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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol 1 = 1851- | 2-12=? |
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ABRAMS, RUTH                            OH-22-3-365
ABTT, JACOB                             OH-22-2-363A
AGOFF, HENRY                            OH-22-2-252
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      OH-22-1-163
ALGIRE, JACOB                           OH-22-3-50
ALSBAUGH, HENRY SR.                     OH-22-2-110
ALSPACH, GEORGE                         OH-22-3-216
AMSPAUCHER, HENRY                       OH-22-2-469
ANDERSON, MATILDA                       OH-22-2-477
ARNOLD, GEORGE SR.                      OH-22-2-68
ASHBROOK, SAMUEL                        OH-22-3-275
ASHLEY, GREENBURY                       OH-22-3-380
AUGUSTUS, JOHN SR.                      OH-22-3-319
AUSTIN, PETER                           OH-22-2-94
BAKER, ABRAHAM SR.                      OH-22-2-202
BAKER, ABRAM B.                         OH-22-3-282
BARR, ANDREW                            OH-22-2-57
BASHORE, FREDERICK                      OH-22-2-372
BECK, GEORGE JOHN SR.                   OH-22-3-52
BECKER, ELISHA                          OH-22-2-365
BEERY, JOSEPH                           OH-22-3-105
BEERY, JOSEPH                           OH-22-2-471
BEERY, NICHOLAS                         OH-22-2-5
BELL, JOSIAH                            OH-22-2-81
BENEDUM, GEORGE                         OH-22-2-498
BENSON, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-2-501
BENSON, SETH                            OH-22-3-243
BERRY, EDWARD                           OH-22-3-424
BERRY, JAMES M.                         OH-22-3-397
BESELER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-22-2-13
BIBLER, FRANCIS                         OH-22-2-34
BIBLER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-152
BIBLER, JOSEPH                          OH-22-3-107
BIEGHLER, GEORGE                        OH-22-2-188
BILDERMUTH, WILHELM                     OH-22-2-144
BILLMIRE, ELIZABETH                     OH-22-3-231
BINHEIMER, ELIZABETH                    OH-22-2-378
BLACK, DANIEL C.                        OH-22-2-403
BLACK, GEORGE                           OH-22-3-150
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-22-2-37
BLAZE, JOSHUA                           OH-22-2-257
BLOSSER, ABRAHAM                        OH-22-2-479
BODEN, CHARLES                          OH-22-3-219
BOLENBAUGH, NICHOLAS                    OH-22-2-44
BOUSEY, LUDWICK                         OH-22-2-15
BOVENMYRE, GABRIEL                      OH-22-2-75
BOWMAN, EVE                             OH-22-3-317
BOWNE, SAMUEL                           OH-22-3-350
BOWSER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-30
BOYER, DORATA                           OH-22-2-419
BOYSEL, DANIEL                          OH-22-3-140
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                        OH-22-2-497
BRASHEAR, NATHAN                        OH-22-2-78
BRATZ, JOHANNES                         OH-22-2-42
BRETZ, ELIZABETH                        OH-22-2-290
BRIDGAM, MICHAEL                        OH-22-3-152
BRIGHT, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-1-37
BRIGHT, NIMROD                          OH-22-2-357
BROBST, JACOB                           OH-22-2-270
BROWN, JAMES SR.                        OH-22-2-136
BROWNE, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-226
BRUMFIELD, DAVID                        OH-22-3-415
BRUSHER, JOHN                           OH-22-2-119
BRYAN, ROBERT                           OH-22-2-528
BUBB, JOHN CHRISTIAN                    OH-22-2-11
BUCH, JOHN                              OH-22-3-134
BUCHANAN, JAMES                         OH-22-3-324
BUCHANAN, WILSON                        OH-22-3-228
BUCKINGHAM, MARY ANN                    OH-22-3-107
BUFFINGTON, MARIA ANN                   OH-22-2-237
