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ACKLEY, JEREMIAH B.                     OH-52-4-206
ADAMS, THOMAS                           OH-52-4-36
ALEXANDER, MOSES                        OH-52-2-296
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      OH-52-3-382
AMOS, THOMAS                            OH-52-4-566
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-52-2-65
APPLEGATE, ABRAHAM                      OH-52-4-84
APPLEGATE, SINTHELA                     OH-52-4-528
ARCHER, EARL P.                         OH-52-2-25
ARMSTRONG, SALEM                        OH-52-3-454
ASHWORTH, JAMES 2ND                     OH-52-2-313
ASHWORTH, NANCY                         OH-52-4-204
ATKINS, LEMUEL M.                       OH-52-2-82
AUMILLER, JACOB                         OH-52-3-94
AUSTIN, ELIJAH R.                       OH-52-4-25
BABLE, ISAAC                            OH-52-4-202
BAILEY, BERRYMAN                        OH-52-3-239
BAILEY, JOHN                            OH-52-4-263
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         OH-52-4-361
BAKER, JAMES                            OH-52-4-473
BAKER, SAMUEL                           OH-52-3-336
BAKER, W. G.                            OH-52-4-589
BALL, HULING                            OH-52-2-68
BALL, JAMES W.                          OH-52-3-346
BARBER, LEVI                            OH-52-2-1
BARCLAY, JAMES                          OH-52-3-515
BARINGER, MARGARET                      OH-52-3-405
BARKER, ELEAZER O.                      OH-52-3-338
BARKWELL, FRANCIS                       OH-52-2-276
BARRINGER, ANDREW                       OH-52-2-327
BARTON, THOMAS                          OH-52-2-293
BATTERSON, JOHN N.                      OH-52-2-248
BAYHAN, THOMAS                          OH-52-1-34
BEARCE, FANNY                           OH-52-1-172
BECHTEL, GEORGE (IN GERMAN)             OH-52-3-348
BECKLE, JACOB                           OH-52-4-132
BEHAN, CHARLES WILLIAM                  OH-52-4-568
BEHAN, EMMA E.                          OH-52-3-397
BEHAN, ROBERT E.                        OH-52-4-456
BELL, WILLIAM                           OH-52-3-390
BENCH, PHILLIP                          OH-52-4-494
BENDIMAN, VINCENT                       OH-52-2-152
BENEDICT, FELIX                         OH-52-1-41
BERG, JACOB                             OH-52-4-225
BERRY, JOHN M.                          OH-52-4-220
BESTOW, LEVI STEDMAN                    OH-52-2-190
BEVINGER, HENRY                         OH-52-2-270
BICKLE, JACOB                           OH-52-2-43
BIGGS, BENJAMIN                         OH-52-3-483
BLACK, HAMILTON                         OH-52-3-65
BLACK, REUBEN                           OH-52-4-284
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH                       OH-52-4-215
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                        OH-52-2-112
BLAIR, MATTHEW                          OH-52-3-412
BOWEN, ANTHONY W.                       OH-52-2-84
BOYD, JAMES                             OH-52-3-21
BOYED, ANN                              OH-52-3-154
BRADFIELD, ZACHARIAH                    OH-52-4-351
BRADFIELD, ZECHARIAH                    OH-52-2-47
BRADFORD, ROBERT                        OH-52-4-165
BRALEY, ANSELM                          OH-52-3-45
BRALEY, ASAHEL S.                       OH-52-2-38
BRANCH, JOHN W.                         OH-52-3-323
BRANCH, JOSIAH                          OH-52-2-257
BRANCH, ORINDA W.                       OH-52-3-522
BRANCH, STODARD H.                      OH-52-2-93
BRIGHT, CURTIS                          OH-52-2-323
BRISENTINE, LEVI                        OH-52-3-518
BROOKS, GEORGE                          OH-52-2-159
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-52-1-140
BROWN, JEREMIAH F.                      OH-52-4-328
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-52-2-188
BROWN, JOHN CARTER                      OH-52-4-94
BROWN, JOHN CARTER                      OH-52-4-501
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         OH-52-1-251
BROWN, SAMUEL H.                        OH-52-2-182
BROWNING, ELIAS W.                      OH-52-4-52
BUCKMAN, MICHAEL                        OH-52-4-190
BUCY, CHARLES                           OH-52-4-38
BUFFINGTON, JOSEPH F.                   OH-52-4-431
BUFFINGTON, NANCY                       OH-52-4-437
BULKELEY, ROGER                         OH-52-2-144
BURCH, FRANKLIN                         OH-52-3-501
BURNAP, SILAS A.                        OH-52-2-253
