8-3-391
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        OH-8-3-275
DOERLER, CORNELIUS                      OH-8-4-94
DORLAND, ABRAHAM                        OH-8-1-154
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                        OH-8-1-48
DOWNING, MICHAEL                        OH-8-3-171
DRAGOO, DANIEL                          OH-8-1-375
DRAKE, ENOCH B.                         OH-8-4-54
DRYDEN, WILLIAM                         OH-8-3-79
DUFFY, MARGARET                         OH-8-4-573
DULANEY, CALEB                          OH-8-1-360
DUNCANSON, JAMES                        OH-8-1-342
DUNHAM, GIDEON                          OH-8-1-24
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                       OH-8-2-216
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                       OH-8-1-94
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-8-2-237
DUNN, HENRY                             OH-8-4-308
DUTTON, ASA                             OH-8-4-1
DYE, JAMES                              OH-8-1-105
DYE, JOHN                               OH-8-3-276
DYE, WILLIAM                            OH-8-3-248
EARHART, JOHN                           OH-8-2-322
EARLY, DAVID W.                         OH-8-4-87
EASTON, GEORGE                          OH-8-2-211
ECKAMN, BENJAMIN                        OH-8-3-299
ECKMAN, JACOB                           OH-8-3-115
EDGEINGTON, JONATHAN                    OH-8-3-407
EDGINGTON, ABRAHAM                      OH-8-2-205
EDIE, MARGARET                          OH-8-1-272
EDINGTON, ABRAHAM NEWTON                OH-8-2-252
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                         OH-8-3-211
ELLIS, ABRAHAM F.                       OH-8-4-71
ELLIS, NOAH                             OH-8-2-193
ELLISON, ISABELLA                       OH-8-3-289
EMMONS, JOHNATHAN                       OH-8-3-394
ERWIN, JAMES                            OH-8-2-249A
ESPEY, JOHN                             OH-8-1-34
ESPEY, ROBERT H.                        OH-8-2-203
EUBANKS, GEORGE                         OH-8-4-85
EVANS, ABRAHAM                          OH-8-2-199
EVANS, DUNCAN                           OH-8-3-312
EVANS, ELIJAH                           OH-8-3-156
EVANS, ELLIS                            OH-8-3-131
EVANS, GEORGE                           OH-8-2-265
EVANS, GEORGE D.                        OH-8-1-143
EVANS, JAMES                            OH-8-2-144
EVANS, JOHN D.                          OH-8-2-101
EVANS, MARY                             OH-8-1-169
EVANS, OLIVER C.                        OH-8-3-134
EVANS, THOMAS                           OH-8-4-353
EVANS, THOMAS W.                        OH-8-4-223
FAUL, JACOB                             OH-8-4-402
FEARIS, JOHN                            OH-8-2-129
FEARRS, JAMES                           OH-8-3-301
FENTON, JEREMIAH                        OH-8-4-150
FERDINAND, JOHN                         OH-8-4-432
FEYMIER, PETER                          OH-8-3-152
FINLEY, JOHN E.                         OH-8-1-1
FITCH, SAMUEL                           OH-8-2-324
FITE, J. W.                             OH-8-3-146
FITE, JACOB                             OH-8-4-261
FITE, MARY C.                           OH-8-4-378
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK                    OH-8-2-355
FLAUGHER, ALLEY                         OH-8-4-197
FOGLE, JOSEPH                           OH-8-2-169
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                       OH-8-2-157
FRANCIS, EDWARD                         OH-8-2-300
FRITS, VOLENTINE                        OH-8-1-46
FRITTS, ALWISE                          OH-8-2-213
FRITZ, DONARD                           OH-8-3-306
FULKS, JOHN                             OH-8-3-190
