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ACKERSON, JOHN                          OH-12-2-595
ADAMS, JOHN                             OH-12-A1-296
ADAMSON, LOYD B.                        OH-12-A1-106
AGAR, WILLIAM                           OH-12-A1-293
AIKIN, JAMES                            OH-12-A1-85
ALBIN, JOHN SR.                         OH-12-A1-42
ALBIN, LAVINA                           OH-12-2-417
ALBRIGHT, CHRISTIANA                    OH-12-2-291
ALLEN, DAVID                            OH-12-2-213
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          OH-12-A1-266
AMBLER, JOHN                            OH-12-A1-314
ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-12-2-368
ANDERSON, LYDIA                         OH-12-2-406
ANDERSON, MARGARET                      OH-12-2-373
ARMSTRONG, CYNES                        OH-12-2-307
ARMSTRONG, OLIVER                       OH-12-2-46
ATKINSON, SUSANNAH                      OH-12-2-45
BABCOCK, THOMAS                         OH-12-A1-47
BAILEY, TIMOTHY                         OH-12-A1-141
BAIRD, JOHN                             OH-12-2-101
BAIRD, WILEY                            OH-12-2-96
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-173
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-29
BAKER, AMOS                             OH-12-A1-311
BAKER, DAVID                            OH-12-2-336
BAKER, HENRY SR.                        OH-12-2-97
BAKER, JACOB SR.                        OH-12-A1-59
BAKER, MELYN D.                         OH-12-2-480
BAKER, RUDOLPH                          OH-12-A1-131
BAKER, THOMAS                           OH-12-A1-345
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        OH-12-2-351
BALLARD, CATHARINE                      OH-12-2-625
BALLENTINE, WILLIAM                     OH-12-2-442
BARRATT, DICKSON S                      OH-12-2-40
BARTON, THOMAS                          OH-12-2-446
BAYLEY, THOMAS M.                       OH-12-A1-339
BEESON, AMMASIA                         OH-12-A1-40
BELL, STEPHEN                           OH-12-2-502
BENDURE, WILLIAM                        OH-12-A1-37
BENNETT, CALEB                          OH-12-2-153
BENNETT, EBENEZER                       OH-12-2-248
BERKLY, THOMAS                          OH-12-2-19
BEST, FRANCIS                           OH-12-A1-151
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-12-A1-174
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-12-2-554
BLACK, JAMES R.                         OH-12-2-476
BLOXSOM, JANE                           OH-12-2-516
BLOXSOM, RICHARD                        OH-12-A1-98
BLXOSOM, GREGORY                        OH-12-2-151
BOGGS, ANDREW                           OH-12-2-268
BOICE, ROBERT                           OH-12-2-547
BOSART, HENRY                           OH-12-2-152
BOTKIN, JOHN                            OH-12-A1-303
BOTKIN, MARY                            OH-12-2-588
BOTKIN, WILLIAM                         OH-12-2-342
BOWER, JACOB                            OH-12-2-28
BOWMAN, JACOB                           OH-12-A1-20
BOYWER, JOHN                            OH-12-2-196
BRAIN, JOSEPH                           OH-12-2-619
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          OH-12-2-421
BROWN, FREDERICK                        OH-12-A1-223, 232
BROWN, FREDERICK                        OH-12-A1-223
BROWN, MARY                             OH-12-2-306
BROWN, SAMUEL                           OH-12-2-294
BUCKINGHAM, MILTON                      OH-12-2-507
BUDD, JOHN                              OH-12-2-407
BURNETT, MARY                           OH-12-2-328
CAHILL, THOMAS                          OH-12-2-593
CALLISON, ARTHUR                        OH-12-2-612
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM F.                    OH-12-2-78
CARMAN, BENJAMIN                        OH-12-2-112
CARTMELL, ANN                           OH-12-A1-92
CARTMELL, JACOB P.                      OH-12-A1-113