BURNS, GEORGET                          OH-52-1-50
BYRAM, WILLIAM                          OH-52-2-40
CADY, JOHN                              OH-52-3-12
CAIN, JAMES                             OH-52-2-106
CALDWELL, LYDIA                         OH-52-3-147
CALDWELL, MARION                        OH-52-4-72
CALDWELL, SARAH E.                      OH-52-4-59
CALWELL, ROBERT                         OH-52-2-230
CARLETON, LEONARD                       OH-52-3-469
CARR, JOHN                              OH-52-3-525
CARSON, MATTHEW R.                      OH-52-3-58
CARSON, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-79
CARTER, BENJAMIN BOWEN                  OH-52-1-214
CASEY, JOHN                             OH-52-3-85
CASTILE, JUNIA                          OH-52-4-167
CASTOR, JAMES R.                        OH-52-4-426
CECIL, ADIN SR.                         OH-52-3-1
CHACE, CHARLES                          OH-52-2-300
CHAFFIN, JOSEPH                         OH-52-2-215
CHALFAN, JOSEPH                         OH-52-2-215
CHAPIN, BENJAMIN                        OH-52-1-247
CHAPMAN, JSOEPH                         OH-52-4-240
CHAPMAN, MARY W.T                       OH-52-3-395
CHASE, ABEL                             OH-52-2-131
CHASE, THOMAS J.                        OH-52-4-520
CHENVERONT, THOMAS                      OH-52-3-181
CHILD, JOHN                             OH-52-1-26
CHURCH, CLEMENT                         OH-52-3-374
CHURCH, WILLIAM                         OH-52-4-593
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM, ESSEX, MA           OH-52-2-63
CLINE, GEORGE                           OH-52-2-88
CLINE, LEMUEL                           OH-52-4-440
CLOUSE, JOHN                            OH-52-2-167
COE, LUELEN                             OH-52-4-331
COE, OLIVER P.                          OH-52-4-20
COLE, LOID                              OH-52-4-222
COLEMAN, JOHN                           OH-52-1-239
COLEMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-52-2-186
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         OH-52-1-46
COLEMAN, WILLARD                        OH-52-4-243
COLES, THOMAS                           OH-52-2-7
COLLINS, EDMUND                         OH-52-4-564
CONANT, JACOB                           OH-52-3-53
CONANT, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-31
CONNOR, JAMES                           OH-52-1-123
COOK, EDWARD                            OH-52-2-130
COOK, GEORGE W.                         OH-52-3-110
COOK, RUSSELL G.                        OH-52-3-186
COOK, WILLIAM                           OH-52-3-367
COOPER, GEORGE W.                       OH-52-3-305
COOPER, GEORGE WASHINGTON               OH-52-4-387
CORNELL, JOHN                           OH-52-4-48
CORT, JOHN                              OH-52-4-451
COTTRILL, ANDREW                        OH-52-3-353
COWDRY, NELSON E.                       OH-52-2-264
COY, CHRISTOPHER                        OH-52-3-196
CREW, JOSEPH                            OH-52-3-292
CROOKS, ELEANOR                         OH-52-4-271
CROSBIE, THOMAS                         OH-52-3-294
CROSS, JOHN A.                          OH-52-4-114
CROWELL, ARNOLD                         OH-52-2-78
CROWELL, BENJAMIN                       OH-52-3-273
CUCKLER, JACOB                          OH-52-4-248
CURTIS, DAVID                           OH-52-2-103
CURTIS, WILLIAM                         OH-52-4-63
CUTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-52-1-64
DABNEY, ABIGAIL M.                      OH-52-1-94
DABNEY, JOHN P.                         OH-52-4-193
DABNEY, JOHN POMEROY                    OH-52-4-43
DANIELSON, LUTHER                       OH-52-4-586
DARST, ISAAC                            OH-52-3-424
DARST, ROMAN                            OH-52-4-421
DEBUSSEY, GEORGE                        OH-52-3-445
DENNIS, JONATHAN                        OH-52-2-332
DEWEES, CYNTHIA A.                      OH-52-4-524
DEWITT, PETER                           OH-52-3-369
DICKINSON, JOSEPH                       OH-52-2-221
DILL, JOSIAH                            OH-52-1-36
DOLAN, SIMON                            OH-52-2-250
DORST, PETER                            OH-52-4-373
DOUGLAS, JOHN SR.                       OH-52-3-242
DOUGLASS, NATHANIEL                     OH-52-2-118
DOWNARD, PRESLEY B.                     OH-52-3-6
DOWNING, SAMUEL                         OH-52-1-78
DOWNWARD, DANIEL                        OH-52-3-174
DUDLEY, CHARLES E.                      OH-52-1-277