FULTON, ELLEN                           OH-8-3-277
FYFFE, LUCINDA T.                       OH-8-4-350
GALL, MARIA S.                          OH-8-4-297
GALLAGHER, JOHN                         OH-8-2-81A
GARDNER, BENJAMIN SR.                   OH-8-2-53
GARRITSON, DAVID                        OH-8-2-195
GATES, ALLEN                            OH-8-3-405
GATES, WILLIAM                          OH-8-1-141
GENOWAY, JOSEPH M.                      OH-8-1-314
GEORGE, VICTOR                          OH-8-3-416
GILBERT, B. E.                          OH-8-4-445
GILESPIE, DANIEL                        OH-8-1-44
GILLALAND, JOHN                         OH-8-2-98
GILLALAND, WILLIAM A.                   OH-8-2-87
GILLILAND, JAMES                        OH-8-2-128
GILLILAND, JOHN                         OH-8-2-230
GILLMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-8-4-376
GLASSCOCK, JOHN                         OH-8-1-39
GLAZE, SAMUEL SMILEY                    OH-8-3-330
GLENDENNING, JOHN                       OH-8-2-41
GOOD, PHILIP                            OH-8-2-46
GOOTHERMAN, NANCY                       OH-8-1-258
GORDEN, JOHN                            OH-8-4-366
GOTHERMAN, JAMES                        OH-8-1-110
GOWDY, MARY                             OH-8-3-217
GRAHAM, DAVID                           OH-8-2-135
GRAHAM, JOHN C.                         OH-8-2-72
GRANGER, EPHRAIM                        OH-8-2-48
GRANTHAM, MAY FRANKLIN                  OH-8-3-383
GRANTHUM, CATHARINE                     OH-8-1-40
GRAY, ISAAC                             OH-8-2-175
GRAY, JOHN                              OH-8-1-329
GRAY, JOHN                              OH-8-4-315
GRAY, JOHN                              OH-8-4-27
GRAY, SAMUEL                            OH-8-4-258
GREATHOUSE, JOHN                        OH-8-1-119
GREATHOUSE, WILLIAM                     OH-8-2-331
GREEN, MARGARET                         OH-8-1-353
GRIFFITH, WILLOUGHBY                    OH-8-2-67
GRIMES, JOHN                            OH-8-1-204
GRIMES, JOHN                            OH-8-4-58
GUTHRIDGE, BENJAMIN                     OH-8-3-138
HALL, JOHN                              OH-8-1-182
HALL, JOHN                              OH-8-4-368
HALPIN, NICHOLAS                        OH-8-3-498
HANEY, JOHN                             OH-8-2-110
HARDIN, RICHARD                         OH-8-1-107
HARDIN, SOPHIA                          OH-8-4-425
HARDING, WILLIAM                        OH-8-4-145
HAROVER, ALEXANDER                      OH-8-3-77
HARRIS, SARAH                           OH-8-3-189
HART, JONATHAN                          OH-8-1-300
HASLAM, MARTHA G.                       OH-8-4-416
HATFIELD, THOMAS                        OH-8-2-96
HATHERLEY, THOMAS                       OH-8-2-77
HATTON, JAMES                           OH-8-3-420
HAWKE, JOHN                             OH-8-1-69
HAWTHORNE, WILLIAM                      OH-8-4-124
HAY, JAMES                              OH-8-1-337
HEATHERLY, MARY                         OH-8-1-289
HEFFERMAN, PATRICK                      OH-8-3-140
HEIZER, JOHN                            OH-8-1-358
HENDERSON, DAVID                        OH-8-2-271
HENDERSON, JONATHAN                     OH-8-4-233
HENDRICKSON, ENOCH                      OH-8-1-114
HENDRIXON, ENOCH                        OH-8-4-431
HENERY, CHARLES                         OH-8-1-5
HENGE, FREDERICK                        OH-8-4-342
HENRY, JAMES                            OH-8-1-262
HENRY, JOHN C.                          OH-8-4-195
HENRY, JOSEPH                           OH-8-4-170
HENRY, SAMUEL                           OH-8-4-83
HENSON, JACOB                           OH-8-3-410
HESTER, JOHN                            OH-8-2-139
HEWITT, ELI                             OH-8-3-93
