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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol 1 = 1851- | 2-12=? |
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ABBOTT, JANE                            OH-24-A-234
ANDREWS, RICHARD                        OH-24-A-86
BACKUS, THOMAS                          OH-24-A-161
BADGER, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-24-A-103
BAGARD, EZEKIEL                         OH-24-A-10
BAKER, JOHN                             OH-24-A-185
BAUGHMAN, GEORGE                        OH-24-A-275
BAYLY, THOMAS M.                        OH-24-A-265
BEACH, SAMUEL                           OH-24-A-43
BENNETT, CHARLES                        OH-24-A-73
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-24-A-299
BRISTOL, DAVID                          OH-24-A-91
BULL, THOMAS                            OH-24-A-127
BURTONS, JOSHUA                         OH-24-A-304
CAMPBELL, J. W.                         OH-24-A-248
CASE, ALLICE                            OH-24-A-167
CASE, DAN                               OH-24-A-68
CASE, ISRAEL                            OH-24-A-76
CASE, RACHEL                            OH-24-A-93
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-24-A-116
CHENOWETH, ELIJAH                       OH-24-A-196
CLARK, SAMUEL                           OH-24-A-152
COLEMAN, A. C.                          OH-24-A-138
CORNET, THOMAS                          OH-24-A-40
CRAMER, ANDREW                          OH-24-A-219
CRANN, JOHN                             OH-24-A-139
CROSBY, HARRY                           OH-24-A-142
CULBERTSON, ROEBRT                      OH-24-A-96
CUNNING, JOHN                           OH-24-A-193
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-24-A-217
DEARDUFF, ISAAC                         OH-24-A-149
DEARDUFF, PAUL                          OH-24-A-45
DECKER, ISAAC D.                        OH-24-A-314
DECKER, JACOB                           OH-24-A-108
DECKER, JOHN                            OH-24-A-58
DELANO, OLIVER                          OH-24-A-92
DILL, JOHN                              OH-24-A-50
DORNIGAN, WILLIAM                       OH-24-A-204
DUKES, JOHN                             OH-24-A-37
DYRE, JOHN                              OH-24-A-28
DYRE, JOHN                              OH-24-A-260
EDGAR, HARRIET                          OH-24-A-283
FETTER, PETER                           OH-24-A-197
FISHER, MICHAEL                         OH-24-A-136
FROTHINGHAM, D.                         OH-24-A-145
FULLER, BELA M.                         OH-24-A-100
FULTON, JOHN                            OH-24-A-140
GAILBREATH, MARY                        OH-24-A-154
GARNETT, ANN                            OH-24-A-164
GILLET, ASA                             OH-24-A-181
GRACE, BENJAMIN                         OH-24-A-25
GROTCHUS, HENRY                         OH-24-A-230
HAMILTON, JAMES (HON.)                  OH-24-A-232
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                       OH-24-A-31
HESS, BOLSER                            OH-24-A-8
HEWS, JAMES                             OH-24-A-48
HEWS, MARY                              OH-24-A-242
HOMBAKER, JOHN                          OH-24-A-23
HOWARD, HORTON                          OH-24-A-250
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         OH-24-A-33
HUNTER, JOSEPH SR.                      OH-24-A-285
JAMISON, DAVID                          OH-24-A-118
JEWITTS, ELAM                           OH-24-A-143
JOHNSTON, ISAAC                         OH-24-A-190
JONES, LYDIA                            OH-24-A-245
KAMMEL, JOHN                            OH-24-A-150
LAMBERT, DAVID                          OH-24-A-26
LANE, PETER                             OH-24-A-38
LAWSON, J. P.                           OH-24-A-187
LEE, JONATHAN                           OH-24-A-39
LEICHTENECKER, GOTLIEB                  OH-24-A-197
LEONARD, ISAAC                          OH-24-A-252
LILE, JOHN                              OH-24-A-20
LINDSEY, JAMES                          OH-24-A-257
LITTLE, HARVEY D.                       OH-24-A-246
MALTBY, WILLIAM                         OH-24-A-296
MAYNARD, MOSES                          OH-24-A-273
MCCLOUD, THOMAS                         OH-24-A-162
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          OH-24-A-122
MCFEE, JOSEPH                           OH-24-A-211, 317
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-24-A-281
MITCHELL, CHARLES                       OH-24-A-111
MONROE, JOHN                            OH-24-A-35
MOOBERRY, WILLIAM                       OH-24-A-194
MOORE, HEAD, JANE                       OH-24-A-1
MORRISON, ALEXANDER                     OH-24-A-15
MULLEN, MICHAEL                         OH-24-A-2
NELSON, DAVID                           OH-24-A-200
NOBLE, JONATHAN                         OH-24-A-226
OGDEN, MOSES                            OH-24-A-94
PALMER, EATHAN                          OH-24-A-71
PALMER, LUTHER                          OH-24-A-36
PARK, JANE                              OH-24-A-120
PARK, JOSEPH                            OH-24-A-75
PELHAM, PETER                           OH-24-A-306
PETERSON, FREDERICK                     OH-24-A-139
PHELPS, ABRAM                           OH-24-A-279
POSTLES, SHADRACK                       OH-24-A-228
POWELL, GEORGE                          OH-24-A-315
POWER, AVERY                            OH-24-A-29
PRICE, STEPHEN R.                       OH-24-A-221
RAREY, CHARLES                          OH-24-A-156
READ, WILLIAM                           OH-24-A-82
RIDENHOUR, MATHIAS                      OH-24-A-54
RILEY, WILLIAM                          OH-24-A-199
RITTER, FREDERICK                       OH-24-A-80
RORAR, MICHAEL                          OH-24-A-74
SAHL, GEORGE                            OH-24-A-146
SCHOONOVER, JOHN                        OH-24-A-114
SCRIBNER, SAMUEL                        OH-24-A-14
SEEDS, JAMES                            OH-24-A-151
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        OH-24-A-206
SHOFE, ELIABETH                         OH-24-A-148
SMITH, JONAH                            OH-24-A-106
SMITH, JOSEPH                           OH-24-A-188
SMITH, STEPHEN                          OH-24-A-102
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-24-A-87
SPRINGER, BENJAMIN                      OH-24-A-212
SPRINGER, ELIZABETH                     OH-24-A-79
STARR, JAMES                            OH-24-A-141
STEVENSON, JOHN                         OH-24-A-211
STEVENSON, RICHARD                      OH-24-A-312
SWASHGOOD, JOHN                         OH-24-A-214
SWISGOOD, JOHN                          OH-24-A-214
TAILOR, SAMUEL                          OH-24-A-256
TAYLOR, JOHN D.                         OH-24-A-125
TAYLOR, MATHEW 3RD                      OH-24-A-179
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          OH-24-A-193
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       OH-24-A-208
TODD, THOMAS                            OH-24-A-291
TURNER, ELIAS                           OH-24-A-79
VANDEMARK, CORNELIUS                    OH-24-A-123
VERYS, ISAAC                            OH-24-A-262
WALLACE, JOHN                           OH-24-A-310
WATT, HUGH                              OH-24-A-42
WEATHERINGTON, JOHN                     OH-24-A-237
WILCOX, ISRAEL S.                       OH-24-A-277
WORTHINGTON, THOMAS                     OH-24-A-169
YEATH, JOHN                             OH-24-A-99
YONER, CHARLES W.                       OH-24-A-284
YOUNG, ROBERT                           OH-24-A-4

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