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AINSWORTH, JOHN                         OH-56-A-570
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-56-A-437
APPLE, JOHN                             OH-56-A-291
ARCHER, STEPHEN JR.                     OH-56-A-48
ARCHIBLE, DAVID                         OH-56-A-165
AYERS, AMSEY                            OH-56-A-547
AYRES, STEPHEN C.                       OH-56-A-196
BEAR, ISAAC                             OH-56-A-351
BECKER, ANNA                            OH-56-A-336
BECKER, PETER                           OH-56-A-150
BEETEN, MARGERY                         OH-56-A-191
BICKEL, JOHN                            OH-56-A-107
BICKLE, MARY                            OH-56-A-178
BOWEN, LEVI                             OH-56-A-3
BOWSER, DANIEL                          OH-56-A-63
BROADSTONE, JACOB                       OH-56-A-221
BROADWELL, SIMEON                       OH-56-A-508
BROWER, JOHN                            OH-56-A-52
BROWN, HENRY                            OH-56-A-273
BUCKLEY, JAMES                          OH-56-A-505
BURKET, JEHUE                           OH-56-A-285
BURKHARD, HENRY                         OH-56-A-145
CABLE, MARTIN                           OH-56-A-42
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-56-A-295
CAYLOR, JOHN SR.                        OH-56-A-261
CLARK, HENRY                            OH-56-A-180
COOK, JACOB                             OH-56-A-214
COOPER, DANIEL E.                       OH-56-A-166
COOPER, ISAAC                           OH-56-A-372
CORTNER, DANIEL                         OH-56-A-70
CRESS, JACOB                            OH-56-A-35
CUNTLE, PHILIP                          OH-56-A-10
DAVIS, MARY                             OH-56-A-182
DETER, CATHARINE                        OH-56-A-59
ELLIS, ROWLAND                          OH-56-A-527
ENSEY, DENNIS                           OH-56-A-523
ENSEY, JOHN                             OH-56-A-80
EWING, ELIZABETH                        OH-56-A-176
EYLER, VALENTINE                        OH-56-A-72
FLORY, HENRY                            OH-56-A-341
FLORY, JOSEPH                           OH-56-A-330
FORDON, DAVID                           OH-56-A-431
FOUTS, JOHN                             OH-56-A-225
FRIBERGER, GEORGE                       OH-56-A-44
GALAHAN, EDWARD                         OH-56-A-148
GEPHART, GEORGE                         OH-56-A-101
GEPHART, HENRY                          OH-56-A-113
GEPHART, VALENTINE                      OH-56-A-23
GOOD, SOLOMON                           OH-56-A-347
GRIFFITH, ELEAZER                       OH-56-A-304
GRIFFITH, ISAAC SR.                     OH-56-A-252
GRIMES, MARY                            OH-56-A-359
GRIPE, JOHN                             OH-56-A-83
GRIPE, JOSEPH                           OH-56-A-246
GUSHWAGH, JOSIAH                        OH-56-A-268
HANEY, GEORGE                           OH-56-A-135
HARDMAN, SOLOMON                        OH-56-A-56
HARSHBARGER, JACOB                      OH-56-A-345
HART, WILLIAM                           OH-56-A-200
HATFIELD, WILLIAM                       OH-56-A-9
HEASTAND, DANIEL                        OH-56-A-195
HEASTON, JOHN                           OH-56-A-199
HECK, JOHN                              OH-56-A-21
HECKMAN, PETER                          OH-56-A-311
HOLLINGSWORTH, SOLOMON                  OH-56-A-187
HOMER, THOMAS                           OH-56-A-401
HOOD, ROBERT                            OH-56-A-32
HOOVER, DANIEL JR.                      OH-56-A-86
HOOVER, MARTIN                          OH-56-A-143
HOSTETLER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-56-A-76
HOUGHTON, EMROY                         OH-56-A-205
HULING, SAMUEL                          OH-56-A-354
HUSTON, ALEXANDER                       OH-56-A-74
HYER, ISAAC                             OH-56-A-185
IRWIN, SAMUEL                           OH-56-A-421
JAY, THOMAS                             OH-56-A-109
JOHN, BENJAMIN                          OH-56-A-79
JORDIE, CATHARINE                       OH-56-A-265
KELLER, ANDREW                          OH-56-A-519
KENNAMAN, SMAUEL J.                     OH-56-A-164
KEY, WILLIAM                            OH-56-A-17
KIMMEL, DAVID                           OH-56-A-550
KINSEY, HENRY                           OH-56-A-219
KINSEY, JOHN                            OH-56-A-184
KNEE, PHILIP                            OH-56-A-393
KNIFE, CONRAD                           OH-56-A-250
KREIB, JOHN                             OH-56-A-158
KUHN, JACOB                             OH-56-A-376
LASIER, ANDREW                          OH-56-A-327
LEAR, HANNAH                            OH-56-A-194
LEER, JACOB                             OH-56-A-535
LOGAN, ANTHONY                          OH-56-A-139
