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For wills earlier than 1853, please see
for earlier than 1853, wills are recorded in Probate records

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1A = 1814-1825 | 1B = 1820-1828 | 2 = 1829-1840 | 3 = 1835-1842 | 4 = 1842-1847 | 5 = 1847-1851 | 6 = 1848-1862 | 7 = 1852-1864 | 8 = 1856-1879 |
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ADAMS, ANDREW                          OH-14-1-591
ALLEN, JESSE                           OH-14-1-624
ALLMAN, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-313
ANDERSON, JAMES                        OH-14-1-272
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       OH-14-1-151
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        OH-14-1-527
ARHEART, PHILIP                        OH-14-1-204
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW                      OH-14-1-156
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL                      OH-14-1-66
ASDEL, ANDREW                          OH-14-1-376
ASDEL, JOHN M.                         OH-14-1-102
AUGUSTINE, ISAAC                       OH-14-1-512
BAIRD, REBECCA                         OH-14-1-131
BANZHOFF, G. JOHN                      OH-14-1-580
BARBER, ABRAHAM                        OH-14-1-596
BARCUS, RICHARD                        OH-14-1-194                              
BARNES, MICHAEL                        OH-14-1-560
BAUM, GEORGE                           OH-14-1-310
BEAN, REBECCA                          OH-14-1-53
BEAN, WILILAM                          OH-14-1-82
BECK, ISRAEL S.                        OH-14-1-117
BECK, LYDIA                            OH-14-1-486
BEESON, RICHARD                        OH-14-1-198
BENNET, MACABEE                        OH-14-1-89
BETZ, GEROGE                           OH-14-1-489
BILLINGSLEY, ROBERT                    OH-14-1-91
BLACK, HESTER                          OH-14-1-578
BLACK, THOMAS                          OH-14-1-343
BLACKMORE, THOMAS D.                   OH-14-1-438
BLANCHON, GISBERT                      OH-14-1-190
BOIES, NANCY                           OH-14-1-621
BONELS, DANIEL                         OH-14-1-158
BOOTH, JOHN                            OH-14-1-391
BOREN, RICHARD                         OH-14-1-588
BOSS, JOHN                             OH-14-1-257
BOSS, JOHN                             OH-14-1-400
BOUGH, HENRY                           OH-14-1-447
BOUGH, JOHN                            OH-14-1-214
BOWN, BENJAMIN E.                      OH-14-1-545
BREIDENSTEIN, MARTIN                   OH-14-1-351
BRICKER, GEORGE                        OH-14-1-228
BRICKER, JOHN                          OH-14-1-357
BROGAN, CALEB                          OH-14-1-407
BROOKS, JOSEPH I.                      OH-14-1-507
BROSIUS, RACHEL M.                     OH-14-1-363
BUREN, CHRISTIAN                       OH-14-1-361
BURNS, GEORGE                          OH-14-1-124
BURSEN, JOSEPH                         OH-14-1-123
BURY, ULRICH                           OH-14-1-540
BUSHONG, PETER                         OH-14-1-377
BYRNS, JOHN                            OH-14-1-130
CADWALADER, JONAH                      OH-14-1-179
CALDWELL, JAMES I.                     OH-14-1-59
CAMERON, ALEXANDER                     OH-14-1-329
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                     OH-14-1-332
CAMPBELL, PRESLEY S.                   OH-14-1-421
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       OH-14-1-221
CARNS, SAMUEL                          OH-14-1-368
CATRELL, JAMES                         OH-14-1-155
CHARLTON, THOMAS                       OH-14-1-611
CHARTERS, JOHN                         OH-14-1-434
CHERRY, JAMES                          OH-14-1-541
CLARK, HUGH                            OH-14-1-285
CLARK, LOUISA                          OH-14-1-470
COBURN, HAMILTON                       OH-14-1-247
COBURN, JAMES                          OH-14-1-256
COBURN, JANE                           OH-14-1-563
COBURN, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-467
COCKER, JAMES                          OH-14-1-249
COFFEE, MARY ANN                       OH-14-1-201