HEWITT, RICHARD                         OH-8-1-74
HIETT, JACKSON                          OH-8-4-116
HIETT, JOHN SR.                         OH-8-4-255
HIETT, MARY                             OH-8-3-265
HIGGINBOTHAM, JOHN                      OH-8-1-103
HIGGINS, JOHN J.                        OH-8-3-279
HIGGINS, ROBERT                         OH-8-1-50
HILL, ALEXANDER                         OH-8-2-307
HILL, JANE                              OH-8-4-175
HILL, JOHN                              OH-8-3-294
HINDMAN, JAMES                          OH-8-4-5
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-8-4-447
HIXSIN, NATHAN                          OH-8-1-229
HODGEKINS, JAMES                        OH-8-1-111
HODKINS, SAMUEL                         OH-8-2-138
HOLMS, EDWARD                           OH-8-1-305
HOPKINS, ARCHIBALD                      OH-8-2-197
HOPKINS, EDWIN                          OH-8-2-162
HOPKINS,MARGARET                        OH-8-3-148
HOWARD, DANIEL                          OH-8-4-372
HOWARD, JAMES                           OH-8-2-222
HOWLAND, IGATIUS                        OH-8-3-378
HOWLAND, LEVI                           OH-8-4-172
HUBER, JOSEPH                           OH-8-2-137
HUGHES, EDWARD                          OH-8-4-65
HUGHSTON, MARY C.                       OH-8-2-168
HULL, PETER                             OH-8-1-344
HUNT, JOHN                              OH-8-1-200
INNIS, FRANCIS                          OH-8-3-342
IRVIN, ESTHER                           OH-8-1-91
IRWINE, ADAM                            OH-8-2-107
JACKQUOT, FRANCIS                       OH-8-2-57
JACOBS, JAMES                           OH-8-2-186
JENINGS, THOMAS                         OH-8-2-209
JENKINS, HANNAH                         OH-8-4-277
JENKINS, MARY                           OH-8-4-434
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-8-3-218
JENNINGS, ISRAEL                        OH-8-1-137
JENNINGS, MARY                          OH-8-4-202
JENNINGS, THOMAS                        OH-8-1-152
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-8-4-128
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         OH-8-3-123
JOLLY, ALEXANDER                        OH-8-1-233
JOLLY, SAMUEL                           OH-8-4-186
JONES, JOHN L.                          OH-8-4-63
JONES, TARPLY                           OH-8-3-52
JONSTON, JOEL                           OH-8-4-284
JORDAN, JOSHUA                          OH-8-1-125
JORDAN, MELINDA                         OH-8-4-86
JORDAN, SAMUEL                          OH-8-1-251
JUSTICE, SAMUEL                         OH-8-3-117
KAUTZ, FREDERICK                        OH-8-3-318
KAUTZ, KATHARINE                        OH-8-4-241
KENDALL, JOHN                           OH-8-2-296
KERR, JAMES M.                          OH-8-3-250
KETTERMAN, SARAH                        OH-8-4-218
KIERS, JAMES                            OH-8-3-400
KILLPATRICK, JAMES                      OH-8-1-128
KIMBALL, BENJAMIN                       OH-8-2-83A
KIMES, ELIAS H.                         OH-8-4-194
KINDSEY,K JAMES                         OH-8-3-37
KING, ABSALOM                           OH-8-4-228
KING, SAMUEL                            OH-8-3-165
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-8-3-316
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-8-3-371
KINNER, WILLIAM                         OH-8-1-66
KIRK, IMRI                              OH-8-3-203
KIRK, WILLIAM                           OH-8-2-150
KIRKER, THOMAS                          OH-8-2-13
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       OH-8-4-292
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     OH-8-4-435
KNIGHT, JAMES                           OH-8-2-20
KNOX, JAMES                             OH-8-1-348