CAVILEER, CHARLES                       OH-12-2-418
CHENOWETH, WILLIAM                      OH-12-2-64
CIRCLE, ANDREW                          OH-12-2-416
CIRCLE, EMANUEL                         OH-12-2-466
CLARK, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-423
CLARKE, ANDREW                          OH-12-2-600
CLENDENING, JAMES                       OH-12-2-25
CLICK, JOEL                             OH-12-2-597
CLICK, MICHAEL                          OH-12-2-83
CLYMER, JOSEPH                          OH-12-2-560
COFFELT, AUGUSTINE                      OH-12-A1-349
COFFETT, AUGUSTUS                       OH-12-A1-348
COLE, OLIVE                             OH-12-2-449
COLLIER, THOMAS                         OH-12-A1-260
COLLINS, DENIS                          OH-12-A1-187
COLOURT, KATHARINE                      OH-12-A1-306
CONRAD, SAMUEL                          OH-12-2-583
COOK, ABRAHAM                           OH-12-2-140
CORY, THOMAS                            OH-12-2-19
COSLER, HENRY                           OH-12-2-180
COULTER, DAVID                          OH-12-2-551
COWGILL, GEORGE                         OH-12-A1-116
CRAIG, ROBERT                           OH-12-2-553
CRAWFORD, ABEL                          OH-12-2-175
CRISPIN, MATTHIAS                       OH-12-2-272
CRIST, JACOB                            OH-12-2-361
DALRYMPLE, GEORGE                       OH-12-2-56
DANIEL, MCMACK                          OH-12-A1-295
DAVIDSON, HENRY                         OH-12-2-177
DAVIDSON, RACHEL                        OH-12-2-581
DAVIS, OWEN                             OH-12-A1-25
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OH-12-2-246
DAVISSON, ISAAC                         OH-12-2-492
DETRICK, DANIEL                         OH-12-2-349
DIGNAN, LUKE                            OH-12-2-529
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         OH-12-2-36
DOUGHERTY, NEIL                         OH-12-A1-184
DOUGHERTY, PATRICK                      OH-12-A1-103
DRAKE, ELIZA                            OH-12-2-531
DRAKE, JOHN W.                          OH-12-2-205
DRISCOL, JOHN                           OH-12-2-88
DRUM, SIMON H.                          OH-12-2-319
DUGDALE, JOHN                           OH-12-2-365
DUVAL, JAMES S.                         OH-12-2-189
DYCHE, DAVID D.                         OH-12-2-56
EDWARDS, BENJAMIN                       OH-12-2-534
ELDER, CHARLES F.                       OH-12-A1-83
ELDER, ROBERT                           OH-12-A1-159, 166
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        OH-12-2-85
ELLSWORTH, JESSE                        OH-12-2-572
ENGLE, JOHN                             OH-12-2-238
EVANS, EDWARD                           OH-12-2-308
EVANS, ISAAC                            OH-12-2-69
EVANS, RACHEL                           OH-12-2-100
FANKHOUSE, JOHN                         OH-12-2-105
FARNHAM, JOHN J.                        OH-12-A1-68
FARRAR, HENRY                           OH-12-2-93
FAUSS, JACOB                            OH-12-2-214
FINLEY, NATHAN C.                       OH-12-2-90
FISHER, MADDOX                          OH-12-2-40
FOLEY, FANNY                            OH-12-2-172
FORBES, ARTHUR                          OH-12-2-204
FOREMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-12-A1-218
FORGY, JOHN                             OH-12-2-208
FOX, JOHN                               OH-12-A1-97
FRANTZ, CHRISTIAN                       OH-12-2-464
FRANTZ, DANIEL                          OH-12-2-186
FRANTZ, JACOB                           OH-12-2-472
FROST, GEORGE                           OH-12-A1-191
FULLER, NORTHRUP                        OH-12-2-94
FULLER, ROBERT                          OH-12-2-576
FULLER, WILLIAM                         OH-12-2-277
FUNSTAN, PAUL                           OH-12-2-99
FURGESON, JAMES                         OH-12-A1-278
FURROW, JOHN                            OH-12-2-326
GALLAGHER, JOHN M.                      OH-12-2-315
