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ABEL, CONRAD                            OH-10-B-331
ABEL, MARY                              OH-10-B-330
ABER, MORRIS                            OH-10-A-23
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                        OH-10-B-158
ALLABAUGH, WILLIAM                      OH-10-B-123
ALLBOUGH, MAURICE                       OH-10-A-11
ALLES, JOHN                             OH-10-B-426
ANDERSON, PETER                         OH-10-A-186
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       OH-10-B-482
BAKER, ZACKARIAH                        OH-10-A-432
BARRICK, ISAAC                          OH-10-B-259
BAXTER, CORNELIUS                       OH-10-A-338
BEABOUT, JOHN                           OH-10-B-16
BEAR, SAMUEL                            OH-10-B-171
BEATTY, WAYBRANT                        OH-10-A-275
BERTIN, DANIEL                          OH-10-B-198
BLACKLIDGE, ENOCK                       OH-10-B-387
BLACKLIDGE, JOHN                        OH-10-B-211
BLECKER, SAMUEL                         OH-10-A-15
BOYD, DAVID                             OH-10-B-489
BROTHERS, STEPHEN                       OH-10-B-161
BROWN, ESTHER                           OH-10-A-369
BROWN, GEORGE                           OH-10-B-491
BROWN HANNAH                            OH-10-A-44
BROWN, HENRY                            OH-10-A-172
BROWN, HESTHER                          OH-10-B-6
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-10-A-73
BROWN, THOMAS                           OH-10-A-192
BUSHONG, CATHARINE EVE                  OH-10-A-153
CAMMERON, JOSEPH                        OH-10-A-454
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         OH-10-A-96
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          OH-10-B-473
CARNAHAN, ROBERT                        OH-10-B-319
CARTER, JOSEPH                          OH-10-B-11
CASSIDAY, WILLIAM                       OH-10-A-204
CELLARS, JAMES                          OH-10-B-326
CHISHOLM, A. R.                         OH-10-B-265
CLARKE, NATHAN                          OH-10-A-366
COOK, PETER                             OH-10-A-13
COX, HENRY                              OH-10-B-239
COX, SHERADINE                          OH-10-A-145
CROOKS, HENRY                           OH-10-A-497
CROZIER, THOMAS                         OH-10-A-189
DANDY, RICHARD                          OH-10-B-136
DANIELS, JANE                           OH-10-A-148
DAVIS, GEORGE                           OH-10-A-197
DAVIS, JAMES                            OH-10-B-52
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           OH-10-B-271
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-10-B-30
DAYHUFF, PHILLIP                        OH-10-A-444
DENNY, JOHN                             OH-10-B-479
DEVERE, JACOB                           OH-10-B-386
DEVORE, WILLIAM                         OH-10-B-400
DEWELL, SAMUEL                          OH-10-B-433
DUMBLETON, JOHN                         OH-10-A-321
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-10-B-18
EAKIN, JAMES                            OH-10-B-302
EARL, THOMAS                            OH-10-B-293
EARLS, BENJAMIN                         OH-10-B-184
EARNST, DANIEL                          OH-10-A-335
ELVIN, GARDNER                          OH-10-B-420
FADELLA, PETER                          OH-10-B-280
FERGUSON, STEPHEN                       OH-10-A-127
FETTER, JOHN                            OH-10-B-81
FISHER, MICHAEL                         OH-10-B-222
FOSTER, JOSIAH SR.                      OH-10-A-373
FULTON, ANN                             OH-10-B-373
GARTRALL, JOHN                          OH-10-A-199
GASTON, JOSEPH                          OH-10-A-68
GEIGER, JACOB                           OH-10-B-295
GIBSON, JAMES                           OH-10-A-427
GIBSON, JOHN                            OH-10-B-434
GRAY, JOSEPH                            OH-10-B-460
GROSE, JOSEPH                           OH-10-B-301
HAAS, ANNA                              OH-10-A-17
HANNA, BENJAMIN A.                      OH-10-B-257
HANNON, TIMOTHY                         OH-10-B-209
HARDESTY, WILLIAM                       OH-10-B-402