COLLINS, JOHN                          OH-14-1-258
CONKEL, ELISABETH                      OH-14-1-420
CONNER, DANIEL                         OH-14-1-501
CONNOR, PATRICK                        OH-14-1-205
CONSER, JOHN                           OH-14-1-262
COOK, THOMAS                           OH-14-1-208
COOK, WILLIAM                          OH-14-1-94
COONEY, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-628
COOPER, JAMES                          OH-14-1-107
COPPOCK, CATHARINE                     OH-14-1-314
COPPOCK, DAVID                         OH-14-1-384
COPPOCK, JOHN                          OH-14-1-105
COPPOCK, JUDITH                        OH-14-1-469
CORBETT, THOMAS                        OH-14-1-401
CRATER, EZEKIEL                        OH-14-1-96
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                      OH-14-1-52
CREIGHTEN, EZEKIEL                     OH-14-1-99
CREW, MALCOLM                          OH-14-1-218
CROOK, JOHN                            OH-14-1-573
CROSCUP, LOUISA                        OH-14-1-108
CROW, EDMUND                           OH-14-1-191
CROWL, JOHN                            OH-14-1-555
CROXTON, ABRAM                         OH-14-1-215
CURRAN, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-69
CURRY, JOHN                            OH-14-1-483
CUSTARD, SUSAN                         OH-14-1-406
DALES, MARY                            OH-14-1-381
DALLAS, ALEXANDER                      OH-14-1-139
DANALO, PATRICK                        OH-14-1-141
DAVIS, JEFFREY                         OH-14-1-322
DAVIS, JOHN                            OH-14-1-150
DAWSON, NICHOLAS                       OH-14-1-172
DELLENBAUGH, JOHN                      OH-14-1-79
DIEHL, JACOB                           OH-14-1-502
DILDINE, SAMUEL                        OH-14-1-189
DIVILLE, SEBASTIAN                     OH-14-1-118
DUTTON, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-183
EARLY, JAMES                           OH-14-1-386
EATON, HUGH                            OH-14-1-552
EVERETT, ISAAC                         OH-14-1-206
EWING, WILILAM D.                      OH-14-1-572
FARMER, JOHN                           OH-14-1-240
FARMER, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-92
FAULK, ANNE MARY                       OH-14-1-95
FAWCETT, DAVID                         OH-14-1-498
FAWETT, WILLIAM F.                     OH-14-1-259
FEEZEL, GEORGE M.                      OH-14-1-73
FEGLY, JOSEPH                          OH-14-1-395
FEIGLEY, DAVID                         OH-14-1-416
FIFE, JAMES                            OH-14-1-380
FIFE, THOMAS                           OH-14-1-242
FIFE, WILLIAM                          OH-14-1-534
FILSON, JAMES                          OH-14-1-430
FISCHER, STEFAN                        OH-14-1-478
FISHER, RESCILLA                       OH-14-1-180
FLOWERS, SAMUEL                        OH-14-1-68
FOGO, JOHN                             OH-14-1-257
FORBUS, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-238
FORNEY, ADAM                           OH-14-1-487
FRAIZER, JAMES                         OH-14-1-17
FREDERICK, GEORGE W.                   OH-14-1-304
FREED, JACOB                           OH-14-1-152
FREED, PETER                           OH-14-1-232
FRENCH, ESTHER                         OH-14-1-202
FRENCH, ROBERT                         OH-14-1-517
FRIEDT, JACOB                          OH-14-1-61
FUGATE, STEPHEN                        OH-14-1-109
FUGATE, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-86
GALBREATH, NATHAN                      OH-14-1-274
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM                      OH-14-1-367
GAMBLE, JOHN P.                        OH-14-1-506
GARSIDE, JOSEPH                        OH-14-1-509
GARVER, ANTHONY                        OH-14-1-405
GAVIS, MARY                            OH-14-1-119
GRAHAM, DAVID P.                       OH-14-1-348
GREEN, HOLLAND                         OH-14-1-466
GREEN, MARGARET                        OH-14-1-496
GSTON, HUGH                            OH-14-1-98
GUY, JOHN                              OH-14-1-176