BURNBARGER, JOHN M.                     OH-22-3-132
BURY, JOSEPH                            OH-22-3-280
BUSHER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-393
BYLER, HENRY SR.                        OH-22-3-267
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        OH-22-2-134
CARLISLE, BENEDICT                      OH-22-2-385
CARPENTER, DAVID                        OH-22-3-339
CARPENTER, NANCY                        OH-22-2-336
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       OH-22-2-384
CARREL, PHILIP                          OH-22-3-387
CHAMBERS, ALEXANDER SR.                 OH-22-2-56
CHENEY, AMON                            OH-22-3-384
CHERRY, THOMAS P.                       OH-22-2-261
CLARK, APHEAS                           OH-22-2-245
CLARK, HORATIO                          OH-22-2-449
CLASPILL, R. R.                         OH-22-3-333
CLAYTON, DANIEL                         OH-22-3-35
CLAYTON, THOMAS                         OH-22-2-107
CLICK, JOHN                             OH-22-2-303
CLYMER, MASSE                           OH-22-2-83
CLYMER, NANCY                           OH-22-2-411
COFFELT, JACOB                          OH-22-2-450
COFFMAN, ANN                            OH-22-2-307
COLDREN, ISAAC                          OH-22-2-127
COLEMAN, JOHN                           OH-22-3-382
CONROD, DANIEL SR.                      OH-22-1-185
CONROD, NICHOLAS                        OH-22-2-163
COOK, JOHN SR.                          OH-22-2-189
COONS, JACOB                            OH-22-2-381
COOPER, ROBERT                          OH-22-2-495
CORNWELL, GEORGE                        OH-22-1-90
COUPLAND, MARGRET                       OH-22-2-29
CRAWFORD, MOSES                         OH-22-2-272
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       OH-22-2-35
CROOK, NOAH                             OH-22-3-359
CUSTARD, JACOB                          OH-22-2-389
DARST, PAUL                             OH-22-2-35
DEETZ, HENRY                            OH-22-2-405
DEFEBAUGH, GEORGE S.                    OH-22-3-353
DEFFEBAUGH, MAGDALENA                   OH-22-1-106
DENISON, ALEXANDER                      OH-22-2-99
DENT, JOSEPH H.                         OH-22-2-274
DEVONE, NANCY                           OH-22-3-235
DIETRICK, JACOB D.                      OH-22-3-12
DIETZ, JOHN                             OH-22-2-447
DILSIVER, GEORGE                        OH-22-2-425
DILSIVER, JACOB                         OH-22-2-423
DIPPLE, NICHOLAS SR.                    OH-22-2-230
DIXON, ROBERT                           OH-22-3-363
DONER, CHRISTIAN                        OH-22-2-305
DONOVAN, ROBERT                         OH-22-2-308
DOSH, GEORGE                            OH-22-1-85
DRAKE, SAMUEL SR.                       OH-22-2-489
DRAKE, ZEPHANIAH                        OH-22-3-93
DRENN, GEORGE                           OH-22-1-154
DRESBACH, HENRY                         OH-22-2-335
DRIVER, ISAIAH                          OH-22-3-167
DRUM, PETER                             OH-22-2-500
DUNKEL, PETER                           OH-22-2-317
EARHART, JAMES                          OH-22-3-402
EARIN, CATY                             OH-22-2-120
EINSEL, GEORGE                          OH-22-3-394
EINSELL, HEINRICH                       OH-22-2-40
EMRICH, LEONARD                         OH-22-2-67
EVES, JAMES                             OH-22-2-140
EWING, DAVID                            OH-22-3-240
EWING, JOHN                             OH-22-3-1
EWING, JOHN                             OH-22-1-87
EWING, THOMAS                           OH-22-2-205
EWING, WILLIAM                          OH-22-3-3
EYMAN, HENRY JR.                        OH-22-3-327
FARNANDIS, H. S.                        OH-22-3-254
FAST, JACOB                             OH-22-2-233
FETTER, CONROD                          OH-22-1-226
FETTER, PHILIP                          OH-22-2-301
FINCHBONE, HENRY                        OH-22-2-470