DYE, THOMAS                             OH-52-2-319
EATON, SARAH B.                         OH-52-3-155
EBERSBACH, JACOB                        OH-52-4-591
EBERSBACH, PHILLIP                      OH-52-3-376
EDMUNDSON, MATTHEW T.                   OH-52-4-489
EDMUNDSON, NATHAN                       OH-52-4-268
EISELSTEIN, VALENTINE                   OH-52-4-160
ELBERT, CATHERINE MARY                  OH-52-4-153
ELBERT, REBECCA JOSEPHINE               OH-52-4-154
ELLIOT, JOSEPH F.                       OH-52-1-91
ELLIOTT, MORTEN                         OH-52-3-47
ELLIS, JOHN                             OH-52-2-288
ENGLE, WILLIAM                          OH-52-2-23
ENTSMINGER, DAVID                       OH-52-2-317
EWING, JAMES F.                         OH-52-4-507
FARLEY, RACHEL                          OH-52-4-541
FEIGER, FREDERICK                       OH-52-4-145
FELL, DAVID SR.                         OH-52-3-325
FINDLING, MATHIA                        OH-52-4-348
FISHER, ABSALOM                         OH-52-3-121
FISHER, WENDELL (IN GERMAN)             OH-52-4-74
FITZGERALD, PETER                       OH-52-3-50
FORDYCE, FANNY                          OH-52-3-303
FORDYCE, JOHN                           OH-52-3-257
FOSTER, JOHN                            OH-52-4-319
FOX, AARON                              OH-52-4-496
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-3-164
FRANCIS, JOHN BROWN                     OH-52-3-139
GARDNER, JOSHUA                         OH-52-3-266
GARDNER, THOMAS J.                      OH-52-2-176
GAREN, D. D.                            OH-52-2-309
GASTON, JOHN                            OH-52-2-87
GATES, HENRY W.                         OH-52-3-253
GEPHART, PHILIP                         OH-52-2-42
GEPPARDT, JOHN                          OH-52-2-272
GEYER, JOHN SR.                         OH-52-4-537
GILES, ANDREW J.                        OH-52-2-307
GILES, JOSEPH                           OH-52-1-176
GILES, JOSEPH                           OH-52-3-505
GILES, MELVIN H.                        OH-52-4-182
GILKEY, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-459
GILL, JAMES                             OH-52-4-411
GILLILAND, JONES                        OH-52-3-259
GILMORE, ISAAC M.                       OH-52-3-69
GILMORE, SAMUEL                         OH-52-4-368
GOFF, JAMES C.                          OH-52-1-144
GOMER, EZEKIEL                          OH-52-2-136
GORDON, CATHERINE                       OH-52-4-23
GRAEF, PHILLIP                          OH-52-4-120
GRAHAM, JAMES                           OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, WILLIAM TWP                     OH-52-3-219
GRANT, SAMUEL                           OH-52-3-169
GREEN, CHARLES                          OH-52-4-482
GREENLEE, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-52-4-518
GREENLEE, ELIZABETH                     OH-52-3-171
GREENLEE, GEORGE                        OH-52-3-171
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          OH-52-3-123
GRIGSBY, ELIAS                          OH-52-1-173
GROVER, EZRA                            OH-52-1-100
GROW, HIRAM H.                          OH-52-3-237
GROW, PETER                             OH-52-1-190
GUTHRIE, JOSEPH                         OH-52-2-173
HALL, JOHN                              OH-52-1-80
HALLIDAY, ALEXANDER                     OH-52-3-478
HALLIDAY, LIZZIE R.                     OH-52-4-499
HALLIDAY, WILLAM                        OH-52-3-127
HALSEY, JACOB                           OH-52-2-209
HAMILTON, ANDREW                        OH-52-4-338
HAMILTON, JOHN SAFFORD                  OH-52-1-18
HANINGS, MARK                           OH-52-2-192
HANLIN, THOMAS                          OH-52-4-511
HARDY, FARNUM                           OH-52-1-48
HARING, PHILIP                          OH-52-4-32
HARPER, DANIEL                          OH-52-1-183
HARR, HAMILTON                          OH-52-1-13
HARRING, ELI                            OH-52-4-234
HARRIS, EDWARD SR.                      OH-52-1-178
HARRIS, JAMES                           OH-52-2-97
HARRIS, MICAJAH                         OH-52-4-66
HARRIS, TECUMSEH                        OH-52-3-215
HASELTINE, JAMES                        OH-52-3-313
HASKINS, JOEL                           OH-52-1-228
HAUCKE, CARLE JACOB                     OH-52-4-298
HAYES, JOHN                             OH-52-3-457
HAYMAN, EZRA                            OH-52-3-202
HAYMAN, JAMES                           OH-52-2-151
