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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol 1 = 1851- | 2-12=? |
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ADAMS, JAMES                            OH-9-1-525
ADAMS, JOHN                             OH-9-1-89
ADAMS, LUCY                             OH-9-1-158
ADAMS, MAXWELL                          OH-9-1-349
ADDLEESPERGER, JOHN                     OH-9-1-1
ALLENDER, JACOBINA                      OH-9-1-104
ANDERSON,MARY                           OH-9-1-360
ANDRIM, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-554
ANFRANCE, AUGUSTUS                      OH-9-1-484
APPLEGATE, HENRY S.                     OH-9-1-179
AUSTIN, MARTHA                          OH-9-1-373
AYERS, MAGDALENA                        OH-9-1-209
AYRES, JAMES                            OH-9-1-445
BAIRD, CORNELIUS                        OH-9-1-245
BAIRD, NANCY                            OH-9-1-493
BAIRD, RACHEL                           OH-9-1-323
BAKER, CALEB                            OH-9-1-59
BAKER, DANIEL                           OH-9-1-142
BALL, AARON                             OH-9-1-518
BALL, PUAH                              OH-9-1-579
BALLET, PETER                           OH-9-1-364
BARCALAW, DANIEL                        OH-9-1-118
BARKALOW, NICHOLAS                      OH-9-1-249
BARNETT, EMILY                          OH-9-1-100
BARNETT, ESTHER ANN                     OH-9-1-94
BARNETT, JOHN J.                        OH-9-1-57
BARTON, SARAH                           OH-9-1-8
BATTENBERG, MICHAEL                     OH-9-1-528
BEATTY, NINIAN                          OH-9-1-211
BEATY, JAMES                            OH-9-1-571
BEDISH, THOMAS                          OH-9-1-372
BEER, AMOS                              OH-9-1-457
BELCH, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-520
BIGHAM, JAMES                           OH-9-1-246
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-39
BILLINGS, PLINY                         OH-9-1-197
BLACKER, WILLIAM R.                     OH-9-1-119
BLACKFORD, REUBEN                       OH-9-1-344
BOATMAN, JAMES                          OH-9-1-46
BONE, JOHN                              OH-9-1-299
BOOTH, ABRAHAM                          OH-9-1-15
BOWEN, GEORGE                           OH-9-1-134
BOWERMAN, MICHAEL                       OH-9-1-215
BOYD, ANDREW                            OH-9-1-326
BRADEN, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-41
BRANT, JACOB                            OH-9-1-423
BRELSFORD, BENJAMIN                     OH-9-1-597
BRIANT, NATHANIEL                       OH-9-1-333
BROADBERRY, JAMES                       OH-9-1-17
BROUZE, RALPH                           OH-9-1-152
BROWN, JOHN O.                          OH-9-1-584
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-362
BRUMMET, PETER                          OH-9-1-181
BUEHL, JOHN C.                          OH-9-1-322
BUELL, EPHRAIM                          OH-9-1-109
BURK, LEWIS                             OH-9-1-178
BURNET, JACOB                           OH-9-1-73
BURNS, BENJAMIN                         OH-9-1-13
BUTLER, REUBEN T.                       OH-9-1-208
BUTNER, PETER                           OH-9-1-229
BUTTERFIELD,JEREMIAH                    OH-9-1-66
CAMPBELL, MOSES                         OH-9-1-264
CARR, JACOB                             OH-9-1-122
CATHCART, DANIEL L.                     OH-9-1-49
CHAMBER, ISABELLA                       OH-9-1-347
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                       OH-9-1-168
CLARK, DAVID                            OH-9-1-102
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-9-1-43
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-9-1-92
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-9-1-234
CLARK, LATHAM                           OH-9-1-231
CLARK, MARIA JANE                       OH-9-1-329