KRASS, ADAM                             OH-8-2-185
KRATZER, ENOS                           OH-8-2-105A
LANDON, GEORGE W.                       OH-8-4-113
LANE, ELIAS                             OH-8-1-23
LANE, JAMES G.                          OH-8-3-120
LANE, LEWIS                             OH-8-4-250
LAWRENCE, JONAS                         OH-8-3-206
LECRAY, JOB                             OH-8-1-237
LEMING, ABRAHAM                         OH-8-4-126
LEMING, JONATHAN                        OH-8-3-40
LEONARD, JAMES SR.                      OH-8-1-302
LERCH, AUGUST                           OH-8-4-408
LEROY, FRANCIS                          OH-8-3-412
LEVI, JAMES                             OH-8-1-147
LEWIS, WILLIAM P.                       OH-8-4-90
LIGGET, PEGGY                           OH-8-1-3
LIGGETT, HOSEA                          OH-8-2-267
LIGGETT, MARGARET W.                    OH-8-4-49
LIMING, WILLIAM                         OH-8-2-249
LINDSEY, JOHN P.                        OH-8-3-42
LINTON, JOSEPH                          OH-8-2-159
LIPPERT, HENRY                          OH-8-4-177
LITTLE, GEORGE M.                       OH-8-2-126
LITTLE, JANE                            OH-8-3-212
LITTLE, JOHN                            OH-8-2-343
LLOYD, D. E.                            OH-8-3-39
LOGAN, BENJAMIN                         OH-8-2-58
LOGUE,JAMES                             OH-8-4-239
LONG, EDWIN S.                          OH-8-4-188
LONGSHORE, SAMUEL                       OH-8-1-214
LOYD, JAMES L.                          OH-8-2-279
LYON, ANNA                              OH-8-3-27
LYON, WILLIAM                           OH-8-1-354
MANN, JOHN                              OH-8-1-242
MARSHALL, MATTHEW C.                    OH-8-4-52
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       OH-8-4-404
MARTIN, EDMUND                          OH-8-3-187
MARTIN, JOEL                            OH-8-3-184
MASSIE, HENRY                           OH-8-4-421
MATHIAS, JOSEPH                         OH-8-3-216
MCADAMS, HAMILTON                       OH-8-4-143
MCCAGUE, THOMAS                         OH-8-4-179
MCCALL, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-8-4-198
MCCALL, ROBERT                          OH-8-2-62
MCCALLISTER, THOMAS                     OH-8-2-85
MCCLAIN, JOHN                           OH-8-1-202
MCCLANAHAN, RICHARD B.                  OH-8-3-346
MCCOLGIN, WILLIAM                       OH-8-4-137
MCCONNAUGHY, JOHN                       OH-8-2-51
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         OH-8-1-362
MCCUNE, WILLIAM                         OH-8-2-208
MCDANIEL, VALENTINE                     OH-8-2-119
MCDONNELL, BARTHOLOMEW                  OH-8-1-53
MCDONNELL, HUGH                         OH-8-1-43
MCELWEE, PATRICK                        OH-8-3-66
MCFERSON, ADAM                          OH-8-2-70
MCFERSON, DAVID                         OH-8-2-78A
MCFERSON, MARGARET                      OH-8-3-102
MCKAIN, JOHN                            OH-8-2-116
MCKELFRESH, BAZIL                       OH-8-2-183
MCKENNER, JAMES                         OH-8-4-208
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM                       OH-8-1-174
MCKITRICK, WILLIAM                      OH-8-2-55
MCLAIN, JOHN                            OH-8-2-90A
MCLAIN, JOHN                            OH-8-2-112
MCLAIN, RACHEL                          OH-8-2-164
MCMILLEN, JAMES                         OH-8-2-297
MCMILLEN, ROBET                         OH-8-3-348
MCVEY, GEORGE                           OH-8-2-336
MCWILLIAMS, DAVID SR.                   OH-8-3-283
MCWOWSE, JAMES                          OH-8-3-175
MEADE, MARY                             OH-8-2-2
MEADE, RICHARD KIDDER                   OH-8-2-1
MEAN, ROBERT                            OH-8-1-278