HAYMAN, JOSIAHT                         OH-52-3-143
HAYMAN, SPENCER H.T                     OH-52-3-447
HAYSER, JONAS                           OH-52-2-80
HAYWARD, LEWIS                          OH-52-3-207
HEACOCK, WILLIN                         OH-52-2-117
HEATON, CHARLES B.                      OH-52-4-402
HECKARD, MARTIN                         OH-52-4-312
HECOX, JEPTHA                           OH-52-4-7
HEIGHT, SENECA                          OH-52-2-214
HEITGER, ANTON (IN GERMAN)              OH-52-3-488
HELMSLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-52-3-189
HENDREY, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-3-97
HENSHAW, SAMUEL                         OH-52-2-35
HEPP, ELISABETH                         OH-52-4-535
HERRESHOFF, JOHN B.                     OH-52-3-179
HERRESHOFF, SARAH                       OH-52-3-176
HETZ, JOSEPH                            OH-52-3-452
HETZER, GEORGE                          OH-52-3-417
HETZER, PHILIP                          OH-52-3-341
HIGHBORGATT, GEORGE                     OH-52-3-251
HIGLEY, CYRUS                           OH-52-2-174
HILL, AARON                             OH-52-3-431
HILL, JONATHAN                          OH-52-2-67
HOBART, ALVIN                           OH-52-4-480
HOFFMAN, MARY                           OH-52-4-364
HOIT, EZRA                              OH-52-2-149
HOIT, HAYES                             OH-52-3-43
HOIT, JOHN                              OH-52-3-4
HOIT, JOSEPH                            OH-52-2-134
HOLT, AARON                             OH-52-3-210
HOOD, JAMES                             OH-52-2-22
HOOPER, LUCY P.                         OH-52-4-335
HOPKINS, THOMAS D.                      OH-52-3-41
HOPPES, GEORGE                          OH-52-1-285
HORFLICH, JOHN                          OH-52-3-343
HORLNER, MORITZ                         OH-52-3-331
HORMING, KATE A.                        OH-52-3-191
HORTON, AMOS                            OH-52-1-203
HOWARD, HUGH H.                         OH-52-3-22
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-426
HOYD, JOHN                              OH-52-3-442
HOYT, ALONZO                            OH-52-4-162
HOYT, CYRILL                            OH-52-3-217
HOYT, JEREMIAH                          OH-52-2-180
HUBBEL, JABIZ                           OH-52-3-476
HUBBELL, ABIGAIL                        OH-52-1-235
HUBBELL, ORPHA                          OH-52-4-108
HUBER, CLEMENS                          OH-52-4-516
HUDSON, DAVID                           OH-52-1-121
HUDSON, LOUIS                           OH-52-4-302
HUDSON, WILLIAM N.                      OH-52-3-34
HUGHES, MORGAN                          OH-52-3-99
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         OH-52-4-116
HULL, WILLIAM                           OH-52-1-7
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL                        OH-52-2-114
HUMPHREY, SELDEN                        OH-52-4-228
HUPP, JOHN                              OH-52-1-92
HYSELL, FRANCIS                         OH-52-4-370
HYSELL, HIRAM                           OH-52-4-143
HYSELL, JAMES B.                        OH-52-1-194
HYSELL, ROBERT                          OH-52-3-55
IHLE, ABRAHAM                           OH-52-3-307
IHLE, WILLIAM                           OH-52-3-247
IHLE, WILLIAM JR.                       OH-52-2-339
IRWIN, SAMUEL                           OH-52-4-11
ISAAC, JAMES B.                         OH-52-2-291
JENCKES, REBECCA C.                     OH-52-1-218
JOACHIM, CONRAD                         OH-52-3-485
JOACHIM, HENRY                          OH-52-3-205
JOACHIM, PHILLIP                        OH-52-3-223
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        OH-52-2-129
JOHNSON, ALFRED                         OH-52-4-515
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         OH-52-3-495
JOHNSON, JAMES SR.                      OH-52-2-273
JOHNSON, JOHN M.                        OH-52-2-46
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                         OH-52-1-1
JONES, DAVID E.                         OH-52-3-235
JONES, HANNAH                           OH-52-4-82
JONES, LEWIS                            OH-52-2-330
JONES, RICHARD                          OH-52-3-8
JONES, SETH                             OH-52-1-8
JONES, WATKIN (IN WELSH)                OH-52-2-297
JONES, WILLIAM D.                       OH-52-3-101
JORDAN, ABRAHAM                         OH-52-3-193
JOY, BENJAMIN                           OH-52-1-52