FINKBONE, JACOB                         OH-22-3-238
FINKBONE, JOHN                          OH-22-2-249
FISHER, JAMES                           OH-22-3-413
FITZER, WILLIAM                         OH-22-3-133
FLATTERY, JONATHAN                      OH-22-2-514
FLICK, ANDREAS                          OH-22-2-386
FLICK, JOHN                             OH-22-3-13
FORD, JOHN                              OH-22-2-282
FORD, JOHN C.                           OH-22-2-278
FOSNAUGHT, ADAM SR.                     OH-22-3-257
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-55
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-454
FOUST, MARY                             OH-22-3-330
FRAZIER, JACOB                          OH-22-3-193
FREEZE, JOHN                            OH-22-3-192
FREEZE, PETER                           OH-22-3-302
GAFFORD, JAREIS                         OH-22-3-100
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        OH-22-2-135
GARRETT, MARGARET                       OH-22-3-263
GARY, GIDEON (OR KILIAN)                OH-22-2-374
GARY, JOHN U                            OH-22-2-408
GASTER, JOHN                            OH-22-2-507
GATES, DAVID                            OH-22-1-11
GECKLER, JOHN                           OH-22-2-502
GIESEY, JACOB                           OH-22-3-101
GIGER, ADAM                             OH-22-2-458
GILMAN, NATHANIEL CLARK                 OH-22-2-220
GINTECK, JOHN                           OH-22-3-91
GLICK, DANIEL                           OH-22-2-182
GORE, MAGDALENA                         OH-22-2-371
GOSS, JACOB                             OH-22-2-496
GOSS, SEBASTIAN                         OH-22-3-144
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-22-1-84
GRAUL, GEORG                            OH-22-2-153
GRAYBILL, SAMUEL                        OH-22-3-103
GREEN, JOHN                             OH-22-2-319
GREEN, RHUHAMA                          OH-22-3-149
GREEN, TIMOTHY                          OH-22-2-241
GREER, AQUILLA                          OH-22-3-156
GRIFFITH, ISAAC                         OH-22-2-429
GRIM, JACOB                             OH-22-2-504
GROVE, FREDERICK                        OH-22-3-232
GRUBB, RICHARD                          OH-22-3-200
GUSEMAN, JOHN                           OH-22-3-292
HAIN, MAGDALENE                         OH-22-2-247
HALL, HENRY                             OH-22-2-459
HALL, JAMES SR.                         OH-22-2-121
HAMM, JACOB                             OH-22-3-36
HANNA, HENRY                            OH-22-2-166
HANNA, JOHN                             OH-22-3-31
HANSON, HIRAM                           OH-22-2-349
HANTZEL, JOHN                           OH-22-2-73
HARDESTY, JOSEPH                        OH-22-3-165
HARGRAVE, WILLIAM                       OH-22-2-288
HARLMAN, MICHAEL                        OH-22-3-269
HARRINGTON, NATHANIEL                   OH-22-2-137
HARRIS, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-2-89
HARRISON, ALEXANDER                     OH-22-2-258
HARTSOCK, DANIEL                        OH-22-2-399
HARTSTOCK, JOHNATHAN                    OH-22-2-64
HARTWORK, FREDERICK                     OH-22-2-421
HASELTON, GEORGE                        OH-22-2-388
HAUSER, GEORGE HEINRICH                 OH-22-2-123
HAVENS, ISAAC SR.                       OH-22-2-186
HAWLEY, PAUL                            OH-22-2-212
HAY, ADAM                               OH-22-2-390
HAYES, ADAM                             OH-22-2-398
HEDGES, MATHIAS                         OH-22-2-311
HEGWINKLE, ARNOLD                       OH-22-3-109
HEIMBACH, HENRY                         OH-22-2-382
HEMAN, JAMES                            OH-22-3-162
HENDERSON, JAMES                        OH-22-1-29
HENSEL, MICHAEL                         OH-22-2-477
HERRING, PHILIP                         OH-22-2-140
HEYT, ANDREW                            OH-22-2-86