MEFFORD, JANE                           OH-8-3-319
MEFFORD, JOHN                           OH-8-1-244
MELVIN, JOHN M.                         OH-8-4-279
MELVIN, NOBLE                           OH-8-2-254
MENAUGH, ROBERT                         OH-8-2-93A
MERRIL, JESSE J.                        OH-8-2-24
MERRILL, JOHN                           OH-8-2-76A
METZGAR, BARBARA                        OH-8-4-347
METZGAR, CONRAD                         OH-8-2-146
METZGER, LEONARD                        OH-8-4-48
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-8-2-207
MILLER, JOHN A.                         OH-8-3-199
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OH-8-3-167
MILLS, ABIGAIL                          OH-8-3-150
MILLS, CHARLES                          OH-8-3-224
MINOR, RACHEL                           OH-8-2-181
MITCHELL, IGNATIUS                      OH-8-1-318
MITCHELL, ISAAC A.                      OH-8-3-340
MOHN, HENRY                             OH-8-2-18
MONAHAN, OWEN                           OH-8-3-426
MOON, ARCHIBALD                         OH-8-1-381
MOONEY, ALEXANDER                       OH-8-4-245
MOORE, ABIJAH                           OH-8-1-356
MOORE, ARCHELAUS                        OH-8-1-61
MOORE, CYNTHA ANN                       OH-8-4-356
MOORE, JAMES B.                         OH-8-4-441
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-8-1-84
MOORE, MARGARET                         OH-8-2-89
MOORE, MARY                             OH-8-3-194
MOORE, ROBERT                           OH-8-2-227
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-8-3-325
MORGAN, DANIEL                          OH-8-2-115
MORGAN, HUGH                            OH-8-2-293
MORRISON, JAMES                         OH-8-3-328
MOSELEY, MATHEW                         OH-8-2-122
MURPHY, JOHN                            OH-8-1-368
MURRY, JAMES                            OH-8-1-164
MUSSETT, FRANCIS MARION                 OH-8-4-73
MYERS, FRANCIS                          OH-8-4-67
NEAL, JOHN                              OH-8-2-81
NEEDHAM, JOSEPH                         OH-8-4-189
NEU, HENRY                              OH-8-3-422
NEWBERY, DANIEL                         OH-8-2-275
NEWMAN, REBECCA                         OH-8-3-163
NORRIS, AQUILLA                         OH-8-4-310
OCONNER, WILLIAM                        OH-8-4-224
OVERTURF, CONROD                        OH-8-2-219
OWENS, JOHN T.                          OH-8-3-74
OYER, HENRY                             OH-8-1-116
PANGBURN, LINES                         OH-8-4-144
PANGBURN, SAMUEL                        OH-8-1-41
PARDUM, JONAH                           OH-8-3-417
PARK, ALEXANDER J.                      OH-8-4-105
PARK, ELEANOR                           OH-8-1-275
PARK, JAMES L.                          OH-8-4-169
PARK, JOHN                              OH-8-3-243
PARK, ROBERT                            OH-8-4-122
PARK, THOMAS P.                         OH-8-3-344
PARK, WILLIAM                           OH-8-2-16
PARKER, ELIHU                           OH-8-2-87A
PARKER, JAMES                           OH-8-1-326
PARKER, JAMES                           OH-8-1-86
PARKER, JOHN                            OH-8-1-167
PARKER, JOHN                            OH-8-3-75
PARKER, JOSIAH                          OH-8-1-57
PARKER, PETER                           OH-8-1-4
PARKER, SILVANUS                        OH-8-4-406
PATRIDGE, PATRICK                       OH-8-4-7
PATTERSON, ROBERT A.                    OH-8-4-74
PATTISON, MARTHA                        OH-8-3-223
PAUL, JEREMIAH                          OH-8-2-346
PAYNE, CHARLES                          OH-8-3-254
PEARL, MARY ANN                         OH-8-3-204
PENN, BENJAMIN                          OH-8-4-76
