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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1-1848-1867 | 2-10= ? |                
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ALFRED, ELIZA                          OH-58-1-394
ANDREWS, SAMUEL A.                     OH-58-1-475
AYRES, WILLIAM                         OH-58-1-34
BAGGS, JOHN                            OH-58-1-522
BALL, JOHN                             OH-58-1-578
BARR, SARAH                            OH-58-1-58
BARRETT, REUBEN                        OH-58-1-93
BEAR, ABRHAM                           OH-58-1-349
BECK, FREDERICK                        OH-58-1-92
BENNETT, JAMES                         OH-58-1-324
BIDDLE, J.                             OH-58-1-67
BIRD, JOHN                             OH-58-1-343
BISHOP, ELISHU                         OH-58-1-313
BLAYNEY, GEORGE                        OH-58-1-276
BLISS, DAVID                           OH-58-1-5
BLOOMFIELD, SKINNER                    OH-58-1-286
BONAR, JAMES                           OH-58-1-280
BOSTICK, JOHN                          OH-58-1-469
BRADFIELD, ISAAC                       OH-58-1-426
BRADFIELD, THOMAS                      OH-58-1-363
BROOKINS, SARAH                        OH-58-1-416
BROWN, LUTHER                          OH-58-1-432
BROWN, PARDON                          OH-58-1-510
BROWN, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-58-1-520
BUCK, EDMUND                           OH-58-1-645
BURNS, JAMES                           OH-58-1-33
CALLAHAN, CORNELIUS                    OH-58-1-312
CARTER, JOHN R.                        OH-58-1-461
CHASE, ELVIRA                          OH-58-1-392
CHURCHILL, ITHAMAR                     OH-58-1-125
CHURCHILL, LORENZO                     OH-58-1-383
CLARK, NATHANIEL                       OH-58-1-298
CLARK, WESLEY C.                       OH-58-1-328
CLAY, PHILLIP                          OH-58-1-389
CLOOK, SAMUEL                          OH-58-1-283
COOPER, ISAAC                          OH-58-1-80
COYKENDALL, PETER                      OH-58-1-465
CRAMER, JOSEPH                         OH-58-1-70
CRANE, AMZA                            OH-58-1-463
CRAWFORD, ALEXANDER                    OH-58-1-1
CROFT, MARTHA                          OH-58-1-124
CRUMB, STEPHEN                         OH-58-1-300
CULLEY, J. S.                          OH-58-1-556
CUMMINGS, SAMUEL                       OH-58-1-78
CUMMINS, JOSHUA                        OH-58-1-576
CUNNINGHAM, MANERVA                    OH-58-1-554
CURREN, ROBERT                         OH-58-1-496
CUTSHALL, DANIEL                       OH-58-1-323
CUTTING, MARGARET                      OH-58-1-371
CYPHERS, PAUL                          OH-58-1-104
DAGUE, FREDERICK                       OH-58-1-498
DAVID, JOSEPH                          OH-58-1-74
DAVIS, LAFAYETTE                       OH-58-1-550
DAVIS, RACHEL                          OH-58-1-118
DEGOOD, JOSEPH                         OH-58-1-420
DEHORITY, WILLIAM                      OH-58-1-439
DELANO, ESTHER                         OH-58-1-468
DENMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-58-1-405
DEWITT, JOHN                           OH-58-1-622
DILLAN, ROBERT                         OH-58-1-263
DILLIN, A. G.                          OH-58-1-282
DILLIN, MARTHA                         OH-58-1-647
DILLINGHAM, ALFRED                     OH-58-1-287
DILLINGHAM, MARY                       OH-58-1-27
DOUTHITT, DUNCAN                       OH-58-1-102
DUFFY, JAMES                           OH-58-1-100
DUNLAP, JOHN F.                        OH-58-1-90
DUNN, THOMAS                           OH-58-1-40
DYE, DANIEL                            OH-58-1-120
ECCLES, MINERVA                        OH-58-1-572
EDWARDS, JOHN                          OH-58-1-76
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       OH-58-1-402
ELEY, JOHN                             OH-58-1-123
ELLIOTT, ROBERT                        OH-58-1-113
EMERY, SAMUEL                          OH-58-1-402
EMLEN, JOSHUA                          OH-58-1-634
ETTINGER, JOHN                         OH-58-1-527
