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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) | 3=185OH-25-3-1875 | 4=? |
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ABBOTT, JOHN                            OH-25-3-375
AGLE, JACOB                             OH-25-3-233
ALDRICH, THOMAS                         OH-25-3-253
ALLMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-25-3-510
BABCOCK, JOSEPH                         OH-25-3-124
BARKMAN, JANE                           OH-25-3-584
BARLOW, HIRAM PRATT                     OH-25-3-174
BARNHILL, GABRIEL                       OH-25-3-154
BECKHAM, WILLIAM S.                     OH-25-3-187
BETTS, SAMUEL R.                        OH-25-3-212
BLAKER, ADA L.                          OH-25-3-187
BOWEN, JOHN M.                          OH-25-3-119
BOWKER, EMILY                           OH-25-3-357
BREWSTER, JONAH                         OH-25-3-77
BRINK, CORNELIUS                        OH-25-3-9
BUNDY, MARY                             OH-25-3-402
BURDICK, EMULAS                         OH-25-3-72
BURNHAM, THOMAS                         OH-25-3-141
BURR, CHARLES                           OH-25-3-202
CAMP, H. C.                             OH-25-3-41
CANFIELD, HEMAN A.                      OH-25-3-93
CARAGHAS, THOMAS                        OH-25-3-324
CARPENTER, JAMES B.                     OH-25-3-245
CARROLL, CHARLES H.                     OH-25-3-88
CARROLL, WILLIAM THOMAS                 OH-25-3-498
CASE, DANIEL                            OH-25-3-10
CLARK, GEORGE P.                        OH-25-3-382
CLEAVLAND, MARY E.                      OH-25-3-576
CLOSE, JOHN SR.                         OH-25-3-101
COFFIN, FREEMAN                         OH-25-3-196
CONRAD, PRECILLA                        OH-25-3-522
COOK, STEPHEN                           OH-25-3-412
CRILE, SAMUEL                           OH-25-3-71
DAVIS, HARRIETTE                        OH-25-3-304
DAVOLL, JOB                             OH-25-3-226
DIXSON, JOHN                            OH-25-3-513
DRUHOT, CLAUDE                          OH-25-3-366
DRUHOT, FRANCIS                         OH-25-3-327
DURGISS, SAMUEL                         OH-25-3-353
ESKRIDGE, CHARLES E.                    OH-25-3-179
EVERHART, JEREMIAH                      OH-25-3-82
FASHBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-25-3-198
FASHBAUGH, PETER                        OH-25-3-15
FASSETT, JOSHUA                         OH-25-3-62
FAUBLE, ISAAC                           OH-25-3-468
FENTON, JOHN                            OH-25-3-496
FERRIS, ABRAM P.                        OH-25-3-551
FISHER, ANDREW                          OH-25-3-486
FLUHART, EDWARD W.                      OH-25-3-122
FORD, ANSEL                             OH-25-3-112
FORD, DEBORAH                           OH-25-3-248
FORD, HOSEA                             OH-25-3-158
FOSTER, FRANK M.                        OH-25-3-177
FOSTER, THOMAS                          OH-25-3-373
FOUTZ, WILLIAM                          OH-25-3-146
FREDRICK, JACOB                         OH-25-3-507
FREY, CHRISTIAN                         OH-25-3-260
FULLER, JOHN                            OH-25-3-435
GARWOOD, JESSE                          OH-25-3-250
GAY, NATHAN                             OH-25-3-42
GEHRING, GEORGE                         OH-25-3-172
GEISUR, JACQUES                         OH-25-3-106
GIGUX, JACOB                            OH-25-3-321
GILBERT, CATHARINE                      OH-25-3-562
GRANDY, ANNA                            OH-25-3-482
GRIESER, MARGARET S.                    OH-25-3-439
HABLE, JACOB                            OH-25-3-136
HAGERMAN, PETER                         OH-25-3-466
HALLEN, JOHN                            OH-25-3-525
HARLAN, SARAH                           OH-25-3-103
HARLEY, OLEVI                           OH-25-3-390
HAYWARD, THEODORE                       OH-25-3-369
HERRICK, HUGHEY                         OH-25-3-240
HERRINGS, JOHN                          OH-25-3-330
HICKS, H. JOHN                          OH-25-3-189
HIGHSHEW, GEORGE W.                     OH-25-3-282
HIGHSHEW, WILLIAM H.                    OH-25-3-179
HINKLE, EPHRAIM                         OH-25-3-168
HIXSON, TIMOTHY                         OH-25-3-549
HOFFMAN, DANIEL                         OH-25-3-336
HOFFMAN, JACOB C.                       OH-25-3-404
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-25-3-93
HOUSE, JONATHAN                         OH-25-3-289
HUNTINGOTN, ALBERT W.                   OH-25-3-284
HUNTINGTON, ELISHA                      OH-25-3-278
HUSTON, ANDREW                          OH-25-3-47
JACKSON, THERON                         OH-25-3-428
JOHNSON, ROBERT W.                      OH-25-3-280
JONES, DAVID                            OH-25-3-46
KELLER, WILLIAM                         OH-25-3-318
KENDALL, JOHN ****                      OH-25-3-532
KERSTEN, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-25-3-242
KING, JOHN                              OH-25-3-84
KLOFFENSTINE, PETER                     OH-25-3-300
KRONTZ, HENRY                           OH-25-3-581
KURTZ, JONATHAN B.                      OH-25-3-400
LARNED, WILLIAM                         OH-25-3-110