GALLOWAY, JAMES                         OH-12-A1-286
GARLOUGH, JOHN                          OH-12-A1-74
GARLOUGH, JOHN SR.                      OH-12-A1-74
GARRISON, DAVID                         OH-12-A1-301
GEARHART, LEWIS                         OH-12-2-310
GENTIS, DANIEL                          OH-12-2-218
GILBERT, ALLEN                          OH-12-A1-62
GILLETT, BERKLEY                        OH-12-2-639
GOBLE, DANIEL                           OH-12-A1-72
GORDEN, ARCHIBALD                       OH-12-2-301
GOWDY, JOHN                             OH-12-2-197
GREENE, WILLIAM W.                      OH-12-2-379
HACKMAN, FREDERICK                      OH-12-2-118
HAINE, LEONARD                          OH-12-2-290
HALL, WILLIAM                           OH-12-A1-55
HALSEY, J. W.                           OH-12-2-178
HAMMOND, JAMES                          OH-12-2-3
HANNAH, JOSEPH                          OH-12-2-202
HARDACRE, BENJAMIN                      OH-12-2-327
HARDY, JACOB                            OH-12-2-445
HARRISON, ANDREW R.                     OH-12-2-393
HARRISON, MARGARET                      OH-12-2-389
HARRISON, WILLIAM B.                    OH-12-2-59
HARSHBARGER, ABRAHAM                    OH-12-2-460
HATFIELD, JAMES                         OH-12-2-644
HATTEN, JOHN                            OH-12-2-498
HATTON, JOHN                            OH-12-2-426
HAWKEN, DANIEL T.                       OH-12-2-469
HAY, WILLIAM                            OH-12-2-266
HAYWARD, HARTMAN K.                     OH-12-2-517
HAYWARD, KESIA                          OH-12-2-440
HEATON, HENRY                           OH-12-2-239
HEFFLEBOWER, DANIEL                     OH-12-2-17
HELMER, PETER                           OH-12-2-454
HELVIE, PETER                           OH-12-2-23
HEMPLEMAN, GEORGE                       OH-12-2-533
HENDRICKS, JOHN                         OH-12-2-39
HENKLE, SAUL                            OH-12-2-61
HENRY, ELIZABETH                        OH-12-2-280
HINKEL, JACOB T.                        OH-12-2-257
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM                       OH-12-2-110
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         OH-12-2-10
HOUSTON, MATTHEW                        OH-12-2-413
HUDSON, RICHARD                         OH-12-2-9
HUFFMAN, JACOB                          OH-12-2-181
HUFMAN, MICHAEL                         OH-12-2-312
HULET, ARNODL                           OH-12-2-632
HULL, BENJAMIN                          OH-12-A1-249
HUMPHREYS, WARD                         OH-12-2-47
HUNTER, ANN                             OH-12-A1-33
HUNTER, DANIEL                          OH-12-2-279
HUSTED, JOSEPH N.                       OH-12-2-275
INLOW, ABRAHAM                          OH-12-2-128
INLOW, JEMIMA                           OH-12-2-528
INMAN, MATTHEW                          OH-12-A1-229
JONES, DNAIEL                           OH-12-A1-283
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-12-A1-121, 213
KEDZIE, ADAM                            OH-12-2-565
KEIFER, GEORGE                          OH-12-2-264
KEIFER, JOSEPH                          OH-12-2-400
KELLY, CATHARINE SR.                    OH-12-2-568
KELLY, JAMES                            OH-12-2-72
KELSO, JOHN                             OH-12-2-199
KENNEY, JOHN                            OH-12-A1-255
KENNEY, WILLIAM                         OH-12-A1-307
KERSHNER, JACOB                         OH-12-2-539
KIBLINGER, DANIEL SR.                   OH-12-2-519
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       OH-12-A1-181
KITCHEN, ISAAC                          OH-12-2-364
KIZER, DANIEL                           OH-12-2-22
KIZER, DAVID                            OH-12-2-317
KIZER, JACOB                            OH-12-2-435
KIZER, JOHN                             OH-12-2-162
KIZER, PHILIP                           OH-12-A1-17
KNEPFLY, LAWRENCE                       OH-12-2-102
KNOTT, DAVID A.                         OH-12-2-455, 459
