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ABBOT, DAVID                           OH-13-G-333
ABBOTT, WILLIAM H.                     OH-13-G-262
ALLEN, A.                              OH-13-F-268
ALLEN, EUNICE C.                       OH-13-F-270
APPLE, CATHARINE                       OH-13-G-387
ASHCRAFT, SAMUEL                       OH-13-F-388
BANGHART, MICHAEL                      OH-13-G-27
BARNUM, HEZEKIAH                       OH-13-F-3260
BAULWAN, BENJAMIN                      OH-13-G-112
BECK, CHARITY                          OH-13-F-369
BELVEAR, JAMES                         OH-13-G-375
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       OH-13-F-331
BHYMER, SAMUEL                         OH-13-F-225
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                       OH-13-F-69
BLANCHARD, HARMON                      OH-13-F-30
BOYS, ANDERSON                         OH-13-G-490
BRANCH, SARAH C.                       OH-13-F-380
BRAYDON, NATHAN                        OH-13-G-259
BRAZIER, HANNAH                        OH-13-F-111
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-13-F-45
BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-13-G-265
BROWN, SAMUEL                          OH-13-F-386
BRUNSON, THOMAS                        OH-13-F-9
BURK, K. D.                            OH-13-F-223
BURKE, JOHN                            OH-13-G-389
BURNS, JOSEPH                          OH-13-F-131
BUTLER, WALTER SR.                     OH-13-G-252
BUTTERWORTH, BENJAMIN                  OH-13-F-182
CARR, EALEY                            OH-13-F-101
CARRINGTON, JOSEPH                     OH-13-F-202
CARRINGTON, PAUL J.                    OH-13-F-206
CARTER, J. L.                          OH-13-G-323
CARTER, JOHN S.                        OH-13-G-323
CHANEY, LEWIS                          OH-13-G-129
CLARK, WILILAM                         OH-13-F-376
CLISTER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-13-G-47
COCHRAN, ANN                           OH-13-F-25
COLLINS, L. B.                         OH-13-G-486
CONROD, JACOB                          OH-13-F-288
COOMBS, ANDREW SR.                     OH-13-F-175
CORBIN, JOHN                           OH-13-G-104
CORBIN, NICHOLAS                       OH-13-G-12
CORNWALL, DANIEL                       OH-13-F-173
COX, JOSHUA                            OH-13-G-400
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         OH-13-F-361
CRAMER, RHODA                          OH-13-G-315
CROSLEY, HENRY                         OH-13-G-349
CROUCH, WILLIAM                        OH-13-F-308
CRUSE, ENGEHART                        OH-13-F-326
DANBERRY, EZRA                         OH-13-F-213
DANBURY, SAMUEL                        OH-13-F-73
DAUGHERTY, GEORGE                      OH-13-G-367
DAUGHTERS, JAMES                       OH-13-G-302
DAUGHTY, ABEL                          OH-13-G-269
DAVISON, JOHN                          OH-13-F-167
DAWSON, JOSEPH                         OH-13-F-365
DAY, MARIA J.                          OH-13-G-398
DEANE, JOSEPH C.                       OH-13-G-11
DEBRULER, WILILAM                      OH-13-G-40
DENNIS, JOHN                           OH-13-F-343
DIAL, JOHN C.                          OH-13-F-382
DOEL, JAMES                            OH-13-G-346
DOLE, JOSEPH                           OH-13-F-89
DONHAUR, JOHN                          OH-13-G-416
DRONE, FRANCIS                         OH-13-G-496
DRUMMOND, LYMON                        OH-13-F-359
DUCKWALL, DANIEL                       OH-13-F-310
DUNHAM, DAVID                          OH-13-F-251
DURHAM, ABEL                           OH-13-G-142
DURHAM, BENJAMIN                       OH-13-F-193
DURHAM, DANIEL                         OH-13-F-113
DURHAM, JACOB                          OH-13-F-66
DURHAM, SARAH A.                       OH-13-G-320
DURM, KENNEDY                          OH-13-F-16
ELLIOT, ROBERT                         OH-13-G-308
EPPERT, DAVID                          OH-13-F-199
ESKHAM, JOHN                           OH-13-F-194
FAGIN, GEORGE                          OH-13-F-363
FAGIN, JOSEPH                          OH-13-G-408
FEE, ELIJJAH                           OH-13-F-5
FERGUSON, ISAIAH                       OH-13-F-407
FLANAGAN, JAMES                        OH-13-F-7
FOSTER, FRANCIS                        OH-13-G-404
FOWLER, JONAS                          OH-13-G-425
FRAZEE, JOHN                           OH-13-F-103
FRAZIER, GEORGE L.                     OH-13-G-396
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                       OH-13-F-209