CLARK, SAMUEL                           OH-9-1-199
CLARKE, THOMAS                          OH-9-1-11
CLAWSON, MARY                           OH-9-1-28
CLAYTON, THOMAS                         OH-9-1-308
CLUN, PETER                             OH-9-1-307
COE, JAMES                              OH-9-1-215
COHEE, MARY JANE                        OH-9-1-187
CONARROE, JOHN                          OH-9-1-146
CONE, CHARLES                           OH-9-1-84
CONKLIN, FREEMAN                        OH-9-1-203
CONNER, MICHAEL                         OH-9-1-439
COOPER, JONATHAN                        OH-9-1-288
COOPER, THOMAS                          OH-9-1-293
CORSON, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-429
COSTELLO, MICHAEL                       OH-9-1-561
CROLL, MICHAEL                          OH-9-1-209
CRUME, ANN                              OH-9-1-75
CUMMINS, ABSALOM                        OH-9-1-265
CURTIS, CHARLES W.                      OH-9-1-202
CURTIS, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-69
DAVIS, ANN                              OH-9-1-173
DAVIS, SARAH S.                         OH-9-1-577
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-9-1-117
DECAMP, DAVID                           OH-9-1-385
DEEM, JOHN H.                           OH-9-1-443
DEGROAT, JAMES B.                       OH-9-1-365
DELAPLANE, JAMES                        OH-9-1-296
DEMANO, LEOPOLD                         OH-9-1-422
DETROW, JOHN                            OH-9-1-3
DEUEY, JANE                             OH-9-1-33
DILLMAN, FRANK                          OH-9-1-582
DOUGHTY, ANN                            OH-9-1-86
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         OH-9-1-201
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        OH-9-1-313
DUFFIELD, ROBERT E.                     OH-9-1-141
EAKER, JOSEPH                           OH-9-1-9
EARHART, ISAAC                          OH-9-1-581
EASTWOOD, JAMES                         OH-9-1-110
EBERLE, JOHN                            OH-9-1-452
EBERT, NANCY                            OH-9-1-453
ECKERT, JACOB SR.                       OH-9-1-46
EDWRADS, CURTIS                         OH-9-1-292
ELLEBERY, FREDERICK                     OH-9-1-412
ELLIOTT, JAMES M.                       OH-9-1-224
ELLIOTT, MARY                           OH-9-1-324
ELLIOTT, SOPHRONIA M.                   OH-9-1-189
ENYEART, THOMAS K.                      OH-9-1-112
FENTON, GEORGE                          OH-9-1-18
FERGUSON, ROBERT                        OH-9-1-319
FETCHER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-9-1-372
FLEMING, ARTHUR                         OH-9-1-433
FOWLER, JAMES A.                        OH-9-1-539
FREEMAN, JOHN                           OH-9-1-498
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-158
FRINKLE, CATHARINE                      OH-9-1-172
FROMM, SEBASTIAN                        OH-9-1-301
FURMAN, NATHANIEL                       OH-9-1-291
GARRY, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-465
GASTON, JOSEPH                          OH-9-1-111
GEBHART, HENRY                          OH-9-1-122
GERAN, JOHN V.                          OH-9-1-305
GERARD, DAVID                           OH-9-1-311
GIBSON, TRAPHENA                        OH-9-1-359
GILLESPIE, ROBERT                       OH-9-1-107
GORSUCH, MARTHA JANE                    OH-9-1-174
GORSUCH, THOMAS                         OH-9-1-155
GOWKER, GEORGE                          OH-9-1-287
GRAHAM, ISAAC                           OH-9-1-301
GRAY, MARY                              OH-9-1-537
GRIFFIS, JOHN                           OH-9-1-162
GRIMES, GEORGE                          OH-9-1-194
GUNKEL, ADAM                            OH-9-1-229
GUNKLE, MARGARET                        OH-9-1-44
GWILLIAM, ELIZABETH                     OH-9-1-447
HAGERMAN, JOHN                          OH-9-1-140
HALL, NANCY                             OH-9-1-5