KONIGMAKER, ADAM                        OH-12-2-4
KURTZ, CHRISTIAN                        OH-12-2-386
LAMME, JAMES                            OH-12-2-562
LAMME, JOHN                             OH-12-2-457
LANKENAU, ANNA R.                       OH-12-2-432
LATHROP, LEVI                           OH-12-2-526
LAWRENCE, CATHARINE                     OH-12-2-377
LAYNE, ROBERT                           OH-12-2-244
LEAGUE, THOMAS                          OH-12-2-263
LEE, ANTHONY                            OH-12-2-220
LEE, SAMUEL                             OH-12-2-221
LEMEN, R. JOHN                          OH-12-2-585
LEWIS, BRITTON                          OH-12-2-133
LINDELL, JOHN                           OH-12-2-374
LINGLE, JOHN                            OH-12-A1-49
LORTON, JAMES                           OH-12-A1-57
LOTT, GEORGE                            OH-12-2-304
LOUCKS, GEORGE A.                       OH-12-2-566
LOWE, JESSE                             OH-12-A1-118
LUSE, JUSTUS                            OH-12-2-26
LYON, JOHN                              OH-12-A1-170
MADDEN, BENJAMIN                        OH-12-2-52
MAGGART, JOHN                           OH-12-A1-268
MARKS, WILLIAM                          OH-12-A1-15
MARSH, ISAEL                            OH-12-2-167
MARSH, JOHN                             OH-12-2-53
MARSHALL, WILLIAM JR.                   OH-12-2-155
MARTIN, RICHARD                         OH-12-2-468
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          OH-12-A1-205
MATTHEWS, JACOB                         OH-12-A1-251
MAXSON, JESSE                           OH-12-2-434
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                        OH-12-A1-21
MCCOLLOM, JOHN                          OH-12-2-341
MCDANIEL, MACK                          OH-12-2-2
MCDONNELL, SABINE T.                    OH-12-2-251
MCINTIRE, IWLLIAM                       OH-12-A1-213
MCKEE, THOMAS                           OH-12-2-510
MCLAREN, JOHN                           OH-12-2-119
MCMACK, DANIEL                          OH-12-A1-295
MCPHERSON, ADAM                         OH-12-A1-197
MCWILLIAMS, MICHAEL                     OH-12-2-217
MEAD, DANIEL                            OH-12-2-288
MEEKS, JOHN                             OH-12-2-1
MEFFORD, GASPER                         OH-12-A1-101
MILHOLLEN, JONATHAN                     OH-12-2-13
MILLER, AARON                           OH-12-2-114
MILLER, CHRISTLEY                       OH-12-A1-189
MILLER, FREDERICK                       OH-12-A1-63
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-12-2-642
MILLER, MARY (WARNER)                   OH-12-2-490
MILLER, ROBERT                          OH-12-2-15
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-12-2-115
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-12-2-253
MINNICH, PHILLIP                        OH-12-2-86
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       OH-12-2-269
MOORE, ANDREW                           OH-12-2-451
MOREHOUSE, JAMES                        OH-12-2-49
MORGAN, JACOB                           OH-12-2-321
MORRIS, JOHN                            OH-12-2-278
MOSER, ADAM                             OH-12-A1-244
MOTT, JOSIAH                            OH-12-2-51
MOTT, SAMUEL                            OH-12-2-146
MUMMERT, EZRA                           OH-12-2-396
MYERS, GEORGE                           OH-12-2-548
MYERS, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-486
NAGLEY, GEORGE                          OH-12-2-58
NEAR, HENRY                             OH-12-A1-216
NEER, JONATHAN                          OH-12-2-234
NEFF, ABRAHAM                           OH-12-2-283
NEFF, ISAAC                             OH-12-2-497
NEHA, HENRY                             OH-12-2-616
NEWLOVE, JOSEPH                         OH-12-2-331
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        OH-12-2-5
NICHOLSON, JOHN                         OH-12-A1-128
