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ABERNATHY, JAMES                        OH-54-2-546
ADAMS, HALBERT                          OH-54-2-22
ADAMS, JAMES                            OH-54-2-478
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           OH-54-1-76
ADAMS, THOMAS                           OH-54-2-146
AGENBROADT, DANIEL                      OH-54-2-236
ALDRICH, BARUCH                         OH-54-2-271
ALEXANDER, AMOS                         OH-54-2-50
ALLEN, MARY D.                          OH-54-2-184
ALLEN, NATHAN                           OH-54-2-287
ALLEN, STEPHEN                          OH-54-2-317
ALLOWAY, RACHEL                         OH-54-1-57
ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-54-2-3
ARCHER, DAVID                           OH-54-2-85
ARMITAGE, MARTHA                        OH-54-2-447
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                       OH-54-1-128
AYRES, BENAJAH                          OH-54-2-117
BALLINGER, JONATHAN                     OH-54-2-88
BASHORE, GEORGE                         OH-54-2-527
BASSAKER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-54-2-52
BAYLESS, SAMUEL                         OH-54-2-112
BEALS, HENRY                            OH-54-2-227
BECKWITH, JAMES                         OH-54-2-266
BELLAS, THOMAS                          OH-54-2-170
BEST, WILLIAM                           OH-54-2-140
BIDDLE, JAMES F.                        OH-54-2-172
BIGGER, WILLIAM                         OH-54-2-131
BILGER, NANCY JANE                      OH-54-2-547
BILLINGSLEY, JAMES                      OH-54-2-176
BIRD, THOMAS R.                         OH-54-2-9
BLACK, JACOB                            OH-54-2-5
BLACKMORE, JAMES                        OH-54-2-274
BLAIR, JAMES                            OH-54-2-378
BLICKENSTAFF, JACOB                     OH-54-2-198
BLUE, URIAH                             OH-54-1-72
BOBO, MATILDA J.                        OH-54-2-141
BOMGARDNER, JACOB                       OH-54-2-179
BONNER, MARY                            OH-54-2-273
BOOKER, JOHN                            OH-54-1-224
BOSWELL, NICHOLAS                       OH-54-2-299
BOTT, GEORGE                            OH-54-2-421
BOYER, LEWIS                            OH-54-2-16
BRANDON, ABEL                           OH-54-2-30
BRIER, ANDREW D.                        OH-54-2-481
BRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-54-2-126
BROWN, ALLEN                            OH-54-1-107
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-54-2-59
BROWN, THOMAS                           OH-54-1-41
BRUCE, GARLAND                          OH-54-1-173
BUCKLES, JAMES SR.                      OH-54-2-221
BURGMAN, FREDERICK                      OH-54-1-155
BURNSIDE, MARY                          OH-54-2-188
CALDWELL, MARY                          OH-54-1-112
CALDWELL, MARY ANN                      OH-54-1-220
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                        OH-54-1-198
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-54-1-172
CAMPBELL, MARY                          OH-54-2-32
CAMPBELL, MCFARLAND                     OH-54-2-115
CANCANNON, WILLIAM                      OH-54-1-54
CARR, ELIJAH                            OH-54-1-144
CARROLL, JACOB                          OH-54-2-51
CARSON, JOHN                            OH-54-1-217
CARSON, JOHN                            OH-54-1-18
CATON, JOHN                             OH-54-1-126
CAVEN, GEORGE M.                        OH-54-1-63
CAVEN, JAMES                            OH-54-1-121
CECIL, GORDON                           OH-54-2-26
CECIL, JAMES S.                         OH-54-1-114
CECIL, THOMAS                           OH-54-1-36
CHARLES, ROBERT                         OH-54-2-32
CHILDERS, HENRY                         OH-54-1-17
CHOPEZE, HENRY                          OH-54-1-34