HAINES, JOHN                           OH-14-1-371
HAMBEL, WILILAM D.                     OH-14-1-231
HAMILTON, JAMES                        OH-14-1-582
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       OH-14-1-427
HANEY, DANIEL                          OH-14-1-244
HARDMAN, DANIEL                        OH-14-1-295
HARDMAN, LEVI                          OH-14-1-225
HARMER, BENJAMIN                       OH-14-1-74
HARRAH, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-242
HARRELSOR, WILILAM                     OH-14-1-163
HARRISON, NANCY                        OH-14-1-109
HART, JOHN S.                          OH-14-1-609
HARTER, MARY                           OH-14-1-506
HARTLEY, EDWARD                        OH-14-1-465
HASTINGS, JOHN                         OH-14-1-135
HATCHER, REBECCA                       OH-14-1-245
HAWLEY, MARY B.                        OH-14-1-120
HAYS, ANDREW                           OH-14-1-630
HAYS, ELLIS                            OH-14-1-172
HEACOCK, MARY                          OH-14-1-346
HEARN, MARY T.                         OH-14-1-503
HELMAN, WILILAM                        OH-14-1-323
HENDRICKS, ELIZABETH                   OH-14-1-619
HESTAND, ISAAC                         OH-14-1-217
HILLIARD, JOHN                         OH-14-1-318
HIVELY, JOHN                           OH-14-1-111
HOEY, CATHARINE                        OH-14-1-328
HOEY, THOMAS                           OH-14-1-142
HOEY, WILILAM                          OH-14-1-567
HOFFMAN, JOHN                          OH-14-1-373
HOFFMAN, RUDOLPH                       OH-14-1-411
HOGGAN, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-537
HOKE, HENRY                            OH-14-1-210
HOOPER, WILILAM                        OH-14-1-174
HUNT, OLIVER                           OH-14-1-520
ICKES, THOMAS T.                       OH-14-1-402
INGRAM, JOSEPH                         OH-14-1-167
INGRAM, MARTHA                         OH-14-1-229
IRVIN, MARY                            OH-14-1-482
IRWIN, THOMPSON S.                     OH-14-1-309
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        OH-14-1-253
JAECKLE, JACOB                         OH-14-1-300
JOHNSON, JOHN OF BUTLER                OH-14-1-251
JOHNSON, JOHN OF HANOVER               OH-14-1-305
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         OH-14-1-97
KECK, DANIEL                           OH-14-1-493
KEITH, PRICE                           OH-14-1-248
KEMBLE, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-307
KING, HUGH                             OH-14-1-254
KING, THOMAS C.                        OH-14-1-444
KIRK, WILILAM                          OH-14-1-446
KNEASEL, JOHN                          OH-14-1-303
KOCH, MARTIN                           OH-14-1-93
KOONS, PETER                           OH-14-1-302
LAMBORN, PARMENAS                      OH-14-1-114
LAWRENCE, MARY                         OH-14-1-282
LEASHER, SEBASTIAN                     OH-14-1-178
LITTILL, SAMUEL                        OH-14-1-276
LIVINGSTON, MARY                       OH-14-1-197
LONES, THEODORE                        OH-14-1-88
LONG, ANN MARY                         OH-14-1-594
LONG, CHARLES                          OH-14-1-461
LONGENECCKER, DANIEL                   OH-14-1-112
LOSER, SEBASTINE                       OH-14-1-178
LOUDEN, MARY                           OH-14-1-321
LUCUS, DANIEL                          OH-14-1-453
LYDER, SARAH                           OH-14-1-556
LYON, JOHN                             OH-14-1-294
LYON, JOHN R.                          OH-14-1-375
MALEY, JAMES                           OH-14-1-425
MALL, HENRY                            OH-14-1-354
MANIFOLD, BENJAMIN                     OH-14-1-462
MARSH, JONATHAN                        OH-14-1-170
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-14-1-312
MARTIN, JONATHAN                       OH-14-1-576
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         OH-14-1-356
MARTIN, SIMEON                         OH-14-1-55
MATSON, ELEANOR                        OH-14-1-164
MAYLONE, SARAH                         OH-14-1-140