HIESTAND, JOSEPH                        OH-22-3-177, 228
HIESTAND, MICHAEL                       OH-22-3-335
HIESTAND, SAMUEL                        OH-22-3-9
HILL, ANDREW                            OH-22-2-84
HILL, BENJAMIN                          OH-22-2-321
HILLIS, THOMAS                          OH-22-3-362
HINDERLICK, JACOB                       OH-22-3-303
HITE, ABRAHAM                           OH-22-2-239
HITE, ANDREW                            OH-22-2-86
HITE, CONRAD                            OH-22-2-322
HIVETY, PAUL                            OH-22-2-210
HODGE, JOHN                             OH-22-2-49
HODGES, JESSE                           OH-22-2-51
HOFFERT, CASPAR                         OH-22-2-363B
HOLMES, B. W.                           OH-22-3-164
HOLMES, JAMES                           OH-22-2-138
HOLMES, THOMAS                          OH-22-3-351
HOOKER, RICHARD                         OH-22-2-161
HOOKER, RICHARD                         OH-22-2-296
HOPPES, DANIEL                          OH-22-2-103
HORN, DAN JAMES                         OH-22-3-163
HOWSER, GEORGE H.                       OH-22-3-126
HOWSER, JOHN H.                         OH-22-2-291
HOY, ADAM (HAYSE)                       OH-22-1-2
HOY, PHILLIP                            OH-22-1-174
HUBER, ELIZABETH                        OH-22-3-98
HUBER, JACOB SR.                        OH-22-3-403
HUBER, JOHANNES                         OH-22-2-148
HULTON, ISAAC                           OH-22-3-247
HUNTER, ROBERT                          OH-22-2-23
HUTCHINS, JESSE                         OH-22-3-215
IJAMS, WILLIAM                          OH-22-2-62
IRVIN, ELIZABETH B.                     OH-22-3-337
IRVIN, MARY                             OH-22-2-427
JAMES, JESSE                            OH-22-1-144
JERICH, JACOB                           OH-22-2-24
JERICK, MAGDALENA                       OH-22-2-91
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-22-3-112
JUDY, BARBARY                           OH-22-2-124
JULIAN, STEPHEN                         OH-22-2-26
JULIEN, JESSE                           OH-22-2-313
JULIEN, JOHN SR.                        OH-22-2-280
KANTWARK, HENRY                         OH-22-2-167
KARR, WILLIAM                           OH-22-1-27
KAUFMAN, CHRISTIAN                      OH-22-2-235
KAUFMAN, DAVID                          OH-22-2-508
KEELER, MATHIAS                         OH-22-2-79
KEINSELBACH, JOHAN                      OH-22-2-142
KEITH, EDMON                            OH-22-2-13
KEITH, NANCY                            OH-22-2-53
KELLER, HENRY                           OH-22-2-531
KEMMERER, PHILIP                        OH-22-2-204
KENEDY, PEIRCEFOR                       OH-22-3-4
KERNS, JACOB                            OH-22-3-212
KETNER, NICHOLAS                        OH-22-2-418
KIDNER, MARGARET                        OH-22-3-255
KING, CHRISTIAN                         OH-22-3-41
KING, CHRISTIAN                         OH-22-2-532
KING, WILLIAM                           OH-22-2-343
KISEY, CHRISTIAN                        OH-22-3-110
KITSMILLER, ANDREW                      OH-22-3-8
KLINKERT, HENRY                         OH-22-3-261
KNEPPER, JACOB                          OH-22-3-313
KORFMAN, JACOB JR.                      OH-22-2-109
KORFMAN, JACOB SR.                      OH-22-2-171
KRABER, DANIEL                          OH-22-2-523
KRAMER, ADAM                            OH-22-2-58
KRAUER, JOHN                            OH-22-3-98
KRAUER, LUDWIG                          OH-22-3-328
KRIDER, ADAM                            OH-22-2-178
KRIEDELBACH, JOHAN                      OH-22-2-39
KRIEDELBACH, JOHAN                      OH-22-1-181
KRIGAR, GEORGE SR.                      OH-22-2-434
KRISINGER, JOHN                         OH-22-2-100
KUTSCH, GEORGE                          OH-22-3-94
KUTSCH, WILLIAM                         OH-22-3-131
LANE, WILLIAM                           OH-22-2-20