PENN, GEORGE W.                         OH-8-4-36
PENN, HANSON L.                         OH-8-3-260
PERKINS, GRIEF G.                       OH-8-3-81
PETTYJOHN, ABRAHAM JR.                  OH-8-2-73
PETTYJOHN, AMOS                         OH-8-3-381
PETTYJOHN, AMOS                         OH-8-1-130
PETTYJOHN, ISAAC N.                     OH-8-2-117
PETTYJOHN, RICHARD                      OH-8-2-28
PICKERILL, WILLIAM F.                   OH-8-4-183
PICKERING, HENRY                        OH-8-1-291
PILZER, JOHN                            OH-8-1-239
PINDALL, GABRIEL                        OH-8-1-247
PINDELL, THOMAS                         OH-8-1-133
PITTENGER, JAMES                        OH-8-3-209
PITZER, HENRY                           OH-8-1-366
POAGE, JOHN C.                          OH-8-2-8
POAGE, POLLY                            OH-8-1-31
POAGE, THOMAS H.                        OH-8-1-178
POE, JOSEPH                             OH-8-1-379
POND, SARAH P.                          OH-8-3-106
POOL, AARON                             OH-8-1-218
PORTER, ANDREW                          OH-8-3-58
PORTER, JOHN RIPLEY                     OH-8-4-80
POTTER, JOSEPH                          OH-8-1-385
POTTS, NOAH                             OH-8-2-289
PRIBBLE, FOSTER                         OH-8-3-255
PURDUM, JEREMIAH                        OH-8-2-172
PURDUM, JOHN W.                         OH-8-4-396
PURDY, SAMUEL                           OH-8-4-385
QUINN, HUGH                             OH-8-2-286
RAINS, WILLIAM                          OH-8-1-340
RALSTON, G. W.                          OH-8-3-111
RALSTON, JAMES                          OH-8-4-375
RANKINS, DAVID                          OH-8-2-201
RAPP, ANTONIE                           OH-8-4-133
RAWLINGS, CARDIFF                       OH-8-3-389
REED, SUSANNAH                          OH-8-1-370
REEDER, SIMON                           OH-8-2-244
REES, ABEL                              OH-8-3-54
REES, HIRAM D.                          OH-8-4-110
REID, JOAB                              OH-8-3-335
RHOADS, THOMAS                          OH-8-1-26
RICE, JAMES                             OH-8-2-280
RICE, PHILIP                            OH-8-2-5
RICHARDS, OTHO                          OH-8-3-315
RIGGS, STEPHEN                          OH-8-2-147
RIGGS, WILLIAM                          OH-8-2-333
ROAMER, MARGARETTA                      OH-8-4-180
ROBE, DAVID                             OH-8-2-131
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        OH-8-2-225
ROGERS, DAVID                           OH-8-3-256
ROGERS, NANCY B.                        OH-8-3-308
ROGERS, THOMAS                          OH-8-2-302
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         OH-8-4-161
RONEY, JOHN                             OH-8-3-246
ROSE, ADAM                              OH-8-4-358
ROSS, ELISHA                            OH-8-1-249
ROSS, THOMAS                            OH-8-2-125
ROSS, THOMAS                            OH-8-4-9
ROUNDS, JAMES SR.                       OH-8-2-84
ROUNDS, LEMUEL                          OH-8-1-317
ROY, FRANCIS L.                         OH-8-3-411
RUNYAN, S. D.                           OH-8-4-243
RUSSLE, SALINA                          OH-8-2-179
SALESBURY, KEZIAH                       OH-8-3-284
SALESBURY, THOMAS                       OH-8-4-216
SALISBURY, SAMUEL                       OH-8-1-269
SALISBURY, SAMUEL G.                    OH-8-3-193
SALISBURY, THOMAS D.                    OH-8-3-200
SALSBERY, JAMES                         OH-8-2-357
SALT, L. D.                             OH-8-4-213
SCOTT, NANCY                            OH-8-2-360
SCOTT, PERCILLA                         OH-8-2-32
SCOTT, ROBERT                           OH-8-2-166
SCOTT, THOMAS SR.                       OH-8-3-125