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                      OH-12-2-281
OSTRANDER, SHELEMIAH                    OH-12-2-604
OUTHART, JOHN                           OH-12-2-358
OXTOBY, HENRY                           OH-12-2-80
PAIGE, BENJAMIN                         OH-12-2-300
PAIGE, JONATHAN                         OH-12-2-125
PARKS, JAMES                            OH-12-2-31
PATTISON, JOSEPH                        OH-12-2-210
PATTON, THOMAS                          OH-12-A1-151
PAUL, JOHN                              OH-12-2-557
PEARCE, JAMES                           OH-12-2-160
PENCE, SAMUEL                           OH-12-A1-300
PERRIN, JOHN                            OH-12-2-354
PERRIN, JOSEPH                          OH-12-2-252
PERRIN, JOSEPH A.                       OH-12-2-398
PETERSON, MARY                          OH-12-2-198
PIERCE, JONATHAN                        OH-12-2-474
PIERCE, SAMUEL                          OH-12-2-165
PITTMAN, EBENEZER                       OH-12-2-271
POOLE, DUAL                             OH-12-A1-263
PORTER, JOHN S.                         OH-12-2-339
PRICE, JAMES                            OH-12-2-285
PRIEST, JEREMIAH                        OH-12-2-106
QUICK, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-120, 155
RAKESTRAW, WILLIAM                      OH-12-A1-125
RAY, LEWIS                              OH-12-2-601
RAYNER, JOHN                            OH-12-2-395
REA, JAMES                              OH-12-A1-108
REED, SARAH JANE                        OH-12-2-145
REEDER, JACOB                           OH-12-A1-65
REID, JOHN                              OH-12-2-126
REID, JOSEPH                            OH-12-A1-24
REID, WILLIAM                           OH-12-2-501
REIDER, GEORGE                          OH-12-2-391
REIDER, GEORGE                          OH-12-2-391
REILLY, MARTIN                          OH-12-2-579
RENSHAW, THOMAS S.                      OH-12-2-387
REPLOGEL, ADAM                          OH-12-A1-87
RICE, EDWARD                            OH-12-2-184
RICE, JOHN                              OH-12-2-182
RICHARDSON, ISAAC                       OH-12-2-587
ROAEFSNYDER, DANIEL                     OH-12-2-577
ROBERTS, JOB                            OH-12-2-147
ROBINSON, JAMES                         OH-12-2-333
ROCKEL, PETER                           OH-12-A1-177
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                        OH-12-A1-136
ROGERS, WILLIAM N.                      OH-12-2-629
ROLL, JACOB                             OH-12-2-11
ROSEGRANT, ABRAM                        OH-12-2-574
ROSS, JOHN                              OH-12-A1-77
ROSS, PRESSLY                           OH-12-2-484
ROSS, WILLIAM                           OH-12-2-7
ROWZER, DANIEL                          OH-12-A1-81
RUNYAN, JOSEPH                          OH-12-2-583
RUPERT, JOHN                            OH-12-2-522
RUSSELL, ALETHIA                        OH-12-2-150
RUST, ABRAHAM                           OH-12-A1-226
RUST, ELIZABETH                         OH-12-2-104
RUST, MATTHEAS                          OH-12-2-33
SAVISS, WILLIAM G.                      OH-12-2-614
SCOTT, SOLOMON                          OH-12-2-76
SHAFFER, JACOB                          OH-12-A1-242
SHATTLER, EVERHARD F.                   OH-12-2-627
SHAULL, MATTHEW                         OH-12-2-438
SHEETS, JOHNO.                          OH-12-2-513
SHIPMAN, ANNA                           OH-12-2-54
SHOEMAKER, DAVID                        OH-12-2-637
SIMPSON, ALEX                           OH-12-A1-45
SIMS, JEREMIAH                          OH-12-A1-94
SIPE, FRANCIS                           OH-12-A1-200
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         OH-12-2-404
SMITH, SETH                             OH-12-2-48
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-137
SNEDIKER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-12-A1-35
SNODGRSS, JOHN                          OH-12-A1-166
SNYDER, JOHN B.                         OH-12-2-435