FRYBERGER, LEWIS                       OH-13-F-148
GALBREATH, ROBERT                      OH-13-F-153
GARRETSON, JAEMS                       OH-13-G-442
GARRETSON, SAMUEL                      OH-13-F-143
GARRETT, ELLEN                         OH-13-G-445
GASKINS, THOMAS                        OH-13-G-116
GATCH, CONDUCE                         OH-13-G-1
GIST, A. M.                            OH-13-G-19
GIST, ENOCH                            OH-13-G-341
GODFREY, JOHN                          OH-13-F-126
GRAY, ANDREW                           OH-13-G-18
GRAY, HIRAM                            OH-13-F-405
GRAY, JOHN E.                          OH-13-F-75
GRIFFITH, SARAH                        OH-13-F-60
HAIR, THOMAS                           OH-13-F-291
HALL, SYLVANUS                         OH-13-F-116
HAMMOND, HANNAH                        OH-13-F-65
HAMMOND, JOSEPH                        OH-13-G-300
HANCOCK, WHITTINGTON                   OH-13-F-94
HARDEN, ELIZABETH                      OH-13-G-120
HARSH, CONROD                          OH-13-F-145
HASTINGS, PETER                        OH-13-F-190
HAYS, JOHN                             OH-13-F-105
HAYWOOD, NATHAN                        OH-13-G-282
HERSH, NANCY                           OH-13-F-264
HICKS, WILLIAM                         OH-13-G-31
HIGBEE, BRAZIER                        OH-13-F-411
HILL, JACOB SR.                        OH-13-G-119
HILL, JOHN                             OH-13-F-187
HILL, MARGARET                         OH-13-F-330
HOLLAND, THOMAS                        OH-13-F-347
HOPPER, JONATHAN                       OH-13-G-462
HOWARD, HORTON                         OH-13-F-98
HOWSER, ISAAC                          OH-13-G-465
HUGHES, JAMES                          OH-13-F-27
HUNT, SARAH                            OH-13-G-20
HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH                     OH-13-F-170
HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH                     OH-13-G-296
IRETON, ROWLAND                        OH-13-F-192
ISRAEL, HELEN                          OH-13-F-373
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        OH-13-F-134
JACOBS, RACHEL                         OH-13-F-349
JEFFERS, SARAH                         OH-13-F-123
JOHNSON, ALEX                          OH-13-G-369
JOHNSON, ELIJAH                        OH-13-G-493
JORDON, ELIZABETH                      OH-13-G-317
JUSTIN, SAMUEL                         OH-13-G-275
KERNS, GEORGE                          OH-13-G-498
KING, MARGARET                         OH-13-G-355
KNOWLES, ALONZO                        OH-13-G-36
LAFERTY, ARCHIBALD                     OH-13-G-335
LAKIN, WILLIAM H.                      OH-13-F-258
LANE, SHEDRACK                         OH-13-G-312
LEESD, FELIX                           OH-13-F-263
LEEVER, PETER                          OH-13-G-384
LIGHT, DAVID                           OH-13-F-63
LINDSEY, EDMOND                        OH-13-G-411
LYTLE, WILLIAM                         OH-13-F-214
MAINS, SUSANNAH                        OH-13-F-355
MAITLAND, JAMES                        OH-13-F-340
MARSH, THOMAS L.                       OH-13-F-394
MATTHEWS, GEORGE                       OH-13-F-51
MCCOLEN, JOHN                          OH-13-G-257
MCFARLAND, ANDREW                      OH-13-G-437
MCGREW, JONATHAN                       OH-13-G-448
MCHENRY, WILLIAM                       OH-13-F-83
MCKINNEY, ISAAC                        OH-13-F-56
MCNAIL, JAMES                          OH-13-F-245
MEDARIS, THOMAS                        OH-13-F-318
MILLER, THOMAS                         OH-13-F-295
MITCHELL, GEORGE                       OH-13-F-141
MOORE, ANTHONY                         OH-13-F-233
MOORE, CHARLES                         OH-13-F-18
MORRIS, B. F.                          OH-13-G-127
MORRIS, JOHN                           OH-13-G-431
MORRISON, ELIZA A.                     OH-13-F-372
MOUNTS, NEHEMIAH                       OH-13-F-119
MOYER, ISAIAH                          OH-13-F-293
NEEDHAM, WILLIAM                       OH-13-F-350
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       OH-13-F-300
NIFONG, ANDREW                         OH-13-G-284
NIFONG, ANDREW                         OH-13-F-129
NORRIS, H. M.                          OH-13-G-373
OSBOURN, SILMON                        OH-13-F-22
PANEY, AUGUSTUS                        OH-13-F-221
PARKER, JOHN                           OH-13-F-403
PARKHIZER, MICHAEL                     OH-13-G-44
PARSLEY, JAMES                         OH-13-G-427
PHILHOUR, PHILIP                       OH-13-F-58
PHILLIP, JOHN G.                       OH-13-F-117