CLAP, JACOB                             OH-54-1-174
CLARK, HUGH                             OH-54-2-95
CLARK, MERRITT                          OH-54-2-200
CLARK, SARAH                            OH-54-2-43
CLINGAN, JAMES                          OH-54-1-129
CLOUGH, JOHN                            OH-54-2-560
COALE, HENRY                            OH-54-2-122
COAT MARMADUK                           OH-54-1-31
COATE, MOSES                            OH-54-2-91
COATES, JESSE                           OH-54-1-162
COE, JOSEPH                             OH-54-1-226
COLINGER, PHILLIP                       OH-54-2-72
COLLINS, JAMES                          OH-54-2-514
COPPOCK, AARON                          OH-54-1-158
COPPOCK, BENJAMIN                       OH-54-2-154
COPPOCK, THOMAS                         OH-54-1-126
CORY, THOMAS                            OH-54-2-190
COVAULT, TIMOTHY                        OH-54-2-34
COX, JOHN                               OH-54-1-211
CRAMPTON, JOSEPH                        OH-54-2-135
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        OH-54-1-22
CRAWFORD, ROBERT C.                     OH-54-1-235
CREW, BENJAMIN                          OH-54-1-116
CROWL, DEVOLL                           OH-54-2-89
CROWL, DEVOLT                           OH-54-1-189
CULBERTSON, JOSEPH                      OH-54-2-428
CURRY, ELEANOR                          OH-54-2-499
CUSTER, WILLIAM                         OH-54-1-68
DALY, WILLIAM                           OH-54-2-532
DARST, ISAAC                            OH-54-1-115
DAVIS, ABIATHER                         OH-54-1-209
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-54-2-434
DEETER, JOHN                            OH-54-1-78
DEFFENDALE, ABRAHAM                     OH-54-2-231
DEFREES, JOHN                           OH-54-2-276
DEJOHNCOURT, ROBERT                     OH-54-1-127
DELONG, DAVID                           OH-54-2-160
DELONG, JOSEPH                          OH-54-2-314
DENMAN, ABNER                           OH-54-1-139
DETMER, JUSTUS D.                       OH-54-2-192
DEWEESE, JOSHUA                         OH-54-2-441
DEWEESE, LEWIS                          OH-54-2-110
DOHNER, JOHN                            OH-54-2-382
DONAHOE, MARGARET                       OH-54-2-459
DUNKIN, SAMUEL                          OH-54-1-123
DYE, ANDREW                             OH-54-1-12
DYE, BAZEL M.                           OH-54-2-112
DYE, BENJAMIN                           OH-54-2-12
DYE, JOHN M.                            OH-54-1-229
DYE, SIMON                              OH-54-1-193
DYE,ANDREW C.                           OH-54-2-25
EBERT, HENRY                            OH-54-2-206
EIDEMILLER, N.                          OH-54-2-545
ELDRIDGE, JONATHAN                      OH-54-2-475
ELLEMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-54-2-432
EMBREE, JACOB                           OH-54-1-98
ENYEART, JOHN S.                        OH-54-2-455
ETTER, ISAAC                            OH-54-2-76
ETTER, MICHAEL                          OH-54-2-74
EVANS, JOSEPH                           OH-54-1-169
EVIRTS, JOHN                            OH-54-2-554
EWING, SAMUEL                           OH-54-2-491
FADLER, GEORGE                          OH-54-1-27
FAHNASTOCK, DANIEL                      OH-54-2-350
FAIR, EZRA                              OH-54-2-214
FAIR, JACOB                             OH-54-2-242
FAIR, MICHAEL                           OH-54-2-341
FARMER, MATTHEW                         OH-54-1-143
FARR, MICHAEL                           OH-54-1-5
FENNER, ALLEN P.                        OH-54-2-474
FERGUS, JAMES                           OH-54-2-297
FIDLER, NOAH                            OH-54-2-148
FINFROCK, GEORGE H.                     OH-54-2-322
FOCKLER, MARY                           OH-54-1-93
FORD, ENOCH                             OH-54-2-153