SOUR, PETER                             OH-12-2-261
SPANGLER, MICHAEL                       OH-12-2-590
SPRAGUE, MARY                           OH-12-2-478
STACEY, WARHAM                          OH-12-2-425
STAFFORD, GEORGE                        OH-12-2-122
STAPLES, JOHN                           OH-12-2-143
STARRETT, ELIZABETH                     OH-12-2-35
STARRY, JOSEPH C.                       OH-12-2-212
STARRY, WILLIAM G.                      OH-12-2-201
STEELE, JAMES                           OH-12-A1-79
STEELMAN, JONATHAN JR.                  OH-12-2-462
STEETMAN, JONATHAN                      OH-12-2-345
STEWART, ANDREW                         OH-12-2-201
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-12-A1-28
STOTT, JOSEPH                           OH-12-2-287
STOUT, CHARLES                          OH-12-2-383, 392
STRAIN, ROBERT                          OH-12-2-164
STRATTON, TIMOTHY                       OH-12-2-537
TALIAFERO, MARION                       OH-12-2-347
TATMAN, JACOB                           OH-12-A1-247
TAYLOR, NATHANIEL                       OH-12-A1-236
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          OH-12-A1-32
TENNEY, JOHN                            OH-12-2-273
THOMAS, GEORGE                          OH-12-A1-138
THOMAS, ISAAC                           OH-12-2-258
THOMAS, JACOB                           OH-12-2-378
THOMAS, PALMER                          OH-12-2-287
THOMPSON, CURTIUS M.                    OH-12-2-399
THORNTON, JAMES SR.                     OH-12-2-296
THORPE, ROBERT                          OH-12-2-369
TOLAND, CORNELIUS                       OH-12-2-505
TONKINSON, HENRY                        OH-12-2-157
TOWNLEY, GILBERT                        OH-12-2-604
TRIMMER, DAVID                          OH-12-2-381
TRUITT, MARTHA                          OH-12-2-335
TURK, NATHAN                            OH-12-A1-253
VANMETER, ISAAC H.                      OH-12-2-142
VANMETER, JOEL                          OH-12-2-241
VIRTUE, DAVID                           OH-12-2-482
WALLACE, JONATHAN H.                    OH-12-2-428
WALLACE, REUBEN                         OH-12-2-622
WALLINGSFORD, BENJAMIN                  OH-12-2-6
WALLINGSFORD, RICHARD                   OH-12-2-161
WARDER, JEREMIAH                        OH-12-2-410
WARDER, JOHN                            OH-12-A1-320
WARNER, LEVI SR.                        OH-12-2-524
WARNER, MARY (MILLER)                   OH-12-2-490
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-12-2-206
WEED, JOHN                              OH-12-A1-38
WELLS, WILLIAM                          OH-12-2-71
WEST, THOMAS                            OH-12-A1-29
WHELDON, JOSEPH                         OH-12-2-359
WHITE, JOHN M.                          OH-12-2-443
WHITREGE, JOSEPH                        OH-12-2-607
WILDMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-12-2-160
WILDMAN, JOHN                           OH-12-2-135
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         OH-12-2-235
WILSON, ISAAC                           OH-12-2-149
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-12-2-216
WILSON, STEPHEN                         OH-12-2-313
WINCHESTER, LYMAN                       OH-12-2-21
WINGET, DANIEL                          OH-12-A1-275
WINGET, REUBEN                          OH-12-2-255
WINN, JOHN                              OH-12-2-66
WISELEY, FRANCES                        OH-12-2-24
WOLF, HENRY                             OH-12-2-142
WONES, SIMON                            OH-12-2-325
WOOD, JOHN                              OH-12-A1-70
WOODS, ISAAC                            OH-12-A1-146
WOODS, MATTHEW                          OH-12-A1-290
WOOSLEY, JAMES                          OH-12-2-297
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-12-2-170
WRIGHT, LEVI S.                         OH-12-2-337
YEAZEL, ABRAHAM                         OH-12-A1-272

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