HARMAN, CATHRINE                        OH-10-B-89
HARRIMAN, GEORGE                        OH-10-A-290
HARSH, JOHN                             OH-10-B-72
HARSH, MARGRET                          OH-10-B-173
HARSH, PHILIP                           OH-10-B-22
HARSH, WILLIAM                          OH-10-A-363
HAUKE, ROBERT                           OH-10-B-390
HEACOCK, JOHN                           OH-10-B-231
HELMICK, CATHARINE                      OH-10-B-260
HENNING, HENRY                          OH-10-B-262
HEROLD, PETER                           OH-10-B-440, 496
HERRON, THOMAS                          OH-10-B-255
HERSH, HENRY                            OH-10-A-278
HESSLER, DANIEL                         OH-10-A-472
HILL, ROBERT G.                         OH-10-B-104
HIXON, SAMUEL                           OH-10-B-206
HOLTZMAN, MARTIN                        OH-10-A-423
HOUSE, JOHN                             OH-10-B-38
HUTSON, JAMES                           OH-10-B-351
JAMES, JOHN                             OH-10-A-331
JEFFERS, WILLIAM                        OH-10-B-366
JENNINGS, PETER                         OH-10-A-410
JENNINGS, SARAH                         OH-10-B-363
KEITH, VINCENT                          OH-10-B-78
KERR, AARON                             OH-10-B-455
LESLIE, ALEXANDER                       OH-10-A-1
LEWIS, JESSEE                           OH-10-B-266
LICHENER, JOHN                          OH-10-B-205, 216
LITTLE, MATTHIAS                        OH-10-B-416
LONG, BENJAMIN                          OH-10-B-169
LONG, SOLOMON                           OH-10-B-92
LONGAKRE, DANIEL                        OH-10-A-176
LYDIE, FREDERICK                        OH-10-B-102
MABIN,JOSEPH                            OH-10-B-59
MANSFIELD, EDWARD                       OH-10-A-385
MAPLE, JOHN                             OH-10-B-428
MARSH, SAMUEL                           OH-10-A-3
MARSHALL, JOHN                          OH-10-B-399
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       OH-10-B-283
MARTIN, HENRY                           OH-10-B-307
MCALLISTER, JOHN                        OH-10-B-322
MCCLINTOCK, JAMES                       OH-10-A-300
MCCOMBS, JAMES                          OH-10-B-19
MCCONNELL, SAMUEL                       OH-10-A-351
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        OH-10-A-380
MCGOWEN, ELIZABETH                      OH-10-A-371
MCGOWEN, JAMES                          OH-10-A-298
MCINTIRE, ROBERT                        OH-10-B-103
MCLINSTICK, JOHN                        OH-10-B-105
MCLINTICK, WALTER                       OH-10-B-221
MCPHERRIN, THOMAS                       OH-10-A-316
MCPHERRON, WILLIAM                      OH-10-B-336
MCQUEEN, WILLIAM                        OH-10-B-220
MERRICK, ISAAC                          OH-10-A-46
MICK, PETER                             OH-10-A-70
MILLER, ANDREW                          OH-10-B-187
MILLER, ISAAC                           OH-10-A-313
MILLER, JOSEPH                          OH-10-B-305
MILLER, THOMAS                          OH-10-A-118
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        OH-10-B-457
MONOHAN, GEORGE                         OH-10-A-75
MONT, JOHN                              OH-10-B-9
MOOR, ANDREW                            OH-10-B-376
MOORE, ELIJAH                           OH-10-A-103
MOORE, JOHN SR.                         OH-10-B-415
MOREHEAD, THOMAS                        OH-10-B-118
MORLEDGE, MARY                          OH-10-B-412
MORRISON, JOHN                          OH-10-B-360
MORROW, JOHN                            OH-10-A-124
MOSES, HENRY                            OH-10-B-398
MYERS, JOHN                             OH-10-A-468
MYERS, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-10-A-395
NAPE, CHRISTIAN                         OH-10-B-86
NEELY, ROBERT                           OH-10-A-136
NEWTON, LEVI                            OH-10-B-308
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                      OH-10-A-241
NIVIN, JAMES                            OH-10-B-344
NODERFT, LYDIA                          OH-10-B-447
OGLE, JOHN                              OH-10-B-269