LANTZ, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-22-3-53
LARIMER, EBENEZER                       OH-22-2-211
LAYRD, JOHN                             OH-22-3-315
LEAR, JOHN                              OH-22-3-315
LEATHER, SAMUEL                         OH-22-2-432
LEFERREY, DAVID                         OH-22-1-149
LEHMAN, DANIEL                          OH-22-2-160
LEIB, JOSEPH                            OH-22-3-37
LEITH, SAMUEL                           OH-22-2-118
LEPHART, HENRY                          OH-22-3-127
LINSLEY, NOAH                           OH-22-2-442
LIVELEY, HUGH                           OH-22-2-63
LONG, ANN                               OH-22-2-200
LONG, GEORGE H.                         OH-22-2-193
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-22-3-311
LOOKER, JAMES                           OH-22-3-357
LOOKHART, ADAM                          OH-22-2-192
LOY, MARGRETHA                          OH-22-2-40
LUTH, SAMUEL                            OH-22-2-96
LYBRAND, SAMUEL                         OH-22-3-420
LYLE, EFFIE                             OH-22-3-393
LYLE, ELIZABETH                         OH-22-3-373
LYLE, MARY                              OH-22-3-1
LYNCH, RUTH                             OH-22-3-146
LYSINGER, JOHN                          OH-22-3-398
LYTLE, ARCHIBALD                        OH-22-3-206
MACKLIN, PHILIP                         OH-22-3-198
MARQUART, JOHN                          OH-22-2-264
MARTIN, DAVID                           OH-22-1-10
MARTIN, JACOB                           OH-22-2-268
MASSEY, EZEKIEL                         OH-22-3-245
MAUSER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-287
MCCALL, PHILEMON B.                     OH-22-3-396
MCCLEERY, JOHN                          OH-22-2-346
MCCOLLA, MARTIN                         OH-22-2-324
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         OH-22-2-510
MCFARLAND, JESSE                        OH-22-2-198
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-22-3-46
MCFEEAR, ROBERT                         OH-22-1-222
MCGINNES, WILLIAM                       OH-22-2-175, 179
MEDILL, SAMUEL                          OH-22-3-173
MEEKS, JACOB                            OH-22-3-200
MERIKLE, JOHN                           OH-22-3-285
MESSICK, DANIEL P.                      OH-22-3-294
MEYER, DANIEL                           OH-22-3-388
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-2-314
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-2-152
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        OH-22-2-503
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-22-1-144
MILLER, CONRAD                          OH-22-3-290
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-22-3-21
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-22-3-289
MILLER, GEORGE                          OH-22-1-137
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-22-3-252
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-22-1-146
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-22-2-197
MILLER, MARTHA                          OH-22-2-73
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OH-22-2-350
MILLIGAN, WILLIAM                       OH-22-3-96
MILLS, SAMUEL                           OH-22-2-90
MINEHART, CATHARINE                     OH-22-2-299
MINTHORN, NATHANIEL                     OH-22-2-218
MOOERS, LOAMMI                          OH-22-2-435
MOORE, ANDREW                           OH-22-1-1
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-22-2-174
MORRISON, A. C.                         OH-22-3-101
MORTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-22-3-273
MOSIER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-22-2-277
MOSS, EDWARD                            OH-22-2-221
MOYER, CHARLES                          OH-22-2-74
MOYER, JACOB                            OH-22-3-300
MURPHY, EDWARD                          OH-22-3-380