FOUTS, HENRY                            OH-54-1-35
FOUTS, JOHN                             OH-54-2-344
FOUTS, SUSANNAH                         OH-54-1-82
FRACE, ANDREW                           OH-54-1-19
FRANTZ, JOHN                            OH-54-2-508
FRAZEE, JAMES                           OH-54-2-182
FRAZEE, PAUL F.                         OH-54-1-191
FRAZER, MOSES                           OH-54-1-118
FREEMAN, HENRY                          OH-54-2-210
FREEMAN, JOHN                           OH-54-2-254
FREEMAN, NOAH                           OH-54-1-145
FRENCH, ASA                             OH-54-2-35
FRENCH, DANIEL                          OH-54-2-515
FRENCH, EZEKIEL                         OH-54-2-494
FRENCH, ISAAC                           OH-54-2-172
FRENCH, RALPH                           OH-54-1-243
FRITZ, HENRY                            OH-54-2-252
FROST, WILLIAM                          OH-54-2-71
FRY, ISAAC                              OH-54-1-231
FUNDERBURGH, DANIEL                     OH-54-2-465
GARBER, JOSEPH                          OH-54-2-259
GARBIG, WILLIAM                         OH-54-2-275
GARVER, JACOB                           OH-54-2-162
GEARHARD, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-68
GEARHEART, JOHN                         OH-54-2-173
GEISAMAN, CATHARINE                     OH-54-1-24
GEISMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-54-2-278
GINN, JOHN                              OH-54-2-387
GISSEMAN, GEORGE                        OH-54-1-192
GOULD, ELECTA                           OH-54-2-234
GOULD, JOSIAH                           OH-54-2-183
GRAHAM, ELLEN D.                        OH-54-2-202
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-54-2-212
GREEN, SYLVESTER                        OH-54-1-222, 244
GREEN, THOMAS                           OH-54-1-13
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                        OH-54-1-215
GRISSOM, PETER                          OH-54-2-194
GUMP, JACOB                             OH-54-1-113
HALE, JOHN                              OH-54-2-186
HAMILTON, JOHN                          OH-54-2-500
HAMLET, BENJAMIN                        OH-54-1-96
HAMLIN, HANNAH M.                       OH-54-2-280
HAMMER, JOHN                            OH-54-2-295
HAND, BENJAMIN                          OH-54-1-225
HAND, ELIJAH                            OH-54-2-422
HANNA, JAMES                            OH-54-1-58
HARRISON, NANCY                         OH-54-2-219
HART, JOSEPH G.                         OH-54-2-152
HART, ZENOS                             OH-54-2-29
HARTHAN, GEORGE HENRY                   OH-54-2-282
HARTLESS, RICHARD WARDROBE              OH-54-1-23
HARVEY, JOHN                            OH-54-1-56
HASKET, ISAAC                           OH-54-2-136
HAWORTH, JAMES                          OH-54-1-81
HAYS, FRANCIS                           OH-54-1-20
HAYWOOD, WESTLEY                        OH-54-2-65
HAYWORTH, SAMPSON                       OH-54-2-15
HEAYEN, JOHN                            OH-54-2-101
HELMICK, MICHAEL                        OH-54-1-199
HENDERSHOTTS, CHARITY                   OH-54-1-129
HEWES, ROBERT                           OH-54-2-552
HICKELL, WILLIAM                        OH-54-2-47
HICKMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-54-1-165
HICKSENHYTZER, HENRY                    OH-54-2-549
HIGHLANDS, WILLIAM                      OH-54-1-237
HILDABRAND, JOHN                        OH-54-2-407
HILL, CHARLES                           OH-54-2-300
HILL, JOHN                              OH-54-2-144
HILL, NATHAN                            OH-54-2-534
HILL, THOMAS                            OH-54-1-29
HILLIARD, JOSEPH                        OH-54-2-469
HOKE, GEORGE                            OH-54-2-371
HOLLINGWORTH, ELI                       OH-54-2-262
HOOVER, JOHN                            OH-54-1-100