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          OH-9-1-147
HANCOCK, JOEL                           OH-9-1-560
HARKNESS, ANTHONY                       OH-9-1-251
HARPER, JOHN                            OH-9-1-263
HARR, JOSEPH                            OH-9-1-144
HAY, JOHN                               OH-9-1-356
HENGSLELLER, JOHN GEORGE                OH-9-1-475
HENN, THOMAS A.                         OH-9-1-314
HILL, JOSEPH                            OH-9-1-481
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-9-1-392
HOLLOWAY, ELIAS                         OH-9-1-507
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-368
HORTON, JOSEPH D.                       OH-9-1-352
HOUGH, JOSEPH                           OH-9-1-96
HOWARD, PHILIP                          OH-9-1-62
HOWELL, ROBERT                          OH-9-1-450
HUBER, GEORGE                           OH-9-1-95
HUFFMAN, MARGAET                        OH-9-1-189
HULSE, HANNAH                           OH-9-1-143
HUNSINGER, PETER                        OH-9-1-574
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-176
JACKSON, JAMES                          OH-9-1-60
JEFFERS, THOMAS                         OH-9-1-6
JEHLE, CHARLES                          OH-9-1-500
JOHNSTON, ALICE P.                      OH-9-1-113
JONES, EVAN                             OH-9-1-34
JONES, JOHN C.                          OH-9-1-138
JONES, JONAS                            OH-9-1-101
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-293
JONSTON, DANNIEL                        OH-9-1-394
KAIN, SAMUEL                            OH-9-1-165
KELLY, JOSEPH                           OH-9-1-226
KEMP, DANIEL                            OH-9-1-193
KERR, WILLIAM                           OH-9-1-121
KINDER, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-358
KING, ANDREW                            OH-9-1-353
KING, ISAAC                             OH-9-1-71
KING, JAMES B.                          OH-9-1-232
KING, JOHN                              OH-9-1-125
KING, THOMS                             OH-9-1-133
KNOX, JAMES                             OH-9-1-483
KNOX, MOSES                             OH-9-1-37
KUMLER, GEORGE B.                       OH-9-1-508
LANDON, MARY                            OH-9-1-449
LARRISON, HENRY                         OH-9-1-127
LARRY, AMOS                             OH-9-1-182
LAUGHLIN, EZEKIEL                       OH-9-1-156
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN                      OH-9-1-166
LEDMAN, JOHN G. W.                      OH-9-1-441
LEFFLAR, PETER                          OH-9-1-242
LEWIS, JOHN R.                          OH-9-1-414
LINGLE, GEORGE                          OH-9-1-192
LINGLE, SARAH                           OH-9-1-427
LINGLE, THOMAS                          OH-9-1-36
LONG, JOHN L.                           OH-9-1-383
LONG, JOSEPH                            OH-9-1-87
LUCAS, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-350
MAGEE, JANE M.                          OH-9-1-122
MAHAN, BENJAMIN F.                      OH-9-1-5
MANSON, PHILETUS                        OH-9-1-136
MARCH, MOSES                            OH-9-1-237
MARRY, JOHN S.                          OH-9-1-559
MARSH, JACOB                            OH-9-1-501
MARSH, PHEBE                            OH-9-1-572
MARTINTELL, RICHARD                     OH-9-1-491
MATTIX, MICHAEL                         OH-9-1-96
MCALISTER, ALLVAN                       OH-9-1-401
MCBRIDE, JAMES                          OH-9-1-32
MCCAW, MARY                             OH-9-1-496
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         OH-9-1-379
MCCUE, JOHN                             OH-9-1-479
MCDANIEL, JOHN                          OH-9-1-432
MCDONALD, JAMES                         OH-9-1-195
MCGOVERN, MICHAEL                       OH-9-1-539
MCKEEN, MARGARET                        OH-9-1-29