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-56-A-369
LUDY, DAVID                             OH-56-A-408
MARQUART, HENRY                         OH-56-A-567
MARTIN, DANIEL                          OH-56-A-317
MAST, JACOB                             OH-56-A-30
MCCABE, JOHN                            OH-56-A-185
MCCLURE, MARTHA                         OH-56-A-67
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                        OH-56-A-66
MCCONNELL, ROBERT                       OH-56-A-333
MCGREW, JAMES                           OH-56-A-325
MCKEAN, JOHN                            OH-56-A-559
MEEKER, JOSEPH                          OH-56-A-331
MILLER, ISAAC                           OH-56-A-154
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-56-A-385
MILLER, PHILIP                          OH-56-A-133
MORGAN, CHARLES                         OH-56-A-190
MOTE, JESSE                             OH-56-A-103
NEFF, HENRY                             OH-56-A-61
NEFF, JOHN                              OH-56-A-38
NYSWANGER, JOHN                         OH-56-A-237
OLINGER, JOHN                           OH-56-A-300
OVERHOLSER, JACOB                       OH-56-A-157
PAINTER, MATTHIAS                       OH-56-A-160
PARK, MARGERY                           OH-56-A-104
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       OH-56-A-539
PEARSON, JOSEPH                         OH-56-A-92
PHOUTS, DAVID                           OH-56-A-206
POWELL, JONATHAN                        OH-56-A-128
RASER, DANIEL                           OH-56-A-170
REEDER, JOSEPH                          OH-56-A-5
RENTFREW, TURPIN                        OH-56-A-14
RICHARDS, BENJAMIN                      OH-56-A-125
RITTENHOUSE, OBADIAH                    OH-56-A-230
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      OH-56-A-389
ROBISNON, ANDREW                        OH-56-A-19
ROOF, DANIEL                            OH-56-A-82
RUBY, JOHN                              OH-56-A-242
SCOTT, JAMES                            OH-56-A-123
SHANK, HENRY                            OH-56-A-404
SHELL, LAWRENCE                         OH-56-A-563
SHEPHERD, ELISHA                        OH-56-A-321
SHIVELY, ISAAC                          OH-56-A-279
SILER, HENRY                            OH-56-A-159
SINK, GEORGE                            OH-56-A-174
SMITH, S. EZRA                          OH-56-A-417
SNEPP, LEONARD                          OH-56-A-355
SOURBRAY, GEORGE                        OH-56-A-39
SPRAGE, STEPHEN                         OH-56-A-298
SPRING, ISAAC                           OH-56-A-397
STEPHENS, JACOB                         OH-56-A-202
STETLER, GEORGE                         OH-56-A-97
STIVER, CASPER                          OH-56-A-197
STUDABAKER, PHILIP                      OH-56-A-555
SULLIVAN, GEORGE                        OH-56-A-364
SULTGROVE, JAMES                        OH-56-A-120
SUMAN, CATHARINE                        OH-56-A-234
THARP, JAMES                            OH-56-A-169
TUCKER, JOHN                            OH-56-A-141
ULERY, JACOB                            OH-56-A-228
ULMER, FREDERICK                        OH-56-A-255
ULRICK, JOHN                            OH-56-A-156
VANDASLICE, WILLIAM                     OH-56-A-192
VANNIMON, JOHN                          OH-56-A-307
VANOLEVE, BENJAMIN                      OH-56-A-210
VANOSDALLEN, JANET                      OH-56-A-1
WAGGONER, JOHN                          OH-56-A-162
WAGGONER, PHILIP                        OH-56-A-501
WAGGONER, REUBEN                        OH-56-A-168
WARNER, DANIEL                          OH-56-A-412
WARNER, HENRY                           OH-56-A-115
WATKINS, JONATHAN                       OH-56-A-223
WATKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-56-A-207
WAUGH, WILLIAM                          OH-56-A-172
WAYMIRE, DANIEL                         OH-56-A-380
WAYMIRE, FREDERICK                      OH-56-A-531
WEAD, EBENEZER JR.                      OH-56-A-181
WEAVER, JOHN                            OH-56-A-425
WEAVER, JOHN                            OH-56-A-314
WEBB, HENRY                             OH-56-A-152
WELBAUM, CHARLES                        OH-56-A-203
WEYBRIGHT, MARTIN                       OH-56-A-514
WHITTEN, JOHN                           OH-56-A-7
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OH-56-A-89
WISELY, ARCHA                           OH-56-A-138
WOLF, ELIZABETH                         OH-56-A-95
WOLF, FREDERICK                         OH-56-A-111
WOLFF, CATHARINE                        OH-56-A-434
YOUNT, ESTHER                           OH-56-A-367
YOUNT, GEORGE                           OH-56-A-177
YOUNT, HENRY                            OH-56-A-257
ZEHRING, HENRY                          OH-56-A-209

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