HOOVER, SAMUEL                          OH-54-2-304
HOOVER, SOLOMON                         OH-54-1-83
HURLEY, HENRY                           OH-54-2-108
HUTCHENS, MOSES                         OH-54-1-141
HUTCHINS, ANDERSON                      OH-54-2-46
HYATT, HENRY J.                         OH-54-2-223
IADINGS, JOSEPH                         OH-54-2-331
IDDINGS, BENJAMIN                       OH-54-1-52
INGLE, JOHN                             OH-54-2-542
INSCO, ABEL                             OH-54-1-91
INSCO, ANN                              OH-54-1-227
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        OH-54-2-20
JACOBS, MARK                            OH-54-1-25
JAMES, SARAH C.                         OH-54-1-120
JAY, ENOCH                              OH-54-2-104
JAY, JAMES                              OH-54-2-41
JAY, JOHN                               OH-54-1-75
JAY, LAYDON                             OH-54-1-10
JAY, LUCY                               OH-54-2-150
JAY, REBECCA                            OH-54-2-66
JAY, SAMUEL W.                          OH-54-2-175
JAY, WILLIAM                            OH-54-2-13
JEFFRIES, WILLIAM                       OH-54-1-102
JENKINS, AMOS                           OH-54-1-135
JENKINS, DAVID                          OH-54-1-4
JENKINS, DAVID                          OH-54-1- 215
JENKINS, ELIZABETH                      OH-54-2-100
JENKINS, ENOCH                          OH-54-1-17
JENKINS, JESSE                          OH-54-1-46
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          OH-54-2-23
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-54-2-39
JOHNSON, JOHN E.                        OH-54-2-281
JOHNSTON, ABNER                         OH-54-1-11
JOHNSTON, HENRY F.                      OH-54-1-166
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         OH-54-2-97
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         OH-54-2-264
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          OH-54-2-249
JOHNSTON, MATHEW                        OH-54-1-233
JONES, ELISHA                           OH-54-1-200
JONES, PHILEMON                         OH-54-1-84
JONES, SAMUEL                           OH-54-1-157
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-54-2-255
JUSTINE, NICHOLAS                       OH-54-2-303
KEARNS, HENRY                           OH-54-2-518
KELLER, JACOB                           OH-54-2-2
KELLER, LEWIS                           OH-54-2-522
KELLER, WILLIAM                         OH-54-1-192
KENEDY, JOHN                            OH-54-2-377
KENEDY, PHILIP                          OH-54-2-196
KENNON, JANE E.                         OH-54-2-215
KEPPER, SAMUEL                          OH-54-1-113
KERNS, JOHN                             OH-54-2-323
KIRK, WILLIAM R.                        OH-54-2-139
KNICK, WILLIAM                          OH-54-2-120
KNIFE, MICHAEL                          OH-54-1-44
KNIGHT, DAVID                           OH-54-2-181
KNIGHT, WILLIAM C.                      OH-54-2-414
KNOOP, BENJAMIN                         OH-54-2-18
KNOOP, CATHARINE                        OH-54-2-5
KNOOP, FRANCIS                          OH-54-2-57
KNOOP, GEORGE                           OH-54-2-521
KNOOP, MICHAEL                          OH-54-1-124
KOCK, HENRY                             OH-54-2-321
KRISE, CHRISTIAN                        OH-54-1-207
KYLE, BARTON S.                         OH-54-2-539
KYLE, SAMUEL                            OH-54-1-148
KYLE, SAMUEL                            OH-54-1-13
LANDIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-54-2-283
LANGSTON, LAJANUS                       OH-54-1-218
LAWSON, ARMSTED                         OH-54-1-205
LAYTON, JOSEPH                          OH-54-1-64
LEAPLY, SAMUEL                          OH-54-2-348
LEAVELL, BENJAMIN                       OH-54-2-488
LEE, LEVI                               OH-54-2-3