SEGONDOLLER, JACOB                      OH-8-4-93
SELL, ABRAHAM                           OH-8-1-389
SELLS, BENJAMIN                         OH-8-3-351
SELLS, NELLY                            OH-8-2-362
SERVERS, ABRAHAM                        OH-8-1-64
SHANNON, JOHN                           OH-8-4-155
SHAW, CHAUNCEY                          OH-8-4-273
SHAW, PETER                             OH-8-4-204
SHEALDS, WILLISM SR.                    OH-8-4-79
SHEELER, ADAM                           OH-8-4-211
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH                     OH-8-1-197
SHEPHERD, HANNAH                        OH-8-3-214
SHEPHERD, JACOB                         OH-8-3-158
SHEPHERD, JOHN H.                       OH-8-1-180
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                       OH-8-1-296
SHICK, LEWIS                            OH-8-2-182
SHIELDS, JOHN W.                        OH-8-4-141
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        OH-8-4-380
SHINKLE, JOHN B.                        OH-8-2-108
SHIRLEY, TIMOTHY                        OH-8-4-51
SHOTWELL, JASPER                        OH-8-1-10
SHREVE, THOMAS                          OH-8-3-154
SHRMFE, JOHN                            OH-8-1-157
SHULTZ, GEORGE                          OH-8-1-68
SHUTZ, JACOB                            OH-8-4-313
SIDWELL, HENRY                          OH-8-2-39
SIDWELL, SEWILL B.                      OH-8-1-312
SIMPKINS, ABRAHAM D.                    OH-8-4-395
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         OH-8-2-100A
SLACK, JACOB                            OH-8-1-36
SLY, WILLIAM                            OH-8-4-304
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        OH-8-1-216
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-8-2-74A
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-8-3-229
SNEDEKER, JOHN                          OH-8-1-334
SNEDEKER, JOHN                          OH-8-3-281
SNIDER, CARL                            OH-8-3-144
SNIDER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-8-3-197
SNIDER, JOHN                            OH-8-3-362
SNOGRASS, THOMAS                        OH-8-1-102
SNYDER, JACOB                           OH-8-3-365
SPARKS, JAMES                           OH-8-3-297
SPINNER, CALEB                          OH-8-4-411
SPIRES, RICHARD                         OH-8-1-387
STABLETON, JOSEPH                       OH-8-3-132
STAMM, PETER P.                         OH-8-4-97
STAYTON, JACOB                          OH-8-4-118
STEPHEN, FREDERICK                      OH-8-4-295
STEPHENS, ABRAHAM                       OH-8-2-206
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       OH-8-2-154
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       OH-8-4-35
STEVENS, JOHN A.                        OH-8-2-192
STEVENSON, JOHN                         OH-8-4-382
STEVENSON, MILLS W.                     OH-8-4-108
STEVNES, ELIZA A.                       OH-8-4-300
STEWARD, THOMAS                         OH-8-4-268
STEWART, JOHN                           OH-8-1-270
STEWART, JOSEPH                         OH-8-1-42
STEWART, PETER A. G.                    OH-8-1-82
STIVERS, HARRIET N.                     OH-8-2-349
STOUT, MATILDA                          OH-8-4-3
STRATTON, ANDERSON                      OH-8-4-43
SURGUY, WILLIAM                         OH-8-4-100
SUTHERLAND, EBENEZER                    OH-8-1-188
SUTTON, BENJAMIN                        OH-8-2-75
SUTTON, OTHO                            OH-8-2-140
TALAS, ANDREW JR.                       OH-8-1-12
TARBELL, MARTHA                         OH-8-3-173
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                         OH-8-2-260
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-8-3-207