LATHROP, LEVI B.                        OH-25-3-314
LILLECK, JOHN M.                        OH-25-3-549
LINEINGER, JACOB                        OH-25-3-59
LMACK, MARY                             OH-25-3-359
LYONS, EZEKIEL                          OH-25-3-224
MACK, WILLIAM                           OH-25-3-555
MANSFIELD, AASHEL                       OH-25-3-297
MCBAYES, JOHN                           OH-25-3-491
MCCASKEY, MATHEW                        OH-25-3-569
MCCLATCHIE, ALEXANDER                   OH-25-3-343
MCKIBBEN, THOMAS                        OH-25-3-489
MCLELLAND, JOHN C.                      OH-25-3-388
MCNAMARA, WILLIAM                       OH-25-3-496
MCQUILLEN, DAVID                        OH-25-3-433
MEAD, EZRA                              OH-25-3-138
MEECH, HENRY                            OH-25-3-18
MERRILL, MARK F.                        OH-25-3-238
MERRILL, SAMUEL SMITH                   OH-25-3-229
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM M.                   OH-25-3-131
MILLER, ADAM                            OH-25-3-134
MILLER, JONAH                           OH-25-3-38
MOCK, DAVID                             OH-25-3-5
MOHR, DANIEL                            OH-25-3-56
MONTGOMERY, MARGRET                     OH-25-3-99
MOREY, JENKS                            OH-25-3-340
MUNION, JAMES S.                        OH-25-3-68
MUNION, POLLY L.                        OH-25-3-238
MURRY, JOHN                             OH-25-3-345
NEARING, FUXON                          OH-25-3-578
NENSBAUM, LEVI                          OH-25-3-392
NEWCOMB, ESTHER H.                      OH-25-3-333
NIXON, JOHN                             OH-25-3-185
NOBBS, JOHN SR.                         OH-25-3-262
PARSONS, NATHANIEL                      OH-25-3-162
PERRIGO, JOHN                           OH-25-3-407
PLACKETT, THOMAS                        OH-25-3-395
POETERS, LENOURD                        OH-25-3-364
POMEROY, RUFUS                          OH-25-3-75
PORTER, THOMAS                          OH-25-3-296
PRAY, NATHAN W.                         OH-25-3-3
PRICE, LAFAYETTE B.                     OH-25-3-58
RAGAN, JAMES W.                         OH-25-3-156
RAWSON, ABEL                            OH-25-3-535
RENANEL, LOUIS                          OH-25-3-462
RITTENHOUSE, HENRY                      OH-25-3-265
RODKEY, SAMUEL F.                       OH-25-3-177
ROGERS, CORA E.                         OH-25-3-93
ROOS, JOHN B.                           OH-25-3-1
ROOT, JESSE                             OH-25-3-573
ROSS, SARAH M.                          OH-25-3-519
ROUSH, JACOB                            OH-25-3-205
ROYCE, MARILLA A.                       OH-25-3-152
SALSBERY, DAVID                         OH-25-3-559
SALSBURY, PETER                         OH-25-3-95
SALTZGABER, JOHN                        OH-25-3-16
SANDES, SUSAN JANE                      OH-25-3-493
SANTEE, GEORGE                          OH-25-3-86
SAUTER, THOMAS                          OH-25-3-108
SCHLOTMAN, DANIEL                       OH-25-3-7
SCHMIT, GODFRIED                        OH-25-3-13
SHEPHERD, JOSEPH                        OH-25-3-420
SHEPHERD, SAMUEL                        OH-25-3-66
SHINEMAN, DANIEL                        OH-25-3-150
SHOWERS, JAMES S.                       OH-25-3-306
SKEELS, A. A.                           OH-25-3-127
SMITH, CHARLES D.                       OH-25-3-476
SMITH, ELIJAH                           OH-25-3-423
SMITH, JESSE                            OH-25-3-144
SMITH, SUSAN                            OH-25-3-11
SMITH, SYBIL E.                         OH-25-3-221
SNYDER, RUDOLF                          OH-25-3-79
SPAULDING, DEXTER                       OH-25-3-516
STEDMAN, AARON                          OH-25-3-117
STEVENS, GOULD D.                       OH-25-3-362
SWAN, THEODORE                          OH-25-3-258
TAFT, LEWIS A.                          OH-25-3-209
TAYLOR, HENRY                           OH-25-3-386
TAYLOR, PHEBE                           OH-25-3-235
TEDROW, ISAAC                           OH-25-3-50
THOMPSON, AARON                         OH-25-3-4
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-25-3-398
THOMPSON, MARY                          OH-25-3-349
TODD, HARVEY                            OH-25-3-594
TOMM, JACOB                             OH-25-3-181
TRUSK, ORVILLE C.                       OH-25-3-271
VANORSDALEN, GILBERT                    OH-25-3-287
VIERS, JOHN                             OH-25-3-455
WADSWORTH, JAMES S.                     OH-25-3-27
WATKINS, THOMAS                         OH-25-3-183
WEILER, EHEHART                         OH-25-3-571
WELLES, AMELIA                          OH-25-3-430
WELLS, HIRAM                            OH-25-3-114
WHEATLEY, CYNTHIA D.                    OH-25-3-565
WHITMER, BARBARY                        OH-25-3-194
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         OH-25-3-44
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         OH-25-3-255
WOOD, BACHEL                            OH-25-3-528
WOOD, LETITIA                           OH-25-3-384
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-25-3-310
ZIMMERMAN, BENEDICKT                    OH-25-3-472

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