LEE, RICHARD D.                         OH-54-1-241
LEFEVRE, DANIEL                         OH-54-1-157
LENNON, JAMES                           OH-54-2-366
LINDSAY, JOHN                           OH-54-2-319
LINDSEY, JOHN C.                        OH-54-2-163
LINDSLY, OLIVER P.                      OH-54-2-248
LONG, GEORGE D.                         OH-54-1-155
LONG, GEORGE D.                         OH-54-2-10
LONG, JAMES                             OH-54-2-479
LONG, JOHN                              OH-54-2-156
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-54-1-16
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-54-2-541
LONGNECKER, JOHN                        OH-54-2-538
LOUTHAIN, JOHN                          OH-54-1-14
LOVE, THOMAS                            OH-54-2-209
LOWRY, JACOB                            OH-54-2-156
LOY, HENRY                              OH-54-1-149
LYON, JOHN                              OH-54-2-293
LYON, SAMUEL                            OH-54-2-462
MACY, PAUL                              OH-54-1-100
MADDOX, IGNATIUS                        OH-54-1-234
MAHURIN, ISAAC                          OH-54-1-65
MAMMERT, DAVID                          OH-54-2-222
MANN, GEORGE                            OH-54-1-167
MANNY, ELIZABETH                        OH-54-2-394
MANSON, DAVID                           OH-54-1-152, 159
MANSON, MORTON                          OH-54-2-292
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH                     OH-54-1-123
MARSHALL, HENRY                         OH-54-1-160
MARSHALL, JOHN                          OH-54-2-62
MARTIN, DELILAH                         OH-54-1-180
MARTIN, LEVI                            OH-54-1-136
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         OH-54-1-175
MAST, JOHN                              OH-54-1-104
MAST, MARY E.                           OH-54-2-463
MATHEWS, JOHN                           OH-54-2-114
MATHEWS, JOHN                           OH-54-1-194
MATTHEWS, HENRY                         OH-54-2-138
MCCAIN, JAMES SR.                       OH-54-2-268
MCCALL, THOMAS                          OH-54-2-334
MCCLINTICK, ADAM                        OH-54-1-62
MCCLURE, JAMES                          OH-54-1-79
MCCLURE, ROBERT                         OH-54-1-50
MCCOOLE, GABRIEL                        OH-54-1-48
MCCOOLE, MARK A.                        OH-54-1-242
MCCORKLE, JAMES                         OH-54-1-214
MCCORKLE, JOSEPH                        OH-54-1-76
MCCREARY, MARGARET                      OH-54-1-183
MCCULLOUGH, ALEXANDER                   OH-54-2-405
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM H.                  OH-54-2-416
MCDOWELL, LUKE                          OH-54-2-151
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-512
MCKAIGH, JAMES C.                       OH-54-2-516
MCKAY, JOSES                            OH-54-2-374
MCKINNEY, THOMAS                        OH-54-2-401
MCKNIGHT, JAMES G.                      OH-54-2-430
MCLINTOCH, WILLIAM                      OH-54-2-362
MCLUNG, DAVID                           OH-54-1-213
MCNICHOLS, WILLIAM                      OH-54-2-506
MCQUILLAN, JAMES                        OH-54-2-94
MEDARIAS, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-553
MEISINGER, GEORGE                       OH-54-1-245
MENDENHALL, JOSEPH                      OH-54-2-168
MENDENHALL, WILLIAM M.                  OH-54-2-483
MIKESELL, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-375
MILES, DAVID                            OH-54-1-42
MILES, REBECCA                          OH-54-1-221
MILES, WILLIAM                          UNIONOH-54-1-1
MILLER, JESSE                           OH-54-2-161
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-54-2-353
MILLER, JOHN B.                         OH-54-2-44
MILLER, JOSEPH                          OH-54-1-202
MILLER, JUDSON D.                       OH-54-2-187