MUSSER, THEOBALD                        OH-22-3-295
NEEL, JOSEPH                            OH-22-2-159
NEELEY, DAVID                           OH-22-2-345
NEELEY, JOHN                            OH-22-3-90
NEFF, ABRAHAM SR.                       OH-22-2-132
NEIBLING, CHRISTIAN                     OH-22-3-250
NEWKIRK, REUBEN                         OH-22-2-89
NEWKIRK, TUNIS                          OH-22-2-126
NICODEMUS, HENRY                        OH-22-2-440
NIGH, GEORGE SR.                        OH-22-2-326
NUNAMAKER, ANDREW                       OH-22-3-237
NUTTING, JOSEPH                         OH-22-3-360
OFAULT, SARAH                           OH-22-3-195
OLMSTEAD, E.                            OH-22-3-89
OSWALT, MICHAEL                         OH-22-3-15
OWEN, NATHAN                            OH-22-1-229
OWINGS, GEORGE W.                       OH-22-2-467
PARSONS, JOEL S.                        OH-22-3-88
PEPPERS, JOHN                           OH-22-2-436
PFAFF, HENRY                            OH-22-2-526
PICKERING, ANNA                         OH-22-3-136
PIERRE, STEPHEN                         OH-22-2-31
PLUMMER, JOSHUA                         OH-22-2-249
PLUMMER, JOSHUA                         OH-22-2-361
POLING, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-473
POORMAN, JOHN                           OH-22-3-19
PYMER, ELLEANOR                         OH-22-3-126
RADEBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-22-3-309
RAISITON, MICHAEL SR                    OH-22-2-38
RANDEBAUGH, GEORGE                      OH-22-3-34
RANK, SARAH                             OH-22-3-244
RAUCH, PETER                            OH-22-2-151
READ, GEORGE                            OH-22-1-155
REAM, ABRAHAM                           OH-22-2-156
REBER, VALENTINE                        OH-22-3-308
RED, NATHANIEL                          OH-22-3-169
REDENHOUR, JOHN                         OH-22-2-19
REESE, DAVID                            OH-22-3-160
REESE, JOHN                             OH-22-2-37
RENGLESPAUGH, CHRISTIAN                 OH-22-2-22
RENSHEY, CATHERINE                      OH-22-3-18
REYNOLDS, ANTHONY                       OH-22-1-165
REYNOLDS, THOMA                         OH-22-2-2
RICE, AMOS                              OH-22-3-318
RICHMOND, JOHN                          OH-22-3-110
RICKETTS, CHANEY                        OH-22-3-147
RICKETTS, CHARLES                       OH-22-3-414
RIGBY, WILLIAM                          OH-22-2-267
ROADS, BENJAMIN                         OH-22-3-92
ROCKEY, JOHN                            OH-22-2-165
ROLLER, NANCY                           OH-22-2-266
ROLLER, THOMAS R.                       OH-22-3-117
ROLLY, HIERONYMUS (MUS)                 OH-22-2-474
ROLLY, JOHN                             OH-22-3-158
ROSS, THOMAS                            OH-22-3-249
RUBLE, GEORGE                           OH-22-2-23
RUFF, JOHN GEORGE                       OH-22-3-49
RUFFNER, ANDREW                         OH-22-3-128
RUFFNER, DAVID C.                       OH-22-3-297
RUFFNER, EMANUEL                        OH-22-3-368
RUFFNER, NOAH                           OH-22-3-233
RUFNER, PETER                           OH-22-1-13
RUSH, JACOB                             OH-22-2-251
SAILOR, PETER                           OH-22-2-475
SAIN, PHILLIP                           OH-22-2-92
SALATHA, JOHN ADAM                      OH-22-2-27
SALATHE, HENRY SOLIDY                   OH-22-3-307
SANN, HENRY                             OH-22-1-150
SAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-22-2-352
SCHAUB, JOHANNES                        OH-22-2-466
SCHAUG, JOHNM.                          OH-22-3-284
SCHICK, JACOB                           OH-22-2-228
SCHNEIDER, JOHANNES                     OH-22-2-401
SCHROCK, JACOB B.                       OH-22-3-355
SEE, GEORGE                             OH-22-3-427
SEITZ, PETER                            OH-22-3-30