EVANS, DAVID                           OH-58-1-26
EWART, THOMAS                          OH-58-1-616
EWERS, SMITH                           OH-58-1-516
FLACK, GEORGE J.                       OH-58-1-524
FLACK, JACOB                           OH-58-1-489
FLEMMING, JAMES                        OH-58-1-367
FOLCK, ABRAHAM                         OH-58-1-640
FORBES, WILLIAM                        OH-58-1-500
FRENCH, SAMOSN                         OH-58-1-452
FROST, JONATHANB.                      OH-58-1-488
GARDNER, JOSIAH                        OH-58-1-349
GARDNER, NELSON                        OH-58-1-544
GARDNER, ROBERT                        OH-58-1-434
GELLER, SOLOMON                        OH-58-1-449
GEORGE, ENOCH P.                       OH-58-1-632
GEORGE, JACOB                          OH-58-1-49
GEORGE, SARAH                          OH-58-1-16
GILBERT, DAVID A.                      OH-58-1-98
GLOZER, ISABEL                         OH-58-1-579
GODMAN, JOHN C.                        OH-58-1-554
GOLDEY, JOHN                           OH-58-1-435
GOLLADAY, ABRAHAM                      OH-58-1-10
GOODRICH, RUFUS R.                     OH-58-1-260
GREGORY, JAEMS                         OH-58-1-443
HAAS, JOHN M.                          OH-58-1-270
HAHN, ABRAHAM                          OH-58-1-656
HANCOCK, JOSEPH                        OH-58-1-377
HANN, MARGARET                         OH-58-1-15
HARDING, GEORGE T.                     OH-58-1-424
HARRIS, CHARLOTTE                      OH-58-1-421
HARRISON, AARON R.                     OH-58-1-386
HART, BRIGHAM                          OH-58-1-316
HASSLER, HENRY                         OH-58-1-284
HOLE, JONAH                            OH-58-1-512
HOLT, JAMES                            OH-58-1-610
HOTZ, JOHN                             OH-58-1-275
HUGGING, JOHN                          OH-58-1-356
HUGGINS, THOMAS                        OH-58-1-321
HULL, JESSE                            OH-58-1-69
IRA, JOHN                              OH-58-1-603
IRWIN, W. W.                           OH-58-1-596
IVER, ELI                              OH-58-1-318
JACKSON, CHARLES B.                    OH-58-1-545
JACKSON, ISAAC                         OH-58-1-658
JACKSON, JOSHUA                        OH-58-1-82
JACKSON, MARY                          OH-58-1-103
JAMES, DAVID                           OH-58-1-397
JAMES, DAVID                           OH-58-1-472
JEFFREY, MARY JANE                     OH-58-1-296
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                      OH-58-1-482
JENKINS, GEORGE W.                     OH-58-1-447
JENKINS, JAMES                         OH-58-1-61
JOHNSON, JESSE                         OH-58-1-600
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        OH-58-1-620
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      OH-58-1-542
JONES, ELIZABETH                       OH-58-1-385
JONES, JOHN F.                         OH-58-1-614
JONES, REES                            OH-58-1-7
JULIEN, JOHN                           OH-58-1-398
KEES, TITUS                            OH-58-1-30
KEIFER, PHILIP                         OH-58-1-403
KILE, JACOB                            OH-58-1-417
KILGORE, DAVID                         OH-58-1-99
KINGMAN, ALFRED                        OH-58-1-584
KINGMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-58-1-375
KNOAD, SARAH                           OH-58-1-561
KNOUSE, DANIEL                         OH-58-1-570
LAKE, JOHN                             OH-58-1-356
LANSING, WILLIAM                       OH-58-1-557
LASH, JOHN                             OH-58-1-539
LEFEVER, ISAAC                         OH-58-1-565
LEHMAN, CHRISTIAN                      OH-58-1-627
LEMON, HENRY                           OH-58-1-341
LERINGSTON, ASENATH                    OH-58-1-599
LEWIS, LEVI                            OH-58-1-470
LIKINS, JAMES                          OH-58-1-536
LINDER, JAMES                          OH-58-1-643
LIVINGSTON, NATHANIEL                  OH-58-1-20
LLOYD, JAMES                           OH-58-1-390
LORD, R. E.                            OH-58-1-558