MILLER, MICHAEL                         OH-54-1-121
MILLHOUSE, JOHN                         OH-54-2-34
MILLION, FRANCIS                        OH-54-2-99
MINTON, JACOB                           OH-54-2-398
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-220
MOFFITT, GEORGE                         OH-54-1-94
MOFFITT, JAMES D.                       OH-54-2-83
MOHLER, WILLIAM                         OH-54-2-193
MOODY, JOSEPH                           OH-54-1-219
MOON, SAMUEL                            OH-54-2-105
MOORE, MATHEW                           OH-54-2-393
MORGAN, JANE                            OH-54-2-128
MORRIS, DAVID H.                        OH-54-2-7
MORRIS, OWEN                            OH-54-2-471
MORRISON, ROBERT                        OH-54-1-186
MORROW, JOHN                            OH-54-2-244
MOTE, DANIEL                            OH-54-1-184
MOTE, DAVID                             OH-54-2-556
MOTE, DAVID                             OH-54-1-21
MOTE, ENOS                              OH-54-2-324
MOTE, JOHN                              OH-54-2-38
MOTE, JONATHAN                          OH-54-1-189
MOTE, WILLIAM                           OH-54-1-80
MOYERS, SAMUEL                          OH-54-2-237
MUCHMORE, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-261
MUIRHEID, EPHRAIM S.                    OH-54-2-143
MUNSELL, LEVI                           OH-54-2-130
MUTCHNER, PHILIP                        OH-54-2-460
NEAL, JAMES                             OH-54-1-105
NEFF, DAVID                             OH-54-2-217
NESBITT, ALLEN                          OH-54-2-403
NEWCOM, JOHN                            OH-54-1-108
NEWKIRK, GARRETT                        OH-54-2-77
NORTHCUTT, WILLIS                       OH-54-2-73
ORBISON, JOHN                           OH-54-1-60
ORR, JAMES                              OH-54-2-457
OWEN, EVAN                              OH-54-2-453
PALMER, BARBARA                         OH-54-1-130
PALMER, JACOB                           OH-54-1-88
PANABAKER, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-54-2-368
PANABAKER, WILLIAM                      OH-54-2-21
PAOLMER, ROBERT                         OH-54-1-51
PATERBAUGH, JAMES S.                    OH-54-2-229
PATTY, DAVID JR.                        OH-54-2-175
PEARSON, ENOCH                          OH-54-2-433
PEARSON, ENOCH                          OH-54-2-389
PEARSON, ENOCH                          OH-54-2-389
PEARSON, ROBERT                         OH-54-2-165
PEARSON, SAMUEL                         OH-54-2-55
PEDRICK, ISAAC                          OH-54-1-154
PEIRCE, GAINER                          OH-54-1-31
PENCE, REUBEN                           OH-54-1-210
PERRY, AMOS                             OH-54-2-411
PIERSES, THOMAS                         OH-54-1-139
PLATTER, NICHOLAS                       OH-54-1-195
POWERS, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-54-2-493
PRENTICE, DAVID                         NTLOH-54-2-1
PRICE, JACOB                            OH-54-2-54
PURKHISER, HENRY ELLIOTT                OH-54-2-535
RAMSEY, SAMUEL                          OH-54-2-489
REES, DAVID                             OH-54-1-26
REES, JEREMIAH                          OH-54-2-205
REHN, JACOB                             OH-54-2-169
REPP, JOHN D.                           OH-54-2-117
RETTER, JACOB                           OH-54-2-537
RETTER, JOHN                            OH-54-2-588
RHODES, HENRY                           OH-54-2-183
RIFFLE, JACOB                           OH-54-2-238
ROBBINS, WILLIAM                        OH-54-2-218
ROBINS, RICHARD                         OH-54-1-161
RODEHAMEL, JACOB                        OH-54-1-134
RODGERS, CATHARINE L.                   OH-54-1-171
RODKEY, ESTHER                          OH-54-2-424
ROESER, ALEXANDER                       OH-54-2-256
ROLLINS, JOSEPH                         OH-54-1-69