SELBY, THOMAS                           OH-22-2-119
SELBY, THOMAS                           OH-22-2-98
SELLS, WILLIAM                          OH-22-2-129
SENNETE, JOHN                           OH-22-2-60
SHAFFER, ABRAHAM                        OH-22-2-367
SHAFNER, CASPER                         OH-22-2-313
SHAW, WILLIAM                           OH-22-2-96
SHAW, WILLIAM                           OH-22-2-117
SHAWK, MICHAEL                          OH-22-3-284
SHEAFFER, SAMUEL                        OH-22-2-438
SHEMP, GEORGE                           OH-22-2-206
SHEYDECKER, JOHN                        OH-22-2-412
SHIELDS, PETER                          OH-22-2-410
SHOCKLEY, GEORGE D.                     OH-22-2-452
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                        OH-22-2-483
SHOULY, JACOB                           OH-22-1-190
SHUH, GOTLEIB F.                        OH-22-3-377
SHUMAKER, JOHN                          OH-22-2-66
SIDNER, NICHOLAS                        OH-22-3-391
SIMON, JOHN                             OH-22-2-136
SIMPSON, JAMES                          OH-22-3-7
SMART, JOHN                             OH-22-2-116
SMETHERS, GEORGE SR.                    OH-22-2-170
SMETHERS, JOHN                          OH-22-2-493
SMETHERS, MARGARET                      OH-22-2-250
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         OH-22-2-87
SMITH, BRICE                            OH-22-2-242
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-22-2-312
SMITH, JONATHAN                         OH-22-2-283
SMITH, ROBERT W.                        OH-22-3-119
SNIDER, JOHN                            OH-22-2-401
SNIDER, JOHN M.                         OH-22-3-287
SOCKRIDER, HENRY                        OH-22-2-464
SOLLENBERGER, MICHAEL                   OH-22-3-142
SOTERSCHLEAGER, ROSANNA                 OH-22-2-128
SPURGEON, JESSE                         OH-22-3-305
STAESEL, NICHOLAS                       OH-22-3-265
STAULTER, JOHN                          OH-22-2-77
STEBELTON, JACOB                        OH-22-3-376
STEIN, PHILIP                           OH-22-3-259
STEVENSON, DANIEL                       OH-22-2-219
STEVENSON, EDWARD                       OH-22-3-229
STEVENSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-22-2-67
STEVENSON, JOHN                         OH-22-3-191
STEVENSON, SARAH                        OH-22-3-266
STEVENSON, THOMAS                       OH-22-2-333
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      OH-22-2-478
STEWART, JOHN                           OH-22-2-195
STOCKARD, CHARLES                       OH-22-2-94
STOKER, JOHN                            OH-22-3-283
STOLTZ, GEORGE SR.                      OH-22-3-348
STONEBURNER, DANIEL                     OH-22-3-138
STONEBURNER, FREDERICK                  OH-22-3-172
STOTTLEMIER, BENJAMIN                   OH-22-3-115
STOTTS, JOHN                            OH-22-2-47
STRICKLER, ISAAC JR.                    OH-22-1-112
STRODE, EDWARD                          OH-22-3-207
STRODE, MARGARET                        OH-22-2-6
STROHL, MICHAEL                         OH-22-3-14
STRUCKMAN, HENRY                        OH-22-3-367
STUCK, JOHANNES                         OH-22-2-146
STUDER, DAVID                           OH-22-2-58
STUDER, PHILIP                          OH-22-2-493
STULL, JOHN                             OH-22-3-270
STURGEON, JANE                          OH-22-3-202
STURGEON, THOMAS                        OH-22-2-214
STURGEON, THOMAS                        OH-22-2-246
SUMNER, WILLIAM                         OH-22-3-11
SWAZYEY, JOHN                           OH-22-2-516
SWISTLER, JOSEPH                        OH-22-2-145
SWITZER, HENRY                          OH-22-3-423
SWITZER, JACOB                          OH-22-2-97
SWITZER, JACOB                          OH-22-2-121
SWOPE, DAVID                            OH-22-2-201
TALLMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-22-2-93
TANEY, ELIZABETH                        OH-22-3-288
TATE, MARTIN                            OH-22-2-61
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-22-3-176
TAYLOR, SAMUEL W.                       OH-22-3-129
THOMPSON, BAZALEEL                      OH-22-3-204
THOMPSON, LEWIS                         OH-22-3-116
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-22-1-132
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-22-2-1
TORRENCE, MARY                          OH-22-2-276
TORRENCE, THOMAS                        OH-22-3-331
TREVENGER, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-22-2-113
TSCHUDY, MICHAEL                        OH-22-2-414
TUCKER, HENRY                           OH-22-2-77
TURNER, BAZEL                           OH-22-2-285
TUSSING, CHRISTIAN                      OH-22-3-293
TUTWILLER, JACOB                        OH-22-3-364
VANCOURTWRIGHT, ABRAHAM                 OH-22-2-168
VANMETER, JACOB                         OH-22-3-56
VYANT, DAVID                            OH-22-2-231
WAGNER, ANDREAS                         OH-22-2-512
WAGNER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-362
WAGNER, ULRICH                          OH-22-2-415
WALTER, ABRAHAM                         OH-22-3-139
WALTER, GASPER                          OH-22-2-83
WALTER, JOHN                            OH-22-3-154
WATSON, HENRY                           OH-22-2-304
WATSON, JAMES                           OH-22-3-374
WATSON, THOMAS                          OH-22-2-105
WATSON, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-317
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                       OH-22-2-530
WEAVER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-21
WEAVER, JOHN                            OH-22-2-64
WEAVER, LEONARD                         OH-22-2-12
WEEDMAN, CHRISTIAN                      OH-22-1-225
WEHR, CONRAD                            OH-22-3-346
WEINGARDNER, HERBERT                    OH-22-2-306
WELLS, HUGH                             OH-22-1-173
WELLS, JAMES                            OH-22-2-18
WELTY, JOHN                             OH-22-2-209
WHEALING, EDWARD                        OH-22-2-291
WICKIZER, ANDREW                        OH-22-3-210
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      OH-22-3-375
WILLIAMSON, PETER JR.                   OH-22-2-3
WILLS, JOHN                             OH-22-2-107
WILLS, JOHN                             OH-22-2-102
WILLS, SAMUEL                           OH-22-3-271
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-22-2-139
WILSON, JANE                            OH-22-3-370
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-22-3-55
WILSON, JOHN SR.                        OH-22-3-260
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       OH-22-3-24
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       OH-22-2-32
WILSON, ROBERT                          OH-22-3-220
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-22-2-104
WINTER, COONRAD                         OH-22-3-255
WINTER, JACOB                           OH-22-2-222
WINTERS, BENJAMIN                       OH-22-2-255
WISELEY, JOHN                           OH-22-2-123
WOOD, DANIEL B.                         OH-22-2-395
WORK, JOSEPH                            OH-22-3-44
WORTHINGTON, CHARLES                    OH-22-3-371
WRIGHT, DAVID                           OH-22-3-39
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          OH-22-3-277
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          OH-22-3-354
YOUNG, ADAM                             OH-22-2-162
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          OH-22-2-86
ZANE, JOHN                              OH-22-3-276
ZERCKEL, ADAM                           OH-22-2-354
ZIEGLER, JOHANNES                       OH-22-2-145

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