PHILLIPS, ANDREW                       OH-13-F-397
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       OH-13-F-211
PINKHAM, A. B.                         OH-13-F-345
PRATHER, NANCY                         OH-13-G-25
RAFE, JOHN                             OH-13-F-107
RANDALL, JOHN                          OH-13-F-272
RANDALL, JOSEP                         OH-13-F-327
RAPER, SAMUEL                          OH-13-G-145
RAPP, DAVID                            OH-13-G-109
RAPP, JACOB                            OH-13-F-133
RICE, HOLEMAN                          OH-13-F-48
RILEY, SWEETLAND                       OH-13-F-312
ROBINSON, ZACK                         OH-13-F-138
ROGERS, JAMES                          OH-13-G-352
RONDEBUSH, DANIEL                      OH-13-F-11
ROSS, JOHN                             OH-13-F-32
ROSS, PETER                            OH-13-G-344
SALT, DANIEL D.                        OH-13-F-230
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       OH-13-F-94
SEARS, JOHN B.                         OH-13-F-332
SHAW, JOHN                             OH-13-F-162
SHAW, MARTHA                           OH-13-F-92
SIMMONS, JAMES                         OH-13-G-414
SIMONTON, WILILAM                      OH-13-G-291
SIMPSON, J. D.                         OH-13-G-360
SINKS, NICHOLAS                        OH-13-F-77
SLONE, WILLIAM                         OH-13-F-235
SMITH, ELIJAH                          OH-13-F-150
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-13-G-421
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-13-F-390
SMITH, WESTLEY                         OH-13-F-217
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-13-G-278
SOUTH, WILLIAM                         OH-13-G-435
SPAHR, LAODAGER                        OH-13-F-198
SPRAGUE, TIMOTHY                       OH-13-F-327
STEWART, J. D.                         OH-13-G-330
STEWART, THOMAS N.                     OH-13-F-400
STONE, MARTIN LUTHER                   OH-13-G-464
STOWDER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-13-F-303
STRICKLAND, MICHAEL                    OH-13-F-378
SWING, GEORGE                          OH-13-F-4
SWING, RUTH                            OH-13-F-328
TALLEY, JOHN F.                        OH-13-F-413
TAYLOR, AQUILLA                        OH-13-F-315
TAYLOR, JAMES (55)                     OH-13-G-50
TEAL, JACOB                            OH-13-F-121
TEMPLE, CASSANDRIA                     OH-13-F-38
THACKER, TOWNSEND                      OH-13-F-228
TIGAR, CHARITY                         OH-13-F-1
TINGLEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-13-G-33
TOMLINSON, J. S.                       OH-13-G-392
UDEN, W. G.                            OH-13-F-248
ULERY, GEORGE                          OH-13-G-289
VANOSDEL, JAEMS                        OH-13-F-239
VANOSDEL, OAKEY                        OH-13-F-288
VEWALIN, ELIZA                         OH-13-F-375
VICKROY, GEORGE                        OH-13-F-357
VICROY, CYNTHIA                        OH-13-G-16
WADDLE, ROBERT                         OH-13-F-36
WAGGONMAN, JACOB                       OH-13-G-107
WARDEN, MOSES                          OH-13-F-241
WEAVER, JOHN                           OH-13-G-453
WEBBER, JOSEPH C.                      OH-13-F-298
WELLS, JOHN D.                         OH-13-F-386
WELLS, JOSEPH                          OH-13-F-338
WELLUMS, HANNAH                        OH-13-F-85
WHARTON, ELEANOR                       OH-13-F-80
WHARTON, JOHN                          OH-13-F-40
WHITAKER, WILLIAM                      OH-13-F-81
WHITE, DAVID                           OH-13-F-409
WILHIGH, JESSE                         OH-13-F-179
WILLEY, WATY M.                        OH-13-G-440
WILLIAMS, COURTLAND M.                 OH-13-F-165
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       OH-13-F-109
WILLIS, ICHABOEL                       OH-13-F-87
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       OH-13-F-42
WINTZELL, WILLIAM                      OH-13-F-323
WISE, ELIZABETH                        OH-13-G-451
WISE, ELIZABETH                        OH-13-G-451
WOOD, DAVID                            OH-13-G-327
WOOD, DAVID                            OH-13-G-326
WOOD, DAVID                            OH-13-G-326
WOOD, JOSEPH                           OH-13-G-255
WORSTELL, JAMES                        OH-13-G-364
YOUNG, GEORGE                          OH-13-G-114
ZEIGLER, WILLIAM                       OH-13-G-472
ZIMMERMAN, JOSHUA                      OH-13-G-136

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