ROOT, JOHN                              OH-54-2-58
ROOT, MARY                              OH-54-2-346
ROSE, JOHN                              OH-54-2-539
ROSZELL, JOSEPH                         OH-54-2-177
ROTHAAS, FREDRICA                       OH-54-2-70
RUPLE, ALEXANDER                        OH-54-2-19
RUTTER, MARY                            OH-54-1-183
SABIN, CHARLES W.                       OH-54-1-228
SAILERS, PHILIP                         OH-54-2-356
SAUNDERSON, G. S. S.                    OH-54-2-520
SAYRE, JOHN                             OH-54-1-106
SAYRES, FRANCES                         OH-54-2-225
SAYRES, THOMAS                          OH-54-2-47
SCHEFFER, SIMON                         OH-54-2-166
SCHNEE, GEORGE                          OH-54-2-365
SCOBY, KENITH                           OH-54-2-189
SCRAWYER, THOMAS                        OH-54-1-163
SHACKELFORD, REUBEN                     OH-54-1-4
SHAFFER, CATHARINE                      OH-54-2-391
SHAFFER, MICHAEL                        OH-54-2-329
SHEETS, ANDREW                          OH-54-1-6
SHELL, JOHN                             OH-54-2-443
SHIDAKER, JOHN                          OH-54-1-28
SHIDAKER, MICHAEL                       OH-54-1-224
SHOAFF, PETER                           OH-54-1-197
SHOE, BARBARA                           OH-54-2-233
SHOE, HENRY                             OH-54-2-167
SHROYER, JACOB                          OH-54-2-562
SHRYOCK, DANIEL                         OH-54-2-213
SIMES, JOHN SR.                         OH-54-2-134
SIMONS, EPHRAIM H.                      OH-54-2-272
SIMPSON, JOHN                           OH-54-1-8
SIMPSON, MARTIN                         OH-54-2-525
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         OH-54-1-71
SIMS, JAMES                             OH-54-2-568
SKINNER, ANDREW                         OH-54-1-27
SKINNER, RICHARD                        OH-54-2-158
SLABACK, JOHN D.                        OH-54-2-132
SLUDIBSKIE, ABRAHAM                     OH-54-2-250
SMELTSER, JOHN                          OH-54-1-170
SMELTZER, JACOB                         OH-54-2-64
SMITH, AGNES                            OH-54-1-19
SMITH, DANIEL                           OH-54-1-23
SMITH, JOHN A.                          OH-54-2-385
SMITH, JOSIAH                           OH-54-1-21
SNIDER, HENRY                           OH-54-2-162
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM                      OH-54-2-195
SOUDER, JOSHUA                          OH-54-2-56
SPENCE, SARAH ANN                       OH-54-2-124
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        OH-54-1-144
SPITLER, SAMUEL                         OH-54-2-290
SPOUL, ROBERT                           OH-54-2-409
STAFFORD, JOSEPH                        OH-54-1-181
STATLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-54-1-204
STATLER, CHRISTLEY                      OH-54-1-41
STATLER, JOHN                           OH-54-1-208
STENARD, AMASA                          OH-54-2-419
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-54-1-140
STEWART, JANE                           OH-54-2-561
STEWART, ROBERT                         OH-54-2-451
STILWELL, BENJAMIN R.                   OH-54-1-147
STOCKSTILL, THOMAS                      OH-54-2-503
STOUTEMEYER, BERNARD                    OH-54-2-36
STUDEBAKER, JOHN                        OH-54-1-109
SUBER, GEORGE                           OH-54-2-489
SUMME, MIKEL                            OH-54-1-7
SUNDERLAND, PETER                       OH-54-1-9
SURFACE, JOHN                           OH-54-1-2
SURFACE, MARTIN                         OH-54-1-97
SUTTON, ENOCH                           OH-54-1-179
SWANKS, JOSHUA                          OH-54-2-496
TAPPE, FREDERICK                        OH-54-2-449
TELFORD, ALEXANDER                      OH-54-2-23
TELFORD, DAVID                          OH-54-2-463