LOVE, ROBERT                           OH-58-1-412
LOVELAND, ELIZUR                       OH-58-1-459
LYON, MARY                             OH-58-1-372
MANN, CHARLES                          OH-58-1-481
MANN, JACOB                            OH-58-1-407
MANN, JOHN                             OH-58-1-445
MANN, JOSEPH                           OH-58-1-460
MANSFIELD, HANNAH E.                   OH-58-1-21
MARTIN, PETER                          OH-58-1-493
MARVIN, STEPHEN                        OH-58-1-501
MATEER, OHN                            OH-58-1-515
MCATEE, JOHN                           OH-58-1-451
MCCAMMAN, JOHN W.                      OH-58-1-428
MCCOY, BENJAMIN                        OH-58-1-83
MCCRACKEN, ELIZABETH                   OH-58-1-595
MCCRACKEN, ROBERT                      OH-58-1-541
MCCUMBER, JOB                          OH-58-1-38
MCFARLAND, JAMES                       OH-58-1-378
MCKEE, HENRY                           OH-58-1-53
MCKIBBIN, JESSE                        OH-58-1-514
MCLAIN, ELI                            OH-58-1-414
MCLAUGHLIN, NICHOLAS                   OH-58-1-399
MCMAHON, JAMES                         OH-58-1-456
MCWILLIAMS, MARGARET                   OH-58-1-509
MCWRIGHT, DANIEL                       OH-58-1-96
MEANS, ISAAC                           OH-58-1-413
MERRITT, THOMAS                        OH-58-1-347
MILREA, ANN                            OH-58-1-404
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      OH-58-1-486
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    OH-58-1-55
MOREHOUSE, STEPHEN                     OH-58-1-314
MOREHOUSE, STEPHEN                     OH-58-1-411
MORGAN, JOHN                           OH-58-1-111
MORRIS, JAMES                          OH-58-1-528
MOSHER, PELEG                          OH-58-1-502
MOUSER, MARY JANE                      OH-58-1-358
NEEDELS, WILLIAM                       OH-58-1-552
NELLANS, JOHN                          OH-58-1-504
NELLONS, JAMES                         OH-58-1-410
NEWSON, ABRAM                          OH-58-1-486
NEWSON, ABRAM                          OH-58-1-484
NEWSON, JOSEPH P.                      OH-58-1-568
NICKOLAS, WILLIAM                      OH-58-1-549
NOBLE, JOHN                            OH-58-1-54
NOE, ROBERT                            OH-58-1-454
OBANNON, GEORGE W.                     OH-58-1-272
OLDFIELD, MARY                         OH-58-1-418
OLIN, JONATHAN                         OH-58-1-65
OPEL, PETER                            OH-58-1-442
ORSBORN, THOMAS                        OH-58-1-105
OSBORN, AZUR                           OH-58-1-647
OSBORN, DORCAS                         OH-58-1-585
OSBORN, SAMUEL                         OH-58-1-259
OWENS, OWEN                            OH-58-1-279
PAGE, THOMAS W.                        OH-58-1-612
PARAMOOUR, EDWARD                      OH-58-1-267
PARK, A. AGNES                         OH-58-1-665
PATTON, THOMAS                         OH-58-1-531
PAXTON, N.                             OH-58-1-62
PEOPLES, DAVID                         OH-58-1-608
PERRILL, WILLIAM                       OH-58-1-479
PIERSON, LELES SR.                     OH-58-1-360
PORTER, JAMES J.                       OH-58-1-352
PORTER, WILLIAM                        OH-58-1-492
PRICE, ELIZUR                          OH-58-1-652
PRICE, WILLIAM C.                      OH-58-1-560
PROUTY, BRADNER                        OH-58-1-47
PURINTON, BENJAMIN H.                  OH-58-1-423
PURVIS, GEORGE W.                      OH-58-1-626
QUEEN, WILLIAM C.                      OH-58-1-86
REES, THOMAS                           OH-58-1-525
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS                      OH-58-1-441
RICHARDS, MARY                         OH-58-1-325
RICHARDSON, ROBERT                     OH-58-1-519
RIEDE, JACOB                           OH-58-1-618
RITTENHOUSE, ELIJAH                    OH-58-1-651
RITTENHOUSE, GEORGE E.                 OH-58-1-4
ROGERS, JOHN M.                        OH-58-1-50
ROGERS, MARGARET                       OH-58-1-331
ROGERS, OBED                           OH-58-1-393