TAYLOR, JUDITH                          OH-8-3-49
TETARD, LEWIS                           OH-8-2-97
THOMAS, JAMES                           OH-8-3-5
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     OH-8-4-182
THOMPSON, EDWARD                        OH-8-4-140
THOMPSON, FELIX                         OH-8-2-317
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-8-2-189
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-8-1-13
THOMPSON, LEWIS                         OH-8-4-82
THOMPSON, NANCY                         OH-8-4-95
THORNHILL, CORTIER                      OH-8-3-376
TOMLINSON, MARY A.                      OH-8-2-282
TORRENCE, JAMES                         OH-8-2-338
TUCKER, SAMUEL HANSON                   OH-8-4-287
TUCKER, SAMUEL S.                       OH-8-3-359
TURNER, ROBERT                          OH-8-1-122
TWEED, ARCHIBALD                        OH-8-1-159
TWEED, ARCHIBALD C.                     OH-8-1-377
TWEED, SAMUEL                           OH-8-2-319
VANCE, JOHN                             OH-8-1-175
VANDAMENT, HENRY                        OH-8-1-27
VANDEMANT, BENJAMIN                     OH-8-1-166
VANDERGRIFT, LUCIDNA                    OH-8-4-413
VANDERVOORT, WILLIAM                    OH-8-3-234
VOORIS, JANE                            OH-8-2-152
WALL, WILLIAM                           OH-8-3-231
WAMACKS, TERRY                          OH-8-3-108
WASHBURN, ISAAC                         OH-8-1-72
WATERFIELD, RACHAEL                     OH-8-3-419
WATERS, ISAAC                           OH-8-1-208
WATSON, GEORGE                          OH-8-3-56
WATT, MARGARET                          OH-8-3-220
WATTS, JOHN                             OH-8-1-183
WATTS, MARY                             OH-8-4-38
WEISNER, THOMAS                         OH-8-4-132
WELLS, ISAIAH                           OH-8-2-94A
WELLS, JAMES C.                         OH-8-2-161
WESTON, SIMON                           OH-8-4-102
WHITE, ALPHEUS                          OH-8-2-36
WHITE, HANNAH                           OH-8-1-373
WHITE, J. D.                            OH-8-3-181
WHITE, JESSE                            OH-8-3-196
WHITEBREET, JOHN                        OH-8-4-443
WIDMISE, IRA                            OH-8-4-288
WILEY, ELISHA                           OH-8-3-73
WILEY, J. C.                            OH-8-3-314
WILKS, JOHN                             OH-8-4-62
WILLIAMS, ISABELLA                      OH-8-3-286
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN                      OH-8-4-60
WILLIS, STEPHEN                         OH-8-1-22
WINTER, MERANDA                         OH-8-4-104
WISE, ANDREW                            OH-8-2-258
WOOD, JANE                              OH-8-4-138
WOOD, NICHOLAS                          OH-8-1-315
WOODS, MARY S.                          OH-8-3-407
WOODS, NATHANIEL                        OH-8-3-354
WORK, JAMES                             OH-8-3-336
WORSTELL, DAVID                         OH-8-2-153
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          OH-8-3-99
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-8-1-212
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          OH-8-3-232
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          OH-8-2-64
WRIGHT, SAMUEL P.                       OH-8-3-386
WRIGHT, WALTER B.                       OH-8-2-232
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-8-3-421
WYKOFF, ASHUR                           OH-8-2-88A
WYNNA, PATRIC                           OH-8-2-241
YOCHUM, FREDERICK                       OH-8-4-388
YOCKEY, MARTIN                          OH-8-4-306
YOUNG, JOHN                             OH-8-1-307
ZIMMERLY, JACOB                         OH-8-3-191

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