KALB, MICHAEL                           OH-52-3-277
KALLAM, ANN B.                          OH-52-4-261
KALLUM, JAMES                           OH-52-3-96
KARR, LOUISA M.                         OH-52-4-531
KASPER, JOHN                            OH-52-4-180
KEINES, ABRAHAM                         OH-52-1-212
KELLEY, HIRAM                           OH-52-2-251
KENNEDY, STEPHEN                        OH-52-3-311
KENT, SMITH                             OH-52-2-197
KERNS, ANNA                             OH-52-4-281
KIBBLE, JOHN                            OH-52-4-118
KIERSTEIN, JOHN                         OH-52-3-372
KILTON, ELIAS                           OH-52-1-249
KING, PETER                             OH-52-4-251
KINNEMAN, ISAAC S.                      OH-52-3-17
KLEIN, JACOB                            OH-52-4-453
KNAPP, DAVID                            OH-52-3-225
KNIGHT, SILAS                           OH-52-1-188
KOEHLER, CONRAD                         OH-52-3-183
KOHL, ANTON                             OH-52-3-481
KRAUS, JOSEPH                           OH-52-4-485
LANDON, HENRY                           OH-52-2-61
LAURENCE, JOHN McDOUGAL                 OH-52-1-131
LAWRENCE, DORMAN B.                     OH-52-4-305
LAWRENCE, EDWARD                        OH-52-2-50
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-52-3-83
LEYSHOW, JEANNETTE                      OH-52-3-513
LIEPER, THOMAS                          OH-52-1-146
LINDSAY, DAVID                          OH-52-3-74
LONGSTRETH, WILLIAM                     OH-52-2-79
LOVELL, JAMES                           OH-52-3-209
LOWDEN, JOHN                            OH-52-2-99
LOWERY, EDWARD                          OH-52-3-465
LOWES, HEADLEY                          OH-52-3-401
LUTE, FREDERICK                         OH-52-4-526
MAGOON, JOSEPH                          OH-52-4-354
MANLEY, REUBEN                          OH-52-2-74
MARK, JAMES E.                          OH-52-4-195
MARSHALL, MARTHA                        OH-52-4-54
MARTIN, JAMES                           OH-52-3-108
MASSER, VALENTINE                       OH-52-3-103
MAUCK, JOSEPH                           OH-52-2-232
MAY, JOHN                               OH-52-3-3
MAY, JOSEPH                             OH-52-2-27
MCCAIN, JAMES                           OH-52-2-321
MCCARTY, GEORGE                         OH-52-4-342
MCDANIEL, WILLIAM                       OH-52-2-116
MCDOLE, ELIZABETH                       OH-52-3-334
MCELROY, SAMUEL                         OH-52-4-40
MCGLAUGHLIN, CHARLES H.                 OH-52-3-145
MCHAFFIE, JESSIE                        OH-52-4-237
MCKEE, GEORGE                           OH-52-3-229
MCKEE, NANCY                            OH-52-4-492
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          OH-52-3-233
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        OH-52-3-507
MCKNIGHT, SAMUEL                        OH-52-4-307
MCLAIN, CHARLES                         OH-52-2-12
MCNAMEE, BARNABAS                       OH-52-4-429
MEALY, GEORGE                           OH-52-4-358
MEANOR, BENJAMIN                        OH-52-3-221
MEINHART, VALENTINE                     OH-52-4-498
MERRICK, JAMES                          OH-52-3-118
MERRILL, ROBERT                         OH-52-2-302
MIDDLESWART, TUNIS                      OH-52-3-434
MILES, JOSEPH J.                        OH-52-2-194
MILLER, WENDALLIN                       OH-52-4-555
MILLS, WILLIAM                          OH-52-4-549
MITCHEL, WILLIAM                        OH-52-2-91
MOLLER, ISAAC                           OH-52-3-119
MOORE, DAVID                            OH-52-4-300
MOORE, JAMES C.                         OH-52-4-543
MORGAN, JENKIN                          OH-52-4-177
MORRIS, MORRIS                          OH-52-3-200
MORRIS, THOMAS                          OH-52-3-256
MORRISON, ISABELLA J.8                  OH-52-3-449
MORTON, JSOHUA                          OH-52-3-151
MURPHY, JOHN                            OH-52-1-6
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         OH-52-1-165
MUSSER, JACOB                           OH-52-4-78
NASH, JONAH                             OH-52-3-271
NEASE, MICHAEL                          OH-52-3-385
NEEDHAM, NORRIS                         OH-52-3-81
NELSON, JOHN SR.                        OH-52-3-387
NEWBERRY, DAVID                         OH-52-4-356
NICHOLSON, FANNY C.                     OH-52-4-487
NICHOLSON, MARGARET M.                  OH-52-4-419