MCALLISTER, DANIEL                     OH-14-1-589
MCARTNEY, JAMES                        OH-14-1-455
MCBEAN, JAMES                          OH-14-1-165
MCBEAN, JOHN                           OH-14-1-129
MCBEAN, NANCY                          OH-14-1-495
MCBEAN, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-418
MCCALLA, THOMAS                        OH-14-1-449
MCCANN, JOHN                           OH-14-1-334
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM D.                  OH-14-1-585
MCCONNEL, SARAH                        OH-14-1-544
MCCRACKEN, NATHANIEL                   OH-14-1-161
MCCREADY, JOSEPH                       OH-14-1-152
MCDONALD, JAMES                        OH-14-1-615
MCDONALD, JAMES                        OH-14-1-531
MCDONALD, NANCY                        OH-14-1-601
MCGILLIVARY, ANDREW                    OH-14-1-236
MCGREW, JESSE                          OH-14-1-571
MCGREW, SAMUEL                         OH-14-1-126
MCINTOSH, ALEXANDER                    OH-14-1-182
MCINTOSH, DANIEL                       OH-14-1-85
MCLEAN, CATHARINE                      OH-14-1-511
MCLEAN, CHARLES                        OH-14-1-332
MCMINTOSH, WILILAM                     OH-14-1-270
MCNEELON, GEORGE                       OH-14-1-234
MCQUND, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-533
MERCER, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-103
MEYERS, JOHN                           OH-14-1-263
MICK, REBECCA                          OH-14-1-72
MILLER, ISAAC                          OH-14-1-327
MILNER, WILILAM                        OH-14-1-372
MOLLENKOPF, JOHN                       OH-14-1-266
MONROE, WILIAM                         OH-14-1-403
MOORE, JAMES M.                        OH-14-1-338
MOORE, JANE                            OH-14-1-344
MOORE, JESSE F.                        OH-14-1-271
MORGAN, THOMAS C.                      OH-14-1-599
MORGAN, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-273
MORLAN, JOSEPH                         OH-14-1-335
MORRIS, ISAIAH                         OH-14-1-122
MORRIS, WILLIAM P.                     OH-14-1-396
MORRISON, JOHN                         OH-14-1-149
MOTTINGER, MICHAEL                     OH-14-1-525
MURRAY, ANN                            OH-14-1-458
NICHOLS, WILILAM                       OH-14-1-389
NILE, JOHN                             OH-14-1-255
NORRIS, JAMES                          OH-14-1-193
NOTHDURFT, GOTTLIEB                    OH-14-1-84
ORR, JOSEPH                            OH-14-1-268
PACKER, HUGH                           OH-14-1-67
PALMER, STEPHEN                        OH-14-1-441
PEARSON, ANN                           OH-14-1-473
PENNOCK, ELIZABETH E.                  OH-14-1-133
PEPPEL, JOHN                           OH-14-1-148
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                      OH-14-1-81
POTTER, PHILIP                         OH-14-1-562
PRESTON, PETER                         OH-14-1-116
RAUCH, JAMES                           OH-14-1-110
REED, ANTHONY                          OH-14-1-213
REESE, JOHN                            OH-14-1-159
REEVES, MOSES                          OH-14-1-398
RICHARDS, ABIJAH                       OH-14-1-203
RITZ, JACOB                            OH-14-1-200
ROBINSON, JOHN                         OH-14-1-286
ROBINSON, THOMAS                       OH-14-1-543
ROGERS, JOSEPH                         OH-14-1-569
ROGERS, NANCY                          OH-14-1-288
ROGERS, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-187
ROGERS, WILIAM                         OH-14-1-162
ROSENBURGH, WILLIAM                    OH-14-1-138
ROSS, ELLEN                            OH-14-1-393
ROUGH, JOHN                            OH-14-1-316
RUBICAM, HANNAH                        OH-14-1-209
RUDISILL, GEORGE                       OH-14-1-423
RUHL, ELIABETH                         OH-14-1-136
SAINT, JOSEPH                          OH-14-1-242
SCATTERGOOD, WILLIAM                   OH-14-1-315
SCHWICK, MICHAEL                       OH-14-1-239
SCOTT, WILILAM                         OH-14-1-584
SEBRING, ELIZABETH                     OH-14-1-207