PALMER, DAVID                           OH-10-B-67
PARKER, JAMES                           OH-10-A-449
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-10-B-267
POTTER, HENRY                           OH-10-B-436
PUGH, AARON                             OH-10-A-57
QUEEN, JOHN                             OH-10-B-315
QUEEN, SAMUEL                           OH-10-A-345
RAINSBURGH, JOHN                        OH-10-A-94
REED, WILLIAM                           OH-10-B-296
REINNER, CHARLES                        OH-10-B-130
REINNER, GEORGE                         OH-10-B-131
REINNER, JACOB                          OH-10-B-5
RICHARDSON, REBECCA                     OH-10-B-156
RIGBY, JAMES                            OH-10-B-249
RIPPLE, WILLIAM                         OH-10-B-116
ROBERSON, JAMES                         OH-10-B-73
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-10-B-57
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         OH-10-A-138
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      OH-10-B-299
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      OH-10-B-234
ROTHACKER, SAMUEL                       OH-10-B-228
ROWLY, SAMUEL                           OH-10-B-149
RUSSELL, ARTHUR                         OH-10-B-145
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         OH-10-B-28
RUTTER, JOSEPH SR.                      OH-10-A-476
SCOTT, FRANCIS                          OH-10-B-476
SCOTT, ROBERT                           OH-10-B-242
SHANABERRY, NICHOLAS                    OH-10-A-109
SHARP, BENJAMIN                         OH-10-A-165
SHEARER, THOMAS                         OH-10-B-199
SHERMAN, CALEB                          OH-10-A-440
SHERROD, WILLIAM                        OH-10-A-480
SINCLAIR, JAMES                         OH-10-A-244
SKELTON, WILLIAM                        OH-10-A-21
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-10-A-287
SMITH, MICHIAL                          OH-10-B-36
STEPHENSON, RICHARD                     OH-10-A-404
STEWART, JOSEPH                         OH-10-B-445
STOCKMAN, WILLIAM                       OH-10-B-15
STOCKON, SAMUEL                         OH-10-B-450
SWAN, ZEPHINA                           OH-10-B-186
SWEARINGEN, THOMAS                      OH-10-A-305
TAYLOR, HENRY                           OH-10-B-117
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        OH-10-B-153
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-10-B-176
VANBUSKIRK, GEORGE                      OH-10-A-341
WALLACE, ROBERT                         OH-10-A-77
WALTON, GABRIEL                         OH-10-B-224
WATSON, JAMES                           OH-10-A-349
WATSON, MAJORY                          OH-10-B-181
WATSON, MARGERY                         OH-10-A-319
WATSON, ROBERT                          OH-10-A-407
WATT, WILLIAM                           OH-10-B-39
WAUBAUGH, WILLIAM                       OH-10-B-60
WEAVER, NICOLAS                         OH-10-B-44
WEBB, SAMUEL                            OH-10-B-289
WEES, MORRIS                            OH-10-B-387
WELKLY, JOHN SR.                        OH-10-A-160
WELLS, BAZILEEL                         OH-10-B-341
WESTFALL, THOMAS                        OH-10-A-7
WESTON, FRANCIS                         OH-10-A-202
WHITE, DANIEL                           OH-10-B-251
WHITE, THOMAS                           OH-10-A-303
WHITE, WILIAM                           OH-10-B-227
WHITTA, WILLIAM                         OH-10-B-425
WIANDT, JOHN                            OH-10-B-349
WIANT, GEORGE                           OH-10-B-202
WILLIAMS, BELINGSLEY                    OH-10-A-122
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     OH-10-B-111
WILLIAMS, JOHN B.                       OH-10-A-181
WISEBAUGH, JAMES C.                     OH-10-B-365
WISEBAUGH, NICKLOUS                     OH-10-B-110
WITHEROW, HUGH                          OH-10-B-197
WITHEROW, HUGH                          OH-10-B-441
WORKMAN, DAVID                          OH-10-B-354
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          OH-10-B-325
YANT, MARY EVE                          OH-10-B-48

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