ROGERS, PELEG                          OH-58-1-256
ROSS, JOHN R.                          OH-58-1-436
RUSH, ELIAS                            OH-58-1-562
RUSSELL, JOHN                          OH-58-1-661
RUTLEGE, SUSANNA                       OH-58-1-382
SALISBURY, EPHRAIM                     OH-58-1-446
SALISBURY, WILLIAM                     OH-58-1-396
SAYWER, CYRUS                          OH-58-1-12
SCOTT, CHINSWORTH                      OH-58-1-564
SELLARS, DAVID                         OH-58-1-88
SELLARS, SARAH                         OH-58-1-642
SELLERS, JOSEPH                        OH-58-1-612
SHARP, JOHN                            OH-58-1-588
SHARROCK, TENY                         OH-58-1-109
SHAUCK, JOHN                           OH-58-1-581
SHAW, JOHN                             OH-58-1-438
SHERMAN, PELEG T.                      OH-58-1-605
SHRINER, BARBARY                       OH-58-1-288
SHUR, SIMON                            OH-58-1-473
SINGER, SAMUEL                         OH-58-1-663
SINGREY, JACOB                         OH-58-1-255
SIPE, HENRY                            OH-58-1-587
SIPE, JONATHAN                         OH-58-1-518
SMILEY, SUSAN                          OH-58-1-293
SMITH, CAROLINE                        OH-58-1-83
SMITH, EDWARD                          OH-58-1-355
SMITH, GEORGE A.                       OH-58-1-497
SNELL, ISAIAH                          OH-58-1-110
SNELL, JOHN B.                         OH-58-1-11
SNYDER, SOPHIA                         OH-58-1-35
SPRIGGLE, HENRY                        OH-58-1-62
STATES, HORACE O.                      OH-58-1-476
STOCKDALE, ROBERT                      OH-58-1-18
STONESTREET, ASHFORD                   OH-58-1-630
STOUTEAGLE, PETER                      OH-58-1-591
STRAW, SAMUEL                          OH-58-1-384
STRUBLE, PETER T.                      OH-58-1-345
STRUTHERS, JAMES                       OH-58-1-505
TALMAGE, JOHN                          OH-58-1-654
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-58-1-127
TAYLOR, REBECCA                        OH-58-1-373
THATCHER, JOHN                         OH-58-1-116
THOMAS, JOHN D.                        OH-58-1-23
THOMAS, PHILLY                         OH-58-1-326
TREUSELLEE, J. J.                      OH-58-1-310
TRUEX, BENJAMIN P.                     OH-58-1-291
TRUEX, JOHN                            OH-58-1-50
TRUEX, NATHAN S.                       OH-58-1-478
TRUEX, SAMUEL                          OH-58-1-534
TRUEX, SAMUEL B.                       OH-58-1-24
TUCKER, HAMPTON H.                     OH-58-1-638
TUTTLE, OWEN                           OH-58-1-573
TUTTLE, SAMUEL                         OH-58-1-534
ULLERY, JOHN                           OH-58-1-624
UTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-58-1-401
VANLIEW, JOHN                          OH-58-1-660
VANTRESS, LAURA                        OH-58-1-29
VAUGHAN, JAMES                         OH-58-1-422
VINING, CALVIN                         OH-58-1-119
VINSON, JOHN SR.                       OH-58-1-529, 536
WAGERMAN, ELISE                        OH-58-1-309
WALKER, JOHN                           OH-58-1-60
WALTER, JACOB H.                       OH-58-1-364
WARNER, JOHN H.                        OH-58-1-88
WATSON, JOSEPH                         OH-58-1-592
WEATHERBY, SAMUEL                      OH-58-1-254
WEAVER, WRIGHT                         OH-58-1-429
WELLING, GABRIEL                       OH-58-1-466
WELLS, ELIZABETH                       OH-58-1-494
WELLS, ISAHAH                          OH-58-1-277
WHEELER, FELT E.                       OH-58-1-584
WHISLER, HENRY                         OH-58-1-31
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-58-1-547
WILSON, JONATHAN                       OH-58-1-53
WILSON, THOMAS                         OH-58-1-295
WOOD, CELINDA M. S. D.                 OH-58-1-430
WOOD, ESTHER                           OH-58-1-575
WOOD, REUBEN                           OH-58-1-2
WRIGHT, DANIEL                         OH-58-1-96
YOUNG, AARON                           OH-58-1-337

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