MCKENNEY, ROSA ANN                      OH-9-1-522
MCMILLER, ELIZABETH                     OH-9-1-494
MCNEAL, LAZARUS                         OH-9-1-372
MEAL, MICHAEL                           OH-9-1-298
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-9-1-32
MILLER, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-289
MILLER, ELIZABETH M.                    OH-9-1-595
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-9-1-261
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-9-1-23
MILLIKIN, NANCY                         OH-9-1-531
MILLIKIN, ROBERT S.                     OH-9-1-366
MONTANYE, THOMAS                        OH-9-1-377
MONTGOMERY C. C.                        OH-9-1-16
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-9-1-585
MORRIS, LORENZO                         OH-9-1-472
MORTON, EBENEZER                        431
NEWHALL, JOSEPH                         OH-9-1-99
NORDGAUER, JOHN                         OH-9-1-563
OGDEN, ISAAC A.                         OH-9-1-134
OVERPECK, ISAAC                         OH-9-1-547
PAULIN, SQUIRE                          OH-9-1-185
PAXTON, ISAAC                           OH-9-1-418
PENCE, MARY                             OH-9-1-487
PEYTON, TOWNSHEND                       OH-9-1-19
PHARES, JOSEPH H.                       OH-9-1-437
PIATT, RACHEL                           OH-9-1-398
PIERSON, LUDLAM                         OH-9-1-455
PIERSON, WILLIAM R.                     OH-9-1-435
PIRRINE, ISAAC                          OH-9-1-346
PITMAN, HANNAH                          OH-9-1-170
POCOCK, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-22
POYNER, SILAS                           OH-9-1-579
PRICE, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-243
PROBASCO, ABRAHAM                       OH-9-1-390
PUGH, JOHN                              OH-9-1-53
RAGSDILL, WILSON                        OH-9-1-48
RANDOLPH, BENJAMIN F.                   OH-9-1-348
REDISH, THOMAS                          OH-9-1-373
REED, RICHARD                           OH-9-1-250
REEVES, SARAH                           OH-9-1-222
REYNOLDS, JOHN R.                       OH-9-1-247
RIBAR, GEORGE                           OH-9-1-463
RILEY, WILLIAM                          OH-9-1-527
RINEHART, SUSANNAH                      OH-9-1-300
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      OH-9-1-175
ROMING, ZEBRING                         OH-9-1-408
ROOK, ALANSON                           OH-9-1-12
ROSS, ELIJAH                            OH-9-1-549
ROW, MARGARET                           OH-9-1-119
ROWE, WESLEY                            OH-9-1-469
RUESER, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-395
RUGGLES, ELIZABETH                      OH-9-1-212
RUMPLE, JACOB                           OH-9-1-410
RUOFF, CATHARINE                        OH-9-1-132
SALMON, SARAH                           OH-9-1-61
SALZMAN, MICHAEL                        OH-9-1-423
SAMPLE, WILLIAM                         OH-9-1-312
SAUNDERS, MARIETTA MCB.                 OH-9-1-571
SAYRE, PIERSON                          OH-9-1-7
SCHENCK, AARON                          OH-9-1-183
SCHENCK, WILLIAM                        OH-9-1-173
SCHENCK, WILLIAM                        OH-9-1-220
SCHMIDTMAN, CHRISTINA F.                OH-9-1-415
SCHMIDTMAN, JOHN C.                     OH-9-1-575
SCHNEIDER, ERASMUS                      OH-9-1-552
SEGARS, JOSEPH                          OH-9-1-476
SENDLER, ENOS                           OH-9-1-524
SHAW, SALLY                             OH-9-1-23
SHEAFOR, HENRY                          OH-9-1-90
SHEELEY, WILLIAM                        OH-9-1-327
SHEELY, BENJAMIN                        OH-9-1-374
SHEPHERD, HANNAH                        OH-9-1-2
SHUCK, GEORGE                           OH-9-1-361
SHUCY, ADAM C.                          OH-9-1-200
SIMPSON, HENRY                          OH-9-1-198
SIMPSON, JOHN E.                        OH-9-1-434