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM C.                   OH-52-4-157
NORRIS, ABRAHAM                         OH-52-4-578
NORTON, ISAAC                           OH-52-3-364
OGDEN, SABIRT                           OH-52-4-5
OHLINGER, HENRY                         OH-52-3-492
OHLINGER, JOHN                          OH-52-4-317
OLIVER, LUCINDA                         OH-52-2-70
OSBORN, DAVID                           OH-52-3-422
PAINE, SETH                             OH-52-3-92
PARK, SAMUEL                            OH-52-4-477
PARKER, HIRAM                           OH-52-3-62
PARKER, WILLIAM                         OH-52-2-218
PARKER, WILLIAM                         OH-52-4-512
PARR, HAMILTON                          OH-52-4-15
PARTLOW, STEPHEN                        OH-52-2-113
PAYNE, SAMUEL                           OH-52-2-5
PEAROSN, WILLIAM                        OH-52-2-73
PEOPLE, ROBERT                          OH-52-3-355
PETIT, NATHANIEL                        OH-52-3-419
PETREL, PETER M.                        OH-52-3-338
PETTY, AMANDA                           OH-52-4-213
PFARR, SOPHIA                           OH-52-3-125
PHELPS, ABEL J.                         OH-52-2-16
PICKERING, JOHN JR.                     OH-52-1-200
PICKERING, PHINEAS                      OH-52-1-197
PIERCE, MARY                            OH-52-1-295
PIERCY, CORNELIUS                       OH-52-2-259
PILCHARD, JOHNT                         OH-52-3-392
PILCHARD, PETER                         OH-52-4-294
PINNELL, THOMAS A.                      OH-52-2-154
PITCHARD, THOMAS                        OH-52-3-60
PITMAN, JOHN K.                         OH-52-1-14
PITMAN, SAUNDERS                        OH-52-1-207
PLUMMER, JOSEPH D.                      OH-52-2-147
POMEROY, CHARLES RICHARD                OH-52-4-384
POMEROY, CLARISSA                       OH-52-2-120
POMEROY, SAMUEL WYLLYS                  OH-52-1-297
PRICE, JOHN                             OH-52-4-570
PRICE, SAMANTHA                         OH-52-3-130
PRICE, THOMAS J.                        OH-52-4-375
PROBST, GEORGE                          OH-52-3-378
PUGH, PETER                             OH-52-1-292
PUTNAM, CHARLES M.                      OH-52-3-414
PUTNAM, DAVID                           OH-52-2-266
PUTNAM, DOUGLAS                         OH-52-4-89
QUIMBY, JONATHAN                        OH-52-3-315
RADFORD, ELLEN                          OH-52-4-61
RADFORD, FREDERICK                      OH-52-4-56
RADFORD, ISAAC                          OH-52-4-491
RADFORD, WILLIAM                        OH-52-3-261
RAPP, WILLIAM                           OH-52-3-149
RAPPOLD, ANTONY                         OH-52-4-424
RAPPOLD, MAGDALENA                      OH-52-4-557
RARDEN, HANNAH                          OH-52-4-200
RASP, MARGARET E.                       OH-52-3-113
RATHBURN, ELISHA                        OH-52-3-297
RATHBURN, JOSEPH                        OH-52-2-255
RAWLINGS, RICHARD                       OH-52-2-100
READ, WILLIAM                           OH-52-3-135
REED, WILLARD                           OH-52-4-469
REED, WILLIAM R.                        OH-52-3-33
REEFER, JOHN                            OH-52-4-533
REEVES, WILLIAM                         OH-52-2-60
REIBEL, PETER                           OH-52-4-573
REIBEL, PETER                           OH-52-4-509
REUTHER, LEONHARD (IN GERMAN)           OH-52-4-185
REYNOLDS, HENRY                         OH-52-3-503
RICE, ADAM                              OH-52-1-138
RICE, CHARLES                           OH-52-1-128
RICE, HENRY H.                          OH-52-2-335
RICE, JOSIAH                            OH-52-3-300
RICE, THOMAS                            OH-52-2-31
RICE, WILLIAM                           OH-52-4-34
RIDENOUR, DAVID                         OH-52-2-105
RIDENOUR, JOHN H.                       OH-52-3-14
RIDER, JOHN                             OH-52-2-220
RIGGS, BRAZIL                           OH-52-3-90
RIGGS, JEREMIAH                         OH-52-1-122
RIGHTMIRE, JOHN                         OH-52-3-249
RINGLAND, ELIZA                         OH-52-3-429
ROBERTS, ISAACT                         OH-52-1-30
ROBERTS, JOHN                           OH-52-3-230
ROBISON, JOSEPH                         OH-52-1-231
ROMINE, ELIAS                           OH-52-4-273
ROMINE, ELIZABETH ANN                   OH-52-4-273
ROSE, JOHN                              OH-52-2-110
ROSSETTER, CHANDLER                     OH-52-4-124
ROUSH, GEORGE                           OH-52-4-147