TELFORD, FINDLEY                        OH-54-2-147
TELFORD, JAMES                          OH-54-2-257
TELFORD, MARY ANN                       OH-54-2-565
THERICK, JACOB                          OH-54-1-29
THOMAS, ABRAHAM                         OH-54-2-6
THOMPSON, DAVID B.                      OH-54-2-544
THOMPSON, JONAH                         OH-54-1-70
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        OH-54-1-12
TRAVER, DAVIS C.                        OH-54-2-328
TRCE, ANDREW                            OH-54-1-19
TULLIS, AARON                           OH-54-2-445
TULLIS, JOEL                            OH-54-2-264
TURNER, RUBEN                           OH-54-2-17
ULLERY, ELIZABETH                       OH-54-2-467
ULLERY, JACOB                           OH-54-2-80
VENAMEN, JANE                           OH-54-2-339
VENARD, JAMES                           OH-54-2-201
VOSE, CATHERINE                         OH-54-2-226
WAGGONER, JACOB                         OH-54-1-137
WAGGONER, JACOB                         OH-54-2-399
WAGGONER, JOHN                          OH-54-2-359
WAGNER, JOHN C.                         OH-54-2-485
WALKER, RIAL (COLORED)                  OH-54-2-270
WALKUP, WILLIAM                         OH-54-1-164
WALTERS, ANDREW                         OH-54-1-180
WALTERS, NICHOLAS                       OH-54-2-337
WARTS, HENRY                            OH-54-2-113
WEAVER, PETER                           OH-54-1-55
WEDDLE, JACOB                           OH-54-2-370
WELLS, LEVI                             OH-54-1-169
WELLS, SAMUEL                           OH-54-1-92
WERTS, EMELINE                          OH-54-2-246
WESTFALL, JOSE                          OH-54-2-82
WESTFALL, RACHEL                        OH-54-1-40
WHITAKER, DAVID N.                      OH-54-2-133
WHITAKER, SARAH                         OH-54-2-247
WHITNEY, THOMAS                         OH-54-2-363
WIDNER, WILLIAM                         OH-54-1-230
WIDNEY, JOHN                            OH-54-1- 150
WILEY, JOHN O.                          OH-54-2-396
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        OH-54-1-153
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         OH-54-2-528
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         OH-54-2-342
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-54-2-92
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-54-1-131
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         OH-54-1-196
WILLIAMS, MICHAEL                       OH-54-2-159
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-54-2-208
WINANS, HANNAH                          OH-54-1-117
WINANS, ISAAC                           OH-54-2-26
WINANS, JOHN                            OH-54-2-33
WINANS, RICHARD                         OH-54-2-566
WINANS, SAMUEL                          OH-54-1-85
WITMER, SAMUEL                          OH-54-2-310
WITTMER, DAVID H.                       OH-54-1-176
WOOD, EXPERIANCE                        OH-54-2-312
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                       OH-54-2-96
WOOLERY, MICHAEL                        OH-54-2-67
WORFIELD, JAMES                         OH-54-1-119
WORLEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-54-2-427
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-54-1-232
WRIGHT, NATHAN                          OH-54-1-66
WUILLAUME, CATHERINE                    OH-54-2-519
YASTE, SAMUEL                           OH-54-2-510
YATES, JONATHAN L.                      OH-54-1-87
YATES, THOMAS                           OH-54-1-38
YOUNG, ROBERT                           OH-54-2-306
YOUNT, ELIZA ANN                        OH-54-2-551
YOUNT, JOHN                             OH-54-1-32
ZEIGENFELDER, SIMON                     OH-54-2-307
ZIEGLER, JOHN                           OH-54-2-239

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