SINKLE, PHILIP                          OH-9-1-388
SMILEY, PATRICK                         OH-9-1-151
SMITH, DANIEL                           OH-9-1-393
SMITH, LAWRENCE                         OH-9-1-544
SMOYER, DANIEL                          OH-9-1-362
SMOYER, FREDERICK                       OH-9-1-114
SNIVELY, CATHARINE                      OH-9-1-257
SNIVELY, SAMUEL                         OH-9-1-534
STATLER, ADAM                           OH-9-1-168
STEARNS, ASEPH                          OH-9-1-321
STECKER, JOHANNES                       OH-9-1-459
STEELE, AGNES                           OH-9-1-72
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        OH-9-1-190
STEWART, JSOEPH                         OH-9-1-171
STIBBENS, DAVID                         OH-9-1-397
STONE, BARNEY                           OH-9-1-387
SUTHERLAND, NANCY                       OH-9-1-153
SWIFT, SETH                             OH-9-1-297
TERRY, ZILPHA                           OH-9-1-255
THOMAS, GEORGE                          OH-9-1-566
THOMAS, JOHN                            OH-9-1-186
THOMPSON, DAVID                         OH-9-1-586
THOMS, WILIAM                           OH-9-1-42
THOMSON, ABRAHAM                        OH-9-1-4
TIFFANY, CHARLOTTE KAY                  OH-9-1-503
TIFFANY, JOHN JOSEPH                    OH-9-1-239
TIMBERMAN, MATTHEW                      OH-9-1-588
TINKS, THOMAS                           OH-9-1-139
TOBIAS, MICHAEL                         OH-9-1-325
TOBIAS, STEPHEN D.                      OH-9-1-57
TURNER, ZADOK                           OH-9-1-128
UNZICKER, DANIEL                        OH-9-1-555
UTZ, ADAM                               OH-9-1-91
VANDERVEER, PETER                       OH-9-1-381
VANGORDEN, BENJAMIN                     OH-9-1-136
VANGORDEN, HANNAH                       OH-9-1-213
WADE, DAVID E.                          OH-9-1-50
WADE, THOMS J.                          OH-9-1-45
WALDRON, JOHN                           OH-9-1-593
WALKER, JOHN                            OH-9-1-204
WALKER, NANCY                           OH-9-1-93
WALKER, SARAH                           OH-9-1-154
WALKER, WILLIAM K.                      OH-9-1-591
WALSH, THOMAS                           OH-9-1-541
WALTER, JOHN S.                         OH-9-1-601
WARWICK, WILKINS                        OH-9-1-188
WEBB, SARAH                             OH-9-1-262
WEBER, JOHN                             OH-9-1-38
WESCO, HENRY                            OH-9-1-405
WESTON, ETHAN A.                        OH-9-1-108
WETHERBY, DANFORTH                      OH-9-1-219
WETZEL, DONAT                           OH-9-1-306
WHITE, ABRAHAM                          OH-9-1-316
WHITEHILL, ROBERT                       OH-9-1-550
WHITTLESEY, RUTH                        OH-9-1-207
WIEDER, CATHARINE                       OH-9-1-256
WILDE, LUKOS                            OH-9-1-557
WILLEYS, RICHARD                        OH-9-1-510
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     OH-9-1-160
WILLIAMS, MARCH                         OH-9-1-83
WILLIAMS, RACHEL                        OH-9-1-88
WILSON, PETER                           OH-9-1-123
WILZ, CATHARINE                         OH-9-1-216
WOLFF, JACOB                            OH-9-1-504
WOLVERTON, ISAAC                        OH-9-1-304
WOODRUFF, DANIEL                        OH-9-1-258
WOODRUFF, EPHRAIM                       OH-9-1-489
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL                        OH-9-1-542
WOODS, JOHN                             OH-9-1-159
WORTHINGTON, MARY                       OH-9-1-244
YERN, SAMUEL                            OH-9-1-408
YINGLING, HANNAH                        OH-9-1-236
YOUNG, ANN                              OH-9-1-594
ZEIGLER, SAMUEL                         OH-9-1-129
ZELLER, JOHN                            OH-9-1-227
ZITTNER, PETER                          OH-9-1-229

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