ROUSH, NICHOLAS                         OH-52-4-546
RUSSELL, JAMES                          OH-52-4-150
RUSSELL, JOHN                           OH-52-4-562
RUSSELL, MARGARET                       OH-52-4-246
RUSSELL, PHEBE C.                       OH-52-4-18
RUTHERFORD, DANIEL                      OH-52-4-140
SALISBURY, JOHN                         OH-52-4-309
SALSER, REUBEN                          OH-52-4-275
SANSBURY, BENJAMIN                      OH-52-3-27
SANVAGE, CONRAD                         OH-52-3-116
SARSEN, JOHN                            OH-52-3-40
SAUL, EDWARD                            OH-52-2-169
SAUL, HENRY                             OH-52-3-350
SAULSBURY, JAMES L.                     OH-52-3-137
SAVAGE, LOIS                            OH-52-3-16
SAYRE, JOHN H.T FALLS                   OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, MOSES E.                         OH-52-4-288
SAYRE, ROBERTT                          OH-52-1-32
SCHARF, HENRY                           OH-52-3-403
SCHEIBELEAR, ELI                        OH-52-4-340
SCHEIBELEAR, MILTON L.                  OH-52-4-551
SCHIEFFELIN, JACOB                      OH-52-1-110
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                        OH-52-3-36
SCHREIBER, HENRY                        OH-52-2-280
SCHREIBER, PETER                        OH-52-3-167
SCHREIBER, PHILLIP                      OH-52-4-68
SCHREINER, FREDERICK                    OH-52-3-19
SCHRIEBER, HENRY                        OH-52-3-360
SCHULER, JOHN                           OH-52-4-462
SCHUTZ, VALENTINE                       OH-52-3-328
SCOTT, FRANCIS                          OH-52-2-140
SCOTT, JACOB                            OH-52-3-510
SCOTT, JOHN S.                          OH-52-2-135
SEDORE, JACOB                           OH-52-2-76
SHAFFER, FREDERICK                      OH-52-3-25
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-2-170
SHERWOOD, HENRY W.                      OH-52-3-279
SHIELD, JOHN                            OH-52-3-107
SHIELDS, EPHRAIM                        OH-52-4-406
SHIELDS, JOHN                           OH-52-4-1
SHORT, JOSEPH                           OH-52-4-254
SHORT, NICHOLAS                         OH-52-3-362
SHOULER, ANTON                          OH-52-3-471
SHUMWAY, CALVIN                         OH-52-4-28
SIMPSON, ANN                            OH-52-3-309
SIMPSON, HATNAN                         OH-52-4-466
SIMPSON, WILLIAM K.                     OH-52-3-10
SIMS, BARNET                            OH-52-1-185
SIMS, JAMES                             OH-52-3-499
SIMS, LUCY                              OH-52-2-95
SINGER, JOHN                            OH-52-2-325
SINGERS, GEORGE                         OH-52-4-409
SLEETH, DAVID                           OH-52-1-125
SLEETH, ROBERT SR.                      OH-52-4-553
SMITH, FRANCIS A.                       OH-52-2-108
SMITH, HANNAH                           OH-52-3-275
SMITH, JOHN M.                          OH-52-3-320
SMITH, WILLIAMT                         OH-52-3-9
SNOWBALL, ROBERT                        OH-52-4-22
SNYDER, WILLIAM N.                      OH-52-3-29
SOUTHMAYD, SAMUEL                       OH-52-1-168
SPENCER, DANIEL S.                      OH-52-1-245
SPENCER, MARY CATHARINE                 OH-52-3-24
SPOONAIL, MICHAEL                       OH-52-4-173
STANLY, TIMOTHY                         OH-52-3-490
STANSBURY, ADALINE                      OH-52-4-346
STANSBURY, EMMA  J.                     OH-52-4-478
STANSBURY, MARY J.                      OH-52-4-187
STARKS, MARY                            OH-52-4-259
STEDMAN, LEVI                           OH-52-1-2
STEDMAN, LYMAN                          OH-52-1-37
STEVENS, BENJAMIN                       OH-52-1-230
STEVENS, DOLLY                          OH-52-4-136
STEVENS, MARY                           OH-52-2-315
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        OH-52-4-126
STORY, JOHN                             OH-52-2-277
STOUT, ABNER                            OH-52-4-134
STOUT, BENJAMIN                         OH-52-2-155
STRONG, SILAS                           OH-52-4-446
STRONG, STEPHEN                         OH-52-1-82
STUART, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-269
STURGIS, RUSSELL                        OH-52-1-71
SWANS, LEVI                             OH-52-4-87
SWEARINGEN, LEMUEL                      OH-52-4-457
SWETT, EDMUND T.                        OH-52-4-366
SWETT, MARY                             OH-52-3-399