SHAFFER, JACOB H.                      OH-14-1-522
SHALL, LAWRENCE                        OH-14-1-145
SHAUBLE, GEORGE                        OH-14-1-623
SHAW, FERDINAND                        OH-14-1-43
SHILLICK, GEORGE                       OH-14-1-101
SHIRK, MARY THERASE                    OH-14-1-337
SHIVELY, CHRISTIAN                     OH-14-1-134
SILLIMAN, SAMUEL                       OH-14-1-366
SIMMS, IGNATIUS                        OH-14-1-100
SMITH, AMY                             OH-14-1-235
SMITH, ISABELLA                        OH-14-1-457
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-14-1-90
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-14-1-132
SMITH, PHILIP                          OH-14-1-454
SMITH, PHILIP                          OH-14-1-306
SMITH, PHILIP OF DANIEL                OH-14-1-336
SMITH, SAMPSON                         OH-14-1-341
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-14-1-121
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        OH-14-1-126
STANLEY, MARY                          OH-14-1-267
STANLEY, MILLEY                        OH-14-1-299
STANLEY, SOLOMON                       OH-14-1-166
STANTON, BENJAMIN                      OH-14-1-437
STEEL, WILLIAM                         OH-14-1-492
STERRETT, MARGERY                      OH-14-1-617
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     OH-14-1-514
STEWART, HUGH                          OH-14-1-359, 379
STOOKSBERRY, JOHN                      OH-14-1-412, 415
STRAIN, SAMUEL                         OH-14-1-339
STRATTON, MICHAEL                      OH-14-1-278
STRAUGHAN, JOHN                        OH-14-1-292
STRAVERLY, SABASTIAN                   OH-14-1-331
STULL, ADAM                            OH-14-1-143
SULTZNER, JACOB                        OH-14-1-72
SWITZER, ELIZABETH                     OH-14-1-575
SWITZER, MARY ANN                      OH-14-1-369
TALBOT, WILLIAM                        OH-14-1-488
TEEGARDEN, WILLIAM                     OH-14-1-195
THOMPSON, FARLIN                       OH-14-1-353
THOMPSON, JAMES                        OH-14-1-388
THOMPSON, WILILAM                      OH-14-1-289
TIVEL, SABASTIAN                       OH-14-1-118
VNMATER, JESSE                         OH-14-1-78
VOEGTLIN, HENRY                        OH-14-1-286
VOGLESONG, DANIEL                      OH-14-1-345
WAGERLE, FREDRICK                      OH-14-1-186
WALLIHAN, CATHARINE                    OH-14-1-471
WALLIHAN, JOHN                         OH-14-1-558
WALLON, MARY                           OH-14-1-513
WALTERS, HENRY                         OH-14-1-137
WARD, AMY E.                           OH-14-1-304
WARD, HANSEL                           OH-14-1-521
WATERWORTH, SAMUEL                     OH-14-1-246
WATSON, JACOB                          OH-14-1-300
WATSON, SAMUEL                         OH-14-1-474
WEBB, JAMES                            OH-14-1-565
WETSEL, CHARLES                        OH-14-1-607
WHAN, MARY                             OH-14-1-460
WHEALEN, FREDERICK                     OH-14-1-364
WHERRY, ARTHUR                         OH-14-1-426
WHERRY, ARTHUR                         OH-14-1-426
WHINERY, NEWTON                        OH-14-1-192
WHITELEATHER, CHRISTIAN                OH-14-1-56
WHITTON, JOHN                          OH-14-1-70
WILILAMSON, ADAM B.                    OH-14-1-219
WILLIAMS, LEVI                         OH-14-1-484
WILLYARD, PHILIP                       OH-14-1-64
WINTERS, ELIZABETH                     OH-14-1-553
WISLER, JOHN W.                        OH-14-1-297
WOLLAM, JACOB                          OH-14-1-385
WOLLAM, JACOB                          OH-14-1-385
WOLLAM, JOSEPH                         OH-14-1-275
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                      OH-14-1-320
WOOLLEY, MARIA                         OH-14-1-563
WOOLLEY, TAYLOR H.                     OH-14-1-128
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-394
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         OH-14-1-394
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       OH-14-1-451

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