SYLVESTER, DAVID                        OH-52-2-211
SYLVESTER, DAVID                        OH-52-2-57
TAYLOR, SARAH E.                        OH-52-4-122
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          OH-52-3-264
TENNEY, SAMUEL                          OH-52-2-53
TERRY, ROBERT                           OH-52-2-48
THOMAS, ELIZBETH                        OH-52-4-218
THOMAS, HOWELL                          OH-52-4-30
THOMAS, MARY ANN                        OH-52-4-390
THOMPSON, PIERCE C.                     OH-52-2-72
THROCKMORTON, JAMES                     OH-52-3-358
THUSS, JACOB                            OH-52-3-317
TITUS, NICHOLAS                         OH-52-2-3
TORRENCE, ALBERT                        OH-52-3-497
TORRENCE, J. J.                         OH-52-4-476
TOURO, JUDAH                            OH-52-2-201
TOWNSEND, ROBERT                        OH-52-2-59
TOWNSEND, SOLOMON                       OH-52-2-178
TREADWELL, JOHN DEXTER                  OH-52-1-117
TRUSSELL, LAURA                         OH-52-4-471
TUBBS, DANIEL                           OH-52-1-170
TUCKERMAN, MILTON G.                    OH-52-3-67
TURNER, JOHN                            OH-52-3-527
VANBUSKIRK, LAWRENCE                    OH-52-3-409
VANBUSKIRK, SIDNA                       OH-52-4-324
VANCLEAF, DANIEL8                       OH-52-3-213
VANDUYN, W. B.                          OH-52-3-520
VANKIRK, JOHN                           OH-52-2-337
VEINOR, SAMUEL                          OH-52-2-199
VERNON, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-52-2-279
VINCENT, JOSEPH                         OH-52-3-162
VONSCHRILTZ, ALEXANDER                  OH-52-2-262
VONSCHRILTZ, NANCY                      OH-52-3-198
VONSCHRILTZ, WILLIAM                    OH-52-3-467
WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     OH-52-1-20
WALBURN, EDWARD                         OH-52-2-128
WALBURN, RUBEN                          OH-52-4-459
WANDLING, HENRY                         OH-52-3-440
WARNER, JOHN                            OH-52-4-416
WARNER, WILLIAM                         OH-52-3-286
WATERMAN, ELISHA                        OH-52-2-160
WEAVER, ADLEYT                          OH-52-3-244
WEBER, FABIAN                           OH-52-4-467
WEBSTER, GEORGE K.                      OH-52-4-414
WEBSTER, ISAAC A.                       OH-52-3-87
WEBSTER, LEWIS S.                       OH-52-4-76
WEIDMAN, JOHN GEORGE                    OH-52-4-321
WEIR, THOMS                             OH-52-2-14
WEISKETTEL, CHARLES                     OH-52-4-314
WELLS, HENRY K.                         OH-52-4-197
WELTHE, DEBORAH                         OH-52-4-326
WERLING, DAVID                          OH-52-4-581
WESTMORELAND, ELIZBAETH                 OH-52-4-278
WHALEY, JAMES                           OH-52-1-237
WHIPPLE, ABIGAIL                        OH-52-2-223
WHITE, HORATIO                          OH-52-4-138
WHITE, JOHN                             OH-52-2-17
WHITE, JOSEPH                           OH-52-4-377
WHITLOCK, BENJAMIN                      OH-52-1-233
WILKES, CHARLES ESQ.                    OH-52-1-103
WILLIAMS, JESSE                         OH-52-4-399
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-52-1-186
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-52-2-81
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       OH-52-1-280
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        OH-52-4-474
WINKLER, PETER                          OH-52-3-407
WINN, TIMOTHY, ESSEX, MA                OH-52-1-43
WINTER, JOHN                            OH-52-3-75
WOLF, GEORGE                            OH-52-1-10
WOLF, JOHN                              OH-52-4-333
WOLF, JONAS                             OH-52-4-582
WOLF, PETER                             OH-52-2-20
WOOD, CALEB                             OH-52-4-128
WOOD, JOHN                              OH-52-3-132
WOODRUFF, THOMAS                        OH-52-4-545
WOODS, SARAH                            OH-52-1-289
WOOGERT, JARRETT                        OH-52-3-106
WOOGERT, JARRETT                        OH-52-3-112
WORTHEN, WILLiAM W.                     OH-52-4-460
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                          OH-52-4-444
YOUNG, ANDREW                           OH-52-3-115
YOUNG, FREDERICK                        OH-52-4-266
YOUNG, HUGH                             OH-52-1-70
ZEIHER, HENRY                           OH-52-4-379

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